Friday, March 30, 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012

I use two different sites

I really like both of these. They have a wide range of variety and every seed I buy from them germinates.

Park Seed would be good too though, they just don't have as big of a variety. I know you have said before that they have good seed. I may buy some from them next year. I'm going to try to save some seeds from this year's crop for next year. There is a process to it though. I'll try it out.

Touch finally started...

A great show, you gonna like it.

Went all the way down to Qbasic, much better place to start. Wrote both programs in 15 minutes and actually enjoyed doing it. Good place to start, not too complicated but teaches you things you may not learn using more advanced compilers. I am really going to like the programming side. May have to do a double major after all, one thing at a time tho.

I still need to plant some tomatoes, I kept forgetting to ask. Where did you get yours Park Seed?

Friday, March 23, 2012

One class at a time will be better

You can have a lot of time to focus one thing instead of 4 or 5. You're going to enjoy it. You're going to feel like you're really doing something worthwhile. Doesn't hurt that you really like computers. You will have a easier time than me as far as that goes. I didn't know near as much about computers as you do now when I started school. You will come out far ahead of me when you finish. It also doesn't hurt with the knowledge that you already have with dos. You might not think so because it's so old but a lot of CLI stuff that you'll run into has similar commands. You'll see what I mean.

Glad you're enjoying it and like I said, keep me updated.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I like tomatoes and they might actually taste better...

I used Java and it was a big mistake. It was two simple programs, one where you input the price of a meal and it calculates a 15% tip. The other is to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, which I have not done. Later this week we got guidance not to attempt to use Java if you have no previous experience with it, sound advice. So I will be using one of the Basic Languages from now on. But I certainly learned allot this week doing what I did, things I had forgot about a computer. So it was not a total loss. I really think right now I am going to enjoy school. I am certainly glad I have the luxury of only having to take one class at a time tho.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I hate tomatoes lol..

Jenn loves them though. It started out last year as a joke. I was going to grow all these tomato plants and she was going to get brown tomatos lol. But now she knows what I'm growing. We've read some of the reviews about the types of tomatos I'm growing and many people claim that they are better than regular ones. Only one way to find out.

I said I hate tomatos but I take that back. I love tomato based cooking. Any kind of italian pasta. I like salsa too so I may try to make some of that. I'm mainly just growing them for the fun of it.

Keep me updated with what you're doing in school. I'm definitely interested. What kind of program did you build? What did you use to build it? I mainly used visual basic in school to make simple stuff but I didn't go into programing so I didn't do a lot of it.

I like the idea of growing different things...

One question tho, are you going to eat that? Lol

Started school this week, wrote a program (I think) at lunch time today. I enjoy it, I usually research retarded stuff on the internet and this gives me the oppurtunity to actually put that to use. Researching my classes and studying that is. I now get up at 4:30 to PT with my Sailors and get home at 8 at night or so. If I could just figure a way to add more hours to a day it would be great!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I'm enjoying it

Grandaddy and daddy are a lot of the reason I've taken a interest in it. I think daddy really likes the idea of me having a garden. I'm just interested in seeing how they turn out and what they will look like. Like I said, I'm growing some strange stuff lol. It's funny because each plant is just now getting it's first set of true leaves (2nd set of leaves that look like tomato leaves) and each species already looks different. Here is a few types of species that I'm growing:

Black Seaman

Purple Russian

Mortgage Lifter

Japanese Black Trifele

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tomatoes are real easy to grow...

I bet everyone of them come up. One thing for sure, grandaddy is smiling right now with you growing tomatoes and using his stuff. I think I will plant some too, we have the stuff and it's nice out. That's one thing that is cheap here, cages would be like a dollar or something. I am going to always have a garden for sure. I guess you could grow stuff year round here and not buy vegetables here in Okinawa? I had a plan to grow vegetables year round when I retire, in the house during the winter. Not buy vegetables and do allot of fishing for meat? Would have beat working and paying for it, fun too. Oh well, back to college and a second career instead, lol. Good hearing from you bro, I think I start school Monday night.

Got my seeds started indoors and garden plowed

I've got about 5 different types of weird tomatos I'm gonna try to grow lol. Grandaddy had plenty of tomato cages so that is good because they can be pricey, especially the big tall ones. I'll let you know how it goes.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Lol, that never gets old...

Yeah bro, I know you are busy and getting used to the job. My job takes allot out of me lately also. Have not really had much to post either, Lyle bought a new boat, looks real nice. I have been thinking about trying out fishing around here lately. I have been wanting to get into fly fishing for a while, I may try that. I think leaning to cast it and practicing would be good for stress. Might even tie my own flies?

Football just seems to bore the crap out of me lately. Maybe it's a good thing? I bought a gas rc airplane with a 5 foot wing span, two motors, a radio, everything but gas for $110. All name brand stuff too, scared to fly it, sure to get destroyed, lol. Write back when you can bro.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Friday, March 09, 2012

Hey bro

Sorry about not posting much lately. I check the site everyday but I'm just kinda focused on this new job and going through the transition of change and don't feel I have the time to post anything worth reading. Just want you to know that anything you post will probably spark conversation. I know you are busy too. Just letting you know I'm still checking the site. Hope all is well.

Friday, March 02, 2012

I was not able to open the link at work...

but if its not a joke and an actual sequel with Tom Cruise I am sure it will be ok. Although I cannot say its at the top of my want to see list or needs to be a sequel list.

I will not comment on what happened until you watch, but when you do, this was the best episode of Spartacus ever IMO. Cannot wait for you to see it.

The Grey was a good movie, for sure.

You are going to be fine on your new job bro. You are probably going to enjoy working there more, I am sure there will be potential to move up. Too many people work dead in jobs back home, meaning no way to go up or Billy Bob's less qualified cousin gets the job at small companies. If you are going to work, you might at well get paid and you have the potential to make allot of money in the field you are in. Good deal for you but don't forget they got a bargain for what they are paying you.


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