Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The merry Christmas HO HO HO was an original...


I know, me and Blake were talking about it today. I didn't know the quote... I thought you tried the fire ant repellent and it didn't work. Just trying to pull Brent from hiding, he disappeared after the beating.

I think there's been a misunderstanding.

I was just cutting up with you guys. No need for panty wading. And the "MERRY CHRISTMAS, fuck you, I quit" is a George carlin bit called cookies and milk. Check it out if you never have, it's pretty funny 

One more thing before you go...

The reason that was a Brent joke is because he is smart enough not to try it.... Jackass.



How to follow that??


"I buy my underwear at K-Mart"

"I'm a very good driver"

.......clown horn noise @!$&%#!!!!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


That's a handy little bit of info jackass'. 

Oh btw


Monday, December 23, 2013


ants hate getting their hands sticky..

I heard if you put coke or Pepsi...

On you hand and arms it will repel them and they won't bite you.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

I'll do it.

I'll dig around in the fire ant hill. Looks likes lots of fun, strictly basing it from the picture of course 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hey Brent

I got a job for you. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

You just got to find the hole in the top...

Have Brent dig around on the top until he finds it.
I haven't seen any with one big hole in the top like that. 

Fire ant hills?

Aren't they everywhere still? He has done several kinds of ants. But that's simply a fire ant hill, prolly in your yard.

I tried to tell you

Probably the most difficult thing about it would be to find those type of ant hills. We don't have ant hills around here that look like that. Not that I'm aware of anyway..

I think your ant hill art guys...

Art work has increased in price, going for $4500 plus now on ebay.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Really strange...

that I was able to watch that video at work when YouTube is normally blocked, damn monkeys. Looks good, I will watch.

Thats probably the real reason Clemson loses so much to Scar. Fans watching crap like that. I bet Boyd would watch it with him.

Dawn of The Planet of The Apes

Doesn't show much. Should be good nevertheless.

Brent said he had to finish

Once Upon a Time first lol. 

I watched the webisodes from the first season and it was pretty good. Guess I haven't thought about them since then. 

The Walking Dead Webisodes....

are also pretty cool to watch as well. They always explain little details from the show.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What is he waiting for Christmas???

The producers love Booger....

not kidding, he very well could be the next leader, in fact thats whats planned, or so its been said.

Having a spinoff is a done deal, its coming in 2015. The only details so far is that it will not be about or related to the current characters, a totally different group. But many speculate it will include one of them. There was in fact allot of speculation that it would start with the govenor. Obviously that is out.

Monday, December 16, 2013

I warned Brent

So it's cool

I hope Brent stays away from the blog lol

He hasn't watched the last two episodes. 

Explain to me the spinoff show

I've heard rumblings that there was gonna be one, but don't know any details into it. I thought rick getting his ass kicked puts a negative spin on the show. Makes him look weak, but that's my opinion. I always thought Hershel would be the leader before it was over but I was obviously wrong. I have kinda scanned over some of the comics but not enough to know where it's headed. Give me some of the juicy details please kind sir. 

Now that I know you watched it...

Herchel was supposed to die on the farm originally. I thought the way he died was totally unnecessary. Pissed me off that he went out like that. The govenor has not been very popular with fans, I like the back story but most did not like it.

I know where they are going next, but no idea who the new bad guy will be. Its always possible it reverts to the zombies for a while.

Carol, first question is do you think she killed those people really? Because I never did, I think one of those children are feeding the zombies rats and did it. She is simply covering up. Its always possible that she is separating from the group to be on the spinoff show.

I am hoping that baby is not really dead, I will be very pissed off and disgusted if so. I don't think so right now. Did not like seeing Rick get his ass kicked either, thought it was unnecessary considering how hated the governor had become.

Can't wait until Feb.

