Friday, August 31, 2007

Geared up for football, Clemson Vs FSU Matchups.

So far, Mississippi State cannot score on opening week, Syracuse has the most terrible uniforms I have ever seen, and Brian Brohm is my heisman favorite. Also, Temple is still in the game against Navy and their uniforms are very unique. They have Temple written across the helmet. Their pants are white but it has what looks like blocks or short horizontal stripes down the side. They look good to me.

About MSU: I honestly think that the Bulldogs need to go to a different offense, because these guys haven't been able to score points consistantly under Sly Croom yet. I think he runs the West Coast, which I have heard critics point out that its too complicated for the college player. I have actually heard somewhere that it takes a qb 3 years to grasp it. That is too long, in my opinion.

Rob Spence seems to be ready for the game and said he was extremely confident in his offense. He also said he got too aggressive and hungry in the Kentucky game. I can't comment on this because I never watched it. I was at work, and when I found out the catastrophe, I just didn't want to go through that hell. That story is on rivals, but you can't see the premium stories, can you Vance? Whenever you get home I will give you my access, but I am not sure if you are using a shared computer or not right now in Afghanistan.

This is going to be a war Monday night. I think we are going to see the opposite of the last 2 Miami-Florida State debacles. These teams are both going to fight to until the end. I think both will do some good things offensively and defensively and we will be on the edge of our seats with 5 minutes to play.

Matchups- Clemson offense vs. FSU defense: FSU has the edge with the line matchups, but I think Spence will find creative ways to get Spiller in the flats, which is basically a run for him. I think the key will be a lot of 3 step drops to offset a defense that will be blitzing heavy. One area of concern is durability of the recievers who will take shots on the quick passing game. I think Davis should also get a ton of carries. They may only be for 1-3 yards at first, but if they are in a close game those will turn into 5-9 yard gains. Surprising fact: I don't necessarily think throwing the bomb all night is the key. FSU may simply be to fast for that strategy.

Clemson defense vs. FSU offense: Clemson holds the edge in the line matchups here. I do think the new coaching staff is an upgrade, but these are still the same players that have been getting blown up the last few years. I think the key here is linebacker play. I think Koenning needs to blitz early and often from every side of the field. I think it is imperative to find out if either Weatherford or Lee has matured enough to make decisions under pressure and theres no better way than to let Tremaine Billie introduce himself. Fisher will try to test a young secondary, but I think this will sting him. That secondary is loaded with talent and I think this is the best position in football for talent to overcome experience.

Prediction: You know I am not being that silly this year. I think the team with the fewest turnovers will win this one. In a game this evenly matched, every one of them will be big.

LMAO.. I'm sorry bro, I couldn't resist this one..

Pictured is Clemson's starting bandit DE, Ricky Sapp himself. Talk about goofy pictures. Wonder what kind of sign he is suggesting here.. lmao! I can't quit laughing at this. This was on a message board when I got home from work. Funny how it popped up after last night's discussion about goof off pictures. Bro you know that this pic was to funny not to post. Someone said that it came off of JD's facebook page. Hilarious!
Someone on the message board captioned this pic with this:
"Sometime I practices hard and sometime I jess rubs my nipples and hopes for da bess..."
I gotta stop, my stomach is hurting I'm laughing so hard!

Sorry, I haven't been posting. I am always too damn lazy these days. I am going to stay out of the gangsta signs you guys are throwing at each other. I just want to let you guys know to watch Louisville this season. They are one of my favorite teams to watch. They won 73-10 tonight against Murray State, but they scored on their first play from scrimmage. They did that several times tonight. Wouldn't it be great to have a passing attack like that? Clemson does have Spiller though, so he is that dangerous too. Sorry my post aren't well thought out recently. I am half asleep right now. My mind is fried after using it too much at the 'ol Hut babysitting every day.

I really want to try and put some things up before Saturday, but don't hold your breath until then. Hey Blake, I have that painting hanging up in my bedroom. That Art 101 is all about terms man. Remember types of art that she goes over, and memorize the authors' names and what is being attributed to them in each section. Its basically a history class, or mine was anyway.

That's what I'm saying..

All the picture was, was a goof off picture I'm sure. It was probably found on one of the player's MySpace page or something. I'm sure I could dig up some nice stuff on some of the Clemson players on MySpace but it wouldn't matter. All it would be is silly pictures like the one you posted. I could analyze the picture I posted in many ways. May be they are saying with there signs "we're the three gang members." I know that isn't what they meant though, just like I know that the picture you posted didn't have anything to do with a gang. Like I said, the hand signs, like in both pics are common among young black men now days. Working where I work I see a lot of this stuff from some really good guys. It's harmless and virtually means nothing. It all comes from rap music and ALL young people these days listen to it. Brent can vouch for me on the young black culture thing.

I know that we were not talking about Clemson. The only reason I bring up Clemson in situations like this is so that you can see where I am coming from. So you can relate. I'm not trying to bash Clemson by doing so.

The thing about the media is, they never tell the whole truth. If you hear Cook's story and the media reported it accordingly, this would not be as big of a deal. Sure it's embarrassing for one of your players to be charged with unlawful possession of a firearm. It's even more embarrassing that Columbia's media will not report his side of the story..

I think Spurrier knows that Cook is a good kid. He has been around him a lot more than me and you have. He knew that what Cook did was not with bad intentions. Anyway, who has said that no disciplinary action is going to be taken?? That is news to me. He was reinstated to the University by the University officials after they heard his side of the story. He has NOT been reinstated to the football team yet(Source: Gamecock Central), which I'm sure will happen but he will have to go through the athletic dept. first. He will have to miss the first few weeks due to injury and his fate this season will be decided after that. Why rush into the punishment of Cook? It is obviously a complicated matter and I'm sure the coaching staff wants to have some time to think about it. If you remember, the punishments for the players that were involved in the Carolina/Clemson brawl for the next season were not announced until a couple of weeks before the season started. Again I ask, who said that no disciplinary action is going to take place on the Cook situation??

I'm sure parents do pay attention to things like this in recruiting but as much as I hate to say it, players getting in trouble at Carolina isn't a new thing. If you remember, we did sign the 6th best recruiting class in the nation in 2007. I think the parents of the players trust Spurrier with their kids. Obviously they do.. The 6th best class in the nation, bro.

My bottom line is this. I think we have spent enough time on this subject. We have done a really good job about not flaming but this subject is going to lead to a bonfire if we let it linger. I don't plan on hammering Clemson the next time one of their players get in trouble because it really is pointless. People make mistakes and I hope both the Clemson and Carolina teams stay out of trouble. We shouldn't glorify a kid getting in trouble like many often do. By glorify I mean giving it too much attention. It does no good. Obviously you and I have our on opinions on the subject and we have expressed them. I say we leave it at that and start talking about what this Blog was developed for.. College football and the three of us being able to communicate when you're away. We shouldn't waste time arguing over this. We should be arguing about actual NCAA Football baby!!! The season is finally here with Miss St opening it up for the Bayou Bengals to insert! Man Miss St's offense is terrible!

Thats funny about the art deal...

For the record I have no doubt that you will end up passing.

But if I absolutely had to pick a class for you to fail I guess it would have to be that one.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The picture that you posted could be...

However they are using different hands and looks like they are just holding up 3. In other words doesn't look like a gang sign at all. In my opinion the two pictures are night and day. But, yes I am sure you could find pictures of Clemson players on the internet.

But thats not exactly the point but in a way it kind of is at the same time. We were talking about Cook not Clemson. Its kind of like just shifting it over to comparison instead of facts. Well your player did this. But as I said, did he get off easy? Not just Pickens that lets football players off the hook. But this is more about players not getting disciplined. Like I say, what disciplinary action is being taken? Are you suggesting that an unlawfull firearm charge on campus is no big deal? Was it embarrassing to the school?

I wouldn't really want to compare the two schools as far as things like this goes and it really does no good to do so. No doubt a big part of the difference is location. My point was, before he even got reinstated that one of the few things that could spell Spurriers downfall is this. In other words poor discipline off the field. I do think this is a prime example of that.

Sorry bro, I certainly don't think he should have got kicked off the team permanently. However, in my opinion this sends the wrong message. You can expect more of the same this year and it will have an impact on recruiting. Parents pay attention to things like this and rightfully so.

Oh, about the ART 101 class..

There is no drawing or painting involved. It is a history class and I have a very tough instructor. She went to a art school in London and she was just hired on at PTC. She's pretty hot but that isn't going to help my grade any.. lol.

Here's one of Brent's favorites by Van Gogh.

Dude, I don't know..

The people behind the scenes know more about it than I do. From the story that I had heard, he sounded pretty innocent. It was dumb that he didn't leave as soon as he saw the gun but I think what he did do was harmless. I don't know though, I'll leave it to the judicial system.

