Sunday, September 29, 2013

Week 5

Actual scores
Scar 28 - UCF 25
Clem 56 - Wake 7
Scar 31 - UCF 27 +
Score: 45
Clem 40 - Wake 20 +
Score: 21
Total: 66
Scar 41 - UCF 24 +
Score: 36
Clem 44 - Wake 13 +
Score: 32
Total: 66
Scar 34 - UCF 27 +
Score: 42
Clem 44 - Wake 19 +
Score: 26
Total: 68
Scar 38 - UCF 24 +
Score: 39
Clem 31 - Wake 13 +
Score: 19
Total: 58
Season Total Points
Brent: 319
Rich: 180
Vance: 239
Blake: 240

I cannot wait...

For the last episode of breaking bad to air, to see how it ends. It's just that good.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

I was joking too..

Hope everyone got a laugh.

But Ucf has a good football team, thats was no joke, well coached. 

Just messing with ya bro

Glad to squeak away with a win today

You know what time.....

Except for which time?

Except for that one time.....

Clem's OL has been bad

especially that last game against NC ST. Is it because Chad's offense is too demanding of them? I don't know bro, first I've heard that one.

I do know that in Scar's offense our OL has looked much better than Clem's. Guess we have a "OL friendly" offense compared to Clem lol. I know Shaw has had plenty of time to throw and I think our running game with Mike D and B Wilds speaks for its self.

Our OL is far and away better than Clem's..


Yeah, queers like Oregon...

The best team in the nation IMO, and you know its convincing if I'm picking them over Bama/LSU. Different coach, same offensive scheme. For queers, I hear they found the scheme on a rock at the top of broke back mountain.

You cannot really....

Compare the two lines. Totally different animals and Clemson absolutely has not had issues. We have plenty of depth at every position, more than in a long long time. Your comparing a line that is made to move quickly and be the last man standing in the end (conditioning) to more of a traditional look of Scar. Both are effective in what they do, they just do different things. Put scars OL on the field and ask them to go wide open hurry up for a game and they would die, same for Clemson, ask them to slow down and do what scar does and they would fail. Even, with no real way to compare the two.

Offensive Identity?

Ahh that is for queers like Malzauhny and Chad Morris lol. We always do pretty good at home with Spurrier's offense. Doesn't always look good on the road. It is what it is. So far Spurrier's offense looks pretty damn good this season. Better than Clem's. I'm excited..


There is absolutely no doubt that Scar's OL has been better than Clem's so far. If you say other wise I will question if you have watched a game either team has played this season. Clemson has had real trouble on the OL and I have been more than impressed with Scar's.

How about offensive...

Strategy/identity. Clemson is hunh. First off, what is your identity? How does whatever it is stand up in today's game? Is it cutting edge? Do the best defensive coaches in the nation bitch about it and beg for a rule change due to it? 

I think you guys take positions on the field and call them Spurs right? Get it? Chicken fights/spurrier?

Tay is not missing the whole game...

I would say even with Sammy Watkins being the far and above anyone else. He is a game changer.

Again, Clemson.

RB, I give you the edge by 50 yds. I would add you rely on the run more and I wish Clemson committed a little more to it. Scar, but not by much, pretty much because of different offensive strategies vs effectiveness. 

What else is there?



I would call it even.

Scar doesn't have a WR that is as good as Watkins. However our corps is just as good as Clem's as a whole. I would have given Clem the edge before Peake's injury. With Peake's injury Clem has to depend on Tay Bryant more. Tay can't catch a beach ball smothered with honey lol. Boyd's completion percentage may go up this week with Tay out. That group isn't any better than Ellington, Byrd, Jones, Roland, ect. I think these guys have shown that so far this season.


I agree...

Except the part about shaw being better this year so far.

On to reciever, Sammy Watkins, who do you have that's better?

Probably not

but so far Shaw has been better than Boyd this season. Like I said, it may not be the case at the end of the season but so far Shaw has been better than Boyd..


I mean...

Non-Clemson and non-scar guys, I don't think any really.

I will go....

With the legit Heisman candidate and first round nfl guy. 

