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Good stuff bro. You are so silly.

I didn't say Shaw was starting. I didn't even give my opinion on whether he should or not. You already know who I think should be the QB1 this season. All I did was pose a question after a Spurrier comment. Where do you come up with the BS that "I said" Shaw will start??

I don't know what goes through your mind sometimes? When did I say Clowney wouldn't play against ECU? Are you serious right now? Maybe you overdosed on wasabi sauce lol. Clowney will play and play often but that isn't the point. You claim that the coaching staff promised him a starting job. Well, that didn't happen because he is #2 on the depth chart. And you know what bro, it feels pretty good to have the #1 player out of high school sitting at #2 on our depth chart. It speaks volumes about where our DL is and how far we have come. I know where he would have been at 2-3 years ago on our depth chart without question. I also know where he would be on Clemson's depth chart right now lol.

Nice try though brother spin lol


So you are saying Clowney is not going to play Saturday and Shaw will be starting??

I am not even going to argue with you because we will see in 2 days!!

Gamecock related news blooper

Man this news reporter is hot. Start watching on the 1:50 mark and ends on the 2:50 mark.

You're gonna like this bro!

More tailgating footage after the game highlights lol.

Will Shaw Start Against ECU?

"We have an idea but they're still battling for it," Spurrier said. "We've had competition for the starting quarterback job and we'll have it right up through Thursday or so. Like I said, Connor Shaw has performed a little bit better than Stephen in all the scrimmages. Don't be surprised if it's Connor Shaw"

In other news, get ready for Clowney to transfer after not being listed as first team on the initial depth chart. I'm sure the "promise to start" that the Carolina coaches made to him during the recruiting process has pissed him off..

Good points rich..

Makes sense, especially about scar.

Dabo is not on the hotseat THIS year. But his fate will be decided on the field, lose and he is a goner after next year. Comments don't matter one bit IMO. He won't have the Scar crutch that Bowden had. IMO he should say whatever he thinks will produce on the field. Whether what he is saying will work? No idea, prolly won't matter either way. He may get run out quicker telling fans not to expect much and losing to back it up.

I think you should expect to win 10 games, no arguments from me there.

My Expectations......

Anything less than 10 wins will be a disappointment to me. Whether the 10th win comes in the SEC champ game or a bowl win. I dont know how a USC fan should expect more than 10 wins, its only happened once in school history. With that said though, i do feel like this Carolina team is a legitimate national title contender. They have the talent to win it, no doubt, but in order to win a national title not only do you have to be good, you have to be lucky. As for William Swinney, i dont really give a damn what he says, but i dont think he should have said that. Here are my reasons (1) Unwarranted pressure on an already young team. (2) Pressure he doesnt need to put on himself, not from a personal perspective but from the fans and media. Yeah, its true, no one outside of clemson is expecting much from this team, why should they? Him saying that is a double edged sword, if he is right, he will look like a genius. If he is wrong, the fans will be chomping at the bit to run his ass out on a rail because he is gonna look retarded. The beauty of it all, we get to start finding out in 3 days(excluding today). Back to Carolina for a minute. Carolina fans talk about wanting to change the "culture" around the program. Well in order to change the culture, the fans have to change as well. We should EXPECT to win and EXPECT not to have a let down game. Dont think for a minute that the players dont listen to the radio or read message boards. This is a GOOD Carolina football team.


Now I've got to have a Tommy Bowden discussion.

Clemson fans grew weary of Tommy telling them basically don't expect much. Well not so much that, it's that we knew we should be better and that he was correct. I think he actually convinced the players the same thing. They really played like it, save against FSU and Scar.

I know you guys don't remember, but Danny Ford would convince you they would lose to a high school team on game week. That was his way of making them play like they had a chip on their shoulders every week. In other words he sold it.

Dabo knew taking the job that the fans were fed up with all the excuses, saying don't expect too much. When he took over it was very welcome, that's what we wanted to hear. But you have to back it up on the field. We won't care if he starts winning what he says.

There is a fine line really. He is still trying to find his way, he may never. But if he wins crap like this won't matter. Personally, when we lose, I want to hear "we know it's broke and we will get it fixed" no bullshit excuses or spin. That's all I want to hear.

8 wins pretty much are my expectations...

I think its logical, 10 wins is what I would really like to see.

Also, you say Spurrier has never made comments like that. Did you follow him when he was at Duke for example? I know I didn't, but maybe he made them and learned not to do it? Spurrier is at the twilight of his coaching carreer and Dabo is beginning. Not sure he should be judged based on things like that.


Blake, I heard him when he made that statement and it wasn't an attempt at overhyping the team. Maybe he is trying to show confidence in his players. And he's also right. Not a lot of people expect too much from this squad. Do you? I like your expectations list. And hunger will cease before South Carolina plays for a national championship. Stephen Garcia will make sure that doesn't happen. I will try to put up my expectations and first week predictions before friday. You got any expectations Vance...Ryan?

Not sure...

Many people are expecting us to win 6 games this year and he is saying we will win 8? Not sure what to say about that, it really does not look like a big deal to me. Also, was that this year? Looks like an old comment, but I really don't know.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spurrier has never made a comment like this..

“This is a team that is going to prove some people wrong,” Swinney said. “I don’t think a lot of people outside of Clemson expect a lot from us. I anticipate us having a really good year."

Which is the worse situation to be in for a fanbase? Hype from the national media that your team can contend for the national championship and your head coach and players sandbagging due to the hype? Or a comment like this from your Dabo?

Defend your Dabo in 3.. 2.. 1.. begin!

I get the point

But not the point of relating the Tommy B coached teams to this year's Spurrier coached team. The difference between all of the Clemson and Gamecock teams that you mentioned is the talent. I don't think either of our teams had the level of talent that Carolina has this year when they laid an egg. I mean the talent of Lattimore and Jeffery and numerous other players has been proven on the field with Carolina last year. Don't agree? Go back and watch the Bama game. We have two Heisman trophy candidates on offense for goodness sake! When has either of our teams had that?

Either way, go back and read my expectations post. You are preaching to the choir in a way. I don't think we will win the national championship but I can see where the optimism is coming from for the guys that make money to make predictions..

The problem I have is comparing this team to recent Carolina teams or even worse, Tommy Bowden coached Clemson teams.

The point was missed again...

The point being the last time Scar got into the top 10 and what happened?

I am sure most coaches would agree it happens and it is a challenge they deal with. It is a valid point I think.

Also bro

How are you going to refer to the past Clemson teams that bombed then make a comment like this?

Former coaches? Discussions best had while they were still coaching.

If that's the case then why are you trying to compare past Tommy Bowden coached Clemson teams to this year's South Carolina team?

So it's ok for you to make instances of Clemson shitting in the bed under Tommy Bowden to further your case that Carolina will do the same thing this season? Then when someone points out the reasons that this South Carolina team is different from the Tommy Bowden coached Clemson teams you say "You can't do that!"?

We should have discussed Tommy back then, while Tommy was still coaching?

Well I think we did bring that up back then, plenty of times bro. And you are bringing it up now to prove a point. Then you turn around and tell me we can't refute it because Tommy isn't the coach at Clemson anymore? Nice one bro lol..

My expectations for the Gamecocks this season

I don't want my view of the Gamecock's expectations this season to get lost in the whirlwind of hype posts. Just because a few analysts think highly enough of our team to say that we will win it all doesn't mean that I think that it will happen. I will lay out my expectations for the Gamecocks this season and I would like to see what you guys have for your teams in the same format, even if not as in depth:

I will turn pale like Brent expectations: 8 or below wins with losses to Clemson and bowl game.

Falls way below expectations: 8 wins or below with loss to either Clemson or bowl opponent.

Below expectations: 9 wins with losses against Clemson and SEC champ game (if option) but win bowl game.

Slightly below expectations: 9 wins with win against Clemson but loss in bowl and SEC champ game.

Average expectations: 9-10 wins with wins against Clemson and bowl opponent but with loss in SEC champ game.

Exceeds expectations: 10-11 wins with wins against Clemson and SEC champ game but loss in BCS bowl game.

Highly exceeds expectations: 11-12 wins with wins against Clemson, SEC champ game, and BCS bowl.

Cure world hunger and create world peace expectations: Win the national championship! Unfortunately, curing world hunger and creating world peace are probably more likely than the Gamecocks winning the national championship..

By the way these are not actual scenarios that I see playing out so don't try to critique them and say "what if". This is just a basic gauge of my expectations. I'm sure I would be able to look back at this graph and find that it would be pretty accurate at judging this season after it is over.

Last team that hit the top 10...

then bombed directly after was the Gamecocks, not Clemson. I was just saying Clemson has done it too. Former coaches? Discussions best had while they were still coaching. IMO its a Clemson and Scar thing until they prove otherwise.

Not sure why you thought Stallings was dead, you know he came to Clemson and helped Dabo get the job right? Hes a good guy I guess, a product of Bear Bryant, sad that these guys are all almost gone.

Tradition is important, but those two teams are Rivals and there is no reason they will not play forever on Rivalry week no matter what conference they are in. On the other hand would you want to see Clemson and Georgia play? Not playing Georgia really hurt Clemson IMO, its a small part of the reason Clemson is no longer Clemson on the field.

Battlestar Galactica was a great show. I have watched them all. They are making a new series right now about the first cylon war. Adama and others when they were younger. On a side note, James Edward Olmos will be starring on Dexter this season.