I watch that show talking dead

That comes on after the walking dead and they said on there that he was dead. His new girlfriend killed him because he started that war with the prison crew. I'm wondering when carol is gonna make her reappearance and how that's gonna affect booger white (Darrel) when she shows back up

I wasn't convinced that the Gov

was dead when I saw it. He probably is but Whoopi should have cut his head off imo..


Was the best on the show. I just wonder what kinda turn its gonna take and who is gonna be the villain now that the governor is dead? Who do you think? 


What about the mid season finally of the walking dead? Saved it as long as I could and just watched, sad.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

If I'm Auburn...

I instantly apologize to Petrino and get him in before the big game. Thats just me though, they don't have a good reputation to uphold.

I agree completely...

I saw after I posted Brown did step down. It seems like he did the drama at the end to stop Saban from coming. But, Gus is better than Saban. That basically got proven on the field this year based on what he did with much less talent. He just flat out outcoached Saban. Saban stock piles talent and wins with brute force. Thats not really Texas or Big 12 football. Gus on the other hands is a perfect fit. If I'm an Auburn fan I am sweating bullets, he won't even stay long enough to coach in the big game and you can chalk it up as an automatic loss if he does not.

Already announced

That brown is stepping down after the bowl game. The names I've seen so far are Malzahn, David Shaw, Jim Harbaugh, dantonio, and mike gundy(cause he's a man). They say saban is off the table, but I think he listens for 100 million. Gonna be interesting to see how it unfolds cause its like you said, they can probably have who they want. I don't think it will be saban or Harbaugh. I personally think the first call will be malzahn. He's public ally said the UT is his dream job 

If their smart...

They will grab either Gus or Saban. Saban's new contract falls far short of what is needed and I'm sure he has not signed it yet. I like Gus better anyways though.

I saw it mentioned...

Thing is, I would say Mack Brown is prolly comparable to Dabo in most peoples minds. I don't think brown is going anywhere but Texas was pure shit before him. He was able to keep good players instate which is not easy there. Texas will get about anyone they really want, of course not likely Dabo.

So joe Schad

Reporting dabo to Texas as a legit possibility. Interesting......

Saturday, December 14, 2013


I was going to post a YouTube video of The Legend of Hercules and ask what everyone thought. Well after the update it's almost impossible with an iPad.

Let me tell you something Google, if you don't get this trash straightened out I'm done with you. I watched your stupid assed movies and I didn't see anywhere that you would buy bloggers up and make them crappy. Fix this dumpster fire!! /rant

Friday, December 13, 2013

Sounds real good bro...

You will need some new hobbies now, I picked up a bunch. Cool actually.

That's pretty much what I'm doing

Working out about 3-4 times a week now. That's helping. My highest weight was 197 and I'm going between 183-186 now. It's a work in progress. 

I quit quite a while ago...

Seems tough now, but it's not. You will be glad you did and wonder why it took so long. It's not really hard, just stop basically and quit thinking about it.

I stopped drinking cans at the wrong time I guess lol

Only bottles now. Over the past month I've cut back dramatically actually. I just experiment with different beers now. I drink about a 12 pack a week. Anything more than 4 a night and I have a headache the next day. Also working on stopping smoking. E-cigs are helping some with that. Quitting smoking is really tough. Still working on it. 

I can't take credit for it lol

It does look like him though. Jewfro and all lol. 

It's even cooler now that I see...

They are melting coke cans and pouring it in holes. You can just talk rich and Brent into drinking out of cans instead of bottles and do several of those after every game. I wonder what else you could do with melted cans like that? Good stuff.

Speaking of melted beer cans that looks just like Brent, how in the world did you do that? 

Which one of you went 10 years into the future

and took a picture of Brent?

Godzilla looks good...

I'm still a kid when it comes to giant monster movies, lol. I even liked pacific rim.

I thought the fire ant thing was dumb until he cleaned it up, looks really cool.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

I can't see the YouTube videos...

but I am going to check them out and comment when I get home. If Mr. White is in it, I'm watching, you can be sure of that.

