Wednesday, November 09, 2011

I see both sides of the story

Paterno legally did the right thing. He did what he was supposed to do. The question with him is if he did the right thing morally. Should he have not went to the police? And that not only goes for Joe but for everyone that knew about the situation.

It starts with the GA that caught the terrible act while it was happening. Why not kick Sandusky's ass right then and there. Even kill him?? I probably would have if I were the GA and saw what he did. Instead he ran away and told his dad about it. His dad called Paterno. Paterno reported it to the AD. And guess what.. nothing ever came from it. The GA that caught the act goes on to get a WR coaching job at Penn St..

The whole thing is fucked up. It is bad that JoePa is catching a bad wrap but imo he is just as guilty as anyone. He is catching the most hell because he is the most famous and that feeds the media.

It just goes to show how corrupt big money making orginizations can be. Even the sport we love in college football..

FWIW Brent..

I get your point and I hope you are right.

This is absolutely terrible..

It makes me wanna be less of a football fan. I can see that he turned it over to the AD and the coach was retired. But some of this happened in the athletic facilities for heavens sake. Hard to imagine he was not aware before either. I want to find a way to find JoePa not guilty. The more I read, the harder it gets. I can't think of a worse possible thing to happen to a school. This is just sad and I hope he is found to be clean, I just don't see it right now. I think this is something so terrible he probably just convinced himself it was not real. Make no mistake JoePa runs Penn State and is responsible for what happens in building tho. Just terrible and disgusting is all I can say.


Guys it is awful what is going on at Penn State right now, but is this story really being handled well? If you look at all the coverage there's a mention of actually committed the alleged crimes and the rest of the article is about Joe Paterno. They're going to bury him on this one, but should they? All these people are writing all this without knowing anything at all. I'm just not sure its right to ruin a man's life when he didn't commit the crime. Nobody knows what he knew but the media wants him to hang. It's not right. This country has a sickness. The media makes it stunningly clear. Joe Paterno will probably die this year because of all this. He's already guilty of the crime (Sandusky isn't famous enough) he didn't commit in the public eye because a vast majority of the people in this country are pretty damn stupid and are swayed by those dumbass reporters on television.

Did you watch the other 6 episodes?

They were good and will tie into season 2.

I am almost thru the first season of Friday Night Lights, pretty good. Brent you should probably check out Nikita too.

I think Scar will beat Florida in their house, as we all know both teams are quite capable of losing. I expect us both to win.

Brent, did you see where I posted they are remaking the original BSG movie? Not tied into the reimagined series. A new series with the first Cylon war as well.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Redneck with a crossbow is the guy from Boondock Saints. Hes pretty cool. I like the pizza delivery boy you should be on ninja turtles. What Blake, you don't care about the elderly in that nursing home? Immortals should be awesome, if thats the one I'm thinking about with Mickey Rourke. Oh, Vance, I did watch the first season of Spartacus BTW. I was hoping for the guy to return from his illness, but.....

Like how top 10 Clemson landed a noon game on ESPnU? No respect, lol. It doesn't matter to me really. I'm kinda glad its a noon this week honestly. This game should be over early in the third. Wake is making strides, but they're not there yet. Great qb though, so you never know. Any thoughts on SC and Florida?

Monday, November 07, 2011

Did you see the previews for next week? Wow

I think it's funny, we have been discussing characters that all the sudden both seem insignificant.

The new dark passenger..

Wonder where this will go lol..

I thought you did say Mexican Brent

You probably did say mexican and went back and edited your post lol. You look like a mexican albino by the way..

I like the redneck with the crossbow the best too. All of the characters are good actors, it really doesn't have anything to do with that. It's like the writer is saying the same thing I am about it, "it's a damn zombie show" who cares about the characters. None of them really draw you in. Or me in I guess I should say.

I told you about Immortals a while back, looks like a good one..

Wow you got me wanting to watch the next dexter episode bad now lol.

Dexter, holy Crap!

Let me know when you have watched it.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Dummy, Blake?

Blake, I said of Spanish descent. Spain is a European country. Don't pull a Jenelle.

I liked many characters on BSG. As for the Walking Dead, were gonna watch more episodes tonight. I do like it, and plan to keep watching it. Still don't know if I will like any characters just yet. I know that Michael Rooker got handcuffed to a pipe and sawed his "stink palm" hand off. Ever seen Mallrats?

Wake Forest doesn't scare me. They probably should, but they don't. I am genuinely concerned about our weak defense for all the rest of the games. I'm just gonna roll with it though and have fun.

Have you guys heard of this?

Coming out this week and from the producers of 300? Might be pretty good:

One more note and a warning..

This is so much more entertaining than football right now, lol. We know all these shows are likely to deliver at least.

The Eddard Stark thing, the author of the books which I really want to read is absolutely notorious for doing that. Killing off characters.


I don't think the show has really had enough time to get attached to anyone. My guess is they don't won't you to get attached yet, some of them are likely to get eaten this season.