As for you bro...
Yeah they won 9 games and won their Division, so should be better right?


I agree Brent

You can't compare this Gamecock team or any other team to the Tommy Bowden coached teams of Clemson's past. Those Clemson teams were a different animal..

South Carolina could come out and fall right on their face. I was just pointing out that all the attention is nice. It helps recruiting if nothing else. You really can't blame the Gamecocks for receiving that hype. The players and coaches are not out there pounding their chests. They have been very humble. Even though a few players could be boasting. Lattimore and Jeffery could be out there talking about how good they will be this season because the play they had on the field last year can back them up. That's where all this hype is coming from. Guys like them that played well last season.

I guess a huge drop off is possible for a team that won 9 games last season, SEC east title, and returns nearly everybody. Possible yes, likely no. I think the guys that get paid to make these predictions and hype teams up see something in that. Let hope they are right, and if not who cares. It won't be anything but the same old Gamecocks. But hey at least we had the preseason like the Tommy B fans did back then lol

Monday, August 29, 2011

Gene Stallings/Tradition

On the way home from work i caught an interview with former Alabama coach Gene Stallings. Honestly, I thought he was dead. No, but it was cool to hear a coach from only 20 or so years ago talk about today's game and the all the issues facing it. He made a strong argument about how much a college education costs and that players recieve a good compensation for being a student-athlete. When talking about super conferences and playoffs, he mentioned that he was a traditionalist and preferred the bowl system.

I am a traditionalist as well. I am fearful of a lot of rivalries and traditions being altered or left behind in the constant sea of change stemming from television revenue. Do we really want to see Texas and Texas A&M stop playing? I know that those teams aren't relevent to most of our discussions and are hours away from the teams we root for, but taking away tradition hurts the game as a whole. Thoughts?

Ryan, sounds like a good idea. Blake, it seems like SC is getting love from everywhere these days. Vance, hype is deserved when the product on the field matches it. South Carolina is not Clemson and by the same token, Clemson is years removed from the vomit inducing hype/failure/redemption crap that Tommy Bowden's teams put fans through. I am hyped about Clemson this year. I don't know how good they can be, but it's exciting thinking about the possibilities with all that talent.

If you guys want to check out a cool show, give Battlestar Galactica a try. It's not scifi like you probably think. A lot of action, sexy women, and a very evil antagonist. Human population reduced to 50,000 in the first episode? Great television.

I can remember a few times..

Clemson has been hyped up like this. Not necessarily to win the National Championship but to win the conference. Then a terrible thing happened to us, the season started and we got a Wet Willy.

Reality has a way of slapping you in the face. Sometimes it can actually hurt a team to get hyped up, I think that would explain why when we get into the top 10 it doesn't last long. "We have arrived" mentality. I think both of us have experienced it in the past.

Of course this is not Clemson these are "The Gamecocks" so I think you guys will be fine.

And the hype surrounding the Gamecocks grows

Looks like people are wanting to jump on the bandwagon and they are welcome to. All aboard Vance and Brent!

I have to give credit to Rich for finding the video. I agree with what they say except for the part about Ellington. While Bruce could help us in the Wildcat, Shaw will be our QB if Garcia is out. It's nice to get all this national recognition. Something that has been scarce for our teams in the past. I couldn't get the video strait on the website so just click the link.

I think that..

Spell check is your friend Rich, don't neglect it..

Starting Wednesday....

I will be doing a post along the same lines of the old Leonards Losers except it will be called Richs Losers. Just thought it would be fun and give us all something to debate outside of just Carolina and Clemson. I'm positive it wont be as good as Leonard could do, but i will use some of the same lingo and "odd" mascot names that he would refer to teams by. Just wanted to see what everyone thought about it.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

My First Link

Well, my First link attempt went well. I'm decent with a computer, just always scared I'm going to mess something up lol. It's a link to a little column on the analysts and color commentary and odds and ends about college TV broadcasts.

Quick rant..

Season six of the sopranos is really pissing me off! Makes me want to puke, what the hell is up with the vedo shit? I just don't get the point! NASTY!

I could deal with those schools..

Troy is in Alabama, some potential there. Why not south Florida? Louisville would be an ideal school as well.

A fourth school from nc?

You gotta admit bro and rich, this sounds suspect.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


I would assume you say this because the conference is already pitiful? Why don't they just add the Akron Zips? I don't think any school from Texas fits, but these conferences aren't concerned with anything but football revenue anymore. ESPN pulls the strings of collegiate athletics now.

App. State had an NFL athlete as a quarterback to lead them to a few championships. I don't think they will be very good over time. But hey, whatever happens. What about Central Florida? Troy? Southern Mississippi? I like those better than App. State.

No reason in particular

I just think it would be cool to give them a shot. App St is already making moves to get to Div. I. They are one of the best if not the best Div. II program. Everyone in the nation knows who they are after the Michigan game. I also just think they fit the ACC mold. More so than a Texas A&M. Not saying that A&M is not the better or smarter choice but I just like the story line better with App St. It would make me an ACC fan. I'm not trying to be funny either, I like App St.

I know Rich agrees with me but what about you Brent?

Overall I think TCU is the smartest choice but you may have waited too late with them joining the Big East. It would make TCU look pretty shitty to leave the Big East after only a year or few..


I will give you my theory's on how Chad Morris got hired and why blake likes Ap St.

Well, me and Blake had a good talk yesterday..

Good topic for here..

If Miami gets the death penalty should they get the boot from the acc?

I say yes. Miami was not shit before the two boosters pumped all that money in the team, starting with Johnson. Minimal fan support and even less money. No reason to believe they will recover.

So who does the acc add?

Blake: Appalachian state. No idea why, he will have to explain. I will pass.

Me: The first team is always Notre Dame, but as we know it's just not happening, but you still ask. Next, I think it's logical you go after Texas A&M right now. They would jump or it would at least force the SECs hand for them. Next, TCU, why not? I think they are better than A&M anyway and if they get a spike in recruiting? Possibilities are endless.

But Appalachian State? Let's hear it bro, also what you think they bring, compare them to A&M for example, I know you are big on TV markets, what would they bring in that? I've never met an Appalachian state fan.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Most of them act like that..

I don't really pay much attention.

Putting down molding sux.

I been grilling allot lately, not much else.

Yeah, I heard the peacock joke allot. I leave most of that crap alone. I think it's funny but it don't really help Clemson. Some people were kind of hoping he ends up on the sex offender list. We will be sending that to some parents if so, lol.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

You do make jam up pepperoni pizzas dude

I wasn't so bad myself. My champs card from Terrence is still one of the biggest accomplishments in my life lol.

I feel your pain on the remodeling. I bent more nails than a pro carpenter would in a lifetime with my home improvements. Main thing is don't get frustrated and beat you work to death with a hammer like did multiple times. Then you have to start over from scratch lol. The view at the end of all the hard work is priceless. It may not mean a lot to everyone else that sees it but you will know the blood and sweat you put into it to look like it does. I'm proud of Jenn and myself. You will be too of your work..

You are definitely onto something with the snobby fans. I have a perfect relation. After Carolina won their first national championship in baseball a my immediate boss, a co-worker, and myself (all Carolina fans) were all talking about it the next work day. There is a chick that works there that is a big Clemson fan. Her and her husband both. You guys will know who I'm talking about if I told you. They are season ticket holders. Well, she walks in the office during our convo. I find out later that she said "I don't know why all of them are so happy, none of them went to Carolina." Turns out she graduated from Lander and as far as I know her husband only has a high school diploma. In fact I'm pretty sure of that. He definitely didn't go to Clemson. Just thought that was funny. Especially with the fact that one of the Gamecock fan co-workers she referred to was paying his son's way through Carolina at the time lol.

On the other hand, two of my other bosses graduated from Clemson with engineering degrees. They have never made comments like that towards me about being a Carolina fan even though I give them hell about Clemson a good bit. You would like the plant operations manager's humor about Carolina Vance. He reminds me a lot of you lol. For instance, after GA Mangus got into trouble he sent me a text that read "I heard they were changing the name of the Gamecocks to the Peecocks". Funny guy, but he has never looked down on me or acted snobby about me being a Gamecock fan and not graduating from Carolina.

Anyway, just thought I would share that.

Xbox Live

Well, I've got to mention this, even though Ryan and I are the only one with Xbox Live. ESPN just updated their app. on the system tonight and its pretty awesome. I will be able to have my favorites, including favorite team, accessed quickly. The coolest things include split screen games. This is gonna be cool because I will be able to watch whatever live game is on and watch either another live game or watch a previous game, or highlight. There is a ticker and also a larger scoreboard to pull up if you want. The only thing I didn't see, with only about 5 minutes of toying with it, is a search icon. I have found it aggravating not being able to search for the Clemson spring game, but I'm not sure if there's a search on this one yet either.

Damn, is that a photo shopped picture? It does look a lot like Raspberry Gary to me. I think that guy may be vying for a starting reciever job....look out Nuke!

Did anyone see the Tigernet forums today? I didn't read a ton of them, but there was a lot of debating going on about graduates vs. nongraduates. It seems that some of the graduates think that people who didn't attend the university aren't true fans, or don't count. Fuck that. I remember after that Miami game in 2005 there were some happy Miami fans saying smart ass shit and singing some dumb fight song and some little short guy screaming, "Did you even go to Miami?" There is definitely a snobbery by some alumni toward the working man in regards to being fans to a particular team. Thoughts?

