Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gamecock fans are...

not really supposed to like him. But thats not really a complaint I have heard from any Clemson baseball fan, that he is not a likable guy. I don't really think any of the Gamecock coaches are very likable, except Spurrier. Its just really because he is a certifiable asshole, like me. If we had a retarded coach at Clemson for example, you would probably like them bro. J/K

I am definitely going to watch that, I have been seeing people talk about it on the boards.

I agree about Legget

Recruiting players out of state instead of players in state is one of the only knocks on him. That and he's just not that likable of a guy I think. Other than that he's a great coach.

During the season I would have agreed with you about Clemson not making it past coastal but right now Clemson is playing good ball. They have been hitting good as of late. Thing about the baseball tourney is its double elimination. It's very likely that Clem and Carolina will play each other. Bad part is only one out of the 3 in state schools in the Columbia regional will advance.

New mini-series for you and you'll love it. Hatfields & McCoys on the history channel. 3 episode series that is a must watch. Hatfield fan myself. Tell me which one you are after you watch. Not kidding bro, this is a must see.

I agree...

they are probably not that bad. But I think most baseball fans don't expect them to make it past Coastal.

You see allot of retarded negativity in terms of coaches. But I think with Legget I have seen some pretty legit concerns. The state of South Carolina has allot of good baseball players, unlike football. Legget started recruiting players from up north. Dream come true for Scar, 2 national titles in fact. I just think what critics are saying is very logical, but I am not at all an expert on baseball.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yes they all made the tourney

Clemson has really picked up the pace here at the end of the season. They did have a pretty tough go the rest of the season however. The clemson fans are giving them hell because this is the worst season they've had in a while even though its not that bad. I think the fans should be happy because Clemson was seeded higher than Coastal and Coastal had a much better record. Coastal also beat Clemson in the regular season. Being seeded higher than them is definitely a plus.

When I say Columbia regional I mean that 4 team part of the NCAA tournament is being played in Columbia. They pick the better teams to host the regionals and the even better teams to host the super regionals. After that it's off to Omaha for the college world series. It just so happened that 3 SC schools were placed in the same regional this year.

I am surprised Clemson...

is there, all I hear is bad things from fans on the message board that follow baseball. Honestly, when you talk about the Columbia regional etc... you may as well be speaking Chinese. So I guess that is obviously good? What does it mean? They all made the tournament?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Setting up to be another good baseball tourney

1. South Carolina, 2. Clemson, 3. Coastal, 4. Manhattan is the seeding placement for the Columbia regional. Pretty jacked about the 3 SC teams being in the same regional. It starts Friday. I know we have to beat Manhattan and Clemson has to beat Coastal first but the Clemson game should be great. Clemson will be ready to play after the past 2 seasons despite having a average record this year. If SC doesn't beat them it will say a lot about our team this year.

I would suggest watching...

a few of the old episodes or at least the first one which was a TV movie. That way you can see the difference between the characters, might be interesting.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I knew there was one I was forgetting

Battlestar Galactica is what I was trying to think of. I may give it a shot.

The show is allot funnier...

than the movies, that is a sure thing for you to watch.

Also Battlestar Galactica? I only say it because of Brent, but you might be surprised.

May be trailer park boys next

The movies were hilarious. I need a comedy. One of the reasons I'm not jumping on the wire.

For a new show Touch...

you mentioned one already Jericho, trailer park boys, I still wish I had more episodes of the trailer park boys to watch. I like The Borgias, you might want to give it a shot but I am not sure you will like it. Shameless was pretty good too.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

To change the subject for a minute

I finished Prison Break. I know you said I should watch The Wire. What else would you recommend? I know you named a bunch in the past. Refresh my memory.

But for real

Willy wonka was only because you compared me to to gamecock will. Please don't bring him down to our level, he is a respectful guy lol. No more billybob or gamecock will references, no more silly gifs. You have my word. Up to you because we could make this a gif war instead of legit conversation and it would be great if that's what you want.

Your billy bob and gamecock will references = willy wonka gifs. And
Willy wonka obviously makes you red faced lol.


You're right, promise I'll never use a gif again, maybe lol.

Who's ready for some Clemson vs Oklahoma games?! I am!

Troll didn't work...

So now you have retreated to gifs? Lol

Seriously, I am a little bored with the ACC, I agree it would make things a little more interesting.

Friday, May 25, 2012


It sure doesn't bro...

IF GaTech showed serious interest it could get interesting and you took that means GaTech is the pick over Clemson? Wow, you are on par with Gamecock Will now. Actually, if you truly believe GaTech is a team to pick over Clemson, you are not even quite up to Gamecock Will's level. You seriously believe that?

No bro, no way you are that dumb, I refuse to believe that you are. That's why I knows you be trolling. But it don't work on me, lol.


So you see nothing in that paragraph that kinda catches your eye lol? Also, it says nothing about GT not going to the big 12 only because Clemson don't want to. It clearly looks like in this article that your boy thinks GT may be more attractive than Clemson. That ain't me trolling bro. That's your boy at orangebloods that's trolling you.
By the way, the trolling on the mainboard is all in fun. Everyone does it now. I don't usually mess with clemson though, once or twice. I do like to go after Tenn though. I just find it humorous. Take nothing I say on there to heart lol.

TI is throwing links to all the sites...

especially Rivals that are talking about Clemson and the move. Nothing in the article led me to believe he is saying Ga Tech is going to the Big 12 before Clemson or getting picked before Clemson. He just said it was possible, it would be based on Clemson chosing not to leave the ACC though.

Just telling you bro, Orangebloods and Chip Brown is not the place to get info on Clemson or Ga Tech for that matter. You have to remember, I see you troll all the time on the Rivals mainboard. So already knew it was coming and here it is. If its not a troll fine, but you got my response. That you like to troll is fine, but when you blame me for it? lol

I will admit, I was trolling about the Michigan thing. I just was not trolling for you.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another thing

You say "whether you like it or not you should read the plyler articles on his site". What makes you think I don't like the thought of Clemson to the big 12? I have never said anything derogatory about Clemson to the big 12. Are you just trying to stab and piss on everything that we could possibly agree on lol? As a college football fan I'm starting to like the thought of some of the matchups with Clemson and the big 12. And it is definitely making the acc look more and more boring if that's even possible.

The article on TI with the GT comment was just interesting. It doesn't mean just because I brought it up that I wouldn't want Clemson in the big 12. Carolina has advantages to Clemson going to the big 12 too. If we beat you a big12 win brings far more relevance than a acc win and that's a fact.

I do have to admit that a fight to the death between clemson and GT to gain a spot in the big 12 would be very entertaining. Clemson would likely win IMO.

I was kind of surprised

tigerillustrated even put that article on their site. Whether there is something to it or not why even put that up on a Clemson site? That won't sell subscriptions. Clemson fans want to read what plyler is pumping, not that gt might jump them in the big 12 deal. The truth doesn't sell subscriptions. Sunshine pumping does. That's why I don't understand why they would put a purely rumor based article on their site when it is in a negative light towards Clemson.

Gotta give props on the dabo midfield speech I like it lol. Not much bad I can say about that. It would be great as long as Clemson doesn't beat carolina when he does it. It wouldn't be much fun to me for him to talk trash about Carolina if he actually beat us lol. When he doesn't beat us it's pretty funny what he says. I do like the Texas and OU jab though and would love to see it.

I think whether you...

like it or not, you can look at the articles from Plyler to get an idea of what may or may not be happening.

Not worried about that bro...

those trolls may work on a few retards on Rivals but it won't work on me. If the ACC folds Clemson will land somewhere. Chip Brown is pretty extreme in his reporting, is saying this thing is happening. No one would really believe GaTech is going to beat Clemson out, lol.

I would actually like to see a scenerio where the Big 12 add 4 teams and they were FSU, Clemson, Miami and Ga Tech. I like Ga Tech, I always have.

