Wednesday, December 20, 2006

WOW.. Another 4 star DL commit for the Gamecocks!

DL Ladi Ajiboye (6-2 305) of Hargrave Prep, VA and Atlanta said Wednesday he will enroll at USC in January. Ajiboye is not sure when he'll sign his scholarship papers. He signed a letter of intent with Virginia Tech last February after backing off a commitment to the Gamecocks. Now, he is sure he wants to play in Columbia. "My time at Hargrave really opened my eyes," Ajiboye said. "When I went to Virginia Tech my second time, it didn't seem the same. I have friends at South Carolina (Carlos Thomas) and I have people coming in (Addison Williams) and we've been talking and South Carolina is the best place for us." As for his teammate at Hargrave DE Clifton Geathers possibly joining him at USC, Ajiboye said, "He told me he was, but you never know." Ajiboye said Clemson also recruited him hard this second time around.

Other notes: Ajiboye is the 7th best prep school prospect in the nation, and the best prep school D-lineman in the nation. Carolina is still in good standing with 4 star Clifton Geathers and 5 star Carlos Dunlap. Both are expected to be Gamecocks in the end. If this isn't going to be the best DL class in the nation, I would like to see which is. Also, with the commitment of Ajiboye, the Cocks jumped to 9th in the nation in recruiting. It's just amazing to me, and whats so crazy is, this signing class isn't over yet!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Friday, December 15, 2006

I'm hearing that Demerick Chancellor is going to transfer??

Any truth to this? If it is true Clemson will only have 3 RBs (Davis, Spiller, and Cox) coming back next year unless they get on the ball recruiting RBs. That's pretty thin. Have you guys heard anything about this?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Carolina steals a Tennessee commitment?!

WOW, that's about all I can say..

What in the hell is going on here? Have you ever heard of a guy that was commited to Tennessee pull the ol' switcharoo and commit to Carolina? It's a sign of good things I think!

LB Alonzo Winfield (6-1 200) of Winston-Salem, NC said Thursday afternoon he has switched his commitment from Tennessee to USC. "I did that yesterday," Winfield said. "I talked to coach Spurrier. He was down in Florida recruiting. He was real excited. I like the way South Carolina's linebackers play more than Tennessee's. I felt like I could play better at USC. And I like all the Spurrier, coach Chatham and coach Wommack." Winfield said the USC coaches have told him he will play the same position currently held by Cody Wells. Winfield felt he was better suited for that position than the linebacker position Tennessee was holding for him. Winfield said this commitment was firm and he probably will cancel his official visit to Tennessee set for January 13th.

Other notes: With the commitment of Winfield the Gamecocks jumped 2 more spots in the national recruiting poll to 11th. Also, look for Mark Barnes to commit to the Gamecocks Saturday! If that is the case Carolina will find themselves well in the Top 10 in the nation recruiting! I hope the ball keeps rolling, and it looks like it will!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Just making sure..

When you coming back up?? The Shrine Bowl won't be televised, but it would still be nice to have you around this weekend. They will show a replay of it on CSS Sunday from what I hear.

Brents talking like he's gonna schedule himself to work the Friday of our bowl games! You need to help me talk him out of it!

I'm here, just been working.

I'm gonna check out your recruits.

Where you at Vance?

You haven't posted anything since Monday. You OK??

Finally found a pic of this Dimarco kid..

Physically he looks really impressive. Check out the size of his biceps!! Looks like a good one to me. Glad no one else found him before Spurrier did! What do you think?

Carolina lands 2 more commits..

DL Donte'e Nicholls (6-3 305) of Pompano Beach, FL committed Wednesday to USC according to his coach Greg McGirt. "He just felt good about coach Spurrier and the program they are running up there," McGirt said. "He liked what he saw on his visit. He also has family living in South Carolina." Nicholls visited USC December 2nd. He visited Rutgers December 9th and was scheduled to visit Georgia this weekend, but his coach said he won't make the visit. "He's an outstanding player," McGirt saiid. "He's quick and has a good attitude." This season Nicholls had 64 tackles and 4 sacks. He had 70 tackles and 9 sacks as a junior. Nicholls becomes the 18th commitment for the Gamecocks. Nicholls had offers from Bama, Arizona State, Auburn, Louisville, Rutgers, West Virginia, and many others..


