Friday, September 30, 2011

Predictions Week 5

Here goes....

Clemson is in for it. They will face adversity like they haven't faced all year. I don't think Auburn or FSU either one are complete teams. Not to slight either, especially Florida State, most programs are not cohesive yet. I don't think either loss can be spun too much. But, Virginia Tech almost always has a consistent team. They're tough and can run the ball. They just can't beat elite teams. I guess what I'm saying is that Clemson will prove if they are for real or not this week. Lose and well, they will probably still be good at the end of the season. If they win, we may be looking at a historical season, getting 10 wins and a BCS game. The worst thing that can happen is a blowout. Most of the time gut wrenching games are the worst, but in this case I would rather see them go toe to toe. A blowout means....pretenders!

My concerns are on defense. I'm afraid of Virginia Tech being able to run down Clemson's throat and control the clock and tempo. I may be wrong on this, but I don't think it matters where Clemson gets the ball. They're gonna move it. If VT limits their chances, they're gonna win. In my opinion, Clemson needs at least 24 points to win it. I don't think VT is capable of putting much more than 20 without turnover help. They will more than likely get a pick. And you will get mine.........Clemson 27-Virginia Tech 24

South Carolina is living on borrowed time right now with their qb issues. Yes, yes, it is a beaten drum. I only bring it up because we all know that at the current pace they will slip up against more talented teams. Guess what, Auburn isn't one of them. I look for Stephen Garcia to wake up and smell the chicken shit and have a big game. Sure, Auburn's defense is putrid, but the same medicine that fed Tajh Boyd and Clemson will wake up this offense and give them confidence needed to make them a much more balanced threat.

I think Carolina needs to put together a complete game on defense against a team that has the ability to move the ball. They have been suspect at times until the lights out performance last week (77 yards are you kidding me). There are some good teams left out there that will punish mistakes. Jadaveon Clowney and that defensive line neutralize a ton of those mistakes, but there are definitely some things that aren't completely there. Won't matter. Carolina gains mojo and some much needed consistancy, and more importantly confidence: South Carolina 41 Auburn 20.

Great minds think alike

The more I read Danny Ford's interviews the more I like the guy. We think a lot alike.

He thinks, like I do, that the SEC staying at 13 is a bad idea and that they will expand to 14. He also thinks that VT is the best fit. He also goes on to say that he knows enough people in Clemson to say that if the SEC invited clemson they would jump at it but that the SEC isn't interested in Clemson because they already have South Carolina and it wouldn't expand the TV market. Link below:

After your last post I'm not sure if you've even watched Carolina play this season

There is too much wrong with your post. First of all on 50% of every pass plays Carolina has attempted this season my whole house has yelled "HE'S WIDE OPEN!!!". Garcia has missed way too many open WRs thus far. I'm sure there have been a few bad routes ran but the facts don't lie, if there is a guy wide open there is no reason not to hit him.

I also don't buy that BS about the play calling. Garcia is a 5th year senior. He has been in this offense for FIVE YEARS! While in the hell should Spurrier have to build up his confidence by throwing short passes? Spurrier's play caling has been just fine and if Garcia would have hit a few more wide open guys we wouldn't be having this disscussion right now. We would have rolled everyone we have played so far.

Also, there is no excuse for throwing 4 picks to Vandy. I'll admit that Vandy's defense has improved but damn, 4 picks.

I would say that 90% of our offensive woes has been Garcia. If you want to put the other %10 on the WRs and play calling that is fine.

Going on to Garcia's Grandfather dying. I wouldn't have thought the alcohol comment was that far fetched until I heard about this. Hell I know I would under perform if I was cut off from beer too. But this thing with Garcia goes deeper than that. Let me divulge further, have you noticed how Spurrier's attitude has changed towards Garcia? Go back and listen to his comments since even before the season started. It definitely isn't Spurrier like comments, especially about Garcia. I will let Rich post further into it than this because he is the one who brought it up and it makes perfect sense. I am pretty sure Spurrier even said after Garcia got into trouble that last time something like "Stephen has some other issues going on in his life."

Like I said, I am not making excuses for him. He has made some down right boneheaded decisions so far. I can also see where his mind may have been. Is it not tough to lose someone you are close to? Really?

Clemson is finally in the weeding out game..

Bryce McNeil is already transferring and you can expect a few others. Our class may be allot bigger and we have quite a few good recruits taking a hard look right now. Things can change quickly, but you have got to be impressed right now with what has happened.

On that note, the Acc contract is getting renegotiated of course. It's going to be real close to the Sec contract. But if they decide to bump up to 16 teams you can expect it to be more than that.

A little media darling?

That was a very good post Brent, your best I can remember. TB is just off the charts IMO, better than we all thought he would be.

Could be his Grandfather..

But it also could be that he is an alcoholic and has not been allowed to practice very much with the team as a result. Right now he is either still drinking or having a hard time coping with not drinking. My best guess would be the later.

Also, Garcia is getting ALL of the credit right now for an offense that has allot of issues. Recievers running bad routes, lots of other things going on and Garcia is catching the heat for all of it.

Spurrier and his play calling for example. He needs to be calling short pass plays and attempting to build Garcia's confidence up a little. Instead he is calling just whatever comes to his head, changing the play with 8 seconds on the clock, then throws his headset. Which has also seriously gotten old.

I think he needs to hire a young innovative OC, you have plenty of money. He has plenty of knowledge to add to pretty much anyone's scheme. I think it's a good idea and it's not meant to be a flame. He just does not appear to have enough patience and is not adjusting or adjusting play calling for weaknesses. We all know they should be better, but right now they are not and trying to force it is not working.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weather could play a factor

In the Clemson game. Gametime temp is 38 with a chance of rain. Could make it hard for Clemson to throw in the cold but could slow down the VT defense if wet. Either way both teams will battle the elements, may the best team win..

Hope this is a sign..

Lets talk some fracking football!

Well, all week Clemson has been kind of a media darling. I saw an interview with Dabo Swinney and Erin Andrew's sexy ass. I thought Dabo did well. Clemson missed a lot of key opportunities saturday. They could've been up by 20 points at one point. Tajh Boyd made an atrocious play that put FSU back in it. The defense gave up big pass plays to freshman Trickett (look out EJ, this guy is a good one). But, Clemson still won. They played inconsistent, but they never lost the lead once they had it. One of the things I've been most impressed with is second half time of possession the last two weeks. I'm not gonna look up the stats but when reading abotu it post game I was really amazed at how Clemson's offense kept churning and keeping the other team off the field and not giving them an opportunity to come back.

This leads me into the Virgina Tech game. Wow, what a game this could be. I think Virginia Tech's defense is great. Its at Lane Stadium. No matter who wins, Clemson will have some struggles. Defensively, Clemson hasn't been great against the run. Also, they're susceptible to big plays. I know VT will get their running yards, but I think Clemson has to pressure the freshman quarterbact to make critical mistakes (Logan Thomas has 4 tds, 4 ints to date). A pick against this defense will be a lot bigger than against the Thundering Herd.

Offensively, Clemson has to be able to rush effectively, if not dominately. I think Clemson will be able to move the ball somewhat, but they're not gonna get as many third down conversions, I would think. If they can get to 30 I think they win. Virginia Tech hasn't shown great offensive capability yet, based off of their scores. I haven't watched them, but 26 and 17 aren't great numbers against putrid defenses. Hopefully that will be the case saturday.

Either way, this is the toughest challenge to date. It's going to be tough up there and I don't think you'll find one Clemson fan to deny it.

Part of the reason for Garcia's inconsistency?

Garcia's grandfather passed away yesterday. He has been in hospice care for a while. Stephen was very close to his grandfather. I'm not trying to make excuses for him just makes me wonder. I can see how this could've had an effect on him..

Terra Nova I've Heard Of

Its hard to get on the computer early in the week here. I usually have other stuff going on. But....I am going to post tonight when I have time to talk a little more in depth. I think that if Clemson wins Saturday this may be a special season. But I get ahead of myself and I haven't even talked about the win against FSU.

A couple of shows for Brent..

I am sure you would like the show Terra Nova. I watched the first episode yesterday. I also think you would like Nikta based on what you watched, the second season just started. I am not positive you will like that one but give it a shot.

Also, best week in a long time for you to talk about Clemson, and you are absent. I hope this year is different but do it while you can, lol.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Its online.

How did you watch it a week early?

I had an alert set in my phone to watch it this week but the first episode doesn't come out till monday. You find it online somewhere? I'm sure it was good, not one season has let us down yet..

I watched the new Dexter..

It was good.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Kind of surprised we jumped all the way to 13th..

We lose to VaTech until we prove otherwise. Beamer has earned that respect.

But if we win, we should hit the top 10. That will be another obstacle for Clemson, winning with expectations. May sound silly, but it's true I think.

We are the underdogs, hopefully they come out with a chip on their shoulders.

In terms of Carolina..

A win is a win. Still finding a way to win and there is nothing bad about it. Lattimore and your defense could very well still get you 10 wins this season. Maybe all it will take is one good game for Garcia to get his confidence back, no idea right now what is wrong with him.

FWIW, I think he will eventually step up.

Well put bro..

It's funny, Dabo has really started to prove himself. Almost everyone has doubted him, a losing record and he puts together a top recruiting class and top staff in college football. He is making a believer out of me. Many people that have called him a clown may eat words with recruits now. You can count Jimbo in that category. Still a long way to go, but it looks promising.