As far as the hand signs that they are holding up, I'm sure they are not gang signs. If a player that plays for USC was in a gang, the Columbia media would have been there for his initiation. I think the signs like they're are using just mean stuff like where they are from or for the school they attended or something like that. Signs like that are pretty common among young black dudes these days. Are the signs that the Clemson players are holding up in the picture above gang signs?? I think the picture you found was just a goof off picture.. Good find though. I'm pretty sure that some of the Clemson players have pictures like this as well. Agree? Also, come on bro, have you never shot a bird in a picture? I shot a bird in one of my high school graduation pictures I think.. lol. Luckily that one didn't make the year book! It looks like judging by the back ground the signs have something to do with the fraternity that they are in. I hope Cook's frat sign isn't the one that he is holding up.. lol.

Spurrier has a way of discipline where he gives players a second chance if he believes that they will stay out of trouble from then on, depending on how bad the trouble is. I think most coaches give there players more than one chance. Clemson's very own starting Center Chris McDuffie was given a second chance. He was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute within proximity of a school. Both charges are felonies. I don't see anything wrong with giving a good person another chance as long as you're pretty certain that they won't screw up again.

Well, while you were stressing over learning to draw and do fingerpaint....

Cook was reinstated. He is pictured here in the lower left corner. I wonder if that is a gang sign?

Absolutely no disciplinary action was taken. As far as I know no disciplinary action is planned. I guess they figured god punished him enough with appendicitis.

Now again, did he get off easy?

Sorry fellas..

It's been a few days since I've posted anything. This has really been my first chance to in a few days. I'm trying to get get back in the groove of balancing 4 classes, work, and the babies. It's starting to come along though. I always get paranoid at the beginning of each semester that I'm going to fail all of my classes.. lol. I got ART 101 this semester and I feel confident that I will get no higher grade than a C in it. So, I'm a little stressed as well. Hopefully I'm over analyzing it and I probably am because as I said, I get like this at the start of every semester.

Anyways, the season kicks off tonight! LSU and Miss St. square off at 7:00.. It's gonna be nice to scout out a couple of Carolina's future opponents. Hell, it's gonna be nice to watch some football period! I will get to see Carolina's first game (La Lafayette) on TV. We gone be buying the pay-per-view game at Nanny Betty Ann Richey's house.. lol. I'm just glad the season is finally here!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I can't say that I like Bowden's comments....

On Florida State's defense:

"My preference would be for them (Florida State defense) to rush four and defend with seven, and not get pressure with four. It wouldn't surprise me if their down linemen get pressure. So I think they're going to initially challenge their defense to get pressure with four. If they can get in his (Cullen Harper) face and rattle him, then it will be a long night for us."

Its gonna happen. 7 or 8 man fronts all night. But, for him to say this, maybe its not what it seems. I hope and somewhat believe from the practice strategy so far that they are planning for this. I believe at least in theory the big plan this year is to burn defenses deep. If Harper can burn Fla State in the first game it could set the tone all year. Other teams will have to adjust knowing that if he can burn Fla State he can do it to anyone.

Having said all that, we all know that it is much easier said than done. In my mind again, 50 50 at best. Very important game for the offense.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Quick Clarification...

Blake, I don't have those high expectations like I did last year. I just think the Tigers can win the ACC. I am not going to hype myself up like last year either. I am playing the wait and see approach. I know I said I think Clemson can get there, but its not my expectation. Sounds confusing doesn't it? I will post later on tonight guys....

Now the Gamecocks on the other hand...

Expectations and hype are going to be very high.

Spurrier has made it plain that he expects the Cocks to be in the SEC race. Gamecock fans are certainly expecting a certain win vs the Tigers. The past two years have been a battle vs the Cocks, in my mind it will be more of the same this year. Certainly not a certain win for either team.

In fact much like Clemson last year hype and expectations will be high due to the major overhaul in recruiting. Even though the players are still quite young and inexperienced. My opinion is that you can expect a year at least to start seeing results on the field. Certainly they are on the way.

But Spurrier is a special coach no doubt and can and has done some remarkable things. If anyone can do it its him. Will these new high expectations help or equal performance on the field. Noone can answer that. But it certainly equals pressure and Clemson was not ready for it, only time will tell for the Cocks. Thoughts?

Sorry bro, I have somehow mislead you...

Whats different about this year is in fact expectations. Expections are low, last year Brent and myself included was expecting big big things. We were expecting an ACC title minimum. Not so much this year. In fact, alot of experts were predicting the Tigers to be in the thick of things nationally last year. So why not this year? The talent is still there. Most everyone expects the QB situation to be at the very least better than it turned out last year. Why? Because of what happened last year.

I was simply stating what would have to happen. Now, having said that... The two worst question marks you can have is QB and O-line. Both are equally important. For us to have a big year a QB has to step up. We have to have a QB to get a hot hand. In my mind that is a 50 50 shot this year at best and probably a little less if Korn as a Freshman gets the nod. If that happens it could turn into a rebuilding year at QB.

So in what I was saying was not hype in fact, quite the opposite. Very little hype and low expectations. College football however has a tendancy to work just like that. I think most people watching Florida last year even during their games would not have expected a National Title. I expected them to beat Ohio State, but cetainly not the way that they did. Not too many other people (except us) thought they would even win. Exactly, just look at Notre Dame and Miami.

History usually repeats, it only stands to reason that even if not this year, the Tigers will have their season on an unexpected year. It could be this year, but the hype is just not there. Don't buy into it.

One prediction for this season..

As you guys know, I have not made any major predictions for this upcoming season, if any predictions at all. I'm gonna make one now..

Don't be surprised if you see an opening kickoff returned for a TD followed by the other team returning the next kickoff for a TD. Not necessarily in a Carolina or Clemson game but it could happen this season for some match up around the nation. Moving the kickoffs back by 5 yards is going to play a bigger roll than many may think this season, IMO. It's going to lead to offense's having better field position which should lead to higher scoring games. So I guess I have made 2 big predictions for this season:

1) More fireworks on kickoff returns.
2) Higher scoring games.


Monday, August 27, 2007

5 Days Away!

Well, you guys have successfully almost sold me on the preseason Clemson hype for the second preseason in a row. Though I didn't admit it last preseason, you guys had talked me into believing that Clemson was going to have a pretty durn good season. I'm giving you guys a second chance. I've heard you guys talk up the Clemson squad this Fall and it does seem that they have pretty much everything in place to win the ACC. After much convincing from you guys, I believe Clemson is ready to bust on the ACC scene.

You guys have painted a pretty good picture of the 2007 Tigers but I still have in the back of my head the magnificent portrait that you guys painted of the 2006 Tigers. I'll buy into the hype again this season but I'll tell you right now, if the Tigers have another breakdown season this year i won't buy into the preseason hype in the future. It's looking just as good for the Tigers as it was this time last season. What that means; I don't know but we don't have long to find out!

I remember last year before the season started Brent picked Clemson to play against Notre Dame in the National Championship.. Don't feel bad Brent, your very own Kirk Herbstreet picked Miami to win the National Championship in the 2006 Herbie awards.. lol.

Yeah, Va Tech is the team to beat no doubt...

But, I still think QB is our only question mark.

If we can win the first game, it will go a long way towards helping with that. We will have a couple of good weeks to get whoever is starting some experience. If someone can get hot at QB we will have a good year.

I don't have big expectations, but for some strange reason I think that is a good thing for a change this year. Its just in the back of my mind that it will happen on an unexpected year. So far, knock on wood, we have had alot of good luck in the way of staying out of trouble and injuries. Right now we have almost no injuries in fact.

Thats a big key and a change from last year so far. That really was critical last year. Who can tell, we might actually stay healthy this year. We need a QB to step up and to stay healthy, if we can get that, I think we have a shot at a really good year. Thoughts?

2007 Herbie Awards

Well, they're back and Clemson got a little love this year. James Davis was on the list twice, and Herbstreit still gives kudos to Rob Spence. Fan of the bubble screen? I think the coolest was being second on the College gameday stops, second to only Ohio State. You don't think he would rank someone above his beloved Buckeyes do you?

ACC talk....

I know Cal-Berkeley and Tennessee square off, not to mention GT and Notre Dame, but there is another intriguing game this Saturday that I hadn't paid any attention to until now. Wake Forest and Boston College play on television at 3:30. This are the two teams that everyone has going to the wire for the Atlantic Division, so the winner really gets a good head start. Thats why our game is so important. If we lose, then we are already at the bottom. I think this division is going to be very competitive, and I am almost certain the winner will be no better than 6-2. The team that can do that will play against a Coastal division that is supposed to be owned by VT this year. I don't buy that. Both CNNSI and ESPN have them at 11-1 (8-0), but I think some of it is because of that massacre. In my opinion VT will go 9-3 or 10-2. They will lose to either Clemson, Miami, or Georgia Tech.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

As I said..

