Saturday, November 30, 2013

Clemson lucky to be down 7.


Looks like Clemson is going to dumbass their way into a loss this year, lol.


Thanks to everyone for posting all no matter what happens.

Nice hat


Hurry up and say who gets what score!! I'm running out of time to copy it!! Clemson or scar?? Who wins? Quickly rich!! Time is running out for me!!!


34-21 South Carolina 


He made his when I did I thought

I need for Rich to post his prediction so....

I can copy it.

Still the worst beating they got all year...

Looks like the best defense and offense too (ACC, ACC). But I'm surprised they did not break 40.

I should have took that bet lol

Oh well


Clemson 30
Scar 29

Friday, November 29, 2013


Well this is the big one. Carolina is at home and they have a lot of advantages. But I believe in numbers. Streaks end and so does this one.

Clemson 33 South Carolina 28

TigerIllustrated insiders confident in the COCKS


Thursday, November 28, 2013



You said Winston and rape


Then we have a bet right?

Even if they did have the best defense, and they don't, their offense will put them on the field 50 times. This will definitely be the best defense and offense florida has seen and it's not close. It's laughable to think FSU won't score almost every drive. That's whats coming, muschamp should be fired already, but after Winston rapes him he will be for sure.

FSU vs UF score?

Something like 37-13 FSU is what I'm thinking. Not far fetched considering UF is by far the best defense they will play this season. 

Me too...

We will prolly lose, lol. I'm trying to help scar right now, my trash talk will surely ensure we lose. That never works out (not joking). You would be a fool to really be confident Clemson wins this game. I'd hope for a better game right now than it has been. It really does not matter who has beat who or anything else. I feel like Clemson might be a little better this year, but it won't matter that much. Just depends on the players and they lose until proven otherwise. Surprised me vs UGA though (and FSU).

What? But you said you were willing to bet?

Was that just a figure of speech then. I guess your faith in rich only goes so far. This is where your argument withers every time, you are so sure and it's not arguable. Oh well, guess it's really not that far fetched after all. Your boys in Vegas have FSU as a 27 point favorite. You think they expect it to be like 27 to 0? 

I'm not overly confident

Just playing the game. 

Clem also

Beat auburn the year we lost to them at home, we lost to LSU last year y'all beat them Nd we know what happened both of those years. What's ya point? 

It's not really a good point...

To compare schedules or even common opponents. It really does not mean squat honestly in terms of the rivalry. If that's what you are saying, I agree. It's a mental thing and that's what will win or lose the game, no real idea which way it goes this year honestly. I am not sure why either of us would have allot of confidence really, lol.

No thanks on that bet

I have enough points to make a flame prediction on the Scar vs Clem game an that's it. Not dumb enough to throw it away on UF lmao. 

It will be fulfilling enough just knowing that I was right when FSU doesn't score 40 on UF. I don't need a bet to go along with it. 

Clem also

Beat auburn the year we lost to them at home, we lost to LSU last year y'all beat them Nd we know what happened both of those years. What's ya point? 

Want to bet 150 points...

In the shirt battle that FSU does not score more than 40 on florida then bro? I'm down, let's do this!

Stats surely won't reflect it...

Especially since we beat UGA a week healthier than you. Just doesn't add up.

Take another glance...

We just need to be a little better than florida and equal to Tennessee. 

Yeah well...

Whatever rich says, Blake is there to cheerlead. Goooooo rich!!! While I put words in mouths, you echo every thing he says, lol. This time pumping a 4 win teams defense that just lost to Ga Southern and saying its not debatable. Lol at both of you, it's absolutely arguable. I bet Clemson would let Ga Southern score 26 on them. But by your incredibly complex theory of this team doing that when they play that scoring less on them when they play. I guess Ga Southern actually has a better offense than you. I mean they hung 26 on this great defense on the road and you only managed 19 at home. Makes perfect sense based on your theory.

I took a glance myself

And I would say that Clem is about the 4th best offense we'll face this season as well. Ones ahead of them include a healthy UGA, UCF, and Mizzou. The stats won't reflect this because Clem has played a bucket of piss poor ACC defenses to go along with two div II defenses and was able to pad stats. 

If you've watched any of those 3 Scar opponents play though it's pretty obvious that they have better offenses than Clem. 

No Rich you was right

No one said that UF was better than Clem. Vance just loves to put words in people's mouths. Stick around and you'll find that he futilely uses this tactic a lot when his argument is starting to wither away lol. 

What was said is that UF has a better defense than Clem. They do and it's not really even up for debate. 

UF and Clem have two common opponents in FSU and Scar. I will be willing to bet that FSU won't score 40 points on UF's defense and Scar will score at least 10 more points on Clem's defense than the 19 that UF gave up. 

Can't believe someone is trying to argue that Clem's defense is in the same league with UF's lol. 

You might get to find out...

A show down of Dook and scar is not out of the question in a bowl. Mizzou leading the sec east is all you have to say about that shit show. 

Florida is not better than Clemson anywhere, what you better concern yourself with is that you barely beat them at home by 5 points and they lost to Ga Southern the very next week. Say that back to yourself before you say anything else about florida being good. They suck out loud. 

