Thursday, November 30, 2006

I said Paul Johnson not Danny Ford.

But before you get into he wouldn't work these days and all that bullshit. Let me remind you he did beat Bobby Bowden, Paterno, Switzer, Woody Hayes, Tom Osborne and a host of other names. Why in the hell wouldn''t it work? We havn't really been worth a damn since he left. Why? because of all that complicated offense crap that we will never have the talent to run. We are trying to run a Southern Cal type offense (before Spence) and shocked that we don't have the talent for it. What a surprise. We will never be better than we are trying to run a complicated offense, bank on it. There will always be a missing link, this year the QB, next year the O-line. Why? Its too fucking complicated thats why. LOL

Danny Ford is the past!

In college football, you have to be sophisticated on offense if you want to be elite. You have to be able to run and pass. Danny Ford's offense would be shut down in today's times. I do like Jim Grobe and he would make a great head coach for us, but hopefully we don't start running a damn triple option. Thats for dummy colored people.

Wake Forest outcoached us too. Look I am not ragging Tommy, you can just forget an ACC championship as long as he is there. We will never have a losing season, we will just stay at the 8 or 9 win bubble.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Carolina Lands 2 Huge WR Commits!

USC Wednesday landed a verbal commitment from WR Joseph Hills (6-4 195) of Bradenton, FL. Hills committed in person to his recruiter David Reaves and then talked on the phone with head coach Steve Spurrier. "It's closer to home and there's the chance for playing right away," Hills said. "My family loved it and I loved it. They need receivers desperately. The receivers they have are okay, but I feel like I can go in and play right away. That's what it's about, playing right away as a true freshman." Hills had over 30 offers and he also made official visits to LSU and Georgia. This season he had 50 catches for 600 yards and 11 touchdowns. He also had 5 interceptions as a safety.

Other notes on Hills: Hills is a 4 star prospect and the 16th best athlete in the nation. He is projected to start off at WR and grow into a TE.

WR Jason Barnes (6-4 196) of Charlotte committed Wednesday morning to USC according to his coach Tom Knotts. Barnes had been torn between USC and North Carolina for months. "I'm just glad he finally made a decision," Knotts said. "He made the best decision for he and his family. Coach (Fred) Chatham did a great job." Chatham made his in home visit with the family Tuesday night and got the call from Barnes Wednesday morning. Barnes is a Shrine Bowl selection.

Other notes on Barnes: Barnes in a 3 star WR but is projected to jump to 4 stars with a good Shrine Bowl showing. He is a player that both Spurrier SR. and JR. wanted badly..

Other notes on recruiting: QB Stephen Garcia (6-3 218) of Tampa has scheduled a news conference for next Wednesday afternoon at his school to announce his college decision, and he left little doubt Wednesday afternoon he will be announcing for USC. "It's safe to say that," Garcia said. "But I do want to keep the suspense going a little bit longer." Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops is coming in Monday for an in home visit. His Ole Miss recruiter is coming in Sunday. USC head coach Steve Spurrier and assistant David Reaves made their in home visits Tuesday night. "It went really well," Garcia said. "They really want me to come up there early and start competing with the other quarterbacks. They want to start coaching me really quickly." Garcia added that Spurrier left his home with a good idea about what he's thinking. "He's got a pretty good feeling already," Garcia said. "There's not much to worry about." Garcia can graduate from high school early and is leaning towards doing so but he said he has not made a definite decision on that. Garcia will play Saturday in his county's all star game.

DE Carlos Dunlap 6-6 245) of Fort Dorchester has scheduled his official visit to USC for January 13th, the primary recruiting weekend for the Gamecocks this recruiting season. That's the first official visit date firmed up by Dunlap. He is also considering Clemson, Florida, Tennessee and several others for official visits

Finally! Something I can disagree with you on.

Two things actually:
First off why do you say the option won't work? What about it is not going to work? Brent, I know 1A teams went away from it, but I really don't think you have ever really seen or remember how a true option play is suppose to work. I would not want any other coach to implement the option other than Paul Johnson. If you want to see how it is suppose to work, watch Navy play in their bowl game unless they are completely outmatched. He has conditioned players with little or no atheletic ability to compete with major 1A teams. A true option team is conditioned better than anybody else. Danny Ford was known to have the most gruesome practices imaginable. The coaches stayed in the players faces. Why? I guess you would have to go back to his roots and Bear Bryant. Did you see the movie, oh man what was it called, Victory Junction? Sorry if the name was wrong. Unfortunately, he also inherited some of his bad habits in recruiting. He was no saint in that area either. But you bring up another point of mine on why is would work. Nobody sees it anymore and they could not possibly know how to defend it well. Do you think Wofford should have competed with SC. Certainly not. I cannot imagine someone trying to stop Korn, Spiller and CJ in the option. Other major running backs would be lined up to come to Clemson. Navy leads the nation in rushing every year. It would work and work well, I have no doubt of that. By the way, Lou Holtz did not run the type of option I am talking about. What about Grobe? Again another coach conditioning lesser atheletes to compete. The Misdirection he uses is phenominal. His motivational skills are unbelievable.

Point number two. Being outcoached is not the problem. We were outcoached twice this year. First and foremost Va Tech. I am sorry Brent, Beamer is a damn good coach. We are gonna get this from time to time. I think Beamer is outcoaching everybody at this point in the year. Secondly Spurrier, maybe. Is he a better coach no doubt. He is arguably the best coach going in college football right now. Its gonna happen. I am not so sure however it was great coaching that beat us. They ran the ball up the middle on us. If a team can run the ball up the middle you are in trouble, period. Any coach will attempt to run the ball over you. It really didn't take the offensive genius that Spurrier no doubt is to do that. Had we stopped the run we would have won handily. I mean hell, Mitchell had three interceptions. Didn't matter they ran the ball effectively which of course opened up a few big pass plays. Outcoached? How about out motivated. The fans of Va Tech also played a big part.

Motivation is Bowdens problem right now. Either he learns to motivate or we will continue to be where we are right now. Fortunately, that is still on the verge of something great. His motivation in part needs to be from benching players that don't perform. In that aspect he certainly does need to learn from Spurrier. Thoughts?

You guys spend too much time on recruits!

The option would not work Vance! There's a reason Division 1 teams don't run it anymore. We just need a quarterback and some aggressive playcalling. I'm not sure about Tommy Bowden right now. I don't agree with canning him either, but his staff has been getting outcoached recently. You know IPTAY will not put up with another loss to USC.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I think he is staying. Just wondered why he was in Florida.

Is anything possible? Of course unlikely at best.

One thing though, not a flame. Not better programs? Not better recruiting? I know they have better recruiting and programs than Clemson. I think we still have the edge over you. I also think Spurrier would completely disagree with you. His point in staying was to build a program, comparing your programs or recruiting to Alabama or Miami, well I wouldn't want to make a comparison to Clemson with them.

Hes not leaving, but he is not leaving because SC is more of a challenge than any of those other schools and it is certainly not that SC has a better program, recruiting or tradition. I think it is exactly the opposite.

What do you think?

Do you think Spurrier's trip to Florida was a plan to recruit players or something else?

You know what I think, but I don't understand why this keeps getting brought up?

Do you really think he is going to leave Carolina?

Just wondering?

Sounds to me like he's at a better program than the programs that are offering him.. Better record, better talent, and better recruiting class. Why would he leave Carolina?

Sounds good.

Keep him from visiting Oklahoma. Stoops is another buttwad.

Close to choosing the Gamecocks?

As of tonight, Tampa (Fla.) Jefferson four-star quarterback Stephen Garcia is the only signal caller in the Rivals250 to have not committed to a school. It appears things are about to change.

"I'm leaning towards having a press conference at my school next Wednesday," the 6-foot-3, 205-pound Garcia said. "I'll know for sure in the next day or two."

Garcia spent most of his Tuesday evening with South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier.

"He and coach (David) Reaves were at my house for about four hours tonight," Garcia said. "It was just crazy spending that much time with him in my own house. I mean, he's the best coach in America when it comes to offense and quarterbacks. I loved it."

During the visit, Spurrier addressed the persistent rumors that he could be headed to Alabama to replace the recently fired Mike Shula.

"He said there's no chance of it happening. He's staying at South Carolina for sure, so that was good to hear."

Garcia is still contemplating when he'll take his visits and whether he'll graduate in December and enroll in college in January.

"As far as the visits go, I'm definitely visiting South Carolina and maybe Oklahoma. Ole Miss is still in there a little bit, too, but I don't know if I'm going to get there for a visit or not. It's really down to those three teams."

As has been the case throughout the process, one team remains at the top of his list.

"It's South Carolina. They're still No. 1 on my list."

Who do you think he will choose? I got my money on Carolina!

You got that right..

You are thinking the right way. It's nice to have the guys that you are going after to be ranked high, but I have come to realize that it doesn't matter to much when they get to college. I am confident in who Spurrier will take a commitment from, regardless of what thier star ranking is.

A few examples of missed star rankings:

1. Sydney Rice 3 star
2. Eric Norwood 3 star
3. Jasper Brinkley 3 star
4. Casper Brinkley 3 star
5. Captain Munnerlyn 2 star
6.Emanuel Cook 3 star
7. Freddie Brown 3 star
8. Ryan Succop 3 star
9. Johnathan Joseph 3 star
10. Ko Simpson 2 star

Like I said, good pickup for the Tigers if he as good as they say he is. I would take him if he is.

You are right no way to know for sure.

Just going by the article and Rivals predictions. The kid sure has the size, I guess in this case stars really don't matter. Biggest recruit since Spiller thats for sure. Wow, two awesome players for 2008. I am cetainly more worried about keeping him than stars. We keep him and he can be a 2 star.

Big pickup for the Tigers..

He was a Clemson fan, and there was no doubt he wasn't going to pick Clemson in my opinion.