My posts aren't directly related to anything relevent on the field today, but I have been remodeling Ashlyn's room all day, so I haven't been researching as much. I have learned that I make a terrible carpenter and bent about 20 nails trying to put down floor molding lol. Looks like shit, but the floor itself looks great. Of course, Jenelle's dad did the cutting and the tough stuff on that too. Oh well...can make a damn fine pepperoni pizza!


You didn't tell me John Fain got a starting job at Clemson! Can't wait to see #85 hit the field! Knowing Dabo (or as Vic called him, goat boy) this fine specimen may start for real lol.

I emailed you back bro

Check it when you get a chance and let me know if it works. If not we will go another route til it works.

For the record I'm not arguing just stating a fact. If they did tell him he could start, good I'm glad it worked..

I completely agree bro..

Everyone offered him a starting job as they should have. Nothing wrong with it. But, to be clear you are arguing with Ryan, not me. Save adding the Clemson players, I have said that all along.

Don't forget my request I emailed you. I cannot get to my email here at work.

Quick note

Spurrier said today that Clowney should be back to practice monday.


Actually, they did not do too well the year before he came. Mainly due to QB play. The same QB he is credited with developing the next year. Tulsa fans said he made a big difference with him. Yes, he did develop some good QBs in high school that went on to play in college as well. You may know some of them.

Texas high school football may be a little different in terms of what you are thinking. That's the state where they make all those movies and tv shows about high school ball. They take it pretty serious there.

Who cares anyway if the coaches told Clowney he would start?

Do you think Clemson didn't tell him that he would start when they were recruiting him? What about Watkins and the LBs? I'm glad the coaching staff told Clowney he would start if that's what got him to Carolina. Great recruiting imo. I hope they keep it up. Especially after it landed the best high school product to come out in the past 10 years..


i want Tay to do well, why wouldnt I? Hes a hometown boy and ive known him for years. Hell, i almost raised him because he was at the pool everyday when i was lifeguarding. lol. He is tall nad fast, but i think his hands can be a little suspect. With that said, it was high school the last time i seen him play but he didnt have the best hands in the world. I know that his hands are something that he could develop and i will pull for MB to do well. I talk to him via facebook a lot. He may end up being the best of the 3, he definitely has the potential. I do think Watkins will end up being the best however, but im basing that strictlyh off of what i have heard. Ive seen peake play in person and i was impressed. He did have trouble with defenders pressing him that night but when they backed off, he was very good. Where has Morris developed quarterbacks? High school? Tulsa has ALWAYS scored points, always. And last year, they scored 7 against Okie state. The same okie state that beat Troy the week before by 3 and gave up nearly 40 to the trojans.

Not a big stats guy..

Mainly because rob spence had great stats and he sucked.

Not gonna judge the OL for Clemson. Caldwell is the sole reason why.

I don't think it matters about clowney..

I think he is good enough to play, what else matters really?

Agreed on the quick 3 and outs. Even when the offense is clicking it's tough on the defense, scoring quickly I mean.

Boyd is the key, no one should be sold, he has yet to start a game. By the same token he should not be judged either way. I think one of morris's strong points is QB development. Something we have not had at Clemson.

Boyd looks allot better now, watch the recent videos.

Points on Malzahn are fine, but everyone has rebuilding years. If Morris is being compared, we have done less with more and we need someone who does more with more IMO. We should have been better.

Agreed about lat staying healthy, I would add AJ to that as well. It's not easy for a rb to stay healthy. Both ours did not last year.

Not sure why everyone is down on mb, he is my favorite player for obvious reasons. No reason he won't pick up the offense and he could be the pick of the bunch in the end. Guy is tall, fast and has great hands. He will pick it up, everyone should give him time. This is practice after all.


not getting mad. I think its hilarious really. You are entitled to believe what you will and i am as well. If you want to believe Clowney was promised the starting position, so be it, but this is major college football and Spurrier wants to win. I dont think he would start a true frosh that wasnt ready just to appease an ego. Maybe im wrong, but i doubt it. As for Malzahn, its undeniable the talent he has inheirted at each of his stops in college, sorry there is just no getting around it. Like i said , i love the offense, so its not a knock on Malzahn or even Morris for that matter. The problem with this type of offense is this, if your offense isnt moving the ball and going 3 and out or even picking up one first down and then punting, you are gonna wear your defense out. Especially against teams that can run the ball and grind clock and keep opposing defenses ont eh field. Now, if your offense is moving the ball, its gonna have the same effect on the other teams defense, obviously. Its really a doule edge sword. Once again, i like the offense, i really do, but i still think Malzahn has yet to have to really coach. His teams have put monster numbers, no doubt, but look at what he had to work with. Thats why i think Clemson could possibly struggle this season. athey dont have a Cam or Mcfadden. Do i think their offense will be better, sure. I mean hell, it cant get much worse. Do i think they will average 500 yards a game, no way. I think they will have games where they explode on some teams, but then again, they did last year. I will say this, im not sold on Boyd. Ellington is a good back and really is probably one of the top 15 or so backs in the country. I really believe that Sammy Watkins is as good as advertised and i think that Peake is good too. Not sold on Martavis, not sold on Clemson o-line and not sold on the defense this year. Too many losses on that side of the ball for it not to make an impact, especially in the secondary and the loss of Jenkins and Bowers. As for Carolina, as ive said before if Latt stays healthy and Garcia just manages the game, out offense will be good. The line will be better this year, im not saying great but improved. The d-line is going to be very good, believe what you will. Linebackers will be much much much better with the return of Wilson and Paulk and in return i think this will lead to better play in the secondary for us. I do think that a lot of the secondaries problems last year stemed from our weakness at linebacker. Our starters in the secondary will be good, its what's behind them that has me worried. No proven depth back there and with some injuries it could become a liability. I think this has the potential to be the most exciting season, as a whole, for the Palmetto state in a long time possibly ever.

Does Mickey plyler read our blog?

I mean seriously this happens allot:

Mickey, if you are reading this, give us a shout!


We all know I enjoy banter and I am trying to get excited about the season. I hope you are not really getting mad. I always think it is funny, but sometimes other people don't.

Everytime I read your post..

I keep finding little Turd Nuggets that I missed before..

So you are correlating Bowden offering Jaime Harper the first carry of the season (which he admitted) to Clowney actually starting, got it.

At least before it was former players under the same head coach. Can you use any current players and coaches for your references? I mean really do you want me to start quoting Lou Holtz or Sparky Woods maybe? Blake Mitchell?

When is the cut off to stop talking about irrelevant shit from former players and coaches? Can we talk about Boyd maybe? Or would you prefer to talk about Kyle Parker?

Boy, for a fan base that forbids anyone talk about history, you sure do love it.

Whats this about over rating Clowney??

Is Blake editing my posts or something? Where did I say Clowney is over rated?

Wouldn't that be why they promised him to start?


Give me a break..

The number one player in the nation?? Everyone does it, especially Clemson and Scar. We just don't get that many legit shots at the number 1 player in the nation.

I agree, 9 wins may be the ceiling..

But I would add I think 9 wins is the ceiling for you as well.

Why you ask? These are the Gamecocks!!

Simple, every year we hear how your OL has improved, how great the players and coaches are. I am including Wolford or whatever his name was as well. But then when the season starts are they?

No, they certainly are not.

Show me.

Not sure you can judge him based on this year..

Isn't this a rebuilding year for Auburn? This guy has done well everywhere he has been, just won a national championship. I just don't think its going to be fair to judge him by this year. We will never know probably, because he will likely be a head coach soon. One thing for sure, we are not going to throw everything he did out because of what might happen in a rebuilding year for a team.

I think he showed you plenty last year as a Scar fan already.

I will say that was some pretty good spin from both of you and say to you "Nice Try".

Texas Tech and the pass to run ratio not being the same, sure. But the concept is the somewhat the same. Spreading the field, using simple plays in an up tempo format. The Pirate said he ran the same play over and over again, just out of different formations. Of course he said allot of things.

I know Bently did not do well as a head coach of the the Blue Hose. Not sure that means he would be a bad OC? I just don't think you can mix and match the two.

Man it's nice to get the ole Vancer heat off of me lol

I welcome someone else to the nonsense and see if he can decrypt it.

This really is a "show me or shut up" season for Malzahn. He has had deadly weapons at his disposal every year of his career as a college coach. He does have Dyer this year but nothing compared to Cam or his RBs at Arky. The difference between Morris and Malzahn this year is a bunch of highly touted freshmen. Will the high school scheme carry over for high school players? Yea I think it will. How far? We will see in the big boy games. The potential for 9 wins is there but that is the ceiling imo. I think it will be more like 7 or 8.

It will be very interesting to see unfold if nothing else..


Malzahn offense was no where near as potent his first year at auburn, then the next year they average 500 yards a game with basically the same personnel. We will see this year if it was him or Cam. Texas tech doesnt run an Auburn/Oregon type offense. They spread the field and throw it 45 times a game. Huge difference. Bently never was on OC, he was a head coach at Presbyterian, a stint that only lasted 2 years if im not mistaken and resulted in about as many wins as years he was there. Im not knocking Malzahn because personally i love the up-tempo spread offense. But if ya look back at where he has coached(with the exception of Tulsa), he has walked into teams that were stockpiled with talent. He had Mcfadden and Jones at Arkansas and Cam his 2nd year at Auburn. So we shall see how it goes for Auburn this year.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Willy korn and cam newton?

