Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Think its all CJ and JD?

Demerick Chancellor looked pretty damned good to me in Spence's offense. CJ is remarkably gifted. My opinion is that Spence's offense in fact does do alot for making JD look better.

Having said all this that you may or may not agree with. I will say something I know you will not agree with, the missing element right now is not passing. Its the option, if I were in charge I would bring back the option. Go ahead and stack eight men in the box and see what happens then. See how more consistent your team becomes in the red zone with a play book and and players disciplined enough to run an option offense.

I am speaking of the true option not that new shotgun spread option crap that you guys probably are thinking of (see Navy).

I can tell you guys that option football is about discipline. It takes an incredibly disciplined defense to stop the option. Guess what? Nobody in college football these days has that much discipline on defense and it would work.

Now for the rest....

This much you can bank on. Clemson has been trying to get back to their winning tradition. There winning tradition was built on one concept. Running the football with a damn good hard hitting defense.

Having said that Hatfield was not the worst coach. In fact way back before my time even before Ford with the exception of Charlie Pell (hard to say he was there for such a short time). The Tigers had some terrible times. Why? They tried to become a passing team. Ford brought back the winning tradition and with that the running game. Blake daddy can back me up on this one (the terrible passing years).

Spence has done a wonderfull thing. He has brought back the running game. Its only a matter of time now. Like Brad Scott said, good running backs make an offensive line look and play better. They will continue to block good due to the running backs. Yes, J.D. and CJ have made a big impact. Don't give them all the credit. I see 4 and 5 star backs all the time. Believe me, most of the time in fact they are not JD or CJ. The talent was developed by the coaches and utilized correctly.

You can believe that we are gonna continue to get good RB's. Andre Ellington for example could easily be the next JD and running backs don't take as long to develope as QB's.

Whitehearst was a solid QB. The last QB that I remember with such a name was Rodney Williams. This was during the Ford years and he was not a Joe Montana. He was an option QB with a knack for finding a way to win games. I cannot however say that Spence who was brought in to run the football should have wasted a whole year for a 5th year senior by changing his priorities. Spence has spent the past 2 years changing the Tiger offense. Guys, it takes time to totally change your offensive strategy and he has done just that. Now he can work on smoothing out the rough edges. Its coming.

The Clemson Tigers need to run the ball to win consistently. We need to do what we have been doing and yes win more but, the games we need to win are the games that we are not supposed to lose. That's not so bad and do-able. I wouldn't trade that for getting dogged out by every major school that we play like we did for so long after Ford.

Thats why I am a big supporter of Paul Johnson and Grobe if Bowden must go. They run the football. A passing coach won't work for us. The types of QB's that would be need are scarce and take too long to develope to ever be a major threat consistently along with exceptional receivers which get snapped up by the ND's, Michigans and Florida schools.

I believe college football is going to go back to running offenses. I don't see the usually dominant passing schools doing so well these days and even Navy and WF with minimal talent is able to compete with them if not win consistently. Bring in a running coach like Paul Johnson or Grobe to a major school that gets good talent and they will rule college football.

SEC and other.....

When I first read the message boards on the SEC move I thought it was a joke. Now, there is pretty good discussions going on. First off, before my football time, I guess when SC moved to the SEC Clemson was really close to moving too. The logic behind it is pretty good. The ACC has traditionally been a basketball conference and Clemson is a football school. The SEC is obviously a football conference.

You could be right on NC State. But a move by the Tigers if it comes down to an ACC team moving to the SEC is even more likely. It just makes sense. I would love to get Louisville in the ACC.

I can't agree with you about WF. Way back when, the ACC was basketball period. They have got alot more respect now in football. They have brought in football schools to change this. It has been working. We have more respect in football right now than ever. WF, Maryland and any other traditionally basketball school winning the ACC on stands to cement the success of making a more rounded conference. Clemson winning doesn't even do as much, because we have been a football school traditionally.

Great Posts guys....

We are finally having good discussions because we are no longer making silly flame posts. You guys opened up the doors for alot of good Posting material for me.

First off, Brent I am sure you don't remember because it has been so long but we discussed it way back when me and you first talked about college football.

I agree with you. I really didn't know the truth about Rich R. at the time. I thought he ran that offense with the intention to pass (spread shotgun offense). I made a logical assumption that he only ran the ball because of Dantzler's running ability. I thought that was holding us back because he eventually intended to be a passing offense. Little did I know that is just his offense.

I think if he passed just a little more, not much, his offense would be unstoppable. It takes a special QB to be successful in his scheme.

I agree with most of what Plyler said. One thing though, when he states Bowden's staff wasn't very good when he took over well he had Rich R. so I can't agree there.

Monday, July 30, 2007

In my "Arrogant" Opinion...

Wow, you guys have done a lot of posting today. I think all of the SEC rearranging teams is all rumors, at least for the near future. As with everything, college football will evolve and conference alignments may change, but I don't see anything happening for a long time.

I don't ever remember criticizing Rich Rodriguez's offense, quite frankly, because I wasn't into football as much during that time. My point is the offense has been inconsistent since he left. I also said Spence was an upgrade from Brad Scott and Mike O'Cain. Maybe he will turn out to be good, I just don't like his offense right now. In all fairness though, Will Proctor just couldn't get the job done. He never recovered from that VT game and showed signs before that (wake forest game). I don't think anyone in orange ever recovered from that. My opinion in this fact is simple: Roman Fry going down was what made the difference. You may disagree, but I just think that was a bigger blow than it may have seemed. On black quarterbacks: I like Woody Dantzler. I just haven't liked the attitude some of them have brought and I think the Vick brothers have unfairly slanted my view on this, which I will admit is stereotyping. I have always known Mike Vick was a punk though and he is the reason I never became a fan of the Hokies. I am just an old school fan sometimes, thinking about Joe Montana, Brett Favre, and John Elway and the heroic nature they brought to football. I miss that about football and Clemson's hero for me was Whitehurst because of the 2003 Peach Bowl.

Last year's loss to Carolina brought back the rivalry, which is a good thing for the most part. I just don't think any of us Clemson fans are ready to watch the Gamecocks beat the Tigers on a regular basis because it hasn't happened in our lifetime. With that being said, Steve Spurrier is for real and any Clemson fan that doesn't think SC isn't gonna start winning more than they ever have is wrong. I just hope it isn't against Clemson! There isn't a knock I can really have on him, because he has proven himself more than any coach in the modern era (to me thats the mid 90's until now). Ken Hatfield couldn't win squat and he was the worst coach in Clemson history. Tommy West wasn't terrible, hence his success at Memphis. He just didn't get the job done here. Tommy Bowden has been great for Clemson in every aspect of coaching except consistency on the field. Plyler's blog today spoke some truth and I think that may be the key to having consistent success. I am not changing my opinion of Tommy right now, because the bottom line is he needs to start winning more games.

Side Note..

Former Clemson commit TE Nic DiLillo commited to Ohio State today..

I didn't comment on Clemson to the SEC..

I haven't heard any rumor about this happening. I have however seen Clemson fans bring it up in the past on message boards and for the most part everyone thought it was a decent idea. I don't think it would be bad idea either. It would definitely be good for Clemson because the ACC is losing more and more respect every year. Which could be right or could be wrong but regardless, It's happening and Wake Forest winning the conference only made it worse. I give the ACC more credit than many do, I think they are better than the Big East and Pac 10.

Anyway, I'm glad you brought this up because the SEC trading to get another school has been a topic that I had meant to bring up here before but forgot about. I got a good scenario for you that I've heard a good bit about.

This is the most likely scenario that I've heard would happen if another team were to be traded to the SEC, and I've heard it has been worked on before by the SEC (which is likely nothing more than another big rumor) but there is a big reason that it will likely never happen:

The Big Ten has been trying to expand their conference to have 12 teams for a conference championship game. Boise St and Nebraska would move to the Big Ten. Arkansas would move to the Big 12. Louisville would move to the ACC and NC State would then move to the SEC in order to have a North Carolina representative in the SEC. The SEC wants a North Carolina school and wouldn't necessarily have to be NC State but I've heard they would be the most likely candidate..

This will likely never happen because of the great North Carolina basketball rivalries with UNC, Duke, Wake, and the most likely candidate for the SEC NC State.

I've heard this scenario numerous times but it is just a rumor like the Clemson to SEC one I guess. I thought it was interesting.

I never said I was thankful for Tommy..

I said the opposite. I said as far as being a hater, he was the one that I hated. His Clemson teams have whooped Carolina every year but 3 (I'm not counting 2005 as a whooping because we could have won that one as easy as we lost it.) I'm hoping Tommy will hang around Clemson for a while to give Carolina a chance to even up the rivalry against him a little. Like you said, the Carolina game isn't gonna be a easy one for him anymore. I liked Holtzy and still do, but under him the rivalry got worse and worse. Steve Spurrier is not going to allow the rivalry to get like Holtz did, ya'll know that. But no, I never said I was always thankful for Tommy being at Clemson.

