Saturday, June 30, 2012

I watched your movie...

It's australian, pretty much like a made by Christians movie. Enough said? Probably not at all what you expect.

If you want a good one you probably missed, the flowers of war with Christian Bale. Came out in 2011 but I think I thought it was in chinese and didnt watch it, it's not. Good movie, but it bothered me for a while after watching. Much better option than above. Wrath of the titans was ok for a DVD, especially if you view it as a sequel to the original clash of the titans.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I would definitely...

have to agree with you, reading is a much better option. I mean, don't thing you will find anyone intelligent that would say you need to watch more TV, lol. I am on a mission to start doing more skill honing type stuff. Especially with woodworking. I found a scroll saw used for $20 here the other day. Also I was thinking about pyography (woodburning) to go with it? You could make some cool furniture, will require allot of reading for sure. I have been actually doing allot more lately instead of just reading. The one sheet boat project is actually likely to happen now after I come back from leave because it is a work project.

I never really answered you on preseason. In terms of Clemson and Scar? No idea, seriously, both have new defensive coordinators. But in terms of Clemson, I do predict improvements, more consistently for sure I think on defense. That don't mean they are going to be great. Probably 8 wins minimum and 10 max for Clemson? 10 for Scar?

Not sure

what is out to watch right now. I've kinda been out of the loop on shows especially since CF got a redbox. The Hunger game books will definitely pass some time though. I just finished them. Excellent series. I think I'm going to read more often.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It certainly looked like...

they were preparing to end the series last season. I don't even know how they are going to do this season really because as the article said, they planned originally to end it next season. The show was not the same IMO when he got married and certainly getting rid of Rita did not help. But of course I still hate to see it end.

Next question, all our damn show are ending, what the hell are we going to watch?

That is bad news

But as you said it's expected. It's probably is a good time to end it with Deb finding out and all. A show can drag out until it's just not good anymore. The question now is how will it end. My bet is they kill Dexter off. I think that it almost a given really.

You know football season is almost two months away. That means Fall practice is almost a month away. To think that SEC media days is less than three weeks away is amazing. To me that's when the official preseason starts, the media days. I bring all this up because it's about time to start making early predictions and preseason top 25 lists. Just for fun anyway.

Bad news bro...

But you had to see this coming:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sorry bro...

been real busy. I have not had a chance to watch the movie yet, probably this weekend tho.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Yea that is pretty cool

Looks hard though. I like the idea of the pond boat. A couple of those would be really fun.

Did you watch that movie?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Check this out bro...

I may build this for a project at work. This is made from one sheet of plywood:

Saturday, June 23, 2012

I laughed at Jenn

when she said something about building a table with pallets but like I said it was pretty neat after she stained it. I would have made it a little taller though. One thing I do want to build for next year is a raised garden. For herbs and peppers mostly.

Let me know how that movie is. Redbox here didn't have it so I'll have to wait to watch it.

Gamecocks back to the National Championship game!!!!!!!

I can't believe it.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Got the movie...

You posted now, I will watch it if I have time this weekend.

You can't buy...

A Jon boat like that here. If you look on the woodworking site it has a listing of boats. Allot of them are one sheeters, meaning only one sheet of plywood to build. Pretty cool for sure.

Jennifer is pretty damn smart and talented, not surprised she beat me to the punch, lol. I just thought pie safes in particular could be made. Would actually add to it by the wood not being perfect because it's supposed to look old. Either a free hobby or a business on the side with no overhead? Cannot lose either way, greatest for someone to practice. You can tell, I hate wasting money, lol. I think people go overboard with businesses. Too much overhead, they buy too much to make it easy. You should make most of your money with skill and work if you wanna make it.

I had an idea for my own motorbike company, I told you already. The bikes (bicycles with engines) would be cool. But the money would come from apparel and a good logo/design. "old school motorbikes" something like that. Jesse James said there is no money in choppers, it's all in the clothes, hats etc... Would be fun for sure, maybe just a hobby. But would require very little, basic tools to start up.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Man that boat would be great for pond fishing

Knowing us though it would sink as soon as we got to the middle of a pond lol. I really like the idea of the boat though. Really cool.