Spurrier will troll any team he beats, if he is confident in a win he will troll them before the game as well. I don't want to argue about it and you are right if you disagree, but I don't think he was confident before the Clemson game. Mainly because he has made reference to it several times. I'm sure he will be from here on out though.

I think the only team you won't see him troll is Dook. I am sure he is excited about their recent success and has allot of respect for their coach. It would not shock me to learn he played a small part in the hire as he still lends advice to the dookies.

New Godzilla Movie

It has to be better than that POS they put out in 1998. Plus it has Bryan Cranston in it..

Never thought I'd see this lol

Spurrier trolling his alma mater:


Spurrier: "Somebody told me the Gators are staying home for the holidays, maybe we can get
a bunch of Gators to come to our game."

I think I've found a new hobby

I read that this kid is selling these things on ebay for like $2000.

Holy Cow...

that is bad.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I should have stuck with South Park when I was a teen

Looks like it got funnier and funnier.

Want to see how bad UF is?

Check out the two UF players blocking each other on the 10 yardline lol.

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Blake Gatlinburg has spoken...

Laugh it up


I agree, lol...

I think his little brother grew up to be Johnny Knoxville in real life.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Blake should've been a Ralphie

Like the kid from a Christmas story

Never mind, that kid was cool. He should be the little brother. Lol

Imogen Poots is hot though....

Lol, another good one Rich.

Lyle wanted to name Blake "Alphie" because there was a cartoon dog on a commercial named Alphie, that would have been a good one for him.

Heres another

Friday, December 06, 2013

Here's a good one

I saw this and had to post it...

What if this was your name:

I agree....

But if Bama wins it for example they may leap an undefeated team even with one loss. My opinion is for teams like ours being in the SEC makes it harder to play for the nc. It's already hard to go undefeated, but much harder in the sec. That's my honest take.

I watched a few episodes of Hannibal, it was good, I will start back eventually. I watched the first episode of blacklist, it's gonna be real good. I am reserving it for later, it's very similar to silence of the lambs. You need to check it out. I keep telling you to watch the Americans also.

Thursday, December 05, 2013


Finally watched the first season of Hannibal. Good show. 

I never said winning the sec

Would always get us in the national title game. I said it would get us in the national title picture. Auburn, mizzou, and even bama are still in the national title picture. If FSU loses to duke( highly unlikely) and ohio st loses to michigan st( very likely IMO) then we would prob have an all sec title game again for the 2nd time in 3 years. Do I think it should be tgT way, no, not necessarily. If only one of the aforementioned teams lose, the winner of the sec title game will play for the title. So yeah, winning the sec is gonna get us in the national title picture. 

Your theory on winning the SEC title...

always putting you in the national title race will get tested this year. My theory is that if you are Alabama, LSU, and Florda it does. Some other ones? Maybe not, I guess we will find out if everyone at the top wins out.

BTW, the Orange Bowl is not obligated to go with Clemson either. It will be by choice if they do.

Rich... "get better" at recognizing...

The League quotes. I know that Clemson pretty much sucks too. But I won't agree with your assessments of Clemsons accomplishments any more than you will mine of Scar's. Their both modest to below average at best.

Blake, lol, good one.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Meanwhile: Downtown Clemson

Now for a Dabo impression by Blake

GO RICH ... GO RICH ... GO RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get better at what?