On Rich Rod.. The reason ya'll didn't like his offense at the time was because you didn't like having a black, scrambling QB. I know this is true because I remember it being said. That was one of the reasons you guys were so happy after seeing Whithurst get some playing time. Am I wrong? I felt the same about the Lou and Skip offense after Phil Petty graduated. Anyways, Rich proved his offense would work in a weaker conference.. and yea he did beat a decent UGA team which was what hyped up WV in the first place.

As far as Spence goes, I could very well be wrong about him. Until I'm proved wrong, I will keep my opinion. Sure he has the running game on track but dang, so could Ken Hatfield with JD and Spiller. I think he wasted Whitehurst's senior season. He should have found a way for CW to work in his offense instead of making a 5th year senior change. That's just what I think.

Like I have said though, Clemson should have an outstanding season on shear talent alone. I just hope Tommy and Spence doesn't ruin it for them.

I can't quite agree with you bro....

Well as for what Brent said, he finally has a positive outlook for the season and I don't want to mess it up, however. I remember the fans dogging on Rich R. due to his unorthodox play calling. Little did we all know that he was probably what we thought Bowden was at the time. I remember even Brent mentioning that he was glad we went away from that offense. Now granted, at the time I agreed with him. Look at us now, praising him for running the same Offense at West Va. Amazing what a good season will do. You agree or disagree Brent.

I have never really cared much for whether or not SC won or lost except when they played the Tigers. I mean what would be better than beating a USC team that was undefeated going into the game. In fact I would prefer it that way. I can't really agree that you were always thankfull for Tommy in that aspect (the rilvary). In my mind, untill now the rilvary was not very fun. In some ways I am glad the Cocks finally pinned a win on the Tigers. I think it could be a wake up call, no more easy wins there. It is important for both teams that the rilvary is competative. Otherwise it is not much of a rivalry and you even run into the possibility of it not being televised.

I know I have said this before, but I don't agree with you on Spence either, not just yet anyway. First off his running attack is right on track, it has went way beyond my expectations. He is being judged right now solely on his passing attack and thats not very smart for us to be doing. He has not had very much of a chance in that category. He has had absolutely no consistency at the QB position. Whitehearst was learning a totally new system and was hindered by injuries. Proctor looked good for a little while and in turn so did Spence's offense. He was terrible at the end and that is not Spence's fault. Again this year, not fair to totally dog him out. A new QB once again. But this QB has been in Spence's system for a while, it could make a difference. If Bowden stays a couple of years I think you two will change your opinion of Spence as you did for Rich R. Just my opinion.

I still read Rivals daily but I have never had a membership.

CFN SEC Preview..

Pretty decent article. I agree with what they said about Carolina. The schedule should keep us from having a title season but we will do enough this season to prime us up to be the SEC favorite in 2008. Here's what they said about Carolina:

Steve Spurrier will have his big year, a stepping-stone to big things. This is the year South Carolina fans have been waiting for. He has just enough experience on both sides of the ball, and a veteran quarterback in Blake Mitchell, to be a real live threat to win the SEC East. Road games at Georgia, LSU, Tennessee and Arkansas will keep this from being a title season, but South Carolina will set the stage to be the “it” team of 2008.


Sunday, July 29, 2007

Thanks For The Pics

I enjoyed those pictures last year, but now that the free rivals is up I am kinda pissed. I have gotta go ahead and get a rivals membership. I may even do it tonight, when Erin goes to bed lol. Vance, do you ever check out Rivals anymore?

Pics From Spurrier's Ladies Clinic..

Chris Culliver's Cubby

From left to right: Assistant head coach - Ron Cooper, QB coach - David Reeves, OL coach - John Hunt, Defensive Coordinator - Tyrone Nix, TE and Co Special Teams coach - Fred Chatham, RB coach - Robert Gillespie

More Pics..

Cory Boyd

More Pics..

From left to right: OL - Lem Jeanpierre, DE - Eric Norwood, FB - Ryan Brown
The Captain Munnerlyn
Cory Boyd
Pretty Hot

I don't disagree with you guys..

I'm like Vance is about Carolina now.. I don't hate Clemson anymore. I used to enjoy a Clemson loss as much as a Carolina win and hurt about a Clemson win as much as a Carolina loss. I'll admit it. I've changed as far as my view of Clemson goes. I will always give you guys hell during the games and pull against Clemson just to make the games fun, as I'm sure and hope you guys will do with Carolina always. But, I don't hate Clemson.

That said, as far as being a hater, like Vance said he was with Mitchell, I was with Tommy. I think the biggest thing that will hold Clemson back this season is Baby Bowden. Him and Rob Spence really. Like Brent said the other night, Clemson's play calling has sucked since Rich Rod left. Though Spence's play calling has been a upgrade from Tommy's, it hasn't been much better. Rob Spence has single handedly lost games for Clemson that should not have been lost with his conservative play calling. With Tommy's silly way of substituting (or lack there of), and Spence thinking he's still playing in the MAC against teams with inferior talent with Toledo it's gonna be tough for Clemson. Not impossible, but tough. There is not a team on Clemson's schedule that you can say that they have no chance against. The question is, will the Offensive coaching staff let them be successful?

I don't see anything wrong with you guys being optimistic. Not even with you guys predicting a ACC championship berth. I try not to do it with Carolina anymore to save embarrassment, but I do have a good feeling about this season. Even with Carolina's horrendous schedule I still have a good feeling. How could I not with the talent Carolina finally has and Steve Spurrier leading the way..

I'm just ready for the season to begin!

32 Days Left!!!

I mean think about it....

At the start of the season last year it really looked like we were there. What happened? Well, in my opinion Proctor played well at the beginning of the season. At the end he folded. I mean hard too, he could not throw a pass for anything.

In a nut shell, its not that complicated or bad really. We need a QB. The biggest change in coaching we need right now is simple and it is straight out of Spurriers book. If a QB does not perform replace him, at the very least a future starter will get playing time. Thats what Bowden needs to do and believe me from here on out he will have options. Pretty much Korn right now, but after this year we have several QB's with alot of potential.

I dunno, I have heard rumors Korn is not the only option this year, farfetched I know.

I think he learned his lesson, I really do. He has been pretty good at adapting after the season. The problem is he doesn't do it enough during the football season.

If Harper or Korn does their job, I don't see how the offense will be stoppable. I mean the running game is there. All we need is a passing threat, not even a passing game just the threat. What I mean by that is when 8 men line up in the box hit up a deep one. Thats it, if we have a QB that can read the D, and pass it deep look out, because the recievers are there. I think J. Ford will be open and uncatchable every time.

Again, we have a good defense, O-line, running game, I can't think of a single question mark other than QB and well lets just forget about special teams, lol.

Good deal Brent...

I really think all the parts are there, except maybe QB. We have been a little tough on Spence. He has had a different QB every year and that makes passing the ball hard for anyone.

I also agree with you and Plyler. I would however rand Wake higher in your predictions as Plyler did.

Plyler's Blog:

I Could Be Wrong

We all have a bias and mine is more evident at times but I just don’t understand some of the hype around some of the players and programs out there. For example:

The Pre-Season ALL-ACC TeamJames Davis and C.J. Spiller did not make the pre-season All-ACC team. Now I understand that few things are less important than pre-season awards. Post-season awards are important but the pre-season versions mean absolutely nothing. But please tell me how both missed out this season.

I think Brandon Ore is very deserving of his spot but I don’t believe Tashard Choice is as good as Davis or Spiller. I have seen all four backs and Choice is the fourth best among this group.

I concede that Choice is the leading returning rusher in the conference from last season but that would not have happened if Ore was healthy or Davis and Spiller did not have to split carries. Choice had 297 carries last year while Ore had 203 carries, Davis had 203 carries and Spiller had just 129 carries. His 5.0 yards per carry mark is impressive but Davis averaged 5.8 yards per carry and Spiller averaged 7.3 yards per attempt.

Choice is solid but he is not Davis or Spiller. I am not sure who can watch all three and decide that Choice is the choice. Again, I know I am biased and I could be wrong but I will take my chances with Davis and Spiller.

The Coastal Division

Speaking of Tech, I have no idea how some think this is a top-20 type team in 2007. I know Reggie Ball is gone but that is the reason for optimism? Tyler Bennett played well in the gator Bowl but Calvin Johnson is also gone. On defense they return some good players but this is not a great defense. Offensively they have Choice and return most of the offensive line but I am not sold on replacing Johnson.