How many people do you think other than you would pick Shaw over Boyd?


This is from what I've seen so far of course..

No doubt Carolina with Shaw and Thompson over Boyd and (?). Shaw has looked slightly better than Boyd so far especially after watching Boyd against NC ST.


So let's break down positions...

First off QB, who you got? Scar or Clemson?

You may be right about both

BUT from where things stand today our offense has been better than Clem's and I think Clem's defense has been better than Scar's so far. Will that be the case at season's end? Who knows bro..

What we do know from watching the games is that this is where things stand as of today. We look better on offense and Clem looks better on defense. That's all..

I think we are...

Pretty even. I just don't think your offense is better than ours and I damn sure don't think our defense is better than yours. Scar always wants to be an offensive team badly, their just not. I bet Spurrier enjoys watching Clemson's offense, he always used to like watching Mike Leach at TT also. 


It's from watching both teams play and witnessing which offense is better looking so far. You have strayed off course lol. Yea Clem is ranked at number 3 but that doesn't change that fact that Scar's offense looks better so far.

As a whole I would say both teams are pretty even right now. Our offense looks better than Clem's and Clem's defense looks better than ours. Just shooting it strait bro. You angry little dog you lol.


I've never even watched UCF play, not very good reasoning to pick them. I only know the record and they have a pretty good offense. I think you need your defense to stop them to win and they probably will. 

I don't think....

You have a bad team, but your offense is not as good as Clemson's. I think your defense is still winning it for you, when they don't you get the UGA result. Had your offense been challenged to outscore Vandy or NC you lose those too. I absolutely think the opposite is true of Clemson, they would need to outscore both those teams and would at home. 

Where they stand...

Is a number 3 team in the nation based primarily on offense expectation. That would have to change for you to be right, that's where we are currently though. I guess this is all coming from an off night from Boyd on the road in a two score win. Maybe it's from vandy? 

And yet you pick Scar to beat UCF?

What are you scared of?

Not really a tough sell bro

I've seen all the games that each team has played and Scar's offense is ahead of Clem's so far (shoulder shrug) sorry but true. Things could change but that is where things stand as of today.

Props on the Scar DL prediction. You killed that one unless there are some drastic changes..

Yes though...

On the road against a team that just went into Penn States house and beat them? It's possible that's the one.

Lol at your offense looking better than Clemson's...

Sorry bro, tough sell. But that's your opinion, I thought I said your DL would take a step back as well?

Friday, September 27, 2013

So far

the offense has taken a step forward from last season. I think our offense is ahead of Clem's so far just from watching the games. Not sure where each offense is ranked but ours looks as good as Clem's imo. Unfortunately the defense has taken a huge step back. The Scar offense is playing well and Shaw is healthy. Not sure where you are trying to go with your preseason predictions lol. So we will beat Florida now since we lost to UGA? We will lose to Clem and lose one other game? Which other game do you think that is bro? If you think it's UCF you better hurry and change your prediction lol. I'm thinking hard about changing mine...

Hopefully this is funny....

Especially the picture, just a joke. Brent pictures never get old either.


This was my preseason prediction:

"I predict you split UGA and florida, lose to Clemson plus one other game. Why? Connor Shaw is not healthy and I think your offense takes a step back."

Well no they haven't bro lol

Scar laid some little dookie nuggets in the bed against UGA on the road and you was wrong about that one. Romona Powell stood victorious that week above all of us lol. 

Here we are again with Scar on the road against a good team. I hope we all are right and Scar wins. 

I'm thinking...

So far things have gone about the way my preseason predictions were. I will continue to go with that, thoughts?

Are you insinuating that you're not picking the terps?

Very bold if you don't bro lol. 


It's going to be very interesting to see who holds their ground and picks the terps.

Rich's predictions.....

Scar 41
UCF 24

Clem 44
Wake 13

There will be plenty of time for upsets bro

Save your upset pick for the Maryland game lol.

In all seriousness tho this game with UCF is no cake walk. They have a QB that is as good as any in the country. My prediction is pretty close to best case scenario imo. If the score is close to my prediction I will be extremely happy with the win.