I also hope if we go to the Big 12, Dabo calls all the fans to the middle of the field and does a post game type interview, saying something derrogatory about Spurrier and the Gamecocks and then "I CAN'T THINK OF ANYWHERE BETTER THAN DEATH VALLEY TO CELEBRATE WHIPPING TEXAS AND OKLAHOMAS ASS EVERY YEAR!!!!"

Uh oh bro

This could get interesting, especially the last full paragraph..

We agree to disagree again

I can't provide a link for everything just like you can't prove the blocking thing isn't true. Give me one shred of evidence that it isn't true.

I believe it is true and you don't. Neither of us can prove our points with evidence and we surely aren't going to change each others mind..

Florida did not block FSU...

Provide one shred of evidence Florida blocked FSU? Where are you getting this from? As you know, if you cannot provide a source I am going to have to assume you got that from fans on the message boards. But I do agree, FSU is not likely going to the sec. I just don't believe in the whole blocking conspiracy theory. I also don't think Florida would do something that fagedy, they don't really need to fear anyone.

FSU had a fairly public falling out with the SEC when you joined, they are probably not going that route. Slive is also not interested in being the guy/conference who smashed the ACC. He will not fire the first shot and that will be FSU followed by Clemson or vice versa if at all leaving the ACC.

No, Notre Dame has no rivals in the SEC that

would block them from joining. The SEC would take Notre Dame with open arms. That isn't going to happen so it's not even worth bringing up. UNC on the other hand is a joke. The hits just keep coming for them. Every time you turn around they are getting into trouble. They also suck at football. Kicker with them is that they are the best of the best in b-ball. That means money, so I wouldn't think the sec would turn them down. But that's another team not worth bringing up. The commish of the acc is a unc puppet. He added Pitt and cuse solely to boost basketball for heaven sakes. UNC would be fools to leave a conference that they call the shots in.

FSU would be the obvious choice. Yes even over the other teams I have mentioned. I don't bring them up because they are not coming to the sec. UF has blocked them. It became obvious when the sec took mizzou over them. The sec also would not let them flirt with the big 12 this long before snatching them up.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I have no doubt...

you would also block Notre Dame and UNC if you were making the decisions and they were on the table. So attitudes such as Va Tech and NC State are better than FSU is the exact reason you will never be the Commissioner of the SEC. In fact, if you tried to become the Commissioner of the SEC, Alabama would block it. I don't really care who the SEC adds. Why would I care about that?

If we end up leaving the ACC and that is a big IF right now, I hope they do add NC State and or Va Tech instead of FSU. I will take FSU as a program with us, so everyone will be happy.

By the way I wouldn't bring up

Academics when trying to give reason for SEC to take a school. As you've stated many times the sec doesn't care about academics. They care about sports, football in particular. I also see no reason that Maryland has a better tv market than VT and NC ST. What exactly are you basing that off of?

Maryland is a joke bro. Not saying its impossible that they join the SEC but I will say that Rice probably has a better shot at joining lol. VT does not suck at football and has not for many years like Maryland has. They have easily been better than fsu after they started playing in the same conference that fsu gained their glory status from. And as far as NC ST they have sucked recently but not more than Maryland. Can't really argue which teams are better if we're talking football and tv markets and that's what the sec is all about, simple as that.

If you're talking about the sec bringing in teams that they can beat, well vt and nc st are no brainers. Vt brings football relevance and so does nc st to some point. Maryland brings.. well.. absolutely nothing. And yea fsu does scare teams in the sec particularly Florida because I do think that joining the sec boosts your schools recruiting. That's something you have flat out disagreed with vt and nc st. Doesn't make sense to me?

I don't think that will happen either

UF will block FSU from joining the SEC. They don't want to share the SEC with their rival. Certain other teams will/have done the same with their ACC rival. Teams much more valuable than Virginia in the VT case you mentioned earlier. FSU wouldn't take over anything in the SEC by the way. They cant even take over the ACC even though they finish with SEC type recruiting classes every year. FSU being as good as bama or lsu is laughable, sounds like something only a fsu fan would say. You sure you're not a closet fsu fan bro lol. Doesn't matter anyway, the scenario won't happen. If it was gonna happen FSU would have been taken before mizzou for sure.

None of it really matters, it's all speculation at this point. I guess anything can happen but some scenarios are much more likely than others. FSU and Clemson to the big 12 for example seems very likely at this point. None of the SEC stuff seems likely, it's more of what I want to happen. There have been rumors, nothing more.

There is no guarantee...

but if you are talking about markets, academics etc... Maryland is higher than either of the other 2 teams. Thats why you, me or any other Gamecock fans are not going to be a part of any of the business decisions for the SEC or Big 12. Our personal feelings about teams just won't be considered. I know you don't like FSU, North Carolina or Notre Dame. But would you believe all of those teams add 10 times more than either of the 2 teams you mentioned? I would say Maryland and NC State are pretty close, but when you figure how many people and that they will carry the whole state and academics, from a business stand point Maryland is a no brainer.

If you are just going to go from a football and number of fans stand point and throw everything else out the window, academics etc... FSU is a no brainer and Miami is not too far behind them. But I don't think Slive is going to go that route. One thing for sure, all the silliness you see about we would block FSU or we would block this, that and the other is not even remotely accurate. There are definitely enough fans, recruits etc... to carry 2 teams from the state of Florida. The fact that some of these fans are wanting to add teams they know they can beat is not going to be considered. Slive knows that if he were to go the football only route, its FSU from the ACC. Then you and quite a few other teams are in trouble because FSU would be right up there just below Bama with LSU sooner rather than later. But I don't think that is whats going to happen.

Pretty damn good advertisement video

I have heard Maryland to the big 10

But not the SEC. Could happen who knows but very doubtful. Ncst and vt would make much more sense.

Again we agree to disagree on vt and ncst but none of this stuff is certain anyway. It's all about markets and money, not about if the team will be great after they join the conference. There is no certainty that fsu or Clemson would be better if they joined the big 12. Odds are their record would get worse due to stronger competition. I mean look at what happens to fsu when they play big 12 schools.

I am not saying...

it won't or can't happen. Thats just my opinion on why it might not and also what will happen if it does IMO.

I don't think many people predicted Missou heading to the SEC when this started and its just as likely as not something happens that no one expects, if they do even expand at all.

When Va Tech joined...

the ACC, Virginia tried to block it. The state government got involved and said cut it out or else (state funding) etc... The SEC has supposedly and I have my doubts, courted the Va Tech and they said no thanks. Va Tech has not done well at all vs the SEC, joining it will not help. They are not going to get the recruits to be competitive in the SEC. They are doing very well now, but they have gone down hill IMO. Beamer is getting old and it will be a tall task to replace him. I don't think the state of Virginia or the admin of Va Tech are going to accept that. Just my opinion.

As for NC State, sure, I don't see why not. But I have not really heard that they are under or have been under heavy consideration, I cannot say it does not make sense somewhat. They may get one or two more recruits, but they will certainly become a below .500 team, which will not help recruiting at all. Much like Ole Miss and Miss St. Kentucky etc... You do not become great or get great recruits when you join the SEC and if you are fielding a mediocre team, you just added SEC competition with a mediocre football program. I don't even think NC State has won the ACC and they would hope to be successfull in the SEC? I have on the other hand heard allot of talk about Maryland joining the SEC and even Big 10. Whether we agree or not they appear to be more valuable than the other 2 teams when you are looking at the big picture.

NC State will be awfull in the SEC, Va Tech for a little while longer will at least have a winning record. But they will go from being in the hunt to win the conference and sneaking into the National Championship to never sniffing a conference championship again. I think the guys that make the decisions know that.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

There is also some SEC rumblings going on

even though they haven't quite developed legs like the big 12 deal seems to have.