Even if he wasn't a Clemson fan, I'm sure it would have been hard for him to pick Carolina over Clemson with Carolina picking up Cliff Matthews, Travian Robertson, possibly Carlos Dunlap, and already having Eric Norwood who is a freshman this year. I'm not saying that he is afraid of competition, but Carolina probably wouldn't look to humbling to him right now.

Also, with the departure of Gaines Adams, Clemson is in a huge need for depth in the DE position. No better place for a DE to pick to go to school than his favorite school.. In this case it's Clemson.

I will say this.. Don't be so sure he is a 5 star, no rankings have come out yet. Cris Ard and Roy Philpot have been known to over hype early Clemson commits. Don't listen to every thing you hear on the message boards. I have no doubt that he will be a 4 star though.

But on any note, good pickup for the Tigers. Big fill for a huge need. Congrats, and I would love to see him play for Carolina.

Latest 5 star for the Tigers!!

If we hold on it means a five star for three years straight!!

Yea it was planned..

He had in home visits planned for yesterday in Ocala FL. with these 2 guys. Dion Lecorn and Antonio Allen. Scroll down.. I have posted about them before.

My source is the main writer for

Here's his post on the subject:

As I type this (Monday at 12:30 p.m. ET), Steve Spurrier is in Ocala, Florida, meeting with WR Dion Lecorn and safety Antonio Allen. He is scheduled to be on the road recruiting with a different assistant coach each day this week.

They had a recruiting meeting as a staff yesterday, and my sources say Spurrier is jacked up about going out on the road to sign the best recruiting class in USC history. He is also said to be ecstatic about the future of USC's program.

Did you think he wasn't going to recruit in Florida anymore? : )

Monday, November 27, 2006

Not to be an ass, but I have to post it, its news..

Spurrier is not in Columbia this week. He is reportedly in Florida on a recruiting trip. Was it planned Blake?

You're not gonna like this, I am almost glad we finally lost.

Its the only way we will ever see changes.

I have to agree with you this time.

His comments were pretty lame. I don't understand him. I really think he is tired of coaching. I know that I wasn't that pissed or frustrated until I heard him. Either he needs to change his attitude or most likely the way he addresses the media. It ain't working.

This is not the year for us to fire him anyway, jobs open all over the place now with Alabama adding themselves to the coachless. I hear NC State has a press conference later today, not sure now how Amano could keep his job.

One thing is for sure, you lose to the Cocks two years in a row and your days are numbered. That coupled with disappointing regular seasons and it is not looking too good. Throw in stupid comments to the media justifying why the year was OK and well, he has nobody to blame but himself. He will almost certainly stay this year, for one their will be a shortage of coaches worth a damn for us, too many jobs already open. Grobe has my vote, second is Paul Johnson. It could happen one day, back to the option maybe? They both fit the Tigers, thats the real reason we were so competative in the past, ask the Cocks about Wofford. Don't see too many people stopping CJ in the option offense. Thoughts? Even Bowden knew running is the way to go, bring the option back, its our only hope.


Well, finally the Gamecocks got what they wanted so badly: a win. Carolina's draw plays is what won it, I think. Clemson was pathetic on tackling the entire game. Koenning's defense wasn't ready and the Tigers paid the price. I am disappointed in this season, not this loss. I just feel like this team was capable of more than playing some second rate team in Charlotte or Boise. I just think Tommy likes collecting those ugly bowl trophies. I really do think he is satisfied with those bowl games. I don't see the pain when he loses, just the "Oh well, I knew it would be close."

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The bad thing is, when you don't leave a way out...

People get fired.

Whats funny to me is every site is just putting up everything to be true..

They are not even saying this might be the case its crazy. It looks like the old flame wars we used to have on this site. The Sportaholic News is the least flaming site on rivals right now, LOL.

I doubt there is much validity to any of it..

Wow! This is the most mudslinging I have ever seen before the big game. The Gamecock faithfull are in total pandomonium. They are on every board going wild, you should check out the Miami site. They are pulling Georgia and Florida into it. Some are saying Richt is going. Its been crazy all week.

Can't blame me for posting on it, its all over the place. Everyday I keep finding more from official sites that have just gone wild. I hear it was on around the horn today, I didn't see it. I am interested to see what the front will look like this time next week. Like I said, I don't believe any of it is true but man anything that turns up accurate would really shake up the college football world. Hopefully the Tigers will simply stay out of it and concentrate on the game. Brent where are you? The Sportaholic News will bring you breaking live coverage of all the action this week, lol.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Here's an even better article!


Steve Spurrier dismissed as "internet crap" a report on a Clemson web site Monday that USC committed major violations in the successful recruitment of defensive end Travian Robertson of Laurinburg, N.C.

Spurrier blamed the story on envious college football programs fearful that USC is about to become a highly successful – and winning - program. He said he dealt with the same innuendo when he was head coach at Florida.

"It doesn't bother me. Some people think we've got something going here," Spurrier said. "We may be building a football program that's going to irritate some people. We've got some commitments from kids that some people don't like. Whatever they can find negative to say, they're going to do it. Our fans need to understand that. That's the way life is. They don't want to see us have something good going. That's part of the game."

Spurrier says he spoke with Tyrone Nix, who was accused in the article of making illegal phone calls to Robertson and his family. Nix, USC's defensive coordinator, assured him nothing improper occurred. Spurrier contended Kevin Milligan, a central figure in the article, was a "long-time friend of the family up there."

Under NCAA rules, Milligan had a "pre-existing relationship" with the family and thus, contrary to the core allegations in the article on the Clemson web site, Milligan was not a booster.

Spurrier compared the truthfulness and accuracy of the article to the one that appeared on early Sunday claiming that Spurrier would "likely" become the next head coach at Miami.

"That report had a lot of similarities to report that had me going to Miami," Spurrier said. "I don't like to comment on internet crap. Anybody can put anything on there. Why people believe it is beyond me. If we made any impermissible phone calls we would certainly turn ourselves in."

MITCHELL HONORED BY SEC: USC quarterback Blake Mitchell, whose incredible resurgence continued against Middle Tennessee two days ago, was honored as the SEC Player-of-the-Week after connecting on 21-of-28 passes for a career-high 388 yards and four touchdowns in USC's convincing 52-7 win over the Blue Raiders.

Mitchell tossed two touchdown strikes to Sidney Rice for 37 and 27 yards and one each to Andy Boyd (15 yards) and Cory Boyd (19 yards). He was 13-of-18 for 250 yards in the first half.

In the 10 quarters since replacing Syvelle Newton as quarterback, Mitchell has completed 60-of-82 passes for876 yards with 6 touchdowns and one interception.

Mitchell becomes the fourth USC player to be honored with Player-of-the-Week honors by the SEC, joining Ryan Succop, Sidney Rice and Casper Brinkley.


-- Spurrier accepted sarcastic congratulations from the media for being named the new head coach at Alabama Monday. "It's always flattering when someone throws the South Carolina coach's name out there," he said. 'I'm very happy here. We're going to try to win us an SEC."

-- Spurrier said he agreed with Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden that the pre-game handshake is not needed this year. "We're going over there to play football," Spurrier said. "They don't have to worry about that fighting crap anymore. Not on our side, that's for sure and I don't think on their side (either). Let's go play football. If they want to do cartwheels coming down the hill, that's fine with me."

-- Spurrier discounted a newspaper reporter's question that he's de-emphasized the rivalry with Clemson. Spurrier acknowledged he's also concerned with conference games but described Clemson as USC's biggest rival. "This is the biggest game of the year," Spurrier said. "This could make it a good year for us if we find a way to beat those guys."

Gamecocks Begin Clemson Week

The University of South Carolina football squad (6-5) began its preparations for Saturday's noon contest at 24th-ranked Clemson (8-3) by working out at the Bluff Road practice fields on Monday evening. Saturday's game will be televised nationally on ESPN with Sean McDonough, Chris Spielman and Rob Stone working the contest.

Following the session, head coach Steve Spurrier met with the media:

On being rumored as the next head coach at Alabama: "Miami yesterday, Alabama today. Well thank you. I appreciate it. It's always flattering that someone would throw the South Carolina coach's name out there. Obviously, I'm very, very happy here. We're going to try to win us an SEC. That's the goal. That's my mission."

On scoring in the red zone: "That will be a big key this week. It was a big key last year in the Clemson game. We were three field goals and two turnovers in the red zone (last year), so we didn't get many points."

On the report of recruiting violations that was reported on a website earlier in the day: "That report might have been like `me going to Miami next year' report. It had a lot of similarities."

On the pre-game handshake (that was done prior to last year's Clemson game): "We don't need to do it this year. We're going over there to play football. They don't have to worry about that fighting crap anymore. Not on our side, that's for sure and I don't think on their side. Let's just go play football. If they want to do cartwheels coming down the hill, that's fine with me. We're over there to play football. This could make a good year for us if we can find a way to beat those guys. We know that."

Sounds like Spurrier thinks that recruiting violation report was pretty much bullshit.. Much like the Spurrier going to Miami report.. LMAO.

Like I said though, other teams are going to go after Spurrier. If their program is in trouble, why wouldn't they?? He is one of the best coaches in the game. But guess what, he isn't going anywhere or even considering leaving. He wants to win a SEC championship at Carolina, and Carolina is very close to doing that. Why would he leave when he is so close to his goal? Doesn't make much sense.. Spurrier going to Miami or Bama is the most ridiculous thing that I've ever heard of, and the way Spurrier talks, it's the most ridiculous thing he's ever heard of too.

No it's not your average rumor that Spurrier is going to Miami.. It's not even that. It's a silly little rumor. Just because ESPN or CSTV reports it , doesn't mean it has any relevance at all. ESPN even countered it's reports by saying that he is staying at Carolina. Spurrier isn't going to consider any other job, and any report that says so is retarded..