But to your question. How do we know it was newton and not Malzhaun? Oregon, Texas tech with the pirate etc.. They run similar type offenses. When was bently an oc?

Willy korn was an oc?

So basically....

Everyone in the nation overrated Clowney? I mean he was the number one player in the nation and the number one player the last ten years via Rivals. How many 6'7, 265 lb athletes do you know that run a sub 4.5 40? As for the whole "we will let you start thing", i dont buy into it. Here are my reason...1) will cause problems with team chemistry. (2) We have two of the best defensive ends in the conference returning as i stated in the previous post. (3) just because Clemson does it, doesnt mean everyone else in the nation does, ala Jaime Harper. So give me relevence and i'll debate, but nonsense is just that, nonsense. As for the o-line, i do think there is a siginificant drop off after the 1st team. Injuries are something that we can ill afford along the o-line. The offensive woes last year after Latt got hurt, i attribute to Garcia(which is why hes inconsistent) because he became too dependent on Latt and once he went out, he forced throws and tried to make plays, even if they werent there. All he had to do was manage the game. I'll give one example of this and i'm leaving it at that. In the chic-fil-a bowl last year, fla state pinned carolina down around the 10. We ran the ball about 7 or 8 straight plays and was out to almost midfield. Couldnt do that with a poor o-line, but at this point we decide to go play action and Garcia underthrows Jeffery by about 10 yards and its picked off. So do i think the o-line is great, no. Do i think it is more than serviceable, definitely. Its not a glaring weakness as in past years. Our biggest concern is at safety. Thats what scares me.

I guess the clowney comments are for someone else..

Because I don't think I have said anything about the injury. I thought bringing up players that are not here that played for coaches that are not here was blakes style, but I guess it's a scar thing? I will say injuries held bowers back his first couple of years as well.

On to your dline, so starting a freshen means you are talented?

Ok, this is what happened:

Spurier/Johnson/fill in any name: we will do anything to get you here at scar, anything.

Clowney: well I can tell you I will be starting, just to start with.

Scar coaches: thank you sir may I have another.

Don't buy into that "we told him he is gonna get coached and he will earn his spot". Thats just pillow talk baby, because clowney was promised to start. Didn't rosters come out with him already listed as the starter?

Lastly, maybe it's your OL? Is it that the dl is so great or OL issues. I saw lat pick up allot on his own. But how good was your offense when he went out? If the OL was good, should they still been ok?


Clemson does have talent....on paper, No one is doubting that. the recruiting classes they have brought in the past couple of years have been very very good, especially last years class. the only thing here is that it is unproven talent. Your whole offense lays on the shoulders of a qb with very little game experience. How is he gonna perform when he faces a real blitz? How are the young recievers gonna respond when they are getting punched in the face at the line of scrimmage? Can Ellington stay healthy? A lot of question and this is just on the offensive side of the ball, not to mention what Clemson lost on defense. Im not saying that the potential for a very good team isnt there, but the jury is still out. As for Willy Korn, i always said he was overhyped and product of a system. Clemson cant help that, although he did lead North Greenville to a National title. Garcia is inconsistent at times, but i really think this will be is best year as a Gamecock, but it should be because hes a 5th year senior. Back to the Clemson defense, i agree the defense was good last year. But that defense is missing some key parts and depending on true freshamn linebackers. That would be the equivalent of depending on a true freshman quarterback which in most cases doesnt bod well. I think this will be a very interesting year for both of our teams. I do really believe that USC is a legitimate player for a national title and i do beleive that Clemson will be pretty exciting to watch. Im not saying Carolina will win the title or even play for it, but i do think if we can stay healthy and Garcia has the season that i think he may have, dont count them out. I think Clemson will take some lumps at first and probably look sloppy at times but i think they will be very interesting to watch. I just hope that the hype around Morris isnt a train wreck waiting to happen(actually i do) but for my Clemson friends i dont.

HIgh School Offense

I think it has been proven that any sound scheme works with talent. Steve Spurrier had lost his game only 2 or 3 years ago, right? I agree that Auburn may struggle. But....Clemson does have talent to move the ball. I will admit that it's entirely on paper at this point though. Willie Korn jab hurts, Ryan. We have taken a lot of heat on that one for years. He was a big bust, but he was a Bowden bust. I think that every year, even last year, Clemson has moved away from that type of football. Nobody can argue that Clemson's defense was pretty damn good last year. Let's hope that Morris will fix the problem. I won't be bold enough to say Andre Ellington is as good as Lattimore, but I think he is an All-ACC caliber back and one of the top ten to twenty in the country.

Blake, your predictions are pretty good. I would put the Clemson game as a toss-up, but that's my bias. I'm still sticking by my theory about Garcia and his penchant for costly turnovers. He will cost you a game, as he always has. No flaming, no joking, just stating an opinion.

Turf Toe.....

Yeah, i guess Clowney isnt super man. I wouldve given that title to Spiller but the catastrophisc turf toe incident cancelled that. But wait, theres a bird, its a plane, no its Andre Ellington....NEVERMIND, he had turf toe too. The article that i posted about Clowney came straight out of Brad Lawnings mouth,so take up the injury thing with him. As for the 'other' possibilties about the D-line, i'd love to hear them so i can debunk that too. Brent, you should buy into the Chad Morris hype. The players are picking up on the offense very fast, except Martavis, but then again these are college kids and his offense is a high school offense. Just ask Bobby Bentley and Willy Korn how well that translated. And before anyone references Gus Malzhan, i couldve won Games with Cam Newton as my qb, just saying. we will find out this year how good his offense is when he actually has to coach. I'll be very disappointed if they dont lose to clemson and carolina.

Arky would be in the sure loss column

If not for the loss of Knile Davis for the season. He is the leading returning rusher in the SEC. He was a huge part of their offense. He leaves behind a couple of backs without a whole lot of experience. Losing him along with Ryan Mallet are huge setbacks. Two of their top 3 offensive threats are gone this season. It's the equivalent of Carolina losing Garcia and Lattimore this season but still having Alshon.

We could certainly still lose but I like our chances much better with the loss of Davis. Chalked them up in the toss up column..

About FSU, I am pretty high on them this year. It wasn't a knock on Clemson at all. I think if they can get by Oklahoma they have a shot at running the table and getting the ACC back in the national championship game. The defense they have is really being hyped up this year. We'll see what happens..

Looks pretty reasonable..

I would add Arkansas to the sure loss column for you and make FSU a toss up for us. But nothing I outright disagree with.


Clemson Football Schedule 2011
Date - Opponent
Sept. 3 - TROY................W
Sept. 10 - WOFFORD............W
Sept. 17 - AUBURN.............Toss up
Sept. 24 - FLORIDA STATE......L
Oct. 1 - at Virginia Tech.....L
Oct. 8 - BOSTON COLLEGE.......W
Oct. 15 - at Maryland.........W
Oct. 22 - NORTH CAROLINA......Toss up
Oct. 29 - at Georgia Tech.....W
Nov. 12 - WAKE FOREST.........W
Nov. 19 - at NC State.........Toss up
Nov. 26 - at South Carolina...L

So that's 6 sure wins, 3 sure losses, and 3 toss ups. I see it shaping up as a 7-5 or more like 8-4 regular season. 9 wins is certainly not out of realm for the tigs this season imo..

South Carolina Football Schedule 2011
Sept. 3 – vs. East Carolina....W
Sept. 10 – @ Georgia...........W
Sept. 17 – NAVY................W
Sept. 24 – VANDERBILT..........W
Oct. 1 – AUBURN................W
Oct. 8 – KENTUCKY..............W
Oct. 15 – @ Mississippi State..Toss up
Oct. 29 – @ Tennessee..........Toss up
Nov. 5 – @ Arkansas............Toss up
Nov. 12 – FLORIDA..............Toss up
Nov. 19 – THE CITADEL..........W
Nov. 26 – CLEMSON..............W

8 sure wins and 4 toss ups. Hopefully a 10 win season..

Just for fun and you asked for it..

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

OK you got a laugh out of me

I admit that last comment was good lol..

I can't really comment on the Wingo case..

I can only say that the NCAA along with my continued help will get to the bottom of it in due time.

A couple of stories debunked

One half debunked and the other completely debunked. I really hate to bring this back up but want to pass on info that I recently read by the insiders at Gamecock Central. The insiders had finally heard enough about the Wingo SAT story. They claim, as they have about multiple Fitsnews stories, that nothing will EVER come of the Wingo story. What they have heard from several different sources is the word "lawsuit" come up against Will Folks. I'm surprised he didn't get buried after the bullshit he started about Governor Haley. As if our state needed more controversy to be frowned upon by the rest of America.

Here is the more interesting story. Everyone knew that the Wingo story was BS but everyone kind of went along with what Folks said about the Garcia bowl game hangover scandle. The reason we went with the story is because everyone stayed hush about it except for Folks. Turns out, just like with the Clowney arrest warrant story, Folks stretched the truth about the Garcia bowl game story. What Will Folks claimed is Garcia was alone with 5 girls drunk the night before the bowl game. To top it off a state trooper had to come break up the party.

Here is the real story:
First of all, it was three days before. Second, it was two girls. Third, no state trooper broke it up, it was a team staffer. Fourth, there was no mention of Andrew Clifford, who was there and also suspended.