They get another chance this week, on the road vs VaTech, can't think of a better game to prove yourself. GaTech does look good, it's debatable how good, but knowing Johnson, they are prolly legit.

Things that stand out they need to work on, pass rush, run blocking, big plays on defense. TB has surpassed my expectations, but at times he still makes bad decisions. 90% of the time he looks real good, I will take it.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nice GIF

And good win yesterday. I think everyone on Clemson's schedule will take them seriously now. I don't see any reason for Clemson not to win the atlantic div this year. GT looks really good right now though. They will be tough to beat out for the conference title I think.

Carolina also had a good win yesterday. The defense finally had a complete game. Vandy was held to 77 total offensive yds. The passing game sputtered again and I'm still waiting for it to click.

Couple of other things: Texas A&M will officially be a SEC team in 2012. Carolina is getting a new video board that is 47 ft wider and 3 ft taller than UGA's. Carolina is 11.5 point favorite against Auburn. Clowney is SEC leader in sacks. I think that's all I got for now..

Sorry too good to pass up..

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy to win..

Not much doubt now Clemson's offense is legit.

It's like I told Brent in a text tonight..

I said I think most Carolina fans are like WTF right now? I think we have the talent but the product on the field has not been there. I'm hoping Rich is right, that it will be scary when we stop winning close ugly games and win big and make opposing teams tremble at the thought of facing the Gamecocks. That's what we thought would happen before the season started. It hasn't happened yet and I am still hoping. That's why I will expect and hope for another close victory tomorrow. I think it will be Gamecocks 31-24 in another close one to Vandy.

As for Clemson tomorrow, they have too much in thier favor to pick FSU. Clemson's offense will be tested no doubt especially the OL. FSU has a ridiculous DL on paper. But there are way to many factors in Clemson's favor in this game.

Clint Tricket has the stature of a middle school girl. He can't weigh more than 110 lbs. Even if EJ Manuel does play he can't complete a pass over 20 yds. He is injured and the Clemson defense has been very vocal about attacking Manuel's injury. With that said FSU has a very poor running game. I will add on that they have a depleted OL.

On top of everything FSU travels to Clemson. That is a place they don't have much success. I think it will be like 16-10 in Clemson's favor..

I think Lat is legit for the Heisman..

I think if Scar can at least be a 10 win team, he has a good shot. I really don't know much about any other candidates. I agree, they just need to step up and play like they can. They have the best receiver in the country IMO.

I like our chances, I will go with Clemson by 3. I just don't think the FSU offense is very good. We will see how good ours is and how good their defense is. We don't know yet, if we improve from last week, we have something. Honestly, Clemson does lay eggs after a big win. Big chance to prove themselves. If we beat FSU, I like our chances vs VaTech. If not I don't.

I am excited and optimistic, but I know what could happen.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Predictions Week 4

First, the games that we will pay attention to, but with no stake in:

LSU 24 West Virginia 17

Alabama 31 Arkansas 21

Georgia Tech 31 North Carolina 20

NC still getting pounded by Cincinnati (pathetic).

Upset? Oklahoma St. 41 Texas A&M 38

Quarterly Heisman: Kellen Moore (Lattimore is closing in)

Okay, down to business. Wow, what a 3 week stretch. Florida State is team number two coming in with a nasty defense and an offense that is maybe above average. These two teams will be in a dogfight. It will be an edge of your seat game down until the final few minutes. I think they are evenly matched, when you add all the variables, home-field advantage, great FSU defense, backup qb, and anything else to add to the mix. I think Clemson will edge this one, simply because the home team has an advantage late in close games. Clemson 27 Florida State 24

Well, the Gamecocks are beating people only playing at half mast. Lattimore is beating and bruising his way to New York. I think the passing deficiencies will catch up with them if the continue to be so poor. I also think there are questions about the defense other than the defensive line. I'm just wondering what happens when this team decides to wake up and look at what a powerhouse they potentially have. They'll win. South Carolina 38 Vanderbilt 28

Thursday, September 22, 2011

On not being excited or should not be on an Auburn win..

I disagree on both Dabo and Scar if they win.

First off Dabo and Clemson. Obviously being an Alabama fan and playing for Alabama he had to have dreamed about that his entire life. Meaning becoming a head coach and beating Auburn. In fact ending Auburn's longest winning streak. Yeah, he was bound to be very emotional. As for a Clemson fan, we don't beat Auburn very often. How many times and when was the last time?

Same can be said for Scar. How often have you beat Auburn? Will that not be a great win for your program? Auburn is a very young football team. Knowing that and that you don't play them every year, is it really a guarantee to happen the next time you meet? It don't happen very often, you should be very happy if you beat them and so am I this year.

Big win for both teams, but that is just my opinion.

Let me clarify for you both..

I said:

Lattimore is great, but I agree with Brent, he won't last all year like this. Defenses are going to key in on him from here on out.

Meaning: Defenses will key in on him and stop him well enough to beat you. Also yes, increases his chance of getting injured.

Spurrier said:

"I don't think we can run Marcus every play this week," Spurrier said. "We've got to try to utilize some other players and see if we can look like a pretty good offense this week."

Meaning IMO:

We may not win relying on Lattimore, possibly. I agree.

Also from Spurrier:

"He's healthy and ready to go this game," Spurrier said. "We never go into the game thinking he's going to run 35 or 40 times. Then when things start happening in the passing game, you start wondering, 'Why in the world are those guys trying to pass?' I'm saying the same thing you guys are saying. We end up running, running, running and trying to win the game. If he gets banged up a bit, the next game we probably won't give him 30 (carries)."


You interpret that for yourself.

My main point and Spurrier's main point was defenses will key in on him from here on out. It probably will get you beat eventually and increases the the chances of him not being healthy. He should have been able to rest somewhat against Navy. That should have been the Alshon Jeffrey show. No way they should have been able to stop him.

Thanks for clarifying Ryan, I have not said one time Scar sucked. So it had to come from someone else. But I think they should have played better and can play better. I think Spurrier agrees, yes guilty, I read his comments and factor them into my comments. Because I am obviously biased as a Clemson fan and will need someone elses comments to have any sort of validity in what I am saying.

My point with Troy was the whole Utah State, Wofford, Navy, ECU ect... Are not really any good evidence at all on likely outcomes in the future. Especially when the teams in question found a way to win.

Good stats on guys that are all retired and played in a different era of college football. I just know in todays game its not often a RB makes it through the season. Neither one of ours did last year. Must have took allot of research. Mine will take 2 seconds for an example. Marcus Lattimore last year is what I am talking about here. My main point was defenses will key in on him and stop him if you don't start having other players contribute. But yes, it also increases his chances of getting banged up. I don't see how its not a valid point.

I just don't think any team in this day will line up and run the ball over SEC defenses. But again all of this will get settled on the field.

Good comments and discussion from everyone.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Whoops lol

Can you post what exactly Spurrier said about Latt not holding up carrying the ball 35 times a game? I can't find it bro? It's worrying me that you may be keeping up with Spurrier closer than me..

Anyway, I did a little research. Right now Lattimore is averaging 29 carries per game. Here is a list of former Heisman RBs and their average carries per game:

Barry Sanders - 32 carries per game, junior, 12 games

Ricky Williams - 33 carries per game, senior, 12 games

Eddie George - 30 carries per game, senior, 12 games

Herschel Walker - 35 carries per game, sophomore, 11 games, 33 carries per game, junior, 11 games

Marcus Allen - 37 carries per game, senior, 12 games, 33 carries per game, junior, 11 games


spurrier said we hope not to have to give him the ball that many times a game but he does get stronger as the game goes, especially in the 4th quarter. He also said he is in real good health as of right now. As for comparing scores, i dont believe in it. Never have, because you dont know who played, how many snaps, weather conditions, etc. All that plays a factor into the outcomes of games. So i dont know if you were insinuating that i was a loser or not, but just in case you were, here is your fact. And i never said that anyone on here said South Carolina sucked, i said that is all i have heard for the last 3 weeks. So, another correction.

"As for Latt carrying the ball 35 times a game, who's to say he cant hold up, not me."

Spurrier over on Gamecock Central said it as well.

I have not said USC sucks one time. They have not played well and I even said a good team finds a way to win when they play bad.

My point in the Troy comment was that Utah State VS Auburn or Wofford VS Clemson and ECU VS VaTech in comparison with ECU VS Scar are all irrellevant. Stats and scenerios like that are for losers.


That's all I've heard for 3 weeks. I agree that we have not played well at all which should be what is actually scary. we are 3-0 and have looked bad. Whats gonna happen when we look good. Clemson looked good against auburn, no doubt. But i think we will look back at the end of the year and say "it really wasn't a good win'. especially when Auburn finishes 6-6 or 5-7. That win is comparable too our win against Ole Miss a few years back, looked good at the time but actually it wasn't a good win. Decent win over a decent football team.

I will not be shocked if clemson beats FSU this weekend, especially since they will be without their starting QB and possibly without 4 out of their top 5 receivers. Maybe that's why the line is where its at. Remember, all things are taken into account when the lines are made, not just who is the better football team, but I'm sure you all knew that since we all know everything there is too know about everything.