All Purple baby, lets start a new tradition Saturday, Brent? This is why...

The 1980 game will not be remembered as a classic in terms of the final score. Clemson dominated soon to be Heisman Trophy winner George Rogers and the No. 14 Gamecocks. Defensive back Willie Underwood had two interceptions – the first ones of his 47-game career – including a 37-yard touchdown return to ice the Tigers’ 27-6 victory in front of 64,000 fans in Death Valley.

Flashback: Clemson vs. South Carolina
November 22, 1980
Tigers 27, Gamecocks 6

No, 1980 will be remembered for one thing – the berth of the orange pants.

Clemson entered the South Carolina game with a 5-5 record after being blasted the week before at Maryland 34-7. The Tigers had lost four of their last five games and there were rumors, that if Clemson did not beat Jim Carlen’s 8-2 Gamecocks, head coach Danny Ford was sure to be fired. “It didn’t look real good for us,” Ford recalled when looking back.

South Carolina came into the game playing well. The Gamecocks’ only two defeats came at Southern Cal and at Georgia, both of which were ranked in the top 5 of the Associated Press poll. More impressive was the fact USC had a win at No. 17 Michigan and were winners in six of their last seven games.

With his team down on itself after the loss to Maryland, Ford knew he needed to do something to inspire his football team. Taking a page out of his mentor’s book – Alabama’s Bear Bryant – Ford reached deep into his bag of motivational tricks and pulled out a pair of orange pants.

When Ford played at Alabama, Bryant would allow his team to where crimson pants with the crimson jerseys against rival Auburn when he felt his team deserved to play in them or if they needed an emotional lift.

In hopes of inspiring his team, Ford broke out the all-orange uniforms – a first for any Clemson team at the time – against South Carolina that November afternoon in Clemson.

“We warmed up in the white pants, but we all knew we were going to change into the orange pants when we got back to the locker room so all throughout warm-ups we were pumped up and ready to go,” Clemson All-American linebacker Jeff Davis said. “We knew how excited the fans would get when they first saw us come to the top of the Hill wearing nothing but orange.

“I mean we had the orange helmet, the orange jersey and the orange pants. The only thing we did not have on that wasn’t orange was our shoes. When the fans saw us, they went crazy. We knew right there we were going to win.”

The chain of events it sparked after that will forever live in Clemson lore.

The Tigers got the scoreboard first late in the opening quarter when Obed Ariri capped a 60-yard drive with a 41-yard field goal. The Gamecocks answered on their next possession with an Eddie Leopard 47-yard field goal to tie the game at three.

Clemson took a 6-3 lead when Ariri was true from 47 yards with 7:31 to play in the first half. USC eventually tied the game again in the third quarter with a 29-yard Leopard field goal.

With time running down in the third quarter, the Gamecocks moved the football to the Clemson 16 where it appeared poised to take the lead for the first time in the day, but Underwood stepped in front of a Gary Harper out pass and raced 64 yards down the left sideline to the South Carolina 24. Six plays later, quarterback Homer Jordan went in from the one, giving Clemson a 13-6 lead.

On the Gamecocks’ next possession, Harper again threw the ball into the flats to Ben Cornett and again Underwood made a break for the ball and took the pass back for a 37-yard touchdown and a 20-6 Tigers lead.

Clemson later added a 15-yard Jeff McCall touchdown to seal the 27-6 victory. Rogers finished the afternoon with 168 rushing yards, but ended his USC career without scoring a touchdown against the Tigers.

Underwood’s 101 return yards are still a Clemson record to this day. The senior also recorded a game-high 17 tackles and for his efforts was named the National Defensive Player of the Week by Sports Illustrated.

As for the rest of the Tigers, the win over South Carolina did more than just secure a winning season and save Ford’s job, it also was a springboard for Clemson’s national championship run a year later.

It was a good thing the Tigers decided to wear orange pants.


South Carolina Commits NCAA Violations

Brett Jensen Posted Nov 19, 2006

The University of South Carolina football program broke NCAA rules during the recruitment of a North Carolina prep star, the school’s cell phone records show. Those same bills also display hours of conversation with a known South Carolina fan, who drove the football player to Columbia on a recruiting visit.

University of South Carolina cell phone records obtained through the Freedom of Information Act by, which is part of the network, show that Gamecocks defensive coordinator Tyrone Nix called Travian Robertson of Laurinburg, N.C., illegally during the month of July.

According to NCAA rules, phone calls to a prospect or a prospect’s relatives or legal guardian(s) may not be made after May 31, or before September 1 of the beginning of the prospect’s senior year in high school.

The cell phone bills show that Nix called the cell phone owned by Robertson’s father, Tony, twice on July 23, just two days after the younger Robertson visited Clemson and two days before he visited South Carolina for the final time.

On July 27, Robertson, who is listed as one of the top defensive ends in the nation at Scotland County High by, committed to the Gamecocks. The commitment came less than a week after he had rated his visit to Clemson as perfect. He was expected to commit to the Tigers officially on July 27 at a press conference after having informed Clemson coaches his intentions to do so.

“I didn’t really commit,” Robertson said. “They took it the wrong way.”

When he took his final visit to South Carolina before committing, he was driven to the school some 130 miles away by Kevin Milligan, Robertson said.

Milligan is continuing a long-time family tradition by serving as publisher of the town’s newspaper, The Laurinburg Exchange. He also serves as president of a local country club.

Milligan’s grandmother, Doris Bowie Milligan, was listed in the 2005 football program as a full scholarship donor to South Carolina. His grandfather, Jim Milligan, graduated from South Carolina.

Just during the month of July, 81 cell phone contacts totaling 305 minutes between members of the Gamecocks coaching staff and Milligan took place.

On more than one occasion, contact between the coaches, Milligan and Robertson were intertwined.

South Carolina defensive line coach Brad Lawing had the most contact, reaching Milligan 43 times for 185 minutes. David Reaves, the recruiting coordinator, contacted Milligan 36 times for a total of 101 minutes. Nix called him twice for 19 minutes.

Milligan would be classified as a booster under NCAA guidelines.

According to rule 13.02.12, “a ‘representative of the institution’s athletics interests’ is an individual, independent agency, corporate entity (e.g., apparel or equipment manufacturer) or other organization who is known (or who should have been known) by a member of the institution’s executive or athletics administration to:

“Be assisting or to have been requested (by the athletics department staff) to assist in the recruitment of prospective student-athletes;

“Be assisting or to have assisted in providing benefits to enrolled student-athletes or their families.”

According to Robertson, Milligan drove him, his father and his high school football coach Mark Barnes to the campus in Columbia, on July 25. A booster driving a recruit to a campus visit is a violation of NCAA rules.

Attempts to reach Milligan Sunday night were unsuccessful.

Lawing is no stranger to being connected with questionable recruiting.

In a Memphis U.S. District Court in February of 2005, former Trezevant High School head coach Lynn Lang testified under oath that Lawing, then a Michigan State assistant coach in January of 2000, asked him how much it would take to buy the services of one of his star players.

“Lawing wanted me to get into his car and ride around with him,” Lang said. “That’s when he started telling me – now this is when Nick Saban had left and Bobby Williams took over – that he had a new coach in town who was willing to pay more money (than other schools) and he was asking me how much it would take.”

Lang said he told Lawing it would take more than $100,000. Shortly thereafter, the Spartans stopped recruiting the player.

Rilvary importance!

Weekend clarifies Tigers’ path to bowls
Losses by Maryland, Wake Forest help Clemson’s chances for bid to Gator Bowl

CLEMSON — The more the top of the ACC’s Atlantic Division was shaken up during the weekend, the quicker No. 24 Clemson rose in the bowl grab bag.

The Tigers’ postseason options remained the same as they were the week before.
But the scenarios by which they could wind up at a particular bowl were simplified.
With only its regular-season finale against non-conference rival USC remaining, Clemson (8-3, 5-3 ACC) remains likely to be chosen up by either the Chick-fil-A or Gator bowls, which own the first two choices of ACC teams that do not advance to the Bowl Championship Series.
It appears the only way the Tigers fall below the Gator Bowl is if Georgia Tech loses the ACC title game and the Atlanta-based Chick-fil-A Bowl passes on its hometown team.
“The biggest thing from the weekend is now we don’t know who’s playing in the championship game,” Gator Bowl president Rick Catlett said Sunday. “So we’re just going to have to wait and see.”

A first-year ACC rule prohibits bowls from selecting a team if another finishes with two fewer conference losses during the regular season.

Coastal Division champ Georgia Tech and Atlantic Division co-leaders Wake Forest and Maryland entered the weekend with one ACC loss. If the Atlantic Division champ reached the ACC title game with the single loss, the Chick-fil-A Bowl could not have chosen three-loss Clemson ahead of the title game loser.

But losses by Wake Forest and Maryland ensure that Georgia Tech will be the only ACC title game participant with one loss.

If the Yellow Jackets win the ACC championship Dec. 2 and advance to the BCS’ Orange Bowl, the Chick-fil-A Bowl would have Virginia Tech and Clemson among its pool of candidates, both of which have historically supportive fan bases.

The Chick-fil-A Bowl gets the fourth choice among the SEC’s non-BCS entries, and this weekend’s rivalry game between Georgia Tech and Georgia figures to have significant bearing on its eventual pick.

Bowl president Gary Stokan said a Georgia Tech win would help the Yellow Jackets’ case for Chick-fil-A selection if they went on to drop the ACC title game. Conversely, two Georgia Tech losses could lead the Chick-fil-A to look at a team with more momentum, i.e., Virginia Tech.
Using the same rationale, a Georgia win would make the home-state Bulldogs an attract draw. Coupled with a Georgia Tech victory in the ACC title game, the Chick-fil-A might be inclined to pick Clemson ahead of Virginia Tech to renew the border battle with Georgia.

