Sunday, September 30, 2012

Recapping this week and notables for next week

First of all another great offensive showing by Clemson. The defense still had some trouble but like I said, Clemson will be able to outscore every team they play with the exception of maybe Carolina.

The South Carolina game wasn't as pretty as the score. The offense and defense struggled in the first half. Kentucky got up to a 17-7 lead at one time. We ended up making good halftime adjustments and winning the game. Anytime you go on the road in the SEC and come away with a win it's a blessing.

Can you believe GT lost as bad as they did to Mid Tenn St?? What about VT and the season they're having so far? Duke is looking like the best team in that division lol. Seriously though who is gonna win the coastal?

Now for next week. To my dismay South Carolina has opened as 2 point pavorites over UGA. I know it will be a shocker for you too lol. Also, Gameday is in Columbia this week!! I'm pretty excited about that. I tell ya though bro I think it is going to be very tough to beat the Dawgs. I really don't think we will win. I hope I'm wrong..

We don't really care...

I think you nailed it.

Good game from Scar, last time you are likely to see joker again at Kentucky.

Clemson's offense continue to perform and the defense performs as well... I mean sux. They did look a little better at times and Venables seems to make halftime adjustments well, I think. All in all the offense is the best I've seen and the defense has to be close to the bottom.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


No one is really even talking about it. I haven't heard TN, UGA, or even Clemson fans really comment on it much at all. Pretty much a non-issue to everyone but Carolina fans.

But like I said, I honestly couldn't care less what the Clemson, UGA, TN, ect fans think lol.


I don't like how Dabo addresses the media frequently and I absolutely despised how Bowden handled them. So if you come back with Dabo sux with the media, I am going to sincerely agree.

Right bro...

And I can completely understand you defending him as a gamecock fan. You are right and justified to defend him.

But you were ACC champs last year, you will enjoy watching Clemson play Notre Dame in womens softball etc... That's me as a Clemson fan being on the most recent end of comments that normally you only here from fans to the media. I am certain, Tennessee, ole miss, uga and the list goes on, would likely take Ron Morris's side as well. I like Spurrier and even his media stunts. But now that I see he can't take what he is known for dishing out to everyone else? I lose a little respect for him.

We won't agree because you have not been on the receiving end from him bro. If this was Danny Ford I would be the same as you no matter what.

Friday, September 28, 2012

In other news

Did you know that Dabo got the cop fired that clocked him going 60 something in a 35? See how easy I made Dabo the bad guy?

I bet both stories receive equal attention nationally. I can pull you out a espn blog on the speeding ticket if you want? If that makes it bigger nationally than it really is, I can link you one?

I think the ticket story is silly as do I the morris story. That's the same thing the nation will think as well if it goes that far. These are local issues and that's pretty much it. They are equally as controversial in the grand scheme of things nationally. Not a very big deal.

Who cares either way bro. South Carolina gets a win out of this one no matter how you slice it. You would understand if you were a Gamecock fan.

Cool post bro

I guess we'll see what happens..

I accidentally did not publish my post...

You can read it below. My opinion does not really matter, certainly not Clemson fans. But what Morris said is going to be listened to. He said that schools need to very careful about letting a coach run the university, you can look to Penn State for an example as to why.

You can say whatever you want, but that is going to sound very righteous to most of the rest of the nation.

His wife asked him to stop, his players asked him to stop, he said I don't care. I will quit unless Morris is fired.

One of two things is likely to happen now, Morris is gone or spurrier is gone or I guess both?

One more thing

If it was Larry Williams or anybody else in the Clemson media that compared Dabo and the Clemson program to the penn st scandal you would back dabo 200% in anyway that he decided to retaliate. But let's face it, Larry and the boys would never stoop to that level.

I have envied for years the tight knit relationship that the Clemson program has with their media. They are on the same side. Sure they are critical at times but not to this level. Not on a personal level. Carolina and people like Ron Morris are like enemies and it honestly shouldn't be like that. Spurrier didn't have that at Florida and he shouldn't have it here.


South Carolina is at the peak of their history to date. I know that doesn't say a lot but it is what it is. It the best time in history to be a gamecock fan. We should be happy and positive right? Our media should be praising us right?

What we get in return is our flagship newspaper spitting on our coach. Comparing our program to what happened at penn st. I don't care who you are you can't use that penn st card without consequences. Not now not ever. It was a disgusting thing for Morris to do, plain and simple.

Oh we don't have to agree

It's like spurrier said, it used to be cool for the Columbia media guys to pick on the gamecocks. It's not funny or cool anymore and it is a problem that has went on for far to long.

It wouldn't be a big deal but what Morris has done since spurrier has been at Carolina is border line slander and he needed to be stopped. Spurrier has ray tanner and president pastides backing him so forgive me if I don't take your's and the clemson nation's side on this over theirs lol.

I honestly could care less what the national guys have to say as well. The public constantly bashes espn and other outlets and disagrees with them on nearly everything so in this case I could care less on their take about this just like anything else they have an opinion about. If the national media agrees with spurrier, great. If not, oh well.

So I guess the rest of...

The story is Spurrier cancelled all press conferences after the game because Morris said he should not have started Shaw with a broken shoulder?

I guess they will fire him, spurrier says he is going to quit unless they do:

Here is what yahoo sports has to say:

We are not going to agree...

First off Joe Pa demanded academic success from his players and he also demanded discipline and selflessness. This was even apparent right down to the uniform. Spurrier would pay players legally, would start a bank robber if he could and would cancell college classes during football season if possible. If clowney had said, I want you to change the uniforms and I will sign, spurrier would have done it. Another big thing is if Ron Morris had been doing this to Joe Pa? He would have ended up at the bottom of a lake. Thats why he would not have attempted it. I like Spurrier, but I have no sympathy for him on this. He has always used the media to embarrass other schools and his peers and is known for running up the score on them. Real funny unless you are Ole Miss.

Ron Morris is a middle man that will be replaced possibly with someone worse. Keep your fingers crossed this stays local and does not gain national attention if he is fired.

Spurrier vs Morris

It's looking like Spurrier won the battle against Ron Morris. Ron's most recent remark looks to have tipped it over the edge. Morris compared Spurrier's influence and power over the football program to what happened at Penn St. That's a big no no.

