Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Before you answer my questions

You may want to use this for reference. Marcus was drafted as the 131 overall pick. Here are the contracts that we have seen in the past for the 131 overall draft pick:

2010: Roddrick Muckelroy - 4 yrs. $2,213,574 - $423,574 signing bonus.

2011 - Davon House - 4 yrs. $2,340,580 - $300,580 signing bonus.

2012: Brandon Mosley - 4 yrs. $2,400,584 - $300,584 signing bonus.

So do you think they will offer Latt a one year $30,000 contract until they see if he can play this season? Do you think he gets any guaranteed money? Pretty sure signing bonus money is guaranteed.

I was also going to ask you if you're familiar with the PUP list? The Physically Unable to Perform list allows players to sit out and rehab while they're hurt but they still get paid what's in their contract. It's pretty commonly used in the NFL. Do you think the 49ers will go that route until he's healthy enough to play or the $30k one year contract route?

I don't really know how it works

I guess we'll find out soon enough. I don't think they will pay him millions either because I don't think 4th rounders make that much a year. With that said how much do you think they will pay him? I assume there will be some contract. One year, two, three? How much money a year? Will there be a signing bonus? If he gets a signing bonus will it be enough to pay for his final year of college so that he can go back and get his degree one day lol? You know more about it than me..

Not sure i understand...

When you say risky? You mean like wasting a draft pick? Surely your not suggesting they threw big money at him without the stipulation he is able to play? He's not getting like millions or much until he is able to play. Smart move financially really for San Fran, he is virtually cost free unless he can contribute and you could end up with a first round type guy and all you risk is a 4th round pick. He won't get paid very much at all unless he plays. No one is throwing big money at him till then.

Monday, April 29, 2013

You have good points

But you gotta think the 49ers knew what they were getting themselves into when they drafted him. He's one of 7-8 players they chose. I don't think you just throw money at someone in the 4th round unless you think it's gonna work out. There were many other really good RBs left on the board that they could have went with. You could argue that taking Ellington or the kid from Stanford would have been the less risky choice but they didn't. They picked Latt for some reason. Big risk big reward I hope. No I don't think you'll see him play this season and I think he will be evaluated after that. JMO.

I think most of these players that go pro could go back and get their degree if it doesn't work out in the NFL. There are players that even though they're well off get their degree after they retire from the NFL. Lattimore is not one that I think you have to worry about being successful If the NFL doesn't work out. Some players that leave early and don't get their degree yes but not Latt. He's different than most players, you know that. He'll have the opportunity to get his degree if he decides to. Coming back to Carolina this season just wouldn't have been a wise decision for him.

I know I'm pulling for him and the 49ers have a new fan in me (unless they trade or cut him lol)

I think it...

depends on the position and who else is coming out in the draft. RB's for example have an expiration date and should leave if going early probably. But if they have a below par Sophmore season as many players do they shouldn't. QB's? No way. It would be a complete fool that blames a coach for a kid getting injured that stayed his senior year to finish his degree and get better. What about the kid that does not finish his degree, leaves early and gets injured or cut from a team? Lattimore is not going to make much money at all if any unless he can play a full season. In my mind NFL defenses are probably not going to help his situation and unfortunately its likely he won't. As far as I know he does not have a degree to fall back on now either. His situation is not good.

The kid is from the state and I hope he becomes the greatest NFL RB in history. Unfortunately its going to take a miracle for him to play for very long.

I have a new outlook on players leaving early now

after what happened to Lattimore. He couldn't have went pro till this year anyway but if he would have decided to come back to Carolina next year it would have been hard for me to enjoy the season. Sitting on the edge of your seat and cringing every time he touches the ball worried he's gonna get hurt again. That's why I say let them go pro if they want to go. You don't want it on your coach's head if they contemplated going pro and he got talked into coming back to school and the kid tears his acl. It won't look good for the coach. I also think players leaving early and getting drafted has helped us bring in new talent. They look at us and say if I go there I will play in the NFL early. It also frees up a scholarship. If you have a guy that is focused on playing in the NFL during his senior season and trying to protect his body he may not try as hard as the guy that is having to work his way up. I think some players look to the NFL and it effects their play. I've seen it happen to Carolina. Both ways have their advantages and disadvantages. I don't think we're doing too bad these days with how we're doing things..