And that comes from a much more credible source than that POS Will Folks. Doesn't change the fact that Garcia was wrong for living the college life that all of us dream about lol. Anyway, just some interesting info from CREDIBLE sources that I thought I would pass along..

My bad

The Clowney injury wasn't as bad as I thought. I read the text wrong. I thought it said Clowney wasn't able to walk off the field under his own power. It actually said he was able to walk off the field. He walked off with only a slight limp. Spurrier said he should be back in 1-2 days and "If it was going to happen, I'm glad it happened 10 days before the opener"

Damn Rich

There went our chance at winning the superbowl lol. That fist-pumping post got Clowney a sprained ankle and a pretty bad one from the sound of it. Couldn't even walk off the field under his on power.

The superbowl thing was funny. Reminds me of the days before Daquan Bowers stepped on a college field. He was ready to play in the NFL already lol. It took him till his senior year before he was really good even in college. That's why I try to leave it alone till I see them in action. Also stuff like the ankle injury can happen at anytime. Some injuries like that can hamper a player for the whole season. Here's to hoping that's not the case with Clowney.

I get the Walt pic reference Brent. And yes, Clowney is still Superman. Dabo snuck a dirty trainer into practice with kryptonite laced Icy Hot and it found it's target (Clowney's ankle).

Oh by the way check out the article to the right>>>>>>>>>>>

App St ready to play with the big dogs. Bout time imo..

"Wheres Walt?! Waaaaaalt!!"

First, anybody see that Maryland had a fashion show to unveil their new uni's? Damn uniform changes are getting seriously out of hand. Like I've said, some are ok, but others are puke. These are.

Sad news about Clowney....just proves hes not superman, huh. Seriously though, Ryan jinxed him by telling everyone he was going to be a starter. It looks like he is a little brittle to me....really. Two big left feet.

I like Walt Deptula....and not because he is a Clemson homer, as some suspect. I don't think that is why he got a contract extension. The guy is great to listen to. People who know radio know that it's all about listeners and advertising. Don't you wanna try a Burger Joint burger, guys? I'm not as optimistic as hes is, but some people are saying 4-8 and 5-7. I don't see it. Not so much anymore. I have....bought into the Chad Morris hype. Can you blame me? I know Vance can't.

By the way, sorry if you don't get the pic reference...

I didn't know anyone's post got edited...

I thought he was just asking could you edit posts. Why would he think Ryan did it and not Harry Potter with majic? I don't really care.

Ryan, I can think of a few more possibilities other than the ones that you listed, lol. But I will leave it alone, because I am sure Clowney is going to be good. I think Scar will have a good year. Blake has been telling us they could actually play in the NFL and win the Superbowl.

Walt just won't let people talk, one guy called in from Iraq or somewhere to talk to him about Boise St. and he actually put the guy on mute so he could not talk. Right after that they lost to Nevada. When someone is retarded he lets them talk and when they start to make a good argument he puts them on mute. I still like to listen to him.

Clowney to start????

This hasnt been ruled out yet. I think tis means 2 things....1) our defensive line really is as good or better than advertised becaus eit was a pretty dominant force last season with the only real loss being Ajiboye. (2) Clowney really is as good as the hype. For him to come in as a true freshman and possibly take the starting position from either Taylor or Ingram speaks volumes for just how good Clowney really is. You got 2 guys in Taylor (who is a preseason all-American in just about everyones preseason rankings) and Ingram ( who led this team in sacks last season and ranked in the top 5 in the SEC in that category) are being pushed by a true freshman. I think this really shows just how gifted ogf an athlete JC is and shows just how good the Carolina D-line is goiong to be this season.

That was me lol

Just a little practical joke. I was gonna make Brent think it was Rich because it was Rich's first day on the site. Then I read Vance's post and realized how serious of an offense it was. Lighten up bro lol.

By the way, I think the world can read the blog for themselves and see who was getting "tore up" lol. I felt bad for owning you so bad lol. No but seriously, hopefully all that nonsense is out of our systems.

I'll be honest, I don't like Deptula. He is an asshole. I don't like his yankee sounding voice. The one thing I will say about him is he hates to be wrong. He is going to do everything in his power to avoid being wrong. Even if it means being realistically optimistic about a team he has ragged on in the past. I will also say he is very knowledgeable and he is often right on his predictions. He's still a prick though..

I like Walt, he really grows on you..

But what the hell is his obsession with Boise St.? How many times do they have to embarrass him before he stops? Not one down has been played this year and he picks them over everyone.

I like Georgia in that game, who is in a real conference. Before anyone counts out Georgia they need to go look back at their recruiting classes, about three hundred 4 star recruits or something like that. This is also couple with the fact Richt is firmly on the hot seat and needs to win big time.

I don't count out any of those traditionally good SEC teams like Florida etc.. out before the season. Just go back and look at their recruiting.

You can edit anything when you have admin keys..

Its always been like that, but with the updated format it displays a button to make it easier. We won't be doing any bullshit like that here. We respect everyone's right to be asshole's.

Welcome back Rich, I have been tearing Blakes ass up and he really could use your help.

Clemson had a pretty bland scrimmage as well.

Well, I believe I gave my predictions on the season. When can we expect everyone else's or did I miss them?


Okay, so now someone can edit my posts? Welcome back Ryan. Your last post was....3 years ago? Only sports news I've heard today, well not really news, but just heard Deptula chime in a bit. He thinks Miami should get 5 years without athletics. He was also going on a little about Texas A&M and what they had to do to win the Big
12, which is going to Norman and beating Oklahoma. And oh by the way, they're 72-2 at home under Stoops. The last time they were beat at home was the game Blake and I watched in the 2005 opener against TCU. Of course he went on a big spill about how Oklahoma has been beaten by Boise St. and TCU. And then the whold charade about how Boise St. is going to drill Georgia. I tend to agree on that one. Opinions?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Im Back like Cooked Crack.....

well i had to make my appearence just efore the start of the college football season. hopefully it will be a good one for all of us. Im'm expecting big things fromt he Gamecocks this year, hope i dont get my heart broke. Oh well, that the fun of college football.
The Georgia uniforms are hideous but for some reason they are kind of starting to grow on me, like most hideous things tend to do.
The scrimmage the other day was very vanilla. I actually heard on 107.5 today, that the scrimmage was designed to make Garcia make quicker decsions by putting the 1st team d-line on the field against the 2nd and 3rd teamers on the o-line. That really explained Garcia having absolutely NO TIME to throw the ball. Spurrier has conplained that Grcia needs to get the ball out quicker and that this would not be the last time before game preparations begin that practice would be conducted this way. Just wanted topass that little tidbit of info along.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nice One.....

The 3D is pretty awesome. The next time I buy a tv I will probably go with one, which may be a few years. It looks as good or better than 3d at the movies. I just wonder what innovations await us. The holodeck from Star Trek?

I don't know who makes the final decisions on these uniforms, but those players love them for some odd reason. I liked the Boise St. one from last year, and TCU's as well, but for the most part they're all ugly.


Those are ugly. Not sure why they gotta make all those look like it's another team. It will never go over well IMO.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hey Brent

The pants should have been black or gray. I agree too much red..

I think Hiro would enjoy it too

Spring games are really fun because they are free and you pretty much sit where you want. Very laid back atmosphere. We are counting down the days with you bro..

The verdict on the 3D TV is good. Not bad, not great, but good. It's about what you would expect. It would be a lot cooler if it was a 46" or so. You can tell the bigger the TV is the cooler it would be. The best thing is that they are dropping in price. I could have got the same exact TV without HD for $50 less. What the hell, just pay the little extra money and get 3D. Brent got to see the TV yesterday. He can give a review on it as well.

I sent you an e-mail by the way bro.

Georgia Pro Combat

Well, what do you think of Georgia's pro combat uniforms for the Boise St. opener? They look like an arena leauge team huh? They wouldn't be so horrible if the pants weren't

Less than 14 days!!!!

I finally checked out the 3d TVs..

Looks like a cool deal, I will be interested to hear your reports on how you like it.

I am almost thru season 5 of the Supranos. Will be looking for something else to watch here pretty soon.

Wow bro..

Sounds like you got to see some good stuff. I am glad you got to see them practice.

You will get to see Byrd this year I am sure, all the reports I have read recently (yesterday) says he is going to be good and I am sure he will be. Everyone knows you have real good receivers.

Sounds like Clowney is going to be good as advertised.

I am jealous, I wish I could see a scrimmage. I have never even been to the Spring game. I think Hiro would like stuff like that too. Oh well, only a couple more years.

I will be looking forward to your email.

No I have been going by what the coaches say

I would rather have the coach's opinions after watching the actual practice film than have Wilbur Wayne's opinion of a highlight video. Highlight video's are named HIGHlight for a reason.

It is funny you bring up my knowledge of the team without watching them. I actually went to Columbia today and watched the scrimmage. The offense struggled in the official scrimmage which was only about 30 plays. The offense looked pretty good in the drills before the scrimmage which lasted longer than the scrimmage itself. They also did a lot of special teams work. I think we have found a punter which has been a concern. Joey Scribner-Howard was booting them pretty well. Jay Wooten will handle everything else. He consistently hit FGs beyond 40 yds.

Alshon is just Alshon. A freak of nature. One play he slipped and fell flat on the ground but guess what, he still came up with the catch. It almost looks like at times that he's just lucky but then he goes and does it again and again and again. People will be sorry for the fat jokes lol.