Anyway, rumor is Morris will be fired from The State paper.

WOLO TV 25 in Columbia has already cut ties with Morris by canceling their weekly segment with him on Mondays.

Bubbles was the best character...

that show has been over. Omar was certainly the best one in his time, but that show has been over. Be a good topic for discussion on who the best one is now.

I think Ross Richie is a good candidate...

he is a Scar fan but certainly one that can be trusted to be neutral.

I have actually watched the first 4...

episodes, I would have watched more if I had time. Still trying to get into it, but I am sure I will.

I don't know about the ref thing, I guess that will have to come later, lol. I think it will be fun.

I don't think the injury bug just hit Clemson, I think it stays with us. Thats one thing about FSU as well, there were a steady flow of FSU player injured it seemed. This is a game Clemson needs to be carefull with, coming off a losss, banged up ect... I don't know anything about BC, I can't think of any more boring team than Boston College, lol. Its certainly strange that they are leading the ACC in passing. Has to be passing yards, not points.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

By the way

Have you started Parks and Recreation yet? I'm telling you bro the more I watch Ron Swanson the more he gets my vote for best character on TV lol

Tell me more about the flame Friday

Good idea lol. Who will ref it tho? Honestly tho I don't know what to say about the speeding ticket. It was pretty funny but it's petty. Nothing near a coach pissing on a main street in downtown Greenville lol.

One thing that is interesting is the injury bug that has all of a sudden struck Clemson. It's not funny or a flame at all but it does make this BC road game very scary for Clemson especially coming off a painful loss to FSU.

It was rumored that Watkins and Bryant were not going to travel to BC due to a stomach bug. I texted Brent about it and he said Tay's cousin said he had to have emergency surgery on his groin. He wasn't sure about Watkins so sure enough I googled it and the rumor was true. Sammy will not make the trip to BC. Doesn't end there, same article said one of Clemson's starting OLs would'nt make the trip either due to a pulled hamstring.

If I were a Clemson fan I would be mortified about this game. Of course I was mortified about the mizzou game so that shows how much I know lol. What do you think? BC leads the ACC in passing surprisingly.

I'll let you kick off the flame Friday tomorrow. I can't compete with your wit but at least I'll get a good laugh lol

I definitely think you should be optimistic...

Scar is good enough to be competitive with LSU or Georgia.

I would not really take anything from Auburn or Mizzou. Mizzou is a 2.5 point underdog to UCF this week. Auburn was a trap game for LSU, they have performed poorly and no doubt was taken for granted by LSU. Auburn is a team that is known for doing this, performing above their level against highly ranked teams and even beating them. Unfortunately they are also know for losing to sorry teams they should beat. Furthermore, while Auburn is not a very good football team, they have plenty of talent which makes them dangerous.

Just because we won't likely agree on Auburn or Mizzou it does not mean I am knocking Scar. I think they have a great team and will finish with a 10 + win record beating other teams along the way much better than Mizzou or Auburn either one.

I think we should have a new thing called Flame Friday, with allot of rules. We each get one Flame post each and are allowed one retort each for the flame. Has to be funny and entertaining and we need a neutral person to judge. I know you have to be dying to talk about Dabo's speeding ticket.

Cautiously optimistic

Carolina's OL seemed to improve a lot in the Mizzou game. Shaw had plenty of time on nearly every pass. Run blocking still needs to improve but I believe Shawn Elliott will get them where they need to be before UGA.

One thing that is very encouraging is LSU's play against Aub. LSU could have easily lost that game. Before now I looked at the LSU game as a certain loss. Now I think it's definitely winnable. As a matter of fact I am now more worried about UGA and UF. Who knows what will happen. Just staying positive.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Real busy bro...

Between work and school, not much time to post.

I agree completely, FSU just did the smart thing and wore Clemson down. Depth of course is the main issue, but unfortunately I still think conditioning is lacking as well. Good points on Venables. I'm finally sold for sure on Morris, I know you guys were already. Going to be hard to stop that.

Does not matter good, bad or indifferent on mizzou, great performance by shaw and the offense. They are looking good, hopefully he stays healthy, I think he will now.

Monday, September 24, 2012


I really thought Clemson had it when they got up by 14. I knew Venebles wouldn't be able to step right in and make Clemson's defense stellar. It takes time to build something up. I think if he's there in a couple of years Clemson's defense will be where it needs to be. I think some of the fans are being a little too hard on them actually. Hell FSU's defense didn't play any better. On the bright side, outside of maybe Carolina, Clemson doesn't play another offense that can do what FSU did. Clemson will win the rest of them on offensive talent alone if they have to.

As far as Carolina, Mizzou may not be great but you can't take away the performance Shaw had saturday. Kid through 20 strait completions to finish the day at 20-21. That's a 96% completion percentage.. unheard of. I would say he's healthy lol.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I thought it was a joke

I couldn't post during work today. Our antivirus shit itself and we spent all day on it. We use Sophos as do a lot of people around the world and they have a huge bug right now Still not fixed so another day of hell tomorrow I'm sure.

The Mizzou sucks was a joke..

if you didn't laugh you are taking this way too serious, I thought it was funny.

They can win, but I don't think they will. I think you cover with ease because you have a good team.

I am ready to build another boat.

I think Clemson

covers too. I don't think they win however. Not saying they can't just don't think they will at FSU. My prediction is 31-24. With Carolina I'm not confident enough to even make a prediction. I just hope we win.

I think you cover...

Mizzou sux.

Hard to say really, with an offense like we have you either score allot of points quickly or you put your defense back out quickly. I think fsu's defense is much better than their offense. I think it will be a good game and we cover.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Let's move on

Like you said, you don't find out until they play the games.

What do you think about this weekend's games? Do you think Clemson will cover the 14 point spread? Will Carolina cover the 10 point spread?

Now you're getting silly

Come on bro, a Mizzou fan? lol good one I guess. Let me ask you what made you such a big SEC and Vandy fan all of a sudden?

Yes I have seen mizzou play, twice in fact. I saw the ASU game last week and most of the UGA game. They lost their starting QB in the ASU game and still pulled out the win. They ended up with more yards and firstdowns than UGA in that game as a matter of fact. Have you watched them?