The VT to SEC rumors are starting to resurface. Also surprisingly NCST has came up. As you know and I have stated many times these were my two picks from the start to join the SEC. NCST gives you the north carolina footprint and TV market that I think you really need. They are also the only realistic school to pull from NC. Others won't leave due to b-ball. VT is a good football program with the potential to be great if they can use the SEC angle in recruiting. They also expand your TV market further north. I was talking to Chris Pless the other day and he had heard the rumblings too. He actually brought it up. He thinks NCST would lock down the state of NC in recruiting with a move to the SEC. I brought up the fact that it could potentially help our programs with recruiting in NC because NCST can't get them all and no one would want to go to a UNC for football if they are in the ACC after the expansions have settled. He agreed. Could be wishful thinking on my part because I want nothing more than for UNC to fail.

Anyway all that could be talk about nothing and it definitely doesn't seem as legit as the big 12 talks. Still interesting to say the least

By the way

I restarted the countdown clock on the right and added a site visitor counter on the left. Looks like the counter only counts new visitors so we'll see how it works.

Glad you liked the Dabo quip

I thought it was pretty funny too. Glad you admit that I won. I thought I had lost when you started with the black cat superstition stuff lol.

My boss had told me about Omar on the wire already. He said even though he is gay he is one of the best characters on the show. So I'll take it as a complement. If we're comparing each other to TV characters you definitely look a lot like T-bag on prison break lol.

I think I will watch the wire next but another show I've thought about is fringe. I've watched bits and pieces of it and it looks pretty good. I'll look into the others you talked about too.

Yea my biggest tomato is a little smaller than a baseball. It's a black seaman and it should be the first to ripen. Can't wait to see what it looks like. The purple Russian plants are putting out a lot of fruit too. I ordered some pepperoncini pepper seeds and I hope it's not too late to plant them. I think I'm gonna build a raised garden next year for the pepper plants. I'm gonna grow a ghost pepper plant (hottest pepper in the world) soley to play jokes on Brent lol.

Yea I'm still not sure about the big 12 deal. I do think it will be at least 2013 before anything goes down, probably even later.

I am definitely crying uncle...

when you start in on a coaches name, you got me. I can't really continue after that, you won, lol. You remind me allot of a guy named Omar on the wire, I am sure you will agree when you watch the show.

Thats cool about the tomatoes, we have one plant that came up on its own that has got really big without us even watering it. It will probably have tomatoes on it real soon.

A couple of new shows coming that might have potential. Revolutin, I think is the name, but its about the earth without electricity. Sounds like a pretty good concept and its being built up to be the next great TV show. Also Kevin Bacon has a new show coming on, I think he is tracking a serial killer or something like that but I bet it will be worth the watch.

Gonna be time for me to start my next class soon, I gotta go get signed up. Its actually July 5th when we are coming now, should be a good time to come home I think.

Lots of chatter about Clemson to the Big 12 and having 4 superconferences. So much chatter its hard to take much of it seriously really. I think both FSU and Clemson have progressed to the point that they are not completely denying interest. But who really knows, will be interesting to see what happens in the end. Could honestly be nothing.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Bout time you said uncle lol

J/K bro, but for real I only went on that long because you wanted to. You know I don't like to argue as much as you hence the reason I tried to avoid it. You insisted so I played along. I would rather just move on if we disagree but I know you like to argue once in a while and I'll be game. It's easier/funnier for me when I have leverage and up until now I haven't had any. I hope it helped you get more excited about the season. Please don't try to argue about who likes to argue more now lol. We can stop now and have some legit conversation or we can keep going with this silly redneck trash. I was winning anyway lol. Ball is in your court.

My boss recently told me about the wire. He said its a really good show. I think I'm gonna watch it when I'm done with prison break. By the way, quick count on the tomatoes and I have about 50 fruits that have set. Ready for you and Hiro to see them. I hear you guys are coming in June?

Off Topic...

I am kind of surprised you have never really asked about The Wire as a show to watch. For years I have heard people name it as one of their top tv shows. I tried to watch it a year ago and could not get into it. I am 3/4 of the way through the season, trying to get into it. Have you ever tried to watch it?

It happens about every 40...

years bro, this has happened before. If we are lucky, we will live long enough to see it happen one more time in our life time. Your mistake is thinking that something has changed and it will continue forever, lol.

Why do kids get in trouble? Do you really want compare track records on that? Seriously? This is a huge deal for you because you know its a rarity at Clemson. I am very proud of the graduation rates and player behaior off the field. I feel bad for Bellamy, everyone knew this was possible from day one including Dabo. Watkins was a surprise, but at the same time no big deal.

You just don't get to do this very often, I know so I guess you should keep it going as long as you can.

Lots of interesting topic to discuss in football right now bro, I can keep going all day because in my mind you are losing. I know in your mind you are winning. But I think the smart money says this is silly from both of us. I just think there are too many things interesting in football, but its up to you. Neither team is perfect, honestly I doubt either team lives up to the ESPN ranking really. Thats just reality for me, if its something else to you great. Its only entertainment for me.

I guess the Clemson fans must have done something really bad

for the football gods to let us beat them 3 years in a row, considering how evil we are and all. Looks like karma has been on our side when it comes to playing clemson. You guys must have done something equal to murder to deserve a beating like the WVU game lol..

If the Clemson fans are so perfect and don't talk trash about our players that get into trouble, why did this happen with Potkins and Bellamy? You also have a guy named Dabo as your head coach. Why does Clemson get all of this punishment if you guys are so perfect? Your theory just isn't very logical and even if it was it doesn't help your case with Clemson at all.

Actually, happens all the time...

For years, guess I should have said will continue to happen. Garcia, auburn, Lattimore just to name a few last year. Never said I wanted it to happen, just that it will continue, lol. Maybe it will be different this year? Your best coaches won't leave or get caught pissing in the street in Columbia?

Sounds like a mama superstition pipedream

that you're wishing to happen there lol..

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I did not say...

one word about Garcia, saying it does not make it true. That is what I mean by Karma. What has Bellamy done to Scar? I don't even remember him carrying the ball one time against Scar. But yet its this big deal for Scar fans. We will see who has more issues with players from here on. But I won't be stuping to that level when kids don't work out. I did not think it was funny at all when Garcia got kicked off the team. I felt bad for him, I would have liked to see him play his last year after watching him all that time.

Talking a little smack about players and there performance is one thing, but rejoicing and making fun of them when they get kicked off the team is another all together. I believe that this will indeed come back to you and that is another reason that I do not do it.

And ESPN has the Gamecocks ranked 10th

So your view of the Gamecocks is obviously silly as well.

No excuse for Bellamy being a punk. I don't feel sorry for him and I've never seen you let up on a Carolina player that got into trouble or kicked out of school. You gotta come at me with something better than that lol. You're the one who wanted to argue and Bellamy is good material.

Clemson is also...

pre-season number 16 team in the country according to ESPN. Somebody just doen't agree with your assessment of the program. Lol

I have never seen a fan...

base rejoice over a kid getting kicked out of school like what Scar fans are doing. I agree Marcus Lattimore has some class, he tried nicely to tell Scar fans that what you are doing is embarrassing. I think you guys get the impression Bellamy was a spoiled kid who is getting what he deserved. Bellamy actually grew up in what can be described as a step below a crack house. Everyone was pulling for him not just because of football, but because as human beings you want to see a kid like that pull himself out of where he was. Kid will probably end up dead, you guys can have a real party then.

This is exactly why you never be successfull as a football program, its called Karma.

We will see who has the last laugh with Chad Kelly.

30 years of memories? Sure, National championship, multiple conference championships, beating some of the best coaches in football. We have more conference championships in 30 years than you have bowl wins. We have more national championships in 30 years than you have conference championships. Sishty shree sheventeen also was fun. We have plenty to look back on, you beat Clemson 3 in a row times for comparison.

