Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Haven't been watching much lately

I have been keeping up with Spartacus and Eastbound. The last episode of Eastbound didn't record on my dvr but I rescheduled it so I will prob watch it friday night.

Started my new job today. Mostly doing paperwork and meeting everyone. Kind of nervous about everything but I should be fine after a few weeks. My boss is pretty cool so I think I'm going to like working for him. Everything is good though.

How is school going?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I don't even know...

If it's ok to laugh at the latest episode of eastbound. Very funny, but just wrong at the same time.

Friday, February 24, 2012

I will definitely check it out...

No time for a new show right now, too many good ones. It's good to watch a show after the first season anyways. The river is not one of those good shows, it's like a fake version of ghost hunters. Sux, because I looked forward to it and it should have been good.

Did you watch touch yet? How funny was the put put incident on eastbound and down? Funny because it's just like something that would happen at Myrtle beach, lol.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Watched 3 episodes and it is definitely worth watching. It's pretty funny and has a lot of potential. You need to check it out.

Monday, February 20, 2012

I saw that...

About FNL and was going to to post it for you but you beat me to it. Watched Hanna and it was pretty good. I also watched a movie called transit and thought it was good. Rogue River surprisingly was worth a watch, not great but you could do worse in terms of horror movies. Never heard of that show, but I will check it out. Great time for tv right now.

I laughed so hard at eastbound and down I think I pulled muscles. You watched it already? Let me know when you do.

Another little tidbit

Peter Berg, the creator of Friday Night Lights is trying to put together a Friday Night Lights movie. Same characters from the show involved..

Watched a new movie

called Hanna. You may have already seen it but it's pretty new. It was pretty good.

Another show that I saw on netflix called Lilyhammer looks interesting. Looks like a spin-off of The Sopranos but it isn't. It even has Steven Van Zandt as the main character which was one of my favorite characters on The Sopranos. I haven't started watching it yet but I plan to soon.

East Bound and Down is here. Myrtle Beach lol!

Friday, February 17, 2012

It's still possible...

I just don't know for sure, school will have to start taking priority of course. But for all I know that could be the break.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Job

Check your email for details.

Thats too bad about the end of May. I think Hiro would have really liked the yardsale.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sorry bro...

But I think this season has been better than the first one. I just love the show and I have been waiting 2 years almost for the second season. Nothing else on TV comes close IMO.

I have heard nothing but good things about Tanneyhill as a HS coach.

Not sure if I could come home the end of May bro, it has to be set up around when she can be off work. Not really sure and I will also be in school which will have to be a factor as well.

I still like Spartacus

But there is no denying that it is no where near as good. I have watched the 3rd episode too. Looks like they are going to kill off Crixus.

Yea Tanneyhill has done well for himself. He made Chesterfield into a powerhouse. Union is a bigger school and is a definite upgrade.

Daddy wanted me to tell you that you should plan to come home at the end of May. That's when the yardsale is. I'm not sure of the exact date but I will find out. I know Hiro would like it.

Spartacus delivers...

Watched episode 3 and for whatever reason episode 4 is already out (have not watched it yet). I won't talk about it until you watch it. The river is out also, have not watched it yet either.

I think tanneyhill did get the job at Union, he is pretty well respected as a high school coach.

Friday, February 10, 2012

I hear he did well at North Greenville...

I would like to see him picked up as well. I think Steven Garcia is making a run at the NFL also. I heard tanneyhill is about to get a big high school coaching job as well.

If you watch any good movies let me know bro, most of them are not very good these days or maybe it is just me. I would especially like to find a good comedy, seems they are the hardest to find.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

I need to check out touch

Yea the whole horse racing thing turned me off with luck.

I liked the set up of the river but I'm like you with the paranormal activity thing. It does have a paranormal activity feel but they needed to make the camera work just like it. It would be much scarier that way. The scariest part was when the spanish girl was possessed by emmet. It really reminded me of paranormal activity in the scene where she looks at the camera and smiles. That was a spooky moment.

I wanted to tell you too that I heard a pretty good interview with Willy Korn on the radio today. He's going to workout at Clemson's pro day. I'm not sure it's possible with Korn's situation but I hope an NFL team gives him a shot. He's a good kid that went through a lot.

I watched the river also...

It has potential, I just wish it was not done in a reality (paranormal activity) type way. The screaming may get annoying, but a show on the amazon river? Lots of potential.

Actually, I was not terribly impressed with the first episode of luck. It got better towards the end tho, you do have to be in the mood and I am not interested in horse racing. But I watched the second episode and it got way better. The first episode just starts to set up the shows identity. Suprano like, but not at all a rip off. Give it the second episode and you will see I think.

None of them are as good as touch, just a warning, they released the first episode a full month before the series starts. I did not know it when I watched it, really sux because it was one of the best pilots I have ever watched (except lost). Cannot wait for it to start.

Yeah, I don't know much about the recruits yet bro, I tend not to follow guys until I know we are in a good position to sign them. No idea which ones are leaning towards Clemson yet. But I will check them out when you mention them.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Quote from national recruiting analyst Mike Farrell

This was from a free article on rivals about the #1 recruit this year. This quote just stood out to me.

Leading the way is Nkemdiche at No. 1.

"He's the guy this year," said Farrell. "But this isn't like Jadeveon Clowney in 2011 where we were pretty certain he would be No. 1 from start to finish. Nkemdiche is a rare talent, a big kid who can move so well he could stand up in college if needed or play anyplace along the defensive line. But when people compare him to Clowney, it's not quite the same. Robert is a special player, but there are a few guys I could see unseating him in the end. That wasn't the case with Clowney."

