Friday, February 21, 2014

I was thinking the same thing...

I remember the mini series being silly with the exception of the clown. But you have to remember made for TV was poorly done back then. I bet the movie is real good too.

The book is pretty good

but like every King novel it's long as hell. It's not really that scary. I watched the mini series not too long ago and it is really cheesy compared to what I remember it being as a kid. I bet this new movie is going to be scary though. Technology has advanced a lot since that mini series came out.

I saw the new Carrie...

movie and I thought it was good also.

I don't remember the old Steven King "It" movie. I think it was a mini series on tv. Whatever it was, it made lots of people scared of clowns, lol. I seriously don't think anyone much looks at them the same anymore, clowns are some scary people.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

lol yea it happens

There are acually a few more Steven King movies that are being remade. The new Carrie movie was good. Pet Sematary is one but I can't remember the others.

I definitely want to see pics of the plane.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


that was simple to understand, but it went right over my head at first.

I actually started a new plane, have it cut out and just need to glue it together. I will post pictures when I do, its going to look pretty cool. No guarantee's on the flying part, lol.

Yes, Steven King's IT

There are only a few articles out there about it. Sounds like it will be a while before it happens.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Wait a minute, you were actually talking about the Steven king book?

I can't find that bro...

I google it and it comes up with Steven kings "it". Not under the director either, what's it about?

One thing for certain, you going to need to watch "true detective". The show is great, been watching since it started. It's going to keep you glued the entire time.

I'm actually reading King's IT now

and just found out they are making another movie about the novel. It will actually be two movies. The director is the same guy that's directing the show True Detective that everyone's talking about. Probably gonna watch that show soon.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Same old, same old...

Lol, nothing new. I watched the midseason premier of the walking dead. Other than that not too much for me either. I did not really even pay attention to signing day. I guess the big story was Rivals crashing for hours? Lots of people cancelled their subscriptions, or so they said.

I have been doing a small amount of wood working. I want to build another RC plane, and another boat. But I've not got motivated to start on either one.

Hope everything is going good

What's new? I haven't watched a whole lot lately. Mainly video games and reading. What about you?


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