Clemson barely beat BC

By two scores. Clem will be exposed again for playing in a pathetic conference against pathetic competition. And nobody said Florida was better than Clem, at least I didn't. I did say they have a better defense than Clem and they do. Clem has exactly ZERO wins over a top 25 team. I think Duke being 9-3 says all you need to know about the acc. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

At a glance...

Your offense would be 4th best, not even fair to compare it to FSU. Last time I checked UGA was better than you. Nothing to brag about, but your offense is not better at all than theirs. 

Just one more time to laugh at you...

A florida team that is not even close to bowl eligible is better than Clemson. Got

Yeah well...

You both go on thinking that florida is better than Clemson. That's your opinion and the reality is they are so shitty you dropped in the rankings after barely beating them, a game you should have lost, at home to them. 

What different? The past few years I have thought scar was unlucky to lose a game or two. This year you have been lucky NOT to be a 7 win team. The reality is Spurriers play calling has pulled you through games where you should have lost, not the other way around.

Brent, sorry but you should be able to see the improvements in the ACC this year. Mizzou is a decent team that has played a shitty schedule. Clemson wins that game (mizzou) by two scores.


I also might add that you've been extremely confident the previous 4 years and this year you don't seem as much. Just curious why this year has you feeling different? You actually seem scayed. I can feel your hands trembling as you type lol. 

You said it best

when you said that this is between Carolina and Clemson. I really don't care what either team has done previously this season. It won't matter come Saturday. Just like when we lost to Kentucky and a terrible Auburn team. Those losses had no effect on our game vs Clem. 

If I was a Clem fan I would be extremely nervous. This game is on the road against a team with a 17 game home winning streak, it's the 2nd best offense and defense you've faced this season, top 10 RB, Spurrier vs Dabo, team that has beat you by double digits the previous 4 times you played them. I mean I could go on and on. 

And yes UFs defense is leaps and bounds better than Clem's. They don't allow  teams to score many points. As bad as UF is I bet they give FSU a better game than Clem did. Bout them apples?

If Clemson wins they finish second in the SEC east!

All jokes aside, the East is terrible. I mean Georgia Southern?  Tennessee is rotten. Yeah the ACC sucks too but it is also gonna produce the national champion pending investigation. This is between Clemson and South Carolina and both have played great. To say that Clemson has had an easier schedule is maybe true, but I can't think of one team Clemson would have lost to except maybe Mizzou. They are really good. Florida defensive line better than Clemson's?  How can Florida be compared to anyone at this point?  You can't throw Clemson's win against UGA to the side because I saw them beat LSU and SC. Hell a freak play let them lose at Auburn and that was with a hobbled team. I do give the Shamecox the advantage at home but I don't think Clemson is going down lightly this time. Just my opinion.

I'm sure you've thought

Clem would have won the east the past couple of years until you faced the brick wall that is South Carolina lol. 

I agree that Clem's DL has improved but Clem fans seem to take it too far. You see, it looks unbelievable to y'all because it was so unbelievably bad last year. Truth is to the rest of the world it looks like an average DL taking advantage of some piss poor OLs. Nothing special bro and I'm pretty sure you'll see that when Clem faces a good OL like Scar's on Saturday. 

Same goes for your OL when it faces off against Clowney and crew. Outside of FSU Clem's OL has faced garbage DLs. The bad part is that they have looked pretty bad against that garbage lol. 

I think you'll find out again this Saturday

Night that the acc sucks out loud just like always. No denying we shit the bed against a bad Tennessee team but Clemson wouldn't win the sec east and you'll see why Saturday. This bad Georgia team would beat every team I mentioned. And no, mizzou and Florida have better d lines than Clemson. 

I would again agree with the man...

Clemson's DL is as good as you've faced all year.

My first thought is the sec east is a dumpster fire...

So I would put many of those teams in front of sec east teams including UGA. Just saying, Clemson would win the sec east this year. So before you come in with sec sec chants, understand the ACC is very likely to win the nc and has beaten the sec most of the time this year, that's my thoughts. UGA is only significant if you lost to them really, they suck out loud just like "Vols Bitch"! 

I would say we have beat every team we should have this year. How about you?

This is improved Clemson defense

You can't count games against wake, Syracuse, BC, SC State, and the citadel. Outside of Georgia, what is Clem's best win? What's everyone think? 

What about Clemson's DL? Thoughts???

Boyd has played bad at times... Agreed.

I think I would just go with the man...

On that one, Clemson will be the best passing team you have faced all year. I agree with the man.

Not sure which Spurrier team

you would say has been better offensively? Right now we are sitting at 25th in total offense and 32nd in scoring offense. Without going back and looking at any of the stats of past seasons I would say this offense blows the others out of the water. Without even looking at stats and just watching them play this season, it's easy to say that this has been Spurrier's most talented offense. Sure they've had off games but those games have been against good defenses for the most part. I haven't always agreed with the play calling and clock management. It would really piss me off if we lost because of those things. Those are the reasons we lost to UT.

