Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Like I said

Can't argue with the 10 win seasons

With the talent...

And expectations this year an 8 win season would certainly warm his seat a little. It's ice cold right now  and I think it's fair to say the winner of Clemson FSU wins the conference this year or that's it's likely. It would be very hard to hire a good coach firing one for 8 wins at Clemson. Pretty much would put us in Tennessee status for hiring IMO. 

Personally, it's far fetched in my mind Dabo fails. It can happen, but what has he done that makes it look likely? He does not really get enough credit IMO. I can tell you that scar loses will absolutely not be a factor until spurrier is gone. Really it just takes one game to turn the tides anyway, that could never happen. But with that much talent on the field it can change in an instant.

Nice flame post

No I'm kidding bro lol.

Yea I thought more would catch on the the Carolina/Clem brothers post as well. Truth is no one knows what to beleve to be true on there. It's all a bunch of bull shitters lol. No one is serious there and someone that is serious about anything catches major hell. I find it very entertaining.

Like I had told you before, 95% of my posts there (or anyone's really) are just to be funny. Most of them have no truth to them or are anything I believe myself.

Can't argue with the 10 win seasons Dabo has had there. I think it will take a couple of 8 win seasons combined with losses to South Carolina to let him go.

Nothing I posted below....

Appears to be a flame to me, it was not intention if it does to you.

I thought the...

First time I responded to your post on the MB it would be funny and catch you off guard. We always talk a little smack to try to get in the mood for football this time of year. I just figured I would let you know, I figured more would chime in there with two brothers one scar and one Clemson, guess its not that interesting, lol. 

I don't think Dabo could be any further from the hotseat though, not lying about that, but I could be wrong. I also have no reason to believe spurrier is getting ready to retire, no way to know, does not look likely though. 

My opinion is 10 wins with an occasional championship keeps your job forever at Clemson unless you break the rules/law and get caught.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I'm two episodes behind

Gotta catch up. Maybe this weekend. 

Let me know...

When you watch Dexter.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Oh yea lol

He says "Sweagin" or something like that instead of saying Swearengen. Pretty funny lol. I think Calamity Jane or the gimp (Jewel I think) are the funniest on the show.


It's the Chinese guy saying swearinger over and over again. One of the more famous things from the show.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Missed your other post

Yea I think I get it now. He's definitely the best character on the show. I like all of them tho. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Wow that's crazy

They wouldn't let you take it before then?

I'm about half way through the second season of Deadwood. I've also started watching Scrubs. It's pretty funny but it may be a little too quirky for your taste. Then again you may like the medical side of it.  

Did you figure out...

Swearinger yet?

It's Saturday here....

And I have an exam at 9 pm tonight, only in Japan, lol.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Killing season...

Good movie.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I don't really know...

what channel it comes on. It absolutely has to be the same channel as Survivor, it is the exact same format as that show. It would be a lawsuit if not. I have not checked but its a pretty good assumption the producer of Survivor is involved in the show and developed it. I could be wrong.

Sounds like a good one.

What channel does it come on? I'm pretty deep into Deadwood now. Good show.

New show..

Get out alive, just like survivor but with bear gryles. 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

I watch hell on wheels...

It's just about the only other cowboy show and you might like it. It's an AMC show and I give anything AMC does a chance. The problem in a nutshell is me comparing it to Deadwood and that it is not. It's also still ongoing.

You will...

Lol, without a doubt. Not going to give it away, but it will happen throughout the show.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Not sure what you mean about swearinger

I'm only a few episodes in so far so I may not understand the reference yet. You're right, i already recognize many of the actors. Frank Lundy on Dexter was the biggest one even though he died quickly in Deadwood. That dude is a good actor. I also have a episode of Dexter to watch when I get home.

I know that I was addicted to Deadwood immediately and am excited to get back home and watch. I'm already disappointed that it's only 3 seasons and I know I won't want it to end. Do you have and other cowboy/western shows I would like?

Deadwood is a good show...

I always laugh when you said swearinger and you will see why not. It's a show that probably ended too soon, but it's long enough to be worth watching. You will recognize allot of people in that show.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

We are having fun

Weather has been really nice. Hasn't  rained once. 

I can't remember if I told you that I started watching Deadwood before we left. At least I have something to look forward to when we get back. 

Monday, July 08, 2013

I also meant to say...

I hope you are having fun at the beach. I wish we could go too and we will one day, we just lead relatively busy lives and we don't even have kids yet, lol.

In terms of The Evil Dead, it was not really a remake, somewhat of a re-imagined movie, kinda and not done by Sam Raimi who has held on to these tightly for quite a while. The reason it was done like that is because a sequel to the original with Bruce Campbell is supposed to be happening and done by Sam Raimi. The only real hold up is that Sam Raimi always has so much going on and he usually includes Bruce Campbell in much of what he is doing anyways.

Here is an IGN article that came out a while ago about Dexter spin offs:


They really did not...

want to end the show. Right now they are looking hard at a spin-off and considering several characters. Seeing how she is married to Dexter in real life and he had to be one of the main guys not wanting to continue the show I doubt she would do it. I'm also not completely sure she survives in the end either, so there is that. Looks like she will end up dead or in jail. The audience would be very small, she was very well hated by many for a long time even before she became so annoying. I actually liked her ok until she took over the department, which was rediculous and made her not be able to be goofy and funny, which was what she was meant to be.