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Clemson has been...

good at retaining people, but if they are scheduled to go early in the draft they should go. Hopkins for example is going to equal more 5 star or high 4 recievers signing, especially because he was not rated as high as a Clowney or Watkins. Going to be hard for a coach during recruiting to downplay that so it really works out in the long run either way. Watkins has to step up this year or he is not going anywhere early.

Yep, no doubt when your QB leaves there will be transition, especially one like Boydd. Backup QBs are always better and spring game hero's in a fans eyes. But reality is that they never are at first, most of the time never when replacing a real good QB. Good QBs are hard to come by, my opinion is thats one big secret as to the huge gap between the ACC and SEC. Just my opinion though.

Oh I have no doubt Clowney's gone

After this season. He needs to go. Hell he would have been able to play in the NFL his freshman season. Much like Sammy Watkins who will also be gone after this season. It's gonna be tough to recover from losing Watkins and Boyd in the same season.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

There was never much danger...

In that. All players are a risk, I think they got a steal. Now if we can just get rid of Clowney after next year we will be in business. Unless you think he needs to finish his degree, LOL!

Oh well, I like having 5 star players to make fun of, it's win win.

On a serious note

I'm a 49er fan now. They took Latt in the 4th round. I'm happy for him. I honestly was worried no one would take the chance and draft him. Like Brent said, he couldn't have went to a team with a better coach.


Yes I've heard him talk. I think he and sammi potkins are related.

Friday, April 26, 2013

I heard tanner touched him...

He is not so dumb anymore either, nickname is changing to dumb as pee pee instead of doo doo. Have you ever heard the kid talk, he's not leading anyone anywhere, lol. But he will lead in sacks for sure, 30 plus I bet. He a game changer for sure.

How many sacks will Clowney have this season?

I say upwards of 30. I would put the over/under around that spot and take the over. The kid is a machine.

I would be worried about what we would do after he's gone but everybody under him has been trained by him to be killers just as he is. Oh yes the legend and power of Jadaveon will flow through Carolina for many generations to come.

The reign of terror will continue on just as it did with the great Lattimore before him. The school of Tanners curse and spat upon robocop and his dabo-esqe minions. They will forever feel the wrath of the great Doo Doo Clowney!!

Division trophy?

Oh you must have missed it, he already touched it but you're wrong about it turning into a conference championship. It turned into 30!!

I heard rayovac touched dabo and well.. nothing happened except for an awkward moment lol.

Lol bro...

It's hard sometimes not to believe you and your sunshine pumping machine. I hope he becomes the football coach as well and I'm excited about him as your AD. You had one of the ones out there even though the holiness spurrier gets all the credit. I'm excited they replaced him with a coach, especially a baseball coach, I truly am. Maybe he can touch your division trophy and turn it into a conference championship? Also, I bet raovac is a better baseball coach.

Well in that case

and this may just be me sipping the Garnet kool-aid but I absolutely think that Tanner's wins on the baseball field will transfer over to his career as an AD. Everything the man touches is gold. I think he would be a even better football coach than baseball. We probably would be better off firing Spurrier, Frank Martin and Chad Holbrook and letting Tanner coach all the teams by himself.

By the way, I still haven't figured out who this rano jack character is but I don't like him. I would be willing to bet he wears Ray Tanner pajamas..


Means I don't really care, it's a joke. Just like football, entertainment, nothing else.

What the hell is a Rainosac??


Not attacking bro...

I just meant rano jack is a football guy, brought in for football, that's all. I said that to start with, tanner might be great. No way to tell, nothing to judge him by. Rainosac we can go by his record as ad instead of baseball. Just kidding :)

Sorry for the poor wording

What I mean is he is a former coach. He has been in a coach's shoes and knows what a coach needs to be successful. This may be an advantage other AD don't have. I explained all this below but you must have skipped it to attack the "sports guy" comment lol.

Bama's AD is a former coach by the way. I guess they didn't get your memo lol

So there are some athletic directors that are not sports guys?

lol. Some are not football guys, that's for sure.

No one said they didn't...

Hiring good coaches as athletic directors is a thing of the past. You need business minded CEO types. Who else do you see doing that these days? That's not to say he won't be a good one, but its long shot for sure. I just meant ray ovac is a football guy mainly, tanner probably is not. Spurrier would have him fired for sure, lol. People want to know what you will do with their money, how you will utilize it in a smart business like manner. I will just ask spurrier and do whatever he says is not what they want to hear for example concerning their money.