Can't change history and that's the ONLY thing you and every other clem5on fan brings up. Congrats on your BCS beat down and acc crown 2 years ago. Congrats on the 81 national title that's as tainted as any in history with the 55 pages of violations that occurred. But please remember the next time Clemson beats Carolina that it doesn't mean much to you. I personally feel as though Carolina is headed in a great direction as a program and I'm damn proud to be a fan. Thank God ancient history doesn't effect where Carolina is at now and where they're heading, cause they've always sucked. I don't need you or anything other neck Clem fan to tell me that. It's pretty obvious. But as long as we are currently and continuing kicking Clem ass and maybe even fuck around and win an sec title or two, I'll be pretty happy. Cause I pretty much know that winning an sec title is gonna put us in the national title picture. I think people tend to forget that for nearly 25 years or so, South Carolina wasn't even in a damn conference. Who's to say they wouldn't have won an acc title or even sec title in those years. Hard to win a conference championship when you're not even in a conference, but most dumbass people don't remember that it just flat out didn't even know it. So once again, congratulations on all of the accomplishments. 

You rememeber your biggiest achievement?

making it to the SEC Championship and getting the worst beat down in its history? Thats what everyone will remember, how bad the sec east had to be for you to get there and how bad the beat down was once you did. That was ugly.

I agree bro...

Just like you beat on florida state last time right? You both need to regroup and come at me with more. You have made this way too easy. This is what you and Rich have been planning? " Get better".


I think we go to the Cap One or Cotton bowl. I could be wrong though. I think we'll fall a spot below the Outback and go to the Peach before we go to the outback again. That would be fine with me to beat up on our 3rd weak ass ACC team this season lmao. 

Sorry bro

I had already posted before I read your post that said "before you publish that crap". I think I'll leave it up though lol. Truth hurts..

Not sure about Shaw pumping gas

We all know Boyd got a lux SUV as a signing bonus from Clem but I'm don't think that Shaw will be pumping the gas for him unless they do that in military training. I guess you know more about it than me. I think it's pretty impressive that Shaw wants to join the military after college. I would respect any kid that decision. It's pretty impressive imo.

Or maybe you're referring to the Kiffen reference to Alshon Jeffery about gas pumping. It's pretty funny to see where both those guys ended up. Kiffen is now pumping gas for all I know and Alshon just broke a his own record for most yards in a single game in the Chicago Bears history. That kid is making more money than Boyd could ever dream of making lol.

My BCS bowl reference was not about this year but it was about the last time Clem played in one. You remember when WVU and Dana gave you the biggest beatdown in BCS bowl history? No one remembers Clem's conference championship from that year but no one will ever forget the raping WVU put on Clem. That one will be remembered for the rest of our lives. The ACC champ? Not so much.

I also am not surprised nor do I care about Clem playing in the Orange bowl. It is by far the worst bowl out of the BCS bowls. Our state rivarly is bigger than the orange bowl and the beatdown we put on you will mean much more than the beatdown Bama will if they are motivated. That may be your only shot at beating Bama. If they get to feeling like LSU did and just hand over the game. I can tell you that if we beat you by two TDs you are not going to want any part of a motivated Bama team. I know you're excited about it now but eveyone else around the country sees it different. Everyone is saying "poor Clemson". It would be like me saying that I couldn't wait to play FSU after we just got beat by Clem by two TDs.

Clem back doored into the BCS just like Northern Illinios and will get beat down just like they will. I know you're happy to be in that group lol. People think that we are going to a playoff system to give teams like Clem and Northern Ill a chance but it's actually the opposite. It's actually to make sure that these weak ass teams never have a chance to play for the title because they will get the brakes beat off of them like Scar has done to Clem the past 5 years before they even get a chance to sniff the champ game.

It's funny though...

To see all your colorfull excuses for every Clemson win. Lol. LSU just gives bowl wins right away. That's what michigan did too, demotivated to play a lower teir sec team that barely has a winning all time record. Just think if you beat Clemson next year it will tie your all time bowl win record. But by all means continue to talk about another teams win. As if you have a bowl record or win in your entire existence worth bragging about. 

Clem5on isn't guaranteed

A BCS bowl. I gotta a feeling they end up back in Atlanta playing Texas A&M. I could be wrong cause it depends on what happens this weekend, but I just can't see the orange bowl passing on an 11-1 and top 10 Baylor to take a 10-2 And not top 10 Clem5on. But I very well could be wrong. 