I also wouldn't bank on Davis fumbling twice in this game simply because he's done it in one other game in his career. Even if he does just remember that we won the other one that he did it in against 10-1, #5 ranked Mizzou on the road. Just throwing that out there..

Clem has had off games on offense as well. Does Clem's decline in offense from last year balance out with Scar's decline in defense? We'll find out for sure Saturday.

I also disagree about Boyd not being bad when he has pressure. Brent's biggest gripe about Boyd this season has been only looking for one WR and not finding the open guy. When Boyd has pressure he can't find the open (many times wide open) WRs. When Boyd has been rattled by pressure he's pretty much stunk it up. If the OL gives him time he can eat a defense apart. Simple as that.

By the way, did you guys know that Tajh is Moo-slum? I always wondered because of his name but it was confirmed this week. He better say some prayers to Allah this week is all I can say..

Likely story

I'll check around to see if your alibi sticks. You better hope I find someone or you'll be spending your holiday in solitary!

Not flaming...

But I don't think your offense is the best he has had at scar. He has had the best WR and best RB in given years on his team. Shaw is he best QB he has had there for sure. Connor shaw is your offense (see mizzou game) and I can't wait for him to graduate this year. You can't really count running up the score on cc and miss state when considering your offense how good it is, those don't count. Defense has continued to either win or lose games for you this year with Connor shaw being the exception. Two fumbles would be huge from Davis in a game we hope to be close.

I think your secondary was great also in past years and not as good this year. Guess who causes much of the pressure on Boyd? Your secondary, there was no one to throw to. Boyd is not that bad under pressure, it's when everyone is covered that things go south. He like shaw is the key to the game. He just really needs to settle down, have fun and play it like any other game. Hopefully scar will be thinking about the mizzou game.

I plan to send Clowney text messages with updates during the game.



If you want serious chat, try initiating some. I just don't see it happening, you could have started a serious discussion at any time. In all seriousness, I don't believe you should talk trash after the game if you don't before. That's what rivalries are for, talking trash though.

That's an easy question bro...

Sleeping (not kidding). Lol. You don't think I stay up for that crap do you?

In all seriousness

I think the tale of the game will be if we can pressure Boyd or not. If we can apply pressure I think it will be much like the previous 4 years, if we can't it may be a long night for us. Our offense is better than it has been since Spurrier has been coaching at Scar. I think we have the offensive capability to score a bunch of points but it may prove to be too difficult to outscore an unrattled Boyd if we can't pressure him.

I also don't necessarily see Mike Davis turning the ball over as concern. I mean no more so than any other college football player. I don't see where he's more prone to fumble than any other player. He does get more touches than your average player so he may have more turnovers than the average guy. He did have two fumbles in one game against Mizzou but no other ones stand out to me. I may be wrong, hope not.

One good thing, if I turn out to be wrong about Davis fumbling, is Brandon Wilds returning. It's ashamed he's been banged up this year. I believe he has as much potential as Davis. He really reminds me of Lattimore with his running style. His good play has been overshadowed by Mike D's success to go along with his injuries. I'm really excited to see him play against Clemson.

Excited about this game but not confident enough to build Scar up or tear Clem down. If anyone wants to trash talk feel free I just am not confident enough to get too involved lol.

While I'm here bro

If you could answer a question for me. I hope you don't mind if I use this tape recorder

***lays recorder on table***

Where were you during the game of Clem vs Citadel and what were you doing on Nov 23 2013? The sooner you can answer the sooner we can get this investigation over with. 

Talking can be done now

If it's like your last post bro. All the flaming is what we were referring to or dookie shit balls as Rich likes to call them lol. I just don't see a reason in talking a lot of shit before the game if you don't have to eat crow afterwards. That includes me and that's the reason I'm not going to build Scar up to be some powerhouse the week before the game. We may look like one against Clem but I would prefer to take a wait and see approach before I talk a bunch of trash that my team can't back up.

With all that said, good last post. I don't disagree with much of it. 

***goes back to taking investigative notes***

I agree Brent...

But the girls prefer to do their talking after the game IF they win.

Honestly, could go either way. I expect it to be closer regardless. I think that Clemson's DL is better than in a while, scars DL while good, is not great like it has been. Clemson's lack of a dependable running game is bothersome and it's hard to predict a win confidently without a run game. Connor Shaw is a little banged up, but prolly more healthy than in some time. Really it comes down to Boyd, he needs to just settle down and make smart reads/passes. He is great and times but also inconsistent. Mike Davis is a concern, but will he turn the ball over? 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Last I checked there was a big game this weekend and you three are fighting over points when I am the one that will likely lose even if I try to play Catolina and hit the best score. Nobody is talking about some great match ups in the trenches or two senior quarterbacks and the fact that this might actually be a great game. I certainly think the two are very similar this year in a lot if ways and am excited about it.


The judges are being dumb again. Richard clearly stated the plan was to copy your crappy scores vice my Nostradamus like predictions that would make Walt Deptula blush. 

Looks like we have a self confession

The court had no idea that copying other people's scores was even happening. We were looking into a completely different form of cheating. The investigation just got even longer. Maybe I should have read you some makeshift Miranda rights. Not too late I guess...