As for Latt carrying the ball 35 times a game, who's to say he cant hold up, not me. I don't know what he is capable of. But the flip side to this is CU cant keep throwing to 5 yard passes and expecting them to turn into 50 yard td's. And don't give me the hocus pocus garbage of him competing deep balls. I could complete the passes that Joe is completing right now, they are wide open and i have a bad throwing arm. I'm not saying he isn't good or wont be good, so don't even think about trying to call me out with garbage stats against garbage defenses.

Oh and btw, Arkansas was beating troy 31-0 at the half.

Wounded Warrior Unis

I think these are tight. The gloves are really cool. We will wear these vs Auburn but I wouldn't mind seeing them more.

They could be

We don't know for sure about Vandy but we do have a glimpse of Auburn. What we do know for sure is that FSU and VT are by far the best you will have seen so far..

Virginia Tech dominates the ACC...

when they don't play Clemson.

You should beat your chest if you beat Auburn, you will be 1-2 in two years. If you dominate them, it could be the first team so far. (I don't think you will dominate Vandy)

How good is Vandy? No one knows yet, they have a new coach. I would not be calling them a bad team yet.

We don't have a problem with Dabo and him getting excited after a badly needed win. We don't care what you think about Dabo or Spurrier worship.

I would worry more about playing Vandy and Auburn if I were you. Both of them could be as good or better than what you have seen so far.

I have not scratched up any team as a win

Not even Vandy this week. Vandy is 3-0 right now and always plays us close. But the truth is if we lose to Vandy or Auburn either one we are a bad football team. You can't let bad teams beat you and consider yourself great. On the other hand you can't beat bad teams and think you're great either. But a win is a win. I hope Carolina wins close games all the way to a 12-0 record. It would suit me. But if we do beat the shit out of Auburn I will be happy with a conference win but you won't see me beating my chest and you damn sure won't see Spurrier go full retard on national TV lol. J/K guys. But really, did Danny ever pull a stunt like that?

The same things are said about VT every year that clemson plays them. They are not playing hot. They lose to James Madison or ECU and they are terrible before they play clemson. Then after they beat clemson and go on to dominate the ACC they are great. You said it best when you said it's a loss untill proven otherwise. Watch for their RB, he is in the top 3 in the ACC.


Clemson is a 2.5 point favor in the game now. Somebody does not agree with you.

Wofford wofford wofford..

Clemson as brent said scheduled an option team right in middle of 2 spread teams as Brent already mentioned. Bound to be trouble there, but I will say we shut the option down pretty well when Aburn tried it. We will see it again and probably the best here in a couple of weeks.

Troy scored more points on Arkansas and Arkansas scored less on them than we did. But does that mean we are better than Arkansas? Certainly not, means nothing except it may have been a tune up for auburn.

Aburn will get their chance. I like the fact that FSU has a bad offense and we will be depending on Chad Morris vs a good defense. Call it a high school offense all you want, it's starting to come together and I like our chances. Va Tech hasn't looked so hot either. But we lose that one until proven otherwise. But this is not the same team, different coaches, different players.

I have not dogged scar, have not said they will not do great things. I never said auburn was better than uga, but we dominated auburn. Kevin Steele and Chad Morris have both done a great job with halftime adjustments. I would not count us out just yet. I would not count scar out either. But I do not like their chances against spread teams this year based on what I have seen so far and there are a few on your schedule.

Lattimore is great, but I agree with Brent, he won't last all year like this. Defenses are going to key in on him from here on out. Just my opinion, but you think Clemson is garbage.

But I bet you scratched off auburn as a loss as well.

Interesting Tidbit

Through Clemson's first five games they will have played the defending Sunbelt, Southern Conference, National Champion, Acc Atlantic, and ACC champion. I know these teams are different the next year, but still kind of interesting. Swofford knew what he was doing scheduling FSU and VT right behind Auburn huh. What a schmuck.

Such Mockery...

I can't give you shit about Navy. They're not a bad team, offensively. Still, I do believe quarterback should be an alarming issue right now. Teams with better defenses will sell out to stop Lattimore, and someone better be able to pull the trigger. With that said, 3-0 is a nice place to be.

Auburn isn't good. Nobody will argue too much. I don't think they get more than maybe 7 wins. But like I said, Clemson beat them like a drum. The game was over before the fourth quarter started. That's why everyone's excited. Clemson's offense actually scoring on someone for a change. I think this win is important to all the players, coaches, and fans because it is a psychological win.

Yeah, FSU played good at home. But, lets see them come to Clemson and win. The last time Florida State beat Clemson at home was what, 2001? I don't see Clemson losing this game right now. They may be starting Manuel's replacement, Dick Trickett or whatever his name is, at quarterback too. I'm excited about Clemson again. If they beat FSU, I will be excited with a damn good reason to back it up.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

That makes two big elephants in the room

Because Auburn is a bad football team. They went down to the wire and got completely outplayed by Utah St. They got the shit beat out of them by a clemson team that nearly lost to Wofford the week before. Miss St is the only thing you have to hold on to with Auburn and Miss St has a losing record just like UGA. That means clemson has yet to face anyone either.

Oh but Clemson will face a good defense this week. FSU has a pretty bad offense especially on the OL but they have a really good defense. After that you travel to face VT in what I'm sure will be a night game in Lane stadium. How has that worked out for you in the past? Then you will be fighting for your life to beat a BC team at home that lost to the Dukies.

Then on that precious day we will get back to the norm. You will be complaining about running a high school offense or something of that sort. I don't blame you for enjoying it now. I know it's because you know deep down that it will be short lived..

Its the elephant in the room right now..

With Scar and they have not even got into their schedule yet and really have not played anyone. UGA is not a very good team until they beat somebody, perfectly logical.

I agree Clemson will have to play better this weekend, but I think Auburn will surprise some people this year. I think they will be better than many are thinking right now.

This will be a good game and a chance for Clemson to actually do something different. This is a game Clemson would lay an egg in normally. I think The Chad will have them ready to play, but we will see.

2-Minute Drill

-Clemson's offense is looking hard to stop. When you get one of the offense with top 10 talent to run it, look out.

-Kevin Steele's defense has made great second half adjustments. He will have his biggest challenge yet with FSU.

-Clemson's competition to date hasn't been the caliber of FSU, but getting that offense started is wonderful, and beating Auburn should give this team a ton of confidence, especially at home.

-Navy did what they always do. Hold and drive the ball. I would be more concerned about SC's offense and especially quarterback play. They don't look good right now honestly, and if it wasn't for Lattimore....

-Lattimore cannot run the ball over 35 times a game and still be healthy by the end of the year. There's work hourse and then there's this.....

I think Pitt has a good coach..

and if they can just recruit well in their area they can be a very good team. This will undoubtedly help them in recruiting. Syracuse has made improvements to their football program. In fact Syracuse beat West Virginia last year.

They got Syracuse and Pittsburgh..

Not Rutgers. But enjoy the SEC and all it has brought to you and will bring. I am going to stand by what happened. Did not expect them to make the first move and that was big. Again, I like our situation much better than yours. I actually mentioned Syracuse when you were pumping App St. Like that was going to make the Elliot situation seem better, lol.
You make up shit to make the acc look great when in fact they are getting worse as far as football is concerned after expansion. If I would have told you a month ago that I thought the acc should go after syracuse and rutgers you would have turned red and said dookie about 20 times lol.

You can't cover up the fact that the acc cares nothing about football and this was a basketball move. Those teams do nothing for you football wise. You are a football fan right?

I didn't post anything negative about Scar then either...

You said any team in the country would be happy to beat Navy by 3 points. I said that would make them a top 15 program right? Not one negative thing about Scar was said at that point. But that was stretch to say the least. While Navy will score points and get their yards, you should have been able to score at will on their defense. That is the weak point they will always have. Otherwise, yeah they could compete with anyone. I've never heard you say one positive thing about Navy until now. Had nothing to do with Scar. No, I don't think they would beat the crap out of Clemson either.

But when you start bashing the ACC and saying Clemson will be Conference USA, yeah I'm going to tell you what I think about your situation.

I don't think you will get the death penalty..

Your Rivals guy posted it. Yes, Clemson could always be next. I am done talking about it, unless you want to.

No the only article that has been posted that was total bullshit was the one you posted about FSU being gone for sure. Virtually everything else has been legit. Texas was undoubtedly considering and even talking to the ACC. Swofford told them they would come unconditionally or not at all. I guess they wanted some sort of deal like Notre Dame had maybe? But no, it was not bullshit.

The Notre Dame talk is not bullshit either. But it does not mean they will join the ACC. It just means like Texas, their hand has been called. Either they come now and soon or not at all and they know it. There won't be a Big East conference for the rest of their sports now. The Big 10 is not as good for them as I and everyone thought. Best chance we will have to land a team EVERYONE wants. Probably not, but none of it is bullshit.

It never fails for you to post everthing negative about the ACC you can find and you refuse to even sniff anything else. Thats all this is about, but its not working. I don't like your situation and it gets worse with expansion. Clemson's whether they add UCONN or Rutgers does not. We get more money and yeah its teams we can beat. At least right now, we can compete with Notre Dame as well.

I'm glad it's came out

Everyone knew we were under investigation. I'm glad all they found was what we already knew. It's hard for me to believe the "death penalty" will come in to play. If clemson didn't get it back then I'm pretty sure we won't. Speaking of clemson, you probably should enjoy this with Carolina now. Always remember, clemson could be next.