There is nothing wrong with a little scuffle here and there. It is a part of practice. Carolina has had a few during the Fall that I have heard about. What I'm saying is that if it is going on a lot, then there is a problem. From that article it seemed that it is going on a lot. It surely takes away from practice time. What do they do, keep running the plays while a couple of guys duke it out? I'm sure they wait for them to finish. You also said that there is no harm in it.. We had a player break a bone in his hand during a scuffle during practice a couple of weeks ago. The more scuffles there are, the more there is a chance for a careless injury like that. You don't want a guy missing playing time because of something like that. Unless the Clemson players are just slapping each other or something?

Not sure what the bull story is about? So, the bull was queer? Did the bull play football.. Did he favor the guy pictured above? lol..

Carolina's Flower Bull!

Blake, fights are part of practice. Its 100 degrees, pushed to your physical and mental limit, and around a lot of people in the same situation. These fights are going to happen to any team, and it wouldn't happen in a game. It doesn't take away from practice time. I think it is an encouraging sign. Your want your players to be tough and aggressive out there. You don't want a lot of "I'm sorry," or "Excuse me." I'm reminded of something crazy right now. I read this book about a bull who didn't like to fight when I was a kid. He liked to smell flowers instead. I wonder if that book was some way of saying it was okay to be gay.

By the way, I found out who will be starting in Mitchell's absence this week, with one year of eligibility left: Business in the front, party in the back!

More bad news for Cook..

E. Cook is in Richland Memorial with appendicitis I am being told. I'm assuming that he will have to have surgery and be out for at least 2-4 weeks regardless of the outcome of the other situation. What a terrible week for this kid. I really feel bad for him.

About the fights at Clemson's practice. Scuffles are going to happen, it's a part of football practice. I don't think a team should be fighting a lot though for 2 reasons. It takes away from practice time and it gets players in the habit of fighting during football. What if one of the players does it in a real game? If the Clemson players are fighting a lot like it said in the article, I think they need to tone it down a bit and concentrate on this coming season and the way to do that is by practicing, not fighting.

The funny part that I was talking about was the Barry Richardson part. I could just picture that scenario happening.. lol.

No, I was just playing around....

I hope the kid gets to come back.

But in all seriousness it is going to be looked at harshly by the administration. With the whole Va Tech incident something like this is not going to be taken lightly and every school is probably looking to make an example.

Yes, I remember in Spring, Bowden made some comments about the fights. He said he actually liked it because it meant people are really intense in practice. He said he can't recall this in the past and the fights of course are harmless. In other words its just a spare of the moment thing. Sounds pretty logical to me.

The pictures are good! I bet grandaddy has perked up too.

Couple of interesting notes about Carolina and Clemson's opening games..

LA.-Lafayette beat Houston last season.

FSU has won 16 of the last 17 of their season openers.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

More updates on Cook..

It was reported by Phil Kornblut on his show last night that the guy that owned the gun has a permit for it. He had just purchased the gun after his car was jacked. He simply showed Cook his new unloaded gun and the gun was given back. This interaction apparently went on when the cop rode by. Firearms were just not allowed where they were. Cook says he had no idea.

Here are Spurrier's quotes after today's practice:

"Emanuel has a hearing with the university sometime on Tuesday. We're hoping it will be positive for us but we'll certainly sit back and let our legal system take it's course."

"I've talked to him and I certainly believe his story." Spurrier said. "Hopefully everyone that is involved in this decision will be listening and believe his story also. Emanuel is a fine young man and we will obviously do everything to support him, all of us."

This was pretty humorous I thought..

Though true freshman defensive tackle Jarvis Jenkins told Saturday one of the biggest surprises – in his opinion – of camp to date has been the amount of fights.

"I don't know how to really say it. I can't explain it. It's like we've had so much intensity out here," said the 6-foot-4, 315-pounder. "We've had a lot of fights in practice. Players are coming out and giving it their all. Emotions are running high. It's all part of the game of football. It's odd, but it's a good thing." When asked to recall the toughest fight he had witnessed thus far, Jenkins was at a loss for words, though he does remember one episode that still draws a few laughs in the Clemson team locker room.

"The funniest fight I've seen was between (junior MIKE linebacker) Cortney Vincent and (senior left offensive tackle) Barry Richardson," said the Central native. "Barry is almost 6-foot-7, and had his long arms stretched out touching Cortney's head. Cortney was just swinging away, but couldn't get to Barry. He couldn't connect on anything."

Couple of pics..

Updates on Carolina's QB commit coming later!

Summerville game is kicking off now!

Well Obviously..

Spurrier knows more about the situation than any of us, and he feels pretty confident in Cook's innocence.. And, like I said in my former post It was not Cook's gun or car.

I will tell you this right now, if you don't think the Clemson players get away with a lot in Pickens county you're crazy. Columbia is not a little college town, it is the capital of the state. There are plenty of people there that don't give a damn about football. I can promise you that as long as the Clemson players stay inside Clemson, they will not get into trouble. They will get away with a lot. Seems like every time a Clemson player gets into something, it is outside of the county. Example: the guy before champs sports bowl exposing himself to an old woman and when Duane Coleman "Done smoked it" in Oconee county. Just don't think your Clemson players are saints and don't think there isn't a lot that is swept under the rug, so to speak, at Clemson. Brent and I have discussed this subject before and he agrees with me. He spoke on it last night, he said something like "It sucks that Carolina isn't in a small college town, because every move the players make is spotlighted." He hit the nail on the head there..

Football Games This Week!

Come on Vance, be like me and hold your opinion until after the season. What has changed since the end of last year? No one denies we are in great shape everywhere in our program. The wins have got to start increasing though.

The Gamecocks are headlining this week, aren't they? Sucks its in a negative light. Vance are you saying Spurrier is too easy on his players? I'm not gonna make fun of this whole situation, but you gotta admit Blake Mitchell is a punk. He isn't the best leader there is, in my opinion.

With football in less than a week away, the excitement and nervousness of that game is creeping in. I think the Clemson/FSU game will be a war and come down to the wire. I hate that it is the Bowden bowl though. It most suck for these two because the loser is helping the other get ousted. I think the FSU that Bobby Bowden built would get rid of him if he doesn't satisfy them. Should they? My opinion is that he should be able to stay until he wants to hang it up. Whats yours Blake? Vance?

The College Gameday preview show is on right now, and you should see Lee Corso's tan. He looks like a damn oompa-loompa.

TDP has done alot....

I have probably mentioned this before but we need to keep him....

First off you got to look at what he has done. The Tigers were not in good financial shape when he took over. There are some speculations that we are not in the best financial shape at the moment but certainly better than when he took over.

If we are (and I doubt it) it is due to an upgrade in facilities. In fact in the long run, this will pay off and already is. Ticket sales, even with a somewhat unhappy fan base are at an all time high. This is obviously in my mind due to the potential we have based on talent.

I am not fully satisfied yet that we need a coaching change. But I will say if it comes to that TDP will be the man to find the right one. I can say in all certainty that it will not be Houston Nutt. If they were having conversations it was probably HN getting advice on how to straighten out the mess he has made at Arkansas and the Tigers won't accept a candidate like him.

I still believe Bowden has a shot at getting it right. But I could see TDP bringing in Paul Johnson if he doesn't. I will take either one. Don't forget, you heard it here first.

Good news for the Tiggers! (in my opinion)

Clemson - that's the school and the fans - received two pieces of good news in the past 24 hours, both involving athletic director Terry Don Phillips.

One was a threat most everyone suspected. The other would have been a total blindside.
On the school's website Thursday, Phillips issued a statement in which he declared he was not a candidate for the AD's job at Arkansas. His announcement puts to end rampant speculation that he would bolt for Fayetteville and take over for his retired mentor, Frank Broyles.

Then in Friday's Charleston Post and Courier, Larry Williams reported that Phillips also rebuffed efforts by the Big 12 Conference to gauge his interest in the league's commissionership. Again, Phillips said thanks but no thanks. The talks never got beyond the exploratory stage.

I saw today where Michael Vick was suspended indefinitely without pay...

Great start, nothing would make me happier than to see the courts take every penny that he has. See how much the thug twins smirk on national TV then.

Sorry about the picture, I couldn't help it....