One freshman that I believe will avoid a redshirt is RB Shon Carson. He may even surpass Kenny Miles as the #2 back. He is probably the quickest back on the team.

I didn't get to see Byrd's speed utilized on a deep route. I was really looking forward to that but they just didn't call a play for it. I will say this, he caught every single pass that touched his hands. He has very soft hands and I was impressed with his pass catching ability.

All of the WRs have good hands. I think I saw 2 dropped passes all day.

The defense ruled the practice today. The defensive line is just sick. I think they will live up to the hype as one of the top 5 defensive lines in the nation for sure.

Clowney's speed off the end is ridiculous. One time he was in the backfield on a HB draw play and tackled the QB and RB at the same time lol.

Brandon Shell and Kyle Nunn were really the only two that could do decent against Clowney. He bulled over every other tackle. Clowney will live up to the hype this season imo.

Brandon Shell is one of the biggest people I've ever seen lol. It's crazy that he is only 18.

The secondary was a pleasant surprise today. They looked very fast. Caught a couple of picks and dropped a couple as well. The dropped picks were the only bad thing I saw from them today. They were about as impressive as the DL.

The QB play was shitty during the scrimmage. Like I said, there were some well thrown plays in the redzone work and the 7 on 7 type stuff before the scrimmage but during the scrimmage it was shitty. The center's high snaps along with Clowney in their face just lead to bad decisions. Luckily for them they won't face many DL's as good as ours.

Overall it was a pretty vanilla practice. A lot of special teams work which was good to see because it answered some concerns for me. Defense ruled the day and they needed to because the offense has been ahead so far this Fall.

By the way, I have a surprise for you guys but I will have to send it to your email's. Stay tuned for that. You will like it! Trust me!

So let me get this straight..

You have not even seen videos of these guys you are hyping up? What exactly are you going by? Practice reports? Old high school videos? Again, that just don't add up.

Clowney was borderline retarded..

He was able to get into school, can't be that hard. In fact, thats how he got the nick name Doo Doo, lol.

Good ones bro, keep em coming, lol.

Maybe he called Scar's baseball team to find out how to get in college?

What players did you notice in the video Boyd was going up against? You watched it right? Why would you still be talking to Billy Bob about who he was going up against if you watched the video? More hole in your story than a screen wire bucket.

I hear Clowney is going thru your OL like a hot knife thru butter. Of course hes not the only one, lol. If I were Garcia I would be drinking too. Maybe Elliot is turning them into the next Ap State. They beat Michigan one time, of course Michigan wasn't very good that year. You beat Alabama one time, of course they were not very good that year either. The similarities are amazing.

Side note

I hear Martavious Bryant can't catch on to the playbook. Kid is pretty held back all around from what I remember of him. How in the world did he make it in an academic powerhouse like Clemson?

I'll be honest too

I haven't watched the Boyd highlight videos. I can't post any of Carolina because cameras are not allowed at the practices.

I have heard from the Clemson fans on the mainboard that Boyd is going up against the 2nd string defense in practice and scrimmages. If that's true, and I have no reason to believe that they are lying, what he does in those videos is not really impressive . It's like playing against Furman's defense. Maybe they are simulating the Troy game? It's good not to look ahead and concentrate on Troy.. I guess?

Friday, August 19, 2011

I kinda don't think you have watched videos of Boyd..

Watch the first and then the latest. If you post videos of of shaw I will watch them. But honestly, I am not watching highlights of AJ and lat from last year. I don't care what spurrier says either. I barely listen to dabo interviews this time of year. It don't mean a thing to me.

I do enjoy videos of players from this year, including Byrd if you have any. Not any from high school either. Post a little evidence, I don't expect you to take my word. Watch the practice videos, judge for yourself.

It is just practice, but thats all we have for two more weeks, longer for shaw probably.

It depends really..

If we are an 8 or 9 win team, which could be good enough to get to the championship game. Not so much, scar should be a good team. But if we are another 6 win team? Top it off with a loss to you. Sure the fans will erupt as they should.

The game itself does not really mean much, we both go in with 10 wins, no one will care that much. Scar can be the last straw or save a coach, especially with a good team. But the game alone will not make or break a season.

Will you care if you win the sec and lose to Clemson? You really shouldn't.

Glad you are finally being honest about Boyd, I know what you think. Stop sugar coating it, it does not bother me. I know you think he is not going to work, thanks for being honest. This is a freaking game, nothing else.

Make it fun, you are going to be good this year. Now I am more excited about Boyd, something else to watch them play for.

Honestly bro, I have not seen Boyd or shaw play in a game. Not going to lie about it, not staying up till 3am to watch crap like I saw last year. But it's definitely possible this year too. All things are possible this time of year.

I hope Garcia does drink

If he puts a killing on Clemson again like the last 2 shellackings. Clemson had a losing season year before last? Didn't they win the atlantic division?

Clemson fans will implode if we beat Clemson 3 years in a row. It's going to be great!

Who said anything about Shaw starting in the season opener? Also, Shaw's in-game throws looked much better than Boyd's last season. If you think otherwise you obviously didn't watch the games. Shaw threw for almost 70% where Boyd threw for nearly 50%. No comparison between the little bit we saw of the two last year. Not to mention Shaw is a much better scrambler/runner and we all know that you have to have a mobile QB in today's game.

Tajh Boyd sucks really. I think I've sugar coated long enough. He's a slow black QB with a inaccurate arm. The lack of attributes pretty much amounts to a sorry QB lol..

Dave chimes in..

David Cloninger: Steve Spurrier says it's a battle, and that's fine. But I think that if anybody really thought that Shaw would be starting on Sept. 3, especially with his recent thumb injury, is kidding himself. Garcia has the experience, and Shaw's in-game throws have never been great. It simply does not make sense to start anybody but Garcia under center for the opener.

Dabo says..

Tony Steward is playing this year.

Thats hilarious..

You barely have a .500 record and what's your record against Clemson again? One would think, this may be your only shot ever. No pressure tho.

If we lose the game, does not really mean much because you are supposed have a great team. But if we win it will be huge.

I wouldn't worry tho bro, your coming off the greatest 9 win Season in the history of football and you beat a Clemson team twice that had a losing record. That sounds like you are definitely guaranteed to win to me.

I sure Garcia won't drink for the fourth year straight either.

Hey, I can make retarded comments too!

Cole Stoudt strikes fear in nobody, not even Dabo LOL. That is just gut busting!!!!

Connor shaw strikes fear in nobody..

Except Steve spurrier, lol.

First off

I never guaranteed a SEC win. I think we have a great shot at the east and I have stopped there everytime. Nice try at putting words in my mouth.

Second, you act like it is a bad thing to have pressure on you. Well, I guess it could be bad if you have the type of pressure Clemson has. The difference is we have to live up to winning the the SEC east again. That is what we are expected to do. Clemson has to have a good enough season to save their head coach's head. I like the pressure Carolina has much better..

I like how you are always downplaying the Carolina/Clemson game this year. Building up that wall because you know whats coming lol. I would be worried too. Three losses in a row means big trouble in tiggertown. Something you haven't seen in your lifetime. You don't know what to expect lol. Go ahead and act like it's no big deal if it makes you feel better. Just know that you're not fooling me..

You got it backwards..

No one is hyping Clemson, but if you shit the bed, everyone is going to blast you. Because you have talked shit to every team this year. If you suck this year it's going to be on. But not from me, from everyone. No one is expecting Clemson to be good, but you have guaranteed you will win the sec this year. We will see.

If you lose to Clemson this year? The magnitude of this one will topple every Clemson loss including the 63 to 17 one combined. Really? You are the one under pressure, and with everything to lose, not Clemson. We have over a 100 years to fall back on and you have a giant hole of nothing to fall back into. Not to mention you have spurrier and if he can't do it, everyone knows it's not gonna happen. It's not happening after this year either. No way the sec stays down and you will have a new QB and be without AJ.

The pressure is all on you, not Clemson.

Nothing is for sure

But you can bet if the tigs open the door this season with bad play I am going to cease the opportunity.

Funny you bring up Lattimore getting injured. At least he lasted long enough to have a 1000+ yd season and make the All-American teams. How long did your starting RB last and how many total yds did he have? I'm sure he made the cut on an All-American team somewhere right? Wrong! Maybe on Wilbur Wayne illustrated lol..

You say that Byrd is not faster than Watkins. I'm glad you timed them lol. I'm not sure about that but what I do know is we don't have to have Byrd to be successful. He has just been a pleasant surprise so far. You guys are really really depending on some freshmen to live up to hype. You bring up returning Nuke but how far did he get you last year? You need more than him.

It really is smart putting all your eggs in that freshmen basket. Behind them all you have is a bunch of players that are slower than Morris's high school teams. Hey, he said it not me. Better hope those guys live up to the hype, you're gonna need it. Good luck with that..

Not that we have heard..

But of course you have heard more than us as a scar fan. He could play this year in fact, but he might redshirt. I mean really, hoping a kid is injured or making fun of it? We will see how lattimore responds and if he can make a full season, this year.

I really don't keep up with scar, not a word has been said on the message boards about Byrd. I know he's not as fast as Sammy Watkins tho. We will indeed see how much you laugh. Could be, I agree we need to see them take the field. We all have lightening fast practice heroes this time of year. He is just another Bryce Sherman as far as I am concerned until proven otherwise. I was worried about him with all the hype until I saw him play.