“If Clemson loses to South Carolina this weekend, they’re probably not going to be in our selection process,” Stokan said.

If Georgia Tech does not drop below the Chick-fil-A, Clemson is all but a shoo-in for the Gator, which is believed to covet a match-up between the Tigers and either Oklahoma or West Virginia.

The catch is that if the Atlantic Division representative wins the ACC title and the Chick-fil-A takes Virginia Tech over Georgia Tech, the Gator cannot pick three-loss Clemson over the one-loss Yellow Jackets.

Should that happen, Clemson could fall to one of three tie-ins: the Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando, Fla., where they went last year; the Meineke Car Care Bowl in Charlotte, N.C., against Navy; or the Music City Bowl in Nashville, Tenn.

Spurrier, two thumbs up.

Spurrier rates Tiger duo highly
USC coach says Davis, Spiller are nation’s top rushers


Arkansas tailbacks Darren McFadden and Felix Jones have run for more yards, but USC coach Steve Spurrier called the Clemson duo of James Davis and C.J. Spiller the nation’s top rushing tandem.

Davis, a sophomore from Atlanta, leads the ACC in rushing with 1,115 yards; Spiller, a freshman from Florida, is fifth with 759. Both average more than six yards a carry and have the Tigers ranked fifth nationally in rushing offense.

“They’ve got that No. 28 (Spiller) that’s hard to contain,” Spurrier said. “Spiller’s a player, along with Davis. They’re the best running backs in the country on the same team.”

Davis rushed for 145 yards and scored the game-winning touchdown with a 2-yard, fourth-quarter run last year to lift the Tigers to a 13-9 victory against USC in Columbia. That was before Spiller arrived on campus.

“Obviously, for us to have a chance, we’ve got to contain those guys somewhat,” Spurrier said.

Just out of curiosity where was your source?


Its entirely possible its true.

Miami? Hate to admit it I just don't think they would want him (Tommy), lol. Its not rumor Miami is going after Spurrier, its a fact he is at the top of the list. For the record, I don't think he is going, mainly because its not an SEC team. Rumors run amuck, no doubt. These are not your average rumor, the are coming from sources other than message boards and fans. Does that make them true, of course not. Again, I don't think he is going but, I certainly would not rule it out just because he denies it. After all, he would never say I want the job one week before the regular season ended and with Coker not yet gone. Can you imagine the effect if he didn't end up going after that? No way he would say he is going at this moment in time, even if he is. Also, no way I could pass up this topic.

Tiger staff talking? Its entirely possible, Tommy? Unlikely, I think he is getting tired of coaching. Impossible, absolutely not.

I'm not trying to flame, or throw something back at you..

I want you to post stuff if you're not sure I know about it, and I think you want me to do the same for you. So please don't think I'm flaming.

Here goes. There are new rumors arising, that Clemson coaches including Tommy Bowden were discussing jobs with another or multiple programs this past weekend.. It hasn't been made known yet if it is Miami, FSU, or even if it is one of those two teams, but that is the rumor. People are saying it will be made known to the public soon. So I guess we will know the relevance of it soon enough.

It's funny how rumors can be so easily started.. Wonder how much truth there is to this?

Gamecock fans may as well get used to it..

When you have a head coach that is the caliber of Steve Spurrier, he is going be frequently mentioned as the top replacement when a major head coaching job comes open. It's nice to have a head coach that the teams like Miami, Bama, ect. want.

I agree with you that if Bama makes a head coaching change, Spurrier is going to be at the top of their list as a replacement. Does that mean Spurrier will take the job, or even have the slightest bit of interest? Absolutely not..

Like I have said before, Spurrier wants to win at Carolina. He wants to go down in history as the first head coach to win at Carolina. Here's 5 good reasons why I know he isn't leaving South Carolina for a while..

1. South Carolina just unveiled a 200 million dollar facilities upgrade plan.. Which includes adding 8,000 seats to Williams Brice, the new baseball stadium, an academic center, and numerous other upgrades. Guess who was leading the way, and campaigning the most for the upgrades. You got it, Steve Spurrier.

2. Spurrier just made a donation himself to the university of 250,000 dollars.

3. The recruiting class we have coming in is going to be jam packed full of first class talent. Spurrier has been talking a lot here lately about how great he thinks this class is going to be. This could possibly be the best class Carolina has ever had, and Spurrier knows that.

4. Think about how much improvement has been made this year with this very very young class. The three weeks before we beat the crap out of MTSU, we lost to 3 of the top 12 teams in the nation by a combination of 14 points. Also something else for Spurrier to look forward to, Carolina is only losing 3 starters on offense and 1 starter on defense after this season. Just look at how well we have done with such little experience. Spurrier has already made it a goal for next year to play for the SEC championship. He can't do that if he's in North Cuba.

5. Money is not a factor with Spurrier. Spurrier was offered a lot more money by Carolina than he is making. Spurrier was offered over 2 million dollars a year by Carolina, and he turned it down. He is making an estimated 1.3 million dollars a year now. So, I don't think he will be running for the money.

Like I said though, Carolina fans better get used to programs coming after Spurrier. They also better get used to Spurrier shooting them down. Of course Bama and Miami are going to go after Spurrier, and so will Penn State and FSU after Jo Pa and Bobby retire, but they can go ahead and hang it up.. Spurrier is going to retire at Carolina!

We are on our way and Spurrier knows and believes that more than anyone else...

Rest easy Gamecock fans, rest easy.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Yea I've seen it..

I personally don't think he's going anywhere, especially not an acc school...

That article was blown way out of proportion.. The part about him "jokingly said that he hopes to be back at South Carolina next year, but that depends on the school's athletic director and president."

His actual quote right after that comment was "I'm not leaving unless I get run off."

I listened to the tele-conference myself and in this article (that I'm going to post) is exactly what he said, and if you listened to his way of speaking, and if you just heard the way he talked I'm sure you would be convinced that Spurrier is going to be at Carolina for a while..

Spurrier wants to make history by doing something that has never been done, and that is to win a SEC championship at Carolina. He has stated that over and over again..

He won't be able to do that at Miami or Alabama. Simply because it has been done at Bama, and it can't be done at miami because they are in the acc.

Spurrier isn't looking for another job, and I won't worry about him leaving for somewhere else until after he wins an SEC championship at Carolina. But I think he will retire at Carolina, and win many SEC championships during his tenture.

This whole thing is going to make a laughing stock out of the reporters that wrote articles like the one you posted. I had read that same article that you posted earlier today, and the guy from CSTV that wrote that article got embarrassed by Spurrier during the tele-conference I listened to. Spurrier called him out for starting rumors from seeing stuff on the internet.. The guy said "thank you coach Spurrier" then he hung up the phone. Two hours later, this article comes out.. lol..

After Spurrier was quoted saying (and I heard him say it) he had no interest in the Miami job, the guy wrote in that article that "he never insisted he wasn't interested, but instead, tip-toed around the answer." LOL.. That guy is a joke. He's just mad because Spurrier embarrased him in front of all his media friends. What's even funnier is, that guy has no actual quotes from Spurrier..

You read Spurrier's REAL quotes and comments, then tell me what you think..

Spurrier: I have no interest in Miami job

Calming the fears of South Carolina fans, Steve Spurrier denied widespread speculation Sunday afternoon that he's leaving South Carolina to take the heading coaching job at Miami.

"That's a rumor I guess someone started," Spurrier said. "In a way it's flattering that they would throw my name in there with one of the top football programs the last 25 years. I came to South Carolina to win a SEC Championship."

CSTV first reported late Saturday night that a deal to make Spurrier the new coach at Miami was close to being consummated, saying Spurrier would "likely" be named the next head coach for the Hurricanes.

Spurrier confronted the CSTV reporter during the teleconference.

"Listen, I have no interest and they haven't expressed any interest in me," Spurrier said. "Somebody just started a rumor about it. I'm the coach at South Carolina and I'm trying to beat Clemson this week."

ESPN picked up the story and reported it on its internet site and during 'SportsCenter' on Sunday morning. Spurrier also confronted ESPN's Joe Schad during the teleconference. Schad told Spurrier he had been informed the Hurricanes had targeted him as "their top choice."

"Who at Miami (has made him the top choice), the President, the AD or some guy sleeping under the bridge down there?" Spurrier asked.

Larry Coker, the embattled head coach of the Hurricanes, is expected to be fired shortly after the regular season concludes. Miami is 5-6 this season and must beat nationally ranked Boston College in its final regular season game to become bowl eligible.

Coker is 58-15 at Miami.

Spurrier said he first heard of the reports when his daughter Amy called him Sunday morning. Shortly thereafter, Spurrier spoke with Ivan Maisel of ESPN and he denied any interest at that time.

"I am not a candidate for any job," Spurrier said. "Just leave it at that."

Spurrier said he hasn't even been contacted by anyone at Miami about the job and does not expect to be contacted.

"I don't think anybody is going to contact me here," Spurrier said. "If Miami does make a change, I'm sure there are good candidates. Miami is not going to call me. Rumors are easy to start."

With players such as wide receiver Sidney Rice expected to return in 2007, Spurrier repeated his earlier statements that USC should be a SEC championship contender next season.

"We're going to make that our goal starting next year and hopefully every year I'm here," Spurrier said. "That's the exciting and challenging part of coaching here at South Carolina."

Asked if he would return to South Carolina next season, Spurrier said, "I certainly hope so. We have a President and athletic director that make it the cause. This is the challenge and the opportunity that I really look forward to. I'm not leaving unless I get run off."

USC was 6-5 in Lou Holtz's final season at USC in 2004 but declined a bowl bid after a ferocious brawl in the Clemson game.

Spurrier understood he wasn't inheriting a powerhouse program.