I don't think Clem is any any danger of losing the game this week but it may be closer than we think. Clemson is missing a lot of players on offense this week. A couple of starting OLs, Peake, Tay Bryant, and true freshman Mike Williams is starting with a bum ankle. Wake has a pretty decent defense and they always get up for Clem and usually exceed expectations against them. The game could get interesting.

I've started back watching BB. About to finish the 3rd season.

The last episode...

Has not aired. But if you wanna see how a last season should be watch breaking bad. Glued till the end.

I thought about going for the upset...

Ucf vs scar is gonna be a good one.


Clemson 44
Wake 19

Scar 34
Ucf 27


Clemson 40
Wake Forest 20

South Carolina 31
UCF 27

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Blake's Week 5 predictions

Scar 38 - UCF 24

Clem 31 - Wake 13

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Huge fish (possibly a bass) eats a duck.

Those look crazy...

I thought the Enterprise vs Deathstar was pretty good.

I have not watched the end of Dexter yet but I have been told not to expect much. The show never really recovered from the loss of Rita and changing Debrahs character IMO. The few times when she would be goofy it was like a flashback to a more entertaining situation. The writers fully intended to end the show last season and was talked out of it, I agree they should have. It just feels like the writers are very lazy and don't even really try now.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

VT stone helmets

Interesting look:

Monday, September 23, 2013

Final episode of Dexter

Gonna watch it tonight. Great show but I'm kinda happy to see it end. After watching this season I think it should have been over after last season. It was time..

Friday, September 20, 2013

Boyd had a bad game...

virtually every QB every year is going to have a bad game or two. Just keep your piggies crossed this was a one time deal and not a rest of the season deal because thats always possible. Boyd is leader of the team, when he has a bad day expect the worst.

Yea I think everyone needs to calm down a little bit

Everyone has ugly wins. Be happy when double digit wins are the ugly ones. Many times it could be much closer.

Clemson plays as well as any team in the country at home. They struggle with certain matchups on the road when the opposing team has the home field advantage. I will be interested to see how they handle the rest of their away games. Syracuse, Maryland, and Scar in particular..

Tough Crowd...

I get what you are saying, I really do. But I think Ryan hit the nail on the head. NC State is known for upsetting teams at home, especially Clemson. Most of you may know that, but what you probably are not old enough to remember is that this did not start when Ford got fired. They were notorious for upsetting Clemson even when he was here. Look what they did to FSU last year and look at what they did to Clemson last time we played them there.

In short, while it may have been frustrating to watch we would have lost that game in the past.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I really don't think we have a chance against South Carolina this year

I am disgusted from what I saw from Clemson tonight. Venebles defense is strait up garbage. NC ST converted like 20 4th down conversions. Connor Shaw or Dylan Thompson either one will eat us alive. Another year, same old shit..

A win is a win but I'll be damned if I'm not worried. If we lose to those shitheads again this year I will be the first to jump on the "Fire Dabo" bandwagon..

Week 4

Actual scores
Scar Bye
 Clem 26 - NC ST 14
Clem 41 - NC ST 24 +
Score: 25
Total: 25 
Clem 45 - NC ST 34 +
Score: 11
Total: 11 
Clem 43 - NC ST 32 +
Score: 15
Total: 15
Clem 42 - NC ST 24 +
Score: 24
Total: 24 

Season Total Points 

Brent: 253
Rich: 114
Vance: 171
Blake: 182


45-34 Clemson 

If nc state had their starting qb I would've went for the upset. Nc state always wins one game a year they're not supposed too, fla state last year, clemson the year before. Plus Clemson usually struggles on Thursday night games and at Raleigh but I just can't pick against the tigs tonight. 

He thinks highly enough of me

to copy my score prediction lol.

Uh oh...

I don't think Brent found that very amusing.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Clemson 41
NC State 24

Vance's predictions...

Clemson 43
NC State 32

Blake's week 4 score prediction

Clem 42 - NC ST 24

Can't wait to see what Romona Powell's looks like this week..

You do know...

that Ramona is actually Brent right?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I will...

but I am way behind on every TV show including Dexter and there are quite a few out there right now.