QBs look better, receivers do too. Got a feeling you may not be laughing as much as you think. One 5 star player made all the difference for you and AJ. We just added 4, along with a couple of pretty highly rated 4 star receivers.

If Boyd does perform it could be quite a season. We really have not had good QB development until now maybe? We know Ellington is a good back as well, not sure why you think anything is a guarantee in terms of what Clemson will do.

I really have no idea and I follow them closely every day.

Come on man

I have talked about Byrd's speed a lot. I have posted comments from Spurrier about Byrd being fast on this very site. I know you keep up with Carolina because you can point out everything bad about them, therefore I know you have read the hype about Byrd's speed. You just ripped him because you know I am high on him and there is hype surrounding him, and hey that's fine. I have been very fair about holding back on the Clemson players. I will save my shit talk about the Clemson player's until after they actually play a game. Don't be surprised if I'm in full force bash mode then. You asked for it, don't get mad when it happens. All they have to do is show it on the field l0l.

By the way, I hear Tony Steward's knee situation resembles a spaghetti noodle holding together two pieces of pvc pipe with duct tape. Is this true?

Me being "the pumper of the sunshine"..

Brent, the QBs sure are looking better. TB looks like he is standing in the pocket comfortably now and those passes are hitting the receivers in allot better position. Cole Stoudt even looks like he has come a long ways, but not better than Boyd.

Something else I see, those RBs seem to be looking better than I have seen running North and South. This is practice of course, but at least at a glance this offense looks like it knows what it wants to do. Last year and before, it was all over the place. I think Chad Morris is doing work with the QBs better than we have seen maybe ever.

Just my little Sunshine Pump for the day, lol.

Clemson's second scrimmage..

Just highlights but they sure look better.

I am serious..

Not being sarcastic, I did not know he was fast until you said so. I believe you.

As for jacoby ford..

We know he was fast because he already played college and blistered people. In fact he is doing it in the NFL and we know he was not just a track star. Yes we have been told Bellamy looks smaller than listed except his lower body. What we don't know is how he or Byrd will do on the field unlike ford.

Show me in two weeks.

Good info..

I stand corrected. Never heard of rivals lowering numbers but ok. Rivals is more prone to adding to players than taking away. At any rate we will see soon.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

4.6 40 is silly bro

I don't care what he ran at ONE camp. He is a track star and was one of the fastest high school players in the nation last year. He runs a 10.42 in the 100 meters. Just to show someone to relate that to, Jacoby Ford's best was a 10.32.

I guess Mike Bellamy is really 5'8" and 165 lbs. We don't know his real 40 time because he didn't participate in any camps. The lowest rivals will post on their site is a 4.4 if you didn't participate in any camps. My guess is he is a 4.6 guy if you use your logic with Byrd.

I guess Spurrier is just joking about Byrd's speed lol. I guess UF and Nebraska among many other teams was just joking when they offered a small slow kid as well. We won't have long to find out.

Rivals says this about him on his player page:

Most Impressive: He is clearly one of the fastest football players in the country and unlike most track stars, he has excellent ball skills. His ability to attack the ball with his hands away from his body is amazing. Byrd has the skill set to become an excellent kick returner.

He also made he Rivals WR category rankings list as one of the best athletes. Once again they mention his speed:

Don't tell me you are worrying about a little ole freshman already bro LOL. So much that you have to try and tear him down..

That is pretty funny..

This guy is listed as 5'9" which probably means 5'7", 165lbs which probably means 155lbs which is not what stands out, its that he is super slow for his size running a 4-6 which probably means a 4-8 40.

I will be impressed and admit it, if they turn him into an impact player.

Funny quote from Spurrier after yesterday's scrimmage

"Damiere gets a deep one about every day," Spurrier said. "Don't tell anybody. We're trying to keep him a secret before the season starts."

I agree bro..

Been saying all along that Scar should be good this year.

I have not really said Clemson will be, lol. Not sure they will be in the future either. Its more likely they go back to 7-8 win seasons than 10 wins or losing seasons but who knows? Miami did not know they were gonna get the hammertron this week either, lol.

I think Auburn is a prime example for sure. Everyone was laughing at Chizik, truth be known even Malzhaun because he was a highschool coach. Shocked me for sure, no one is laughing now.

Anytime you feel bad about your team just look at North Carolina and Miami.

Miami has very little money and fan support, they just had a couple of boosters, Big Luke and Little Luke, lol, that bought players. They don't have decades of tradition either. They will likely fall off the face of the planet after this.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This is pointless

You are right. Why in the hell am I talking about years from now with what I have to look forward to this year?

Live in the moment baby. Auburn won the national championship last year and look at what they have to look forward to this season lol. You think they care? With a championship belt? Not saying we will do that but they were certainly not looking at years from now last season. We'll talk more about years to come when it gets here and after Clemson moves up by a light year lol.

Gotta got to bed, getting late here..

You keep saying Clemson is great without players??

Did you see them play last year? Yeah, I expect you to be good just like Clemson then after those players leave.

I never said I wanted Parker back..

Well let me spell it out for you. Parker gave up thousands of dollars to come back and play football for Clemson.

Garcia on the other hand has never been allowed to a Spring practice. Destroyed faculty cars, got too drunk to play in games, got suspended multiple times just this year.

Boyd was recovering from an injury last year and was not ready to start as a freshman.

The Parker talk is just wasted hot air. The Boyd vs Shaw thing is very welcome debate because it will be settled ultimately on the field and without AJ to boot. All that other crap is just speculation.

May be?

Sidney Rice took a redshirt year his first year. We probably don't have a guy that is as good as Alshon but neither does UGA, UF, Tenn, Clem, ect.. What are they going to do this year without a player like Alshon? Not to mention next year and the year after?

You just have to keep recruiting and have bunches of hope like Clemson does lol.

We are bring up the past because

I am showing you that Carolina football can go on and be successful after Alshon and Latt. Was it really that hard for you to get that? Come on bro lol. You think that Clemson can be successfull after great players leave because of what?

Also, why bring up players that are not here?

Spiller, Parker, Rice?? I am not interested in history, its been well documented that Scar fans are not either. We are talking about, Boyd, Ellington, Garcia, Lattimore and Shaw. Why bring up players that are not here? If we were talking the past, the best example I could use for you is that your offense pretty much sucked after Rice left until AJ came.

But why talk about the past? I am interested in what will be on the field now or what will be in the future.

This is the time of year when things are so damn good. Better than last year, the team has worked harder, best practice of the year. Sammy Watkins is a going to be the best reciever in history, Martavius Bryant is like Alshon Jeffreys only faster, Jaron Brown and Bryce Mcneil have really got the message and going to be great.

Wow, Clemson is going to be great at reciever this year right? No, because they say that every year at this time. We will find out on the field and I have seen no one on your team on the field as of right now that is replacing AJ. There are allot of practice superstars out there and I am going to need a little more proof before I believe anything from a practice report.

How about this, who are you thinking is going to be AJ on your team right now? Have they played in a game yet?

Good thing it doesn't matter what you think lol

You have nothing to base an argument off of that Boyd is better than Shaw. You want to go by recruiting rankings? OK then we have filled Alshon's position with Shaq Roland. Roland is ranked higher than Alshon was so he is better right?

The only hard evidence we have so far on Shaw and Boyd is the little bit of play they had last season. Having watched both of them, Shaw has the edge..

Again, you state that I can "Cling to that all you want that Boyd is terrible because he did not replace Parker last year." What the hell exactly are you clinging to with Shaw and Garcia lol? Shaw was a freshman last year as well. Unlike Boyd, he was just a true freshman..

Never thought I would hear a Clemson fan say they want Parker back lol. Brent you getting this? LOL

Ellington VS Spillers?

We had one of the worst offenses in college football. I did say he will be better at RB, but not at all the other things Spiller did. So far, he has not even made it a full season, I don't know. I just know we were not better last year.

Dabo is not Spurrier, he made a promise to Parkers family I am sure and kept it. TB was also a freshman and recovering from an injury. Cling to that all you want, that Boyd is terrible because he did not replace Parker last year. But yes, if Parker was back this year he probably should be the starter. He is not? When did I say we would be better without Parker?

But yes, it is not the same when your QB has not performed well. Which we did not last year, we had a losing season as a result. So sometimes the situation can get better. But I don't think Shaw is better than Garcia or Boyd for that matter.


Ok we'll use your logic and plug in the Clemson QB situation:

You have never said Tajh Boyd is better or that he should replace Kyle Parker. You were not going to be as good IYO if Tajh Boyd had to replace Kyle Parker last year. You are certainly not going to be better this year at QB without Kyle Parker. You think Dabo just liked Parker and that is why he was still on the team and the starter? Its because Boyd is no where near Parker as a QB, just your opinion based on Dabo's actions.

How is your logic now? And don't say it's because Dabo just loved Kyle Parker after that rocky relationship last season. They even showed some affection on national TV last year lol.

Was the reason not that Boyd was just not quite ready last season? That Dabo thought Parker was the best chance to win last season? Can Boyd not be better than Parker this season and beyond even though he rode the bench and watched Parker play nearly the whole season? Why is this situation different than Garcia and Shaw?

