Sunday, August 31, 2014

Week 1

Actual scores
Scar 28 - TAMU 52
UGA 45  - Clem 21
Scar 40 - TAMU 27 -
Score: -37
UGA 31 - Clem 24 +
Score: 33
Total: -4

Scar 34 - TAMU 23 -
Score: -35
UGA 27 - Clem 20 +
Score: 31
Total: -4

Scar 30 - TAMU 25 -
Score: -29
UGA 24 - Clem 28 -
Score: -28
Total: -57

Scar 35 - TAMU 24 -
Score: -35
UGA 28 - Clem 20 +
Score: 32
Total: -3

Honestly, I thought the first half...

Clemson looked like they would explode. Just looked like allot of talent with jitters. Instead they imploded. I'm not going to dog stout out. But I would play Watkins, if nothing else he gets experience and the talent gap between the two was obvious. You get a 5 star player and you generally start them. Gurley is just a beast and Clemson, close to recruiting him. If we come out with a pulse on offense in the second half and we may have won. 

Again, not a good week, lol.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Watson is gonna be a good one

After some experience. 

Oh well...

Tough week.


Some jitters but a good first half for Clemson. Just keep hanging around and sometimes it goes your way in the end. We will see.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Yea you're right

Glad you guys didn't fight...

I had a dream, sumlin was beating spurrier with a leather belt. You won't get any more crap from me. 

You simply just don't lose all those key players on both sides of the ball and recover in one year. Same for Clemson.

You win some you lose some

Fire spurrier!! 

Nah I'm kidding lol. We just didn't expect that last night. We don't lose the opening game or at home ever and both happened last night. Not to mention we got the hell beat outta us. It was humbling and puts better perspective on the rest of the season. May be the defense can get better but I don't have high hopes. 

I'm kidding

It was Rich's idea. The sunbelt talk is serious tho lol. 


Damn someone is taking Carolina's first loss pretty hard.

Sorry to hear this...

Everyone needs to calm down....

I think we need to join the Sunbelt

I got this vision where Spurrier comes out marching on this big old leather belt. Not a regular leather belt but a fucking huge belt. 

He's got all the players behind him and they are playing all these instruments  like frugal horns and shit and spurrier is walking along playing his harmonica. It's glorious.  

Then the rest of the team comes out and behind them the sun rises over the clouds and the sunbelt is seen like no other time.

We finish the season. 9-3 and I don't get a black eye from my best ffreind

Thursday, August 28, 2014

To explain

Brent came over and got to talking shit and I pushed him and he punched me in the face and left.  Didn't hurt but he did it. 

Not worth it for me anymore. 

I'm not playing in the allstar challenge

I quit

Just a refresher..

The Sportaholic News Allstar Challenge: Official Rules

Score Prediction Rules
  • 50 points awarded if you make the right prediction
  • No points awarded if you make the wrong prediction
  • 10 points awarded if you make the correct score prediction for a team
  • Subtract 1 point for every point you're off of the actual score for each team

Season Prediction Rules ***
  • 20 points awarded if you guess a team's record perfectly
  • 20 points subtracted if you are one game off
  • 40 points subtracted if you are two games off
  • 60 points subtracted if you are three games off
  • 80 points subtracted if you are four games off
  • 100 points subtracted if you are five or more games off
  • 500 points subtracted if you fail to post your season predictions before kickoff of the first game of the season
Penalty for missing a weekly score prediction
  • 60 points subtracted for each match-up if you fail to post your weekly score predictions
Winner and Loser at end of season
  • Winner gets bragging rights
  • Loser has to take a picture wearing a shirt that the three non-losers will vote on. The picture will be posted here on blog.

***2014 Season predictions:

Rich: Scar - 10-2 ::: Clem - 8-4
Vance: Scar - 9-3 ::: Clem - 9-3
Brent: Scar - 9-3 ::: Clem - 9-3
Blake: Scar - 10-2 ::: Clem - 8-4


Georgia 31
Clemson 24

South Carolina 40
Texas A & M 27

Both will go 9-3 this year.

Rich's predictions

Carolina 10-2
Clemson 8-4

Carolina loses at auburn and that yearly shit the bed game. I will say the east Carolina game scares me for South Carolina. It's a trap game cause it's after A&M and before Georgia and because of the offense ECU runs with our young secondary. First two weeks for Carolina should be survive and advance mode. 