I missed it

where I said Tanner is a "football guy". I said he was a "sports guy". You can word it however you want bro lol. Not sure what kind of point you were trying to make with twisting words around (probably just finding a way to fit the Radio joke in there, which was funny I admit). The point wasn't what particular sport he coached the point was that he is a competitor. He's a winner and doesn't like to lose. He knows the supplies that a coach needs to win instead of some normal guy out there running a business. He can see the point of view from a coach's standpoint. He and Spurrier are tight and he's going to give Spurrier everything he needs to keep the train rolling. I will admit, Ray Tanner telling Steve Spurrier "no" about something would be a funny sight lol.

You brought up a good point with the fundraising. I can't think of anyone better to get the boosters to empty their pocketbooks than the saviour Ray Tanner. I'll just lol at the BOT and president not taking him seriously. They took him serious enough to give him the job but won't take him seriously enough to do the job? Not sure why you think they wouldn't, because he's a former coach? Mind blown bro lol.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

If I am Tanner...

I'm not even listening to Spurrier. I'm already preparing the most heart felt speech you have ever heard about how Bobby Petrino has repented and helping homeless orphans etc... I'm not even taking questions after...

Then its game over, my laughter will turn to tears.

The wild card is the AD...

but I would say that going like he is going even with the occaisional 8 win season and losing to Scar he will be around until he quits or dies, lol.

I agree with everything you said, I think his first choice will be his son as well. It would be mine if I have allot of say in the matter and I was him. Spurrier's ego has served him well and its huge, he wanted to take a team at the bottom of the SEC and move them to the top. Thats the only reason he is at Scar, I'm not so sure that it will extend past his tenure, it might. His first loyalty is going to always be to Florida and I would think Dook second. Not so sure he wants you to continue to whip Florida after his departure. For an ego guy it might actually feel better if you fell on your face. But again I have admitted all along thats speaking through orange glasses and you might not miss a beat. Maybe even better after he is gone, not as likely but anything is possible. Saying that anything is impossible these days is not very smart. Its just hard to have a good team, especially in the SEC.

Tanner? No idea, is a football guy? I would have pegged him for a baseball guy, but who knows? I meant that Radio Vac (I don't feel like looking for how to spell it, lol) is a football guy. But the trick would be fund raising, more importantly talking the higher ups into actually spending the money on athletics like Hymen was so good at. Does he get taken seriously by your BOT and president? He probably does, but it won't be due to his accomplishments on the baseball field if so.

One more lol

I also agree with you about Dabo. Clemson would be absolutely retarded to fire him if he's averaging 10 wins a year. Especially if he's winning conference championships.

One thing I will say to be weary of is if he does have that one season where he slips and only wins 8 games and still hasn't beat Carolina or only beat them once out of so many years or if Carolina just still has the upper hand. Will Clemson then make a rash and foolish decision? Not saying it will happen but I've seen other schools make more foolish mistakes (IE UT with Fulmer).

By the way

I agree with you on the ACC deal. Clemson traveling to Texas, Iowa st, Baylor, and on and on didn't make sense to me either. I think they are certainly a better fit in the ACC and I will definitely take them playing the traditional ACC rivals over any big 12 school any day. Big 12 wasn't a good fit.

One other thing to think about

Spurrier will end his coaching career on a good note. Hopefully we will still be winning games and we certainly won't fire him even if we're not. So he will leave on good terms at Carolina. Most of the time these days coaches are leaving 1) to take a better job or 2) because they were fired. Normally that leaves some sort of bad blood between the school and the coach in some sort of way. The point of me bringing this up and why I think this is important is because I think spurrier with have a huge influence on who the next HC hire will be. I think if him and Tanner put their heads together we will be sitting pretty as far as who our next HC will be. Don't you think?

We don't know the future

We can both agree on that. We don't know what will happen when spurrier leaves but you can't blame me for thinking that things won't automatically go in the shitter when he leaves. Drop some? Yes maybe but overcoming it and staying at 9, 10, 11 wins isn't that far fetched is it? I can have some hope that we won't go back to 8 wins being a good season can't I? I hope so bro, if not I may as well quit watching now lol.


we could talk about trips to Oklahoma and Texas etc... Forget that Boston is actually a very nice place to visit or that we added Syracuse because of Madison Square Garden. Pretend that we are not going to be on the road to games like Iowa State and Kansas, lol. Also we can forget that Louisville was one of the best teams out their that could be had as a whole. An 11 win football team that topped it off with a win over Florida. Plyler hates Swofford and I can understand that. The Big 12 just was not the answer and while you may not like him you better have respect for Swofford. Believe it or not him and Slive are tight and no team from the ACC was ever going to the SEC period. I'm glad this is over, its old now...