USC has picked up a commitment from ATH Pat Dimarco (6-3 235) of Lake Brantley, FL according to his father. Dimarco committed over the phone to Gamecock head coach Steve Spurrier Monday night after receiving an offer last week. "We're all Florida Gators and that means we love coach Spurrier more than anything else," Mr. Dimarco said. "His dream has been to play for the Gators, or in the SEC, or for coach Spurrier. Coach has been very honest with him and they told him they love him as an athlete and they are going to find a place for him to play." Dimarco plays tight end, H-back, defensive end and linebacker. This season he had 120 tackles, 17 sacks and 40 tackles for loss. He also had 18 catches for 300 yards and scored 7 touchdowns. He also had offers from South FL, UCF, Eastern Kentucky, Samford and Carson-Newman.

Other notes on Dimarco: Hearing he's a kid that flew under the radar.. He wasn't even listed on the Rivals data-base. He is now. Said that he plays for a Highschool in Fl. (Lake Brantley) that plays in a 6A division (the highest SC has is 5A). Anyway, he played for a team that would have been very lucky to make it to the playoffs. Well, he lead them to the State Championship in 6A football in FL. I'm hearing that he was by far the best player on their team. Also, many are saying that he is a Ryan Brewer or Rob Deboer type player. Sounds like a good one if he is half as good as Brewer or Deboer was. The most impressive part about Dimarco's recruitment is that Steve Spurrier personally recruited him himself. If Spurrier feels this good about this kid, so do I. I'll post more info about him as I find it out.

Other notes: Carolina was ranked 16th in the nation in recruiting according to With the pick-ups of these 2 guys, we jumped ahead of Ole Miss, Clemson, and GT to land at 13th in the nation.

Getting better and better! And the best part is.. I'm hearing that we haven't seen anything yet, "the best is yet to come" so to speak.. I can't wait to find out what the big secrets are!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Here's a good comical view of the Message Boards

I found this very funny, and even if you don't like him he's got a point. Also, read the comment someone wrote under the blog about Ford and the option. We are all just crazy ass football fans!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Bama hires new coach!!

I can't believe it!!!

Good picture! I hope it works out for Matthews, probably will...

As for the offense, its a sore spot with me. Back when the Tigers were good they ran the Option, I don't know bro, nobody really knows. It may not work, you guys could be exactly right. For myself it is worth it, to put it out of my mind once and for all. I like the Option, I always will. Its why I like watching Navy so much. Lets me go back in time a little bit, I really doubt you guys remember, too long ago. I hope Bowden gets it together, I really do. One key no doubt as with any team is the QB. Korn will make or break the team. I think Bowden is probably all set, but there is no guarantee and he has to stop making rediculous decisions.

I can't imagine what went through the players minds when he pulled Merriwether. That in my opinion will hurt recruiting. But recruiting alone is not enough. He has to make better decisions. Not sure he can now. If he doesn't I want a big change. Paul Johnson is my choice, I think the man can adapt. I'm not even sure he would run the Option at Clemson. I think he adapted with lesser players at Navy finding a way to win. He will be my pick to replace Bowden if the time comes. Again, I think he would find an offense to win games, bottom line.

Pretty cool pic I thought..

I'm sure you guys remember me talking about Dion Lecorn. Well, here's a pic of him and CJ Spiller when Cj was still in high school. I thought it was pretty neat.

Shrine Bowl practice pic..

Willy Korn meets Cliff Matthews and his future against Carolina!

Good news on a future Gamecock..

I'm hearing that if Cliff Matthews has a good Shrine Bowl showing he will move up to 5 stars. Looks like we have an even better shot to sign a 5 star this year now!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Ummm.. Yea I'm saying it won't work against SEC or ACC defenses

I've come to realize something though.. It's your favorite program, not mine. If thats what you want, more power to you. You know how I feel about it. I hope they do go to the flex, wish, bone, T. It would be fun to watch. But, until Clemson goes to that offense and proves that it would work I will never believe it. It's not my team, so for what it's worth I hope we see Clemson running that offense in the near future..

Here are some highlights, you telling me this won't work??

Still not convinced? Navy plays Boston College 30 Sep at 1:00, a team that beat us. Enough said.

You will also notice ND did not punt the ball.

Navy's defense cannot stop a team like ND. But Navy a team that cannot recruit. A team that has to pick players out as they arrive to play football, kids I might add that are there because of their high academics skills were able to put up that many yards on ND. These kids are going against the atheletes of ND for christ sakes. Kids of which most likely had no asperations about playing football. Come on Brent read between the lines. I watched the game and it was alot closer than the score. You telling me thats not success??? I havn't watched the Cornhuskers play, but I do know they are making a comeback. Big 12 runners up?