Clemson loses at uga, FSU, UNC, and Carolina. North Carolina is a trap game for the tigers coming home to play them the week after going to Tallahassee. 

South Carolina 34
Texas A&M 23

Georgia 27
Clemson 20

I was just curious on your thoughts by the way

Nothin more..

I have no idea

That's a long time away. What I said in my season projections is what I'm thinking will happen right now. That could easily change as the season goes on. Clem could come out and light it up on offense but right now I just don't see that happening. We'll get to see a little bit one way or the other on Saturday..

I didn't specifically say that Clem would lose to GT. I said "one out of UL, GT or someone like that." I really do think that's possible, if not likely (gasp)..

I've been saying we lose to Auburn for the longest along with many other Scar fans that I know. I see my prediction of us losing to them changing about as much as I see my prediction of us beating Clem changing. But hey, who knows what might happen between now and the Auburn game..


Will you pick Auburn to win game week? 

Prolly won't beat Gawga in Athens...

But I'm not picking against them. I don't think you really think they will lose to GaTech for example. Will you pick GaTech to win? 

So you think Clemson

beats UGA and Scar. So I'm assuming you think they lose to FSU, UL and GT correct? Or are there two other teams outside of FSU that you think? Just wondering.

I was at a conflict...

on about going with 8 wins for Scar. When I look at the schedule I can see UGA, Auburn and Clemson as losses. The fourth would have to be unexpected which Spurrier overcomes most of the time. So I will go ahead and give them the benefit of that doubt. Clemson I'm afraid either has some big games early with new guys. 

9-3 for scar
9-3 for Clemson 

Scar 30
A&M 25

Clemson 28
Gawga 24

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Blake's predictions

Time to shit or get off the pot..

Scar: 10-2
Losses to Auburn and one out of UGA or UF..

Clem: 8-4
Losses to UGA, FSU, Scar and one out of UL, GT or someone like that..

Scar 35 - TAMU 24
Clem 20 - UGA 28

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Monday, August 25, 2014

Little something for Brent, looks pretty good...

Good post Rich...

Sounds reasonable enough. 

I agree Blake your young defenders could step up. We could have a young RB to step up as well? It will be interesting to see what chad Morris does for the first season without Boyd. We do have a 5 star QB who will play some and that will be interesting to see also.

Sunday, August 24, 2014


QB- Thompson is the obvious starter. No one doubts that. He's done it before and he has performed on the big stage. He's won in Death Valley, which isn't an easy task. He led a game winning drive in the outback bowl against michigan, which shows he can succeed in a pressure situation. He's also had some "not so good" moments. He didn't perform terrible against mizzou (I'll use this game as an example because it's the one that people are so quick to point too), but he didn't put any points on the board. With that said, how much of it was his fault? People forget that mike d fumbled inside the 20 and on the 1.  We also missed about a 40 yard fg with Thompson leading the pack. That's a potential 17 points that the offense could have put with Thompson at QB. So I'm not overly concerned about the qb position. People can't expect Thompson to duplicate what Shaw did, two entirely different quarterbacks. Shaw was a two progression and run guy. Thompson is a gunslinger that's gonna trust the system and let it fly. Shaw last year had 20 something touchdowns and 1 pick. Thompson will throw for more touchdowns and more yards but will also probably throw 10 or so picks because he's gonna put the ball up and try to press it down the field instead of running and hitting his dump offs. 
     As far as our number two guy, i think it's definitely Conner Mitch, but with that said pharaoh cooper will prob see more reps at qb than Mitch will. John Whittle and Tony Morrell have both had very high praise for Mitch this fall camp. He's bigger than Thompson and has a bigger arm and is definitely the qb going forward but this is not his year. After that, it's a toss up. If Thompson and Mitch were to get hurt, I honestly believe pharaoh cooper would be the next guy in line. He played qb in high school and played it last year as a true freshman in the wildcat and even had a td pass against Clemson. I'm not so sure that he wouldn't be the number 2 guy if Thompson were to go down. 

Overall grade- B

Running backs

I think it's pretty obvious that Carolina has one of the better backfields in the SEC and nation. Mike Davis is a stud, Brandon wilds and shon Carson are more than formidable, and David Williams is a future star. I'm very excited to see Williams tote the rock. He's a big back with breakaway speed. He's around 6' and ran a 4.38 40 in team testing. Walt Deptula has been singing his praises since high school and believes he is the best back on Carolina's team right now. While I'm not ready to go that far, I am excited to see what he is capable of once the lights come on. 