I have Clemson glasses and you have Gamecock glasses. I think its more than wishfull thinking in terms of Spurrier leaving especially when it comes to Clemson. First off you don't lose a coach like Spurrier and not have a transition period. There have been a few powerhouse programs that never recovered from the loss of legendary programs and will never be the same. Wouldn't surprise me if he was around 12 years either. Spurrier is the type of coach that is mentally intimidating for a team to play for both coaches and players. One of his lesser talked about abilities is to mentally get teams number, good teams and coaches. Georgia, Tennessee, etc... All that goes away instantly when he leaves. For me I have the Danny Ford experience, not just wishfull thinking. Its fun to talk about, but I don't really care. You take the good with the bad. If Scar goes down hill, Clemson will likely start slowly down the same path back to winning 7 or 8 games per year and losing to everyone with a pulse.

Dabo? Again Clemson is not Florida, Texas or Alabama. We are never ever ever going to fire a coach that wins 10 plus games a year with a conference championship every few years for losing to a rival. If we did we would not be able to hire a quality head coach, no one would want that job. Eyebrows might get raised if it continues after Spurrier retires, but no one is going to be too judgemental until then. Dabo has set out to win the ACC and not make the rivalry a priority like in the past, people laughed and then he did. He then wanted a program that wins 10 plus game a year instead of just winning the rivalry, he has. Now he wants a team that competes for the National Championship and is still not too concerned with JUST beating Scar, funny right? Of course thats going to have to include beating Scar, I don't really laugh at him any more. I guess a better question is will people laughter turn to tears one day?

Yes putting it to rest is a good way to put it

No more wondering where your team will be in the next 10 years.

Someone linked that article on the message board and I thought you would find it interesting. Plyler doesn't say it in the article but listening to him on the radio every morning I think he's more upset about traveling to Pitt, Syracuse, BC, ect than anything else. He says that at least if you're in the Big 12 you're traveling to play some competition. I don't think it has as much to do with money for him as it does the addition of those teams.

I for one am glad the ACC is staying entact. There are many ACC teams that surround this area and I like watching them play. Many of our instate high school kids play for these teams. It will be even more interesting when they start playing ND.

No I didn't think Clemson and the ACC were doomed unless FSU or both Clemson and FSU left the conference. If either of those scenarios would have happened then yea it wouldn't have been good.

I think a victory over the Gamecocks would be huge for Clemson this year. I expect Carolina to have a good team and for anyone to beat them it will be a good win. It is especially important for Clemson due to the state of the rivalry as of late. I don't however agree that A Spurrier retirement would automatically put Clemson back on top. Spurrier has spent 8 years at Carolina and likely to be 10 or so when it's all said and done. In that many years he has really built something that nobody thought would ever be at Carolina. It's what you wish for but think will never happen. To think that Spurrier will take all that with him when he leaves is wishful thinking for some. Just like you said with your new AD I think we're gonna be ok with Tanner. I mean he's a sports guy right? He's a competitor and I have every bit of confidence that the man that brought 2 baseball national championships to South Carolina isn't going to let the football program go back to 8 win seasons after Spurrier is gone. That's my garnet colored glasses outlook lol.

I will say this though and this isn't a flame but one more win for Carolina in the rivalry could be huge for us as well (or both of us depending on the way you look at it). You gotta think bro, there has to be a limit of games that Dabo is allowed to lose to us. I remember you saying after we won the 2nd one strait that Dabo wasn't going to last long losing to South Carolina. My question is how long is "long"? One more loss, two? It's an interesting topic and I hope you don't think I'm starting an argument by bringing it up.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lots of football talk bro, lol...

I was kinda wanting to talk about football but didn't want to be the one that brings it up. It helps that we can officially put this to rest.