"I knew we would take our lumps a little bit the first couple of years," Spurrier said. "We're trying to build our team up. This is a wonderful place with wonderful fans and that's the goal, to win a SEC Championship at South Carolina. We knew it wasn't going to be easy."

USC is 6-5 entering Saturday's annual rivalry game with Clemson following a convincing 52-7 victory over Middle Tennessee yesterday at Williams-Brice Stadium.

Spurrier led the Gamecocks to a 7-5 record last season in his first season as head coach that included historic wins over Tennessee and Florida.

"This is where I plan to be hopefully for the next five, seven, eight years," Spurrier said.

Spurrier is 13-10 in two seasons in Columbia.

ESPN reported Sunday that "influential trustees and boosters" have convinced the University of Miami President to replace Coker, despite his lofty record.

Hoping to make a "splashy hire," Spurrier, the head coach at Florida from 1990-2002, was the top choice for the job, ESPN reported.

Now what do you think? Hope it looks better for you now : )

Not looking good...

Anything could happen I guess:

Wow, big talk over Spurrier.

He denies any interest but, will not completely deny he will consider the job. Some Miami sources are saying its a done deal and he won't admit it because the season is not over and Coker has not been dismissed. I didn't really think he would go to an ACC school, but who knows. If Bama hits him up it could be trouble. It headlines on the Canes site. Thoughts? I thought all this was rumors by the fans but I guess not.

Remember though, you didn't get spanked last year..

I sure you will be shocked to learn I disagree with you about the Tigers, LOL. If the Tigers were on a roll I would agree. The Tigers have been down and out for quite some time. Tommy was asked about J. Davis and he said he was indeed banged up for the NC State game, and he was sick. I think alot of the players had a stomach flu. You could believe it from watching them play. One thing is for sure, the time off can't hurt, it may not help, I just don't see it hurting because they are playing bad already. The bottom line to me is Proctor. He will either show up or we will likely lose unless we can run the ball over you, unlikely as everybody seems to be able to shut it down.

For the Cocks? Blake Mitchell, he can throw the ball. The thing you still have to look for is can he not throw a critical interception at the end. He always seems to do that in big games, I have heard Spurrier mention it several times. If you lose a close one that will probably be the case. I do however thing either team could blow the other one out. Its a hard game to predict this year. 35 to 14 Tigers (a true guess, or maybe wish). I don't know bro, you have to look on the bright side, if the Tigers finally lose this game it could actually help them in the long run. Other than in state recruiting I feel like beating the Cocks every year seems to be holding them back and I want the rilvary to be more competative. In fact, I want the rilvary to be between the ACC and SEC champs one day, I think it is quite possible. Next year maybe?

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Fun game to watch..

Well, at least all 3 of us did get to watch our favorite teams dominate another team in person this year..

I don't think we could have had a better game scheduled before the Clemson game. Should build confidence. I hope it does.. We will need it. I also hope Clemson being off this week hurts them instead of helps them. May be it will throw them off a little bit, and Carolina can surprise them and get up on them early.. We need all we can get. I'm really worried about Spiller next week.. If he gets behind our defense no one will catch him..

I think it will be a good game next week. I think it will be a complete opposite of last years game. I'm looking for a high scoring war next Saturday! May as well go ahead and make our predictions.. Here's mine (just for fun, because I have no clue).. Carolina 35- Clemson 31

By the way, I saw a commit in person today too.. Cliff Matthews walked by us. The kid looks like he could be playing for Carolina right now, just judging by his size. He looked like he was twice my height, and very broad. It's amazing how much bigger they look in person compared to seeing them in pictures..

I'm ready for next Saturday now! Just hope it isn't another annual spanking. Don't get me wrong, I know we can beat Clemson. The chances of that happening are more in Clemson's favor though. Carolina winning this game is going to come down to coaching and play calling, and I mean Spurrier's play calling and Spence's. I will say this much too, with the exception of VT (due to defense), I think this game will be the toughest challenge Clemson has faced all year.. What do ya'll think about everything (my comments) and what are your predictions and opinions??

LOL, wrong again.

I wasn't really paying attention. I just looked down and say the video you gave me. Its the 1982 National championship game. I was thinking it was the 80 season for some reason, it was really the 81 season. Its not like I remember it anyway.

Friday, November 17, 2006

True, it was for the 1980 season, which means they won it in 1981..

Significant only because it was two years after Pell. Kind of confusing for me sometimes. I don't consider the National Champs to be the 2007 national champs this year but they are.

The tigers won the national championship in 1981

Ford's first game was in the Gator bowl though.. They probably needed him pretty bad back then.

Yep it was this one...

Ford's first game was a bowl, I know that for a fact..

I am 99% sure it was this one. It was in 1979 if not, I am sure it was this one though. Charlie Pell quit and went to Florida sensing he had a better chance to win a National Championship, which he never got. Yep, he left before the bowl. The Tigers won the National Championship in 1980.

The 1978 Gator Bowl..

That punch was what retired the all time great Ohio State coach Woody Hayes (much like Joe Pa or Bobby Bowden)..

Wouldn't think it was Ford's first game being a bowl game, but I could be wrong..

Way before my time too, but I think I first heard about it through Dondi..

Thanks for the info bro, I am listening right now...

Guess I must be the only one, before my time though. I do believe that was Ford's first game. If it is I have actually watched it on ESPN classic. Didn't see that, must have missed it.

Oh yea, I've seen it..

Surprised you haven't.. Alot of fans say that, that was what got Clemson their first national attention..

BTW, Korn's game is on right now!

I learned something new today! Did anybody else know this?

Thats Great!!

I really REALLY enjoyed the Clemson game this year. I think that made me feel like they were invincible. I think had you been there you would have got the same impression. It was fun. Thats why I can't agree with not having high expectations. I mean hell, Spurrier is a head coach and he is predicting a SEC title next year. I would have to agree with him, I don't know about the title only because it is the toughest conference, but I do agree with him having confidence in his team. I think it is his way of responding to his other comments and it is good for your team.

Having said that, I am not dogging Tommy, I just can't agree with his comments to the press. He needs to be letting everybody know maybe why and there are reasons why we didn't meet expectations not in his control. He just needs to go about it a different way. He keeps repeating the 5 ranked teams and we are the only one, I havn't done the research but I doubt it is accurate. He has made great strides in the past two or three years, the schedule? Not a good excuse. Injuries as a contribution I can agree with. To tell you the truth I don't think he will come back after his contract is up. He is already talking retirement. I could be wrong. Thoughts?

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I do have some great news to post!

Trey murder got me and him 2 tickets to the MTSU game this weekend... For $10 a piece!

I'm happy I'm getting to attend a game this season! I just got the news, and I'm happy as hell!!!

Oh I know you're not trying to flame..

I'm not either.. That's why I said I didn't know.

Like I said though.. I gotta go with The State article over a Clemson web site..

That's just me, not trying to flame..

Again, I am wanting to reiterate, I am not flaming or trying to spark a fight..

I think The State aticle has alot to do with state funding and things we both just don't understand. It doesn't mean its wrong, just doesn't reflect all the money they make thats all.

I just thought it was interesting, Scott making more than J. Bowden. Even if he makes $155,000 its still more.

OK Bro, I am not wanting to flame..

Just can't agree with your logic thats all. I mean you admit The State is a million dollars off on Bowden and Spurrier but right on an Assitant coach.

I am sure Terry Don Phillips is also not in the habit of fibbing on the official Clemson website. Not logical to me but who knows?

I dunno Vance..

I gotta go with The State on this one..

Maybe the 257,000 that was Spurrier's salary was supposed to be 1,257,000, and the same with Bowden.

I'm going with The State though, over a Clemson website..

Why would The State write a completely bogus article, when it is pertaining to salaries?

Here's the link:

This of course does not include incentives from radio shows and what not, somewhere in the neighborhood of 15-20 thousand dollars, also included in his contract.

Yep, I saw what you posted first...

I saw the article you posted too. At a glance it looks pretty official. But it is far far from accurate (your source). I posted the link because it is the first thing I saw. The story is accurate. Brad Scott got a big pay raise when he was offered the job by Spurrier. The article is in every major newspaper and Clemson/SC football websites back in 2004.

Why is that article far from accurate? Tommy Bowden makes about 5 times more than $240,000 a year, Spurrier makes a tad bit more than $250,000 a year (more than Tommy). I am sure you would have to agree, here is a link with more accurate numbers for Tommy:

Not sure, your link looks like a good one, but it is way off. Do you think Spurrier makes $250,000 a year? I don't even see Rob Spence listed. also has Spence and Vic at $175,000, it does however have Scott listed at only $185,000. Still more than Spence and also more alot more than J. Bowden at $141,000 who just got a pay raise from $120,000. Needless to say the numbers for J. Bowden is all over Warchant, and in every Tallahassee newspaper this week.

Also on the fanblog links you posted..

One of them was wrote in 2004 and the other one was wrote Jan. of 2005..

The link I posted was updated on Feb. 23rd of 2006, and writen by The State..

Like I said though you really can't go by them blog sites anyway. Could be anyone writing them.

My bad.. I thought I posted the link..

It came strait from The State. I feel sure that whoever FSU hires will be making more than 141,000. I could be wrong though.. Who knows, maybe Bobby couldn't pay Jeff but so much or didn't want to with him being his son..

On the blog you found about Scott making 200,000. I wouldn't go by it. Someone wrote that just like me and you are writing this stuff on this blog right now.. It's just a blog..

Anyway, here's link to The State article, and his name is Harvey B Scott:

More links:

Another good link:

Here is a link:

Where did you get those numbers?

The word I got is Brad Scott made $200,000 I also got the word J. Bowden made $141,00 the later being most likely accurate because of the buy out being public. I don't know how much Spence or Vic make. All I'm saying is that he is currently making more than J. Bowden made at FSU. Would he get a raise from J. Bowdens? Probably, it would probably be around what he makes at Clemson. The job security is uncomparable.