Overall grade- A+

Wide Recievers 

There isn't a superstar in the bunch. There's not a name that just strikes fear in opposing defenses by this is a solid group witha potential superstar in it. Roland is that guy in that he is around 6'1, with a great vertical and he attacks the ball at its highest point. He could have a special year and I'm of the belief that he will. He really came on strong last year. Cooper should be a lot more acclimated to the offense in his 2nd year and he's just special with the ball in his hands. It just seems good things happen when he has the football. Another receiver in that 6'/6'1 range, not a burner but runs good routes and catches everything. Nick Jones is nothing special yet he just makes plays. He seems to always be in the right place at the right time. Great route runner and finds ways to get open. Byrd is our deep threat, as he is the fastest guy on the team. He's our guy that stretches the field and loosens up defenses. He's a decent route runner and his hands haven't gotten progressively better each year. After these 4 guys I think it's toss up to who the next two guys will be, as Carolina only carries 6 Wrs. I think it'll be KJ Brent and I'm hoping shamier Jeffrey. Both would be taller, possession type receivers as Brent is 6'4 and Jeffrey is 6'2. A lot people forget or didn't know that Brent was a 4 star guy coming outta high school but has struggled catching the ball at times. He has had his best fall camp to date and hopefully can become reliable this year. Jeffrey has always had the potential but lacked the work ethic. Hopefully the light has come on finally. I also would sleep on Kane Whitehurst. Overall this group will be very solid. 

Overall grade- B+

Tight Ends

For the third year in a row, this group has the potential to be one of the best in the country, but it's time to the production on the field. This group has really let me down the last two years, but I don't know if that was their fault or a product of our qb. I'm not sure shaw could see the middle of the field real well and his runners mentality didn't help out the tight ends. I think with Thompson slinging it, tho could be our best weapon on offense this year. We have 3 guys, all over 6'5, with above average speed that should really create mismatches for opposing defenses. Adams is 6'6 and runs in the 4.5/4.6 range, Busta is 6'5 and runs in the 4.6 range and drew Owens is 6'6 and a 4.7/4.8 guy. Owens is the best blocker of the group. Carolina also moved Cody Gibson to right end in the offseason and will use him basically as an extra tackle in short yardage situations but could sneak him out on a drag or something I assume. This group should recieve an A overall but until I see production ......

Overall grade- B-

Offensive line

On paper this is one of, if not the best Oline in Gamecock history. Strictly from a physical perspective, this looks like a nfl line. Robinson has to improve against speed rushers as Vic Beasley ate him alive last year. He's supposedly made a assertive effort in the offseason to improve his footwork, so we will see. Shell needs to develop a "mean streak" as the blood lines are obviously there along with the talent. He's been extremely solid at right tackle and doesn't struggle with speed rushers. Cann is one of the best linemen in the country and a 4 year starter. He's a preseason all american and by far our most consistent lineman. With the injury to Matulis, Cody Waldrop will slide over to guard and stadnik will be our center. Waldrop was our starting center last year as a freshman before an injury sidelined him and stadnik took over for the remainder I the year. Both have valuable experience and are tested. One thing that needs to improve are the shotgun snaps from center, but I expect Carolina to be up under center a lot more this year. Overall this group has a chance to be special. Of course they will give up some sacks and get stuffed in some short yardage situations, but it won't happen often. Excited to watch this line play. I'll touch back on this one after about 3 weeks, but for right now....

Overall grade- A

I'll have my defensive breakdowns later. Stay tuned. 

Notice anything wrong with this video?

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Rich wanted me to let y'all know

that his post is coming. He's on call today and is working like hell. His post will be up by tomorrow at the latest. May be he will tell you about how he got stuck under a house today lol. 


Where's that "unbiased" positional breakdown?


I don't anything about Georgia either. I'm sure they will try to pound the ball and have a good offense and good defense. But they will give Clemson opportunities to win as Georgia does against everyone they play it seems. And Spencer Region is a butterball huh. Damn he's huge.

I really do hope

Spencer Region gets a shot. I always pull for the underdog (Gamecock fan, ect).

I would buy a Region of Doom t-shirt lol. They should roll him down the hill before the games..

Those are actually good posts by you taters

I was just messing around.