You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of TSN...

Minus 20 sir

This court is holding you in contempt. 


I was thinking.... Maybe I should copy Blakes scores instead of yours now so I can finish in first place. What are your thoughts???

But seriously, why would I copy either of your scores? Should you BOTH not be copying mine??? I demand freaking credit for my accomplishment!!! This court is a JOKE!!! YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!

Your fingers hurt?

Well now your back is gonna hurt cause you just pulled yourself some landscaping duty

Blake's Prediction

Scar 42 - Clem 19

Order! Order in the court!!

One more outburst like that and you're going to find yourself with a healthy deduction of points and landscaping duty to go along with it! Don't push it corporal!


I predict you all are going to end up on the bussiness end of my Nigenta.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Quiet now while we are conducting the investigation

It's not too late for us to deduct more points if we have to hold you in contempt for giving lip. An investigation of this magnitude may take a while (see the NCAA investigations). Smart thing for you to do is sit back and wait quietly.

Are those totals...

correct?? I still did not get an answer.

How can I be behind most people on W/L and in first place?

Explain what you have done there bro.

Week 12

**Scores not final until pending cheating investigation is completed**

Actual scores
Scar 70 - CC 10
Clem 52 - Citadel 6

Scar 38 - CC 14 +
Score: 14
Clem 51 - Citadel 13 +
Score: 42
Total: 56

Scar 41 - CC 17 +
Score: 14
Clem 51 - Citadel 14 +
Score: 41
Total: 55

Scar 45 - CC 10 +
Score: 35*
Clem 55 - Citadel 10 +
Score: 43*
Total: 78*

Scar 38 - CC 20 +
Score: 8
Clem 45 - Citadel 16 +
Score: 33
Total: 41

Season Total Points
Brent: 517
Rich: 535
Vance: 575*
Blake: 571

This is a picture...

taken yesterday of me, my pet wolf and nigenta here in Okinawa....

"If you really don't know me, maybe you better tread lightly".

Sunday, November 24, 2013


I do watch the league. I also have a nigenta, think about that.

I've done nothing...

other than play the cards with the crappy hand I was dealt by diry dealers. You all are so very dirty and I squeaky clean.

I'm playing this season under

Protest until all allegations are either cleared or the guilty party is charged for their crime. 

Sincerely your dearest friend, 

Dear Vance

please continue in your quest to one up me cause I really could care less. Have a nice day and suck it. (Watch the league to get the suck it reference)

So how should we go about this investigation?

Any ideas Rich and Brent? 

Dear Rich,

If you do not refrain from these sort of posts I will be forced to "one up" you and I am trying to give up the addiction. If you feel as though you cannot refrain from encouraging me to "one up" you try staring at this picture until the urges pass:

Uh Oh....

We have a controversy on our hands..

I think

Vance cheated on his predictions. Minus 50 points pal

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Clemson 51 Citadel 13
Carolina 38 Coastal 14


Clem 55
Cit 10

Scar 45
Coast 10

Friday, November 22, 2013

Blake's predictions

Carolina 38 - CC 20

Clem 45 - Citadel 16


Clem 51
Citadel 14

Scar 41
Chants 17


^I^ ^W^O^N^

^ u ^

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Wednesday, November 20, 2013



Tuesday, November 19, 2013



Monday, November 18, 2013

How do you know you have not been trolled...

if you don't know what is going on? Lol

Oh well, its cool I just over reacted, everything is good now. Just all go on with your predictions as normal. ;)

Me thinks Vance got reverse trolled

I'm not sure I qualify as being trolled if I don't even know what the hell is going on here lol. All this conspiracy talk..


I'm not sure exactly why you think the point is to one up you. You brought up the fact that you are not in last place and your little side kick was here to cheer you on. I simply responded to that. Why would everyone be predicting me to lose suddenly no matter who I pick? Are those score totals even correct? I have not even checked that, but are they? You just appear to be expecting to serve crow and not eat any, its not just you though, its mostly not you. Did I get any credit at all for predicting the Stanford upset? Not a bit.

It would be great to hear people talking about what appears to be the makings of the best game in a long time. Should be a great game, instead everyone has opted to plot and not even talk about who they think will win or why. So, we will plot instead, lol. Also, I absolutely did not plan anything I figured out there was some sort of conspiracy going on, definitely was not at the point where you talked about not being in last place. I would have played fairly all the way until the end otherwise.

Everyone come clean with what the big plan was and I will go ahead and provide my score prediction for Clemson and Scar directly after this week (picking Clemson). That means everyone involved and their role. Otherwise its game on.