I don't see how a spin off would work with anyone really. Thoughts?

Saturday, July 06, 2013

I bet this would piss you off



Yea I want to watch it

Because I knew you were looking forward to it. 

We're at the beach this week in case I'm slow to respond to posts. I think you guys should try to plan a beach trip with us one year. I bet Hiro would enjoy it. 

I watched The Evil Dead...

Remake, been waiting on it for a while. I thought it was one of the few remakes worth watching, not too bad and with a few twists.

I said if he has...

A couple of bad games. There is no guarantee for sure, but to think Kelly is not talented is a mistake. Yes, compared to Boyd Parker stunk, Harper stunk and so did Procter. So only 3 stinkers before we get Boyd, that's my point. They all came out on fire too, until about mid season or so.

Friday, July 05, 2013

Backup QBs have to start somewhere bro

Not all QBs start out as world beaters like Johnny Football as freshmen bro. Most QBs were a backup at some point. Shaw was a backup to Garcia and Boyd was a backup to Parker. Just because they were a backup at some point doesn't mean they won't do great things in the future.

By the way, any Clemson fan that calls for Boyd's head and wants to see Chad Kelly come in should be tarred and feathered for their stupidity lol. Never heard of any fans that have said that but if you say their are some I believe you lol. 

We prolly won't...

Agree on ours ideas of the backup QBs and we don't have to. (Not saying I am right, just a different opinion) My opinion is that to the typical fan the backup QB is always better, Boyd has a bad game or two and there will be rants for chad Kelly. But in reality the back up QB is rarely better than a good starting QB. There just hard to come by. I think as a coach you pick your QB and stand behind him to be successful, there is know this is my stater BUT. Your starter should be your starter, it's mentally challenging to be a QB already much less being a starter sometimes or with the extra stress. Spurrier has done some great things that in my orange glasses opinion won't be repeated again (both at Scar and Duke). Developing mentally stable QBs is just not one of them.

I think Bobby Bowden was an example of what I am talking about in his prime. QBs often came out not so great and once named the stater he stood behind them in thick and thin developing them into guys guys you did not want to defend. In the later years those QBs just started to not get developed very well which was part of his demise, he was just too old to do it.

Again I agree

It's hard to go against Spurrier's decisions and his decision has always been to make Shaw the starter when he is healthy. That may change this year. I'm not saying at all that Thompson will be the starter this season but if Spurrier thinks he gives us the best chance to win he's gonna play him. 

Going back to the ESPN QB rankings. The reason we were pushed ahead of the other teams is because of the Shaw and Thompson combo. If Thompson had not started against Clemson and Michigan (both big time games that were away from home) and won them I don't think it would have been enough to put us at number 1. None of the other teams in the SEC have had to throw their backup QB into the fire in hostile environments like Thompson was. Therefore no one knows the potential that the other backups have like we have an idea of with Thompson. He was given an opportunity that the others have not been given and he made the most of it imo. These two games that Thompson had the chance to play in their entirety coupled with Shaw's dual threat abilities were enough to put us on top for ESPN. 

I'd put shaw at third...

I think. He'd be higher but he has a 2 time national champ and Heisman winner in the same conference, that is no knock on him. I would not put one unproven QB in front of him, unproven for me is not being a starter for a whole year including preseason. In other words being named starter before the season, otherwise it's just potential you are looking at which is useless for a QB. 

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Can't argue with that

Mccarron is a good QB. The way they ranked it was by QB squads not individual QBs. If it were individual QB rankings we would easily fall to 4th or 5th with Shaw. With the talent and experience of Shaw and Thompson combined I guess it was enough to push us to the top in ESPN's mind.

I missed the ACC QB rankings. Was it by ESPN? Not mentioning Boyd is ridiculous. He's easily the best QB in the ACC.

As for Dexter...

I agree, as I was typing the last post it just hit me, he might not die. I kind of hope he just finds an even ground and it ends like that fading out.

When I first opened that list I was like what? Then I saw it was QB's and I really don't know honestly. I would guess its accurate? What I don't get really is A.J. McCarron's low rating. This kid lost one game in highschool and 2 college games as a starter, somewhat countered by 2 national championships. I will take him and then Johnny Manziel who everyone all the sudden thinks is overrated?

I don't really take much stock in these anyways, there was just one done for ACC top QBs and Boydd was not mentioned, lol.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Interesting list

I personally wouldn't have put us above A&M and maybe not UGA either in this catagory. I hope they perform up to the hype this season.


lol yea I know you hate her

I'm starting to be on the fence about whether they kill Dexter or not. I used to think that they would but I'm not as sure anymore.

I just want...

him to kill Debrah, lol.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Looks that way...

Almost looks as if she is the master mind behind it. Sounds like she told Harry how to handle it, still looks like Hanna gets him in the end. Not going to be a fun season as expected. Heck, maybe he lives in the end? That would be a surprise.

Pretty good stuff

You can already see everthing unwinding for him. Do you think Harry took Dexter to see the doctor as a kid?

Dexter, holy cow!!!


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