I'm being serious when I say

I hope you're not getting mad. Clemson is my favorite topic of discussion these days. They are the trending team in the off season with Sammy potkins and that genius mike Bellamy. I bet both are smoking a blunt and laughing at you right now LOL.

Bad part about Bellamy flunking out is we dont get to see him and chad Kelly in the same back field together. The news those two would have made would have been epic. Instead of thunder and lightning it would have been crack and pot after each's drug of choice. That's right bro, Kelly was kicked out of the first HS for coke possession.

In before you say billybob LOL

Yep all you have is memories

Couldn't have said it better myself. Unfortunately for you it's a bunch of bad memories these days lol. Have to go back 30 years to find the good ones

Saturday, May 19, 2012

They do bro...

They are going to have 11 teams in the Big 12' makes sense really.

You have the biggest beating in the history of the SEC championship which made you guys world beaters, lol. When Bama wins the SEC and national championship thats a conference title and national championship for scar. Because we beat them one time and even made it to the championship game one time. We even had a winning record against Clemson, one time, lol. For a guy dogging Clemson, you sure do hold that in high regard, beating them. We even beat uga, but not really because they won the division, not us. Now UGA has improved and so has Clemson, all we have is memories.

And you have

the worst bowl loss in history in your first and only bcs bowl game. The only thing that's worse than not playing in a bcs bowl game is getting the brakes beat off of you by a big east school. It made Clemson a joke. A laughing stock. By the way, WVU just scored again lol.

Rumblings going around that the big 12 only wants FSU. Get ready to be left behind. Crappy football school in a basketball conference. It's gonna be great!

You sound like 43 tigers...

Its over because we finally have lost to our rivals more than once. What are you even talking about? That is absolutely the silliest thing you have ever said. Clemson has some things you will never have and I know it hurts. A conference championship for one, the opportunity to play in a bcs bowl and a winning record over your rival. You had the best team you are ever going to have with most teams down in your division and you finished 5th in the SEC at best. You are a Conference USA program playing an sec schedule. But yeah, it's over for Clemson. When the smoke clears with everything and I am not just talking about the rivalry, you may not be so special anymore, it's a club defender rumor right now but we will see. Clemson can offer a great education, high graduation rates, a beautiful campus etc... To parents. You have Columbia, 5 points, Ron Morris and the columbia police to offer. So we will see in the end who finishes ahead.

Lot of smack talk

For a fan of a team that has been completely dominated by their rival for three years in a row, soon to be 4. The Clemson glory days are over. We now see what you will do when you win the acc. The same thing every team in the acc does, get drug in the orange bowl. Clemson just did it in glorious fashion. 70-33 fashion lol. And you say everyone is laughing at us Bwaaaa ha ha ha!

Not mad at all bro...

Laughing my ass off at you, everyone is. Especially when you all start calling Connor Shaw a world beater. I never said Boydd would go up and down the field on Oklahoma, that was all you. What kind championship have you won in football. None, but you beat Clemson so you think you are world beaters now. Got it, but you are not, lol. Maybe we can get another post from you this year that every sentence starts out with "I was wrong" or ends "but I was wrong" remember that? What happened bro? You will be running in your house hiding from Evelyn and James again soon enough, lol.

Bwaaaa ha ha ha

Dang you got mad. My bad lol. All I did was state facts, dont get mad bro.

Tahj boyd couldn't hold Connor Shaw's jock strap. Our defense had him crying after the game where he threw for a whopping 83 yds and had as many picks as he did tds. Shaw however was laughing after he threw 3 tds on Clemson ha. And guess what, he going to drag you again this year. Just like Garcia did 2 times before him. Garcia may have been a law breaker but at least he could beat Clemson. Sammy Watkins is a law breaker and can't beat Carolina. Btw, I heard the reason he played so poorly was because he was smoking blunts with Bellamy before the game and at halftime lol. Clemson is the laughing stock now bro, not Carolina. I can say that honestly, you can't.

BTW, Spurrier isn't going to let up this season on Clemson's sorry asses like he did the past 3 years. Dabo may as well go ahead and bite the pillow and prepare for a worse embarrassment than the orange bowl. Tweet that!

Man I really got you riled up lol. Mission accomplished. Did I help you any? May be helping too much with the Boyd bashing. You get pretty wound up when I joke about him. It's like throwing rocks at a monkey through a cage lol

Hopefully you are not mad...

Just trying to make it interesting again, have not really cared in a while. Maybe this will work? Lol

Boy, mention Connor Shaw...

And you really get spun up. You gonna get the box stacked and then what? I don't think he can pass the ball more than 15 yards. Gonna get ugly quick on offense and defense? Who knows good players untested coach and your whole season will depend on your defense. First Mitchell, then Smelley, then Garcia now the least talented of all shaw is going to be the next Joe Montana. Guess what bro, they all sucked and shaw will be no different.

You do know he is not Ellis Johnson right? You do know 90 percent of your success and improvement on the field was Ellis Johnson right? Sure was not offense.

If you could truly beat your rival into nonexistence where would you be? You have remember your goal is not to be Bama, Lsu or even Clemson, it's actually not to be a laughing stock. But keep going, it's to be allot fun for allot of people in the end, lol.

I think Dabo got the message, when all the cute stuff went around after the game. You can bet he circled the game this year and so far every team he has circled on the schedule went down. FSU, Va Tech and guess what? Auburn, a team you just went 0-3 against. You just have really not been a priority until now, winning the conference was. Clemson needed to get over that hump. But here you are thinking it's a big deal to beat you? We beat the hell out of you for a 100 years, but it's no big deal, everyone else did too, lol.

You do know that you

dont bring oklahoma's whole program with Powell right? You just got the DC, not the whole program. You do understand that don't you? Kind of like when you got Steele and I said you don't get bama's whole program with him? You didn't understand then and I'm sure you won't now and that's ok. Maybe you are not retarded and realise that there is a huge chance Powell will be worse than Steele. Clemson fans are right where they need to be. Kidding themselves about the future of their program in the sorry acc. They should be more worried about 3 in a row and soon to be 4 in a row.

You know what's great? If we get to 5 in a row all bets are off and Clemson is done. Carolina may as well replace them with a div 2 team on the schedule.

May as well start liking basketball bro. That's the only thing you will be able to hang you hat on if you stay in the acc. Which is good, because you don't even have that right now..

Friday, May 18, 2012

Connor Shaw only gives Spurrier nightmares...

Did you watch your spring game? But saying stoops doesn't know better than most how to stop Spurrier is silly. Also bragging on your offensive performance last year is silly. You thank Ellis Johnson for last year, if it were as you say maybe you could have beat out Georgia or maybe beat Auburn? I believe Oklahoma was better than Auburn on both sides of the ball. The biggest thing you can hang your hat on is beating Clemson, a big deal for you to even have a winning record in a 5 year span over Clemson. Would not be a big deal for Clemson, but I know it's great for you guys as scar fans. Does not mean you would beat Oklahoma tho, or even auburn for that matter, lol.

Pin our offense against Oklahoma's defense last season?

Oh hell yea I would. Oklahomas D pretty much sucked last season even with far greater talent than either of our teams. They would have nightmares about shaw running for 30 yd gains lol.

As far as batson goes, no one has bashed him as much as you. Surprising you try to take up for him in the off season lol.

By the way bro, all the bashing is for you. You wanted argument when I tried to avoid it. Just tell me when to let up. Say uncle lol. Hard to say much after 3 in a row and likely 4 or 5 or 10 lol. It's all in fun bro, not trying to make you mad.

So you are extremely...

Confident you would have beat Oklahoma last year. I am sure not, I don't think it would be a good match up for you at all. Along the same lines as Arkansas. Oklahoma was up and down last year. 9 wins was an awful year for them. 9 wins was an awful year, Venables was there a very long time and would still be there if he wanted to.