Everybody calm down....

don't get excited... I'm not mad, but a while back my bullshit alarm started going off. I tried to ignore it, but it just kept getting louder and louder. So I decided to perform a little bullshit test. Would you believe that it was positive, I have complete comfirmation now. Consider yourself trolled, if you think I am angry. I'm not sure when you all thought it was a good idea to try and get together and try to trick me. Next time you think of trying to trick me, look at this picture, this is me as far as you are concerned:

Week 11

Actual scores

Scar 19 - UF 14
Clem 55 - GT 31
Scar 31 - UF 13 +
Score: 37
Clem 33 - GT 30 +
Score: 27
Total: 64
Scar 28 - UF 13 +
Score: 40
Clem 30  - GT 24 +
Score: 18
Total: 58
Scar 25  - UF 19 +
Score: 39
Clem 37 - GT 31 +
Score: 42
Total: 81

Scar 31 - UF 20 +
Score: 32
Clem 31  - GT 26 +
Score: 21
Total: 53

Season Total Points
Brent: 461
Rich: 480
Vance: 497
Blake: 530

Not sure why but

Vance has the ultimate vendetta to one up me. It's not that I care, it is what it is. But to say I'm a little girl is a bit far fetched. The only reason I don't talk trash is because of the personal attacks or dookie shit balls that start flying afterwards. It gets taken personally or it's a "flame" or whatever other terminology has been used. Truth be told, we will prob really find out who the "girl" is on November the 30th when Vance picks Carolina just so he doesn't have to wear a t shirt. All him and Brent have to do is make the same picks as me and I finish last because of my preseason predictions. I've known that ever since I got called out about not being in last place anymore. I will however take pride in being the better game to game predictor. So go ahead and pick scar the last game in what will truly be the ultimate bitch, I mean little girl move.

Oh yeah... So much legit discussion...

You've just posted so much legit discussion here...

That's cute....

Some other mystery thing... Again, you both act like scared little girls before the game and neither of you will say crap after. I also would not get too confident, I have a surprise coming win or lose as well.

I'm here for legit discussion

always have been. Never been much of a trash talker, you know that. I play sometimes because you enjoy it. No need to get upset..

He may make you a little redfaced before the game

without even saying anything lmao.

So you're saying that you want to talk a trash before the game but you don't want to eat crow after? That's fine with me but not sure if Rich will let that fly lol.

By your response you did not....

Not Even read my post, 3 sec east teams? Tell you what bro, if you are no longer interested or have no time for the site let me know.

Yeah we are...

What you are not saying is that you will disappear if the you lose the game, the site will pretty much shut down. So you just don't say much unless you win. This is not now and nor will it ever be a gamecock ra ra site where you come running to talk trash after you win but not much before or none if you lose. That may be cool for you and all but I won't be participating. So either say it now or don't expect to say shit about  it later, I won't even read it much less post here.

I think we are all different

when it comes to trash talk. Vance likes to talk a bunch of trash before the game and none after (for the past 4 years anyway). I might like to talk a little before the game but I usually wait to see what happens first then may be throw a little comment in here or there, nothing serious. Rich doesn't say much before the game but after the game he might make you a little redfaced if you talked a bunch of trash before the game lol.

On to your other question. So you're saying that if 3 ACC Atlantic teams beat 3 SEC East teams that it would make the ACC better than the SEC?

I do enjoy being able to speak....

without so many interruptions from the peanut gallery. So I will keep going...

First off Clemson moved up a spot in the BCS polls thanks in part to David Shaw and beating an ACC team. But after such an exciting win over a terrible Florida team Scar moved down a spot. That in itself is an eye opener.

Well let me break down what could very well be getting ready to come to light this season (while you continue with your scheme). Lets just say FSU beasts Florida, GaTech beats UGA, Clemson beats Scar and FSU beats Bama. The ACC has already beaten most the best the SEC has to offer except Bama. If all that were to happen explain to me why the ACC is not absolutely the best conference this season suddenly??? Just saying.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

David Shaw does it again...

Just as I told you both he would.

Dabo you think? Dabo or Dabo not, there is no Dabo try.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Tshirt battle heating up...

The three not losers will vote on shirt and majority rules... 

On a serious note....

I don't like to talk allot of trash after someone loses a game. It's just not fun because people are really upset. 

No but I thought maybe you would....

Want to talk a little trash before the game. That's what rivalries are for and I figured you were both pretty confident. I guess you will wait until after the game and then come up with catchy little terms like "taste it" but only if you win and only after, lol. I "smell it" right now,,,,, fear. You both fear Dabo and I don't blame you.

Not accusing anyone of anything. Just saying if someone cheats (purposely) and gets caught there should be a penalty. Put your scores up, change them if you want plenty of time before the game and then everyone total get displayed at the end of the week so we can all see where everyone is, that's the rotation. All I'm saying is a cheater never wins and a winner never cheats, lol.

Oh and that's between you and him

I have my own thoughts that I will keep to myself. I can do my talking after the game if I choose to as I have the past four years if I wanted. Doesn't matter what we say now. 

Ryan should have a lot of fun after the game if we win lol. He's scheming something I think lol. 

What do you mean cheating?

Is  someone suspected of it? Are you accusing someone?


Don't worry, this is the best defense and best offense scar has faced this season, by far. Scars defense is weak and Clemson's DL is better than in quite a while. Mike Davis has become a fumble machine and they have no serviceable backup QB. If shaw goes down they will lose every game after that, especially Clemson. It's going to be just fine.

I want to make a proposal...

if you get caught cheating its minus 50 for the week.

