Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hey bro..

I left you a message on MySpace. It said you was online but I guess you had already logged off. It's delayed at times.

Yea I'm ready for next football season too. It'll be good to have you there for the games as well! Well, shoot me a line on MySpace when you get a chance..

Monday, January 28, 2008

The video was real good!!!

Clemson has been tearing it up in recruiting this week. Its pretty unbelievable. We should be good for the next few years. Davis coming back was real good too. I can't wait to be home next year and see the games!

Not much else going on right now. Just pretty much counting down the days. Hows everything?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

That's cool..

I know you got some catching up to do. I'm just glad to finally hear from you. What did you think about the video?

I'm finally back!!!!

I got stuck due to the weather, thats why it was so long.

I don't have a clue as to what is going on, I've got to catch up. I will say that I knew it was a mistake for davis to leave early. But I don't know what is up, I will write back with a longer message when I get caught up.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Hey bro..

Just wondering how things are going. Hope to here from you soon! I got a myspace page and added you. Hope everything is going well! Check out what I learned how to do in my HTML class!!!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

James Davis..

He wants to come back to Clemson but it may be too late. The last day to decide was the 15th. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

I'm looking foward to hearing from you again bro. Write as soon as you're able!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Great pics!

Man I wish it snow like that here. Laken would have a ball. I'm going to see if some of them have an e-mail address (Steve, Clark, Clay) so I can send them to them. If not, I will find a way to get them there. My printer is out of ink but I think Whitney's has some in it. Not sure how much. It sux you gotta be away from your computer for a while. Just write me as soon as you can.

Yea, Carolina has been really lucky to keep everyone away from the draft this year. McKinley and Brinkley coming back is huge.

Fortunately for Clemson and Kelly, he decided to come back. He has a chance to have a big season next year. He just isn't physically ready for the NFL yet though. He needs to focus on bulking up this season. If he does, I can see him going early in the draft next year. Smart move by him to come back.

Believe it or not there is talk that a couple of teams are interested in ole Blakey boy. May be he will get drafted late or go as a free agent. It would be hilarious to see him wearing a NFL jersey.. lol.

I sent those pictures to your email...

I hope you got them. I am safe but I will probably be away from my computer again for the next few days. I will write you back as soon as I get back.

Looks like Davis and Merling are gone by the way. Oh well, you can't keep them all.

Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been away from my computer...

Everything is ok, I'm in no more danger. If anything less.

I don't know about the draft. Hell we could have even more going. Who would have thought Kelly? Bowden has done well keeping players though. Personally, I think all of them would benefit from another year of college. Especially James Davis.

Hey, I'm gonna try to email you some pictures. Can you or daddy get them to Steve? I told him I would send him some.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Everything ok?

I haven't heard from you since the snow post. I hope everything is ok. I'm sure you're just staying busy but drop a line as soon as you can.

Do you think Davis, Merling, and Kelly are going pro? I think it would do all three good to stay another year especially Kelly. Kind of surprized me that he was mulling over a decision. What do you think?

Monday, January 07, 2008

Man bro!

That is crazy! You're not any any danger or anything because of the snow are you? I didn't think it snowed there. Especially not that much.. lol. I bet it is a sight though. Have you ever seen that much before? Take some pics if you can and send them.

Yea, I wouldn't worry to much about Harmon. I was reading where he couldn't even talk right when he announced his pledge to UGA, so I imagine there are academic issues there.

Carolina still has a couple of highly ranked players that are visiting soon and we have a good shot at landing. I hope we do. If not our class may not make it into the top 25. It will still be a pretty decent class though. Last year's redshirt and prep school class will make up for a down recruiting year. That's what I'm hoping for anyway.

So far we have got 3 feet of snow in the past 24 hrs, lol!!!

Its still coming down like you wouldn't believe. At this rate we will have 6 feet by the morning!

Yeah, I heard that about Bowers, he is ready for the NFL already, lol. No surprise at all on Harmon. Only that it took him so long. He said after Georgia came out in black he was changing to Georgia. I guess he just wanted to be cute on TV. It will open up possibilities for a couple of other 4 stars anyway. Oh and if he is the #1 recruit at his position, why didn't he start? Hmmmm

Georgia seems to be notorious for picking overrated recruits, I'll trust their judgement on him, lol. I mean top 5 classes every year and no national championship? Something is wrong there.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Daquan Bowers..

I watched a little bit of the allstar game he played in and I gotta admit, he's the real deal. He pretty much man handled the guy in front of him the whole game. One analyst said that he belongs in the NFL now. They say he has a legit shot to move up to the #1 player in the nation. I'm gonna hate to face him for the next few years.

I guess the UGA fans were right about AJ Harmon. It wasn't to much of a shocker that he changed his committment. Regardless, Clemson's class is shaping up to be a good one.

Everything still going alright?

Friday, January 04, 2008

Oh yea

Clemson was a little better on both sides of the ball when we actually played each other. BUT, during most of the regular season Clemson was far better than Carolina on both sides of the ball. I'll take off my Garnet goggles and admit that. Since you brought it up, would Clemson have faired as well as they did if they played in the SEC this season? My honest opinion is no. But they would have beaten Vandy easily and would have went to a bowl game. Clemson had healthy defense a good D coordinator and it turned into wins. That's what I'm hoping for Carolina this season. Jasper Brinkley is like a one year 5 star commitment. That was taken from Carolina and Nix very early this past season. But that healthy Clemson defense would have gave the best SEC offenses fits..

