Saturday, October 25, 2008

The ref actually was a linebacker in college...

I hear he is Dolemites cousin also. Spurrier actually said the guy was just defending himself. I dunno, looks like he was having flashbacks from his college days to me. I forgot about the Texas AM thing. I didn't hear that one, but I did here Tommy would be considered for the HC job. Did you hear that Terry Bowden actually said they were right to get rid of him? Hey, the guy does not have a bad record. Winning season and bowl eligible every year. Built us up pretty good, just couldn't get us past that. I thought he showed alot of class on what he said and how he left. Lord knows I have said enough bad stuff about him and I don't have anything else bad to say. I hear Kiffin is out and Muschamp is being given strong consideration. Like I said, I hope Dabo works out but, Muschamp as the HC and Dabo as the OC, could be something. Just something different is exciting. I don't expect us to be world champions, but things are going to change non the less. I'm excited, say what you will about TDP but he has a very good track record at hiring head coaches. The last one he hired was Les Miles.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Have you seen this bro?

What are your thoughts on it? I can't even watch it anymore it makes me so mad!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cool Video, Brent will love it!!!!

How Darth Maul got his start!

LOL, I have really missed this site......

Speaking of old Dabo, don't know if you heard but he decided to just not practice yesterday and go on over to the children's hospital. While this is a very good gesture, I just think it would have been better on a day not set for practice. Who knows? I could be wrong, he may be building lots of motivation, I have my doubts though. Not done in true Dolemite fashion and that could be bad.

Right now, he has my full support, he did something I have not seen in years at Clemson. He actually made halftime adjustments. We could very well lose every game we have left. We could win them all too. I am pulling for him right now and I hope he is our next head coach. But the verdict is still out. I kind of like the Idea if he don't work out of making Muschamp or Foster the next coach and making him the offensive coordinator, we would have undoubtably the toughest most motivated team in the country. I hear Foster gets a DUI here and there however and that won't work. Muschamp is also younger, just my two cents. I am all Dabo right now!!!

Trivia Question:

How do you spell DABO backwards? _____________.... LOL

It's terrible to see Dolemite pass away (lol). He seemed like such a good man. You know, he would have been a perfect fit to take over as the head coach at Clemson. He would bring the kind of toughness and attitude that the needy program needs. Needless to say he would certainly fit right in with the players.. LOL. Maybe Dabo can change his name to Dabomite!

In other news, recruiting has taken a drastic change in the past month for the Gamecocks. At the beginning of Oct. our class was ranked 24th in the nation. We have jumped 10 spots to 14th in the nation. From what I hear, there are more good things on the horizon. We should be ranked in the top 10 by Dec.

Hot Rumor alert!: Word is that Texas A&M has had enough of big ole Mike Sherman. Who will replace him you might ask? None other than Terry Bowden. BUT, here is the kicker, who will his offensive coordinator be? No joke, the rumor is Tommy Bowden. I heard this on Micky Plyler's morning talk show. That would definitely be interesting.

Speaking of Micky. He said the the other morning that he is hearing that the new head coach of the Clemson tigers will be named between Nov. 30 and Dec. 12th. I'm interested to find out who it will be..

I leave you with this little beauty:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

Still up and running after all this time!!!!

Lets get this baby running again!

I'M ALL IN!!!!!!!


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