I am not buying the hype. Road games with Notre Dame, Virginia, Miami and Maryland are difficult. Home tilts with Boston College, Clemson, Virginia Tech and Georgia are also very tough. Can they split those eight games? If they do and take care of Duke, North Carolina, Samford and Army then they will go 8-4. I am not sure 8-4 is worth the hype Tech is currently receiving.

Virginia Tech is the most talented and best coached team in the division and it is not that close. A great running game, an outstanding defense and a solid kicking game have won a bunch of titles and I think this is exactly what the Hokies bring to the table in 2007.

Miami is intriguing in year one of Randy Shannon but the Canes are a couple of years away. Virginia is stale and North Carolina will not be ready to contend until a few more years of Butch Davis. Do I have to even mention Duke?

The Atlantic Division

I can understand the Boston College hype but I don’t believe it will turn out the way some do. I do believe that Boston College has the least amount of questions of any team in the Atlantic division. If Tom O’Brien had returned to Chestnut Hill I would pick the Eagles to win the division and maybe the conference but I have major concerns about the new staff. O’Brien was terrific at preparation and I think he will be missed.

The magazines do not give Wake Forest enough credit. I can see the Deacons repeating in the Atlantic division. I have concerns about the defense and having to replace John Abbate is extremely difficult but the offense should be terrific. Also consider the Deacons have the best kicker/punter in the ACC.

There is not a touchdown’s difference between the best team in the Atlantic and the worse team in the division. I can make a case for any of the six teams in the division and how they could win the division. Therefore I believe it will come down to things like schedule and injuries.

NC State can win it because of the new staff and an incredible set of running backs. Maryland is extremely well coached and has more weapons on offense this season. FSU thinks Jimbo Fisher can turn around this offense and Clemson has even talent to compete in this division.

On a neutral field, the top team in the division can be defeated by the worse. This makes predictions very difficult so schedules become a factor. Here is a look at the schedules:

Home-NCSU, Miami, Duke, Maryland
Away-Clemson, Wake Forest, Boston College, Virginia Tech

Boston College
Home-Wake Forest, NC State, Florida State, Miami
Away-Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Maryland, Clemson

Home-Florida State, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Boston College
Away-NCSU, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Duke

Wake Forest
Home-Maryland, Florida State, North Carolina, NCSU
Away-Boston College, Duke, Virginia, Clemson

Home-Georgia Tech, Virginia, Clemson, Boston College
Away-Wake Forest, North Carolina, Florida State, NCSU

N.C. State
Home-Clemson, Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland
Away-Boston College, Florida State, Miami, Wake Forest

Since all teams play every team within the division, I would look at the away games and who each team plays from the other division.

FSU plays Miami, Duke and at Virginia Tech from the Coastal division.
BC plays at Georgia Tech, at Virginia Tech and Miami.
Clemson plays at Georgia Tech, at Duke and Virginia Tech.
Wake Forest plays at Duke, North Carolina and at Virginia.
Maryland plays Georgia Tech, Virginia and at North Carolina.
NC State plays Virginia, at Miami and North Carolina.

In my opinion Wake Forest has the easiest schedule. Therefore, don’t be surprised if the Deacs repeat.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Surprise, Surprise!

Where do you guys find these rumors? Clemson in the SEC? Who would leave, first of all? Kentucky or Vandy? Or maybe Clemson and South Carolina are going to swap conferences lol.
Seriously, though Houston Nutt can stay where he is.

Right now I am in disbelief about Davis or Spiller not being on the ACC picks during media days. I will definately agree with Brandon Ore, but Tashard Choice isn't as good as either one of Clemson's backs (not to say he isn't good). The media is also hyping GT, but I don't buy that one either. Calvin Johnson's absence will be felt in an offense that I have never found too impressive. I think the Jackets are good, but I have watched them play the last few years and I don't think Reggie Ball was the only concern with that team. Also, I think the defense is overrated. Just ask CJ Spiller and James Davis their opinion on that defense.

Enough about the old gold and navy. What about the Tigers? I definately think we will lead the conference in rushing again. I am letting my closely guarded feelings out, guys. I think Clemson will play for the ACC this year. I know Blake is gonna give me hell, but I am laying it out there. They will lose to the Hokies in that game, but I just have a feeling about Clemson. I think CJ Spiller will be even better and will carry this team, something he wasn't quite ready for last year. I also think Harper will have a quietly productive year. I know this may come as a shock, because I have been outwardly negative, but I just think this is the year Clemson gets the double digit wins. I think the defense is great and deeply talented on the DL and secondary. If Clay and Billie stay healthy, the linebacker unit will be solid as well. I know the defense is young, but nearly everyone who will see playing time got a ton of action last year. In today's game, players only need one year of experience to become superstars with the exception of QB and offensive line. Now, Clemson is breaking in a new line, but they have a lot of experience already and Chris Mcduffie started 5 games last year, with Barry Richardson making it 2 returning starters. Call me a fool, but dammit I have thought and analyzed this every day and a lot of times all day. That doesn't mean a lot, but I think I am better at recognizing some things in college football than nearly every Clemson or Carolina fan I know.

In other Rumors,,LOL

There are many posts saying Clemson is moving to the SEC. I can't find any official source to back it up. Could the rumors of Huston Nutt and the SEC move be innertwined?

In other news and not rumors, Charlie Whitehearst, Gaines Adams and 21 other Clemson NFL players will be at the Clemson Camp this week.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Sorry I been unable to get on the internet..

WOW, the Dean's list. Thats something else, I am so glad you are going to school and doing good.

Houston Nutt hey? Wow the rumors just go rampid. A couple of things, well several. He is coaching at Arkansas. Yes, I don't like him. Why? He took Danny Fords players and had a couple of good years, thats it. Since then he has done nothing.

Also, Houston Nutt is not know for his lack of troubles with a team. He is having problems at Arkansas. So no, anybody is certainly not better than Bowden. In fact there are alot of coaches at major programs I wouldn't want. The grass is alway greener. I think Bowden is there to stay for a couple more years save a losing season. Which just is not gonna happen.

Everyone is making the assumption he will have another mediocre season this year. One thing is for certain in College football and that is nothing is for certain.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

SEC Media Days..

Fall practice is slowly approaching and the after the SEC media days, time kinda speeds up a little bit. Right around the corner you have Fall practice, with interviews with Spurrier and the players after each one. It makes time go by a lot quicker. Here are some quotes from Spurrier from the SEC media days. He brings up a great point about an advantage of Sydney leaving for the NFL. Here you go:

On the SEC championship: "We've added a lot of players that we think are at a pretty close level with Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. Obviously, you need to be at their level to win the conference. We feel like our talent level is good enough now that we should say, 'Hey, let's go try to win our conference championships."

"I believe our players, our team, we need to come to the ballpark feeling like we're just as good as Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and that we can play with those guys. That's going to be our mindset going into the season."

On Blakey Boy: "Hopefully, his experience and his mental toughness is much, much better," Spurrier said. "I think he's ready to have a big year."

"Blake's the type of quarterback (that) we need a running game and we need pass protection," Spurrier said. "When those two things happen, he can be very productive. He was the most valuable player in the Liberty Bowl. He's very capable of taking us a long way."

On Chris Smelley: "I hope he's had a real good summer working out, throwing the ball," Spurrier said. "Physically, (Smelley) is certainly capable of being an outstanding quarterback, so I'm anxious to see how much he's improved through the summer."

On Sydney leaving: "Sidney was a very good player for us but his leaving may have helped us sign five outstanding wide receivers," Spurrier said. "We got a couple of guys (Barnes and Joseph Hills) that look just like Sidney."

On the O-line: "We need to get our offensive line straight before that Georgia game and go from there," Spurrier said. "It is crucial we get those guys playing together early and not wait until about the fifth or sixth game of the season like we sort of did last year."

On Spurrier's future at South Carolina: "I've always figured on at least five more years, five to seven," Spurrier said. "I have a seven-year contract, I think. I've always said that if I can't call the plays (then) maybe its time to get out of it. That's sort of what I do. I feel about like I did when I was 45, to tell you the truth. Yeah, I feel real good."

You guys probably won't like this..

There is a big rumor going around.. There are people saying that Terry Don Phillips is going to hire Houston Nutt at the end of the 2007 season if Tommy Bowden bombs again. It does make sense if you think about it.. Nutt has been successful at Arky, whether the fans want to admit it or not. Terry Don Phillips and Nutt are good friends and Arky is TD Phillips' alma mater. Arkansas people are saying that local Arkansas radio stations have been talking a lot about it lately. I can't believe that I haven't thought about it before..

