Saturday, September 30, 2006

End of the Season.

Nobody can make a judgement on the conferences until the end of the season. The season is only a quarter way through. IF the ACC was doing great, I can assure you there would not be any recognition anyway. Clemson would be just as competitive in the SEC, as we dredge USC pretty good every year, usually better than those no Offense SEC teams. They are low scoring, because their talent is going to Clemson and other ACC teams. Truthfully, I don't give a shit how good the ACC is. All I want is to get to a BCS game, to prove how good this team is. FSU wasn't very good last year and it took the best team in the Big Ten (number 3 in the nation last year) overtime after overtime to get rid of them. Finally, I would LOVE for us to play Auburn. That would be a great matchup. I think the reason we would beat them is simple: our coaching is as good as its ever been. Koenning and Rob Spence know how to break down a team and put a game plan together, and they're doing it as good as anyone in the country.

Nice babble fellas, but everything you guys have said proves your ignorance about football..

The SEC is the best conference, and the Big East is better than the ACC. You know a conference is down when a program like clemson has a shot to play for the championship.

You can say all you want about Auburn, but they are a good team, and ya'll know it. There is a reason they are ranked #2 in the nation, and just because Carolina gave them a game doesn't mean they all of a sudden suck. Carolina is going to build off of this loss and make a turn around. Clemsux is lucky they don't have to play a team the caliber of Auburn.

Oh, and the ACC doesn't suck any more because FSU can hang 55 on 118th ranked Rice??? LMAO!!!

There is only one thing I can tell you guys.. you're in denial. The first step of overcoming denial is to admit you're wrong. I know it's tough fellas, but I believe in you guys. You can overcome it!!

Well said Battle Kat.

Its pretty obvious what the Clemson coaching staff are doing this year. The week before the North Carolina game you would have thought the Tar heels were the #1 team in the country, according to the Tiger coaching staff and they will continue to prepare the team in the same mannere every week. No more upsets. The Tigers looked like they were ready to play Ohio State last Saturday.

Spurrier is having a tough time. He still does not quite understand. Cheering after a loss? He doesn't understand the Cockeroos are satisfied with not getting emabarrassed, he is not. If attitudes don't change among Gamecock fans, I am afraid his days are numbered because he will not be satisfied with losing period and it starts with the fans. Worry about your team, not how good your opponent is, or how good they are supposed to be. In short, you lost.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Bad Practice?

As soon as the Tigers have one slow practice...a cock stands up. As soon as the Tigers give up a TD, a cock stands up.....Where were all the Cocks at Thursday when the Auburn Tigers whooped em? Regardless...every team is going to have a slow practice like that. The question is how they respond after that practice.

In other notes, it sure is great to see all of our games on TV this year. It looks like every one of them is going to be televised. That shows the support this team gets, not only by selling out in Death Valley, but getting great TV ratings. It seems like the entire nation wants to witness what could still be a national championship (yes I still believe) contender, and at the very least one of the best teams in the nation.

Spurrier Not Happy.

Steve Spurrier is one of the fiercest competitors around and he showed it again Friday when he said in the wake of South Carolina's heart-breaking 24-17 loss to Auburn that Gamecock fans shouldn't applaud the team when it trots off the field after a loss, especially one where USC had plenty of chances to make a play.

Are the Cocks turned around? We shall see when the Cocks play Kentucky next week. If they don't win, they could easily lose 6 out of 7 of their next games. 4 of them are almost a guaranteed loss, probably 5 if you have watched Vandy play this year.

And the Tigers? Not satisfied, they have learned their lesson and will not have a repeat of playing down to a lesser teams level as Auburn did Thursday night. Tommy and the coaching staff are pushing the players harder and harder every week as they did in preparation for the North Carolina game and it showed. It is very likely the Tigers will win out and have a top five finish in the polls this year.

Additionally, the SEC is not as strong as once believed. Watch out folks, the ACC is going to prove it in the upcoming weeks, you cannot escape the truth when the two conferences meet up. The ACC is getting better every week. FSU put up 55 points this past weekend, think it doesn't matter? We shall see.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tommy not very happy with his Tigs..

Are the Clemson players letting the hype go to their head?

Here are a few quotes from Tommy after the Tigger practice today..

"I was really disappointed. If we play Saturday like we practiced today, we'll lose."

"No effort, no enthusiasm, no emotion. There was no focus, no attention to detail. All the things that make you 18th in the country weren't obvious today."

"We're not coaching any different. We're coaching the same way and we're running the same plays. We just have to perform better than we did today," Bowden said. "I don't want to single out guys. They know who they are. It was more than a handful."