Believe it or not I watched a little bit of the first episode of Luck

It seemed ok but just not something I'm in the mood for at the time. I'm sure I will pick up on it when it gets a lot of hype.

I did watch the 2 hr first episode of The River. We're gonna like that one I think. It has a "Lost" feel to it but the characters are not as good yet and it has a horror gist to it. Pretty good so far..

Its still very early of course...

they always start out with a minimal number of 5 stars. I bet more will make it. I am starting to think the 5 star status is ruining quite a few players anyway. They get the attitude that they have arrived and do not work as hard, not all of them of course.

I have heard of that movie before, just have not watched it. I definitely will. Yet another TV show to tell you about, Luck off HBO. Has Dustin Hoffman, Nick Nolte an all-star cast. This is likely going to rival the Supranos, its already been renewed for season 2.

Rivals just released top 100 for 2013

Only 11 five stars in the country. South Carolina as a a state only has 1 player in the top 100. Kind of surprised more didn't make it in from SC..

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

New movie for you

I can't remember if you had watched the wonderful white's of west virginia or not but if you haven't you need to watch it asap. You will get a good laugh out of it. A spin off of that documentary is a movie (not a doc) called white lightnin. It turned out to be pretty good..

Sunday, February 05, 2012

That's great news

I think that is a really good idea. If there is anyway to mix engineering in with it somehow it would be good. That seems to be more popular while job seeking. Electronics would be really good. If I was to go back I would try for that probably.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

It's no problem bro...

You didn't give anything away. Nothing is as bad as the time I accidentally told you about Rita on Dexter, I still feel bad about that one. Speaking of Dexter, I watched a decent horror movie last night with lauren velez in it. That's why I watched it, because she was in it. Rosewood lane, very entertaining, especially the ending. You think, what just happened? Then, holy crap once you think about it you figure it out. Definitely worth a watch, decent horror movies are hard to find.

Not sure, June maybe?. Hiro will be coming and I am starting school in march, has to be planned around that. Getting my degree in computer networking and security. Possibly a double major. Had the university of Maryland university go over my transcripts. I only have to take 12 computer classes, one advanced English and a foreign language to get a 4 year degree.

That's a bachelors degree not an associate. It will be in the classroom here, not online and the school is very well respected. I am very excited about it. The terms are 6 weeks, I can easily get done in 2 years or less only taking one or two classes at a time. Will be looking to you for advice on the second major if I decide to do it. Computer science or CMIS? The college also offers Microsoft certifications and some other ones I will be going for as well. Let me know what you think bro.

Sorry about that bro

You usually watch everything before me. I didn't really give anything away though. Good episode.

Daddy keeps asking when you're coming home?

Have not watched it yet...

I try to watch movies on the weekend and tv shows thru the week, but I forgot about him too. At some point Gannicus will show up I bet too tho.

Asher, that mother f*****!!!

The show did a great job of making me forget about him. Then pow! He's up to the same old tricks.

He's be with Lawless the whole time right??

Friday, February 03, 2012

In the long run it will help teams like ours..

Alabama, lsu, fla etc... Signing 30 players, running them off and then repeating the next year. There will be more players out there that they don't eat up. It's their new way of cheating the 85 rule, seems as if there pretty much given a waiver to do whatever they want. Sign players borderline retarded academically, not a single NCAA violation I am aware of even with what we know about Cam Newton. The joke of a national championship this year that not too many people watched, the lowest ratings ever. Oh, and we finally ended up with a NC that did not with their conference, or division.

Teams will just have to adjust

I think Spurrier's thinking was that as long as it was legal he was going to do it. I think you are seeing him start to adjust this year by only signing 25 players. The SEC had already set forth some kind of rule. Not sure exactly waht it is but we didn't break the rules this year. From my understanding some other SEC schools did. Can't remember who they are but I feel confident we will continue to follow the rules like we did this year.

Don't really know the details on either case...

probably never will officially hear. Leaman or whatever is odd to say the least, but I hear a girl is involved which is logical, who know really? In terms of Joe Craig, I am a football fan and we are stacked at that position so its a good thing for Clemson to open up that spot for hopefully an extra lineman.

On that note, the NCAA from what I understand is about to enforce a 4 year scholarship rule. Clemson will be fine they sign around 20 players every year. But if you are a team that consistently signs almost 30 players, sometimes more, you might be in trouble.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Joe Craig at it again

They should have dropped him the first time. At least he's gone now though..

My bad

Someone had told me about the prep school thing yesterday. Apparently they was wrong. Looks like he just didn't work out..

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Is SC State a prep school?

I really don't know, I thought I remember seeing something about his girlfriend going there. But that of course is nothing official, maybe its because it is a prep school or he knows he won't qualify? No idea, no reason was really given. Win some, lose some.

Boring is good though

No drama to worry about. I will gladly take who we got without having to add any surprises. I'm sure you would too. Clemson did lose one 4 star in this class. A lineman that's last name is like Laemon or something. He is going to prep school though and I like the prep school route. Kids generally do well after going through prep school.

I agree bro...

In terms of knowing the recruits next year, I don't even know the guys you mentioned. But it sounds perfectly logical to me that they would always pump the next years class. I really did not pay much attention to it before.

Pretty boring as expected, at a glance I think we both pretty much got what was expected?

About my last post

Don't get me wrong, I'm not disagreeing with you. Next year's class could very well be the best ever. I'm just saying that we hear it every year. See, the recruiting sites pump that in your head every year to keep you excited about recruiting. Thats how they make their money.


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