Vance I know you won't like this because I know you want P. Johnson and because Nutt unseated Danny Ford from his Arky head coaching position, but hey anyone is better than Tommy Bowden right? And Nutt has done great things for the Arky program. I for one, don't think it would be a bad fit.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

ACC Media Days Rankings

Clemson picked to finish 3rd in the ACC by the media in Pinehurst, NC. Isn't that what they are picked to win every year? Here are the rest of the rankings:

1. Florida State 423 (37)2. Boston College 363 (25)3. Clemson 332 (8) 4. Wake Forest 325 (13) 5. Maryland 156 6. North Carolina State 144

Coastal Division -- 1. Virginia Tech 491 (77) 2. Georgia Tech 367 (4) 3. Miami 356 (2) 4. Virginia 255 5. North Carolina 188 6. Duke 86

Winner: Virginia Tech

My too early predictions:

1. FSU 2. Clemson 3. BC 4. NCSU 5. Wake Forest 6. Maryland

1. Virgina Tech 2. Miami 3. Georgia Tech 4. Virginia 5. North Carolina 6. Duke

Winner: Duke (Virgina Tech)

Wow practice is almost here and we are down to the 30's in days left.

Typo on last post: I mean to say Blake Mitchell's inconsistancy.

Questions Make The Offseason Fun!

The Cocks are a very interesting team this year because they finally have an SEC defense. They have a great running back and a returning QB. The thing about Mitchell is definately his consistancy. I think he should be pulled for good early if he struggles because like that report said, he has been reading defenses for 5 years and if he can't do it now, he never will. I have to agree with Vance on the backups in that they are a huge question mark, just like Clemson. The only difference is that Clemson has to start one (I am gonna give a fully thought out analysis on both teams once practice starts). The recievers and offensive line are questions too. Somebody has to step up and catch the ball or there is trouble there.

On a different note...I hope no bad news comes to the NCAA with all this crap about Mike Vick, gambling NBA refs, and the steroid scandal in the MLB. Oklahoma is having problems with that crap 2 years ago, but that is one team.

Oh and some good news: Harry Potter lives!

I will talk about the Cocks...


We will start with the good stuff. The key to your season (as with the Tigers) is at QB. The Cocks have enough untested talent at every position to be good. Blake Mitchell ended on a positive note last year which is good. If he plays all year as he did at the end last year look out!!!


The key to your season (as with the Tigers) is at QB. Blake Mitchell can be down right awfull, both on and off the field. He is one of the most inconsistent players I have ever seen. I don't hate on the Cocks anymore, but I did at one time and my favorite person as a hater was Blake Mitchell. I always would say The Cocks look pretty good, then I would think, Blake Mitchell , no problem. The Cocks have enough untested talent at every position to be bad. Well, maybe this will be good for you, with Clemson, even though they are no doubt better atheletes there is no substitute for experience.


Sydney Rice, Blake Mitchell built most of his good playing time around S.R. I heard Mickey P. say it this week: (speaking of the Tiger O-line) "Fans say it all the time ""We lost our starter, but hey no problem, our BACK-UP is better anyway"". This is a popular belief, but sadly, very very seldom is this the case. You just don't lose a player like S. Rice or Calvin Johnson and it not be a huge set back. Offenses are built around players like this. Even when they are not catching the football, they are being double covered. It will impact the Cocks this year.

Also, I just can't agree, because I just have no reason (as with Korn for the Tigers) to believe the Cocks have a QB back up ready to lead them to any kind of SEC title. I think Korn is better than any of them, obviously, because I am a Tiger fan and I don't think he could step in an win an SEC championship. I think they would do some good things and get good playing time in, even have a winning season. But thats about it, same as with the Tigers in the back up scenerio.


The Cocks have a good shot, it lies in B.M. hands. The good thing is, we have seen him play well. The bad we have also have seen him play bad. I give you a 50 50 shot. The up to that is thats damn good. In the past I would have given you a snowballs chance in hell and alot of laughter.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Carolina, The Beast of the SEC East?

Pretty good write-up by SMN. The one thing that I don't agree with is the back-up QBs not being ready. I think out of Smelley, Garcia, and Beecher one will step up and do well if something goes wrong with Blakey boy. I did especially like the senario in the last paragraph. Anyway, enjoy..

This could be the year South Carolina becomes the beast in SEC

The Southeastern Conference appears to be wide open in 2007. The bullies find themselves a bit in transition, wondering if the new guys can step in and step up. And that has the others dreaming of a big season.

The ball coach at South Carolina knows what big seasons are all about. Could it be that in his third season, the Gamecocks make a bold move past Georgia, Tennessee and Florida? There are those that believe it can happen.

Steve Spurrier's reputation is built on offense, but winning championships starts with defense. Tyrone Nix, the Gamecocks' defensive coordinator, reportedly can't wait to turn his group loose. Ten starters return from a defense that allowed 18.7 points per game a year ago. Cut that number by a field goal and you have a Top 20 defense nationally.

Jasper Brinkley is the leader at middle linebacker and he will have NFL scouts lined up at Williams-Brice Stadium to get a good look. Mix in two legit cover corners, a solid pair at safety, and two big ole' tackles to plug things up and what you have is a group good enough to make a dream season possible.

Now back to the ball coach and his offense. There are three issues Spurrier will have to coach around or coach up.

At quarterback, Blake Mitchell's performance level will be huge. The Gamecocks aren't breaking through and winning the East unless this guy can consistently perform at a higher level. Right now, he's the tenth best QB in a 12-team league. It's been a roller-coaster ride. Dude looks good one half and falls down in the second half. That's got to change.

And this season, Coach Spurrier doesn't have Syvelle Newton to call on. The back-ups aren't ready. There is pressure on Mitchell to get the job done. It's his fifth year reading defenses ... and time to stop making foolish decisions with the football.

With Sidney Rice wearing a Vikings uniform now, Kenny McKinley becomes to go-to guy at receiver, but the unknown entering the season is who can fill the void McKinley leaves as the No. 2 playmaker. Chris Culliver arrives on campus with the talent, but can he get things figured out in 29 preseason practices? Time will tell.

Now the schedule.

It's time to beat Georgia. At Florida, Spurrier's boys went 11-1 against the 'Dogs. At Carolina, they are 0-2. It's break-through time. Time to get over the hump. Quit playing them tough and win. Whip Georgia and the Gamecocks could be 7-1 heading into Knoxville and in the hunt for a title.

Pay attention. This could be the year South Carolina breaks through and becomes the beast in the SEC East. Can you imagine the scene if that does happen ... fans and players carrying the ball coach off the field in Atlanta, with a championship banner flying?

Home again..

What did I miss?

I saw on the news where Carolina got a commit from TJ Johnson. He's a big, 6-foot-4 285 Lb, O-lineman from Aynor, SC. He ranked as a 3 star by Rivals. He should be a pretty good one.

I saw where Clemson got a couple of commits. I hadn't heard of Jarrett Crittenton (pictured above) until now. I know fans don't necessarily care to much for JUCOs but sometimes thats just what you have to do. Clemson is pretty thin in depth at DE, so if nothing else the kid could help with that problem. And hey, no one was expecting Jasper Brinkley to be one of, if not the best MLB in the nation, but he is. The new Clemson commit is a big body if nothing else (6-foot-6 275 Lbs.)

Clemson also got a 2 star WR commit today. Brandon Ford from Hanahan, SC. I hear he is a pretty good WR despite his 4.6 second 40 time and I believe he's at least worthy of a 3 star status. He must be a good one in the Clemson coaches' eyes because he is the last WR Clemson will take in this class from what I hear. He impressed a lot of people in the camps he visited. Carolina was still evaluating him and may eventually offer him if some of the other WR recruits on their board go elsewhere. If Carolina does offer him look out because he grew up a Gamecock fan, but they may have waited to late. Good underrated recruit IMO.

Another good commitment today!

Jarret Crittenton, a strongside DE. Supposedly one of the best.

The only draw back is he is a JUCO. I am not wild about JUCO's, often they just don't seem to pan out. But with any luck he will give us a couple of good years.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Headed to the beach..

I will be gone to the beach til Monday. Wasn't really planning on going this year but Laken has had a fit to go since they started playing the beach related commercials on TV this Summer. Glad to hear that you're back o.k. though bro. You fellas behave and I'll talk to ya Monday!


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Welcome Back Vance.

Vance, I am not going to argue any point on Tommy Bowden. It is always a back and forth issue, because of how streaky Clemson plays. I do know that he is under more pressure than what he is willing to admit. I heard him on the Dan Scott show (limited because 104.9 doesn't pick up well on my radio in the jeep) and he was talking about the QB situation and said that it is preferable to have one guy at the QB situation and confirmed that Korn would have to blow it up to take a starting position away. Expect to see Korn Labor Day against FSU, though. I do.