Yes and before you publish that crap...

Bama is going to the worst bcs bowl... Riiiiight. Where does the outback bowl rank for you? Just below the bcs championship and right above the rose right? 

Well someone in the nfl likes Connor shaw

About as accurate as your opinion. So much for that deflection. Next........

Little info for you...

Try again...

Whitehurst absolutely has made millions as a backup. His pay has been well publicized. Again, just not very accurate.

Here is the latest bowl projections...

If you scroll way down just below Washington State vs Rice you will see scars bowl matchup with 9 win powerhouse Wisconsin listed. Lots of people are going to watch that. That will be Shaws last game, in the outback vs Wisconsin.

Millions in the nfl?

That's laughable. Boyd is a back up at best. Ask the other greatest qb in Clemson history, Whitehurst. They don't pay clipboard holders millions. 

Shaw and Boyd conversation...

Shaw: beating LSU did not mean anything because your ACC.
Boyd: didn't that same team keep you from the championship.
Shaw: yes

Shaw: beating UGA did not mean anything.
Boyd: but did they...
Shaw: yes

Shaw: a conference title means nothing.
Boyd: how do you know?
Shaw: good point.

Shaw: you will get a beat down in the bcs bowl.
Boyd: did you play in one?
Shaw: no

Boyd: I will make millions in the nfl.
Shaw: I will join the Army.
Boyd: make sure you do a good job on the windows this time.
Shaw: ok.

Shaw really should

Just give tajh his ass back since he's owned it. Might as well let him walk away with some dignity. 

Shaw should pump...

A low grade of fuel into Boyd's luxury SUV and charge him for high test.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Oh snap!!!

I just re-read that post, someone is upset about the possible BCS scenerio. I think you are going to get beat down by Wisconsin? I'll take the Bama beat down for 100, lol.


generally you get the congrats and respect after you complete the training. Most people talk and don't do, I would guess he would be a doer right now and deserves the benefit of the doubt. I've plenty of guys through the years not last very long. In terms of toughness, I was at Parris Island when Riddock Bowe tapped out after about 3 or 4 weeks. This will be much harder, beilieve it or not it will be harder than football practice. Probably not mentally tougher than being a QB for Spurrier though, lol.

I wish him the best if he does, I have several friends that are Army Rangers that I worked with in some bad places. Many of the people saying they are Rangers are lying, you will know it if you meet a real one.

Or maybe Shaw could

tell Tajh about him going on to be an Army Ranger and slap Tajh with his five fingers and tell him to enjoy being a career backup in the nfl just like every other clem QB in history while he goes on to serve his country. He could also tell him that winning the ACC means about as much as a HS state championship and that he would rather not win it if he has to go to the orange bowl and get the biggest beat down in bcs bowl history. While he's at that he can tell him congrats for beating a LSU team that was not motivated because they were matched up with a mediocre ACC team and didn't feel like they had anything to play for. 

And finally he can tell him to enjoy being the the guy that will be remembered for none of those things. Instead he with be remembered as the guy that could never beat Scar. 

No idea...

Maybe him and Shaw could get together and talk. Tajh could talk about what its like to win the conference beat LSU etc... Shaw could talk about winning the State Championship over and over. Tajh could talk about what round he might get drafted and to what team. Shaw could talk about the State Championship and hold up 5 fingers. Boyd can then hold up 7 and say that how many digits I will make after playing at Clemson. How about you?

But Shaw won't do that and neither would Boyd because they both have better character than that.


Not totally true

Spurrier won the east with a drunken mexican at QB. Plus we all know we don't need Shaw to beat Clem, just ask Dylan Thompson lol.

While we're talking about QB's, I wonder Tajh feels about the fact that he will always be remembered as the guy that coudn't beat Scar...

Monday, December 02, 2013

I agree you have had more talent...

but we still have had the best classes ever. You have got some of the better players from the state, thats true also.