I think we will have a good OL this year. It's certainly being hyped that way. Not just by Gamecock fans. We all know that things could not go like we want them and they could turn out to be overrated. I hope not.

If our OL is as good as advertised it will only help Thompson. We've seen what the running backs can do so I think we're good there. If our offense turns out to be as bad as anything Dooley fielded at Tennessee I'm gonna kidney slap Brent and take a picture of the hand print and post it on the blog.

Our defense may surprise as well. They are young and inexperienced because we've had to replace some good players but it seems we have to do that every year. Cliff Matthews, Eric Norwood, Melvin Ingram, Stephon Gilmore, ect. We won't know until they step on the field. I think they are going to take some lumps early but hopefully they will come around later in the season kind of like they did last year. I will say that I don't like the idea of the 3-4. I think I've been clear on that in the past but they went to it because we are supposed to have a strong LB group this year. Rich is in favor of it so he can speak more on it. I know I'm glad we don't have to face Johnny Football the first game of the season.

I really have no idea about Clem's offense. I think they are a bigger question mark that Scar in that regard. They may be great who knows. Mike Williams is a good WR that I wish Carolina would have gotten. He supposedly grew up a Scar fan and we dropped the ball when recruiting him. Jordan Leggett should also be a nice receiving threat at TE. I think their OL will be fine as long as no tackles get hurt. They really are pretty thin at that position from what I've seen. Clem's defense should be stellar. There is nothing that leads me to think otherwise.

I really don't know anything about UGA. Gurley is back but who knows if he'll stay healthy. Anyone have any insight on them?

Did Brent tell you

that he almost didn't come back to the blog this year because he wants to go to Comic Con?


I'm furious!

Good post Brent...

I think the Dooley coached Tennessee team a couple of years ago is a prime example of a team with a great offensive line that was not very good. I will say of course no one is better than spurrier at exposing mismatches etc... No one is doubting his ability to coach offense. Can Thompson execute? Prolly, but my opinion is not to the extent of Connor shaw. Also, this is coupled with a weaker DL than we have seen in the past few years from them. My opinion is that Connor shaw and a great DL pulled them through quite a few games in years past and their both gone. 

As for Clemson, yes we have some question marks, everyone does. But we don't have any proven bad ones yet. I have faith in Robbie Caldwell and chad Morris. I also think this will be the best product Venables has put on the field yet. 

Hashtags Blake?

I feel like I'm reading a teenage girl's tweets on there. My take on the offensive line is that as long as they are above average they don't have to be great. I've seen too many examples of great offensive lines not produce when it matters and vice versa. Nobody doubts SC will have a good line or great line but that doesn't make them a great offense. They will be good no doubt but good enough to keep up with the Aggies?  That is the question of the week. And please no references to the rivalry game. I get enough of that trash from the casual fans every day who don't know one player on either team that  doesn't make espn highlights.

Gamecock Will...

You stop posting under my brothers username right now. Who hacked his account for you? Nobody invited you here!

Sounds reasonable Rich....

Please see if you can calm Blake down. He is still very angry about some of my past posts. I I'm sure I meant to troll him at the time, but I did know my troll would be still harbor resentment. That's some Steve Cook level stuff there.

What do you think about Clemson? OL in trouble? DL improved? Thanks for providing some actual info.

I think he is a new starter and he is not Connor shaw....

You do think every year. What does the cross training discussion have to do with him transferring? But I am very impressed with myself. I can see you are still angry about that lol. Sorry that made you so mad bro, I truly am. Clown horn wonk wonk.

Almost forgot

Aim plays and shoot them out of a cannon.,  Who would like a goober smooch?

So you think Thompson is a bad QB?

Tell us more about him. Don't forget that one game..

I hope Spencer Region gets a shot..



Thanks Rich

I think that sums up our OL situation pretty good.

Now back to Clem's OL. Who will be their backup RT and LT? Surely they won't move a guard over to tackle. You know what that's a sign of. Vance schooled us all on that last year.

A Master Crosstrainer is in fact a crappy OL talent evaluator in disguise
-Vance, 2013






I'll take a shot at the o-line question

And I'll have more when I give my position by position breakdown. Sorry I haven't done it yet but it's my call week at work and I've been busy as hell. 