By the way, I never said anything bad about clemson until you started on Carolina. I said Auburn was a good win against a ranked opponent. You started with all this Navy being a top 15 team, not me. I just pointed out the positives of the game and you got mad I guess? If you didn't get mad you sure acted like it.

I still could care less about the expansion talk. I just got tired of hearing all the speculation. It didn't look like pitt and syracuse to the acc was speculation. The conference commish was gushing about it to the media. So we pretty much knew Texas A&M to the SEC and Pitt and Syracuse to the ACC and everything else was bullshit that a couple of idiot beat writers in Texas was making up. That's what I got tired of hearing, all the bullshit speculation. I was ready for the "Longhorns to join the arena football league" article next.

Anyway, looks like the acc is building quite the football powerhouse conference. You should be proud lol.

Here is another article..

Did not know we had that many fans.

Here is the official letter...

I was going to let you guys go, but in light of your recent comments on the Acc and expansion I simply contact the NCAA and said "book em Danno".

This is another reason why I don't want to be a part of the Sec..

I find it interesting that with this coming to light you would want to discuss the Acc expansion. Death penalty a possibility, I'll pass, lol. Spin that.

Think everything I said about the whole thing not being set yet is crap?

Be sure to read this in it's entirety:

Again, this has opened up allot of possibilities. Brilliant move by the Acc.

Football season is here and all this gets settled on the field..

I think Chad Morris proved on the field last weekend he had been holding back the first 2 games. On the field is the best cure for arguments. We play GaTech in a couple of weeks and there is your option argument that can be settled right there.

Both teams are 3 and 0 right now and deserve the benefit of the doubt. Neither team has proven much yet, in fact both have proven they may have disastrous seasons this year or great seasons. Clemson can prove it this weekend and even more so the next. You will get your chance as well.

But this expansion crap that you have refused to discuss and now all the sudden have made it a focal point because in your view it is bad is silly. Pittsburgh is not that bad of a football program and this definitely could be what they need to be even better. I like them just as good as west virginia as a football program. But when you add the academics and basketball programs there is no comparison when looking at the whole picture.

The ACC is not going Conference USA..

But to date minus Lattimore you have a Conference USA program playing in the SEC. Its not an honor for me to watch my team get beat on every year and chant SEC when actual SEC quality teams win championships. How good will you be next year when Lattimore goes pro or sooner if he is injured?

I can say in all sincerity I believe the above to be true in its entirety and I don't want what you have there. If you are satisfied with that or believe its SCAR and not Lattimore, good for you, but I don't want it and thats just my opinion. So yeah, I like our chances of being successful allot better than yours in the SEC.

We will see how Conference USA like the ACC is when the contract gets renegotiated with ESPN.

I really don't care about Wofford, we would have beat Navy last weekend and you think Navy as an option team is better than Ga Tech who we face every year? We face this every single year, welcome to our world.

Monday, September 19, 2011

My favorite is The Hound

Great show Game of Thrones

Sounds good bro

Add a bunch of teams that you can beat up on. Why doesn't Clemson just join the Conference USA? That's where the ACC is headed lol. Especially after you add Villanova. You guys are going to be getting a lot of respect..

And no Navy is not a top 15 program. They can however sneak up on any team and give them a close game on any given Saturday, see Ohio St last year. Any team that runs the triple option can sneak up on big teams. Do you think Wofford would have been in the lead in the 4th quarter if they ran a pro-style offense? If Clemson would have played Navy instead of Wofford that day Clemson would have got the brakes beaten off of them. You know this as well as I do, quit being silly. The positives that you can take away from the game are clear. We won and held them to less than anybody else will all season. That's all..

So then Navy is a top 15 program?

Any team in the country would be happy to beat them by 3 points right?

Last time I checked we just played Auburn, not Wofford and beat them pretty handily. No one was happy about Wofford or trying to make them into a top 15 team in the country. Eventually this is going to get settled on the field, Clemson was improved this past weekend or they would have lost for sure. Scar, not so much.

What happened to everyone running around wanting Texas as the number one pick for the SEC? Funny how everything changes all the sudden. Probably won't be Texas, I was just saying those 2 are on the table possibly now.

Which one would I rather see? Well I would rather see West Va. or Texas AM vs Scar because I think either one of those teams would beat you. I think Clemson would beat the other 2.

Spin it how you want lol

But you have clearly lost your mind if you think that getting Pitt and Syracuse is better than getting A&M and WVU. WVU even brings a great basketball team. I'll say it like you did, which is a more intriguing match-up to the football fan? Clemson vs Syracuse/Pitt or South Carolina vs WVU/A&M? I'm sure you will result to poopie posts now because you can't argue this one, sorry bro. And you are using texas like it's an ace in the whole or something. Texas will be a cancer to the ACC or any other conference. They single handily destroyed the big 12. Any conference that wants Texas can have them right now but no one is dumb enough to take them. If I were you I would hope the acc doesn't get that desperate.

And by the way, I do think Navy can beat any team on any given day. Wofford? Not so much..

That was funny bro..

About the Acc Tournament being played in Madison Square Garden. You did know that right? Lol

Now let's talk about what just happened..

An absolute brilliant move by the Acc. The contract will have to be renegotiated, you can look at what the Big East would have got to get an idea. Rutgers and Uconn could be next, I would go for Uconn and Louisville but it does not matter. We just took down two other conferences.

A 20 million dollar buyout went into effect immediately, cementing the Acc will never be in danger again.

But what else did this do? Texas is desperate now and have zero negotiating power. It's either the Acc or PAC 12 and I am not sure the PAC 12 accepts them. This also puts pressure on Notre Dame who everyone assumes will go to the Big 12. But you really never know, lol.

So we either land two more top basketball schools and rake in major money. Or we add two top football schools and rake in major money. You get Texas AM and West Virginia that offer nothing to the Sec.

No one really knows who will be next...

No one really saw this coming so fast. Could very well be different in the end from what everyone expects. One thing for sure, we will be getting more money now. But neither team is bad, Uconn and Rutgers would not be bad either. Not sure that is the route or what is next.

One thing for sure, Clemson's chances of winning the Conference are increasing with these additions. Yours really isn't.

I only remember you talking about adding App St., never really about a basketball conference or the Big East. I only remember you not wanting to talk about anything.

Wow, the way you put it Navy is a top 15 team. They are really a powerhouse that could beat anyone. Funny thing, I remember you pretty much laughing at me about Navy. But I agree they could have beat you and you should be glad to get out with a win, from Navy and Ecu in fact. I agree Clemson has not really been tested yet and neither have you. But its coming very soon for us both.

Man, how easy is it for us NCAA football fans to forget that NCAA basketball is more important to some people..

I can't explain in words how excited I am at the thought of the acc basketball tourney being played in NY. May be the great state of New Jersey will allow the acc football championship to be played there lol! Can't wait to see Clemson's new hockey team hit the ice!

I love LOU!

Listen to his last sentence lol

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Relieved to get that one out of the way

Three different offenses, three wins. Can't ask for much more than that. I was expecting a close one and that's what we got. There isn't one team in the country that would come away unhappy with a 3 point Navy win. Glad we pulled it out. We held Navy to 125 yds below their rushing average and to 55% of their scoring average. A safe bet will be that no one else on their schedule will hold them to those numbers. We also beat them in time of possession which never happens for opponents against Navy. Lattimore almost outrushed the entire Navy offense. Kid gets better and better. I will be surprised if he isn't invited to NY this year..

Good win over a ranked opponent for Clemson. Huge test for them this week to see if they are real deal. FSU will be the best defense and overall team that they have faced so far. FSU just gave the #1 team in the country fits. Clemson really needs this win.

What is everyone's thoughts on Pitt and Syracuse to the ACC? I told Vance a while back that the ACC would expand to make the basketball conference tougher. To do that they would raid the Big East. He didn't like that too much back then lol. Anyway, if you're trying to improve basketball you just hit homeruns with Pitt and the Cuse. Even better yet for basketball, rumor is UCONN and Rutgers are next to join the ACC. That will be a powerhouse right there on the court..

Read all of these books when I was a kid..

Been waiting for them to make it a movie ever since. I think this is the best classic out there that has not been made into a movie until now. Can't wait.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chad Morris..

"I'll be harder on them next week than I was this week,"

Oh well...

I am proud of my boys anyway, they came to play.

Found the Scar vs Navy online!!

Watching it.

NAVY leads going into the 4th quarter, we got us a ball game boys!!!

There were allot of negative comments..

From Auburn fans and reporters on Death Valley. I bet they have a different take now. Good job by Dabo on calling them out at the end of the game.

I think the game might be..

Coming on here.. Fingers crossed!

Battlestar Galactica is a good show..

I watched the whole series. I believe I told you already, they have a new series coming about the first Cylon war and a young Adama. James Edward Olmos will be on Dexter this season.

Here are my picks:

FSU 34 OKL 28
Navy 43 SCAR 30
Clemson 37 Aburn 24

Friday, September 16, 2011

Predictions Week 3

Okay guys, I've been glued to Battlestar Galactica all week and haven't dedicated nearly enough time to the blog, but the final hour is at hand for predictions...

Miami will beat Ohio State 20-10

Oklahoma....will lose to FSU. I am pulling for the Sooners, but it seems like everyone is dead set on the Seminoles losing. I think they will win...

South Carolina will beat Navy 45-31. Maybe by more, buy I think SC is susceptible to points right now. They can just score a lot more than the opposition. I still think Garcia is not a strength right now. Not a weaknes...yet.