I have got to get me a building so I can start taking up some of that type of stuff. As soon as I do I'm going to start buying tools and stuff. Jenn actually built a table out of pallets a couple of months ago. Nothing fancy but it was kind of neat after she stained it. She built Chief a doghouse with pallets too even though he doesn't use it lol.

The main thing with The Hunger Games is to read the book before you watch the movie. What did you think about the movie I sent you a link of? Suing the devil or something like that? I think it has potential. I'll probably watch it this weekend and let you know.

That's a good picture...

Looks like it's from a magazine. That's one big assed purple cauliflower, looks cool. We eat purple okinawan vegetables here too.

I will probably get the hunger games for the iPad and read it.

My idea was to make furniture out of wooden pallets. You could use a biscuit joiner to put the wood together as big as you want. Then just plane it down, we put wood together like that when I worked in a furniture factory in beaufort. You could practice with free wood if nothing else, but it wouldn't cost anything no matter what. I was going to try it here but I have got so much free wood there is no need. Just find a construction site where they are tearing down and they are glad to get rid of it. Got like probably 10 pieces of 12 inch cedar shelving board last time in fact.

I have been looking at circular saw jig plans, pretty simple stuff, but will help me with my cuts. No need for a table saw really. I think this would be cool to build too:

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In a hurry this morning at work...

got a class to go to all day. I will write more when I get home.

Papa was a cabinet maker and thats pretty much the hardest carpentry to do. I think he did the cabinets for most of Georgia. I will take a picture of the shelf I did when I get home. I did it in red stain, I like that color allot. I like the idea of doing pie safes and other old furniture. Mainly because its not supposed to be perfect and mine is not, lol. Instead of table saws and excessive equipment I want to do mine all with hand power tools. I cannot cut straight, but it just means lots of sanding. Wood glue is good stuff too.

Here is a good site to get you in the fever:

Also here is a PBS TV show or whatever with a bunch of episodes online. This guy is damn good but its cool to watch:

Now that I am married priorities have changed to stability, but I will tell you about one of my ideas for a bussiness with woodworking when I get home. Later bro.

Having a hobby is good

I think it's healthy. It puts you in the mindset that you are not lazy and you're actually doing something. Also the rewards of being able to see your finished product are worth it. I would like for you to teach me the furniture building. That is definitely something I could get into and I know Daddy would love it. We could make some money off of that for sure.

Do me a favor and read The Hunger Games book before you watch the movie. The book will have you wanting to watch the movie really bad. Like I said, it will take you 2 days tops to read the first book. Fairly short and you won't be able to put it down until you're finished with it. I hear the 2nd book isn't as good and even somebody said that the 3rd one wasn't worth reading. I find that hard to believe but I also know that it would be hard to top the first one. I'm gonna aggravate you til you read it bro lol.

Have you seen this movie?:

I think I may rent it this weekend. Looks like a pretty good story. If you look at the reviews at the bottom of the screen people seem to like it..

I am sure it is...

I have wanted to read the Game of Thrones, Fire and Ice books. I will try to find time, that is something that can be done and is a good read on the ipad. I don't think I heard anything good about the movie (Hunger Games) though.

I have a new hobby, building funiture. I have built a shelf already and I am building a workbench now. I am planning to build a pie safe. I am afraid my hobby is actually starting new hobbies, lol. I think there are worse things to do in life though.

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Hunger Games

Buy the first book and read it. It's better than any movie you can watch. I started the first one yesterday and I only have a few chapters left and I'm a slow reader. It cost like $8, buy it and you won't be disappointed.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Another good commitment...

I hope this years class is the year of the DL and OL.

Clowney gets the nod...

because he has played one year of college and did well. No other reason and in my mind its not a knock on RN. I agree though, maybe a 50/50 shot we keep him at this point. Just like any other out of state kid.

I saw Promethius, it was pretty good. I can see some people giving mixed reviews only because it probably was not exactly what they expected, I won't talk about it and ruin the movie for you. But I think it was a good movie, don't see how anyone could peg it as bad. Good not great, I thought Battleship was great for example. Tough act to follow.

Yes that would be a better argument

But unfortunately for you that isn't the argument. The argument was about Clowney and this hs kid. So let me go ahead and lol at you in advance for your next post..... lol. Clowney still wins the crime free award when it comes to he and potkins.