Give the show Derek a look

Only 7 episodes in the first season

Fair enough bro

I think they are pulling for Clem too. 

Ramona, Walt and Herbstreit...

Believe it or not, those predictions are in fact warnings to Dabo. Maryland is a trap game, don't make the same mistakes. I do in fact believe these people are Dabo fans and they don't want to see him lose to Maryland. I know some with garnet glasses will percieve "they might pull a Clemson" as a knock. But reality is most of these guys don't want to see that happen and are hoping he pays closer attention. I think its likely we will lose one or two games this year. But anyone who thinks this is the same as 2008 or other Clemson teams are a fool. I'm happy with a team that beats UGA and LSU (top 10 not on weak years) back to back.

Anything is possible, but I wouldn't really bet the farm on Dabo failing or that its all Chad Morris.

You've got it all wrong bro

Ramona is a huge Dabo fan. Even bigger than you and Brent lol.

I think...

It would make Ramona very happy if you do bro.

Monday, September 16, 2013

I may just do that

got a while to think about that one though. I'm struggling over whether to pick Clem this week or not at the moment lol. 

I wish...

you would pick Maryland like Ramona and Deptooler is telling to do as well.

Netflix Original: Derek

From the guy that created The Office. Watched the first episode and I was very impressed. Starts out a little slow but ended up laughing out loud more than once. The maintenance guy (Dougie I think) has some potential lol.

Wish y'all would have lol

I'm glad Brent...

Didn't change his picks, if he had I would too. I knew when he didn't change his I better not either.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week 3

Actual scores
Scar 35  -  Vandy 25
 Clem - Bye

Scar 34 - Vandy 27 +
Score: 47
Total: 47

Scar 33 - Vandy 17 +
Score: 40
Total: 40

Scar 27 - Vandy 20 +
Score: 37
Total: 37

Scar 35 - Vandy 21 +
Score: 56
Total: 56

Season Total Points
Brent: 228
Rich: 103
Vance: 156
Blake: 158

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Both of you

Could leave me and Rich in the dust if you pick Vandy and they win. It would be very difficult for me and him to catch up if that were to happen. 

That's been...

Kinda eating away at me too Brent, I was afraid to talk about it until you brought it up. Gotta go with the home team I think.


You should have picked them if that's what you think. Take the risk, might pay off big. You could seal the deal this week. 

Blake's week 3 prediction

Scar 35 - Vandy 21


South Carolina 34
Vanderbilt 27

Something is gnawing at Vanndy gonna pull the upset?

Vance's prediction

Scar 27
Vandy 20

Friday, September 13, 2013

No problem bro

I looked out for you. Pic posted. 


Carolina 33
Vandy 17

I tried...

To find a picture and could not find one, lol.

Oh I'm definitely watching

I guess Precious has enough time to fit some acting in while he's on the Chargers IR list lol. 

The videos...

Looked kinda crazy, lol. Good I'm sure, I will watch it, especially if you are watching. It's a crazy show. I  thought precious was in the nfl after she left Scar?

I thought you were probably busy

I thought you would respond to the AHS: Covet post if you were able. Hope everything is going ok.

Peake tore his ACL in practice sometime this week.

I been in the field...

For two nights, I will try to get caught up on here. I have not even read about peake yet.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tough break for Peake

Hate to hear about season ending injuries. It's even worse when they happen in practice. On the bright side, some of the backups will get some playing time and I think I heard on the radio that Peake had a redshirt year available. Still sorry to hear about it. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

American Horror Story: Coven

Man this looks like it's gonna be good. Apparently based in New Orleans. Kathy Bates is a notable addition to this season's cast. Also..... Precious! Can't wait to see what they do with her. Hope she eats somebody lol.

Jurassic World

I got a feeling Brent will be critical about this lol.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Well Vance....

I would love to help you with your picks and offer my expert advice on how I get my predictions are close. I stare at my computer for 33 seconds and hum an old Okinowan haiku that Mr. Miyagi taught me to better focus. Usually work


Give us your analysis of the games this week so we can make better score predictions.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Like I say...