Finally, you say something about the offense. Not so fast my friend you cannot just tackle the ball carrier. Thats the point of the true option. You tackle the ball carrier and guess what zip .... the ball goes to the RB and he is gone. Or maybe zip, the ball goes down the field to a wide open reciever, I've seen them do it. They couldn't do it with a back up QB this year, can you imagine how bad a back up QB is at Navy? A defense has got to be disciplined and have a CB that stays on the RB instead of going after the ball carrier. Go ahead and line 8 men up in the box and see what happens. Thats why the option would work. There is no reason why it wouldn't. You don't think the I formations we line up in frequently can't run an option play? You are telling me lining up and running the ball straight up the middle or to the outside is better than the option? Thats what the option means, having the option to pitch the ball or pass it. Come back with more thoughts, I want to hear your arguments. Remember what happened when CB's tried to tackle CJ this year? Think a LB can get to the outside in time? I don't. You need to watch Navy play.


You have to be able to throw and run to win consistantly. Back when the option became popular, there was a simple defense: tackle the ball-carrier. Now there is man-free, man-zone, spies, stunts, zone-blitzing. My point is, defenses are more complicated than that nowadays. Sure, you're gonna win some games with the option, but once you get over. It is a methodical offense that take numerous plays to grind it out and keep the other offense off the field. Now, the elite teams may not beat teams by as much, but they still win. By the way I looked at a game that Navy had all those rushing yards in in a loss to Notre Dame:

I think its gonna help recruiting??? They lead the nation in rushing every year because the can't pass the ball???

Sorry bro, not much you said is logical. Its not good what happened with JD by no means. He basically said what we all are saying however.

Also, everybody wants to run the ball. If they don't need to pass its a good thing. If you can run the ball over a team you keep the ball and tear apart the defense. My opinion and thats exactly what it is, is an opinion everybody would like to do this. You guys still have not give me a reason the offense won't work, are you saying its because you can't pass? What about the option itself why is it outdated? Why won't it work?

I never said anything about kicking anyone off the team..

Hey, Blake Mitchell got benched and never complained about not getting playing time. JD doesn't get the snaps he thinks he deserves, and he runs to the press about it?? That's silly and like I said it equals trouble. You must think it helps recruiting?

Navy has that many rushing yards because they never pass the ball. Come on Vance, you gotta come with more than that.

OK, how about this stat, and yes its true what they say stats are for losers.

Carries Total YPC Long TD
Rushing Totals 705 3929 5.6 81 38

Its well over 300 Yards per game rushing. Leading the nation in fact. Guess what its almost the same for the past four years. Leading the nation rushing. This year with a back up QB. In fact they lead the nation in rushing almost every year. Again, I want a rushing offense not a passing attack.

Make a point on JD? OK lets hear your solution, I think I know what it is and its laughable. Kick JD off the team maybe. What a joke. Spurrier weeding out? Has your starting QB been in the news this year? What happened to him? I know there is nothing Gamecock fans would like to see more than JD getting kicked off the team, it is not going to happen. Sorry bro, I still don't think your concern is whats best for the Tigers.

I have told you what I think about it..

I'm gonna leave it with this.. You said it was almost impossible to stop a passing attack out of the wing-t or wishbone?? Here's Navy's passing stats for this past season.. 104 attempts for 45 completions, 43.3 CMP%, 647 yds., 5 Td, 4 Int.. Now explain to me how it is almost impossible to stop a pass that is ran out of the out dated option offenses?? Don't give me any of that "it's unstoppable on the playstation" crap either. You will never recruit any halfway decent WRs or QBs if you run that type of offense. May as well hang it up my dear brother it's not going to happen nor do you want it to happen.. It would ruin the Clemson program.

As for the James Davis comments, or "little T.O." comments. I don't even have to prove a point on this one, Davis said enough so that I don't have to. He's pulled this type of stunt before though. He left the Clemson program in August 2005 before he ever played in a college game, because he wasn't getting enough snaps in Fall practice. Kids like this equal trouble, I've seen enough of them on Carolina's team to know. Spurrier has pretty much weeded them out I think. Anyway, here's the link Brent.

Well, the offense is ok, but something has to change.

I wasn't saying scrap everything. I'm just saying if it continues not to work as it did not work this year. If it happens, I want to change strategies.

JD comments are everywhere on every web page, I think it started out in The State newspaper. Gaines Adams was on a radio call in show. Not sure which one.

You are still wrong, it is not outdated, it would work. Care to provide any facts as to why its outdated? Why won't it work? Don't say cause it don't work on playstation

I don't Like It, No matter Who Runs It.

Holtz did run the option some while he was at Notre Dame. I just don't see any Top 25 teams getting there running an out-dated offense. Maybe I need to watch Navy, but I don't think I 'll see anything to go crazy about. Clemson would not have lost 4 games if not for poor coaching in critical situations, so the offense they run now is....ok. By the way, where did you see comments from James Davis and Gaines Adams? I want to read them.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

I am kidding of course..