I'm nervous Vance

South Carolina's offense is better than they've ever been since Dabo has been at Clemson. I agree that our defense has improved but we're playing in Columbia. I can't think of a tougher road game we've played that will come near the test we will face against Carolina. On top of all that our OL has been pretty shaky and that causes trouble for Boyd.

I still think we win but if we don't it's gonna be nice to see you in a gay pride shirt lol.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Boy.... Dabo really laid the Whooper Derp down didn't he??? ?

I know a couple of Scar fans thats prolly getting a little nervous right about now....

I sure do hope Scar beats Florida so we can get a chance at being the ones to end that WB streak. Dabo can focus completely on Scar now and I would use breaking that streak to the max extent. I would make fake twitter accounts from Connor Shaw mimicking the DL etc... Pictures of the self proclaimed four horseman would be up everywhere if I were him. What do you guys think?

Also he should not forget to bring up all the many things this guy said:

This is my favorite picture of him, its just perfect as far as I'm concerned.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Clem 30
Ga Tech 24

Scar 28
Florida 13


Clemson 33 Georgia Tech 30
South Carolina 31 Florida 13

Blake's Predictions

Scar 31 - UF 20

Clem 31 - GT 26

Just give me time to record it

Maybe do it an hour before the game and shoot me a text if you do.

Thursday night too...

I don't have a problem with changes.

If I post my predictions

Now, am I allowed to change before kick off if I want too? I'm really torn on who to pick in the Clemson game. And it's not being a flamer or anything. There's just several things I'm considering. One is the weather. It's gonna be rather blustery tonight and how does that effect Clem's passing attack. I think temps are supposed to be in the mid 30s at kickoff dropping into the upper 20s before it's over. If ga tech is moving the football methodically and just grinding clock and keeping the Clem offense off the field, the weather could be a huge factor. It's hard to just jump off the bench and not be loose when it's cold like that. 


Clemson 37
GaTech 31

Scar 25
Florida 19

Yep, their doing it...

It's not just a rumor. The big question is if it will be before or after bb. The producer said before, but I'm hearing it may be after now. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Finished Breaking Bad last night

Not bad.

I heard something about a spin-off about Saul Goodman. "Better call Saul!" lol

I guess that could be the case...

Chizik was not a very good coach, that's for sure. He put a good staff together and he just could not keep it together. I still wonder why Gus left. There was more to the story I'm sure.

It wasn't because of lack of talent

Chiz was a terrible coach. That was made obvious after Gus left. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bro, they were 3-9 last year.....

been called the worst team in Auburn history.

I agree that Gus is a good coach

but I wouldn't say that he doesn't have good players to work with. They finish in the top 10 in recruiting every year.

I didn't realize Brent was a Celtics fan..

Monday, November 11, 2013

I'm sold on Gus, just not....

Necessarily on his players. It's pretty amazing what he has done in a short time with what was an awful team.

I for one think that

Mizzou probably does win out. They are a really good football team. I think auburn will beat UGA. 

I'm sure they did...

If not they will clinch it. I'd be more worried about auburn stb, Richt is prolly getting pretty desperate again too. Heck, it's not too far fetched mizzou wins out, Texas am is not that great this year.

I heard them say

On the radio today that FSU clinched the Atlantic this pat weekend. 

And you're probably right Blake. Auburn will prob throttle Uga and then we will shit our pants in willie b Saturday night. Especially since we have the longest home winning streak in the country now 

That was a good one...

I doubt it. At least you got a chance, we are pretty much done. Be interesting to see if FSU wins out and goes to the nc.

Some of LSUfreek's better work lol

We'll probably mess around

and let UF beat us this week lol.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Still a good chance then...

For Carolina to win the east

Georgia needs to lose to auburn, Carolina beat Florida, and mizzou lose to either ole miss or Texas A&M. From my understandin that's the only way scar can win the east. If Georgia beats auburn and mizzou loses one more game, mizzou goes because they will be 5-1 vs division opponents whereas Carolina and Georgia will be 4-2 vs division opp even though scar holds head to head against mizzou. 

I'm more interested in this year...

Honestly he seemed better last year though. We will get to see the all Dylan Thompson show next year. 

So if mizzou beats ole miss they go to the sec? Or is there another scenerio? (Serious question)

If Dylan Thompson

Starts in memorial stadium, scar wins 27-17. 

I thought Riddick...

Was a surprisingly good movie. I didn't expect much and thought it was entertaining.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

If Dylan Thompson throws 10 passes....

He will complete 5 of them counting the one thrown complete to a defender.

If spurrier does 10 coaching shows drunk...

And scar pulls 10 of them off the air, then scar would have lied 10 times about why they pulled them off the air. 

If the vols and scar played...

10 times the vols bitch would win 10 of them and spurrier would have coached more in that stadium than jones, with a losing record, vs jones.

Lot of Dabo Swinnery going on here

If Stanford and Oregon played 10 times Clem would win 5 of them lol. 

If you would've inserted

Clemson in the place of Stanford, you would have been talking about dabo. I had to read it several times to make sure it wasn't a dabo reference. Too many similarities I suppose. 