I think most would...

Agree it's time for a change there. But the coaches and players want him there, we are finally getting a training table which will go a long ways. I would make a change simply because he has been there so long. One thing for sure Batson will have a job in about 5 minutes if he goes. Also, something you know nothing about. Batson has been there since Ford, that's why he is still around.

I would too except for last season

We'll see what Powell can do at Clemson. I got a feeling he will step back at some point and say "damn, I'm not in Oklahoma anymore" lol. Sort of like Steele did after leaving Bama..

I don't have any high hopes...

For Powell, I don't even know who he is in fact. I watched Venables shut down the likes of mike leach etc... He didn't get fired at Oklahoma, stoops brought in his brother, who happens to be very good. It's a no brainer really on how it happened. But of course you can go with the club defender theory. I will take Oklahoma's teams while Venables was there all day over ours.

Also bringing up our strength coach isn't very smart

Because you'll always have Joey batson as long as dabo is there lol

When did I say anything about Carolina being great next season?

You're the one already talking about how great Powell will be and he hasn't even coached a game at Clemson yet and had a pretty bad season at Oklahoma last season. At least Ward had a lights out game against Nebraska as DC at Carolina last season. I even said it may or may not work with Ward's aggressiveness. We'll just have to wait and see. What we do know we have is talent on defense. Clemson isn't really sure if they do or not right now on defense. You lost some key players as well and no one really stands out that you return? Carolina on the other hand has Taylor, Cliwney, and Swearinger returning off the top of my head. All 3 are players that Clemson would easily trade 2 defensive players for just one of those 3.

You obviously have high hopes for Powell and Clemson. Don't set yourself up for a letdown again bro..

Right now it's not even comprehensible...

Much less credible. I saw no violation in what you wrote or anything else.

Yeah, I certainly brought up the Auburn beat down and that your defense was pretty good last year. You said if you get beat down in a game you can only hope to be above average. Would you consider you defense in a category higher than above average last year? So if Scar did it last year what gives? Also at one point last year you called Clemson a great team with a chance to win the national championship. They dropped off at the end, it happens, does not make them what you think they will be tho.

Also, when you lose Jeffrey, Ingram, gilmore, Ellis Johnson, your strength coach (most valuable possibly) replace them with assistants does not shout any sure bets on Scar being what you think they will be either.

Also tell me which is worse

The worst beating in the history of the sec champ game which has only been going for 21 years with 1 game a year. Or the worst beating in ENTIRE bowl history (BCS or otherwise) which has been going on for 100+ years with 50+ games a year. Google "largest bowl game score margin in history" for me. By the way that was the last game Clemson played. Not a game 2 seasons ago like you tried with carolina..

The Whitney had nothing to do with

The rock hill booster fabrication. Like I said, I don't wanna say too much about it if it's not true. Just a heads up. I won't put you through the ringer before I know it's true like you did me with the ridiculous rock hill stuff. Don't wanna look silly if it's proven not true like the rock hill bagman was.

So you're bringing up a game from 2 seasons ago to try to defend clemson's terrible defense last season? I don't get it. You can call our defense that year bad all you want. Still doesn't help you deny the fact that clemson's defense was terrible last year. Clemson's D could be even worse unless Powell is a miracle worker..

I was speaking of...

The worse beat down in the history of the SEC championship game. If Chizik had been an asshole he could have easily scored 75 points. Did not look too good in your next game either, but your defense was pretty good last year.

I still do not understand what you are talking about, I mean what you wrote does not make sense. So how would I get mad if I don't understand? Are you saying Clemson coaches and defense are providing curbside service at a rester aunt somewhere, lol? Go back and read what you wrote bro and explain it, because I don't understand it.

Here you go then:
Carolina coaches offense service a brown tomato factory. It's gonna be worse than the Whitney bro, just giving you heads up.

I was just giving you the heads up

Don't get mad bro lol.

As far as the Auburn game where we gave up 16 points, I don't think that was a very good point prover. Offense couldn't get going in that game. Arky would have worked better for you there. Not sure why you even bring Carolina's defense up. It helps you none. Not very smart to bring up the 3rd ranked defense in the NATION in an argument when you have the 71st ranked defense. It's like bring a plastic fork to a gun fight lol.

And by the way, I wasn't judging Clemson's D by one game. See NC St, Maryland, GT, South Carolina, and the list goes on. Clemson's defense was out of shape and just plain bad last season. No denying that bro. If he can get them to average he will earn his pay next season.

We will see how Brent Powell or whatever your DC's name is does this season lol.

No idea what...

That even means? But it's well known Brad Scott uses his personal credit card to buy lavish hotels for the parents of recruits. Also Clemson coaches pay recruits in mcdonalds with large paper bags. Hard to believe we don't get caught, every Gamecock fan knows about it, lol. One school has payed thousands in extra benefits and lowered academic standards for recruits, but it's not Clemson.

I think I will reserve judgement on Lorenzo lamas or whatever his name is until he coaches his first ever game as a defensive coordinator in the SEC. Also you don't judge a defense by one game or else yours would be terrible based on the Auburn performance, just does not work like that.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Clemson coaches club and Defender Services

Just a "Rock Hill booster" type of rumor about Clemson right now. Just wanted to give you the heads up like you did with me about the rock hill stuff. I don't know much about it but it sounds much worse than the rock hill rumor.

Not sure I said any of that lol

Maybe I did and forgot. I'll hold judgment on Venebles until I see his defense at Clemson on the field. I will say that it will take a miracle for them to be much more than average next season. If you wonder why I say that go back and watch the orange bowl again. You can't pin all 70 points on Steele. Well you can and probably will but you'll be kidding yourself. Venebles will be well worth the money if Clemson's defense is above average next season. That's not a knock by the way. If you go from really bad to average it is a vast improvement.

There is no doubt that Johnson is a great dc. However, if there was a knock on him it would be getting conservative and playing soft zone against pass happy offenses. Need proof go back and watch every matchup against arky. One thing that Lorenzo ward has said will change is being much more aggressive and playing more man to man. It may or may not work but with the speed and talent of our defense i think we can pull it off. Doesn't hurt to have Taylor and Clowney wreaking havoc in the backfield every other play. I guess we'll find out.

But yea I'll hold judgement on venebles until he shows something either way on the field.

Thoughts about Venables...

Someone made the comment, I can't remember who, that defensive coordinators figured out Chad Morris and all you have to do is line up in a zone defense and stand in the lanes making the offense uneffective. If you believe that he runs a Big 12 type offense this of course could not be further from the truth. As you know I like Ellis Johnson allot, I like him allot more now that he is not at Scar and for good reason. I wish he would have came to Clemson, I would not even mind if had become the head coach. He seems like one of the old guys in football. Having said that and watching him at Scar, I don't think he would have lasted very long as a defensive coordinator at Oklahoma. You cannot just line up in a zone defense, stand in passing lanes and stop Oklahoma St.

I said all that to say if you think Venables is not going to be able to stop ACC, including the option at Ga Tech or when necessary more traditional SEC type offenses after having to contend with Big 12 offense week in and week out? I don't know what to tell you.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Just because he...

Was declared academically ineligible does not mean he failed out. It's just as likely he cut class. I have no idea really, what kind of student he was in high school grade wise or college. The only thing I can say for sure is neither do you. Lol (I also don't care)

Michigan is actually in trouble finically and the payout is going to be huge. This would go a long ways towards bailing them out.

Of course I have his transcripts

But unfortunately it's illegal for me to post them online. I guess you'll just have to take my word for it lol.

Not sure what to think about Michigan. Wonder why they would want to get away from their roots? Lot of traditional rivalrys up there

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I also heard...

that Michigan is seriously considering joining the Big 12.

About Bellamy's academic standings...

in highschool, or do you guys have his highschool transcripts?

What exactly are you saying I got from

Billy bob on the message boards?