I'm not trying to make Mizzou out to be a great team. I'm simply saying that you can't call them a garbage team just because they lost to a top 5 ranked team. Not sure why you're having trouble with this lol.

As far as predictions, I'm not sure why you would have them losing to Vandy and especially Kentucky lol. Tell me what exactly has Texas A&M done to chalk up a win for them against Mizzou? I guess just for the sake of arguing?

The thing is...

VaTech is a proven team, auburn is an sec team, so is Vanderbuilt. What has mizzou done other than get drug up the field by uga? Have you even watched them play this year? When did you become a mizzou fan? This will get settled on the field, their going to lose 6 games minimum easily this year. The games will be uga, scar, Vanderbilt or Kentucky, Alabama, Florida, tennessee and or Texas am. They could in fact lose 7, as a mizzou defender tell me what games above they will win? Because you know what bro, we don't need to argue, let's just make predictions, you have my predictions go ahead and make yours? Tell me what which one/ones of the games they win out of the loses I predicted?

I just don't think that

losing to a top 5 team in the country should warrant automatic "garbage status". It happens all the time early in the season. See UGA last season after the Boise St and Carolina losses. They went on a 10 win run after that. To go even further look at Virginia Tech when they lost to Boise St and then James Madison! They won out the rest of the season and whooped FSU to win the ACC that year lol. That is just a couple of examples, I'm sure there are more but I think you get the point.

I hope we beat Mizzou this week and if we do it simply does not make them garbage just because they have losses to a top 10 team and a top 5 team. I'm sorry bro, it just doesn't lol. By the way, I along with most of the Carolina fanbase said our team was garbage after the Auburn loss last season. That simply wasn't the case. Not great logic there either bro.

And again, I know Auburn isn't any good this season as do you. You're the one that keeps bringing them up, not me.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gernerally when you have...

a team get blown out and the fans of the team that blows them out say they are garbage their usually garbage. Because its generally in that teams fans best interest to promote a team they beat. I've not heard one good thing about Mizzou. I don't see how this was such a slap for you, how much credibility were you expecting to get? You seem to be down with Vegas lately and the line seems to be in complete agreeement with me that Vanderbuilt is better than Mizzou. They are expecting you to beat them worse than you beat Vanderbuilt and this is with them knowing Shaw is questionable. I don't know bro, you just seem to be reaching right now.

But no, Auburn certainly does not appear to be a very good team if thats what you are looking for?

What exactly has Clemson done to inspire that they are better than 8-9 wins? Auburn was not very good. Just because VaTech and all those teams have a loss it does not mean they won't show up to play when Clemson rolls around.

I honestly didn't know

That the Miss St/Auburn post had stuck with you. Like I said, it had been a while since I brought up auburn concerning clemson. Even when I did I was giving Clemson a complement. You bringing up Vandy when concerning Carolina was the opposite of a complement. You're the one that said that we could keep keeping up with auburn and vandy but I haven't said a word about vandy being a great win. You haven't said anything about auburn really. Not real sure where you were going with that one?

Me bringing up the rear of Clemson's schedule was due to you calling mizzou a bad team. I simply don't think they are just because of what you would call a "bad game" (your very common reference to clemson's most recent orange bowl) against a very good team in UGA. it happens and Mizzou in my opinion isn't a bad team. Just my opinion.

We have to play the games and I think a 9 win team for Carolina is being optimistic right now. Offensive line isn't playing well, Shaw hurt, troubles in the defensive secondary. I think we can win 9 with these obstacles but it will be a tough road.

My question for you is why do you think Clemson is a 8-9 win team. What are they lacking that cant get them to 10 wins? I've already laid the schedule out for you so tell me why you're "sandbagging"?

Nobody said you were bashing...

Don't really see where I was bashing either. But when you say you have not brought it up, you have and you are right, long before I did. I think you just bashed Clemson's whole schedule, but maybe thats just me. Honestly, I did not even know or care that Va Tech lost before you brought it up. I think the bottom line is neither one of us have a quality win to hang our hat on. Both of us are going to get a chance real soon, Clemson this weekend and then you the next.

Oh yea

That was me bashing Clemson lol. Like I said, I predicted Clemson to beat Auburn pretty bad before they even played the game.

That post was two weeks ago by the way. You are still bringing up Vandy not being any good even as recent as yesterday lol. Nice digging tho bro, I had forgot all about that one lol..

Here you go bro...

Copied and pasted:

"Auburn got the shit beat out of them by Miss St. Pissed me off too because I picked them in my pickem. Dumb mistake. They better be glad they caught Clemson in the first game of the season or Clemson would have beat them worse than they did Ball St. No joke. Clemson is far better than the score of that game against Auburn."

Maybe someone else has your password?

I do agree with most of it

But I don't think the doctors and trainers would clear Shaw to play if there was major concern for the injury to worsen. They have said all along that it is a issue of pain tolerance and not much more than that.

Like I said, if Carolina gets up by 10+ points I don't think you will see Shaw much after that. I agree that he needs to be healthy for UGA but you also don't wanna just throw him in there without much playing time this season. Spurrier and Shaw want to keep him in a rhythm. I imagine he will be getting minimal playing time before the UGA game.

By the way, this isn't just Spurrier playing Shaw to win, this is Shaw begging to play.

I thought he was done...

did not even know he was returning as your QB. Good for you if so, I know I would save him for UGA because there is no such thing as a hairline fracture that cannot be injured further. I don't blame Spurrier for playing him, I just would not play him this weekend because I don't think its necessary. Its also very likely that Thompson is going to be playing allot and it would be good to get him more experience. I also agree he seems to have a stronger arm, but he needs experience. I think you agree with most of that.

I care if you're right

in this situation because if you are right and Mizzou is hot garbage then it is a gemme for Carolina. I'll be happy with a early win like that just like were happy with the Auburn win. By the way, you may have brought up Vandy bro but you haven't seen me bring up Aubs one time in reference to Clemson beating them because they are bad. I predicted for Clemson to beat Auburn worse than they did before they played.

No doubt FSU and UGA look better than expected early. UGA was last season as well. FSU not so much. Will FSU prove to be elite at season's end (or even this saturday)? Can UGA make it back to the SEC champ game? Time will tell..

Who cares if I am right?