First off, in my mind the only thing that will keep Spurrier from building a championship team is adversity. He doesn't need to forget that, that is a big part of the unsuccess that the Cocks have had in the past. He is starting to get a bad rep of letting players go.
Were all these Gamecocks innocent? I really don't know but I doubt it. He must have thought Blake was guilty of cutting class, otherwise would he have had him doing sprints instead of practicing? Of course the gun won't be in the players name, I feel like it was probably purchased on a street corner and the real question is did he know it was there? Was it his car? Probably.
Guilty? Innocent? Doesn't really matter. Spurrier needs to deal with harshly and not let them play. Otherwise he will continue to have problems and that will be the only thing in my mind that will keep him from being successfull.
Not a flame, but wake just a wake up and smell the coffee post! LOL, got to needle you just a little, football is almost here!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Spurrier Not Giving Up Hope On Cook..

I found out for sure that it wasn't Cook's car or gun that was involved. Like I said, wrong place at the wrong time. These were Spurrier's quotes about the subject after practice tonight:

"He's a good young man that, obviously, was at the wrong place at the wrong time," Spurrier said. "He has no history of this kind of stuff, that I know of. You've got to choose your friends (more carefully). Supposedly, the gun was not his. But he was with a guy with a gun, so you're guilty by association. We all are. We tell our guys to choose the right company."

"He's one of our best players, no question about it," Spurrier said. "He's one of our best guys, he's a wonderful guy. He got caught in a bad situation. Kenrick Ellis called me and said 'Coach, it could just easily have been me.'"

"We'll let the legal system do its work," Spurrier said. "I don't have all the details. Obviously, we're hoping with the circumstances that he'll get another chance here."

Update on Blake..

I'm hearing that his appeal will be won because he had proof that he dropped the class by way of e-mail. I hope there is truth to it. I'm off to work now, may be there will be some good news to post later..

Yea, I don't understand it..

I'm hearing that there is more to the story. People are saying that it wasn't Cook's gun and that when the police rode by, the gun owner tried to hide the gun in a car. It must have been Cook's car, I don't know yet. There is talk that the charges will be dropped. I'll post more as I find out more. I hope he is able to play this season. He is a really good player. Looks like he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, which happened to be outside of the dorms. They said that as soon as the police confronted them, Cook immediately told them that there was a gun in the car. Let's hope for the best out of this situation and that he was wrongfully accused.

Looks like Emanuel Cook is suspended too....

Some kind of weapons charge.

Bowden suspended the beanie bowl and is gonna practice the crap out of the Tigers the next 2 days. Sounds like he is not playing around. I guess he set up the whole deal with Harper, at least thats what Mickey Andrews said he is saying. Harper actually went out during the scrimmage and Korn came in with the first team offense to get some snaps and see how he would do at the spare of the moment.

Kind of crazy couple of days.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I found out..

Summerville (SC) VS. Booker T. Washington (FL) on ESPN @12:00 Sat.

First Coast (FL) vs. Berkeley (SC) on ESPNU @ 4:00 Sat.

Summerville highschool game on ESPN @ 12:00 this Saturday..

Carolina's QB commit Reid McCollum will be starting! This was news to me until just now. Apparently Carolina has another commit playing on ESPNU that same day. LB Shaq Wilson from First Coast High in FL is playing. Not sure which teams each are playing? This was good news to me though. The #1 player in SC also plays for Summerville in UGA WR commit AJ Green.

May be good news for Blake..

I'm hearing his situation went down something like this:

Blake was advised to drop the class in question by his academic advisor. He supposedly dropped the class, or at least thought he did, but the professor did not take him off the roll. After he dropped it he quit going, but since the professor didn't remove him from the roll he missed to many classes. I don't know if he failed to file the proper paperwork to actually drop the class or not. I am not exactly sure how the class dropping process works, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him win his appeal.

Other notes..

The other 2 players that are suspended are Bobby Wallace and Chris Hail. Bobby Wallace was expected to miss the first couple of games due to injury and Chris Hail is the 4th string CB. So we won't hurt to much there.

Also, what did you think about the scrimmage report? I found out that 16 different receivers (and TE) caught at least one pass. Pretty impressive I thought.

This came out of nowhere..

When I first heard about it today, I thought it may have been an excuse from Spurrier to see what Smelley an Beecher had against a pancake team. I was not right. Spurrier said after today's practice that he knew nothing about this until today. He said he was informed by the school administration that Blake, Bobby Wallace, and Chris Hail will have to sit out the first game of the season. Spurrier said that Blake has an appeal in to drop the suspension and if the suspension is dropped, he will in fact start the first game. If Blake does have to sit out the first game, Spurrier said Smelley will start but that Beecher will see some action as well. He went on to say that even if Blake is able to play the first game that you could still see all three QBs anyway.

I don't think it's that big of a deal. The way Spurrier has talked throughout Fall practice, both Smelley and Beecher are ready to play. I don't think we can go wrong with any three of them. I would almost be glad to see Smelley start just to see how he does in a real game. One thing I'm about certain of is that Garcia will redshirt. If you have 3 QBs that are ready to play, no need to waste a freshman year. He should give Smelley some good QB battles in the future though.
Above is a pic of the 3 players that were suspended.. lol.

Blake is suspended for the first game...

Looks like you guys are gonna have a new QB early too. Who's it gonna be Smelley or Beecher?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

WOW.. Check out this Gamecock scrimmage report from tonight..


Beecher: 4-6, 20 yards, TD

Mitchell: 8-12, 78 yards, TD

Smelley: 12-16, 169 yards, 3 TD, INT

Garcia: No stats


Davis: 6-23

Maddox: 5-48


Culliver: 4-68, including a 35-yard TD

Saunders: 2-56, TD

A bunch of players with 1 reception.

Spurrier said the O-Line played a little better.

The first-team O-Line was LT Meredith, LG Thind, C Brown, RT Thompson, LT Sorensen. Anderson was working at second-team C.

Spurrier praised Culliver.

No new injuries were reported.

Looks like the O-line is coming around as well as Culliver and Maddox. Maddox with almost 10 yards per carry! I think it's easier to see why he doesn't want to redshirt. Hope they can keep it up for the UGA game.. Looking more like the glass is half full!!


Oh lord,, The glass may be leaking....

I had high hopes for Harper, I may end up eating my words after all. He has really stunk it up in the past two scrimmages. Yesterdays most of all. I too would like to say our Defense has stepped it up and is just that good. I think in fact that is part of it. However, my fear and also belief is that he is already feeling the pressure of being a starting QB. If he has numbers like this, even though Korn will make mistakes, I'd rather have him in there getting experience.

I am not saying I am condemning the kid yet, just that this is not a good sign and FSU will most likely have a good defense:

Willy Korn had another good scrimmage at quarterback completing 9-16 passes for 134 yards and a touchdown. The touchdown pass was a 56-yarder to wide receiver LaDonte Harris, who continues to have a good preseason. Harris had two catches for 67 yards on the day. In addition to his touchdown pass to Harris, Korn threw a scoring pass to Sadat Chambers during a goal line drill.

First-team quarterback Cullen Harper was 4-12 for 41 yards, all against the number-one defense. The offense scored two touchdowns and a field goal when he was on the field.

Tribble Reese, the third-team quarterback, was 3-5 for 25 yards, but had touchdown runs of 70 and two yards. He was the leading rusher in the scrimmage with three rushes for 83 yards. None of the three quarterbacks threw an interception.

I'm going with half full..

For really only one reason.. Spurrier seems to think that they have the talent, if they get past the mental mistakes, to get the job done. Here are some quotes to support this:

"These guys are very similar to the guys we had at Florida. In fact, these guys are probably stronger than the guys we had when we were winning SEC (championships) all the time."

"Our players are physically just as good. We should play better. We're just not playing very well. Hopefully it's just repetition that our guys will understand what we're trying to do. That's why we have a lot of scrimmages, a lot of plays. The guys that learn from their mistakes are the guys that end up playing."

And after tonight's practice Spurrier was asked about the situations at guard and center and if it was a disappointment for him.. This was his response:

"No, it was expected. No, it was expected for them to struggle somewhat." Spurrier said. "Hopefully they will sort of get it together. I think we will be alright when we start running the ball a little bit." Spurrier went on to say. "I'm hoping our defensive line is pretty good. I'm hoping they're gonna run through a lot of people. We're gone find out when we play against our opponents."

I really do think our D-line is just that good.. I could very well be set up for a let down. I think Carolina's O-line being bad is just too easy to predict for the papers and analysts. I don't think any of them are aware of of just how good our D-line or defense is. Let's hope I'm right.. save the early projections right Brent.. lol?

I think you're on to something with FSU being significantly worse over the past few years but Vance is on to something with getting over the hump of not being scared of them as far as that match up goes. I don't think many teams in the ACC are scared of FSU like they used to be.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Quick Thoughts.

It was hard to get a good judgment from the scrimmage, because we were away from the action most of the time. I thought the offensive line looked okay. Weslye Saunders made a big play. Garcia has good moves, but he clearly needs to redshirt.