Sadly, I'm picking Clemson to lose 38-28. I am not pissy about my pick. I have just looked at the facts. Clemson will be good, probably showing signs of the things to come by the second half of the year. They are just not ready...yet. This is a very inexperienced team and to sit here and bitch and yell about them not winning the ACC this year is stupid. They're not going to. I believe in this team. I believe in the offense. I believe in Kevin Steele's ability to turn this defense into a great one. But I don't think it's logical to expect them to do it too soon. I do, however, want to lay it on the line and say Clemson beats Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. I don't know why, but I think they will. Now thats irrational, but like I said...this team will show more and more promise every game. Virginia Tech is a name school. They're very beatable. Most of the time I watch them, they reap the benefits of teams beating themselves.

Way off subject tonight, but lot's to say and I haven't been saying enough lately.

Oh yeah, Tennessee beats Florida by 3 points. Forgot about that one.

"So say we all."

Brent you'll like this!

A couple of these are really funny:

Urban Myer on Chad Morris..

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I am a football fan bro..

So which is better for me:

A match up with Clemson vs Texas


Clemson vs Texas A&M

Nobody outside of Texas gives a shit about Texas A&M and not many people in Texas unless they are playing Texas. Texas is right up there with Alabama in football and thats big. Not saying it will happen, just responding to the article.

Not sure..

But the general idea is that Texas joining the ACC would be bad for the ACC.

Not long ago we were looking at Fla State leaving, now staying and possibly Texas joining. I'll take that one and the contracts will work themselves out. If any of it happens at all. ACC teams know what money they will be getting already. It will be the same or if there are changes with the ACC expanding the contract will get bigger, not smaller.

But oh well, just sour grapes about the Big 12.

I know how you hate this expanision talk bro lol

But I've found a very interesting article. Enjoy : )

LOL, that was terrible...

But funny.

I did not want it to turn into a flame fest. But Navy is a very close second to Clemson for me. In fact I like watching them play most of the time better than Clemson. Its just more entertaining. I am surprised at the spread in both games myself. Scar had better bring their A game, I'm not gonna lie to you and unlike some other teams you play, you do not want to let them be in the game in the 4th quarter because they can beat you. I think Lattimore will be too much for them by the second half and you pull away in the 3rd quarter. Yeah, I like this game, lol. They represent the option in its best form IMO and option teams are always trouble.

Not sure what to think about Auburn. Its going to be very very bad if Clemson loses this game, period. Look at the schedule, we are going to be in trouble. Its very possible, or maybe they win and that could also be a turning point? Hard to expect it tho.

Cocks are going to blow out some seamen

No but seriously I can't believe Vance isn't hyping up this game. At one time he was pulling for Navy as much or more than Clemson. I'm glad our strength is up front on defense this year. Secondary shouldn't see too many passes come their way in this game.

Much like the Clemson fans were surprised to be the 3 point favorites over Auburn, I can't believe the spread is so big against Navy. It's like 17 points or something. Usually that means Vegas knows something. I hope so..

Clemson apologizes for ..

Tribble Reese appearing to lead Tigerwalk with 20 or so drunk coeds.

They said he was just taking a shortcut to the other side of the field to do an interview and started out before everyone else and appeared to lead, lol. Pure entertainment.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Big week for ACC..

Good catch bro, does not look good honestly. I will spare you my opinion on what needs to happen. You guys don't want to hear it.

Game of Thrones..

Spends the whole season setting up for the series. Everything you think it is setting up will be wrong, probably, lol. Thats all I will say.

Clemson's lines are playing terrible, they may score 30. But Auburn may score 60. I will be fresh out of "emotion" if they get beat probably. I am also sick of losing close games, I would almost rather get slammed. Moral victories and stats are for losers.

I have never seen the fans as bad as they are right now and we have not even lost a game yet, everyone is just tired of it. But maybe they will shock the world?

She's Pretty Damn Sexy...

Clemson didn't look good Saturday. The lines are killing Clemson right now. I'm really worried about the defense at this point. I think Clemson will score close to 30 points, but I think Auburn will be just as capable of scoring that much or more. Also, Dabo Swinney has got to start coaching better. Fake field goal? Why? There's not a lot of analysis to be had playing these types of teams, so I'm looking at an overall standpoint and I see a very young, inexperienced team that better grow in about 4 days....

South Carolina pulled one out of the hat Saturday against a Georgia team that threw everything at them. I'm not so sure about those first half holding calls, but hey. Stephen Garcia is out of sync right now. He damn near cost them that one. I thought the offensive line played pretty well in his passing situations. And about the the heat of a live game it's hard to watch and see if other people are open so I'm not too sure why they aren't being targeted more.

Looking forward to this weekend's slate of games. I am going to be on delay on the Clemson game by a few hours and I'm gonna try not to know the outcome before I watch it. If I find out Clemson loses I prob won't be able to watch it. Why punish myself? Predictions and more thoughts on the weekend to come....

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beauty of the week

Natalie Dormer

While watching the first episode of "The Game of Thrones" I kept thinking about the show "The Tudors". The Tudors was a decent show but one of those that didn't make it through my next spell of interest, whatever it was at the time. Anyway, one of the biggest reasons I liked The Tudors was because of Natalie Dormer. She is like the bad twin sister of Joey Potter (Brent will be able to link this connection). Anyway, after further research I have found that Dormer has been cast in the second season of The Game of Thrones. What a coincidence for me..

Big week at home for the ACC

The ACC has some huge home games this week against ranked opponents. In each one of these match-ups last season these ACC teams played on the road and came back with a loss. I wonder how they will fair this week playing at home? Certainly a week for the ACC to make some noise.

Week 3 ACC home match-ups
18 West Virginia vs Maryland
21 Auburn vs Clemson
17 Ohio St vs Miami
1 Oklahoma vs 5 Florida St

Monday, September 12, 2011

Good points bro..

I guess I should say 2 players who are sometimes DE's? UGA seemed to have time to pass, pretty good day running as did ECU.

I saw Garcia get knocked around allot and Lattimore get yardage mostly on his own, late in the game after everyone was tired. Same as last week, just my opinion. I just don't know how it's possible to have a good OL, Marcus Lattimore and score 17 points offensively. It's one or the other IMO and I don't think it is Lat.

But I have not watched the game in depth either and could be wrong.

Only a couple of things I disagree with

First, I as much as anyone would like to sugar coat Garcia's play but he has been terrible. Second, Lattimore got 176 yds rushing against UGA and over 100 the game before. I would say the OL is holding up pretty good. I have yet to go back and watch the game again but I can say without hesitation that the run blocking has been above average thus far. It would be easy for me to blame Garcia's play on the OL but I don't think that was the case. He has his eyes set on Jeffery every play and we've all seen that big things can happen when he gives the other WRs a chance. We need his play to be much better if we are going to have the season that we are hoping for.

Not sure what you mean about the DL not being good besides the DEs? Melvin Ingram played DT against UGA and had a better game than I've seen a defensive player have in a while for Carolina. He may have not even had a tackle(?) but he did more than enough in the entire scheme of the defense. He got the national defensive player of the week award anyway..

It was crazy..

First off on Scar, they played bad again and won. Thats what good teams do, they play bad and still find a way to win. There is a concern that it was 2 weeks straight, but I still say they are a good team. I still stand by my prediction of 9 wins. I agree with Steve Spurrier, your recievers other than A.J. are not as good as advertised, at least not through the first 2 games. Your OL is not giving Garcia or Lattimore much help at all. I have not heard Spurrier dogging Garcia and he should not. You would be 0-2 right now IMO if not for Garcia. Also, except for your DE's, your DL is not as good as advertised. Stephon Gilmore makes some plays, but he is a glaring weakness. Just my observations and I still think they will improve and have a good year. Another Conner Shaw outing would be terrible IMO.

Clemson? Looks real bad right now honestly. Both the OL and DL are not playing good at all. I am really shocked as well about the OL, I just thought Caldwell would have them ready. We need a new strength and conditioning coach for sure. I was surprised we opened as a 3 point favor for Auburn. We could win this game and surprise everyone. At the same time, we could easily not even win 6 this year. Without improvement we are about to drop the next 4 out of 5 games. Just like you said bro, I just don't know. I still cling to the fact we have played pretty good in the second half of both games, which is what Auburn did all last year and this year as well with the same type offense. But that is just me trying really hard because it is big stretch, lol.

Crazy football weekend

Man I'm glad to get that week out of the way. The UGA game was nerve racking. Garcia sucks so far this season and I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a lot of Shaw this week. The refs killed us particularly in the first half. UGA was holding like crazy and nothing was being called. Worse one was when Devin Taylor got his helmet ripped off by a OL. It was just awful. But we found a way to win and that's what matters. UGA is a good road win any year and Auburn won the national championship with a season full of close ones last year.

Speaking of Auburn, I'm not sure what to expect out of this weeks match-up with Clemson. Not necessarily because of the way Auburn played against Miss St but because of the way Clemson played against Wofford. What the hell was that? I know Carolina did the same thing a few years ago but we also had Tommy Beecher at QB and sucked back then.

I really don't know what to make of Clemson. What was thought to be the strong point of the offense in the OL, is the weakest link. I mean, at least 4 sacks against Wofford? Robbie Caldwell surely has his work cut out for him. Thoughts?

That is bad about Whitfield

He was a damn good actor..