I thought our TE ranking would've been higher, but we have a lot of unproven talent. I think Linthicum will be all conference in a few years. He seems to be a talent upgrade.

I always like the XBOX version better. It was basically the same game, but it came down to controller. I prefer the XBOX controller, so naturally. Now, the next-gen game is not complete yet, and I have no idea what's going on with these people's xbox's. I have to say that the last gen game is starting to show signs of age as well.

ACC and SEC Tight Ends rankings (unfortunately I have to agree with the Tigers ranking...

ACC Tight End Rankings

1. MarylandThe Starter-Joey Haynos is a 6-8, 260-pound monster. When he breaks the huddle you don’t have to try to find this big target. Last year he had 37 receptions for 369 yards and three touchdowns.The Depth-Dan Gronkowski is a co-starter and another huge body. This 6-6, 265-pounder excels more in the running game and is not the receiving threat that Haynos has become.The Future-Devonte Campbell is one of the stars of the Terps’ recruiting class.

2. VirginiaThe Starter-Tom Santi is a future NFL tight end that can stretch the field in the passing game. He had 29 receptions for 253 yards last season. The Cavs play four tight ends each week but Santi is the best of the bunch.The Depth-Jonathan Stupar is one of the five or six best tight ends in the league. He is a threat on third down. John Phillips is another quality tight end that should see reps in this offense.The Future-Joe Torchia is a red-shirt freshman that the staff sees breaking into the rotation.

3. NC StateThe Starter-Anthony Hill is a highly thought of tight end but he suffered from a case of the drops in 2006. State looked to Hill often and he did have 45 catches for 478 yards a year ago but O’Brien is looking for more consistency. Hill has the biggest upside of any tight end in the league.The Depth-Marcus Stone was a failure at quarterback so he has moved to tight end.The Future-George Bryan was one of the best looking prospects we saw at last year’s Shrine Bowl. He looks like an offensive lineman but runs like a tight end.

4. MiamiThe Starter-DajLeon Farr is replacing one of the nation’s top tight ends in Greg Olsen. Farr was a highly recruited kid but I am not sure what his new role will be considering the new staff in Miami.The Depth-Chris Zellner is a terrific blocker. He is a solid tight end that is one of the most dependable Canes.The Future-Derrick Epps played as a true freshman and should see more reps this season. Some feel he will be the next in line of the Canes great tradition at tight end.

5. Virginia TechThe Starter- Sam Wheeler played as a true freshman last season and made a good impression on the Hokie staff. His 13 receptions for 199 yards and two touchdowns should increase this season.The Depth- Greg Boone was another freshman that enjoyed a good season. He is a former quarterback that some feel will have a chance to beat out Wheeler as the season goes on.The Future-Andre Smith is a red-shirt freshman that should be in the mix. Tech has traditionally played several tight ends and Smith looks break into the lineup.

6. Florida StateThe Starter-Charlie Graham replaces Brandon Warren who was one of the best tight ends in America last season as a freshman. Warren has left FSU and Graham lacks his talent but is a solid blocker.The Depth-D.J. Norris is a former defensive end that has moved to the other side of the ball. Norris was not athletic enough to rush the passer but he should be better suited for tight end.The Future-Jonathan Hannah was one of the highest rated tight ends in the country coming out of high school but for whatever reason it never worked for him at South Carolina.

7. Wake ForestThe Starter-Zac Selmon is Wake Forest in that he is solid and consistent but does nothing spectacular. He is part of perhaps the most experienced group of tight ends in the ACC.The Depth-John Tereshinksi is an athletic tight end that actually stretches the field more than Selmon.The Future-Ted Randolph and Cameron Ford are two very good freshmen. I saw Ford often in high school and think he will be a terrific pass receiving tight end.

8. Boston CollegeThe Starter-Ryan Thompson is a very good tight end but I am not sure how he will be used in the new offense. He is the best of the blockers in this group at BC.The Depth-Ryan Purvis had 29 receptions for 381 yards and two scores a year ago. Jon Loyte transferred from Vanderbilt and brings depth to the position.The Future-Lars Anderson and Jordan McMichael are two freshmen that should red-shirt this season.

9. Clemson-See Monday’s blog for in-depth information on Clemson tight ends.

10. North CarolinaThe Starter-Richard Quinn was not as highly rated as Jacobs coming out of high school but he is more physically ready to play than the freshman.The Depth-Vince Jacobs needed his red-shirt season last year in order to get stronger but his upside is the highest of any Tar Heel.The Future-North Carolina has an early commitment from Randy White from Virginia for the class of 2008.

11. Georgia TechThe Starter-Colin Peek had a very good spring so his expectations have risen. He is a big body that showcased versatility according to observers in Atlanta.The Depth-Austin Barrack red-shirted as a freshman and is not as big as Peek but he will have a chance to compete for playing time behind Peek.The Future-Jeff Lentz also red-shirted a year ago but he has a longer way to go than others ahead of him.

12. DukeThe Starter-Nick Stephenow is a returning starter and a solid performer for the Devils but he is not a strength compared to others on offense.The Depth-Norman Gee actually started a couple of games a year ago and he should battle Huffman for the starter’s position after Stephenow graduates.The Future-Brett Huffman is a big tight end body that red-shirted a year ago.

SEC Tight End Rankings

1. Tennessee-Chris Brown might be the top tight end in the SEC this season. He is a multi-year starter and a future NFL draft pick. Brandon Warren played last year at FSU but has not been given his release. He is appealing the NCAA to be able to play this year in a special waiver. If this happens then Tennessee is set.

2. Kentucky-Jacob Tamme is the top pass receiving tight end in the league this season. A year ago he had 32 receptions for 386 yards and two touchdowns. This is a good third down threat. The Wildcats have four or five options in the passing game and Tamme is very valuable to what they do offensively.

3. Arkansas-Ben Cleveland was one of the most sought after tight ends in America and played last year as a true freshman. He will be joined this season by another highly touted prospect in Grant Freeman. By next season Arkansas could have one of the best group of tight ends in the SEC.

4. Auburn-When you draw up a tight end on paper Tommy Trott could be your model. I watched Trott closely last year against South Carolina and came away very impressed. He is vicious at the point of attack and also possesses soft hands. Cole Bennett and Gabe McKenzie are also quality players so Auburn should be excited about this group.

5. LSU-Richard Dickson started nine games as a true freshman last season and should develop into one of the best in the SEC. Dickson was one of the top freshmen in the league last season and should contend for all-conference honors. Keith Zinger is another very good tight end.

6. Florida-Aaron Hernandez is the future for the Gators. You should not be surprised to see he is the top tight end in the country and should get a long look very early in his career. There is not a lot of experience here outside of Tate Casey. Cornelius Ingram is a former quarterback and is athletic but Hernandez should be able to break through.

7. Alabama-Travis McCall returns as the starter for the Tide but this group is fairly deep and experienced. Nick Walker and Charles Hoke are also considered good blockers and have played a lot so far in their careers.

8. Vanderbilt-Brad Allen returns as a starter here. He is a junior that has been pretty good so far. Jake Bradford and Justin Green are two good looking young tight ends.

9. Georgia-The Bulldogs must replace Martrez Milner but have recruited well here. Tripp Chandler, Watson Coleman, NaDerris Ward, Aron White and others will hope to ease the loss.

10. South Carolina-Through the years Steve Spurrier has been known as a guy that likes to play with a fullback and a tight end. However they are used more in the max protect scheme. Seldom do Spurrier’s tight ends get involved in the passing game. In fact last year USC tight ends caught just 11 passes. Andy Boyd comes back for his sixth season after receiving a waiver from the NCAA due to his injuries. He is the most talented of the tight ends but injuries are always the concern. Robert Pavolovic is next in line in terms of experience. Nick Prochak is a high school quarterback that has made the move to tight end and looked good in the spring. Weslye Saunders was one of the highest rated tight ends in the last recruiting class.

11. Mississippi State-Eric Butler returns for his senior campaign to end a solid career. There is a drop off after Butler though.

12. Ole Miss-Robert Lane is a former quarterback that looked OK in his transition. David Rue was a fairly highly thought of prospect and Robert Hough started five games a year ago.

That article just backs up what I was going to post anyway....

Brent, I can agree somewhat with what you guys say about Bowden. The fact still remains, save the inconsitency winning he has been good for Clemson.

I too have had many disappointments, but the facts still remain.