It's just a game, good for entertainment, nothing more. 

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Week 2

Actual scores
Scar 30  -  UGA 41
 Clem 52 - SC ST 13

Scar 24 - UGA 27 +
Score: 30
Clem 52 - SC ST 13 +
Score: 70
Total: 100

Scar 27 - UGA 23 -
Score: -21
Clem 48 - SC ST 17 +
Score: 42
Total: 21

Scar 30 - UGA 27 -
Score: -4
Clem 52 - SC ST 10 +
Score: 57
Total: 53

Scar 28 – UGA 21 -
Score: -22
Clem 57 - SC ST 21 +
Score: 37
Total: 15  

Season Total Points
Brent: 181 

Rich: 53 

Vance: 119 

Blake: 102

I'm not at all surprised

In my preseason prediction I picked UGA to beat Carolina. I noted that home field advantage and UGA's running game against our young LBs would be too much to handle. That turned out to be a lot of the reason why we lost. I also said that UGA was due for a win against us after 3 in a row.The offense played well enough to win and the defense had major growing pains. I think they will improve as the season goes on but we'll just have to wait and see. A lot of games left to play..

I think...

We have found a new calling for Brent. All those starvation diets and video games have finally paid off.

Oh well bro...

Just a game, everything is still on the table for Scar.

Brent is an ass

He got his score prediction exactly right for the clem game.

It looks funny...

I had already seen the trailer for it, I can't wait.

Friday, September 06, 2013

Eastbound and Down

After I started watching this video

I couldn't stop. Wait for the chorus lmao.


Mark Richt...

Is a resilient coach, he has pulled off some pretty amazing recoveries. But I think Scar wins because Spurrier knows that and is quite resourceful, I would have to go with him. I'm not completely sure the NC game was not down played. I kind of agree, it's a tough call. You should probably go with the defensive team in a tough game to call like this. Not sure the crowd will be quite as into it after last week, many were thinking national championship.

Real dumb to be calling for Richts head right now, he has done allot for them.

I told Brent

after I saw his prediction that it would be hard for me to pick Carolina to win if I wasn't a Carolina fan. On the other hand, I see that a lot of UGA posters are picking Carolina to win. Who knows? I know I have no clue. 

Brenter, going against the grain here....

which I can appreciate. I just did not have the guts to do it, even when I get the win my scores will be way off and I cannot afford to take chances.

I know you said Clowney was sick, so you think he has HIV and is not going to get well this week and thats why you picked UGA?

Vance's predictanalysis....

I think I will go with my originalysis:

Clemson 52
SC State 10

Scar: 30
UGA: 27

Thursday, September 05, 2013

on Clowney

I don't think there is anything wrong with Clowney's game and I believe he was sick. ESPN makes me sick with their garbage reporting on these things. They beat things to death and Jesse Palmer needs to be fired. He is the most annoying analyst I have ever heard in my life. He is terrible.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos


Clemson 52
SC State 13

No need for analysis here. This is pick your blowout score. It would probably be a little closer if it were Furman or Wofford, but I don't think SC State is as good as those 2.

Georgia 27
South Carolina 24

Mine is a shot in the dark. I am honestly on the fence on who wins and the scores can be interchangeable. This also doesn't mean I think Clemson is better than South Carolina. Being in Athens, I give Georgia the nod. I think they will be able to score. Also, I have to pick Georgia here because Blake gave me so much hell the other night about Clemson.


Rich's score predictions week 2

Clemson 48
Sc state 17

I'm prob low on my score for Clemson but I don't think Boyd plays much in the 2nd half and Clem calls the dogs off cause its an instate school. Could you imagine the backlash if Boyd got hurt in say the 3rd quarter with Clemson up about 35 points. SC state with some garbage points late. Clem prob has around 35-42 points at the break and let's a lot of back ups play. That's just my reason for the score I'm posting cause we all know they could score 100 if they wanted too. 

Scar 27
UGA 23

This is a complete throw in the dark. I have absolutely no idea what's gonna happen in this game. Last time we played in Athens it was suppose to be a defensive struggle and there were 87 total points scored. This year it's all about the offenses or UGA's lack of defense so it could end up being 17-16. Hell, who knows. 