Baseball update: gamecocks beat uf 7-3 in first game of the college world series!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I am prepared...

To be very disappointed after watching Battleship. No way it comes close to that.

Oh so I. Guess a better article would have been was Clowney really the number one recruit last year. No if you use college performance as a measure. Also, Clowney played 3a ball and Watkins 4a. Heck, Clowney was not even the best player in the state LAST year.

I assume Sammie potkins did lol

Which is an award that an offensive player is going to get, not a defensive player. What does that have to do with Clowney and a hs kid whose name is tribal like? I was joking about the best player in 100 years. Surprised you believed that lol. But still, comparing Clowney to another player at his position when it is a hs player? I'm gonna have to go ahead and lol at you on that one.

I have heard mixed reviews on Promethius. Be sure to tell me how it is. Jenn bought me the hunger game book for fathers day. Just started it and it's pretty good

Remind me again..

Who was freshman of the year last year? Clowney?

You sound real silly...

Right now bro. If you think Clowney is the best player in 100 years? All I'm gonna do is lol at you, I'm not even going to argue, that makes all the points I need to make on how ridiculous you are over Clowney. You win bro, it's your world now, lol.

Getting back to reality, I am seeing promethius tomorrow but I saw Battleship today, will be real tough for any movie to beat it all year. Not kidding bro, it was great. Do not miss that on the big screen. Especially since you are a Friday night lights fan, but that is a small part. Did I say the movie was great?

"But Clowney is that rare defensive end who comes along once every 20 years or so and Nkemdiche is not. "

Just to make sure we're clear lol.

Do you really want to put yourself through this for a kid that might play somewhere else (anything is possible)?

Compare this kid to Jadeveon Clowney? Of all people Jadeveon Clowney? Best prospect in 100 years or more?

You fell off your rocker bro Ha!

Go back and read again

"I didn't think you would get your feelings hurt because they said Clowney was better in almost every aspect of the game lol"

What I got out of the article was this

"But Clowney is that rare defensive end who comes along once every 20 years or so and Nkemdiche is not. "

and this

"Clowney is a rarity and comparing anyone to him is like comparing wide receivers to Jerry Rice or offensive tackles to Anthony Munoz. It's not fair."

What were you saying again?

Go back and read again...

If you think he said he was better in every aspect.

I told you about...

Warrior a long time ago bro. You need to start writing it down, yes I was glued to it by the end. Going to watch promethius (spelling) tomorrow. Will watch Alien with Hiro tonight.

Not mad bro, but that article did not sound good for Clowney. Ferrels timing should tell you something. In it he says Clowney is undersized and does not handle double teams well. In highschool he was still probably bigger than everyone he lined up against not so in college ball. This really comes into play vs the run. But he will get double teamed allot as well. He really made him sound like a highschool superstar who will be good not great in college. If he gains weight how agile, which is his biggest asset be? Lots of questions still. Don't shoot the messenger bro, Ferrell wrote it.

But if (according to Ferrell, not me) you don't the ability to handle double teams and size is an advantage on the college level, we will have to disagree again. Unless you think he has physcic powers and can predict plays on the college level.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Ok if you haven't seen Warrior yet

Put it at the top of your list. Best movie I've seen in a long time. One good movie that relates is the fighter. That movie doesn't come close to this one..

By the way

I'm watching the movie warrior now about mma fighting. Pretty damn good so far. Also rented chronical. Both look like ones you would like.

Now, back to your clowney flames lol.

Dang bro you mad?

Don't shoot the messenger. Clowney by being a consensus first team all American has proven himself in college ball as much as any freshman possibly could. Especially against our rival school lol. Robert N? Not so much. We'll talk after he takes his first college snap at Clemson.

I thought it was a good article to explain the differences about the two. I didn't think you would get your feelings hurt because they said Clowney was better in almost every aspect of the game lol.

Again, Robert is in HS no way you can compare them as college players until he actually plays college ball. Right now Robert is a baby compared to clowney lol j/k bro.

Clowney was a great...