This is awful..

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Can't watch the Clemson game..

But the SCAR vs UGA game is on, watching it.

Good call bro..

I would have never picked Auburn.

Glad I woke up for this..

I'm calling you out on one of your picks Rich

I'm taking Auburn at home to pull the surprising upset over Miss St. Going out on a limb here I know. Just a gut feeling..


Brian kelly brings his wounded wee men into the Big House to take the Blue and Maize with new coach Brady Hoke. Last week the fighting leprachauns had a serious case of the turnover bug and went on to lose to Baby Holtz and his Bulls. Michigan is coming off a weather shortened win and are getting ready to host the first ever night game in Ann Arbor. Yeah, thats not a typo, the first EVER night game in the Big House. Can Kelly right the ship and find his pot of gold in the house that Bo built or will Brady and his boys in blue once again prevent the Irish from tasting the rainbow?

Last week ol War Eagle got a major scare from the Aggies, only problem was it wasnt Texas A&M, it was Utah St.. It took a minor miracle and an absolute choke job tpo get it done. This week they have Mullen is marooon leghumpers coming to town and probably looking for a little redemption since War Eagle out bid them in the Cam Newton sweepstakes. Can Chizik clinch his ass hard enough to keep the horseshoe there or is this the week that someone finally yanks it.


The mighty mormons from Provo came south last week and left out of the grove with a win over Nutts running rebs. This week they head back south into the heart of Texas to take on Mack Browns hook'em horns. After a very unimpressive performance in week one and really pissing their pants to get the win in Oxford last week, is this week that they get reality check? DONT MESS WITH TEXAS FOOTBALL!!!!


A lolt of things have changed in the last 50 years, but one that hasnt....Joe Pa is still coaching in Happy Valley. There has beden over 800 coaching changes sinse he became coach at Penn St. He has more wins against the Crimson Elephants than any other coach in the country. Happy Valley will be LOUD and WHITE and the little sea of crimson that s gonna come rolling in will leave the fans feeling blue.

Dabo ans his ferocios felines got off to a sluggish start last week but really turned it on in the 2nd half to send the Men from Troy packing. This week they have FCS foe Wofford coming to the Orange Valley and their triple option offense. Last week Wofford had to hold on for a 35-28 win over the Blue Hose. This week, they wont be so lucky and this one gets ugly.

This is the game that a lot of people consider the most important game in the country this week because head leghumper is on the hot seat and the rest of the mutts in the cesspool of the south are yapping their jaws wanting him gone. Last week they took a donkey kick from the Broncos from tater land and this week it doesnt get any easier in the kennel that is Athens with Spurrier and his Yardbirds leaving the friendly confines of the cockpit and headed west. Carolina came out slow last week but turned it on the last 3 quarters, esspecially in the 2nd half. With achilles calling the shots(no pun intended) again and the d-line licking their chops after the wounded dogs gave up 6 sacks, i like USC chances. Only thing that worries me is the old saying, never back a dog into a corner.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Thats funny...

To be honest bro I thought he had graduated also, until the fans started talking about it.

It is a good point

I thought Diehl graduated. Pat DiMarco was a big part of our offense behind the scenes. Luckily we had a couple of guys that are ready to step right in to Pat's shoes.

I think Bryant will have a good career before it is all said and done. TL Hanna is pretty good at churning out talent lol..

Good point Brent..

Fans are in an uproar because Diehl si not in there blocking, especially at the goal line. Its a mystery to me as well. Hopefully this will be the week when M. Bryant has a coming out also. He is going to be a big part of the offense.

What's the big Diehl?

Just thought about someone I had forgotten about in the shuffle of the big name guys after seeing a message board post. Chad Diehl. I don't remember his name being called Saturday. I think they need to play him more. He would be a great blocker for the tailbacks and Tajh Boyd as well.

Turned it on real quick..

Kinda crazy turn for Louisville.

FIU whipping Louisville right now

Ty Hilton may be the best player in FL and he plays for FIU lol. Are we finding out why it took Charlie Strong so long to get a HC job?

Never knew Coastal's HC was bat shit crazy

Three things to expect Clemson vs Wofford

  1. Clemson will run the same simplified offensive scheme that they ran in the 2nd half vs Troy. I say this for two reasons, a) It lets the younger guys settle down and get used to the college level of play, b) They will not want to show Auburn anything.

  2. Wofford will get 250+ rushing yds against the Clemson defense. Don't take this as knock against Clemson. Wofford may not get many more total yds than 250. They will run a GT type of offense but with a gimmick factor. Don't surprised if Wofford hangs with Clemson in the first half but once again Clemson's talent will pull way ahead in the 2nd.

  3. Watkins will have 100+ all purpose yds with at least one TD. This kid has the Clemson fans saying "Nuke who?" Rightfully so. Watkins will have another impressive showing tomorrow.

Three things to expect USC vs UGA

  1. Lattimore won't be able to repeat his performance against UGA from last year. It should be pretty obvious that UGA will focus on shutting down Lattimore. I still think Latt will have a 100 yd game but not close to the same numbers as last year.

  2. South Carolina's pass rush will be much improved compared to the ECU game. As I've stated before ECU was hard to get to in time enough to cause sacks. We did however see some hurry ups. UGA runs a slower play action type of offense which will be perfect for Carolina. Spurrier also said we spent more time playing defense last week than we did rushing the QB. More blitz packages means trouble for UGA.

  3. Stephon Gilmore will again be tested. When UGA watches the game film of the ECU game and games in the later part of last year they will see Gilmore struggling. If you see a player in a slump you are going to test him. I hope Gilmore gets his shit strait this game.

If you watch the first half..

after Chad Morris confirmed what some of the other coaches had said already..

Most of the sacks were Boyd's fault. It was some sort of zone blocking scheme and the ball was supposed to come out quick to the hot route receiver. Looks like the defenders come through quickly and the OL is terrible. But the reality is the defenders were supposed to come through quickly because the ball was supposed to already be gone. Morris and others said the hot routes were open and he was just hesitant to get rid of the ball. Its too late at that point he has no choice but to take off, with no blockers. Pretty much a guaranteed sack.

Obviously there are going to be allot of timing plays in this offense. He never got a chance to stretch the field with deep routes. Also in the second half, adjustments were made in the form of simpler plays. Allot of simplified underneath passes that did not require him to make a play quickly. I think he can get better this week after watching film, seeing the receivers open and knowing what he did wrong. On the flip side, they were very pissed off that the OL could not get enough of a push to get 3 yards at the goal line.

You can find it on Youtube, but Bellamy had a 75 yard run on his first carry. He got chewed out by Morris (also on Youtube) for dropping the ball just as he went across the goal line. You will not see it on the ESPN replay because they went to the NC State game for a few seconds. The video is from a fan.

But as Morris said, the simplified offense that they ran in the second half will likely not be very effective against better opponents.

We have really not yet seen what this offense is supposed to look like.

I Saw Their Uniforms...

Look like playing cards. But no, I didn't catch too much of that game. They don't scare me. I'm watching bits of the Clemson game right now.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Good posts Brent..

I think most had the same impression in the first half as you and me too. Most said when they watched the replay it was not as bad as they thought the first time. I'm certainly not sold either way. The Hall thing is bad for sure, we can't afford injuries this year, but they are going to happen.

I think offenses across the Sec circled Stephon Gilmores name, he has not been talked about, but he didn't have a good game and he will get tried again Saturday or Bobo should be fired before the game is even over. I think Scar wins big, but after a scare as well.

Did you see Marylands new offense? It's the hurry up no huddle, much improved.

Quick Thoughts/Upcoming Week/Concerns

Sorry for the long pause between posts. It's been a hectic week (well, actually I bought a new video game). Lets get right to it...

I had a lot of nasty things to say about Clemson Saturday during the game. I can't really blame alcohol for it. I guess, when they came out and performed the way they did I started thinking, "Here we go again" like so many Clemson fans were probably thinking. What I should've been doing was paying attention to the game in it's entirety. Clemson's offense showed the promise that Chad Morris can deliver points, and points fast. The freshmen were as good as advertised and then some. I'm probably the last person to mention it, but Sammy Watkins is for real.

South Carolina made me feel a little better about Clemson, I must admit. They are as talented as anybody and still showed signs of first game disfunction. On a different note, they put up 56 points while looking sloppy. What happens when they get in sync? They have players ready to score all over the place. Still....I think quarterback play is at least a small concern. Lets see what happens next week.

Like when they go to Athens. First, I think South Carolina will win. They are just too talented and better coached than the Bulldogs. I do, however, think that the Bulldogs will put a scare into them. They will be mad and hungry. You can bet though, that Mike Bobo's molassas play-action passes will be stuffed when Georgia can't run effectively enough to make anyone guard against it. I think South Carolina will pull away late in the third/early fourth and win 33-17.

Clemson plays Wofford. No predictions for that game. I just want to see the offensive rythm and pace increase. It's another much-needed tune up game before the War Eagles come to Death Valley.

I do have a few concerns. Clemson's secondary is going to have depth issues now that that Hall injury may be serious. People will test them early and often. I am also concerned about the defensive line. I would only call it average right now, but it's a long season, so maybe it will improve. And yes, Tajh Boyd is a major concern to me right now. Maybe I'm being harsh, but he seems very hesitant right now. That is a killer. He will get trashed all year if he doesn't gain more confidence and poise in the pocket. Right now, he looks for one reciever, and when he's not open, he tries to run. Short passes looked great in the second half, but great teams will key on the short game and we will see if Boyd has worked on his downfield threat.