UGA is favored by 3
Clem is favored by 52

I want to look...

at the spread for each before I give my final, which I don't want to do at work. I am pretty sure it will be:

Clemson 52
SC State 10

Scar: 30
UGA: 30 - spread (its 3 - 6 points, so 27 or 24).

I am going...

to post my my predictions after work today (8hrs from now).

I opened up one article and it said he got credit for 3 QB hurries, I will take your word those were not screens and move on. I am sure the theme is that this did not destroy his Heisman hopes, which I am in agreement with as well.


Link: Nebraska is weird..

Blake's Week 2 Score Predictions

Not too many points less than what Vance was thinking vs UGA. We're wearing all white in true Storm Trooper fashion.

Scar 28 - UGA 21

Clem 57 - SC St 21

May be I lied

Can't resist lol. I think it's fair to say that Clowney didn't play his best game and also that he was gassed at times. That's one thing, but to say that he played bad? Or to say that he only got pressure on screens? Yeah, you're taking it a little too far then. No, everyone doesn't agree with that, not even close. Here are a few examples of people that don't agree:


I'm not gonna say JD had a great game or even a good game by his standards but if anyone thinks that he didn't have an impact on the game then they're being naive. Clowney did get pressure other than screens as well. But all the double teams, triple teams, and chipping thy clowney had to take on opened up opportunities for other d lineman to make plays and they did. Scar had 3 sacks and 12 tackles for loss against a team that only allowed 11 sacks all season last year and if I'm not mistaken they only had about 45 or so plays of negative yardage.  My point is that If clowney had such a bad game and no impact on the game then the rest of the country better watch the hell out when he has a good one cause Scar gave UNC a pretty good ass whooping with him having an "off night". How good is this defense gonna be when he has a "good night". OUT!

If so...

I will refer him to Spurrier and the rest of the nations comments and move on, I just agree with everyone else. 

You think the game will be lower scoring?


I'm not going anywhere near your Clowney post. Ryan may want to lol. It's your opinion bro.

That prediction doesn't look bad. Mine is going to involve less points I think. It will be easier to find every week if everyone titles their prediction post with their name and what week it is.

I will make...

Only one post on Clowney, no need for more it would just create arguments. Did not look good to me, even worse than I expected watching that, when he got pressure on the QB it was on screen plays. It's one game and I think it will be the exception, he will play better from here out I bet.

I think I know what my score will be for scar vs UGA, Clemson? I don't know, it will be like that all year in my mind except a handful of games. I just don't want to do myself too much damage with the Clemson game. I think Dabo will call the dogs off early, but who knows? I am thinking of 27 to 30 in favor of Scar if it helps? Thoughts on that? Not my score yet, but prolly something like that? Is anyone going with UGA?

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Probably posting my score predictions tomorrow

You guys probably are thinking hard about it like me. I'll most likely be the one to break the ice even though I will probably have the most uneducated predictions lol. The Clem game is almost as hard to pick score wise. I like it, makes it much more interesting. Gives you a reason to care about those OOC games. 

Everyone needs to remember that -120 points will really hurt you if you fail to make your predictions for the week.  

Spurrier satire article

Some pretty funny ones in here. Try to imagine Spurrier's voice when you read it lol.

Clowney Vs UNC

Here is every snap of Clowney vs UNC. While I'll be the first to admit that it wasn't his best performance, it wasn't anywhere near as bad as some people made out. Judge for yourself:

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

That is a good one bro

Watched the first episode a while back. Kinda saving it because good comedy shows are hard to come by. 

Blue mountain state...

Is pretty funny.

Be tough...

To pick against your own team in this situation. Richt is a very resilient coach, but I think Scar is better than what they showed vs NC. I'm not completely sure, but I will probably go with scar.

Monday, September 02, 2013

Struggling thinking about a score prediction for the big game this week

I have no clue what to do. It's going to hurt picking against Scar but it will hurt worse picking against them if they win. No idea what to do lol.

Makes sense really...