Highschool player and is no doubt built to play highschool football. He has some of the best highschool film ever seen. Roscoe Crosby comes to mind. But we don't really care about highschool ball once they hit college. We won't need mike ferrels wonderful assessments of Clemson commits because in the end it will play out on the field. So far Clowney had a good year. But lightening bolts did not come out of his ass and players didn't turn to stone when he looked at them. In fact he has yet to step on the field as the best player on the field. He has the best highschool film, just not the best college film yet. We will see in the end, I will say it's generally the bigger smarter kids but I know you think it's the smaller dumber kids. J/k bro..

Good read here

It compares how different Clowney and Robert N. are as far types of player. Very informative article.

You're right bro

But I really think the commitment will stick if Clemson has another successful season. I think that's what helped us sign Clowney, winning the eastern division that year. If we would have went 7-5 or even 8-4 we could have kissed Clowney goodbye.

You never know about Bama though. I don't think money will be an issue because I think his family is pretty well off. I think his mom is into politics? The bigger threat is if they win the national championship and/or Clemson has a flop season. I don't think Clemson will though so I think the commit will stick.


I just don't think you should get real excited until signing day about this. Alabama is going to reach deep in their pockets and make him an offer he can't refuse I am sure, lol.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

You guessed it, I am very busy at work...

I will post more later. But the bottom line is this is why I don't have a problem with the way Dabo addresses the media. He knew what he was doing and why. I would suppose the commitment was related? I had no idea it was coming. No better recruiter out the IMO, but I am sure and argument could be made.

You must have a busy day at work

I'm ready to hear you hooping and hollering over the good news. Can't say that I'm happy for Clemson bro because I hate them lol. But I am happy for you and getting the top recruit in the nation is a big deal. This should fell all of your reasons about not being excited about football.

I think you'll find this funny

Clemson gets #1 recruit in the country

Robert Ndeckehgeghie lol. Great get. Don't know how Dabo is doing it but props to him..

I think if Clemson has a season like they did last season the commit will stick. It will be hard to hold on to him if not though. Especially if Bama or LSU wins the NC. I find it funny they pulled him out of Ga lol. After the AJ Green situation it's hilarious. Glad Ga didn't get him. Also glad he isn't an instate kid so I won't have to be pissed that Carolina didn't get him lol.

Of course I'm not a Clemson supporter lol

No more than you are a South Carolina supporter. Not sure why that is relevant though with the stuff Plyler is saying? I don't have anything to do with what him or Dabo says. I do like to hear your opinions on it though. Especially concerning a hot topic like conference expansion. Something you have been enthralled with since the first rumor came out. But no, I'm definitely not a Clemson supporter lol.

Got it bro...

but of course Plyler is one of the biggest Clemson supporters around. Even when I disagree with him I have no doubt he has the best interest of Clemson in mind. He is a much bigger supporter than I will ever hope to contribute. You, not so much lol. You would in fact be the exact opposite of him. Its not meant to start an argument, but it is a reality.

He has a pretty good rant up on  his website now that was not posted before. None of it is really aimed at Dabo, more at his frustration with the ACC. David Wilkins has also put to rest any doubt of where this came from and it was not Dabo.

None of this means we are, or are not going to another conference. It simply means at the current time it is not good for Clemson to let this continue to snowball. We will all find out soon enough. I maintain we are staying the ACC or maybe something else totally that no one sees coming? No idea what it would be but anything is possible in college football.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Again, great points bro

And again, your comments are not directed at me but at plyler. Just to make that clear. None of what I've posted are my thoughts. They are all his.

Its definitely a great show...

I think Dabo has done what he needed to do. Clemson needed to win the ACC, like it or not Clemson needed to beat Auburn, Clemson needed to beat Va Tech, Clemson needed to win 10 games all more than they needed to beat Scar as a program. It just seemed as though there was not much effort or preparation for Scar or West Virginia which I don't understand. But he did what he needed to do and has not been done in 20 years.

But I agree with Plyler, starting this year is the time to reprioritize the Scar game. Thats really what is missing right now IMO. Also, first off, like it or not UGA has always been ahead of both of us as a program. Not sure why he would bring them up. Money has nothing to do with it, they have better atheletes in Georgia and more of them with no other major competition instate. Money will not change that ever.