I think South Carolina has to improve pass defense. Not the game to make too many judgments, but 37 points are a lot to give to anyone. If their defense doesn't tighten up they won't win 10 games.

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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Cool video.

We had a guy that did Shoelace videos, you probably saw some. He should have been hired by Clemson, but instead he was told it was a copyright infringement. Just a small part of the frustrations we have with the admin.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Justin King

Thats why I didn't comment on it..

But there is allot going on right now, plenty more than just a Texas Rivals article. The article really just summed everything up. I didn't really want and don't want a discussion about it. But its there if anyone wants to read about it.

Plenty of other stuff to talk about here with the season starting. I posted plenty of other things, probably too much. Spurrier made some interesting comments, lots of other things too.

Maryland's uniforms for example, lol. If you thought UGA was extreme? Wow, I guess one of the founders of Under Armour is a Maryland grad, he did something really special.

You're right

If I don't want to read it I don't have to. I get where you are coming from bro.

The site does not even say its going to happen..

I just thought it was worthy of a read. An interesting article, no one is saying its happening. Maybe the Big 12 will get it together. But I am pretty sure the A&M is a done deal. Just saying, it would be cool for me as an ACC fan. Thats why I only posted the link, for anyone who wants to read it? Don't see why its not post worthy and its a huge topic on the Rivals boards.

If it doesn't happen who cares?

Haven't we all been duped enough

with all of the expansion talk. Sure rivals is a legit site. So was ESPN when they reported FSU and Clemson to the SEC as a done deal lol. Truth is no one knows what is going to happen. If the guy from truly does know what is going to happen with the expansion, why has he been spewing BS for the past 2 years?

You give legit sites bro, you have been for two years now. But nothing that they have have predicted has came true. Not even Texas A&M to the SEC yet. I think it is going to be a longer and more drawed out process than people think. I won't read much into any of it until something actually happens.

Fool me once..

Maryland looked like a different team..

If they can find a red zone offense it's going to be bad news. I think they have pretty bad depth issues on defense as well. I am not looking forward to playing them.

Miami found a better QB thru suspensions.

More quotes from Chad Morris..

"I heard we had the best first game in terms of yardage and I didn't care. The standard is we are going to be fast and physical here".

Sounds allot like Kevin Steele, it's just a break thru at Clemson to here something other than excuses and stats that don't really matter. I hope he does not change, I think Caldwell will have the same attitude with the OL.

Pretty much one of the biggest things out there..

I only post what are legit sites and I would say rivals is one of them. I can't help but to think it's not interesting to you because it's not an article about the demise of the acc.

You know I stand by the acc, so when I see one of the few things that might be positive I am going to post it. Conference realignment is not a rumor or something that might happen, it's happening.

The biggest question is which conferences will still be left standing.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Conference realignment

Quote of the week..

Coach Edsell.."Nothing like a tight one."

You gotta read this for yourself...


Its getting old.. Take a hint.

If I am the one who made "dookie" famous

Why would I not get mad when you make it your argument?

Seriously tho bro, I just get tired of my buddies that post here asking me "why does Vance argue like that? Can he not be serious?"

I have no answer but I do tell them that you can do better, but choose not to I guess?

It doesn't matter anyway, the past couple of days you have proven how knowledgeable you can be. You have had a great couple of days on the blog. For goodness sake don't go back to the "turd" and "dookie" posts. Leave that shit to the guy that made it famous..

A lot of the stuff you say on here wouldn't make people laugh even if you were at home LOL! It would get you some funny looks, as does it here..

I was thinking...

I just want to apologize to everyone, I certainly meant nothing other than for some of my comments to be taken in humor. I pictured everyone laughing there ass off when I posted them and it did not work out like that. I have to remember that I am not there, you guys don't see me every day and don't always know I am just trying to make everyone laugh. I hope you at least got a little laugh out of it and I will tame it down from now on.

But Blake is still the guy that made "Dookie" famous, I'm not taking that back, lol.

Many are saying...

and I would agree "this is the first taste of accountability since 1989".

Well I would have to save the Rich Rod time anyways.

Chad Morris recent comments..

Are just what the doctor ordered at Clemson..

We are not physical up front, we are not anywhere near where I want to be. We are not going to tolerate it and this weeks practice is going to be allot more physical than last week. I have to remind myself, this is the first game and I would not be here if they were ready to lite it up.

It did not get like that overnight here (in terms of being physical) and its not going to get fixed overnight. He also admitted he was not able to go up tempo and was unable to take shots down the field.

We still have not seen what he wants to do.

I like this guy.

Mark Richt is pretty much toast..

Allot of it is not his fault with injuries but much of it is. They just don't develop talent at Georgia. They also seem to offer allot of players based on ratings instead of researching talent for themselves. This especially does not work the the OL. I have heard several coaches say they leech off other teams in terms of offers. I think Georgia is by far the worst at doing less with more.

I have heard he has been given an ultimatum for this weekend. Win or start packing your bags. Not sure if it true, who knows? But if that is the case he can go ahead and start packing, lol.

Thats one thing I said I can't stand about Deptula..

Not only does he not admit when he is wrong, he comes out and backs it up. The good thing about when the season gets here, everything gets settled on the field.

Connor Shaw should not be catching any grief. Again, he came out and did what you have to expect a QB to do as a first time starter. You have to gameplan around that and the Gamecocks smartly did not and could not do that. If this was for real, meaning no Steven Garcia, the first quarter should have been the Marcus Lattimore show. He would have got allot of confidence just by knowing, "all I have to do is ride his back when the going gets tough". Instead they came out throwing, doing exactly what they would have done with a veteran Steven Garcia. Its not on this kid at all and had the game been set up for a first time starter, sure, he could have won the game. But asking him to do what they were asking, he was not going to be able to do that.

Saying that Connor Shaw gives your best chance to win? Really that just sounds silly, Walt would be allot better if he cut crap like that out. That argument got settled once and for all on the field.

Breaking news/rumor

Heard Aaron Murray has broken ribs after last offensive play of Boise St game..

Bad quality video:


Walt says he can't believe all these idiotic comments that people are making about Connor Shaw. He doesn't think Shaw got a fair shake. He thinks it could have been a completely different situation if Garcia would have played the first quarter and Shaw the second. He goes on to say that we could see Shaw come in next week, if Garcia is struggling, and beat UGA. "You are a damn fool if you think this is over! Shaw is a more prolific and proficient passer than Garcia" says Deptula.

When asked strait up which QB gives Carolina best chance to win? Deptula Replies: "Connor Shaw"

Good posts Vance

A couple of things, we talked to you on the phone for the whole 1st half of the Clemson game and Boyd did look pretty bad then. Ask Brent. I didn't get a chance to talk to you much during the second half and I also came downstairs to catch up on some other games. It looks like Boyd turned it around in the second half. That's good for him no argument there bro.

On Carolina's defense, especially the DL. I think you answered your own question. Carolina doesn't match up well against that type of offense. Our defensive line feeds off of speed. Our strong point is pass rush. A scheme like ECU's takes the pass rush out of the game. As a whole our defense has some improving to do especially in the secondary but you can't blame the DL for much against ECU. I think you will see a big difference in our DL against UGA's offense.

ECU also capitalized very well off of good field position after turnovers. You have to give them every bit of credit for all 37 points. They are a good football team.

Connor Shaw is also catching a lot of grief. There is no doubt that Garcia needs to be our QB this season but Shaw wasn't all that bad. He threw some good passes that were dropped. All confidence isn't lost in Shaw.

i'll chime in after while....

at work right now but i will give my game observations of both games and i will try to be a impartial as i can be and break it down completely from a football pespective. And Vance, i was actually hollering "run tay run tay". LOL. Glad to see hime doing well. Talked to this morning. I'll tell ya what he said in my observations.

Ryan, this is for you in case you missed it...

Funny turn of events..

Tajh Boyd gets ACC player of the week. As it turns out he was 2nd all time best passing day for a Clemson QB in his first start. Whithurst was first in his first start with 470 yds.

More food for thought..

Auburn did what Clemson did all last year. In fact evidently they did it again Saturday, maybe this is just going to be the calling card of these offenses? I think it's a legit point and possibility.

One thing for certain, I will take a second half football team all day every day.

Sunday, September 04, 2011


First off both our teams won and its very obvious Scar has a good team.

Well the worst case scenario happened and if you have lived Clemson and Scar football you should have expected it. Connor Shaw came out looking exactly like he was, a QB who has not started a football game. He was indecisive and inconsistent, bad passes and his OL nor Lattimore (with the fumble) did not help him much. So he resorted to running and inevitably he turned the ball over. Thats what inexperienced QBs do, they make bad decisions and turn the ball over. He showed everyone that this is not just an Alsho Jeffrey and Marcus Lattimore show, Steven Garcia is very much a critical part of this offense. Even in the past when he does not play well you usually lose, this year will be no different.

If this is going to be a special year for Scar and I think it will, Steve Garcia is going to have to keep his head in the game all year. Period.