But I don't think you guys understand how the option is suppose to work. Thats why you keep calling it the Wishbone. Its alot more than lining up in the wishbone and running plays. In a nutshell, its discipline. Few coaches can coach well enough to run the option. You need to watch Navy play. I don't think you have. Paul Johnson will pass the ball if he has the ability. Whats that? You don't think you can pass the ball in the option? You can, and its almost unstoppable. On the flip side to stop the option oppossing defenses have to be disciplined. Something virtually none of them have these days.

Anybody heard Davis's comments? Its hard to disagree with some of them. Burns wanted to keep Merriwether in and Bowden overturned his descision. Look how it turned out. Gaines Adams also made the comment Bowden doesn't motivate him, he does that on his own. I'm afraid his days are numbered now. Say what you will but Gaines is a Senior, how can you be the head coach that is there for motivation only and your players have no confidence or respect for you. Sorry guys, I will continue to support him. But I can't really see us turning the corner with him.

I submit to you dear brother that the Tigers would pull a stunt like that. About 28 years ago they pulled the same stunt. Going away from a passing type attack that was not working and doing what? Thats right folks, they went to the option. History speaks for itself. The option and discipline is why we have high expectations these days, history built from the option. Anybody notice how we are in every game these days even with as disappointing as most of them turn out? Its because we run the ball now. Its how you finally beat us this year, running the ball. Its the way to go, retarded spread formations and runs up the middle don't work consistently however and keep the Defense on the field way too much. To succeed we will need to commit to a true running attack, like the option. Trust me dear brother, its coming.

I made a deal with myself not to dog on Bowden this year.

But its getting real hard. Bowden is losing control of the team.

Also, as for the wishbone, what do you two really know about it? Do you remember the option? What are you basing your opinions on? Lou Holtz? Playstation maybe? That retarded. Tells me you have no idea what I am talking about. Lou did not run the option. Blake I am sure you can see my point in that you are cetainly not wanting the Tigers to be successfull. You not liking the idea tells me it is probably the way to go.

Both of you need to stick to making pizzas and babies, I handle the coaching changes and major football decisions around here! LOL

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tebow does look pretty fast to me when I see him run on TV..

And yea you have had 2 negative replies on the Paul Johnson thing.. From Brent and I.

If the wishbone would work in the SEC or ACC, somebody would have already thought about it. I don't think it would work. Maybe work enough to scare some teams, but not to win every week.

By the way, the rumors just keep coming. People are now saying Tommy B to West Virginia. It was his alma mater. Hey if it were true, it would be the next step to the wishbone and Paul Johnson.. lol.

Clemson isn't in dire straits enough to take a big risk like running the wishbone. The team Clemson has now is a really good team. By the time Clemson learned to run the wishbone properly, the really good team they have now would be gone. It would kill recruiting and the Clemson program pulling a stunt like changing the offense to the wishbone.. Trust me Vance.

Yep, but Tebow is no speedster, he runs over people.

Obrien is a retard.

I have been recieving rave reviews surprisingly on my push for Paul Johnson. I have yet to get a negative reply. I think it is a possibility down the road. Thoughts?

Just listened to a interview with Garcia on a Columbia sports radio show..

Few notes from it: -He said he will for sure enroll at Carolina in January.

-He thinks we will have a top 5 class this year.

-Said he will keep his long hair through his tenture at Carolina.. lol. It's true.

-Said he was at 6' 3" 215 lbs. and said he should be up to 225 lbs. by the time he enrolls at Carolina.

- Also said he has been consistantly running between 4.5 and 4.6 in the 40 yard dash..

Man that is moving for a white QB.. Tim Tebow was running a 4.7 40 at this time last year.

This kid is going to be awesome I believe!

This is how I have the QB situation..

Blake Mitchell will definatly start next year. Whether Smelley is in a better position to play over Blake next year is yet to be seen.. For now it is safe to say Blake is our starter.

Garcia should redshirt next year. I think you'll see Smelley and Garcia splitting alot of time after Blake is gone. Will be hard to go wrong with 2 highly touted QBs like Garcia and Smelley. It's gonna be interesting the next few years to say the least.

About Garcia enrolling early, it was in my post below. "My grades are going well, so I do plan on enrolling at South Carolina early. That's my plan right now." I hope he does, something like that never hurts.

I can't wait to see how these next 5 years play out! It's seems very exciting to me!!!

As far as O'brien, there has to be more to that story than what we are seeing. He couldn't have been happy at BC to take a job at NC State. I think he's retarded for doing it.

I guess the shock of the week is Obrien.