To answer your question Vance regarding the o-line, I think its a combo of experience and talent, and size. Carolina averages about 320 across the line, they return 4 starters, 3 of which were all conference selections. Cann is a preseason all american, shell snd Robinson are preseason all sec. Waldrop and stadnik are both the "young guys" that played a lot last year. Cann is a 4 year starter, Shell is a 3 year starter, as is Robinson. I think these are the determining factors in media folk saying we have the best o-line in the sec and one of the best in the nation. When you return 4 out of 5 starters and your 5th guy did start the precious year, people expect you to be pretty good based of the experience factor and the line having a cohesiveness. More later. 

It will be a first for sure...

Opening up passing lanes by running for a QB that can't pass consistently worth a shit. That would be a first.

I agree Brent, his experience would have been good. Blocking is the key.

Back to the guy that did not work in the off season, came in fat and lost his spot in the rotation. Why do you think he is transferring? I will warn you though, I will probably go with Caldwell on this. He prolly knows a little more than you and I think we will be ok going with the best OL coach in college football. You seem to forget, this is not the old days.

Also, explain why your OL is better than LSU or Alabama's? It's the best in the SEC right? If you can't you can just keep on talking about a cannon.

Back to Clem's OL situation

This seemed to be brushed off like no big deal. I'm intrigued. 

Anthony started in 5 games last season and has since been listed as the backup tackle in both spots on the OL. Who is going to back up both tackle spots? Moving guards to tackle is a big no no from what I've heard. Sign of weakness on the OL if I remember correctly. 

#crosstrainingoffensivelinemen  #caldwellproblems 

I hope Spurrier can create mismatches this season

If he can't then we are in trouble. I won't argue with that. If we go in and try to run every play then it's not going to be pretty. The hope is the RBs and OL can free up the passing game. This will be a challenge because no other team has ever tried to do it. 

If they can't then we can just aim the plays and shoot them out like a cannon..

Friday, August 22, 2014

Zac Brooks

I think that injury may hurt the offense a little. Just from watching all the running backs with playing time the last two seasons. He seemed to be the best at receiving out of the backfield. I think we was going to be a major part of the game plan in that regard. I think running back will be very interesting this year. Definitely a question mark but I am not certain it is a weakness. They're not 2 star backs as far as I know.

He is transferring because...

He was not going to see the field much. We rotate lineman allot during the game, so really I can't answer your question about him being second string. Doesn't sound like he would have been.

I don't know about who will start or be the best RB. We have several choices, it's not like we did not recruit well at RB. Choice is a 4 star and dye could actually return (I hope next year). Dabo maintained that he recruited Gallman due to talent. Would you believe he is ripping it up in practice and is probably not starting due to inexperience? Dabo nor the kid will get any credit though, it's because of nickodemus (don't care how it's really spelled). But... I won't go further because he has not seen the field.

No, I don't really agree all teams run the ball to open the passing games. I think the concept of a spread for many teams is to spread the field thin and run the ball with a speedy back/reciever in open space hoping to expose inevitable mismatches on defense. In Clemson's case create more mismatches due to exhausted defenders late in the game due to running lots of plays quickly.

Question about Clem's OL

I heard yesterday that Shaq Anthony was going to transfer. I wasn't sure who he was so I looked at a couple of sites and it turns out that he was 2nd string at both RT and LT. Thoughts on who will step up in the number 2 spot at both positions? Looking around and it looks like Clem is pretty thin at OT..

Pretty fair post

I get the part about Scar playing tougher defenses in the SEC. I think the hope is that the OL and talented RBs will be able to help open up the passing game some. I really don't think we will be one dimensional at all. We've seen that Thompson can manage a game in the past. Hopefully he'll be able to handle it when he takes over full time. If not then we can just aim the plays and shoot them out like a cannon..

Not sure I completely agree about the hurry-up offense masking all problems. I understand that Scar and Clem run different offenses but I think the point I brought up about hoping the running game will open up the passing game is true for any offense. I wasn't comparing Scar and Clem's. I think it applies even if you run the HUNH spread. It sounds like you're saying that even if you have garbage RBs as long as you run the hurry up you'll be ok? That even if you don't have a running game that the passing game will be ok as long as you're running the HUNH? Sounds like you'll be hurrying up to punt to me. I'm not saying that Clem has bad RBs. Not saying that at all but I definitely think that RB is an unknown position for Clem. I was just wondering why you hoped Clem would run more if you don't even know what they have at RB?