I don't really know who makes more. The O. coordinator or the assistant head coach. I do know Scott got a big raise the same time Tommy got his contract renewed. My point is he makes more now than J. Bowden did.

Where did you get those numbers?

Just because he's assistant HC doesn't mean he's gonna make more than a O-coordinator..

Big Brad makes 155,000 a year.. Vic Koenning makes 220,000 a year.. Rob Spence makes 200,000 a year..

Just because he's assistant HC doesn't mean he wouldn't be making more if he took the job at FSU as the O-coodinator. I bet he would be making just as much or more than Spence is making or any coordinator Carolina has for that matter. I mean come on, it's FSU.. Their coaches are gonna be bringing in the money..

FSU will probably hire that Hatcher guy anyway though..

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Oddly enough...

He is actually the Assistant Head Coach at Clemson. What does that mean? He would likely take a pay cut from $200,000 to 141,000. Maybe they would match his pay, but it is unlikely they would pay him more. Throw in the job security factor and I don't know if he would go. Just another little wrinkle.

I couldn't blame him for taking the job..

What I saw was it mentioned as a joke and a flurry of negativity from FSU fans. Of course I am viewing the free message boards. I find it hard to believe they would go after a coach that failed as Offensive coordinator for the Tigers. If he was good as a coordinator I am sure he would still be calling the shots for the the Tigers.

Who knows, one thing is for sure, it would be a silent agreement between Tommy and dad. It certainly wouldn't be a case of stealing him. I just doubt it very seriously. I just don't think they would offer him. No doubt he would take the job I mean who wouldn't? Its just unlikely at best. He is a good offensive line coach but he makes his money as a recruiter and FSU just doesn't really need much more help in that category.

I did hear Butch Davis is hitting up your coaching staff, that too however is most likely bogus rumors started by fans.

Yea the guy from Valdosta State..

Chris Hatcher. The FSU fans seem to be pretty high on him..

I think it would be hard for Brad to turn down if he's offered the job though..


I heard a good friend of Bobby's from a Division AA school who is an offensive guru is the front runner....but that may be just a rumor.
Sorry I have no time to put anything thoughtful on the sight anymore, just never have a lot of time at the PC lately.

Brad Scott.. is reporting big Brad as one of the front runners for their open offensive coordinator job..

May be hard for him to turn down a offensive coordinator job at FSU while he's sitting on O-line coaching job at Clemson..

What you think?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

One thing is for sure, I hope it doesn't come down to special teams....

For either of us.

Hey, I know who will win the Clemson and Cocks game this year...

Here it is, its a guarantee:

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;,fa,gm arkokagkf,a

Remember you heard it here first.

And Now A Message From Laken..

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' ,mfk,jcjndnj,dk,jkp89l, jn/7y;'
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She was having a fit to type somthing. So, there you go.. lol.

Bowden resigns..

Jeff Bowden that is..

Best thing to happen for the Noles in a long time..

Dion Lecorn and Antonio Allen..

Here's a pic I found of 2 prospects that Carolina is really high on..

Dion Lecorn (on left wearing #11) is a 4 star WR and his highschool team mate Antonio Allen (right wearing #4) is a 3 star Saftey. Both play for Trinity Catholic High in Ocala, FL..

On the website I found the pic on, the caption below the pic says "Dion and me at south carolina (Our future)"

Sounds very promising!

Sydney Rice Will Definitely Be Back Next Year!

Spurrier stated in his weekly press conference that both Sydney Rice and TE Andy Boyd would definitely be back for the 2007 season..

Exact Quotes: "But, I do have one announcement for all you guys. Ya'll listening Glenn? Everybody? Here's the best news.. Sydney Rice told me he's coming back next year, definitely." Spurrier stated. "I said, can I tell the media that. He said yes sir. So, put that on the news." said Spurrier. "Sydney Rice is coming back to play for the Gamecocks next year and so is Andy Boyd. I was talking to Andy the other day right before dinner, and I said, Andy you oughta come back next year.. He said coach I really want to. I said, really? He said, yes sir, we gotta real chance here now. And, said I believe it too. We gotta dang chance here next year. Spurrier stated..

"Andy Boyd is by far our best blocking TE." Spurrier said. "He had an excellent game last week, and every game he's in there."

"I'm proud that we have some guys that want to give back to there University." Said Spurrier. "It's real encouraging that we have some guys that want to stay here as long as they can and earn a degree. So that's some of the best news I've heard in a long time."

My thoughts: It's some of the best news I've heard in a long time too! Attrition has been one of the worst habits Carolina has had. Hopefully with Sidney staying it will set an example for the younger guys.

As for Andy Boyd, I agree with Spurrier. He is the best blocking TE we've got, but I'll take it a step further and say he's one of the best blockers we've got period. He's just got to stay healthy which has been a problem for him. He's got good hands too, remember the big reception he had last week for like 40 yards! Also on Boyd, the reason he would have left this year is not because of the NFL. Skip Holtz offered him GA coaching job at ECU before the season started, but he decided to stay for the 2006 season.. Looks like ol' Skip will have to wait til after the 2007 season now..

This is just what Carolina needs though. For our players to stop running to the NFL every chance they get.. You gotta admit, It's helped Clemson over the years, and will help them next year with Barry Richardson coming back.

Great news for Carolina to say the least!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Too bad about the Cocks.

I really thought they would win, they deserved to. Instead they lost in true Clemson fashion. I think the Tigers field goal unit snuck in last night. They are close though.

Its just not our year, we all need to be content with improvements. Otherwise?

I knew Wake had a good chance to win but they beat the crap out of Florida State 30 to nothing. I have to admit, with the Tigers out of it, I am pulling for the Deacs. I can't help it, I always find myself pulling for them. They are overachievers. At least we know it will probably be an old school ACC team this year.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

I agree, somewhat.

But we have to look at the bright side. What do we really need? To improve our record every year. Last year we got eight wins in the regular season. This year we can get 9. We could even get 10 overall. Does it meet expectations? No. Should we have high expectations, yes. How else can our team ever do it if we don't believe they can. We have to beat SC next. Not because its SC but to be improved, it will be a tall task. Think about it like this, what is our goal next year? Acceptable is 10 regular season wins. Goal? ACC championship. The big one? National Championship. Why not us? But we should accept 10 wins. An improvement over this year, if it happens.

Pretty soon our goal could be 12 wins. But we can't get too far ahead and dog out the coach that has brung us from the bottom. I would rather be losing by a TD or less than going back to the days of getting the shit beat out of us by anybody worth a dam.

Don't forget Brent we are competative with everybody we play, it hasn't been long ago that wasn't the case and I don't want to take the chance of going back to that. I doubt very seriously Bowden will renew his contract because he is fed up with the bullshit. Recruiting is improving every year and when we get to the point we are not playing Freshmen, that is when we will be where we want to be. Its just not right now, mainly due to injuries and our QB deciding he don't care about football. I say bench his ass, not because of his playing because of his stupid comments. I didn't think that way before, I would play Harper even if he is not better now.

Friday, November 10, 2006

I sound like those message Board Fools.

Vance, I am not saying that we need to fire Tommy Bowden. I am not trying to be critical of whats going on. I am simply stating that the year of taking the ACC was this year. Clemson had everything in the world to play for Saturday and blew it. Only a fool would believe Miami and FSU are down for good and BC will always be a tough out. I know the recruits are getting better though. Lets go Gator Bowl and a whipping of the Wolfpack tomorrow!

Yes my uncle touched me Vance. No, the bastard left after halftime of my first ever game! I was so pissed and I didn't understand it.

I think I know the story his uncle touched him and he was a Clemson fan.

I blame Brent for all the losses. He decided pizza was more important. LOL.

If he leaves Rutgers that makes him a liar, I heard him say today no way he will leave Rutgers, proint blank no way.

Yep, they were better last Saturday. I hear the Cocks have already been regulated as far as the Rooster crowing. After the Tennesse game they said only after a TD or a big play. I know during the Tenn game they had that thing going off while the Vols were trying to call plays. I'm sure Spurrier had something to do with that too. Maybe the band has some big play makers, think he may be planning to get them involved? Is that legal? Can a band member play football on a band scholarship? That would be funny, watching some kid with a truphet running down the field. LOL, just kidding.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


How about that win!

Mark my words.. Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano will be the next head coach at Miami if Coker steps down.. You heard it here first..

You brought up a great point..

If Carolina has nothing else they have great fan support. If Carolina is 0-10 or 8-2 you can bet Williams Brice is packed out and loud as ever.. I really think thats one of the reasons Spurrier wanted to come coach at Carolina. He saw how much our fanbase wanted, and he didn't see any reason why our fanbase shouldn't get it.. I think we will get it in 2 or 3 years.

Example of the fan support.. Spurrier had stated earlier this week that we need to get our band louder and more involved in the game. Guess what, the band was at practice tonight and had the players hyped up.. There was a clip of it on Gamecock Central and it was awesome! I mean, just to see the band on the small practice field and the players dancing around to the fight song and other songs played during game time was great.. I guess you can call the band part of the fanbase, but any way around it.. that is dedication!

As for Clemson.. You havn't been the only Clemson fan complaining about fan support at the games. If the whole fanbase gets on the subject and make it an issue, it will turn around. Brent will tell you part of the problem.. Ask him about his first trip (or one of his first trips?) to a Clemson game with his uncle.. He will give you an ear full.

Furthermore, I think the Cock fans can be proud of their team this year.

The show of support and loudness of the fans that stayed for the second half of the Arkansas game was amazing. I wish our fans would have showed the same type of support against Maryland. We would have probably won if the had.

We better hope they learn soon, otherwise expect more of the same and don't look to Proctor or Bowden for a scapegoat. Take a page out of Va Tech and the Cocks fan support. After all, the Hokies were having a bad year to say the least and look at the support they got against us. We have to learn support our team. Its the only way we will ever turn around.