I cannot believe he is going to NC State. ESPN is reporting it is a done deal. He reportedly is not even gonna coach BC in the bowl game. Thats a load of crap. I have often thought he is a under rated coach but I have lost alot of respect for him this week. He has something going at BC and he is abandoning them for a school that is not any better. I could understand if it was a big time school but NC State, give me a break.

Good for you guys!

I guess the question now it who starts? If Smelley gets the redshirt like they are trying to do someone is going to left out in the cold unless he is planning to have a two QB system. Which is unlikely. Next year it will be interesting to see what Spurrier will do. I think he is high on Smelley but I don't know, it could go either way. No way to know until Garcia hits the practice field. Is he planning on graduating early by chance? If not it would just about have to go to Smelley. Well, I forget, Mitchell will start next year.

As for the rankings, for all intense purposes we are about tied. The average of stars is the same. As for Dunlap, I really didn't think we had a shot with that kid but now I don't know. The Tiger staff is pushing hard. Its hard to say, I just hope he stays in state. We have five stars we are still making a push for and I think its entirely possible we could end of landing another Spiller like suprise this year. Next year is really looking good for us right now in recruiting. We will only commit 4-5 more this year. Looking good for both schools right now.

It's Official.. Garcia is a Gamecock!

He made it official with his pledge to the Gamecocks at about 1:00 today.

"South Carolina was the one team that I really felt comfortable with from the start. I had a great meeting with Coach Spurrier a couple of weeks ago when he visited me."

"I love their offense, and I just like everything about South Carolina. You can't get any better than playing for an offensive guy like Coach Spurrier over there and I'm just excited it's all finally over."

In the end though South Carolina was just too tough to pass up for Garcia, and the talented gunslinger already has plans to check out his new school very soon.

"Actually I'm setting up the flight plans as we speak because I'm going to take another visit over there this weekend."

Grades shouldn't be a concern for Garcia as he maintains over a 3.0 G.P.A. But could the Gamecocks expect Garcia earlier than expected?

"My grades are going well, so I do plan on enrolling at South Carolina early. That's my plan right now.

But did Garcia let the cat of the bag when he made his verbal commitment to Coach Spurrier and the South Carolina staff a few weeks ago?

"I actually made the decision during the Florida vs. Florida State game. I just told him coach you don't have to worry anymore I'm coming, and I'm excited to finally be a South Carolina Gamecock."

While the Gamecocks are still steadily trying to put together another big class, Garcia plans to help the coaches with some recruiting of his own and he already has a few names in mind.

"My first call will probably be to Dion LeCorn from Trinity Catholic. He's a tremendous athlete that would be a great asset to our team."

Upon making his decision for South Carolina did Garcia have a special message for Gamecock fans?

"Get ready to win it. Get ready to win it all. It's going to happen." replied Garcia.

Other notes: With the commitment of Garcia, it moves Carolina up to 17 total commits and six 4 star commits. Carolina is now ranked 15th in the nation in recruiting according to That is just 1 spot behind instate rival Clemson which is currently ranked 14th according to

Moving on up, and we still have Dion Lecorn, Mark Barnes, and maybe Carlos Dunlap to sign! This really is turning out to be the best class Carolina has ever had!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I thought that would get a laugh. I went over to Tulane's webpage.

Wow, I have never seen anything more pathetic. Most messages are from 2005. No news at all and I mean none on the front page. It is worth you going over, it is almost nonexistent. I was about to say Tulane would probably be a decent job, I have to agree with you now if its anything like their rivals board. I think Burns is an OK coach, you gotta think he probably earns his money recruiting. I mean, I can't really remember anything wonderfull about our running game before Spence. I am not saying anything bad about the man, I just didn't expect to see him get a head coach offer. I kind of think our coaches are safe. I just would have though Nix would want a head coach job, even at a lesser school. I know I would, probably not there.

Tommy gets no contract extension. Thats your first sign of things to come. I was wrong, or rather the article was wrong on his contract extension. It is 2.5 million for the buyout through December 1st 2008. Save a big year next year, I think his days are numbered. I think recruiting is gonna save him untill then. Korn made it clear he was a Bowden commit. I hate to say it, that alone is enough to keep him around through next year. I just don't think the man is happy, it sounds that way to me during his press conferences.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Nix isn't going anywhere..

He turned down a much better job when the North Texas head coaching position opened up..

Spurrier on the other hand I'm getting worried about.. lol.

Tyrone Nix a candidate for the Tulane job:

• Bills assistant Bobby April
• Nebraska DL coach John Blake
• Clemson assistant Burton Burns
• San Diego coach Jim Harbaugh
• Ga. Tech off. coordinator Patrick Nix
• S. Car. def. coordinator Tyrone Nix
• W. Virginia off. coordinator Calvin Magee
• Texas assistant Mac McWhorter

Uh Oh more Spurrier troubles. I guess he is not so secure.