Well I get attached to different characters..

I like Batiatus on Spartacus and the redneck with the crossbow is my favorite on The Walking Dead. I will be very upset if he gets killed. I think its because they are more like me, lol. I agree if the kid turns into a zombie it will be hard to tell the difference and I can't wait for the woman with the head shaved to get eaten.

Yes Brent, the wife is a complete bitch (very realistic) and Shane is even worse. He gets worse, but he is still doing a good job. Oh and I liked Gaius Baltar on BSG.

Everybody was starting to like Shane I bet, hated the Redneck. What now?

Also, I won't give it away to Brent, but I got a little upset about Otis. He had potential.

These are supposed to be country folks like us, they are not yuppies from Miami or Italians from Rome. Rick Grimes is an Australian guy for example and he is blowing the part away IMO. I am looking for these people to be like us and I am sorry but I can relate to them better. I guess the guys on Spartacus and Dexter are great, never met a Gladiator or a Serial Killer from Miami to compare them with. I just know these guys are doing pretty good, never met a zombie either, so you got me there.

You gotta agree bro, this season has been more about the characters and more personable than last, thats all I'm saying.


If Connor Shaw is still alive by the Clemson game he could run for 500 yards. Our offense showed that they can play bad for 4 quarters. Not checking it off as a win and I am ok with losing. Would love to get 10 wins and an ACC championship. We have been here before, did not get either. Not even a measly win over Scar in fact. But the good thing is "I DON'T GIVE A CRAP!!!

I will also say that

I am with Brent about the characters on the walking dead. Sure they are good actors but I'm not attached to any of the characters. There isn't one that if died I would be like "damn that sucks, the show will not be as good now." All of the characters could die and they could bring in a whole new cast for all I care. It's a zombie show, it's not for attaching to characters for me. I like the thrill of the show. It's more about the suspense. The show doesn't have a "Rita" from Dexter or a "Varro" from Spartacus or the best of all.. A "Eddard Stark"..

There is no character like the ones I mentioned above that would make me think less of the show if they rid them off. It's a zombie show, a good one, but a zombie show that the characters don't mean shit in to me..

By the way, is it just me or does the little boy Carl's ugliness not just urk you lol? I mean if they are trying to make you attach to the characters his part would be the one to do it with. Instead it is a ugly dying kid.. they pick howdie doodie to play the part lol..

I was joking about "Chief Crater Face"

It was a joke for Vance. The guy has to be a good actor. I've seen him in a lot of stuff. I was just making fun. Technically though he is an indian if he is mexican brent, dummy.. lol

I have just seen Mos Def in movies and he surprises as an actor. You see the name "Mos Def" and you think "Ice Cube" or "Tyrese" and he blows those guys out of the water as far as rapper actors go. It's just a shock that he is dumb enough to go by the name Mos Def and be smart enough to be a good actor. I have to admit though before Dexter the only roles I saw him play were in comedies. He plays a good serious role as well as Dexter proves. I will also admit that I was intrigued with the fact that he would be on Dexter this season, moreso than Pueblo Kruger.. Sue me..

As for football, the game tonight was pretty much what I expected. All we can hope for is UGA to lose to Aubz and we beat UF. Both could easily happen. We'll see. Doesn't matter anyway though, neither SEC east team will touch LSU or Bama for that matter if they would have won.

Clemson will beat Carolina this year. I'm good with that...

As for Scar?

Oh well, they have a good team but I agree, too many distractions. Arkansas is just a well coached team and LSU had better take notice. Alabama was not the only good team in their division.

No idea what will happen when we meet, we should just all agree to have fun this year. No silly banter or whatever, either team might win this one. Just joke about it and have fun.

Would not be a shocker..

if Wake beat us. All we really need to do is play like we did against GT. Yes, GT as they always do played well against us in Atlanta. But we did not play well either, something that went underrated as a disadvantage was Ellington being out. He is quietly a big part of the offense. So instead of having a threat at RB, a guy that has 100 plus yards a game and usually a TD or two, we had 2 fumbles each by the RBs. Can't win like that.

I knew Brent would finally take up for me on this!!!

I knew you would agree, but yes it has been because of BSG. Mos Def has been a good one for the show so I know where Blake is coming from. I think by the end tho, everyone will see what we mean. No one however is probably ever going to be as great a villain as John Lithgow on Dexter. That will be tough to top.

All I can say Brent is keep watching, I understand what you mean. They had allot to get in with only 6 episodes to work with. The first season I was entertained, gore, outstanding scenes, just the shock of a unique TV show. The first season was like a giant pilot. Great acting in the first season? Not really because with the scenes like when he went into Atlanta there was really no time or need. But this season, different set up. The zombies have been down played IMO somewhat and only now are the characters really coming out. I enjoyed last season, but I have been glued to it this season. I think I know what you like Brent and this season is more your style.