You both are just wanting a receiver...

As your head coach. Instead of an old bitter drunk, he's not going to be the next Dabo.

You left out...

The loss to utah, a game that he was absolutely out coached. Not sure when you guys became PAC 12 fans, but I don't have that much respect for those teams other than Oregon. I think their bruisers, but poor coaching will always keep them from getting to the next level as long as shaw is there. If Kyle Whittingham was there they would win everything, that's your PAC 12 gamecock fantasy coach right there. He is the best coach in the PAC 12. 


Has beaten 2 Oregon, 9 UCLA, 15 Washington, and 23 Arizona state. They've beaten more ranked teams than anyone in the country. To say they're not very good is just not true. 

Friday, November 08, 2013

I bet he follows it up....

By losing to USC.....


It's not really...

I mean Stanford is not a real good team, heck they barely beat Army, but they have Oregons number. I would much rather see an ACC team go to the championship. So I appreciate him continuing his claim to fame, beating Oregon and losing to or barely beating much less talented teams. 

David Shaw does it again

Not surprising really. 

Thursday, November 07, 2013

That's what I said lol

Gotta admit that after watching The Wire it looks interesting. 


Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Can't see it at work.....

but I will definitely check it out when I get home.

It's like The Wire with wheelies lol

Could be interesting..

Sunday, November 03, 2013

I figured that....

thats why I thought the picture fit perfectly, I will grow my hair like that when I retire from the Navy if I have any left to grow.

Week 9

Actual scores
Scar 34 - Miss St 16
Clem 59 - UVA 10

Scar 21 - Miss St 24 -
Score: -21
Clem 49 - UVA 17 +
Score: 33
Total: 12

Scar 31 - Miss St 20 +
Score: 42
Clem 44 - UVA 17 +
Score: 28
Total: 70

Scar 34 - Miss St 25 +
Score: 51
Clem 46 - UVA 24 +
Score: 33
Total: 84

Scar 35 - Miss St 17 +
Score: 48
Clem 40 - UVA 20 +
Score: 21
Total: 69

Season Total Points
Brent: 397
Rich: 422
Vance: 416
Blake: 477


Didn't realize I posted anything last night..,.


Boyd is terrible

and our defense is worse than last year. I am embarrassed that I compared them to an SEC defense before the FSU game. Scar is going to demoralize us and Dabo will be on the hotseat once again..

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Didn't go down here

The call dropped and I thought you didn't call back because we were about to get off the phone anyway. I woulda called you back if I thought you was trying to call me. 

Your phone lines seem to be down...

Oh well, plenty of room for more chat in a more serious tone about scars younger players or whatever.

Gameday sign from today


Don't blame me bro...

I didn't teach you anything. Maybe you watched too much jackass growing up or they got the idea from watching you. My vote is for the latter. I'm no angel, that's for sure but you reached the master level of flaming long ago. I think really it happened because spankings did not work on you. That's also a fact, I remember it. Some sort of way you were able to tune the pain out. Some sort of flame Jedi mind trick like yoda. Spank me they do not.

It's pretty obvious what's wrong with Boyd

He has a huge gambling debt. They say it is mostly NFL games but I am beginning to wonder if he threw that 3 point line against FSU?

he he he

Flame talk is fun

But it is no longer fun here unless you throw big blows.

My big bro taught me over the past few years to go big or go home. It isn't fun unless we play this way. Be an asshole or get blasted! After a while serious talk gets boring. By "after a while" I mean any time..

Seriously though.

I give Connor Shaw props. He's a tough SOB. I have been bashing Boyd and the whole offense lately but I feel like they should be playing a lot better. I have seen some horrible throws and horrible play calling. But Clemson has only lost one and that was to the best team on the country. I have watched SEC/ESPN 1 play a few times and I think FSU is better. Or Oregon.  Three great teams. I also think Baylor is 4. Ohio state is a fraud.

I have 6 videos of you Brent

Just say the word and I will post them. I haven't done it yet out of respect for you. They are far worse than what I have posted here. Not just about what you said but the way you looked when you said it. I'm not going to post them unless I know for a fact it's cool with you. This is shit we would talk about for years. Not sure if I would post them if you gave me the "go ahead". May be if you saw them first on my phone.

I wonder

If they will hang a banner in memorial stadium with clowneys name on it since he set the single game record for sacks in that stadium. 


Brent said: "Put Cole Stoudt in there"

I responded with: "Would you take Thompson?"

He said: "I would take Thompson over any QB we have. Boyd has lost it and Thompson would at least be able to beat Carolina"

Meth addiction: Before and after...

Worst of all

We all say things in frustration....

He was very angry and that's one of the worst things you can say about a QB, being compared to Thompson. 

Friday, November 01, 2013

And there's that.


I have you videoed talking about how much better Thompson is than boyd, don't make me post it..

He starts and plays the whole game vs Clemson...

You lose decisively, this is not the pathetic DL he faced last time and he is no threat to pass the ball. Clemson's DL will stop Davis and you have nothing else without shaw. 

Clemson's defense is better than mizzou's and so is the offense.

Thompson over Boyd?