So you believe that Clowney and Lattimore signed with Scar for example due to all the state championships? I think its a fair question.

Also, Mizzou is in there second season coming from the Big 12, not even an upper tier team in the Big 12. They are going to the SEC Championship in year 2. Heck, they have a pretty good chance to win the SEC. You have arguably the best coach in college football, arguably the best player in college football, arguably the best QB in the SEC. So what gives? Why is it that this great program can beat Mizzou, UGA etc... and watch them play for the SEC every year?

I think you two are really angry with that right now and taking it out on me. I don't really blame you. Its either that or you are holding on to this very tightly, because really its all you have.

I don't concern myself with the rivalry that much for one reason. I believe its Spurrier and when he is gone so is your program. I also think a disappointing year like this took allot out of him. Now he has to train a new QB and Shaw is the only one who has gone the distance so far.

Congrats on the big with though!!!

South Carolina

Is getting the best talent from in state. Clemson goes outta state to get theirs which is something I think contributes to this rivalry and Carolina winning the last 5. And it's easy to have highly ranked classes when you sign 3 Rbs and 7 Wrs per class. 

Recruiting rankings aren't everything

It's pretty obvious our players are far superior to Clem's. Evidence is with us beating Clem by double digits for 5 years in a row. You don't beat a team like that for 5 years in a row with less talent. Just doesn't happen. 

For additional evidence...

Clemson has had the best recruiting classes ever since losing to scar. See how that works? 

Wrong again...

recruits or parents don't give two shits about the state championship. What they care about is where your guys get drafted, do they stay out of trouble and do they graduate. I would be shocked if it mattered to one recruit each year. In state recruits are likely to be Clemson or Scar fans. Unless you are speaking like 10 years from now and it swaying them to one side or the other.

UGA was not a bad pick either way, I am the one that should have gone with my gut and picked UGA vs Scar.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

As far a the scores

All bets off. Tie breaker was never discussed. 

And all I had to do was pick

Georgia. And be realistic with my season predictions. If I wouldn't having been "flaming" I would have said 11-1 for Carolina and 9-3 for Clem5on. See how easy it is. 

And beating your rival does matter. It matters with recruiting and national perception. The last 4 years matter cause that's how you evaluate each senior class and the direction of your program with recruiting. The last twenty years or thirty years, not so much. But give us all the history lesson (as if we don't know cause it's been drilled for the last 5 years)     

Every year we get to this...

you just want this to mean so much more than it ever will. If beating your rival meant as much as you pretend it does, Clemson would be Alabama right now.

Not sure what to do about the tie

Thoughts Rich and Brent?

And actually

no you wouldn't have won even if you would have picked Scar. If you picked Scar with the same score prediction your final score would have been 572. Try again..

The thing I don't agree with

Is the excuses for why Clem lost. You can say that it's because you stopped running the ball and all these other things but after a while (your 5th loss in a row to us) you have to step back and say "Well, Carolina is just a better football program than Clemson." Because we are and it's been obvious for a while now.

I can understand the excuses if it was after just a couple of losses in a row but after FIVE the excuses just don't hold water anymore.

Also about the whole State Championship deal, you can say that it doesn't matter but the truth is that it does. You can't tell me that you didn't want to beat Carolina badly. I know I would much rather be on the winning end of a 5 game streak to your hated rival than the losing end. Conference championship or not it still feels pretty damn good to beat Clemson every year. To put into perspective just how long it's been since Clem beat Carolina: Landon was an infant lol..

I am impressed bro....

that you made one post before teaming with Rich in his attack.

As for your picks? I would have won decisively had I played it safe and picked Scar. All I had to do was go with Vegas. I was able to support my team all year with my picks and still finish 2nd.