What do I think about the article? My first thought was that I have not been on Tigernet in 6 months, probably longer. I like Plyler and he has done allot for Clemson, I'm just bored with listening to his feelings on the Big 12. You want to know who the big loser is in this deal? West Virginia, they are screwed with a capital "S". Oh by the way, they are not doing so hot in the conference either. I think the Big 12 is a little tougher than they get credit for. So when you throw in geography, the Big 12 is just not a very smart move for FSU or Clemson. Also these deals are set up to where you don't get very much money when you move for several years and your voice is not very loud.

The ACC already owns basketball, the best hope is that football one day lives up to its potential. There is no reason in the world why we could not be the second best Conference in football one day, which would make us the number one conference as a whole money wise or at least equal to anyone else. I say that because we recruit the same kids as the SEC does. We just don't win national championships. Things like Clemson beating LSU are big for the conference. People can laugh but thats a big deal, when is the last time that happened from an ACC team? Things could always go south quick but it looks like Dabo is building a pretty competitive program right now. I think there are other Chad Morris's out there, after all he pulled him from no where and many poeple laughed. not Urban Myers though.

There is a money gap, but we get paid plenty of money now, more than we ever have. We pay more now for coaches than most programs. The new AD is a football guy and its expected to be a priority to hire a president that makes atheletics a priority. I am actually excited about the money we are getting and I don't think in the long run its going to buy you a championship or a great program in the end, I really don't. Comparing Clemson to Florida is a laughable, but we have done pretty well pulling some key players from the state. Clemson is not going to be Florida even with the same money and neither is Scar.

I've seen all these discussions, ACC is doomed, Clemson is doomed, FSU, NC State ect... is bolting and Clemson is doomed. Well guess what? My opinion is that we are a Gamecock victory and/or retirement away from being back on top. Of course players like Clowney are also a big factor. Thats just my orange colored glasses opinion, but saying its not even a possibility due to SEC money is not logical, anything is possible.

Thoughts on this bro?

Not much talk about football but this is a pretty huge deal. Plyler has a pretty interesting take on the topic.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This is gonna be good


I will...

there is yet another great looking new show out called Davinci's Demons, have not watched it but when you see the previews you are going to want to see it. Hannibal is good too, lol. I am also holding on to Spartacus as long as I can, that and I have allot to do with school and work.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sounds good

call me anytime.

I'm gonna watch the final episode of Spartacus tonight.

Monday, April 15, 2013

I don't bro...

I have allot of important decisions to make right now, thats why I don't know when it will be. Maybe we can talk on the phone sometime over the weekend?

I thought that Drive was OK, not a blockbuster. I watched a movie call "Under the Bed" and I thought it was pretty good. I am still holding on to the last episode of walking dead, I heard it was pretty uneventfull, its still been a great season IMO. I'd be surprised if bates hotel gets renewed. I have not finished Spartacus either.

I watched most of Drive

Fell asleep during it and never went back and finished it.

I just finished The Tudors, it was a good show. I also finished The Walking Dead. Kinda let down by that ending. Expected more to happen. I'm gonna finish Spartacus next then I've got a lot to choose from. The Vikings, Game of Thrones, Deadwood, Bates Motel, Hannibal, The Bible, and I also recently purchased the James Bond 50th anniversary collection with all the films. Probably start that one last though. A lot of good shows going on at once right now.

Do you have a date yet for when y'all are coming this way?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Movie looks pretty good...

Have you seen Drive? I think he has another one coming similiar to that where he is riding a dirtbike or something? I will check again when I get home. Just got back from a trip with Hiro to mainland, it was fun. Been a long time since I went on vacation, tough to get away from school though.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Pretty funny

Someone posted it on the MB. It's funny to look up espn or CNN. Someone spent some time on that program.

Check this movie out:


What in the crap is that?

Pretty funny, how the heck did they do it?

Watched Hannibal, gonna be a good show. I didn't really expect to like it that much, it's good.

Friday, April 05, 2013

Check this out bro LOL


Tuesday, April 02, 2013

They have been...

talking about it allot on IGN.com. I did not know it was out already. Game of Thrones is back and I have not even watched, school and work are getting most of my time these days. Vikings is the best thing going right now, it started out pretty good and has got better every week, its hitting on great status right now. It looks like it might be as good as Game of Thrones or better.

If you like the Tudors you need to watch the borgias, its better.

Have you seen this?


It could have potential. I gotta finish The Tudors so I can move on to something else.


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