A win is a win period, we can have a very boring argument and keep up with Auburn, Vanderbilt etc... but the bottom line is going to be wins at the end of the season. You play whatever schedule you want, but the game that matters in terms of who has a better team is the last regular game of the season. FSU and UGA are both looking better than we expected I think right now.

Spurrier said

Shaw had a good practice Monday and he will be the starter for the Mizzou game. Said he is fine to play. Good to hear but I bet if we get 10+ point lead you will see Thompson come in. Either QB is fine by me..

Like I said

I hope you're right about Mizzou.

I also have no doubt in my mind that UGA will be favored against Carolina and rightfully so. They are ranked higher, have looked better, and if they beat Tennessee, will have beat better teams than Carolina. If I was a betting man I would have no problem betting on UGA against Carolina. That doesn't mean UGA will win but just the truth.

I really like that boat. It would be cool to play around at the bluehole with. Like you said, if you could find a way to put a little motor on the back it would be awesome.

You should watch Parks and Recreation. It has the same feel as The Office with the camera work. The characters are a little more believable than The Office. Pretty funny. You'd like Ron Swanson lol.

I know we can...

Build it, easier really than the one I made.

Last resort was good, it's a new tv show out.

Thats right bro...

playing in a winnable conference has its advantages. Not sure about FSU, but its nice to look at a schedule and every single game is winnable. As long as offenses keep scoring 7 points I am ok with whatever Venables quotes and also with an offense putting up 600 yards of stats without points. On the bright side, all Clemson's coaches are young and just really getting started. This is probably not going to be the best Clemson team we will see over the next few years and the OL has performed above expectations so far. Right this second Clemson has 2 top 10 ranked opponents on the schedule so we are just fine there.

So how many points does Georgia have to beat them by for you to believe they suck? Of course Vanderbuilt is not looking so hot either, so maybe they are better than Vandy. Just really means both are looking like garbage. Better hope mizzou is bad, otherwise uga is looking pretty great right now. Can't wait to see what Vegas has to say about the line on your game with them. Of course I dont bet and couldn't care less, it's football season and everything get settled on the field. We don't need to speculate, we will find out who is right about mizzou on the field.

Monday, September 17, 2012

This dude is a troll, funny though

Interesting tidbits

South Carolina will play without DJ Swearinger. Questionable hit last week got him suspended by the SEC. With our weak point already being in our secondary this will be a nice little gift for Mizzou.

Now a quote from Brent Venebles on the up coming game against FSU:

"They’ll break the scoreboard next week (at Florida State) if we don’t play better and more consistent"


That boat looks impressive. Also looks really really hard to make lol. You think we could make that?

This weeks games

I don't think you are right about Mizzou being hot garbage but I hope you are. We need to be 5-0 going into the UGA game.

I was surprised the line was that big in the FSU/Clemson match up. I wasn't surprised that FSU was favored because they have home field. 14 points is a little much. I like the fact that we will see Venebles defense put to the test this week.

I also don't agree that Clemson will be a 9-8 win football team. Only for the simple fact that after they play FSU, their schedule really is hot garbage until the South Carolina game. Let's break it down:

-Boston College - 1-2 record after losing to a pitiful Miami team (Miami lost by 5.5 TDs to K State) and losing to North Western by double digits.

-Georgia Tech - 2-1 record after losing to a VT team that was demolished by lowly Pitt

-Virginia Tech - 2-1 record, as mentioned above, Pitt really? This is the same Pitt team that lost to Youngstown St and got creamed by Cincinnati

-Wake Forest - 2-1 record after squeaking out a 20-17 win against Liberty. FSU beat them 52-0 lol

-Duke - Is an explanation needed?

-Maryland - 2-1 record after pulling out a 7-6 win against mighty William and Mary in week one. Most recently lost to UCONN

-NC State - 2-1 after Tenn and Derek Dooley handed their asses to them. Impressive 10-7 win over UCONN however.

So no I could definitely see Clemson easily winning 10 games but certainly no worse than 9. Just look at the dumpster fire above for reference.

Consider the ND stuff dropped

Wow, so you've been to the Mainboard again huh lol? Yes bro, I saw the trolls about us being ok without Shaw because we have a passing QB lol. It was funny.

I don't think we are better off without Shaw and neither does anyone else in their right mind. I do think that Dylan is the better passer with Shaw being hurt. If Shaw was healthy I would have them pretty close to the same as far as passing ability. Thompson may even be a little better with the deep ball. It is what it is and you don't have to agree.

What Thompson lacks is the ground threat that is so valuable with Shaw. It is a major part of our offense. Our offense with Shaw revolves around the zone read/read option with Shaw and Lattimore. You take that away and you have to totally change your game plan. That is what Spurrier is having to do with Thompson. He has went back to the "throw to a certain spot" pass offense. I gotta admit, Dylan has ran it better than any QB Spurrier has had at Carolina. He has been pretty solid considering being thrown into the fire like he was. We'll see how he does this week..

I like this design...

I really like the shape of a dory, this would be 2 sheets of plywood instead of one, but far far more user friendly in the water. Really thinking about it, I don't see why it would not actually be easier to do. Much better looking also, it would of course be minus all the rowing equipment. I bet it would handle real good, what do you think?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I think we will make it out of 1/4"...

plywood and go from there. but there are other cooler ones on the internet made from the same material. I will post some other designs when I get a chance.

Tell you what I am seeing...

from allot of Scar fans, Connor Shaw is hurt and its okay because we have a passing QB now. I will just put it out there that I don't agree and leave it alone after that.

I do think you will handle Missouri easily, I think they are hot garbage and certainly not better than Vanderbilt.

I don't see any reason...

really to pick Clemson at Doak over FSU. I think it will probably be a good game, but really FSU should have a better team. Hopefully I am wrong, but I still think Clemson is an 8 or 9 win football team and FSU is certainly looking like a possible loss.

So again why did they leave the Big East?

But I am truly ready to let this one go because its getting silly again. Notre Dame is never joining a conference in football again and Clemson is going to worse bowl games because they joined. It was bad for Clemson that Notre Dame partially joined the ACC. So lets just put this to rest.

Interesting early Vegas lines for week 4

FSU favored by 13 points over Clemson. That is a ridiculously huge number for a game of this caliber. Wake win must have really impressed those guys.