This time he mentioned the consideration himself. Sounds like one hell of a job, more trouble:

Monday, December 04, 2006

Pretty cool. Meanwhile I started the ball rolling on Paul Johnson, LOL. A couple of excerpt from Tiger fans:

If we get Joe McKnight, how dangerous could we be with Willy Korn's speed and agility in the wishbone offense. Can you imagine, maybe not next season but about 2 or three seasons down the road. We would be something.

That would be the perfect offense in my mind. Having Davis the guy who could muscle the 3 or 4 yards you need to get a first down and then have Spiller also next to you who could take it at any moment. Oh yeah McKnight could fit in there since it's a Wishbone. Paul Johnson you service is requested at Clemson University.

The defense for the next few of years is gonna be SICK! With the combo of that AND that offense....i can only imagine!

Remember, if it ever happens I was the one who made it happen, LOL.

Good video about Garcia..

Check it out. Give it about 2 minutes or so to buffer. Pretty neat video.

Tell me what you think?

Garcia has pushed back his announcement press conference date..

From this Wednesday, to this Thursday to accomodate ESPN attending! Not sure of the time yet. I'm hearing that ESPNU may cover the presser live!

How many times have you seen ESPN cover a highschool QBs college decision press conference? This is gonna be huge publicity for the Gamecocks!

I saw that, its great for them if it works out.

I mean going from a RB coach to head coach thats a significant jump. Should help us attract another great RB coach.

It's being reported that..

Two Clemson assistant coaches, Ron West (LB coach) and Barton Burns (RB coach) are potential canidates for the Tulane head coaching job.

Both were assistants under Tommy Bowden when he was head coach at Tulane.

Just passing on news..

Sunday, December 03, 2006

The next big football event..

The Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas

It's usually on TV every year. Almost every player in North and South Carolina that the Gamecocks and Tigs have commited will be playing in it. And a few that both teams are still going after will be playing in it too.

Anyway, it's not this Saturday but next, Dec. 16. Vance you should try to be up, and Brent you should not schedule either of us to work.. lol. It would be fun to watch and for all of us to get together just like any other college Sat.

This is, as a matter of fact, the future of our programs that will be playing in this game!

We agree to disagree, Lou did not run the option like I am talking about.

Nebraska is still not a passing team. Who do you want. Paul Johnson is a likely candidate. We will most certainly look to change schemes.

The Option Doesn't Work Anymore Vance!

The option officially ended with elite teams 4 years ago when Colorado whipped Nebraska 63-36. That team ended up falling backwards into the national champtionship and getting stomped by the Hurricanes.

Sorry Vance, but that's what Lou Holtz ran as well and look what happened to him. I am not saying those guys wouldn't be good head coaches, but I want a younger, more innovative coordinato if Spence's offense doesn't start winning ballgames.

I would much rather play Houston than Kentucky. Dammit Tommy, you and your bowl games against sorry teams!

Houston Cougars for the Cocks and Kentucky for the Tigers.

I think Koenning wouldn't be bad but Spence?

Very unlikely, first off if Spence is looking good Tommy is going nowhere because it means the Offense is working. Just can't see it at all. Crazier things have happened.

Well I'm old school. I'd rather see an option play than a pass play. Also, I disagree with you all. Who said the option stopped working? What team that ran the option went south because of the option? Not a single one. The coaches that ran it are no longer coaching. No, its not because they got fired. The Option is hard to run, it take alot of discipline from atheletes. A coach that can run it is a very good head coach. Not too many good head coaches out there. Spurrier brought in his type of Offense and everybody wanted to mimic it. First off it was successfull and secondly it was flashy. Passes all over the place. I just say its worth a shot, its not what everybody else is doing and I like that. How you gonna defend something you only see once a year? You won't. Its why we were able to compete with everybody in the country at one time.

As for WR's, thats kind of true. We wouldn't be going after the same type of WR as everybody else anyway. In the option a WR has to be able to block. Don't forget though, what was Sydney Rice a 2 star? Doesn't mean we don't get a good one. Rendrick Taylor would be the type of Reciever that would be Ideal.

Also though dear bro..

I don't think the option that Navy runs looks enticing to any Clemson fans. Wrs are not going to want to go a school that is a wishbone running team.

Johnson may be a good head coach, but if he brings that wishbone junk the the ACC or SEC it would be awful..

Not flaming, just my opinion..

You make good points..

But I honestly think if Tommy gets canned, Koenning or Spence will be the next head coach at Clemson. More likely to be Koenning, because if he doesn't get that job when Tommy gets fired someone else is going to pick him up as their head coach.