I think the money is good enough right now for both instate teams to compete evenly. Both are making good improvements and it will finally reach a point where you can only do so much with facilities. Clemson has already made a statement that they are not afraid to pay coaches. You do not buy conference championships.


I'm half way through the 2nd season of breaking bad. Great show.

Sounds good bro

And I wasn't trying to argue, you know that. You are absolutely right about plyler and the south Carolina situation. He is scared to death about Carolina passing Clemson. That is where most of this big 12 stuff stems from for him. He worries too much about Carolina IMO. I mean Clemson played in a bcs game last season albeit not very well but you got there. Why all the worry about Carolina passing you plyler? Sec teams that are not vandy or Kentucky are supposed to make more money than the acc teams or any team for that matter. At least you guys were in a bcs game.

It would be like me crying about Clemson beating us twice last season in baseball even though we won the natty. Silly to worry that much about what your rival is doing especially considering the fact that you just had your best season in at least 20 years..

Like I said before...

you cannot just take bits and pieces of an interview and leave most of it out and out of context. What would he say? Just like he said in the article when you read the whole thing. "My job is not to decide where Clemson plays, its to have them ready to play, I am happy to be the coach at Clemson and we will have them ready to play no matter where we go." We already have a couple of coaches that are very familiar with the Big 12 here on the staff and we are very prepared for the styles of offenses we will face etc... On a side note in case Blake Johnson or Mickey Plyler is wondering, there is a time and place for everything, I take guidance from my bosses on how to address the media on certain issues. While there is no doubt Plyler will be a Clemson fan allot longer than I will be the coach here at Clemson, I do not want to shorten my time by listening to radio hosts or Gamecock fans instead of my boss who in this case just happen to be every ones boss here at Clemson the BOT". Having said that we are indeed glad to be coaching, playing etc... at Clemson always number 1, but certainly now in the Big 12."

Does that clear it up bro? Plyler for the most part supports Dabo, but the coach will always be a distant second with Clemson being first. His hatred for Swofford is undeniable. In terms of how Dabo addresses the media, he just got a 6 year contract extension....

There is one thing Dabo needs to do and Plyler would agree, its what he is disgruntled about with Dabo. That is simply to make Scar a priority on the schedule. He starts beating Scar and 90% of the criticism he gets will disappear. If he does not, no matter how he addresses the media, he will disappear.

I don't want you to take me wrong

With my comment about him taking a tight lipped approach. What I mean was maybe he should have just said that the rumors were false and let that be it. Instead he went on to say that Clemson going to the big 12 would be the worst thing possible to happen to their program. How will that make him look if they actually do go? What will his press conference be like? He can't start off by saying "We're very excited to be joining the big 12" lol. There is a difference between denying the rumors and being all out against them completely. That's all I was saying..

One good point I will admit that Plyler brought up, is him stating that he will be a fan of Clemson far longer than Dabo will be coaching there. I guess that goes for a lot of the Clemson fans and kind of puts it into perspective.

I wish you could have heard him on the radio this morning

I'm sure he tones it down in his website. You would be surprised..

Read tiger net...

To get all of what he said, instead of part of it. That's pretty silly, this one of the biggest recruiting weekends. Of course he is going to say that. Nothing extreme at all about what he said. Clemson is committed to the Acc and that is extreme? About as unextreme as you can get. Everyone, TDP, the bot has said the same thing. Clemson is committed to the ACC. That's called towing the company line, nothing extreme eccentric or anything else about it.

You nor Plyler has a clue what he is telling recruits and parents behind closed doors. But just like Dabo, Plyler is taken out of context, allot. He simply said on his website that coaches should be a small part of the decision and that's pretty accurate.

Just like Dabo said, do not worry because in the end Clemson is not going to get left behind regardless of what happens and if his bosses tell him he is going to Japan, his job is to get them ready to play in Japan, not to make those decisions, that's part of the rest of what he said.

Fair enough

Plyler was infuriated on this morning's show. To the point at times to where he was screaming. He's mad that Dabo made those comments because if those comments are true, then Clemson isn't going to the big 12. And you know how much he wants to go to the big 12. If you stay in the ACC, Georgia and South Carolina will make 30 million dollars more a year than you and that gap will only widen. Clemson can't survive that. On the other hand he says if the comments are not true then you are lying to recruits and their parents. Dabo will have a egg on his face in recruiting if they do go to the big 12 now. Just passing it along. Not my thoughts, but Plyler's..