You would be retarded...

also to believe Clemson is actually paying players. We don't get away with that bro, we are not Miami, Bama, Florida etc.... To my knowlege Clemson has not even got a sniff from the NCAA, of course that is because the NCAA staff is loaded down with Clemson fans, lol. Hard to make this stuff up.

 The point was that Billy Bob on the message board cannot be trusted. Clowney was fine as we know to get admitted to Scar or Clemson. That is why we offered and would have accepted him I would assume. Taking Billy Bob seriously is what we are talking about here. If everything on the message boards was to be taken seriously we both would have gotten the death penalty right now.

It's well known that Clowney's loophole was

Admitting that he had a learning disability. By the way Clemson offered him too and Dabo told him he loved him on his visit lol.

Carolina or any other sec school does not claim to be academic power houses. Clemson and the other acc schools do. That's why it shocking that this kid got into Clemson and clowney into Carolina not so much. Again, dabo made a strong push for clowney.

By the way, I won't say who it is ( they are family and they read this site) brought up a interesting theory. Wonder what will happen if Bellamy starts talking about where all that money came from. He's certainly dumb enough to do it. Costs a lot of money to get out of trouble with the NCAA. Trust me I know. Suddenly that big 12 money is looking like a must lol.

He was still a fumble machine...

during the off season anyway. He was a beast from the waist down, I doubt he ever will be trustworthy with the football.

The only argument is that we don't need to start talking academic standards and comparing them between the ACC and SEC. Also, Billy Bob on the message board said Clowney was in Special Ed. I say where he was borderline retarded in fact. I am sure this is not true. But not only did he get in to Scar but he is probably on the Dean's list, lol. So Belamy did not cut it in the classroom and he is gone from Clemson. Its been pretty well documented that Clemson is very strict on who they admit academically. I just don't think there is any substance to whatever it is you are trying to say.

Unfortunately I agree, he was not going to grow up on or off the field. But you take chances on kids like that every time. Sometimes you get Dwayne Allen and sometimes you get Bellamy. No harm, no foul.

I got a feeling if you read my Mike Bellamy post below, it will spark an argument lol

The post is right below your last post. You must have missed it..

That is great about the A! Feels good don't it. I'm too busy with my garden really for any other hobbies right now. The plane thing is cool though. May be one day I will get into that.

I can't really disagree with you about...

the ACC. I am trying to argue a little to try and spark some sort of interest in football again FYI...

Maybe this will help? As long as I am not dogging on Scar and we have healthy arguments I don't see the harm. I think we both make good points in fact. Even though you are wrong, you make good points, lol.

Got an A in my first class!! I actually hated when it ended. I really like going to school, I cannot wait to get started again. Life is going pretty good right now, knock on wood. I figure you would rather argue a little about football instead of talk about the programming language of Python?  Building an airplane out of foam? I trying really hard to become a complete nerd. I am doing pretty good so far.

But my interest in fishing has gotten back up, so there is that.

Mike Bellamy academically ineligible this season

Going to JUCO this fall. Not surprising. You know how I've felt about him since even before he committed to Clemson. Tried to tell you and Brent. Kid is a dumbass thug. Addition by subtraction for Clemson IMO. Question is how did he qualify to get into Clemson inthe first place. Everyone knew he was dumb as a brick in hs. Even rumored that he was in special classes. Nothing wrong with that if you're trying to get into wvu or Louisville or any school in the SEC (to hear ACC fans call it) but Clemson? I thought they were the cream of the crop in academics? Unlike some lowly Carolina lol.

And I will say over and over again that

VT is the best team in the acc. Once again we agree to disagree.

What has Miami done for me lately? They are a dying program plain and simple.

We disagree on these things and it's ok. We're not going to convince each other otherwise.

One thing we're starting to agree on is the big12 deal. I'm starting to buy in to the hype. The acc sucks and they only care about basketball. All the teams that care anything about football need to jump ship.

I will say over and over...

they are not the best team in the ACC, because they are not. Clemson is right now and I would say FSU at least should be the second. In fact if you were making a prediction for this year you would probably pick FSU then Clemson and then everyone else. For comparison FSU has won the conference something like 12 times since joining and have a National Championship while in the ACC.

So then Golden is not a good coach in your opinion and Miami is not really getting good recruits? I think they at least play for a National Championship in the next 10 years or have an undefeated season (you could have an undefeated season and not be in the championship game. What am I basing it off of? They do it about every 10 years or so.

I wasn't taking away from what Clemson did last year

Clemson did beat VT twice last year and won the ACC. Clemson was the best team in the ACC last year. I'm not taking that from them. That does not trump what VT has done since joining the ACC however. They have pretty much dominated the ACC. Saying they are not the best team in the ACC should make you lol. They have won the the ACC 4 out of 8 times. That is Bama style domination right there.

As for Miami, I'm not sure why we're still talking about them. They're not worth the wasted breath. In 10 years where do I see Miami? Depends on which conference you are talking about them playing in. If they remain in the ACC I could see them sneaking around and gettin 9 wins a couple of years out of 10. If they were in the big 12? They would be lucky to have one season where they win 8 games. They would be a 6-6 type big 12 school. That's just how I see it..

Let me lol at Va Tech being...

the best in the ACC, we beat them twice last year handily. Also, Foster is certainly a big part of why, that is not in question. What is in question is his ability to be a head coach. How many interviews has he had and come away short? Also, its pretty well know after his interview at Clemson he said "If you don't hire me I will continue to beat you on the field". That didn't happen either.

We will see then about Miami, Golden was able to win at Temple. So give me the scenerio of what you think will happen to Miami in the next 10 years?

Monday, May 14, 2012

You could be right about VT

But facts are facts and the fact is that they are easily the best team in the Coastal division and very arguably the best team in the acc. It would be like USC leaving the PAC 10 or osu leaving the big 10. They are miles ahead of Miami. It's not even close. You give too much credit to Beamer. The reason VT has been good post mike Vick is because of there defense. Bud foster gets the credit there. Guess what we else, foster is still a young man. I know people say that he hasn't got a big head coach job because of all these crazy rumors but the fact is he knows the VT job is his after Beamer is gone. And after Beamer is gone you can bet Beamer won't be all the way gone until he dies. He will be a big part of that program even after foster takes over (see brad Scott at Clemson). VT isn't going anywhere after Beamer retires which will be a long time in itself.

None of that defeats the fact that Miami is done as a program. I really believe that. Wouldn't be surprised if they have to drop down to div 2 lol

The cool thing is we...

can always see who it right on the field. So we will just have to wait and see about Miami, if they make another come back. I think they will, sooner rather than later in fact. They played for the National Championship in 2002 and lost, but it was the best championship game I have ever seen.

I can agree completely about Ga Tech, the goal is of course to have a huge footprint in the SEC's back yard. Ga Tech has allot of tradition and there is no reason they could not recruit better and be successfull. I feel like they would be one of the toughest teams to get to leave the ACC. But I could be wrong, I also agree Va Tech may not leave. Unlike you I am not big on Va Tech. I think once Beamer is gone, Va Tech is done. Its already starting to happen unfortunately. A team like that has no National Championships or tradition, a true johnny come lately and from a bussiness point of view they are a risk.


I think getting GT to come would make more sense. Definitely more sense than Miami. Better program with much more to offer..

No, I know you wasn't saying that they definitely would leave for the Big 12

And I'm not saying VT and Miami definitely wouldn't. Just stating the reasons why I think they wouldn't.

We'll just have to agree to disagree on Miami..

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I definitely was not saying those teams would...

be moving. Just that its somewhat logical they might. But as far as Miami not being worth it as a program? The first paragraph tells you what you need to know about Miami:

We like to only think about the 80's but according to ESPN they fielded one of the best teams in college football in 2001:

10 years of success or lack of success does not make or break a program. Even with all the controversy last year they got a great class. They are off to a good start this year. I would not be surprised at all if they once again rise from the ashes and field another one of the greatest teams ever. I don't think I have ever even seen anything official that they are being investigated. Shapiro or whatever even admitted Randy Shannon never allowed him to come around. That will go along ways towards the NCAA not making this a priority.