Just my opinion though, could be wrong..

One other thing dear brother..

I am serious about this:

I am still supporting Tommy and I hope he finally finds a way to get the job done. Having said that its next year or bust for him, why?

A little not well known tidbit about his contract. This year the buyout went down dramatically, after last month its now down to 2 million. Not alot by coaching standards, I think we gave Ford 3 million and that was a long time ago. This time next year? Its down to $500,000, after that it goes down to whatever he would have got paid through 2010. Chump change.

Next year one of two things must happen, he must win the ACC or beat the Gamecocks. If you lose to the Cocks two years in a row your days are numbered, coupled with two disappointing seasons in a row you can start packing your bags. You guys should be better next year. The ACC should be better next year, not looking good for him right now. I think he could get it done next year, but you can count on next year being his last stand.

Like I say, I want him to get it done, right now he is not. Bad luck, sure no doubt. His comments to the media are not helping him. I have my fingers crossed that Paul Johnson and Jim Grobe don't get snatched up. I think it is unlikely. With the fan base, recruiting and what we would likely pay we should be able to land a good coach. The Tigers are not likely to be dumb enough to go after a big time coach. I think either one of them would come, my number one choice is Paul Johnson. Grobe is a close second and he is the least likely to move anyway. I don't really see them getting picked by the schools open right now. I think Paul Johnson's option should look real enticing to the Clemson decision makers. Its the way to go, you guys saw that this year. Paul Johnson will pass the ball if he has the capability. Wow. How do you defend a true option team that can pass the football? In short you can't. Thats my two cents, what do you think?

I knew you were kidding..

But I wasn't.. Tommy Bowden is a cry baby.. Just Kidding, lol.

You're right about the NC thing. USC will never live that one down.

On another note, I'm hearing Carolina got 2 commits today! More to come..

LOL, OK enjoy your win, I was just trying to rattle your cage a little.

Its OK because since you won I don't have to watch what I say.

Actually, if we had been in the top five or something I would be devasted. As it turned out I was so disappointed already it really didn't matter. It just topped everything off. My biggest fear at the start of the season was we would be undefeated and get beat by the cocks. As it turned out it was pretty much what was expected. I felt like you guys would win, nothing much else went right this year so why would that?

What made me remember was watching the USC and UCLA game. Wow, how would you feel if your rival knocked you out of the National Championship game. How long would it take to live that down? I'd say never.

Long as we win.. I don't care..

Good or bad, we still won!

I'd rather have an evil villian as a coach than a cry baby.. Tommy certainly looks like a cry baby with his lip always quivering during an interview after a game that he's lost.

I know you're hurting Vance, and I know why. You took a little spanking by the Big Bad Gamecocks!

Good or evil, the Gamecocks won! Get used to it!

I know it hurts you guys and you are searching for a reason why.

Good is always supposed to triumph over evil. The good guys are always supposed to win. In other words the Clemson Tigers should win every year.

But, every once in a while the bad guys win. Luckily it doesn't happen very often. Darth Visor has the power of the Dark Side of the force with him. He certainly looks like an evil villian. He will be a tough Big Bad. But in the end its always the same, the good guys will prevail.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Guess its all a mute point anyway, cut and paste straight from Tommy:

- Last pass: I made the call. Ran it twice, on the third I wanted to try to win it...They brought six on five and got the sack. Jad's got the leg to make that kick. He's a veteran guy who's been in that situation before.

- The play called required a fake and then a throw. Had Will recognized the coverage, he was to abort the fake and throw it over the head of a receiver for an incompletion.

I agree Brent, I am for sure planning on going to all the games one day and getting season tickets.

It would be great if me and you both could do it. I am glad to see you looking on the bright side. I mean, I am sitting here watching two teams that we beat play for the ACC championship. You are completely right, Korn is going to be the best QB in college football. Probably not next year but he is going to silence all critics next year. Personally, I think he is going to shock people next year at how good he is in his first year. He will still not be as good as he is going to be one day. The kid is a proven winner. I feel like he will be a winning QB, in other words a QB who finds a way to win the game. We will still take the occaisional loss from a team like VT this year, just had our number on that night. A winning QB could have won the rest of our games this year because it would have only took one play. I think he will be the one play maker. No doubt what so ever he has the talent and sheer atheletic ability and anybody who doubts that is retarded.