South Carolina favored by 9 points over Mizzou. Vegas pretty confident in Gamecocks with or without Shaw..

The boat

You've got me interested in the weekend boat project. Care to divulge further?

As far as Shaw goes

He does have a deep bruise that "could be a hairline fracture" in his shoulder according to Spurrier. He suffered the initial injury in the Vandy game and fell on the same spot in the UAB game. Spurrier says Connor would have been fine to play the rest of the UAB game if not for hitting the shoulder on the same spot. The status of the injury did not change after the UAB game however. The fracture doesn't require surgery and playing can't cause any further damage to the injury. It is more of a question of pain tolerance. He was cleared to play by the trainers and medical staff and he went to Spurrier and said he could and wanted to play against UAB. He is once again cleared to play by the trainers and medical staff for the Mizzou game. Spurrier says he should be ready to play by the Mizzou game.

I for one wanted Shaw to take the UAB game off for the simple fact that he didn't need to play. Thompson came in and did a fine job. He did throw one pick when Ace Sanders ran the wrong route. I am comfortable with Thompson playing against Mizzou and I think that's what needs to happen. Our defense will keep us in any game regardless of who we have at QB, just like last season..

To answer your last question

about Clemson only playing ND in women's softball, that would be a big no because Clemson doesn't have a women's softball team lol. Now that that's out of he way..

I did listen to the ND press conference and the quote I'm about to give is the most telling, factual, and important part about the press conference concerning football. This came right out of the ND president's mouth. When a reporter asked if this deal ever came close to being done with another conference besides the ACC. This is how the ND president responded:

"I don't think there's out there a better situation than the situation we have. As I said, the ACC has allowed us to retain a tradition that's so central to our identity in football while we're joining a conference that athletically as well as academically fits ND perfectly. I just don't think there is a better option out there than the situation we have."

This came strait from the press conference I listened to on youtube. I didn't hear the ND president or AD mention one word about joining the ACC for football. Here is another quote from the AD on the ND website:

"We have monitored the changing conference landscape for many months and have
concluded that moving to the ACC is the best course of action for us," Swarbrick
said. "This will enable us to retain our historic independence in football,
join in the ACC's non-BCS bowl package, and provide a new and extremely
competitive home for our other sports.

They are not joining the ACC bro. They got all they wanted from the ACC, 5 guaranteed BCS games a year and they also get to play all of their traditional rivals. Rivals that have went back one hundred years. Do you think they would give up those rivalry games to join the ACC and play Duke, Maryland, and Wake lol? Not hardly.

As far as the other stuff you are just attempting to put words in my mouth.I never said the ACC wouldn't get better bowl deals and I never said that ND would get the best one. You sound like the one that hasn't listened to the press conference if you don't know how the bowl scenario will work. Nothing I said about it wasn't true. You are just tying to add to it and put words in my mouth.

One person that isn't exactly excited about the ND deal is Micky Plyler. I just read his Friday blog that is a email Q&A. I won't post the whole thing because I don't know if I can get into trouble but I will post an excerpt that sounds eerily simular to what I had to say about the bowl situation. Do you think he is making stuff up too?

From Plyler:

A downside you didn't mention was the scenario where ND bumps you from a bowl. How happy are Clemson fans going to be if they could have gone to Orlando but end up in El Paso because ND gets the spot even though they are not in the league?

You know where to find his blog if you want to read the whole thing. You should because he has a few other interesting things to say lol. Just so you know I listen to him on my way to work and he doesn't think there is any way in hell ND ever joins the ACC either. Him and Deptula both agree on this one..

I never said it was a bad move by the ACC. Not once. I for one am looking forward to watching Clemson play ND. That isn't the argument however. It is if ND will ever join the ACC for football. You made it out like I said it was a bad deal and I didn't. We both agree it's a good deal. Still doesn't mean ND will ever join the ACC..

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I think a more interesting topic...

is your QB situation. I am choosing my words carefully, but I want to hear your take. Did/does Shaw have a broken shoulder instead of bruised? If so, when did he break it? In your opinion should he be playing? I think it's looking very likely we will indeed get to see Dylan Thompson as your starting QB, am I way off bro?

I been thinking about...

How we would build one for you. I think it would be fun and we could do it in one weekend. I want to see the videos myself.

Not sure how long...

There are still a few questions out there, super conferences for example and the playoffs. Some of your questions have been addressed by NDs ad. Does not sound like you listened to his comments. If you didn't read his comments where is your information coming from? Just curious on what source you have that's better than his.

Since you don't agree at least in part with ND ad on why they joined the Acc, then in your opinion why did they join? To get better bowls? When you say you don't agree you mean you believe the Acc is not going to get better bowl deals and ND is going to just come in and take the best one? Who's idea do you think it was for ND to be in the ACCs bowl rotation NDs ad or swofford?

My opinion is that it's swoffords, if you want to see ND playing in your bowl you are going to sign on with the Acc. Pretty simple, but again break down one more time on what you think it means concerning the bowls and what's going to happen?

The Acc is getting most of the benefits of having ND in football already. We have them on the schedule and in the bowl line up. Every Acc including Clemson is going to be playing ND. What do you think it's only going to be womans softball, funny to say, but it's not, lol.


just treated Wake like Murray St and Savannah St lol. I would say the Clemson/FSU matchup is shaping up to be very interesting.

Auburn should have lost to UL Monroe in OT.

VT got completely dominated by Pitt after they got torched by Cincinnati last week, Wow.

Louisville laying the wood to UNC.

I want to see the video

of the boat. It's really cool. I definitely want to help you with some of this stuff. You never know where it might lead.

Fair points about ND. We still disagree but I understand your argument. I have one question though. When do you think ND will join the ACC? Next year, 5 years, 15 or 20 years? How long do you think it will be? And what do you assume they are waiting for? If they know they are going to join in the future why wait?

Friday, September 14, 2012

I am getting better...

The boat didn't leak a drop of water. It was so much fun, you can't see but I can talk about it now, there were at least a 100 Navy Chiefs watching. The point was making a boat over 17 ft from one sheet of plywood. It was over 18 feet and I paddle all over the bay, lol. I agree, we gotta build one for sure. That's shop floor epoxy on the hull.