But anyways, a couple of turnovers, stops and guess what? ECU got some confidence and believed they could beat you. Started playing like took advantage and stayed in the game for a long time. If fact they had critical turnovers in the third quarter and pretty much took themselves out of the game. I don't think they would have won, but I think it would have been close up until the end. Ruffin Mcneil (however you spell it) deserves credit for that. Save the silly turnovers they played a heck of a game. Lincoln Riley I had heard was a great offensive mind and I believe it now. They have earned consideration when conference expansion talk happens.

Defensively what happened. Simple, of course turnovers, that always hurts. But you can't blame the whole thing on that. I really just think Scar does not match up well with this type of offense. Arkansas for example, unfortunately its not going to be the last time you see it either.

But again we both won in decisive fashion, albeit only starting late in the 3rd quarter. But who cares? Its just interesting chat for the week.

My obersvations..

First off Clemson and I still have not watched the second half of the ballgame..

For me this was like watching a movie for myself that everyone said was terrible. The 13th Warrior for example, everyone said don't waste your time its terrible. A few years went by and for some reason I watched it one day. I thought it was a damn good movie. Of course I did not think Clemson's offense was damn good in the first half but it was not anything like I expected either.

First off the first drive was just what we wanted and expected to see. Chad Morris said the first 9 plays would be scripted, he had the first 3 scripted right for sure. Then we had a few pretty decent plays but lots of inconsistency, which quite frankly we should have expected. This definitely did not look like a team that could lose to a highschool team. Jut really looked like a team with a new offensive scheme, offensive coordinator, and a new inexperienced QB. How can you not expect something like what we saw is not possible is beyond me.

Even Chad Morris said he just could not get into a rhythm with play calling in the first half. But unlike what we have seen in the past, he recognized that as his fault, went into the locker room and made pretty good adjustments.

Boyd, same thing. Everyone can say what they want but he did not give up. He came back out with his head held high and had a good second half. He was never going to be tasked with winning the game this early, meaning he is not looking for allot or making allot of reads. He is going to look down the field and if its not there he won't try and make it be there for a while. We should have expected that, Auburn did the same thing early with Cam Newton last year. You can expect that for the first few games of the season.

One thing I was surprised about was the lack of a fast pace. Not sure if that was by design or not but I expected this team to be faster. They ran 68 plays, so on a better day 80 is certainly possible. It just was not as fast as I expected. Caldwell looked like he made some adjustments at the half with the OL. They were better in the second half.

Fans who booed at the end of the first half was just damned embarrassing. I hope they stay home from now on.

Another thing we should have expected. Troy really understands what we were trying to do, they run something fairly the same.

All in all, it just wasn't as bad as I expected when I watched it. 470 yards in your first outing with all the other factors is not bad. I still thing we can get it together and have a good year. I think the Wofford game as another tune up is critical and I am glad it fell out like that.

Not a flame to Blake but..

Chad Kelly gets named to the under armour all American team:

There is too much football to be discussed now..

No need to have silly arguments on why shaw started, what promises were made, ect...

Let's talk about the games, do play by play break downs? Talk about Georgia, predictions...

Ryan, good calls on Notre Dame and TCU.

Yes, the Connor Shaw experiment is over..

As you can see, you cannot play around with teams like that. I think it's safe to say they would have beat you if he played the whole game. Speed is not everything, having said that, Garcia is a better dual threat, his vision is what I mean.

Clowney started and only came out when he was winded. It's fun when football is here and everything gets settled on the field. Unless you two are ready to apologize to me there is no need to talk about it further, lol.

I think both of you believe you have the best defense in college football, certainly the best defensive line. So how did an ECU team who replaced 4 offensive lineman score 37 points on your STARTING defense? I think it's a legit question.

I will of course make comments and expect comments on Clemson's game. But I still need to finish watching the second half.

No more guessing who our QB is

Saturday, September 03, 2011

This coming from the guy that made the word "Dookie" famous, lol.

Brent I ain't forgot about your pale ass

Good post but I think the score will be stretched wider by the Gamecocks tomorrow.

Man I can't wait for tomorrow and am glad that there is a Clemson fan that posts here that can understand what I am saying without me resulting to using the word "turd".

Dabo Swinney likes to eat turds

That's all I got..

Friday, September 02, 2011

Sounds like a good healthy discussion bro..


What a damn good game, wow. I thought TCU had them at the end, could not quite pull it out tho. I know they lost, but patterson is a good coach you can never count them out.

It doesn't matter what I think

My opinion will always sway in the favor of the coach's. That is until he does so bad that I can't agree with him anymore. So far Spurrier has been a savior for Carolina. You think I want to go back to the Stinkin Pinkins days? Spurrier has done wonders for this program and I have no reason whatsoever not to respect his decision, what ever that may be

Get back to me when we are 7-4 preparing for the Clemson game. Until then it really doesn't matter who thinks is the better QB. I will be willing to bet I won't have to worry about that scenario though. What do you think?

By the way, in case you can't decode this post. T_u-Rds ; Sh!t, & DIn0saUrs

Lol, good points Brent..

Especially about Ryan calling it on TCU..

The other QB question is a much better topic.

The Other Clemson Fan

Well, you guys have been going at it all day about the Garcia/Shaw conundrum. I'm telling you it is a ploy to make sure Garcia understands what it takes to be a winner: Focus. Obviously, he hasn't had much focus in 5 years. Yes, yes, he is a talent. He has made tremendous plays. I am going with Vance guys, because if he wasn't a damn fool who didn't appreciate his opportunity, we wouldn't be discussing a much more interesting quarterback question. Is Tajh Boyd the guy?

No turds, shit, or dinosaur tea parties. We can discuss the decision by Spurrier until we're blue in the face, but it all comes down to the same thing in the end. Stephen Garcia put himself in this position. I will never be sold on Spurrier's trust in Garcia. Obviously he doesn't.

Rich, good Loser's column. I was picking TCU, but last score I saw is proving otherwise. I don't think Notre Dame loses at home. I agree that LSU will beat Oregon. Boise State should beat down on UGA. That's all I got at the moment.
I almost forgot....South Carolina 37 ECU 24. I predict a rocky start for Connor Shaw. Just the trend recently with openers a first time starters (Tommy Beached Beecher).



Got it, good discussion, me and blake have them too sometimes. I will definitely do that, don't take me seriously here. I just make allot of jokes. We will be able to have better discussions after we actually play and there won't be much time for this. Just getting it out now while there is still time, lol.

P.S. Blake is retarded.

You are trying to say something...

But not really say it.. Got it.

So who is the better QB? Simple question that you did not answer.

But I understand better now.

Can you answer the simple question bro? You wanted a healthy discussion and THIS is what you meant. Retard retard retard and you still say basically nothing.

Who is better in your opinion. That was the question. I don't think it's a retarded question. But if you think so just answer with a retard comment I guess? Lol


Good talk tonight. Sorry i had to cut it short but Blink is on call. If ya ever wanna talk football gimme a call. My number is 8643782973.

Richs' losers....

I will try to make them better in the future as far as the content. I wrote them in a hurry today while i was at work but i wanted to get them out before the games started tonight. So i will try to be a little more in-depth from now on.

Like I said

You can't argue with stupid and that is what you are being right now.

When did I say that Garcia was a bad QB??? Go back and read my quote over and over and over again until it washes your brain free of retard. Can you really not catch on?

"If you have two guys that are capable of playing QB why not give the guy that you have not seen under pressure a shot? You won't know if you don't give him a chance. Give Shaw some early playing time in a game that we should win in case Garcia goes down later in the year. If it doesn't work out, put Garcia in. It also gives UGA two QBs that they have to think about."

Go ahead and read what David Cloninger has to say about it.

He does not agree:

His last comment, just like mine, maybe they won't win Saturday.

So, all of the sudden Garcia is not a good QB?

Like I said, this is a complete turn around for you not to be a HUGE Garcia supporter. We have talked about this for years and now it's changed all the sudden. Hmmm interesting, so you think Connor shaw gives you the best chance to win then? Just a simple question, is shaw better than Garcia?

You don't read my posts carefully enough

I put this quote in plain view in my last post:

"If you have two guys that are capable of playing QB why not give the guy that you have not seen under pressure a shot? You won't know if you don't give him a chance. Give Shaw some early playing time in a game that we should win in case Garcia goes down later in the year. If it doesn't work out, put Garcia in. It also gives UGA two QBs that they have to think about."

If Shaw goes out there and kills it and Garcia plays like shit then I have been proven wrong and I will want to see Shaw start against UGA. What will it hurt?? You have nothing to lose. If Shaw does bad, one drive is not going to lose a game. We can put Garcia in.

Oh and by the way, if you bring turds to a tea party and everyone eats them and talks about how good they taste and then a dinosaur comes along and eats everyone at the tea party then he goes to a pool party and gets a an STD, WHAT DO YOU HAVE???


Because I have a hard time taking this seriously..

For example, Garcia a 5th year senior has been replaced by someone with no experience and you are trying to convince everyone it's great. You are in fact the biggest Garcia fan on the face of the planet. But you come on here acting like it's wonderful. So no, I am not going to take that too seriously. Maybe Ryan thinks it's good, but I know you don't.

All this crap and all we ever get is Spurrier knows best, we are not allowed to argue with anything because you cling to what he accomplished at Florida. If he wins the sec this year and he might, he will have done something. We are not there yet.

So, I still don't think shaw will be your QB at Georgia and I don't believe you think it's great if he does. Because I do know you, know how you have been following him all these years, your recent comments have been at the same level as my syphilis comments.

That's why you get comments from me like that.


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