There are several types of coaches, Spurrier for example is an offensive genius. Many coaches, good coaches in fact are good managers. The fact is Bowden is a good manager. He manages the team. His daddy for example (what he was brought in to be) is a manager. Its painfully obvious to FSU fans that Bobby does not call offensive plays. Else he would have saved his son's job, which he was unable to do. But he is one of the all time great managers in coaching. FSU as far as I can remember has had minimal problems and some of the greatest players in college football. Bobby has had great coordinators. Mickey Andrews (D) and a host of great offensive coordinators.

Tommy has finally tapped into recruiting great players. I still believe if we have a good QB we will do something finally. I think that is the missing link. You cannot deny Bowden has built the most talented football team in Clemson history. I'm sorry Brent, I'll take it for now. If the man has been able to raise recruiting to the level it is at now, solely on good management, certainly not his name in coaching. Well, who is to say he can't put the right coaching staff around him to finally get where we want? I can't say Spence is it yet (not enough time). I am sold on VK.

I do however think he can one day get it right. Sorry guys, I have thought about this alot and changed my mind somewhat. He knows he needs to step it up coaching wise.

Record ticket sales, recruiting, graduation rates, NFL players, facilities and money just don't lie.

I won't dog on QR, I hope he gets straightened out. Opinions please.....

New Ticket Sales Record:

Clemson, SC-Clemson has sold a record 57,991 season tickets for the 2007 football season, Ticket Manager Travis Furbee announced Tuesday. The previous record was 57,625 season tickets for the 1988 football season. The previous high in the Tommy Bowden era was 57,506 for the 2001 season.

In addition to the season ticket totals, Clemson Senior Associate Athletic Director Bill D'Andrea announced that the IPTAY Annual Fund had reached a record total, thanks in part to the participation of a record number of donors. The IPTAY Annual Fund surpassed $15 million for the first time and the donor total exceeded 16,000. The donor total does not include members of the Tiger Cub Club.

D'Andrea also confirmed that the goal of raising $27 million for Phase I of the WestZone Capital Campaign had been reached. "We are certainly proud of the support we have seen from our loyal IPTAY donors," said D'Andrea. "It has been an extraordinary year. We are very excited to reach our goal for Phase I of the WestZone Initiative, and now we are in the process of moving on to our goals for Phase II. "Phase II is very important because it will allow our football operation to move to Death Valley to a new facility. It will thereby allow more office space, locker room space and strength training for our Olympic Sports programs as well, so the project benefits the entire department.

"We are excited about the coming football season and obviously so are our fans. To reach a season ticket record with a schedule that has seven home games and does not include South Carolina speaks volumes to the level of support for this program.

Clemson's Top Five Season Ticket Sales Seasons:

Year Sales
2007 57,991
1988 57,625
1985 57,578
1989 57,529
2001 57,506

I'm back!!!!

I'll catch up and make a bigger post later.

I just don't trust Bill Gates. He releases everything too early and faulty. Vista is terrible. Besides NCAA sux on X-box.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Good move on getting NCAA 08 on the PS2 instead of the 360 Brent..

There have already been a huge amount of complaints about the 360 version freezing up. I got these complaints off of a message board. Isn't looking good for the 360 version!

Xbox 360 freezing

-Do they freeze up when they're hot, or is my system just messed up?

-Are you playing NCAA 08 when it freezes?

-WEll right now it's Need For Speed, cuz my NCAA is kind of freezin too.

-I was just wondering because my 360 just froze 3 times in a row and it's never frozen on any other game..gettin kind of worried

-Just bought a 360 and my new NCAA '08 froze up 2 times in 4 games. I am worried too.

-I am having problems with mine since I got NCAA last night too. It has been slightly freezing through gameplay (offline) and now it won't read the disk at all. It stopped in the middle of my recruiting and gave me a message that the "disk was unreadable." I took the game out waited awhile and then it gave me a message that I needed an Xbox 360 to play the disc (obviously it was in a 360). I tried again and now my 360 will not read that disc or any of my others now. I have tried to load the discs both vertically and horizontally and nothing is working.This is not good.

-WEll then apparently it's not just me then.

-mine did this a lot playing NCAA Basketball and last years NCAA Football...my 360 finally stopped all together...when power was on the dreaded red lights were the only thing that would come on...I called the company and they sent me a shipping box with shipping label and I sent 360 back...a couple weeks later I got my new system free of charge...the new one still freezes up every once in awhile or says unreadable disk

-The joy of 60 fps.Wow

-Well my 360 just died, I just tried to turn it on and got the three red lights..This sucks, I barely got to play NCAA 08!

-The exact reason that I am hesitating buying the 360 Elite. I want one bad, but am concerned about it messing up and spending more time gettin fixed or having to get it replaced than actually getting to play it.

-My 360 elite has frozen while playing 3 different games. I heard that 1 in 3 systems will have a problem.

-My 360 has done a lot of crazy sh#t since I started trying to play NCAA today. First it froze about 4 seconds after turning it on(on the XBox thing). I turned it off and tried again and it went a little farther and froze again. It did this about 6 times with it going further and further into the game. The last time it froze while I was saving and then the fun started. Some crazy screen popped up that according to the Wikipedia site means major hardware problems and that I am suppose to send it in. I turned it off and unplugged everything and plugged it all back up. After this I turned it back on and the three red lights came on.

-that's why i don't fool with the XBox

-I was thinking about buying this game for 360 tmw, but now I am reconsidering....

-Wow, I'm gonna be nervous as hell playing NCAA. I've gotta play every game like it's my last. lol.

WOW, sounds like the PS3 made their version 30fps for a damn good reason. I will not have a 360 if it will not play NCAA in the coming years. Microsoft should be ashamed! Damn those deadly 3 red lights! LOL.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Yea, what QR did was DUMB!

It wasn't so bad that he had refer on him, it was the fact that he got caught with it at the same apartments that he was stabbed at. That was a bigger crime to me than having the pot... It was just stupid.

However, he will not be booted off of the team. It would cause a huge stink for Carolina to kick QR off of the team after the 2 chances that Garcia recently got. There would be racial organizations involved and it would not be a good situation for Carolina right before the season starts.

This may turn out to be a good thing. Maybe QR has realized that as a Carolina football player, his every move will be watched by someone. Columbia isn't a small college town, and there are people that live in Columbia that don't give a damn about college football. The State newspaper loves to write about things like this.

I think he will get straitened out. Everyone said that he was a really good kid. He may not have a choice but to get strait because from what I have been hearing, he will be drug tested for a long period of time, no less than every week. This will also give Spurrier a good reason to redshirt him to put on weight and get used to going to college and the college game. He would not have been used much if any at all this season. I think he will be fine in the end, I hope so for his sake anyway. Carolina will be good with him or without him.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Finally, I Get To Post

Sorry for the absence guys, but I told myself that if I was gonna get on the computer and type anything, I had to get my work evals done first.

On Mandel: In Stewart Mandel's blog, ( http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2007/writers/stewart_mandel/07/10/mailbag/index.html )
he talks about Tommy Bowden being one of the five worst coaches this year. I have to agree with him and have for some time. I just hope that he really has been the victim of bad luck and "parity" and for Clemson's sake he finds a way to get to the ACC championship.

On Spiller: As you guys probably already know, CJ Spiller has returned to campus to allay the fears of a lot of the Tiger faithful. Personally, I didn't worry because it would've been really odd for him to leave over the summer if he had told people he was coming back. With CJ Spiller and James Davis this team has no excuse to go any worse than 9-3.

On Quentin Richardsin: From national reports (ESPN,CNNSI) they didn't say anything about planting marijuana, it just said he was found with it after some shots were fired and the police were called. Ironically, he was caught in the same apartment complex he was stabbed at just a few short weeks ago. That isn't a good sign for this highly coveted recruit. Personally I don't give a damn about marijuana, but he shouldn't be around the croud that he is.


On 9-3: That is not a record prediction, guys. It's just that 8 wins has become the standard to live by and it really is time to rise above it. Go Tigers!

Hey guys, I'm gonna be away from my computer again for 4 days,,,

Everything is still fine and I am safe. I just won't be able to get on the internet.

But post away, I will read them and respond as soon as I get back..

Friday, July 13, 2007

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I agree...

That article almost sounded like my post. I think it is quite possible for USC to have a breakout season. I think it is simple, if BM plays good (all season) they will have a breakout year in fact. Although, I don't blame him for using Sydney Rice so much, if you have a S.R. or a Calvin Johnson you have to get the ball to them. They are play makers that come around once in a blue moon. Unfortunately, I just don't think the Tigers or Cocks have one on the sidelines right now. Good recievers, just not amazing genetically gifted atheletes such as these two.

I dunno, I know that Bowden took a page out of his dady's book as far as QB's are concerned. In short they stick with them. Guess what, Weinke was one of them, one that everyone wanted to see gone initially. We all know how that turned out, so its not all bad. It just doesn't work well with a fifth year senior. I am not sure Harper was the man to come in last year. I would have liked to have seen it. It would also help now, every bit of game experience is vital.