The table was fun, I treated it with linseed oil first. Linseed oil would be a cost effective way to waterproof a boat as well. Made it look like an antique when I finished after it rained on it before it dried, lol. I left it because it looks cool.

The sea chest was some damn work, I got my clamps and everything I need now. I am fairly satisfied with the outcome.

I have to have a responsible job with computers for example, but I am going to have a giant shop with a business such as furniture. But bro, why not wood boats? Golf cartish, with electric or gas (Briggs lawnmower) engines? A wood ships steering wheel, real classic looking? Just saying, I hope you stay interested because I could use some help and who knows? We could be famous one day or just a fun costless hobby. A winner either way. Johnson and Johnson, lol.

Ok, I will spell it out...

But first let me tell you bro, I don't care if they do or not.

Notre Dame is eventually going to join a conference in football and it's going to be the Acc. Their ad actually all but said so, they specifically said they are considering it and will evaluate it. Might not seem like much to you, but it's never been said before. Again, maybe they won't, but it should be obvious it's likely.

The bowl thing just sounds like gamecock banter to me bro. Beat us out of what bowl? The only bowls that matter are bcs bowls, everyone else with a winning record goes to a bowl. I really don't know what weird scenario has been devised, but ND is not keeping Clemson out of a bowl and yes, if a bowl has a choice you will get pushed to the side for ND. This would probably be in a bcs bowl scenario.

Also the Acc has not done well in bowl negotiations, what do you think is going the happen now? The reality is not that Acc teams are not going to bowls because of ND, they are actually going to be going to better ones. But I guess in your scenario Clemson wins the Acc and ND goes to the bcs bowl? Lol, have not looked but I don't think that's in there and what other bcs bowl does the Acc have?

Once again, even in the existing deal looking at the big picture, including bowls, the Acc is going to be better. It's going to be more money and better bowls for everyone.

I don't think

anyone is laughing about the ND deal. I know I'm not, as I said I think it is a good deal for both parties involved. I'm a little confused about the writing on the wall you're referring to however? Let's face it, ND brings exposure and a huge following. What they don't bring is a very good football team. ND has not been great since Lou Holtz 20 years ago and that is a fact. Regardless of that they still bring major exposure. Not sure about the writing on the wall?

I agree about ND being able to jump both our teams for a bowl. Thing about it is Carolina won't be competing with them for a bowl. They are in the ACC bowl pool with Clemson... not Carolina.

As far as them having to join a conference, that is not true. The powers that be have always made exceptions for ND and they always will. ND doesn't not need and does not want conference affiliation. What they needed is what they got with the ACC which is a sweetheart deal. I do agree however that if they joined a conference it would be the ACC.

As for the pics, it looks like it's really taken off. Looks professionally done to me. All three things are very impressive. I wish you could bring the damn boat home lol. We're definitely going to have to make one.

Last but not least, the boat finally sets sail...

I think someone got it on video, will be coming later if so...

Latest project, a sea chest....

And now, its picture TIME!!!!! The table...

One more quick note...

If anyone is laughing about the deal, they won't get the last laugh. If people can't see the writing on the wall with what's happening, I don't know what to tell them. Also, Clemson and FSU was likely going to the big 12 and what's starting to happen now is what stopped it. I am pretty disinterested to be honest though.

Not sure about...

the bowls or why that would happen. I just know ND will trump both our teams if a bowl is given a choice. Pretty simple really, it's likely they will have to join a conference in football and when they do it will be the Acc. Half their schedule will already be Acc teams.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Looks like ND is finally ditching the big east

They are joining the ACC in everything but football. They will however play 5 ACC opponents a year. Each ACC team will play ND once out of every 3 years. I think this is about as good as you could have done with ND. Closest they would get to joining a conference for football.

Only thing I don't get is how ND can get away with stealing a bowl slot from an ACC team every other year or so and not even being in the conference. It goes one step further however, ND can trump an ACC team for a bowl even if they have one more loss than said ACC team. They get all the revenues from it just as if they were an ACC team. Pretty sweet deal for ND, would have been very hard to turn down. If I was a fan of an ACC school I wouldn't like that part however. Imagine ND coming in and bumping Clemson down a spot in the bowl pool even though Clemson went 10-2 and ND went 9-3. And you know it would happen simply because they are ND. Just doesn't seem fair to the teams that are a part of the ACC.

I will admit that that is the only bad part. Good move by Swofford. If they would have just joined for football none of this would be a discussion. May be they will in the future? I know that's what the big east was hoping for at one time..

For the record bro, I don't think they will ever join a conference for football. Still not a bad deal for the ACC besides the bowl part. Great exposure and who wouldn't want to play ND every few years. Great GREAT deal for ND however. They get their cake and eat it too..

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ive been watching Parks and Recreation

It's pretty funny. It's a lot like The Office but you have to adjust to the characters.

Brent keeps talking about this show called The Killing. I may check that out soon.

In the very little...

Bit of free time I have had, I watched a new show called revolution, has potential. It's about to be the good time of year for tv shows. There is a new longer trailer of Dexter out and wow. A new show coming called last resort looks real good too.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Quick reply from work...

I have not seen that, but I am definitely going to check it out. I have not researched it any, but there is a controversy concerning Bear Grylis or whatver his name is. Evidently he was caught staying at a luxury hotel while he was supposedly filming an episode, lol.

Not sure if you've seen this

but I bet you'll like it. Survivorman is back!

I haven't seen any of the new episodes but they say he is picking on Bear Grylls a little bit. At one point while he was walking along and said: "what you don't want to do is start running around and jumping over little gorges and wasting energy for no reason".

Another time he said: "If I''m out of water I might have to drink my own pee". Then he looked at the camera and laughs and says just kidding.

Check the link:

Nothing but good...

Came out of him starting, you know more than I do about them both for sure.

FSU should win, but it will be close, also, I think wake will be closer than 25 points too.

I hope you're right

about Shaw. If he was healthy I would like to think he would have done well Saturday too. Like I said though Thompson's completion percentage in that game doesn't do him justice. He through some good balls that the WRs just couldn't come down with. There's nothing Shaw would have been able to do about the WRs either. I'm not saying Thompson is perfect. He made some mistakes particularly taking a couple of sacks when he should have thrown it away. He made up for it with some of the throws he made. It really was very encouraging. Very surprising as well.