I think what Dabo said was fine if he would have said it in a different way. But we know he can be eccentric. That's just his style. May be he should have took a tighter lipped approach on this one?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Don't take this as me...

saying Clemson is going to the Big 12. The rumblings of it being talked about are legit, but I doubt it will happen. So if you think its probably not going to happen, I agree.

But no matter if its happening or not, Clemson, the BOT and Dabo have handled this exactly the way it should be handled. FSU, not so much, lol. No bridges have been burned and this has not had a negative impact on recruiting. I have no idea if it is coincidence, probably so. But Dabo's actions in terms of hiring would sure lead you to believe he is big on the Big 12. 

I just think a change would be good to make things more interesting. I will admit, I would like to see North Carolina left holding the bag as well. Does not mean I think it is happening. I do believe eventually, there will be lots of changes with the landscape of college football, it could  be 5 years from now.

Dabo is completely against going to the big 12

He is even frustrated with the thought of it. He says so here, last two paragraphs:

Wow, that really came out of left field. I thought it was all but a done deal. Guess you never know with this expansion stuff..

I sure hope not...

The name of the class is also very entertaining, lol.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Will it ever stop for UNC?

Sunday, June 10, 2012


I told you about it because he was in it. It's been out a long time. It has Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. I think you said you liked Ryan Reynolds. But of course it was a typical good performance by DW, I agree he can act.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

You may have told me about

The woman in black but I've known about it for a long time because of Daniel Radcliffe. Safe house has Denzel Washington in it right. Every movie he's in is good. He's a good actor.

I am the one...

That told you about woman in black. It was ok, kinda creepy. You might like it because of potter. I can't remember if I saw no country for old men, I think I did when you told me. The rest of those I have not seen. I saw a pretty good movie called safe house yesterday, you would like it I think.

I saw a preview of a movie

It really looks like one you would like. It's called Monster Brawl. It is about zombie like monsters that battle it out in a wrestling ring lol. It's even got "Mouth of the south" Jimmy Hart and Kevin Nash in it. Definitely looks like one you would like. I may even check it out.

I've heard the movie "The Sitter" is really funny. Brent also claims that "My Week With Marilyn" is really good. I've yet to watch either though. Have you seen "The Woman In Black" yet? I want to see it. It looks pretty scary and it has Harry Potter in it. Oh and "Snow White and the Huntsman" looks like it's going to be pretty good.

Another one that you may have already watched but last time we talked about it you said you hadn't is "No Country for Old Men". If you haven't already watched it, it should be at the top of your list.

Extremely cheesy...

It's a shame to see such a great story done like that. If you watch anything good let me know. Pickings are slim lately it seems.

Lots of conference talk still, I was kinda surprised Larry Williams said 70% it happens in his opinion. I am thinking no really, but many of the guys with connections say it's a done deal. Of coarse that means nothing other than it's worth discussing.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

I saw that

about the new Hatfields and McCoys movie. I want to watch it and see how much it follows the show. It will be interesting to see which story they portray.

I watched the first 3 episodes of breaking bad yesterday. Even though I've seen them before I've really gotten into it again. Great show.

I agree...

without giving anything away, the ending promises next season will be different. I admit I thought it would be faster. I guess I should say special effects instead of Scifi. I like Scifi if it is well done, but not if the story or special effects are not very good. The next season of Spartacus will be the last season. I really hate to see the show end.

There is a new movie out about the Hatfields and Mccoys with Christian Slater. It is probably cheesy but one guy in the reviews said he watched it 3 times. Might be worth a watch but I doubt it, I will check it out sometimes and let you know.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

I'm not real big on the SciFi

stuff anyway. Not anywhere near as much as you or Brent persay. I like some of it but I like the realistic stuff more. I like the way Game of Thrones has went so far. I will admit that I thought this season would pick up more. People said last season was just to build up the rest of the show. Well, it seemed to me that the second season did the same thing. More building up. I'm good with that though.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

I don't really get to listen...

to the radio, I wish I could listen at work but the time difference is the problem. I would definitely agree a national championship in baseball would make it more interesting. Clemson fans always want a win against Scar and I agree they wanted to beat them. Both schools have always had good baseball programs, I agree. I will say though, just like the message boards you have 10 or so of the same type retards calling in on the radio. Unless something has changed, you have a few more educated and reasonable ones calling too that have a different attitude, the retards are just louder, lol. 