I say Clemson was "far" better because of Carolina's inconstancy on both sides of the ball. At times we showed a really good O and D. More times than not we didn't. More times than not Clemson did in the ACC.

I really don't want to get into it what I think about Carolina's season because it would take to long for me to write. I will just leave it at this; we should have beaten Vandy with no problem, we should have beat Tennessee in a close one, we should have made the Arky and UF games a LOT closer than they were. It doesn't matter though.. Coulda, shoulda, woulda. We didn't do it and there are reasons why we didn't, but they don't matter.

We have talked about it for a while but think Carolina and Clemson may finally both be teams to contend with for something big. I have no doubt Clemson is there this season and if VanGorder and our 6th ranked class lives up to expectations look out for the South Carolina teams!

Hey we have to be honest...

We were a little better than you on both sides of the ball, a little. But I can't say in all certainty that we would have gone to a bowl game if we were in the SEC.

But, Spence has improved his play calling every year so far. He has several options at QB, Harper no doubt is the man right now. But there is no guarantee this year will transfer over to next year. If he does continue to work hard and actually improve, he could be a legitimate Heisman candidate. Or he could go down hill.

If Spence improves next year as he did this year, we could go all the way. Its frustrating because I feel the we are just one step away. But, that doesn't mean we will take that step either.

I think now Davis will come back. Nothing for certain, but I don't think he will be high enough in the draft to leave. His family seems to want him to stay too.

Nix is a class act, Nutt made a good call. Brinkley is a big plus also.

Old Johnson has one hell of a coaching staff. It finally got finalized. The only question mark is Wommack. But the rest of the defensive staff, wow. The offensive staff, wow. The Special teams, wow. Everyone better circle Ga tech on their schedule next year.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Looks like Brinkley is coming back next season..

Says he decided to come back after talking it over with Nix. Nix told him he thought he should take the time and let his leg heal instead of working out for the combines. Class act move by Nix. From the article it says that Jasper didn't even fill out the paperwork for the NFL advisory commitee. If Brinkley does in fact return, it would be with all of our defensive starters with the exception of his twin brother Casper. Cliff Matthews or Cliff Geathers will step in in Casper's place so no drop off there, may be even an improvement. VanGorder will definitely have the experience and talent in his first year.

As for Clemson, most definitely not a doom gloom situation. A loss to a good SEC team in a bowl game does not null a 9 win season. Clemson should have very high hopes for next season. You guys return almost everyone with the exception of the few o-linemen and may be JD. Clemson will be fine. At least you guys got a chance to lose your bowl. Carolina didn't even get that.. lol.

Having said all that...

Clemson's play calling and offense in general certainly did make a dramatic improvement from last year's. Even in the bowl game there was some plays that uncharacteristically (Harper) were not executed as they should have been. Good calls and good plays at least 3 maybe 4 overthrown balls that would have no doubt been touchdowns. I don't believe Auburn could have overcame even a two TD deficit much less 3.

So you could argue that he called a pretty decent game. I just hate he went away from it in the second half. If its open, you have to go back to it. Too many underneath passes in the second half in my opinion. Not just that the passes were underneath, that the receivers were not going down the field enough. This allowed Auburn to put the defense all on the line. Shutting down Spence's offense. We have two many good receivers not to send some of them down the field on every play. For one thing they are speed receivers and not blockers as you would need to run underneath plays consistently.

Harper didn't have a great game as you need to beat a good SEC team. I won't dog on the kid, you can't say enough how he went above and beyond this year. Hell, he threw the game winning pass perfectly against BC. It just got dropped.

Its easy to judge sitting where we are. Its not all doom and gloom as in my previous post.

I didn't get to watch many bowl games. I did see the Clemson game obviously. Georgia and Hawaii no surprise. Oklahoma West Va. no surprise. Michigan and Florida on the other hand big surprise. Florida just must have not come ready to play.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Most people seem to agree with you on the game...

I dunno. Personally, I just saw more of the same. It was plain to me that Clemson was by far the most talented team. I think most people would agree. No doubt of this on offense. The defense certainly played good enough to win. So,,,, shouldn't we have won?

Spence is going to have to change what he is doing. Tuberville had it right before the game. He said all we have to do is get through the first 15 minutes of Spence's offense and then we will be ok. Right on target. Tunnel screens, running plays out of a 2 point stance. Thats all she wrote.

I really do think Spence has a great offensive mind. The man comes up with some good stuff. Then, he just falls back on the same old crap. Guess what, its not going to work in a major conference consistently. I think he could be great, I believe he has the mind to change his scheme into something that works. He just needs to change his damned scheme already!!!

Why in the name of all that is shitty is he not using James Davis? Baffling.

South Carolina is going to move up. Why? Because Spurrier is going to modify his offense a little to adapt to todays game. Maybe even with something we have never seen before. He has the offensive mind to do it.

Couldn't quite pull it off..

Clemson played a good game though. Both teams had good defenses. Auburn just turned into a different offense in the 2nd half. Tuberville took a gamble to go for it on 4th down in OT and it paid off. Good game though, could have easily went the other way.

Yea, I don't know what the deal is with all of the Carolina bashers. I'm not to worried though. I think VanGorder is gonna turn the defense around. Our #6 class in the nation will 0nly be sophmores and redshirt freshmen this coming season. Our young offensive line is begining to be not so young anymore. It will be fun to see what happens. The only way to get the bashing to stop is to prove it on the field. I think we will..

Have you got to watch any bowl games? How about Michigan beating Florida or Fresno beating GT. Crazy season!


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