I think Jimbo is a fraud as well. I think it will be a high scoring shootout but we'll see. Usually when people predict a high scoring game it is the complete opposite. Clemson will get some help with Brandon Jenkins going down to injury.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Bro, don't want to disagree...

With you over Thompson, I stand completely behind what I said before. Sure he was 55 percent passing, shaw would have easily been 70 or high 60s, just like last week.

Going to be a good game vs FSU, I am glad we have another get-ready game. FSU can't hide behind the savanah sts and murrays forever tho. Well see how they are vs wake. (I think jumbo is a fraud).

Well Spurrier said

that this was Shaw's football team. No QB controversy which is good. Spurrier knows best, he was sure right about Thompson being able. He did say that this will push Shaw because he knows Thompson can perform now. Man it's good to know we have a capable backup.

Well I'm glad I was right about Thompson

I don't know what to say. The kid is a baller. I know it was against ECU but some of the passes he made was unbelievable. He was threading the needle. He has a very strong arm. His completion percentage should have been better because there were some balls that the WRs should have came down with. I wish you could have saw him bro. Exceptional performance.

I wish I would be joking when I say this but Shaw may not be the automatic starter when he comes back from injury. Spurrier has a decision to make. It's crazy. I was just arguing that Thompson could come in and manage a game. I didn't think he was this good honestly. This will be very interesting.

Our defense was great. Six turnovers forced. I am starting to see what Ward meant by being more aggressive. He meant taking the ball away from people.

Clemson looked good in the little bit saw of them today. Offense is top 10 in the nation easily. Ellington showed more of what he showed last week. The offense will only get better with Watkins back. The defense kind of looked the same as against Auburn. Gave up some big plays but not enough to lose the game or come even close. They played a lot of the backups in the 2nd half as well.

Auburn got the shit beat out of them by Miss St. Pissed me off too because I picked them in my pickem. Dumb mistake. They better be glad they caught Clemson in the first game of the season or Clemson would have beat them worse than they did Ball St. No joke. Clemson is far better than the score of that game against Auburn.

The Clemson/FSU match up is shaping up to be very interesting. There will be a lot of points scored in that game. If the total point scored was set at 75 in that game I would take the over.

Good wins for both of our teams today.

Friday, September 07, 2012


I'm thinking:

Carolina 27 - ECU 10
Clemson 42 - Ball St 24

That's a good one, lol.

I guess it's time for predictions, I will go out on a limb and say decisive victories for Clemson and Scar, lol.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Best Sports Center commercial yet lol


The first one you posted...

I have actually watched. I am not into the filmed with a camera crap, its overdone. But that is actually one you definitely want to see. It was entertaining. The other 2 looked pretty good, I will check them out.

I saw snow white and the huntsman, good movie. Another one was compliance if you want to see how stupid people can be, based on a true story. You all be sure to post what you have been watching, especially good movies.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

One more

You probably already know about this one..

Another one

Not sure if you've seen this advertise yet

Looks like it something Vance will want to check out.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

week 1

Well, I have to say that I came away from saturdays game encouraged. I know the defense is a concern and the offensive line isn't there yet, but I feel better. About this team than I did before the season started. I think its going to be hard to beat Clemson this year. Yes, they will lose one or two, but I am only concerned about fsu beating them in the acc at this point. Tajh Boyd looks poised and in command of the offense and his speed was noticeably better. I thought the pistol workked well, and how about Andre Ellington? Optimistic here.

Well said

it is nice

I think it's just...

Nice to have a team I can defend for a change. I think that goes for both Clemson and scar.

Monday, September 03, 2012

I'd say at least...

4 were dropped for big plays. But I know Martavious Bryant and Hopkins were guilty of a couple of them. Could have been that many for ford bro, I just think that the coaches have confidence in him and they want the TE to be a big part of the passing game.

Looking at the participation report

for South Carolina. Jerell Adams played 3 snaps and Shaq Roland didn't play any. I wonder why? You would think if the WRs are struggling to get open those guys would see the field more, especially Roland in passing situations. Maybe we'll see them more this week?

Damn, ECU is liable to whoop our ass lol.

You're probably right

about Ford. He just stood out more to me than the others as far a dropping the ball. I swear it seemed like 4 passes. May be it wasn't that many. Like you said he will probably correct it as the season goes on.

And Ryan, I'm not saying we would win 10 games without Shaw. My case has always been that we wouldn't be any worse off than anyone else if our starting QB goes down. 90% of teams in the NCAA would be in trouble if their starting QB goes down. I do think that Thompson had some jitters thursday and that isn't the type of QB he would be throughout a whole game. Spurrier has confidence in him. Confidence enough to name him the starter this week if Shaw can't play. So we may very well find out about him this saturday. Thompson may prove me completely wrong.

Like you said Vance, I'm glad Carolina has a couple of games to correct mistakes. I think both teams need them.

Auburn continues to be...

One of the dirtiest teams out there. Late hits last couple of years, everyone just doesn't notice, lol. Was grabbing Boyds helmet in a head lock and ripping it off every play and no one noticed. He just needed to sit out, pretty stupid rule IMO.

I agree with both of you about scar...

In terms of Ford he has been a hero in practice catching everything, just like we talked about. I guess critics will have a tendency to only remember the dropped passes. But ford had allot of pressure going into the game minus Watkins and he did plenty of good things too. You're dead wrong if you think the ball is not coming his way allot this season. No one will get the ball as much after next game, but the TE will. All Clemson's receivers got the case of the drops. Pretty simple in most cases, excited about being wide open and attempting to run before the ball is caught. Saturday night opening game against a big opponent will do that for you. Correctible.

Boyd did a great job and proved he can perform under pressure. I am sure he should have rushed more. But Boyd nor Chad Morris are the types you want to bring the house on consistently. Everybody knows we can get the ball out quick and have receivers that can catch it down the field.

I think the defense looked like you would expect in the first half. Like it's the first game with a new DC against a team there was no film on (new OC auburn). But once they got a feel they made good adjustments. I agree they have things to work on, just like everyone. Good thing is now we have a couple of games to work it out.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

My Game Observations...

First, Carolina...