I think Clemson's offense is totally different....

We run a hurry up spread offense. We are not going to try and line up and power through anyone. I'm not sure about the rb's. Sorry bro, but how can you really compare the two offenses every year? You don't run anything like what we do. Every year they seemed to get compared as if we are running the same thing. You will attempt to power through SEC defenses. Clemson will run the hurry up against ACC defenses. I just think we need more of a balanced attack. I just don't think you can be one dimensional and win the Super Bowl in the SEC.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


I'll post my position by position breakdown when I have time this afternoon. And I will legitimately do my best not to break it down with garnet glasses on. I'm going to try and take a different approach this year and write all of my post as intelligent as possible without much bias. 

My post will obviously be more focal of Carolina because that's who I have the most knowledge of. I will however give a short synopsis  of my take on Clem and will be as unbiased as possible in my breakdown of them. 


I don't think anyone would argue

that we're not going to miss Shaw this season. Shaw was arguably the best QB Scar has ever had. Certainly the best I've ever seen them have. Teams like Scar and Clem should never take something like that for granted. However.. there is hope that Thompson can come in and run the offense adequately. We've certainly seen him do it before. I just hope he can manage the offense and not lose games for us. I think he will have a lot of help from the running game and (with what Vance proclaims as a NFL caliper) OL. We have two proven RBs in Davis and Wilds. I would be really worried if we had a bunch of garbage RBs. Thompson has a good surrounding cast. If Thompson can't do it then we can just aim the plays and shoot them out like a cannon..

As far as Clem's offense goes, who knows. I think the QB situation is simular to Scar's. You have to replace arguably Clem's best QB of all time with a a lesser known. I hear you when you say that you want Clem to run the ball more but not having a legit pass threat would hinder that right? Speaking of running the ball.. I saw where Clem lost Brooks to a foot injury. What is their RB situation looking like? I'm assuming DJ Howard will start but that's only because I don't know who else they have besides Wayne Gallman. The only reason I remember Gallman is because he was a part of the Nkemdiche package deal that went sour. Are you sure you want to run more with a stable like that or am I missing the reason for wanting to run more?

I expect Stout to be average or even below average...

Hopefully we run the football allot this year. No idea really, seems like Boyd has been the QB forever. We have talent, but not sold on stout either.

I think the cocks are going to miss Connor Shaw more than they think. He was a very good QB and you don't really run the ball over people without a legit pass threat anymore. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Not A Clue

Vance I'm not sure about Clemson. I think they are a 10 win team but have 3 tough games that they need to take 2 out of 3. Hell you know that Carolina should probably be in the NFC east. I am not really sure about them either. I'm not sold in Dylan Thompson but te same could be said about Cole Stoudt.


Good to hear from you as well. What do you think about Clemson? How about them gamecocks? Blake says they won't really call plays this year, they will just aim them and they will go right down the field.

I agree...

I think they will bulldoze thru everyone, even the Panthers.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I only said best in the NFL because

I couldn't think of anything better to describe our OL. We should be able to do what we want with ease on offense this season. Even in the final four..

Good to hear from you Rich....

Should be an interesting year. Breaking in a new starter at QB for both teams. Clemson's DL and defense SHOULD be the strong point, that's different. Not as strong a DL for Scar as usual, but Blake says the OL for Scar would be the best in the NFL.

Monday, August 18, 2014


I have to buy a Phil Steele this week and catch up. I am behind on all things college football right now which is unusual.

I'm ready

I'm back and ready for a little football. Let the trash talk begin. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

I believe it's also...

A tradition to post pictures of monkeys?

Friday, August 15, 2014

Sorry, had to work the past two days straight....

I know I'm ready... I was wondering if anyone was interested... let's do it.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Who's ready for the 2nd Annual All-Star Pick-em Challenge?

Brent and Rich said they're in. 

Friday, August 01, 2014

I saw that and was going to post it.

I think it looks good. 

I'm not looking for much....

To happen this year. I think it does makes us commit to a legit run threat this year though. Which could be a good thing in the future.

New Mad Max trailer

Oh yea

But I meant this year. Clemson has a top 5 DL this year and Scar has a top 5 OL. Should be a good battle when they play each other. 

Of course when they step on the field both positions will probably be shit lol. 


Our OL is actually as impressive or more. We have a 5 star OL committed. We should be real good up front in a couple of years.


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