They were no where near beating Scar last year. I will stand by team, but that he is thinking right now that scar will be an even tougher game is perfectly logical. This might be the year we get back in it, but that needs to be proven, it's not the most likely outcome.

I think the part at the end gave him away

when he said something like "what are we gonna do against South Carolina" lol. 

He may have went to far with that lol. 

Best troll...

I've seen in a while if true, sounded real.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

That is pretty funny

I bet it was a caller playing a joke. Never know though.

Oh dear god...

All of you do yourself a favor and listen to this:

I agree bro...

The big hole opened up on Gurley's first run was due to defenders running into each other. To get better stats the simply need to cut out the big plays. That's going to be tough against an offense like UGAs. I think Clemson pretty much set the tone of the whole game and Richt actually just did some things to keep them in it, like the fake punt. Unfortunately, big plays kept them in it as well. We really need to get that fixed. I saw some bad things on defense, but every thing looked correctable. We had a few 3 stooges type tackling plays, but they were swarming to the ball so there was always someone else there to make the play.

I think Venables is that type of coach, he will play soft coverage until needed and then tighten up/blitz when needed. You could see he tightened up the coverage in the first half when it looked like it might get out of hand. Something in my opinion he wanted to wait until the second half to do. A good football team will keep it close until the second half and save allot until then. I also like that he admitted it was a big mistake to play soft and let them score so easily for their last score. He should have blitzed the crap out of them.

I don't know about my picks yet either, I think I know what I will go with score wise, but not completely.  I think it makes it a little more fun.

One positive note for us

is that we get back a few key players from injury. Two of our best offensive players will be back in Rory Anderson and Bruce Ellington. Bruce played a very limited role against UNC. We also get our best LB back in Cedric Cooper. Getting these players back is huge news.

I think Clem showed signs of improvement on defense

even though they gave up 500 something yards. They called blitzes at the correct times and was able to pressure Murray in key moments. UGA was bound and determined to run the ball between the tackles and Clem wasn't having it. When UGA ran outside the tackles they picked up huge yds nearly every time. Bobo didn't run it outside but a couple of times however. Venebles clearly outcoached him overall.

Clem's offense has obviously picked up where it left off.

I'm on the fence about my score prediction or this week. Wish I knew more about our defense to pick us. I may be able to talk myself into it. Who knows. I'm very interested in seeing everyone else's score predictions for this week's game.

They are...

That's why jokes should not hurt anyone's feelings, both teams are pretty good. I think they will be fine this week if Clowney steps up. Best bet is that he does too. 

I was most happy with Clemson's front 7, particularly the DL. I feel like UGA has a great offense and what the did was more impressive than it looked. We will see when UGA plays more teams. I think this is the best DL we will have seen from Clemson in a while.


You should be happy bro

Good win.

I hope South Carolina is a "whoop that SEC ass and then whoop that SEC ass again" type of football team lol. We have that task throughout the whole season every year. Hope we can pull off the win against UGA like Clem did. Not very confident with it being in Athens..

No big deal bro...

Not the best time to call with so many people over. I just call to say whats up briefly with everyone there (Brent, Ryan etc..). Good game though, proud of my team again.

Week 1

Actual scores

Scar 27 - UNC 10
UGA 35  - Clem 38

Scar 20 - UNC 17 +
Score: 36
UGA 31 - Clem 37 +
Score: 45

Total: 81

Scar 31 - UNC 16 +
Score: 40
UGA 41 - Clem 36
Score: -8

Total: 32

Scar 14 - UNC 13 +
Score: 34
UGA 43 - Clem 48 +
Score: 32

Total: 66

Scar 28 - UNC 17 +
Score: 42
UGA 37 - Clem 41 +
Score: 45

Total: 87

We had a little fantasy draft after the game tonight

I was the one that had to be at the computer submitting the picks for everyone. I gave my phone to Brent to answer when you called. I couldn't do shit because we was on a timer. Brent thought it was funny when I found out you called and he didn't answer. Last time I leave him with a task lol.

Samuel L Jackson....

Says "Clemson is a whoop that SEC ass and then whoop that SEC ass again" type football team.


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