I don't know about VT and Miami

I don't think anybody wants Miami. Out of all the schools that got busted miami had the worst offense. A federal offense. Bunch of thugs and everybody knows it. They are a small private school that isn't high in academic standards. They don't make any money. They don't have a big following now that all of their bandwagon fans have jumped ship. And let's face it bro, Miami sucks. They can't beat their way out of a wet paper sack. There is a difference between a slump and what Miami is going through. They strike fear in no one anymore unlike a team like Texas that is in a slump right now. Miami brings nothing to the table for any conference.

As for VT, I think they are just content in the ACC. They can win the conference nearly every year and play in a BCS bowl game. Its like the same reasons that Deptula says Clemson should stay in the ACC. VT also made it clear when the SEC was after them that they strived for many years to get to the ACC and now that they are there they aren't going anywhere.

This is just my opinion on that though. I think the addition of FSU and Clemson to the big 12 is enough to boost them to the 2nd best conference anyway.

She does not normally read the board...

But I show her your tomatoes when you post. I will make sure she reads your message.

Yeah, someone also pointed out that Terry Don Phillips came from the Big 12. It won't really be that much more for travel, it's only half the games and not that much further by plane than other places we all have to go. But a conference with Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St, TCU, west Virginia, FSU, Clemson, Texas tech, Kansas St, then throw in maybe Va Tech, possibly Miami? That's gonna be pretty bad ass. Second in football without question and some years maybe even second to none. We would get paid for sure. When a BOT member goes public it's pretty serious. This guy said no way during the SEC debate. Jumbo has opened the door as well. I think Clemson and FSU will go together if at all.

Guess we will see.

I saw Hiro's post right before you posted last

You didn't tell me that she read the site lol. We will really have to clean up our act with what we post when football season draws near lol. That's definitely a good thing.

Hiro, you should have as many tomatoes as you want when you get here. I have over 30 plants and they all are growing much better than I thought they would. The ones that I lost I was able to replace with some back-ups I had. I tried Vance's trick with the ash from the grill also and I really think that gave them a little boost. Anyway, I haven't had the chance to congratulate you on getting married. We are all very happy to have you in our family. The only bad part about our family is having to put up with Vance HA HA! Just kidding of course.

Hey bro, back to the Big 12 deal. It looks like it's a situation of not if but when. FSU definitely can't back out now because they will be hated by everyone in the ACC now. Not really even talking about the fans but with the higher ups behind the scenes. Looks like it's on now..

I know you don't care to rewatch it but Youtube has a copy of the whole Carolina/Clemson game from last season that I'm watching now. It's really got me in a football mood tonight.

Hiro left you a comment...

She has been concerned about your tomatoes and I showed her the picture. We have one that has come up in the old dirt with no water by itself. It's starting to get big, I have been putting ashes from the grill in the dirt. Same thing happened in Afghanistan, they love ashes. I didn't really see it as a serious possibility, just something to talk about. But I got to admit, the evidence is starting to stack up that it may be at least being discussed. Also something we did not discuss, but Dabo somewhat unexpectedly has been pulling allot of coaches from the Big 12 area and even Venables directly from a Big 12 school. I did not think about it until now really.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

My first tomato!

I don't know when

but I think it's going to happen..

Looks like FSU...

Is going a little more public:

Man you're right bro

Never thought about it like that

Friday, May 11, 2012

Oklahoma is not on the same level as Bama by any means...

But you are comparing Scar reaching Bama's level to Clemson playing on Oklahoma's level? Clemson and Oklahoma recruit pretty close to the same level now, but if we combine our class with Oklahoma's it still may not equal Bama's. There are schools out there with much more money and tradition than either one of us that still have not replaced a legendary coach. Notre Dame for example, it is not easy even for a school that has everything. It even took none other than Bama a couple of try's to get Saban. I know because I lived it for over 20 years now. I finally gave up, so maybe that is not a good question to get a positive response from me. What other school replaced a legendary coac on the first try?

And as far as Clemson getting to the same level as OU

I would like to think Carolina could get to the same level as Bama and LSU one day too lol

I guess I should just give up on football then..

If there is no chance that Carolina can hire someone that can build off of what Spurrier has started I may as well give up. Do you think Hyman can't hire someone to build off of what is going on right now at Carolina? Can we not find our Chad Morris? Or should I really stop wishing?

I'm still on the fence about the big 12 deal

Walt makes good points...

My point is that I want to be able to compete with those teams tho. I agree we would not right now. I do think we could get close to Oklahoma's level one day.


Gamecock fans believe it's due to the SEC, upgrades, etc... I think it's Spurrier and I don't agree he will hire someone that's going to do what he has done. It's just not possible, there is not another Spurrier. Who else in your opinion could win a conference championship at Dook in football? I do agree he will be around for allot longer tho. I never said adding Syracuse and Pitt was a football move, that's adding words in my mouth of course. What I said was that it was not as bad as everyone was saying. Both teams have potential to be good in football. In fact I hated the Big 12, I am really just tired of being in a conference ran by NC. Unlike many others, I think Texas running a conference is not bad. Texas is probably the only school that could rival Bama. The Big 12 is the only conference that has the potential to derail what ESPN has done to make college football a joke. The national championship was a joke last year. The NCAA is a joke, Auburn can do what they did, but Ohio St gets slammed for free tattoos.

I can't disagree with that

It's no secret the Spurrier is a large reason for our success. He and Hyman have really done a great job at SC. Hyman deserves just as much praise imo. Spurrier could not be successful with a administration that holds him back. Hyman has answered to every one of Spurrier's needs as well as every other coach in the athletic dept. I mean look at the baseball team, wow. They get a state of the art stadium that will rival any in the nation and they win back to back national championships. The basketball team hasn't been as successful but Hyman did make the best decision possible with this new hire in Frank Martin. Hyman has done an excellent job and that's why I trust him with the hire after Spurrier is gone. We'll get somebody good that Spurrier has already laid a great foundation for. I don't think Spurrier is leaving for at least 3-4 more years anyway.

Back to the Plyler deal. You missed the key word, "revenue". Plyler said South Carolina is lapping Clemson in "revenue". Even if South Carolina was miles ahead of Clemson as a whole in athletics, Plyler would never admit to that. That's why he through the word revenue in there. I don't think Carolina is miles ahead of Clemson as a whole in athletics. There is no way to argue that we haven't been ahead recently though.

Now for another radio personality's opinion on Clemson to the big 12.Walt Deptula has absolutely ripped everyone that has called his show that supports Clemson to the big 12. He laughs at them and embarrasses them. If you really are strong in belief that Clemson needs to go to the big 12, you don't need to listen to his show. It will only piss you off. His whole view surrounds the fact that Clemson can win in the ACC. They could possibly beat any team in the ACC on any given day. He asks why anyone would want to go away from that? He doesn't think Clemson is ready to play teams like Ok and Texas (even though they're down right now) on a seasonal basis. He says they are just not at that level yet. He also says that with the NCAA going to the 4 team playoff national championship they're best shot to be one of those 4 teams will be in the ACC. He says it will be nearly impossible for Clemson with a big 12 schedule. Like I said, these are not my views they are Walt's.

I'm really on the fence about it myself. I can see what you mean about playing teams like Texas, Ok, ect. rather than playing Syracuse and Pitt. It would also be more money. But you have to think that the travel expenses would cut into that a lot not just for football but for every other sport.