Now, who do we all get in the bowl games??? Will that be the tie breaker? If not I say you decide what Brent wears and I will pick out a shirt for Rich. LOL


I guess no expected that. A tie for last place. We never discussed what we would do in the situation of a tie. What is less surprising is that I won. I was pretty sure I was a better predictor than anyone here. Feels pretty damn good man.

You just want it to bother me....

this was my comments:

"We will prolly lose, lol. I'm trying to help scar right now, my trash talk will surely ensure we lose. That never works out (not joking). You would be a fool to really be confident Clemson wins this game. I'd hope for a better game right now than it has been. It really does not matter who has beat who or anything else. I feel like Clemson might be a little better this year, but it won't matter that much. Just depends on the players and they lose until proven otherwise. Surprised me vs UGA though (and FSU)".

Once again, your comments just don't add up. But keep going, maybe you will convince yourself that its cool Mizzou has been more successful than you with less talented players in year 2 of being in the SEC. You have been in the SEC how long? Lol

Keep deflecting it in your mind with the big Clemson win.

Week 13

Actual scores
Scar 31 - Clem 17

Scar 28 - Clem 33 -
Score: -19
Total: -19

Scar 34 - Clem 21 +
Score: 43
Total: 43

Scar 29 - Clem 30 -
Score: -15
Total: -15

Scar 42 - Clem 19 +
Score: 37
Total: 37
Season Total Points
Brent: 498
Rich: 578
Vance: 560
Blake: 608

Brent: 498
Vance: 520
Rich: 498
Blake: 608

Keep deflecting.

I would be too, not gonna lie. I know your hurting cause you really REALLY thought this was the year the streak stopped. But we will keep talking about auburn and fla state and PREseason predictions to try and cushion the blow from last night and when we do talk about last night we will only talk about the ifs. I don't blame you my friend I would do the same thing. 

Heck yeah, just as you did for the SEC I will predict a...

State Championship by Clemson next year! You heard it here 2014 we take back the State baby!! I don't know who the QB will be, but I predict a championship!!

If they keep hanging around....

they might get it too. Stranger things have happened, look at Auburn. I won't deny it could happen.

I've been very hard on Hot Rod, but he appeared to come to play vs Scar. I've never seen him run that hard. Other than the silly turnovers, we just basically completely abandoned the run. Put the ball in a tied game going into the 4th to an all air attack (should have never stopped running until they stopped it). Had we run the ball it could have been different. My honest assessment is that we likely lost due to abandoning the run for no reason. Could have possibly lost anyways, but thats why it fell apart completely in the 4th IMO.

New QB next year, new hope (see FSU). Should only take 2 or 3 years to get them enough experience, lol.

Hell yeah

I initiated it. And I'm sure I'm the only fan in the country that predicted a championship for his favorite team and I'll be right back here next year and predict another one. You seem to think that it bothers me that I did that, well it don't. I'll go ahead and predict it right now. South Carolina 2014 SEC CHAMPS. 

I thought it was perfect....

you predicted championships for what had been called Spurrier's best team ever (by him). Lots and lots of talent, no argument. You ended up with a "State Championship". This ain't highschool ball and thats not really a championship. Clemson sucks out loud? I guess thats why you could beat them. I will give you back what ever you put into it here. Just don't forget you intiated this and I am repsonding, I always seem to get credit for starting crap.

In a nutshell, I agree with Spurrier's comment "they just don't play well against us". Pretty much sums it up. My comment is "both teams were a disappointment this year as usual".

On a serious note, Auburn, good lord. He is a good damn coach, just plain outcoached Saban.


But all is well cause Clemson still sucks out loud. Extremely poor attempt at a deflection too by the way. 

You should have...

Known they weren't going to go undefeated Rich. Heck, they didn't even play for the sec title much less win it. We will give you a pass on it though.


I'm back to take my medicine for talking shit so y'all give it to me. I really don't know what I was thinking when I thought Scar was gonna beat the dominant team from Clemson. Y'all go easy on me for real. 


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