This year supposedly, Cullen has worked real hard and made dramatic improvements. But most can agree he will be better than Proctor. Proctor was down right awfull at the end of last season. I'm gonna give the kid the benefit of the doubt. He has Korn breathing down his neck and that will motivate him. Ideally, he will indeed be the man and Korn will redshirt.

Korn will likely have other QB's breathing down his neck and that will motivate him. Proctor seemed to know he had the job no matter what. Bowden will change QB's if they start turning the ball over. He doesn't put up with that. Unfortunately, bad incomplete passes and inconsistency doesn't seem to matter.

Great Article by The State

This is by far the best and most accurate article that The State has put out since I have been visiting their website. The irony of us talking about question marks, then they put out this article breaking down senarios of the most important Gamecock question marks going into the season. The only thing that I disagree with is the fact that I think that Smelley will prove to be a decent back-up to Mitchell. Though they did not dismiss that opinion, they didn't seem to confident in Smelley either.. Enjoy:

USC’s dream season or total nightmare?

After making gradual progress in his first two seasons at South Carolina, Steve Spurrier is thinking big for Year Three.

Spurrier, who won six SEC titles at Florida, has set the conference championship as the Gamecocks’ goal for 2007. With an 8-8 SEC mark the past two years, Spurrier realizes title talk will be little more than idle words until the Gamecocks defeat the beasts of the East on a consistent basis.

“Until we start beating Georgia, Tennessee and Florida and some of those big schools, we’re still right where we’ve always been, really. We’ve not escaped the middle of the Eastern Division,” Spurrier said this week. “We’ve still got a lot of work to do.”

Three weeks before the start of preseason practice, The State examines five things that could lead to Spurrier’s dream season and five things that could turn that dream into a nightmare.


1. Blake Mitchell plays like an All-SEC quarterback.

Spurrier predicted an all-conference campaign for Mitchell last season. By the third week, however, Mitchell was benched in favor of Syvelle Newton. After sitting for seven weeks, Mitchell returned to play some of the best football of his career.

Now in his third season running Spurrier’s Cock ’n’ Fire offense, the fifth-year senior has no excuses for making bad reads or forcing throws into coverage. Mitchell was considered one of the nation’s top quarterback prospects when he left LaGrange, Ga. Five years later, he has a final chance to live up to the billing.

2. The offensive line develops chemistry in August.

It was midseason before the Gamecocks decided who their best linemen were in 2005 and ’06. That process must be accelerated if USC is serious about contending in the East.

Justin Sorensen and Jamon Meredith look solid at the tackle spots, and Spurrier is high on guard Lemuel Jeanpierre, who moved from defensive tackle in the spring. The key will be the play of center Web Brown and whoever fills the other guard slot; Kevin Young and Garrett Anderson are among the top candidates.

3. A receiver emerges to complement Kenny McKinley.

McKinley, who caught 51 passes for 880 yards and five touchdowns in ’06, is fast and fearless in the slot. But the junior has never faced the aggressive coverages he will see in the absence of Sidney Rice.

The Gamecocks don’t need Jared Cook, Freddie Brown or an incoming freshman to put up Rice-like numbers. But they need someone to develop as a big-play threat — Chris Culliver comes to mind — to keep safeties from creeping up and disrupting the Gamecocks’ run game.

4. The defense creates more turnovers.

USC defensive backs got their hands on a lot of passes in ’06, but often could not come down with the interceptions. The Gamecocks were tied for 78th nationally with 21 takeaways and failed to score a special teams or defensive touchdown.

Two things will happen if the rebuilt defensive line produces more momentum-swinging plays: It will give Tyrone Nix’s unit a swagger and shorten the field for the Gamecocks’ offense.

5. Spurrier figures out a way to beat Georgia.

The Gamecocks put themselves in early holes in the East the past two years with slow starts. USC has yet to win a September conference game under Spurrier (the victory at Mississippi State last season was on Aug. 31).

It gets no easier this year with September trips to Georgia and LSU. History shows that good things happen to the Gamecocks when they beat the Bulldogs (see 2000 and ’01). Spurrier must take advantage of an inexperienced Georgia defense that still will be in search of an identity on Sept. 8.


1. Mitchell is injured and misses significant time.

Unlike last season, there is no Newton waiting in the wings if Mitchell struggles or gets hurt and Spurrier wants to take the offense in a different direction. Both Tommy Beecher and Chris Smelley are pocket passers who have yet to demonstrate they are ready for the SEC scrums.

Despite his off-the-field indiscretions that cost him 15 spring practices, many observers believe that freshman Stephen Garcia has the physical and mental make-up to succeed at this level. But he would benefit from a year of seasoning behind Mitchell.

2. The freshman receivers are not the quick fix as hoped.

After a disappointing spring showing by JUCO receiver Larry Freeman and the other upperclassmen, USC is counting on one or more of its incoming freshmen to contribute immediately. On paper, the list of candidates (Chris Culliver, Jason Barnes, Joseph Hills, et. al.) looks promising.

But there is no guarantee that Culliver will make a smooth transition from running back to receiver or that Barnes will match the success he enjoyed at Charlotte’s Independence High.

3. Jasper Brinkley makes 107 tackles again.

The middle linebacker racked up twice as many stops last season as the Gamecocks’ No. 2 tackler, outside linebacker Marvin Sapp (51). If such a disparity exists again this season, it likely means that USC’s front four are not getting off blocks.

Brinkley is a hit machine who was snubbed last year by the conference coaches, who left him off the All-SEC first team. But after offseason shoulder surgery, it would benefit everyone on the Gamecocks’ defense if Brinkley gets help.

4. Special teams remain not-so special.

Spurrier has tried a little of everything to improve the special teams play. At midseason last year he put several defensive starters, including the Brinkley brothers, on special teams for a couple games. During the offseason, he hired Shane Beamer, son of Virginia Tech coach and special teams guru Frank Beamer, to breathe life into the special teams units.

But it will come down to finding a returner with speed and vision and blockers willing to sell out their bodies if the Gamecocks hope to return a punt or kickoff for a touchdown for the first time under Spurrier.

5. USC comes up empty in Athens and Baton Rouge.

The SEC schedule-makers did the Gamecocks no favors by sending USC to the Bayou two weeks after its trip to Georgia. If USC could manage a split in those games, the Gamecocks should be in the thick of the SEC race following games against Mississippi State, Kentucky and Vanderbilt (sandwiched around an Oct. 13 game at North Carolina).

Though the Gamecocks could salvage a successful season following an 0-2 SEC start, they likely would have to run the table to have a shot at Atlanta.

This New Spurrier Website Is Gonna Be Freaking AWESOME!

Every college team in the nation is going to want their head coach to have a website like this. It is really going to be good. It will be a paysite, but it sounds like if the price isn't outragous it will be well worth it. Here are a few of the highlights of the website:

- Game tapes of previous games!

- Coaches shows.

- Special question/answer period where Spurrier will answer any posted questions.

- Assistant coaches will give player profiles.

- A special video playbook where Spurrier will break down a play from each game that "hopefully" helped us win the game.

Forgot to mention, all of the proceeds of the site will go to the Black Coaches Association.. lol.. Just Kidding! All of the money will go to the Carolina capital fundraising campaign. Link for the site below. Check out the video on the site of Spurrier, pretty neat.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Good post bro..

Yea, I think that guy was just making those predictions for fun like we all do. None of us will know what's gonna happen til it happens.

I don't really know why a lot of people think Ga. Tech is gonna be good this year either. All I hear is that they will be better because Ball is gone.. Ok yea, sooo.. They also lost the best WR in the nation.

I told Brent not long ago that if it was true that Harper was as accurate as Whitehurst and has a stronger arm than Proctor.. Clemson will be unstopable. Thing is, I don't see how a guy that couldn't unseat Proctor last year could be compared to Whitehurst in any aspect. I haven't heard and bad reviews of Harper but I haven't heard any rave reviews either. I know Brent told me after he saw Harper and Wade in person that Korn is going to have to step up, if he doesn't it would be a long year for Clemson. Like I said though, the kid could come out and be incredible.. We'll know soon.

I know the feeling you got about Clemson because I got the same feeling about Carolina. I got a funny feeling that this will be a surprising year, I really do.