I felt pretty discouraged after thursday night. I felt the defense had played good outside of 2 big plays they gave up but Vandy was never able to sustain a drive the entire game. I have no idea what Williams was thinking on the 78 yard td pass that Vandy connected on, but that type thing is correctable. I was impressed with the secondary as a whole. Vandy never even took a shot at Hampton's side of the field and i also thought Legree more than held his own in coverage and looked real good in run support. Very impressive tackler for a cornerback. I also felt that Whammy called a good game.

The offense is a different story and I agree with Vance, Shaw has GOT to stay healthy if this is gonna be another 10 win type season. With that said, after watching the replay, i dont feel quite as bad as i did immediately following the game. The offense fumbled away the ball on the first snap of the game and once the defense bailed them out, they threw a pick on the 3rd offensive snap. Wasnt a bad throw, just didnt have any zip on the pass. Moore ran a good route and actually had his guy beat but the ball kinda floated and allowed the db time to catch back up. Shaw said in post game interview that the ball was wet and he had a hard time gripping it.. Take it for what its worth. The next few drives, the offense looked pretty good. They established the ground game and had some gappin holes for the backs to run thru. One thing i noticed on the replay, on the drive that Shaw went down with the injury, the offense was on the march again and was 4 and 5 yarding Vandy to death. Shaw went down and for some reason we tried to throw the ball once Dylan came in. No clue but that was the case. Oncew shaw returned the offense seemed to click again. One thing people have to understand is that Carolina doesnt run the type of offense to blow people off the field. They run a ball control, time of possesion, keep away type offense. THey try to limit the opportunitys for opponents on offense, so with that said and all things considered, i dont think it was a terrible performance. Was it a good one< hell no, but it wasnt terrible either. We went on the road against a team that was 6-6 (6-7 if you count the bowl loss), took their absolute best shot and found a way to scratch out the win. Thats what good football teams do, but there is definite room for improvement.

Now to Clemson,...

I was impressed with the offensive play calling by the Tigers. I thought Morris called a good game, but i would be concerned about the dropped passes. One thing to consider in this game was that Clemson ran the pistol a lot and that was something Auburn had no way of preparing for, so i think going forward we will find out just how effective it is going to be,  but it looked good on saturday night. Another thing was no Sammy, which will only make the offense that much better so thats a definite plus for them. As far as the o-line is concerned, Auburn was able to get pressure a lot, but Boyd was able to escape a lot of it too. AU d ends seemed to get to far up field and Boyb was able to step and escape or buy time to throw. Another reason i thought the o-line paly was decent for Clemson saturday was the VanGorder only rushed 3 a lot of snaps. Not sure his theory behind this, but thats the same shit i watched him do with my Falcons for the last 3 years.When he decided to bring pressure it was successful, but for some reason every time he was able to get Clemson in a 3rd and medium to long situation, he would rush 3 and drop the rest and Boyd picked it apart. I really feel like if he would have kept bringing , he would have been a lot more sucessful in stopping Clemson. Boyd is a good qb when given time, but he struggles when he feels pressure, or at least he has in the past. Just my 2 cents.

The defense has a lot of question in my opinion, but i thought Venebles did a hell of job in his half time adjustments. He knew that they couldnt just line up man for man and stop the run, so he loaded up the box and brought pressure and was gonna make "Baby Cam"  beat them throwing the ball, which he had shown that the wasn't capable of doing. Hats off to Venebles for seeing that and making that adjustment. Secondary is suspect as AU had recievers open a lot and the d-line alone was able to get much push or penetration. All this stuff is correctable i think and we will see how it goes from here on out.

About what I expected

My prediction wasn't too far off. It was a good close game. Clemson's offense picked up where it left off last season. Great performance by them. The defense as predicted still needs work, especially the secondary. A lot of wide open Auburn players. They did seem better in the 2nd half but not quite where you want them to be. They kept Auburn out of the endzone at least so props there. Like I said though, Venebles will need some time. I wasn't expecting him to step right in and make this defense stellar. They should get better as the season goes on.

I think the biggest let down was Brandon Ford's play. Man he dropped a lot of passes. I don't think he's going to be as hot of a target from here on out.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

In very un-Clemson like...

Fashion (20 years prior to Dabo) Clemson steps up to the plate. Bravo Dabo.

Two things were impressive, first the OL, I know some people were surprised. Next Venables adjustments at the half looked pretty good. A win over Auburn 2 out of a 3 game series is good for Clemson.

Hard game to call at the half...

Clemson looks like they could go either way, bad or great at any moment lol. But this is where you make your money, halftime adjustments.

Yeah bro, wait until you build something, it's addictive. I can't wait to start another boat. I learned allot from the first one, it's gonna be fun. I like the Chinese style furniture, going to do some more for sure.

I am sure you are correct and staying on the field will do it. I have experienced frequently what it's like for teams to stack the box and come at you every play. Can be described will one word, frustrating. Every team has the ability to do that, but when you get to the talented ones it's pretty bad. Hopefully he finds a downfield receiver.

That table looks really cool

You've got me wanting to do it more now. Can't wait to see the finished product.

To be honest

I was a little worried about strength and conditioning in the first half. They was obviously tired in the 2nd qtr. There are reasons for it however. Vandy got the ball first and had a little drive. South Carolina comes out and turns it over first play, puts defense back out on field. Vandy drives a little more before a pick that was returned about 50 yds. The whole defense is running down field to block. Carolina gets ball back again Shaw throws a quick pick, defense is back out on the field. The defense was gassed in the 2nd qtr. You would have to have seen the game to really understand why. They stayed on the field a lot. After halftime they didn't look tired at all. They looked like they did last season. I think we are fine S&C wise.

I also understand that Spurrier has to pass. But when the pass isn't working and the run is working.. I think you stick with the run. Pass blocking was terrible, run blocking wasn't bad at all. Pass blocking is a big concern as of right now. Of course Vandy was pinning their ears back all night. Shaw never had more than 3 seconds in that game and getting 3 seconds was rarity. Most of the time he had to run.

I'm not discouraged at all. We got the win and that's what matters. We have concerns but we now know what they are and the team and coaches can address them.

Quick break from predicting the future in Foozball...

My latest furniture build, a simple Chinese style end table. Will be stained with red stain probably. Hiro says I got to get a couple of thing made for the house before I can start on something cool like another boat, lol.


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