I agree.

I am quite sure it will be handled. Sprints, loss of game time (not for the public eye). I doubt it will go unaddressed. I think it will remain on the practice field where it should. After all, these are young kids and you teach them how important winning is. You can't expect them to take losing lightly. Reacting negatively with emotions high is normal. I certainly don't won't to see them dancing around and having a good time when the team is losing.

If it happened on the sidelines it would be a different thing. I have seen it quite a few times this year. Things that happen in the locker room are not for the public eye. We want players that want to win and can't be too quick to judge how they react when they don't, at least not when its behind closed doors. Of course the press has been known to over exagerate everything. They are like sharks smelling blood when a team is going down a rough road. I will assume this is exactly the case unless I see a coach addressing it.

WOW, our next five star maybe?

For some kids it would be a super season. For Clemson commit Marquan Jones it was the kind of stat line that can’t even be achieved on video games. 17 catches, 376 yards and eight touchdowns – in a single football game. That was Jones’ production last Friday in Blythewood’s 84-41 playoff win against Blue Ridge.

That mighty impressive, looking good in 2008!

I completely agree..

Spurrier shouldn't have said what he said.. Why get your young team down? You took the words right out of my mouth on that subject. Nothing more I can say about it, because I agree with everything you said..

I agree that the thing about the clemson flare should have stayed in the locker room. I also still think that there is no excuse for any player/players to get in a heated arguement with any of their coaches.. No excuses for that. If a player/players start doing that, they may think they can do it all the time or even worse, set a bad example and let the younger players know they can do it whenever they want. This isn't the NFL, it's college football.. Those coaches gave you a free ride at a free education at a major university, and a shot at the NFL.. I don't think it should ever be justified for a player/players to ever stand up to a coach in one way or the other.. Not flaming, just giving my opinion.

No, I know you are not flaming...

But as usual I have a different perception of what is wrong with this. These things happen all the time, whats the big problem here? It should have stayed in the locker room. That was between the coaches and players. Of course there was heated discussions. The Tigers season just went down the tubes. Putting this out to the public was unnecessary. Why do we need to know about this? Did it involve the public? No not at all, it was frustration after a tough loss.

I am not flaming either but I do feel Spurriers comments about his players should have stayed in the locker rooms. Probably he should have kept them to himself all together. Is he right, sure no doubt. But I hardly think saying to his players that they cannot win and they have to recruit other players to win will inspire confidence. Maybe the Cocks are not talented enough to win the SEC which is a tall task even for a more talented team. I do however think they are playing their hearts out and that won't help. No doubt he needs more players, but that is totally beside the point. Not a flame bro, but I think you probably agree with me. He gets respect for his accomplishments and he will have a championship team more than likely one day. He just needs to tone down on the young football team that you have. Nobody likes to be told they will never be talented enough to win. Thoughts? If you disagree don't get mad because I am serious about not flaming.

Brent, I agree with you. Two things.

1. Bowden gets critism constantly and feels like he is defending himself at all times.
2. He is trying build confidence in his players, most of which will be back next year.
He has to inspire confidence in Proctor some kind of way and find something positive to talk about. Otherwise not only will we lose from here on out, it could carry over into next year. Again, a coaching change is not the answer and we need to learn to stand behind our team and coaches even in adversity. Otherwise we contribute to our own demise, I think the Tiger fans helped Maryland Saturday, like it or not.

Please don't get mad and flame at me for posting this..

I found this earlier today, and I am just passing it along..

The players need to settle down. No since in acting like this. I know losses hurt, but there is no excuse for this. Click the link..

Tumor Bowden

I'm not dogging Tommy Bowden, I'm just wishing he would say that we blew it up and instead of talking about "who else played 5 top 25 teams." The only reason Maryland is is because they beat Clemson. You're right, Proctor stinks, and we're starting to lose with him. What could Harper do that is worse than losing? Rob Spence's offense is predictable and it was last year too with a real QB. We haven't seen any trick plays all year and the guy will not make an adjustment. I'm not even talking about throwing routes. What about putting your 2 best players on the field at the same time (Spiller, Davis) to give defenses something to think about or run that hook and lateral they ran against FSU last year. Something besides the bubble screen, the dive, and the off tackle. Sorry man I am just frustrated because Clemson is letting teams with inferior talent take over the ACC.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Awesome site, you guys might know about this....

Coaches show:

You are exactly right..

That's what I came to realize with Gray a while back.. If he didn't want to be a Gamecock, Carolina didn't need him to begin with.

If this Gilchrist kid changes his mind, Clemson didn't need him. Just warning you that Weiss is still on the hunt, and he's a dirty fat bastard!

Hopefully Gilchrist is a man of his word. We thought Gray was, but we were wrong..

Yes, I have said it before and I will say it again...

Nothing and I mean nothing is a sure thing until signing day.

The only bright spot is, if he decommits after Clemson has stood behind him. He is not the kind of player that we want on our team. Hopefully he is better than that but you never know.

Totally off the football subject, I am very happy today, why?

I have hated Rumsfeld for as long as I can remember. He has made the entire Armed Forces community very happy today.


It is a shocker of epic proportions nobody saw it coming. Everybody in uniformed breathed a sigh of relief today and I'd say they have all earned it.

Cutting back the military in a time of war, good riddence.

Oh one other thing...

One thing I noticed is that the Gamecock fans were louder even with half there fans gone in the second half, we can do better than that. Or we get what we deserve.

The thing about Gilchrist is..

I hope he doesn't fall into Weisses trap almost as you do, but I'll use a quote you used referring to my article about Garcia.. "sneaky as they use dirty tactics, ND and Florida for example, they use every trick in the book."

Also, if you remember at one time Gary Gray was one of the biggest recruiters for Carolina, and you saw what happened with him.. This is the same Notre Dame program that changed his mind.

I hope more than anything Weiss doesn't win over another commit of Carolina or Clemson. All I'm saying is to be cautious. Gilchrist is a good one, and of course other schools are continuing to persue him, but guess what, Notre Dame is the only one that he is considering visiting. Weiss is doing something fishy up there, and if he gets Gilchrist to take a visit.. it could be trouble..

Just informing you to use caution when Wiesses big ass starts coming after one of Carolina or Clemson's targets. We have seen what can happen..

I know you are disappointed as am I.

It won't help to dog out Bowden though. I know we have both done it in the past but the truth is simple, Proctor is not the same QB as he was in the start of the season. It can happen to any team the QB is the key and ours is not performing. Bowden is doing the right thing by trying to build his confidence up and not throwing him under the bus. That won't help and our only shot at any kind of rebound is for him to perform. The fans did not do a good job at the Maryland game, they were not very loud at all. They also booed Proctor early, guess what? That doesn't help. Harper is not the answer, if he was he would be starting. Spence has no problem starting another QB, after all he wanted to start Proctor last year over Whitehurst. I have watched Harper, he is just simply not ready to start.

What can Spence do? He knew as well as we did Proctor could not throw the ball down the field. His play calling is limited right now due to Proctor and dogging him won't help. We simply have no other options. We are waiting on Korn and are not recruiting QB's. It sux but a coaching change is not the answer and Bowden is not calling the shots, because he is doing everything possible to win. Even stepping to the side. Luck is just not on our side this year. I have no doubt in my mind if we had beat Maryland BC would have beat WF. Its just not our year. We just have to look to the future, and hope it pans out. Korn is the key and I have not lost any confidence that he is a winner. Is he a winning QB? Mechanics and stats mean nothing if he is not. I think he is. But, we won't know until his first game. 10 wins? Right now I am worried about 8.

Yep, alot of teams are after Gilchrist.

The kid is recruiting heavily for the Tigers so that is a good sign. I am surprised ND is going after him because he is still a risk due to his injury. I think he will stay committed because he should remember the Tigers gave him the nod even in the face of adversity when nobody else would. I think he will stay loyal because of that, but nothing is for sure.

Thats funny, expose the new rules because they are flawed.

I have seen several games ruined this year due to the new rules. It affected the Cocks once or twice if I'm not mistaken.

But, I've got a new wrinkle for you that I noticed. The clock starts after a penalty! Lets say there is two minutes left or what not. You have the ball on third down, you could potentially commit back to back penalties and the clock would run! If its not a loss of down penalty you could run the clock down like that. Thats crap, its funny but I hate to see a coach resort to that. The new rules will be changed as a result I'm sure but man, what a dirty trick. Somebody didn't think that out very well. Who in their right mind wants to shorten a game that you have waited all year to see? A woman maybe?

Good news for clemson..

OL Barry Richardson will not declare for the NFL draft because he isn't projected to go in the 1st round. Richardson is the lone junior starting on clemson's OL this year.. Just heard this on the radio and figured I would share.

I know you guys are down right now and I hope this will pick ya'll up a little bit..


I cannot lie about it guys, I am very disappointed with Clemson this year. I know we are still looking at a possibility of 10 wins, but with the shape of the ACC Bowden needs to shut up about Maryland and those other clubs being great ball clubs when he loses to them. Florida State is down and out and we let Wake Forest, Maryland, and BC fight for the Atlantic while we sit in the pile of shit with Bobby and "hey Chuck-E" Amato. I am just disappointed that Clemson had something to play for against Maryland and had a flat performance like Tommy is known for. Other than that go tigers and the Humanitarian Bowl!

A coach finds a loop hole in the new clock rules..

The Wisconsin head coach makes the NCAA look retarded when he runs out the 2nd half clock on a kickoff against Penn St.. It's hilarious, but also bullshit. You gotta see this.. Unbelievable.

Fat ass Weiss at it again..

This time with Clemson commit Marcus Gilchrist.