Back to Alshon. Let's plug in Clemson again. You lost Spiller and gained Ellington. Even as great as Spiller was you claimed Ellington would be a better RB than Spiller. I agree with you thus far. Why can't the Alson situation play out like that? Where you have a guy in Spiller that is once or twice in a decade but you get a guy that can fill the role as good are better in Ellington. A guy just like Ellington that defenses still have to gameplan around, but maybe not as much? Now, use that same situation and plug in Jacoby Ford and Nuke Hopkins. Just naming simular situations. Situations that got better..

Why are all these position possibilities at Clemson and not Carolina?

I certainly have said..

Garcia has held you guys back a little, by getting drunk before big games. He is a pretty good OB otherwise. I have never said Connor Shaw is better or that he should replace Garcia. You are not going to be as good IMO if Connor Shaw has to replace Garcia this year. You are certainly not going to be better next year at QB without Garcia. You think Spurrier just likes Garcia and that is why he is still on the team and the starter? Its because Shaw is no where near Garcia as a QB, just my opinion based on Spurrier's actions.

I certainly do not think firing Dabo would be great, quite the opposite. You are right, it would take some time and that is if we make a good hire. Does not change the fact I think he gets canned having mediocre seasons and losing to Scar.

I really don't know the future, but I do know its very unlikely to have 2 recievers like AJ even in the same decade, much less back to back. The verdict is still out on ML IMO, but if he is great as expected it will be even worse when he is gone. Why on both of these? For players like these you plan your offense around them. That means when they leave you will have to learn to do something else, such as spreading the ball around. Sometimes when RBs leave you find your OL was not as good as you thought either.

I think what I am saying is pretty logical, but its only my opinion. Should not take away from the good season you should have this year. Its a couple of years away so who cares right now? No, I cannot predict the future and you could be right for sure.

Clemson could just be awfull too, who is to say they won't continue to have losing seasons. But using a little reasoning its not likely.

Brent I understand optimism

I am optimistic as well. I just haven't tore down Clemson or busted you guy's bubble to talk about it, so to speak.

Great you are excited about Clemson, just a strange way to rejoice it. I guess I should be flattered that you have to bring up Carolina to even brag about Clemson lol.

To add to the Dabo firing comment

Not sure how that would help you gain ground with Carolina. Losing 3-4 to Carolina then firing your coach? Doesn't sound like a great situation to be in to me. As I said before, it usually takes a couple of years to become successful after a coaching change. I would like to think that a coaching change would mean a couple more crucial losses to the Gamecocks. We'll just see if that time comes..

Also not sure why we can't be successful after Latt and Jeffery are gone if we recruit well, as we continue to do (#1 player in the nation)? Especially the reason why we can't hold the edge on Clemson? Even if by a small margin?

By the way, I like the "pee pee" t-shirt idea. I have to admit it is better than a "Yipee, we lost three and Dabo is history" t-stirt lol.

Welcome to Miami

Will Smith had a rap about it. Miami is a party place. All the sex parties, and wild cash giving isn't surprising at all to me. I hate it for any school to get obliterated, but it looks like Miami may get the Thor's hammer on this one.

I feel like I need to clarify a few things. I want to say that I'm not bothered or annoyed by the optimism of Gamecock fans. Hell you guys have every right to be right now. I just wanted to state my stance as a Clemson fan. I want it to be known that Clemson can be optimistic about a lot of things too. Basically, it was me just letting out optimism, competition, and a little fire (not flame), and that's what this blog is for. To show our enthusiasm for the rapidly approaching season!

No offense bro

But you honestly don't know what the future holds at Carolina as far as the WR position goes. Neither do I. Just like we don't know what it holds at Clemson, but you think it will be really good right?

What we do know as a fact is Carolina has been very successful during the Spurrier era at the WR position. Probably the most successful position since Spurrier has been here. Alshon and Rice stepped right in as freshmen at Carolina and made a difference. Doesn't seem as hard to that at Carolina as it does other places at the WR position.

I didn't say that we have a guy that can step right into Alshon's shoes. I said we are taking the neccesary steps to replace him. Shaq Roland is the best player in the state by a long shot. I think even TI said that in their state rankings. He's ranked much higher than Alshon or Rice was nationally coming out of high school. Not saying that he will be as great as either of those players but it is a good sign. We also have a couple of other promising WRs in this recruiting cycle.

The WR corps that we already have behind Alshon has a lot of potential. Ace Sanders was good last year and should be even better this year. DeAngelo Smith has been a pleasent surprise since the spring. Check out highlights from the spring game for proof on him. Spurrier can't quit talking about KJ Brent, D Byrd, and B Ellington. Just saying Carolina isn't hurting for talent at the WR position. Who knows, maybe one of them is the new Rice or Alshon. I don't and neither do you.

It strikes me strange that you bring up losing Garcia after this season? I thought you believed that he was holding us back at the QB position? Make up your mind bro lol. Anyway, I've spoke my peace about Shaw. I think we will do just fine next year without Garcia. I like the thought of Lattimore and Shaw in the backfield next season. It will open up the playbook more imo. We do need Garcia this year though. Much in the way you do Boyd even though you like Stoudt's potential..


I forgot, one more thing a loss could mean that is kinda big. Dabo is at 7 games or less and loses to Scar? Fired or on the hottest possible seat. Lose next year, 4 years straight and no Championship? Gone.. So there is that.

I can agree with all that you said..

Except what does this statement mean exactly?:

"I don't think the Clemson fans should worry a lot unless they lose this year's game."

We are expected to lose the game and that is supposed to mean what if we lose? Not a thing unless we are undefeated, close to a 10 win season etc.. It sure does not mean anything else. You have bragging rights, you can make cool t-shirts like "We won 3 and it makes me laugh when I pee" something like that. It means to me that AJ and ML are great players.

50% of your offense will be gone including Garcia when AJ is gone. No you do not replace a reciever like AJ, you do not have another one waiting to jump in. ML not to the NFL early, I am not going there. No way of knowing.

You make great points about those other teams in your division. I can agree with all of what you said. I would not count Florida out because of a new coaching staff, but you are right. Its just tough to call as to who will be good unexpectedly in the SEC, they all have great players. I did not expect Auburn to do that last year and I thought Bama would be better than they were.

Even though we disagree about Carolina to a certain extent

If I were a Clemson fan I would be right there with you guys on Chad Morris. I'm buying into it. I like the approach he is taking and the things that he and the Clemson fans are saying. You never know, it could be another Spence type of deal but right now I don't think so. Keep in mind "right now" is the preseason. We'll find out for sure in the third week of the season.

Just sayin I would be all in too guys, I don't blame you.

Many factors

There are many factors as to why Carolina fans are excited. Would you not be? Hell you guys are excited now even with the season you had last year. Are you not excited about the freshmen you have coming in? Tahj Boyd? Nuke Hopkins? Ellington? Come on guys..

It's the preseason. Practice reports are rolling out filling many with the koolaid of their choice. The Rousey's of the world are glowing with excitement. Others prefer to take the more quiet approach, thats me. You often hear the sun-shiners more.

In the pumper's defense, you guarantee me that Clemson Clemson will be a well focused, good team when they face the Gamecocks? It will be different this year? What are you basing that off of? Not the past two seasons. See, that's how the excited Gamecocks feel about the SEC this year. We feel like we have reason to like our chances in the east this season. You obviously have a reason that you think the Clemson game will be different this year. Both fanbases could be wrong about either subject..

Vance you're not sure why Carolina is favorites to win the east this year by all accounts? Go through and look at the depth charts at UGA and Tenn. Both teams are very young. UGA has lost their top 3 RBs. Florida has a brand new coaching staff. How often does a brand new staff step right in and have success? It usually takes a few years. Arky, a team in the west that we play just lost the SEC's leading returning rusher in Knile Davis..

That is all the reasons that those teams may be down this year. But why do they have to be down for Carolina to win it? Look at our depth chart. We are as talented as any team in the east. What sets us apart from the pack is we are experienced and healthy.

Last topic, I'm not sure who you've listened to that said Carolina was light years ahead of Clemson. I think we are ahead right now but by less than a light year. I don't think the Clemson fans should worry a lot unless they lose this year's game. I think we will lose Jeffery after this season. He is NFL ready. Lattimore is a different story. He is a different person. He will want to stay and get his degree and give back to the university. I could be wrong but that is my bet. Anyway, when you lose players like that you just have to replace them with great recruiting. Carolina has done great the past three years at landing a game changer, a player that can give you a couple of extra wins. I think we are taking the steps to replace Jefferey quite well. Check out our 2012 WR class.

I'm ready for the season to start to see who will be right and wrong. I got dibs on Troy first game lol j/k..

On to Alshon

Not much to say here. I didn't comment about it on the message boards because it was so silly. The picture looks bad because Carolina was trying on the new jerseys which are much tighter than the old ones. Many of the players joked they wouldn't get the jersey on with pads. Jerseys were a contributor. Hey the kid may have a pooch but he can play ball. All American WR that I bet you can't name 4 better than.

He's even got his fat ass on the cover of the national SI college football preview magazine. Somewhere you won't find a WR of the teams that are hating on him right now. You should hope Sammie Watkins gets fat and has a career like Alshon lol.

I've said too much, I think his play will speak for itself.

Get Miami out of the way first

This is a really is a big one. Looks like Miami screwed the pooch. There are millions of dollars involved, hookers, cars, ect. This makes the Cam Newton scandal look like nothing. It even looks worse than the SMU case. The big thing that got SMU in trouble the most was being a repeat offender. Miami is a repeat offender. Could be the end of Miami as we know it..


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