I think Bowden said Korn has closed the gap some, not just based on a scrimmage. There are other factors to consider. I still think Cullen Harper will have to play bad for them to start Willie Korn.

You're right about fearing FSU in the past, Vance. Is it because Clemson is better or because FSU is worse? Lets just all reserve judgment until a few games in. I am just ready for it all to begin.

Is the glass half full or half empty....

Very good points by the way about Korn and Reese playing against 2nd and 3rd teams. I meant to mention that in my post and forgot.

Talking about your OL, is the glass half full or half empty? You can look at it from both sides. It could very well be that your DL has improved and thats good. It could not be that. Before the season I always opt for the glass is half full. Now, having said that, in the way of the Tigers unfortunately as the season unfolds it usually turns out that the glass is half empty in those sort of question marks. But, thats not to say that is the case either.

You can look at Bowden in the same concept. Is the glass half full. I think so, we choose to judge him harshly but... It has not been very long ago that we would be expecting an ass beating from FSU coming up. Right now I am fairly confident we will pull off a win, I am convinced we will play a very competitive game. So, having said that, Bowden has made improvements. He is competative with everyone we play. Unfortunately, Va Tech gave us a beating. But all teams, even the Southern Cals, Ohio States, Fla, Auburns, they all have weeks like that. We choose however to say, we just do the same thing every year. Not so much.

Takes a while to make a team competative with big name teams. Spurrier knows this and has worked hard to change the attitude of his players and fans and with success up to this point.

If you really think about Bowden in terms of the glass being half full its not bad at all. What he needs to do is not as complicated as we sometimes choose to make it. Its simple and very acheivable, he needs to keep playing at the same level against big name teams. That should have been the biggest obstacle and because he does proves the team is capable of being a powerhouse already. What he needs to find a way to do is play at the same level against lower level teams. If he finds a way to do this we are there. Not so bad in my opinion and very logical to think it can and will happen.

Hard to judge by scrimmages..

Like during Carolina's Saturday, the O-line struggled most of the day. I found out later that everyone of the O-linemen got about the same amount of snaps.

With Clemson it may be hard to judge when you got Harper against the first team defense, Korn against the 2nd, and likely Tribble against the 3rd.

I think you are going to see Harper the majority of the season but you will see Korn enough to keep the big boosters and fans quiet if Harper struggles any.

It was a pretty sloppy scrimmage Sat. though. The offense had trouble moving the ball early on. They stepped it up a little near the end. Mark Barnes did extremely well for his first day at WR. He caught a deep ball in traffic near the sideline, it was a really nice catch. He finished up the drive with a TD in the corner of the end zone. Freddie Brown looked good. He had a couple of nice catches including a TD. The best looking player on the offensive side was Wes Saunders. He made some really nice catches and was hard to take down.

I'm still thinking that a lot of the O-line troubles are because of our D-line.. I guess we'll find out in about 11 more days!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Hard to stay away from this Topic no matter how hard you try....

Korn supposedly closed the gap in the latest scrimmage. However, if you went by the scrimmage Tribble Reese would be the starter. Personally, I think its just Bowden's way of putting a little pressure on Harper. Which again, I think is just what our team needs.

Glad you guys are going to practice. But Brent needs to take his old butt to the Clemson practice and give us some insight, I don't care if he has to hide in the woods with some binoculars. I read today where Jamie Cumbie is the strongest man on the football team, who would have guessed that?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

New Commit For The Gamecocks!

3 star DT Kenny Davis from Newberry HS commited today. He's 6-foot4, 295 lbs and ranked as the 11th best player in SC. He runs a 4.9, 40 and is ranked as the 31st best DT in the nation. He had offers from VT, Clemson, UNC, and others.

Carolina's D-line could be the best in the nation in 1 or 2 years!

Headed to see the Gamecocks scrimmage in Willy B..

Yep, and I got a rough crowd going with me. Brent and both the Richey boys are going.. lol. It should be fun. It will also give Brent a chance to post a practice report from a Clemson perspective..

Spurrier and Ladi Ajiboye

Too bad about Ray Ray...

He has overcome alot already and I am sure he will overcome this. Save injuries I can't ever see him as starting. Spence's offense is going to continue to attract great backs such as Andre Ellington who has the potential to be every bit as good as James Davis.

We have a little bit of a shortage at RB's. But we do have some guys that I believe could come in and do a good job if need be. James Davis is good but I think D. Chancellor could have come in and done as good a job. C.J. on the otherhand, there's just no way to replace an athelete like him.

Oh but, guess who has been taking some snaps at RB? None other than Jacoby Ford. He could definitely come in and do some damage and he will some this year too.

Brandon Clear has been burning it up at reciever and I can't wait to see D. Mcdaniel out there. Again, its been oversaid in past years, but we do have the potential to have a great season.

Yeah Bro, I know newspapers do manipulate things. Thats why I didn't bring it up until you mentioned about a slight possibility of a redshirt. I think they will be just fine though, Spurrier is no idiot.

Running Back Depth Scary...

That is some bad news. I think it will work out for him in the long run but, season-ending injuries are always bad.

I know they will be taking extra precautions with CJ and James now, and I can't blame them. I just wonder how it will affect the season. Bowden said they would be on the field at the same time, but you know how close to the vest this team can be because of injuries. One thing of note, I thought Sadat Chambers would end up being third string anyway. Paul Macko will get some playing time as well, though. He isn't a bad back, and is a good inside runner. Demerick Chancellor should have stayed and waited for his time dammit!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Terrible news about Ray Ray..

Out for the 2007 season with a torn ACL. I hope he has no trouble with his rehab.. Bad thing for a good kid.

Really hurts Clemson at RB depth too. Good thing they have Sadat Chambers logging some snaps at RB now.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Spurrier Has High Hopes For The Potential Of The Gamecock O-line..

Spurrier kind of took back his harsh words about the O-line struggles during the Wednesday scrimmage after tonights practice. Here are some of his quote's from today:

On the O-line: "I watched the film today (from last night's scrimmage) and it wasn't as bad as I thought," Spurrier said. "They're usually not as bad as you think. Sometimes they're not as good as you think also. . . We have to identify who we think can play and start coaching them to play in the games. We'll determine the scout team. We'll give everyone a chance to be a player in the game."

"We've got the players here," Spurrier continued. "I'm convinced Kevin Young can play football. He's just not playing very well right now. These guys are very similar to the guys we had at Florida. In fact, these guys are probably stronger than the guys we had when we were winning SEC (championships) all the time."

"Our players are physically just as good. We should play better. We're just not playing very well. Hopefully it's just repetition that our guys will understand what we're trying to do. That's why we have a lot of scrimmages, a lot of plays. The guys that learn from their mistakes are the guys that end up playing."

On the pass coverage: "The defense did a good job of playing some good solid zones and forcing us to throw underneath a lot," Spurrier said. "The defense had a good night as far as dropping in their zones."

Spurrier's most pleasant surprise of Fall camp so far: "They're (Beecher and Smelley) pretty doggone good at knowing what to do right now. They're ready to play," Spurrier said. "If Blake goes bad, which I don't expect him to do, they're ready to play. I have confidence Tommy Beecher and Chris Smelley can both go in there and play very well."

Those are some pretty strong comparisons of the Carolina O-line and Spurrier's UF SEC champ teams. Carolina's line is probably stronger than that of Spurrier's UF teams??? WOW! Here's the neat thing though, we only have 2 seniors on the whole 17 man O-line roster! That definitley builds confidence.. It is also awesome that we have 2 back-up QBs that can play if needed. Man, I can't wait for the season to start!!!


Bowden says the Tigers have looked real good the past two days.....

It must be true because he is not one to brag alot about practice.

My theory is that his new deal of lack of performance earning you the bench is paying off. At least thats what I am hoping.

Oh yea you're right..

If Maddox continued to perform as well as he has and still didn't get a shot this season, he would have had every right to transfer. He wasn't mad or pissed in that interview though. The reporter brought up the question of him being redshirted and as I said, he told him what he thought about it. The article was easy to read wrong, as it came from an upstate paper.

No, I didn't mean drop Tech. Hell, I couldn't do that now if I wanted to.. lol. That's probably what I will do when I finish up with my 2 year. Take one class at a time and go from there. After I get a good paying job of course.

By the way, there are no more sore spots as far as I'm concerned. I don't get sore about anything posted here anymore. I will tell you how I feel but it will not be a sore response. It's been much more enjoyable the way we have been going. Did I come off angry with my last post? I didn't mean to if it sounded that way. I'm just high on Brian Maddox and tried to give a senario (James Davis) for y'all to relate to.. I know you meant no harm by your post about Maddox. Everything Carolina and Clemson wise is welcome here IMO. An article like that one was taken out of context by the reporter and the only way I know is by watching Maddox's interview with the media. You didn't know that. He wasn't unhappy or pissed though.. He knew he wasn't gonna redshirt and was kinda like "Why is he asking me this." The reporter from the upstate paper took it and ran with it, thats all.