Breaking Bad is one of the best shows on TV IMO. You just have to take Game of Thrones for what it is, if you are expecting and all Scfi special effects type show, you won't get it. But its still a good show with some Scifi thrown in.

No, I didn't take it the wrong way

You have some good points and I see what you mean. You may be right that a lot of clemson fans don't care about baseball. But that would only be because they haven't had the success Carolina has had. I can promise you that a National Championship win would have a lot of Clemson fans talking about how great college baseball is. And Clemson winning the National Championship could happen any year. They have always had a good baseball program. Just fell in a slump this year. A lot of the Clemson fans can say what they want, but they would be lying if they said they didn't want at least one win against Carolina this past weekend in the worst way. Baseball is all the Clemson fans have wanted to talk about on the radio here. You listen right?

I started up the game of thrones. About half way through the season now. Pretty good. I think I'm gonna start breaking bad after this. Watch it from the beginning. When I was watching it, it was before I had netflix and I had to watch some bad copies of it. It's a good show too.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Not too many really care...

about baseball. But with the Big 12/ACC contract, all the junk going around, some of them are just itching to melt down. I think many of them live to melt down. But you got to understand that its only 10 or so very vocal ones acting stupid. But they are not happy that we are not recruiting in state players enough in baseball and I can completely understand that. Not really allot of fireworks in recruiting so far this year, its a long way to go but kind of a boring year so far? I have said before and I will say again, for us to get out of the funk we were in since Danny Ford we had to hit rock  bottom and that means falling behind Scar for Clemson. I have no idea really what will happen with expansion. But without falling behind Scar I doubt very seriously it would even be getting discussed. I don't want you to misinterpret this into me saying we going to break out and get respectable again. I serious doubts that will happen. 

The last episode of Game of Thrones, wow. Did you ever start a new show?

Gamecocks Advance

Clemson gave them a couple of really good games though. It's ashame so many Clemson fans are in meltdown mode. Clemson played really good against a really good team. They made it further than anyone expected and hammered a pretty good Coastal team in the proccess. They just drew a short straw by landing in Columbia's regional and having to beat out Carolina to advance.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Just finished it...

Kinda, but they still managed to spin it into not so bad. I am just kinda surprised they did it so one sided, but the show was great. I can understand why you would like them, they even managed to spin him leaving that girl pregnant as the mccoys fault, lol.

No that's pretty much how the show goes

Wow after that post I thought you had already watched them all. It must be pretty close to the real thing.

I probably like the hatfields more because I'm a cosnar fan. It's certainly not because they are potrayed as "good people". They are pretty much ruthless and uncle Jim was the worst one.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Funny watching...

The leader of the Hatfields abandoned his unit, then came home and was involved in killing a wounded soldier. The Hatfields were well connected. If you look at the killings it was McCoy, hatfield, McCoy, McCoy McCoy McCoy. I guess the end was when the hatfields surrounded his cabin and slaughtered most of his family. But they are such great people on the show, lol. I think the reality is both families were inbred retards. Looking forward to the second one tho.

Like I said

I can understand why Clemson fans wouldn't like him lol.

I told you it was good.

I just watched...

The first one, it is good.

Just having to look at Tanner makes you not like him. You can tell, he is just not a likable person by the way he looks.

I beg to differ

I would agree about Frank Martin. He doesnt really look too likable lol. With Spurrier, like you said I think people like him because he's an ass. But to say Ray Tanner isn't likable is crazy. And yes I've heard many many Clemson fans say that they don't like Legget. I don't really have a reason not to like him because Carolina has great success against Clemson in baseball. Which makes sense why you wouldn't like Tanner lol.

I'm pretty jacked about the tourney though. I just hope Carolina doesn't slip and get beat out by Clemson. That is a streak we need to keep going. And I'm not flaming at all by saying that.

I'm gonna watch the last episode of Hatfields and McCoys tonight. I don't want it to end..


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