As for you Blakeroo, I disagree with you wholeheartedly. First off Spence didn't lose the game. We also didn't lose the game because of spectacular play calling for the Cocks as no doubt the Old Ball Sack is capabable of. We lost that game because you were able to run the ball up the middle on us. If a team can run the ball up the middle on you, you cannot beat them. Personally, I think play calling for the Cocks was not very good. You should have ran the ball more. Evidence of that is the interceptions that should have lost you the game. I think in fact even though it was retarded to go for it on fourth down, if he had ran the ball you would have got the first down. Instead a retarded pass that put you down eventually by two scores. Then another game saving fourth down that could have gone either way. Had you lost would you be saying Spurrier was a bad play caller? I think not. Spence did what I wanted him to do, he went for the win. Most Tiger fans think he should have called a run. I disagree, he should have done exactly what he did, that was going for the win. The Cocks made a good call on defense by blitzing. Spence was limited in the second half of the year in his play calling due to poor play execution by Proctor. Recievers were open and believe me they catch everything thrown to them. Proctor could not get them the ball. As for the missed blocks, it is not playstation and Spence does not have a controller with a wire going up Dukes butthole, so I can't really say it was designed for him to miss a block. In other words, it was probably a missed block or a play that never developed. Still, my opinion, good play calling on Spence's part to call a pass and try to win the game. Poor execution, but a good call. Then we still should have tied it, again poor execution.

Poor play from the Tiger defense against the run lost the game, I still like Vic, just a bad game and it was time for you guys to finally win one. Spence will take care of bussiness, bank on it. He was brought in not to be an offensive master mind. He was brought in to run the football which is what you have to do to win consistently. CJ needs 83 yards to give us two 1000 yard rushers for the year. I'd say he did what he was brought in to do and we will continue to improve under him.

Friday, December 01, 2006

One final play before the FG..

I watched the replay of the final play before the field goal today. Then after that, I watched probably 20 more times.

I wondered after I watched it the first time why Jasper Brinkley and Syvelle Newton got into the backfield to sack Will Procter so easily. After I watched the play so many times and saw what was actually going on I realized it was some bullshit Rob Spence designed play. It was a type of play that shouldn't have been called in this situation in my opinion. Just sit tight Brent and keep reading, because I'm going to help your case of not liking of Spence's retarded play calling.

When I watched the replay of the play, Clemson RT Marion Dukes drops back with his hands to his side and blocks no one. I'm not sure exactly what Spence's plan was with Dukes on that play, but it wasn't for him to block anyone. He didn't even attempt to. I believe it's got something to do with the whole zone blocking scheme. I mean, I can see a guy trying to block the guy in front of him and not being able to because he got burnt, but when he comes out after the snap and not having his hands up trying to just even slow a blitzer down? He just dropped back with his hands to the side. That had to be a part of that designed play. May be it was the whole zone blocking scheme. I don't know.

Anyway, to further my point. The two outside wideouts run a 2 step turn around route then jump up in the air? As like a fake jump or something? What the hell is that?

Ok, there were 3 WR on the play a TE, and a RB. The two outside WRs were just used as a decoy of some sort of fake route and the TE is used to pass block.. So may be your RB is going to run a route and try to get open.. Nope, the RB runs out to the flats only to block a DB?

So you have one WR out there that is Stuckey who I think would have ran a slant over the middle, and probably not even have picked up the first down much less a TD. You put all your marbles on one open WR and one QB to make a TD on some kind of designed mad scientist bullshit play. I know it's hard to understand what I am talking about until you watch the play over a few times like I did, but you should agree with me after you see it.

Heres the link to watch the replay. Scroll down a little and it will come up on the screen to your top left. Double click the screen for full screen.

Only one WR was supposed to make a play in a situation like that.. I see now why you hate Spence so much..

Que Que.

I talked to him about a month ago. He said he liked Georgia and Clemson, but not real sure right now. I think he will develop into a decent balanced running back, if he stays out of trouble in small Abbeville. I need to go see him play, especially if he is gonna be good enough for division I ball and if he is seriously interested in clemson. He is really tall and built, but I think he needs to add a few pounds. I see him as a James Davis type RB good, but not great speed.

Regardless, Clemson will be loaded at running back as long as Spence is there, and Willie Korn will run his offense to full potential. We will win 10 ball games next year even with him struggling a bit. He will make some awesome plays too. He is as good as anyone at CU now (including Proctor) and going to be as memorable as Whitehurst in my opinion. Imagine his potential with this talent, and not a mediocre line at Byrnes this year. He is the real deal and a natural leader with all the tools to make it big. Coots are his only critics right now. Go tigers and go GT for a shot at the Gator Bowl for the ACC's best team. I am excited about our bowl game and the spring game. Chris Pless said he will go to the spring game and you too Vance. When we get older with more money we should go in and get season tickets.

Qua Qua on his way? LOL

Anybody got any word on his favorite or what kind of back he is? He is from Abbeville.


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