Yeah, thats why I didn't bring it up.....

I knew it was gonna be a sore spot. But when a player says "I was never told about being redshirted and it certainly would have made a difference when I was recruited". It sounds like pissed off, certainly not happy. Doesn't really matter though, I was not saying him or Spurrier is wrong. I was saying if he redshirts there is a strong possibility of him transferring.

Oh, I didn't mean drop tech and go elsewhere, that would be pissing in the wind. I just meant keep on going. A computer job will likely have regular hours and you could take a class or two at night. Online classes are real good too and the same as going to the school.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Maddox wasn't pissed off at all..

I watched the video interview on Gamecock Central when he talked to the reporters about it. He is just ready to play, mentally and physically. He has confidence in himself, as he should because he has been doing really well in the practice so far. He doesn't want to redshirt if he is better than the others behind Boyd and Davis.

Out of every player that is recruited by a school, I would say 90% of them are sold on playing time. Do you think the Clemson coaches went out there and recruited CJ or JD by telling them that they would redshirt? JD made it known that that wasn't the case in his first Fall practice at Clemson, as he left the team due to not getting enough reps with the starting offense. He had a right to be pissed in a way, because if he was performing better than the guys in front of him he should be placed above them on the depth chart. He may not of should have left like he did but he had the right to be pissed I think.

I'm not saying that Maddox is better than Boyd or M. Davis. He is however better than the other guys behind Boyd and Davis by many reports. If he is better than those other guys, that means he should be placed as third on the depth chart. A player that is 3rd on the depth chart at RB will avoid a redshirt at Carolina. When he was asked by the reporter how he felt about redshirting, he told him. And rightfully so.

Doesn't matter now because with the injury of Bobby Wallace, he is without a doubt not going to redshirt. I'm glad there will be no controversy there. Maddox is gonna be a good one with the potential to be a great one, trust me on that one. The coaches know that, and if takes him getting in some this season to avoid him transferring, they will not hesitated. When he does play this season, he will show some good things and prove why he didn't want to redshirt..

By the way, thanx on the compliment about the grades! I have thought about going to school for 4 years but I won't be able to do it right now financially. Maybe when I finish up with my 2 years I can go back. I want to, but part time work at the Hut won't cut it for 4 years.. lol. As long as make the grades I am right now, my tuition and books will be paid for. The money problem comes outside of school. I can't work a lot of hours and keep up with the kids and school. Plus, Jen is going back to school this semester. More time and money deticated there. I know it's going to get harder and I'm pretty sure I won't have a problem with my associates degree. I just want to boast about my good grades while I can.. lol. It will all pay off when we're done!
Side note: Brent is planning on finishing up with his degree! I hope he does and he only needs 4 more classes. He needs our support as well! He has even less time than I do with work and everything. I told him to take a class a semester and he would be fine..


I tell you what, if you keep that up you may need to consider just keeping on going and getting a 4 year degree in Computer Information Systems. Just a thought, there's no doubt you could if you wanted to now.

Oh, almost forgot and I am glad you brought it up....

Maddox has been very verbal about being pissed off at the thought of redshirting. He says he would not have gone to SC if he had been told that was the plan.

If Spurrier goes on ahead and redshirts this kid he may end up transferring.

Yep, Bowden seems to have instituted a "Noone's job is safe" Policy this year...

Which I think is just what is needed. He has already replace 2 starting Offensive Lineman this week. Ricky Sapp is certainly feeling some heat. Cullen Harper knows his job is not safe, but we have beat that to death already.

Thats what he needs to do. That will motivate them to play hard in every game, I think that could in fact be the missing link. We have been notorious for not playing hard in lesser games. Replacing big names in small games could motivate them just like we need and would have a lesser impact in the easier games.

If he keeps on adapting, I think he just might get the right combination one year. Quite possibly this year which in my opinion rest with the QB's.

The injured players walked off the field which is a good sign. We should know more today. Our Defense is gonna be great this year. I have no doubt of that, Deandre M. is shaping up to be one of those specially gifted atheletes that only come around every once in a while. I think by the end of the year, opposing offenses will have to pass the ball away from him which is what you want.

I think we will beat FSU this year. Oh, Jimbo will get them where they need to be, just not in the first game where they will likely be worse. O-lines, QB's and running games donot just change overnight and we will catch them at the right time this year. Furma, LA, Duke, CM are all givens. Thats 5. Out of the other 7 opponents it seems a pretty easy task and very likely we will win at least 3 of them. Otherwise, nothing would have to be going right, don't see it happening. At least 8 wins. If this moivations works, based on talent alone, we could easily win 5 or 6 of the other games.

If he can motivate the team in lesser games, 10 wins is a very good possibility. I think he may finally be getting it. Thats how Spurrier does it, "Noones job is safe"

I finished up with a strong 4.0 GPA in the Summer semester..

Hangin in there with a 3.87 GPA overall

Oh yea, Mark May is an IDIOT..

If he can't look at Clemson's schedule and see 7 or 8 automatic wins.. Well, as I said he is an idiot..

The Injury Bug Doesn't Let Up On The Clemson D-line..

Three of Clemson's D-linemen are missing precious practice time.. Two of which are starters.

Ricky Sapp and Dorrell Scott went down today due to ankle sprains. They along with Jamie Cumbie will be sitting out of practice until further notice. Clemson has had the worst luck on the D with injuries. I hope those guys recover well and are ready to play by the season opener. One positive thing that tigerillustrated has reported though is that Kevin Alexander has been pushing Sapp for the starting job. I'm not that sold on Sapp yet, I'll have to see how he does as a full-time starter. Reports in practice so far have not be to good. He didn't even have a tackle in Saturday's scrimmage and was in there for a lot of snaps. Hope he has no trouble recovering from his injury though. He needs to have a chance to prove himself against FSU.

Almost worried to post this but I'm thankful for Carolina's lack of injuries so far. Our biggest loss has been our 3rd string RB, Bobby Wallace for 5-6 weeks. The only other 3 that I know of are freshmen Jamire Williams, Joe Hills, and 4th string RB Taylor Rank. All three should return by the time the season starts. Hills was looking good for playing time but his missed practices due to injury will likely lead to a redshirt. He's gonna be a good one for us down the road though.

Wallace and Rank's injuries should help Brian Maddox avoid a redshirt. I'm telling you though, that may not be a bad thing. Spurrier has been very high on him so far and said he thinks he will be ready if called upon. You guys know how I felt after watching him in practice. Here's what I said about him in my practice report:

"I'm going to tell you guys right now, Spurrier is going to find it hard to redshirt Maddox this year. He is very fast, very fast. He was a little smaller than I remember but that won't matter if he plays like he did last night. He had a couple of really good catches and showed a great ability to get open. It's going to be interesting to see him with pads on."

The practice I went to focused a lot on receiving but I have been hearing that he is hitting the holes really good as well.


Mark May Hates Clemson?

Mark May predicted the Clemson Tigers to go 6-6 today, but I am not gonna jump him on this one. You guys know I don't like this guy or his analyses and opinions. I just can't say his pick is faulty. Clemson has a lot to prove before someone goes out on a limb and projects them to win a lot of games. They have only gotten burned by mediocrity in the Bowden era. I don't even think closet Clemson fan Kirk Herbstreit will show us as much love this year, because he doesn't want to look the fool's part again. Until this team achieves that 10 win plateau, I don't think any analyst will predict Clemson to go far. Can we blame them? Thats what we're hoping for isn't it?

We will know what Clemson's all about in less than three weeks. The entire nation will know in three weeks.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

LOL, couldn't resist this one...

and no, I don't think Houston nutt, Bill Cower or even George Clooney is coming to replace him next year.

I don't think Tommy thinks his job is in very much danger either.....

If he gets 8 wins he keeps his job, period. He knows that. If you look at the schedule, we all know anything is possible, but 8 wins is almost guaranteed. I support him because he is the coach, this however is not a support Tommy post. Just the fact as I see them. 8 wins will get grumbles but if one happens to be SC, well alot less grumbles.

10 wins, an ACC championship or 9 wins and beating the Cocks will likely get him another contract extension which aides recruiting. So, really, he is in pretty good shape. Like it or not, thats the way I see it. Just my opinion..

He is bringing in alot of money, high profile recruits and is not doing anything to emabarrass the school. TD Phillips is in no hurry to dismiss him at this point.


Not knowing much about Carolina's D-line and based on what you said about them. RB's for the Tigers will certainly be better. O-line is a question mark, but my opinion is the OL is always a question mark until the season starts even with veterans.