That's ludicrous. He almost got SC shutout against Mizzou. And a loss November 30th is ballsy too.
Clemson 49 Virginia 17
Mississippi State 24
South Carolina 21

Well regardless....

Venerables already did it this season so.... There went that. I absolutely think we could beat mizzou, think whatever you want.

The Venerables reference

Was as a customer fwiw..

Was hoping that would be our game bro...

Guess it will be to see who is shittier... Lol

Hell I don't know lol

We won bro lol. 

What happened to the good ole days when we were looking forward to:


Damn ESPN go me again on that one lol. 

What's my name?

But seriously...

You want to compare him to Walter white and it's supposed to be a bad thing? I will take that all day.

Whammy lack of discipline....

On defense is why it went to overtime. How many penalties did scar have on defense?

Whammy beat the #5 team in the nation

Venerables aka "breaking bad" couldn't do that. Thanks for your props to whammy. 

I bet Renzo has...

One more stinker to pull off this season and he gets rolled, if he has not done enough already. We are seeing how much Ellis Johnson really did for scar now.

Joey Batson for 100?

Oh Clowney had allot of lost yards....

In the game, in penalties. Undisciplined, out of shape, extremely gifted athlete right now. Guess who those first two things are on? I'll give you a hint it's not Clowney.

Great assessment

Of Tajh Boyd bro. 

Based on his performance...

He looked like an inexperienced backup QB. Just a little more offense would have easily won that game. I think they will see quite a few more losses this year.


He's in the Clowney group. We love to bash guys that have bad games right?

Seriously, Boyd sucks lol

Who misunderstood?

Vance, you were the one singing the praise of Mizzou's back up qb. So which one is it? 

He has had a couple of bad games....

So in your mind he is terrible now, lol. 

No no....

You misunderstood, you were comparing a loss to FSU to a loss from a shitty vols team that has about half the talent of scar. With what was supposed to be one of your best teams ever. Now you guys are ecstatic to beat a vastly overrated mizzou team with a backup QB. 

Boyd is the most overrated QB in the game right now.

Ask Brent lol

Since Worley can beat Thompson

And Boyd can't beat Thompson? Worley is the best. No argument here. 

I'd take Boyd vs the vols....

You could merge Dan Marino, joe Montana and john elway in there best years together into one mega QB, let that thing start for you vs FSU and you would get blown out by FSU.

Ok ok

Tenn QB is better than Boyd. Your words not mine. 

So getting back to injuries

What exactly is the one on Boyd. Love to know why he looks like a 2 dollar hooker these days?

I would love for Brent to chime in. That dude has dragged that kid through themud since fsu. With good reason of course. He has been terrible. 

So really then....

Tennessee has a better QB than scar right? I mean that's a rivalry game, who started for you? Vols Bitch.


Thompson or Boyd in a big rivalry game? Well that's already been answered for us....

Thompson or Boyd against FSU?

Yea I'm going with Thompson. Nothing to lose lol. 

Just going by his lack of mobility...

Not much else...

Also, no you wouldn't. Let's say you had to put $1000 on a game and pick one of the two, no way you pick a QB that is behind in every single category without question. But on a silly message board sure.

I would take him over Boyd

Not saying much I know. I really had no idea Boyd was injured. I thought he was just playing really bad. Like I said I knew there had to be something. 

I can't really argue with that right now bro...

He was just gimpy during the Maryland game, just not making smart decision which could be due to being banged. Admittingly he has not been much better. I mean it's goofy to take Thompson over Boyd, maybe you and his mom might do that, that's about it. But his performance has not been good past two games. Thompson has really not had one good performance this year. So you would take him out of hope? 

I will prob

Pick ga tech just to make you happy Vance. 

I'll chime in

What's wrong with Boyd? I knew it had to be something. I would take Thompson over him right now. 

On a serious note....

I will be interested to see if you pick ga tech though.

So if I'm understanding you...

You didn't realize Maryland would have injuries this late in the season. Everyone in college football has injures right now, Boyd is no where near full speed, Clemson has plenty. That's just college football, Maryland is just not very good period. 

I would not get real confident, shaw is one tough kid, lots of respect for him. He is your offense and he is one play away from being done. He goes out and you can lose to just about anyone with a pulse. For Dylan Thompson to pass a football right now he would need to be able to swallow it.

Didn't realize

Maryland was gonna have 46 players on the injury report. I had Clem going 8-4. That would've been losses to Georgia, FSU, Maryland and scar. They screwed around and beat uga, FSU, well you know what happened, and Maryland played without starting qb, rb, top 2 receivers, starting te, starting mlb, top two corners, and starting safety. If not for those injuries I would have picked Maryland and y'all still have a loss coming November the 30th. 


Dabos dream 46
Virginia           24

Scar               34
Miss st           25

Wow you really went out on limb there....

Very risky IMO..... Shouldn't you be picking Clemson to lose though? You have predicted a break down and fall apart all season. When does that happen? 

Blake's Predicions

Scar 35 - Miss St 17
Clem 40 - UVA 20

Flame predictions

Scar 31
Miss st 20

Clem 44
Virginia 17


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