I would definitely recommend Breaking Bad and to a lesser extent (for you) Sons of Anarchy. I did not see you mention it, but tell me you have already watched Spartacus? If not that should be your next show and its not even close.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Acting in Zombie Flicks

I've watched the first few episodes of the Walking Dead, waiting on Jenelle to get back to finish first season. Good show. Disgusting plot thread with wife giving up on husband after a month. Ho. Sexy Ho.

I haven't really seen too many "great" acting scenes in this show though vance. What you have to do to make people follow the characters in a show, as opposed to the situation going on, you have to give them a sense of depth. Im not there yet with the characters. I'm not emotionally invested with anyone yet like I was with the several BSG characters and the characters from LOST. I was emotional several times during both shows. Rare that TV gets me that way, if only because of the way TV has to alter its "bible" when people want to move on. I'm just a weirdo when it comes to people leaving unnaturally and how a show handles this is part of the staying power for me. I have discovered that I have emotional withdrawal when a show ends and that's why it takes me so long to find another one. Both Lost and BSG broke my heart and I need time to find other people to really care for. I like strong morals that are flawed and tested...Batman for example. Any shows you can recommend? Dexter kills, and that "kills" it for me on that one. Any suggestions? I'm reading the second book of Game of thrones now. And yes, I'm drunk.


Blake, don't talk about Edward James Almos. He ranks up there with Captain Picard and Han Solo dammit. Mos Def doesn't have shit on him and if you watched Battlestar Galactica you would know that. He has charisma, machismo, and vulnerability. I won't hear about some shit rapper even being on the same level as Admiral Adama, who got a best actor nomination for STAND AND DELIVER. I didn't even read most of the posts about it, and for the record he is of Spanish descent. Sure his face looks like a gravel driveway, but he would kick "your fat, lazy ass" to quote.

What a fucking game tonight by the two best teams in the country. I want the rematch and if the BCS doesn't give us that, fuck 'em. Nobody is close to these two teams.

Carolina played admirable, but Stephen Garcia took his toll on this team in the end. Spurrier looks older and I think this team's psyche has been hurt by all the bullshit that has happened to them. Fuck you Garcia.

I'm ready to see Clemson back in action against a WF team that had their chances against Notre Dame and their super 10 spray painted helmest tonight. I am very afraid of facing Georgia Tech in that conference game though, so I will be hoping for the Hokies. GT just matches up too well with Clemson's defense and I will not be able to live through another 2009 two losses to Paul "slap a player" Johnson and his wing T, wishbone, power I, Tom Osborne, win one for the gipper offense.

For good luck!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

That got me going


Just sent it to you bro..

Let me know, be sure to look to the right of the page and scroll down.

That is the site I'm using

Or maybe it isn't, the first one to come up on google is the site you gave me and that's the one I'm using. Can you email me the page that has all the episodes for the 2nd season? All I can find is the 6 episodes of the 1st season on that site.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Google Watch Series bro..

Its the first thing to come up on google and its where I get everything. If you cannot find the new season you are on the wrong site, every episode goes up there like 2 hours after it airs. Actually, the first episode of Dexter came out on there a week BEFORE it aired? No idea how, but it happened. Same thing with the Walking Dead last year.

Just joking about Sho Nuf, I mean Mos Def, lol. I think he has been good for the show as well.

Just messing with you bro

Yea it looks like brother Sam got shot. I don't think he dies though. It is a good season so far.

I like The Walking Dead and I know other people do. It just isn't as good as like Dexter, Spartacus, Sopranos, ect. To me it isn't but everyone has their preferences and The Walking Dead is more of the type of thing you prefer. I like it as well. I'm having a hard time finding a good place to watch the new season. Shoot me a email of the site you're using. The site you gave me before doesn't have the new season up yet.

Also, Dexter is Hiro's favorite show...

In terms of acting?

Seriousy bro, all those completely unknowns on The Walking Dead blow them both away. A serious drama with absolutely no comedy what so ever about zombies and they pull it off? Thats acting.

I know you say it is my type of show, but go to the Rivals board and ask everyone to post their top 5 shows and see how many list it. You might get 2 or 3 that don't and they probably have not watched it.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

I mos definitely disagree..

I don't think he is an Indian, lol. Also, his role has not really got going yet. Looks like mos def is mos definitely over. Nothing has really happened yet, but it's mos definitely coming. I was going by Battlestar Galactica, I mos definitely thought he was great there.

The walking dead has been great, both are very good this year.

So far I give MOS DEF the edge as the better actor..

over your old ass indian guy on Dexter lol.

"Wrinkled Face" plays a good creepo role but as an actor against MOS DEF?

Homeboy is killin it over the mohican lol.

No but for real, I told you he was a good actor and I bet you will know who he is from now own. I don't get the "MOS DEF" alias either. He could do much better as an actor without it. Great actor with a lot of potential. Rapper? Not so much. That is his claim to fame though. He is a much better actor than rapper imo

Yeah, oh well..

No big deal really.

I think you guys have a legit shot at beating Arkansas. Would be nice if your offense finally showed up, which is very possible.


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