On the other hand, you and I both have argued for years about the ACC being a dying conference. You claimed to like the direction the ACC was headed in. You claimed that adding Syracuse and Pitt was a football move by Swoffard, not a basketball move. I must admit that I kinda find it hard to believe that the conference that you spent so much time defending (and sometimes screaming and yelling about lol) you are willing to just jump ship. What changed for you?

I don't really have an opinion about it. I see both sides of the story. I would like to see Clemson keep playing UNC, NC ST, GT, and schools like that because it gives me a reason to keep up with them. It also may be a good thing to have a reason to keep up with the big 12 schools. I'll ride the fence for now..

Oh yeah...

In terms of the reason Scar is ahead of Clemson for the series right now being because they are so well off financially. I don't agree with Plyler, I just don't buy that right now money is the reason why righ now. Money is not everything, Spurrier in my opinion is the reason why. Not because he has been an offensive mastermind as expected, but because he put a great staff together. A great strength and conditioning coach, Ellis Johnson etc... Clemson has spent just as much money as Scar on staff, maybe more now? Money is not everything.

When Spurrier is gone? He is going to be hard to replace, there are no more Steve Spurriers laying around. Scar did not get him because of money or facilities. He recently made the statement "If Saban wants to show he is a great coach he needs to win somewhere other than Bama". I could not agree more, thats why you are ahead, because of Spurrier and his desire to show he can win anywhere.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Yeah finished with my first class...

Just real busy this week, I think the test went fine.  Pretty sure I got an A in the class but I will have to see. I want to grow some weird tomatoes now also, that was a good idea.

I told you I thought the 3rd season of Prison Break was real good too. Not sure what people were wanting or expecting? 4th season, not so much at least for me. I did not even finish it. I am just catching up on Game of Thrones, The Borgias and of course River Monsters, lol. I went fishing and did not catch a think last weekend but I am probably going to try and start going again. All it takes is one time to get me hooked again.

I actually heard Plyler on the radio the last time I was home promoting Clemson to the Big 12, so this is nothing new? He is very open in his disatisfation with Swofford and the ACC on his website. I guess I am just kind of surprise you have just heard him promote it. Does not mean Clemson will move, but if you hear Plyler promote something it probably means it is being seriously considered. I think its the best move at this point, I am just bored with the ACC. Tobacco road team rivalries? I would not give 2 cents for those. Clemson vs NC State, DOOK, Wake Forest and North Carolina or Clemson vs Oklahoma, Oklahoma St, Texas, TCU, Texas Tech West Virginia ect...? No brainer really bro IMO. I think it would be good and quickly make the Big 12 the second best football conference all the sudden. Hopefully they would add Miami and Virginia Tech as well. I know everyone says but Texas runs the conference, which is true. But one team runs every conference and Texas is a football school just like Alabama. If you believe Alabama runs the SEC how have they done running it?

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

So you're finished with class for the time being right?

I think mama said that you were taking your final exam the other day. How did that go?

I'm staying pretty busy with the garden. The plants are getting pretty big now and requiring more time from be. It's ok though because I enjoy it. It's also better than sitting up in the house. I'm on the last season of prison break. I was surprised that so many people were down on the 3rd season. I like it and am still very interested in the show going into the 4th season. There is also a movie spin off of the show called prison break: the final break. So i'll watch it when I'm done with the show.

I was listening to micky plyler this morning and he had some pretty interesting views on the direction of the ACC. He says the ACC either needs to get teams from the big 12 such as ok, ok st, texas, and wvu or Clemson needs to leave with FSU and go to the big 12. He said the ACC has the 2nd smallest TV revenue surpassing only the big east. He was kind of leaning towards clemson staying in the ACC and stealing the teams from the big 12 until a caller called in and told him that would never happen. The caller explained that the teams in the big 12 are stuck there for 13 years because of the new tv contract that was signed when wvu joined the conference. If they were to leave the big 12 between now and 2025, the big 12 will get all of their TV revenue regardless of the conference that they were in due to the contract that was signed. This was the only way that the big 12 saw fit to stabilise the conference. Micky didn't realise this and it pretty much tipped him over the edge to where he thinks Clemson has to join the big 12 now. He says the ACC is dying and that South Carolina is lapping Clemson as far a revenue goes. His words not mine. You know yourself that it is very uncommon for plyler to make a comment like that. Anyway, it was a interesting show even though I hate the guy lol. I don't know what is going to happen with the big 12 deal but as we both know, plyler usually knows stuff. Would you want them to move? I guess I would kind of be on the fence about it. It would bring in more money but it would also be harder to win in the big 12. You also lose some of your natural rivals like the tobacco road schools, which are games I enjoy watching. Thoughts?

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Yeah it finally happened...

I have just been busy with finals at school. Thanks for the congrats.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Congrats Bro!

Mama told me the news last night. We're all happy for y'all.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Yea bro I was almost floored

I agree that most all of them smoke pot but there area select few that don't. I thought Sammy was one of them. I would have been almost as surprised if Latti would have got the same charge. I'm not saying that Sammy is a bad kid but damn I thought he was one of the very few that was smarter than that. I mean that in all honesty. Dabo built him up to that standard and maybe Dabo was as shocked about it as everyone else. Just like Spurrier building up a player like Latti and Latti getting caught. Can you honestly say it didn't catch you off guard?

Speaking of Latti, he tweeted about the Sammy situation. He said something to the extent of praying for Sammy and his family and that he has the utmost respect for him. That kid has more class in his pinky finger than half of either of our fan bases. Myself included..

Either way it isn't a big deal at all other than being a shocker. He'll miss a couple of games which is a stronger punishment than Spurrier would give a player of his caliber. Nothing more than joke material for me if the Gamecocks have a bad season..

Hard to believe? Lol

College kids smoke pot bro. Just like any other star on a team he will be playing next year, so there's that. I think it is going to be July when we come probably bro. I thought you watched Jericho, took me a while to watch it but I finally did and it was a good show. They kinda ruined it towards the end because renewal was so unstable, but definitely worth a watch. Hard to really believe not many people watched it.

You know I couldn't resist this, this is the only jab I promise lol

Sammy Watkins Mug Shot

More info on Sammy

Wow, just wow

This is hard to believe..

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Hey bro

Daddy is wondering if you are still going to be able to come home in June?

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

You know I never watched Jerico

I wanted to but for some reason I never did. It looked like a pretty good show.

Jenn and I just got back from Savannah. Went there for the weekend for our anniversary. We had a good time. It was the first time we had been and we enjoyed it. There is a lot of history there and I love that kind of stuff. I want to make it an annual trip. Not a long drive at all.

The tomatoes are coming along good. A couple of the plants have some blooms on them. The biggest plant is over 2' tall. I need to water them more often probably and they would take off. I'm going to put the cages around them this weekend probably. I'm ready to see what the fruit will look like. I'll try to think to take you some pics before I cage them.

I'm glad you're enjoying school. I thought you would like the programming side. Definitely like it more than me. It's just not my thing. I like what I'm doing now. I think you will like that side too. Maybe not as much as the programming though.

This would be great...

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

First class is almost done...

and honestly I hate that it is over. I don't know that I can leave the programming alone now. I am probably going to have to do a double major between CMIS and computer networking. This teacher was pretty hard, I just took my second midterm and I had to write 4 programs, it took 3 hours and I finished before anyone else. Other teachers have said you don't normally have to actually write programs in this class. Having said that, I liked the class allot and I learned more than I ever thought I would. Can't wait for the next one, but I guess it will be computer networking and security. I should switch it up every other class until I am done.

I will probably continue to play around with Qbasic for fun, way outdated but I know it pretty good. Java and Python seem to be important ones. Especially Java, it runs on its own platform which means it can run on a MAC or PC. Thats also why it slows down your computer. Its just so strict, it has to be completely right or its not going to work.

How are the tomatoes? I grill almost every day here now. Just started putting some mussels on the grill and they taste pretty good. I want to try some oysters next if I can find them for a decent price.


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