I also agree and will be one of the first to say dump Harper IF, he bombs out. I am not convinced that even if he does Korn will do better this year. But if you have to make that choice it is clear you go with longevity and the future which is Korn and getting him play time is important there. Unless Harper bombs out completely, which I don't expect due in part based on what you said in that our RB's can carry us and make him look better (OL bombing won't get us a QB change) I donot expect Korn to play. He certainly will not come in in a close game which that Harper is managing well, a close game being the most likely outcome.

Bowden does not replace QB's very often. He needs to do it more, but I have no reason to think he will change his and his dad's strategy on this this year. Especially not opening day. The big talk amongst him and his coaches this year is a strong desire to start redshirting more players. Which is understandable.

Also, about the wishful thinking..

It is to early to be making good predictions.

I will say this though. We can be more confident coming into this season saying that Carolina's D-line will be to much for the freshman UGA O-line to handle or the Clemson RB making the big play to win the game against FSU than we could have in years past.. Agree?

Going to be interesting!


That's the thing Vance..

Many think that Cullen may not get the job done. Many think that Willy will be starting before the season ends due to that. I am one of them. I think we will see Willy in the FSU game.

Tommy Bowden can not afford to not let the back-up play if the starter performs like Procter did last season. Tommy's job is at stake. He will be taking it like every game is his last IMO. He is going to be thinking in every struggle that this could be his last season to play a highly talented QB like Willy. If Cullen struggles, he is going to care less about Tribble Reese. He is going to put in the guy that the Clemson fans want to see!

Build for the future right? Isn't that what you always say? Clemson's future is not Cullen Harper or Tribble Reese.

Monday, August 13, 2007

???? ?

Thats what I thought too, but you were saying how can he redshirt as the number 2 QB.

So you are saying that he should not redshirt and play late in the 4th quarter for one or two games like Harper did last? Brent I'm never gonna agree with you there. If he is not the starter he should redshirt and only come out if Harper gets hurt, period. You say let him come in as a junior. I say let him come in with 3 years left. He can get play time experience next year. You are not making any sense.

Also, I am glad you like Harper, I just have never heard you say anything good about him only that Korn should start. From what I have heard the kid has worked hard. I am gonna give him the benefit of the doubt. Again if Korn redshirts this could work out. I have also been hearing alot, that Kyle Parker is better than anyone expected. If we are lucky, he could give Korn a run for his money and make him play better as well.

More on Georgia's Line

Blake, I agree with you about Carolina's defense pushing the Bulldog's offensive line around. That may end up being the difference, but it's still way too early for us to really give a good prediction of game analysis.

I have been hearing good news from Tallahassee lately. Seems like both quarterbacks are struggling and Jimbo Fisher isn't ruling out the less talented third string guy getting some playing time. This is great to hear in what is probably going to be a low scoring defensive struggle. Look for CJ Spiller to have a late run for the win! Did I just make a prediction? Nah, that was just some wishful thinking.

No Redshirt Likely...

Blake, I'll call it bad luck on the part of Mark Richt. I like Georgia's coach, and has made them a consistent SEC contender. The offensive line is one of the most difficult to develop because it takes time for a recruit to get big enough and gel with the others. Theres also minor and major injuries suffered to these big-framed guy, seemingly more than other positions. Sure, I would love for Clemson to play and beat the Bulldogs, but I like and respect the Bulldogs.

All a player has to do to redshirt is not play at all. If he plays early and gets hurt then there is still an opportunity for it as well. Willie Korn will not redshirt this year, and I don't think he should. He will get some reps in and be able to start as a junior if he never overtakes Cullen Harper. That is the ideal time to start anyway. We were just spoiled, because of a lack of talent, with a 4 year starter. I haven't been trying to throw Cullen Harper under the bus. He is more my style of quarterback anyway, being a tall (6' 4") pocket passer that has a good 40 yard dash (4.56). That's actually a little faster than Willie Korn's 4.6, though Korn is a better runner.

Hilarious pic of Rob Spence blake. He looks like Doodle Dove in this picture. I wonder if those pants are too tight?

Here's what a UGA poster had to say about it..

"Over the last 4 years, here are our O linemen who have been kicked off the team, not had the grades, or have suffered career ending injuries."

Josh Brock
Bartley Miller
Antonio Mercer
Randall Swoops
Trey ChandlerTom
GainousJames Lee
Seth Watts
Ian Smith
John Miller

Another Uga poster claimed "holes in the not signing enough OL"

Either way, I'm glad for there troubles. Not about the injury's, but I believe the Dawgs are going to find it difficult to stop Carolina's monstrous D-line. I hope it's enough to stomp them this season!

Yeah, and I just don't understand it......

Year after year of top recruiting classes. Year after year of signing players we go after really hard. I mean usually, if we are going up against Ga, you can forget it.

Every year however they are short handed? Either Richt is the most unlucky coach in the world or he is not doing very much in the way of developing players with unbelievable potential. My thing is why can't recruits see that. I can see it, I'm sure you guys can see it and I would imagine those guys know alot more about the school than we do. Really pisses me off.

The only thing I can figure is our track record playing them. I will be pulling for the Cocks hard when you play Ga. I have my fingers crossed we get them back on the schedule to stay and soon. I really think if we had caught them on the right week last year we could have taken them. Same with you, if you had caught them at the end no doubt you could have beat them. We have just been unlucky in that respect.

I think either one of our schools beating them does alot for recruiting battles for both schools. Shows we are all on the same level. Gamecock fans should also have their fingers crossed we get them back on the schedule and it should be the one game that they pull for the Tigers. If we both could start beating them we could mop the floor with them in recruiting.

Latest From The UGA Camp.. O-line not looking so hot..

UGA Offensive Line In Deep Doo Doo..

Richt attributes the offense's woes to lack of experience along the offensive line.

"We are having some issues up front," he said. "With Chester Adams out, that did not help, so we had two true redshirt freshman tackles and a redshirt freshman guard. Scott Haverkamp sprained his ankle early on and he is out, so we had another true freshman (Justin Anderson) guard.

"We had a senior center and four freshmen, three of which are true freshmen with the one unit. The second unit was Vince Vance who is a sophomore and everybody else was freshmen. It was musical chairs."

Despite the look of being loaded on paper, the fact that so many of Georgia's offensive linemen have little or no experience is troubling.

"It is very rare that you should have true freshmen out there, but we may be playing three or four," Richt said. "It is tough because there is no veteran competition. We have two seniors, one junior, one sophomore, and the rest are freshmen. Next year we have one senior, and the year after that we have one senior."

In the meantime, getting the first unit enough work together to build unity is the main concern.
"Chester will be out for a while, Haverkamp is probably out for a while, and that in itself just about guarantees that they won't be a group of five working together this week," said Richt.

Brent, we Tiger fans do have a tragic flaw, The Grass is always Greener.....

I mean Cullen Harper hasn't started one game and we are already calling for his back-up to come in? He has been far more consistent in practice and the coaches chose him over heralded Korn, but we think its a secretive conspiracy and the coaches just don't wanna play the best QB? Come on Brent give Harper the benefit of the doubt, give the kid at least one game before you condemn him.

Funny stuff about old farmer Spence, I can agree with both VK and Plyler. I like the fact VK didn't just tip toe around it and told them what he thought. Goes back to what I was saying about him in previous posts, he is determined and knows what he is talking about. I haven't followed Plyler for a very long time. Most of what I read is pretty good. I am however sure he has come up with some crap. He is a fan and not a coach. Otherwise he would be doing coaching and not radio. Haven't heard him mention much on the Cocks since I have followed him, but he is a Tiger fan and of course he won't be favoring them. I did however see where his early pick was for the Tigers to be an underdog going into the game this year, didn't sound too one sided.

I can't recite all the rules for redshirting to you. I am not even sure that he can be number 2 and still be a redshirt. I do think he can be activated in a game and lose his redshirt status without waiting. I know for sure he can be activated in the next game. I disagree, I think the plan is to see how Harper does and make a decision. Reese Would be perfectly fine to come in for a drive or 2 if Harper was just shaken up. Bowden is not gonna have any kind of 2 QB system, you guys can forget that. He is not gonna replace Harper as the starter either unless he starts turning the ball over and then probably its gonna have to be in the way of fumble. So having said that, if Korn plays this year and loses a whole year of eligibility he will play if Harper gets hurt, we are 30 points ahead in the 4th quarter etc...... Very little, a total waste if we do that.

Homorous post of the night..

Props to Brent for finding this one.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

I for one, am proud of VK..