I also agree with you about your veiw of Carolina. Blake has been inconsistant at times. I think if he can play as good as he did at the end of last season, Carolina will be seriously competing for the SEC. I don't think the loss of Sidney is going to hurt as bad as some think. I mean yea we would be better if we had him, but if we still had him, Blake would still have that comfort zone. Throw it up to Sidney, he'll get it. Blake's going to be forced this season to scan the field and find the best option. When before, at times there was only one option for him.. the Sidney option. There were times where Sidney was double teamed and Blake had a RB in the flats wide open for the 1st down. Guess where Blake went.. My only fear is that Blake gets in that same comfort zone with another single WR this year. That would be a damn shame..

Another thing that I agree with you on is that Blake will be as good as his O-line will let him be. I also agree that the O-line will be better this year, but as of right now, before Fall practice, they are still a question mark.

That's what I meant by my post of Clemson's question marks. Everyone has them every year, just like the Carolina O-line, losing Sidney, and Blake Mitchell. It was not a knock on the Clemson team at all, it was what it was, question marks that will prove to be positive or negative. Every one of the things that I mentioned about Clemson are question marks and will remain to be until the season starts or maybe by Fall practice. Sure we can have our positive opinions. You gave yours about Clemson in response to my post, and you could very well be right but not until it is proven on the field. I think that it will be almost impossible for a 5 year senior that has started since his sophmore season to do bad in Blake Mitchell but it will still be a question mark regardless of what I think until we see it on the field.

Lastly, one of the smartest things you said in the post is that Carolina does not have the excuse of not having talent anymore.. We do however still have the old faithful crutch of playing in the SEC ; ).... Hopefully we won't need excuses after this season.. I got a funny feeling!

As far as Bille is concerned...

No worries, he has been working hard with a tutor. I hate to say this, but its true. It is the same with any school. If he is putting forth an effort as a football player he is gonna pass. What was rumor control is that everyone was saying he was already not qualifying. Certainly not the case and in fact he is gonna qualify.

More rumor control on Watkins. But I wouldn't be surprised about Clay. He has not got over his sisters death and he is a big question mark.

Boy he really went out on a limb....

All he did was pick the same teams to beat Clemson as last year. With the exception of Boston College who has a new coach.

Not sure why alot of people are thinking Ga Tech is gonna be so good. I mean they lost their starting QB and Calvin Johnson.

I think it is a good chance the Tigers will go 8-4. But it is likely it will be another team other than Ga Tech who will surprise us. Someone like NC State. I think the Va Tech game will be closer, we will play exceptionally hard in that one, as we should. Its also in the Valley. I say 7 points or less to either side.

I think that I have made a pretty good case for the possibility of a great season. Everyone is basing there opinion off one thing and one thing only and thats past history which don't mean squat. Noone is basing it off any other facts about the team.

I can guarantee you guys one thing, if a QB steps up this year we will have a breakout season. Harper could be the man, I have kind of changed my opinion of him lately. Korn also could come in and do some good. I think Korn would be the biggest unlikely to step up, only because he is a freshman.

I got this feeling now about this year. Last year I thought the Tigers should have been good, common sense with all the talent. I still didn't have a good gut feeling. I do this year, so we shall see. I know that people having low expectations in my mind will help. Things in college football have a tendency to happen at unexpected times.

As for Spurrier, good article. He is on the right track of course. I really believe our recruiting is up because of high graduation rates and keeping kids out of trouble. Parents have a tendency to like those sort of things. Bowden is building a rep for putting players in the NFL. Recruits tend to like that.

As for the GC football team, well I think you have the same thing worry about as your beloved Tiggers. The QB, Blake Mitchell finished strong last season and at times plays great. The problem is at other times he was pretty bad. BM is very inconsistent and it will be tough without his star reciever in my opinion. Any other option at QB is going to be with little or no experience. Your O-line and running game will be improved but still not great, those kinds of things don't happen overnight. Your season in my mind will go as good as BM plays. Much like the Tigs, I think you can agree it could go either way.

The one thing I like that Spurrier said was that you don't have to have a better team to win. I agree, you just have to be more motivated.

For you to have good season, 8-4 or better BM is gonna have to play like he did at the end of the year all year. That is if he doesn't have to run for his life for the first half, like last year (not all his fault).

The Cocks are in unfamiliar territory now, as the Tigers were last year. They have lost the excuse of we don't have good enough atheletes. It will be interesting to see how they respond.

Sounds promising for Billie

Also goes to show that it wasn't just a rumor about Billie being in academic trouble. I have been hearing Clemson fans say all Summer that they were worried to death about Billie not qualifying. They were saying that he had to do an exceptional job in the Summer semester in order to get on the field this season. Sounds like he did just that, at least that's what Tommy thinks. I didn't know that Watkins was having academic trouble also. Anyway, article below..

Clemson Football Notes

CLEMSON — There's a good chance Clemson's linebackers will be the team's strength instead of its weakness this season.

The status of their top three linebackers was uncertain during the spring, but now the Tigers are looking forward to 2007 with Tramaine Billie, Antonio Clay and Nick Watkins firmly in their plans.

Coaches are optimistic that Billie, a senior who has struggled academically, will be eligible to play. Head coach Tommy Bowden is so confident that he recently gave the OK for Billie to be featured on the cover of the team's media guide.

Bowden and his staff also feel good about Clay and Watkins. After spending the spring at home in Georgia battling emotional issues stemming from his sister's death, Clay spent the first summer session in Clemson attending class and participating in voluntary workouts.

Like Billie, Watkins missed considerable practice time during the spring to focus on academics. He is also expected to be eligible.

With little experience behind them, losing one or more of the three veterans would have been a significant blow. Billie was the team's No. 3 tackler in 2005 before suffering a season-ending ankle injury a year ago during preseason camp. Watkins had a team-high 116 tackles last season, and Clay came in third with 95.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Interesting Article from the Anderson Independent

On Clemson's 2007 season

Tigers will be good, not great in 2007

We’re almost a week past the Fourth of July now, on the downhill slide to Labor Day and the end of summer.

It’s sticky and humid outside. ESPN is filling its airwaves with contrived junk like the ongoing “Who’s Now” competition and next week’s ESPY Awards.

But, it won’t be long until the South’s favorite sport — college football — makes its triumphant return. Clemson coach Tommy Bowden’s annual media golf outing is next week and fall practice starts Aug. 4.

So, what better way to liven up these summer doldrums than a somewhat uneducated prediction?

Today, Clemson fans, that prediction is right here. Last year, I said the Tigers would go 10-2, with losses to Boston College and Virginia Tech. Maybe I’ll fare better this year….

Sept. 3 vs. Florida State: Here’s the game Tiger fans have been pointing to all summer. Labor Day evening, national TV, Bowden vs. Bowden. This should be a defensive struggle — with FSU learning Jimbo Fisher’s offense and Clemson breaking in Cullen Harper. But, the Tigers have had — and will have — the ’Noles’ number. Clemson 17, Florida State 14.

Sept. 8 vs. Louisiana-Monroe: Ahh, our first paycheck-for-a-blowout game of 2007. Clemson 48, Louisiana-Monroe 10.

Sept. 15 vs. Furman: The Paladins are a decent I-AA team, but that won’t get them much today. Clemson 42, Furman 3.

Sept. 22 at N.C. State: The Wolfpack will be more disciplined under new coach Tom O’Brien, but they are far less talented than the Tigers overall. Clemson 28, N.C. State 17.

Sept. 29 at Georgia Tech: Tech starts its first season in five years without Reggie Ball. Some might call that addition by subtraction. Georgia Tech 24, Clemson 21.

Oct. 6 vs. Virginia Tech: Frank Beamer has his best team since Michael Vick roamed inside Lane Stadium. They’ll have plenty of incentive — and extra motivation from a campus still reeling from America’s worst-ever shooting rampage. Virginia Tech 28, Clemson 14.

Oct. 20 vs. Central Michigan: The Chippewas won the MAC title last year, but lost much of that group to graduation. Today, they get an angry and rested group of Tigers. Clemson 35, Central Michigan 17.

Oct. 27 at Maryland: Every year, a Tommy Bowden team loses a game it isn’t supposed to. Today, it happens again. Maryland 18, Clemson 15.

Nov. 3 at Duke: The Blue Devils’ last Division I-A win came against Clemson. They won’t repeat the feat today. Clemson 49, Duke 14.

Nov. 10 vs. Wake Forest: The Demon Deacons have 14 starters returning from 2006’s surprise ACC champs, but Bowden has finally figured out the formula to beat Jim Grobe. Clemson 28, Wake Forest 24.

Nov. 17 vs. Boston College: Two years. Two excruciating overtime losses. Payback comes today. Clemson 24, Boston College 10.

Nov. 24 at South Carolina: Two years ago, only Charlie Whitehurst saved the Tigers from defeat. Charlie isn’t here anymore. South Carolina 20, Clemson 13.

Final record: 8-4, and a Chick-Fil-A Bowl berth.


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