High Point, N.C., cornerback Marcus Gilchrist experienced a minor setback early in his senior season. The 5-foot-11, 175-pounder dislocated his elbow and missed four games in the middle of the schedule. But that hasn't stopped schools from contacting the national prospect that's committed to Clemson.

Back in July, Gilchrist ended his recruitment when he verbally committed to Clemson. He's still a solid commitment but he often hears from other coaches, including one from Notre Dame.

"Coach (Bill) Lewis called me," he said. "I talked to him about two weeks ago and I know he came by my school. If I was to take any visits it would probably be in January and Notre Dame would be a place that I'd be interested in."

Gilchrist has been closely following Clemson's season this year.

"I think their season has been going pretty well," he said. "They had a few breakdowns and letdowns here and there, but things are going pretty good."

Gilchrist has also paid attention to Notre Dame. The Irish have been equally impressive and the history of the school and football program is what keeps him interested in the Irish.

"I think they've been doing pretty good too," he said. "They play against quality teams and they pull it out and win. (I'm interested in) their strong academic history and their football history."

Gilchrist will make an official visit to Clemson in January.

Gilchrist is a member of the Rivals100 and the No. 6 cornerback in the country.

I wouldn't get down about it too much..

Clemson is still a good football team, just maybe not as good as advertised before the season began. It would be hard for any team to live up to the hype that surrounded the Clemson program during the preseason. Clemson is the best team in the ACC, the ball just didn't bounce thier way this year. They should get only better, as should the Gamecocks. All you can do is just pull for your team the rest of the season and in the bowl game, and hope they meet expectations next year.

Like I said before.. Both teams can only get better with the way the recruiting has been going.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Of course its kind of hard to to be wishing for a big time bowl match up.

Knowing that if we play like we played the last two games we will lose the rest of our games this year. I'm not dogging my team, just facing reality and stating the obvious. I just find it hard, even with all the flaming and what not that we do any of us would have saw the Tigers facing this at this point.

Thats why I am having a hard time even caring about the bowl game. Before now, I thought we had a good chance to face a big name team and win. Right now, unless things change maybe we need to get a lesser opponent. It could be the only way we can win another game. I'm not now nor ever resorting back to dogging on coaching and whatever else. Thats just silly, its just reality that is hard to face. You have your best chance to beat us this year in a while and you know what I hate to say it, but maybe thats what our team needs to wake up. It kind of pisses me off year after year to see the Tigers play at a different level when they play the Cocks knowing what they could have done all year. I think if they play every game the way they have played the Cocks in the past they could have had a conference championship. I'm not so sure that will be the case this year. Thoughts?

Yep, I will take him though.

QB's are the makers or breakers of the team. Its good to get a five star back, even one as productive as Spiller but they are not game winners like a QB (obviously). Korn is the number one dual threat QB in the Nation just ahead of Tyrod Taylor. I think you have to kind of go by position instead of ranking amongst DB's and what not. How exactly do you measure a DB being a better DB than Korn is a QB? Doesn't really matter even if in the unlikely event it holds any weight. Running is also a big part of Korns game so it would be hard to compare him to the other two pro style QB's ahead of him. Nothing really matters untill he steps on the field. After all, Michael Wade could be the next John Elway right now for all we know and nobody has even mentioned his name.

Thats an interesting bowl forecast. Its the first time I have heard it. All other projections have Clemson leaning towards the Gator and playing West Virginia. Its hard for them to be making any predictions. They don't even know who the ACC or SEC champs will be. I have also heard you may get some of Wake in the bowl matchups this year. Of course Wake could win the ACC this year. Projections at this point are pretty worthless with all the conference championship games. I have also heard that a 6 win season may not get a team a bowl game this year as there will be alot of 7 win teams due to the addition of the extra game this year. Who really knows? updates player rankings..

Gary Gray no longer a 5 star, Willy Korn no longer the #1 player in the state of South Carolina, and Cliff Mathews jumped from the 93rd best player in the nation to the 44th..

Gary Gray falls from 29th best player in the nation to the 52nd. Therefore, his 5 stars change to 4 stars. Cliff Matthews is now ranked higher than Gary Gray.. Little punk.. lol.

Willy Korn drops from 3rd best player in the nation to 25th. He is still a 5 star but on the border-line between 4 and 5.. He also lost his #1 ranking in the state.. Carlos Dunlap of Charleston, SC jumped to 7th best player in the nation, he also jumped to the #1 player in South Carolina. You may remember me talking about Dunlap. I mentioned him in an article when Cliff Matthews commited. He still favors the Gamecocks, and he is now the 2nd best strong-side DE in the nation. Be great for Carolina to land him.. If that were the case we would have landed the 2nd best weak-side and 2nd best strong-side DE in the nation in Dunlap and Matthews. Never heard of that in one class..

Cliff Matthews jumped 49 spots to the 44th best player in the nation, and 2nd best WS DE.. He is also now ranked the 3rd best player in South Carolina.. Did I mention that he's ranked ahead of Gary Gray now.. LMAO! I love it!

Further notes on Carlos Dunlap: Carlos's dad played basketball for the Gamecocks in the 70's. He wants to see his son be a Gamecock.. Carlos's best friend Robert Quinn is a junior and also a DE on Carlos's highschool team. Quinn will be ranked as one of the top 100 players in the nation next year (4-5 star). He is also very high on the Gamecocks, and has been pushing Carlos in that direction.. Looking good for Carolina to land a 5-star after all!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

ESPN bowl projections..

Both guys project Clemson VS. Navy in the Meineke Car Care Bowl..

One guy projects Carolina VS. Virginia Tech in the Music City Bowl. The other guy projects Carolina VS. Kansas St. in the Independence Bowl..

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Yea I'm happy Mitchell got another chance..

Just hope he continues to play well (with the exception of the pick). Spurrier has already named Blake the starter for the Florida game. I think Spurrier should line both Blake and Syvelle up at QB in the shotgun formations. We really need Syvelle on the field, whether it's at WR or RB, he just needs to be out there..

Yea, I hate Blake couldn't come in and finish the deal, but we were just already to far behind. Oh well, we'll go see what Blake can do next week against Florida.

As well as Carolina and Clemson's recruiting has been going, we can only get better..

Looks like Blake Mitchell is sending Newton back out to the Old Pulp Wood Yard again.

Sorry, I couldn't help myself, come on now don't act like you are not happy about it, I know you are a big Mitchell fan.

Oh and thanks Deacs for your efforts but I'm afraid we will have to decline because we couldn't even beat Maryland.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Well lets go over current events then...

What do we have to look forward to? Maybe beating the Cocks but I doubt it. Maybe we can play North Texas State in the Potato Bowl, but we would probably get beat.

Hard to believe we were riding high and looking unstoppable just two weeks ago. Just goes to show how fast things can change.----------->

Hope he pans out because I am about sick of disappointments year after year.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Sources reporting Butch Davis as the new head coach at UNC..

The former Browns and Hurricane head coach likely headed to UNC..

I don't know Vance..

I have more confidence in Garcia signing with the Gamecocks than any other uncommited player on our board..

I just think he wants to be a Gamecock. I think he wants to play for Spurrier and do something that has never been done before.

Many people say that the reason he hasn't commited yet is because ESPN has been following him and making a little highlight video of his season and recruiting process. Don't know if that is true or not, but it's been a rumor for a while now and it would be pretty kool and good publicity for the Gamecocks.. especially in the state of Florida. Many people also say that he is the worst kept silent commit in the nation (to the Gamecocks of course).

Carolina's recruiting coordinator David Reeves is also very close to Garcia and his family, he was even before Reeves was hired at Carolina..

I agree that you never know what will happen with these dirty recruiting tactics, but I think Garcia is the type of kid that it will not phase him.. In other words, I think he is a complete opposite of Gary Gray, as far as characteristics are concerned.. Hope I'm right : )

I know where you're coming from though.. It's still hard for me to realize that Carolina and Clemson can pull recruits from those dirty coach bastards. We need to get used to it though, because it's happening and will continue happening..

I think we were running alot of the same thing as Louisville last year.

The short passes anyway. Its obvious we need to get back to it more. Last game is just proof you have to be balanced. Just because you can run the ball up the middle on most of your schedule it doesn't mean you need to do it exclusively. The Tigers have to use the recievers that they have. They have very talented people at these positions and they deserve to get more action. You can tell they got rusty, in addition to Proctor. No excuses now, Spence needs to throw more short passes and screens tommorrow. This game has me worried.

Good pick ups for the Cocks. You know, I think these rumors get started on the message boards, I actually saw a fan start this up, with nothing to back it, just to be cute. I am pretty sure thats where it came from. It was an FSU fan that started the Tommy has already took the job at FSU rumor. He later admitted it was a joke. After all, how would you like to face the first thing you do is firing your brother.

I am not so sure you won't see Terry Bowden coming out soon, even Tommy mentioned it, he has brought up his brothers name alot. NC maybe? I don't think he would get the Miami job, even though he would take it, but stranger things have happened.

I think you can count on Barnes and he is a good one, Garcia I am not sold on yet. You have a good shot no doubt, I just don't think he has made up his mind. There seems to be alot of big teams with QB issues these days and they are hard to beat out and sneaky as they use dirty tactics, ND and Florida for example, they use every trick in the book. Did I tell you I hate Weisses fat ass?

5 Things From Thursday's Game.

1. West Virginia and Louisville put on one of the best games I've seen this year.

2. Both of these teams are as good as any team in the country offensively, but their defenses could be suspect. I think Louisville is the more complete team.

3. Brian Brohm is the real deal. He found the open reciever every single time

4. West Virginia will run on anybody. If you can keep scoring with them though, I think that offense will fumble or make a mistake eventually. It they are forced to pass to win, they will lose.

5. I like both of these teams now, and one big reason is because they know how to execute on offense. I love Louisville's offense and wish Clemson could run it, but WV can be just as effective.


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