I think Plyler is full of shit most of the time. Especially on his views of Carolina. There have been many times that I have heard him and wanted to call in to his show and call him an idiot. He barked up the wrong tree in criticizing VK didn't he.. lol. I was glad VK told him to do his research because there have been numerous times that I have heard him spout off about something that he is clearly wrong about and clearly didn't do his research on. Kudos to VK for calling that turd out!

I don't know what Spence's plan is for his back-up QB's this season. I agree with Vance in the fact that Willy would definitley benefit from a redshirt. Like Spurrier says, you want to redshirt every player if you have the chance. As Brent said though, I don't think Clemson can afford to redshirt Willy this year. If Cullen goes down or has a showing like Procter had last season, the starting QB job will have to fall on someones shoulders. I don't think anyone wants to wish that on Tribble Reese. I think that Korn will play this season and play a lot. I don't think his true freshman season will be wasted. I think he will show signs of things to come and Clemson fans will be wanting to see him as the starter in the 2008 season. I think moving Wade to safety showed that Willy was gonna avoid a redshirt.

As far as the Gamecock back-up QB's go, I along with Steve Spurrier are not worried. Spurrier seems pretty confident in Smelley and Beecher. Spurrier has claimed more than once since Fall practice started that he will be confident in both back-ups if they have to play. After seeing them in person, I will too. Ya'll know I am the biggest Blake Mitchell fan there is but I will be the first to say that he better be looking over his shoulder. Here is Spurrier's comments about Beecher and Smelley after tonight's practice:

"They're ready to play," Spurrier said. "If they had to play now we'll send them in. They're getting pretty close. They're pretty close right now."

Spurrier also gave some good news about the O-line after practice tonight. He said the O-line is better than the O-line this time last year. I sure hope so..

Above is a pic of ole Spence. Looks like a regular tomato farmer.. lol. Sorry, couldn't resist.


I don't think they can redshirt him Vance, because that would only give them 2 quarterbacks and Tribble Reese is clearly never going to play. If he still owns the number 2 spot, then he doesn't red-shirt. Sure he's gonna struggle, but if Cullen Harper was better, then Korn wouldn't be making up ground, which he is. I guarantee you he will earn the right for playing time.

Koenning shouldn't worry about Mickey Plyler. He is just a big football fan like us that has a radio show and the means to be heard. I'm not criticizing Koenning for his schemes really, but the fact remains Carolina and Kentucky put a lot of yards on that defense and pocket passers ate Clemson up in the middle of the field.

Lots to talk about..... Where the Hell are you two??? FOOTBALL IS ALMOST HERE!!!!!

Mickey gave a pretty good retort. I Vic did good though on defense and you have to credit him for overcoming injuries save the last two games where in my opinion the defense got frustrated with the offense and kind of just gave up. I do however agree completely, it made no sense bringing up Reggie Herring? What was that about?

The scrimmage kind of added feul to what I was saying about Korn hopefully redshirting. His first pass was a interception, the good part is it was D. Mcdaniel. He did throw 3 td passes, but he was 6 for 13. Not very consistent. Thats what I would expect next year. Very great things with an even mixture of very bad things. Harper on the other hand was 8 for 11 with 2 td passes and no interceptions. Which one should start? Untill he proves otherwise, and very unlikely in THREE WEEKS, I believe the coaches have made the right choice.

I don't wanna see a whole year of eligibility wasted just to shut up stupid ass fans, but I bet it happens none the less.

LOL, looks like Blake sent in an email to Friday Email Bag and Mickey gave a good response......

Hey Idiot,

Looks like Vic Koenning punked you and shut you up on the radio this week.

Blake, J

Blake J,
Thanks for the kind words. First, let me say that I think Coach Koenning has every right to say what he feels and he was obviously upset at me for making a few comments about his scheme in a few games. He has the right to express how he feels about it.

I also think it is OK for me to question the scheme when it does not work. Would you not agree? Few are immune to criticism and that includes the coach and the radio host.

Clemson’s defense had 722 plays last year and their linebackers had seven sacks and 10 quarterback pressures the entire year. In three games against pocket passers with little mobility (Boston College and Matt Ryan on a bad ankle, Maryland and Stan Hollenbach and South Carolina and Blake Mitchell) Clemson had a total of 13 yards in sacks. They did not sack Blake Mitchell the entire game. I think it is fair to question the scheme.

The last two games of the season Clemson gave up 901 yards. I think it is OK to question the scheme.

College football at this level is a big business. I am not sure any coach should be surprised if you give up 900 yards in two games that you might be questioned.

I was also surprised he named a former defensive coordinator at Clemson in the interview and threw him under the bus. That is the only thing that upsets me. I don’t think it is good protocol to talk about former coaches in that manner. He has every right to question a sports talk show host but not former coaches.

One final note, I called a former coach a couple of years ago to explain what I said on the radio about his scheme. I wanted to explain myself and tell him why I said what I said. I felt a little foolish a few seconds in the call when the assistant said, “Mickey, no offense but I am too busy to listen to your show. For every second I spend worrying about sports talk radio is a second I could have spent on my job and my players.”

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Yeah, but its gonna work out better in the long run...

Me coming home in November. I will be home for the big game and I will only have 3 months left when I go back. So, its only a couple of months away and it will be here before you know it. I didn't know those people but they were friendly and I don't see them everyday. Yes, but you get used to wearing it Brent, after a while its just your uniform for work.

Yeah old Vic was a little pissed. He never really lost his temper. I like Plyler, but I have to go with Vic on this one. He simply said if you are gonna critisize and make comments you should do better research. He explained how what Plyler said made no sense. He was right, more man coverage would have been disasterous as we didn't have the personnel for that. Crossing routes would have killed us.

Also, Scotty Cooper made the decsion on his own to move to LB, they had allowed him to move to Safety, he said he felt better at LB.

Another thing Vic touched on. I just don't understand how people think losing key players shouldn't matter? Especially since they happen to be some of your most aggressive ones. Of course the Defense was more conservative, common sense.

Yep, but I won't lie, never know and its futile to talk about. If Proctor had come in against GT and played like he did at the start of the season it could have been a smart move. The confidence if its a win could have made a difference last year too.

Last but not least. Ideally Korn will not play next year and if he does not start against FSU I hope and pray he doesn't come in the game. Instantly a whole year of eligibility is lost. He wants to redshirt. Ideally, Harper will do the job and Korn will get an extra year to mature. Giving us at least 3 years of starting time. By that time we will have other options too. I think he is the future just not the present. If he becomes the starter and is not ready, it could ruin the kid.

Koenning Lashes at Plyler.

I am not sure when Mickey Plyler made any comments about what a lot of us call a very conservative defensive scheme at times, but Vic Koenning sounded pretty mad about it on an interview for He said that most of their schemes were based on man coverage and also they weren't able to blitz from the SAM position with the loss of Billie and Waters. I haven't figured out a way to put it on here to listen, because I had to download it myself. I really need to delve into computer technology a little more and quit being lazy about it. Anyway, if you guys get a chance download it from the drive's website. It should be on the front page.

Nice pic Vance. I'll just say it must be strange to have to walk around on a regular city or town street dressed for war. Strange maybe isn't the word, but you know. Anyway, we'll see you in November, in which Clemson plays a great schedule with Wake Forest, Boston College, and South Carolina. Three easy wins, right Blake?


I don't really know how to respond to that. Reality check for me. Helped me realise where you are and what you're doing. I know you don't like to talk about work and I try to explain that to people here.

The story about the little girl is awesome. What you are doing now is something that is making a difference. I am a proud man to have you as my brother.

Are the people in the pic with you friendly? Is it people that you see everyday?

I was hoping that you may have been able to come home sooner. We all miss you and will surely be glad when you're back.

Your post makes me appreciate this site even more and every post you add to it!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Ok, then....

The weather is good here.
I really need to try and call home more. Its frustrating because I never get through, I will try though.
Everything is good. Time is flying by.
Figured I would post a picture for you. Don't usually talk about what I do but I will this time.
This week I picked up a little girl, out on a mission with a terrible skin condition on her ear. I didn't have what I needed to treat her so we brought her back to the base. She was 6 years old and had had it for 4 years. I was able to treat it and it should be gone by now. She would have no doubt been deaf in that ear and possibly lost it. Pretty productive week.
I will be home in November still. Hopefully around the 15th, but it is give or take a week. Tell everyone I am doing just fine. But you can make your own decision about the picture and story.

Questions for Vancer..

How's everything going man? Everything still going ok?

I have someone ask me everyday if I have heard from you and all I can say is "Yea, but we talk about football" lol. So, tell me, is there anything I can pass along to the people here?

When will you be back home? Any dates yet? Anything you can give us..

Me, Brent, and everyone here at home are missing your orange tainted ass.. lol.

We really do miss you and want some updates. We get caught up in football and everything but how's things going??? We're ready for you to be back!


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