Bowden referenced an early-season loss Colorado suffered to division I-AA Montana State when addressing questions on how bad his team practiced Wednesday.

"I don't know where Montana State was in the statistics when they beat Colorado. Obviously because they're division I-AA, they didn't rank in the division I-A stats," he said. "We wouldn't have beaten Montana State or Louisiana Tech had we played today."

Thursday, September 21, 2006

All I know is that Clemsux kicking game had better get better!

Because it's been looking something like this..

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

You called it Battle Kat!

Them Terriers were vicious and the Tigers take out the Noles in Doak!

SOS says expect more of the same against Florida Atlantic, so it should be a good game. The Tigers are in pretty good shape in the ACC. How much longer untill Spurrier quits? He is already getting out of control!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Look Out For the Mighty Terriers of Wofford!

Vance, it is way too early to start talking about next year's team. I think they have a damn good shot at defeating the Seminoles. On the other hand, South Carolina may have their hands full against Wofford. Can they score against such a tough defense?

Look out Woffard.. Here We Come!!!!!!!!!!

With my man Syvelle leading the way!

He's Back!

Mitchell issues apology, will miss game against Wofford, return to team next week

Criminal charges against USC quarterback Blake Mitchell were dropped this morning by a bouncer at a Five Points bar who accused Mitchell of punching him in the face earlier this week.

In exchange, Mitchell agreed to no longer go to Pavlov's, where the incident took place at 1:45 a.m. Wednesday.

Mitchell declined to comment as he left the Columbia Municipal Court.

Kylan Ertzberger, the bouncer at Pavlov's, also left the courthouse without stopping to speak to a reporter.

USC coach Steve Spurrier said that Mitchell, who was suspended indefinitely following his arrest, will miss Saturday's game against Wofford but will return to the team next week.

Mitchell later issued a statement through his attorney, Neal Lourie, apologizing to Ertzberger and his USC teammates and coaches.

"I'm glad to have this behind me so I can focus on my education and the rest of the football season," Mitchell said in the statement. "I truly appreciate the support that this community has shown me."

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The situation could not be worse on defense.

Thats just the truth we have to face. I think we can win but, it is going to be an uphill battle in Doak. Every impact player we have on defense is out. You realize we are playing with our second string defense and that is not good. Gaines Adams is questionable, I would dare say doubtfull. Tramaine Billie, out. Anthony Waters, out. Hamlin, out. CJ Gadis, out. Most every other player on defense is banged up. It couldn't be worse. The offense is going to have to keep the Florida State offense off the field. The only good thing about this year on defense so far is next years defense is going to have alot and I mean alot of experience. Even Clay, is probably having a hard time concentrating right now. I still have faith in my team and I am not going to get down this year, its just plain bad luck. One thing is for sure, I hate to even mention it, the stage is set, but I am afraid it may be for next year. The offense is the best in the ACC, PERIOD.

The Talent Gap Is Closed

Remember all of those beatings we used to take at the hands of the Seminoles? I hoped for a win, but deep down we all knew that the Seminoles were going to destroy the inferior Tigers. I am not intimidated about this one though, guys. I think the only reason Clemson is the underdog is because it's at Doak Campbell Stadium. I am not saying we will win, but I know we will play well enough to give us a chance at the end. I expect us to win, honestly.
Oh, and I found this picture of Blake Mitchell bringing "legendary" coach Steve Spurrier to the Stadium for UGA game.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Quotes from Spurrier on the Mitchell situation..

"He probably was not going to play this week anyway," Spurrier said. "He hasn't practiced much. He's had a little bit of a bad finger. So he wasn't really in our plans this week, to be honest with you. We're going to give some other guys a chance to play quarterback."

"We're sort of stinking on offense," Spurrier said. "It's not all Blake's fault. It's not all his fault at all. I think he's played so-so. Not great, not terrible. We just had to find out. We've got a lot of other changes too. It's not just the quarterback. There could be seven new starters on offense this week."

"Blake got into a little scuffle last night," Spurrier said. "I heard the other guy pressed charges so we suspended him until it's all cleared up. He's under suspension right now until all the facts come in. We'll make a decision later this season what to do."

"He'll be out at least this week, then we'll see what happens next week," Spurrier said. "We'll let all the facts come in before we do anything on a long-range basis. He'll rest up and try to get his legal matters corrected and then we'll see where we are."

"I was disappointed he got into a little fight," Spurrier said. "If he was out with his girlfriend and he wasn't drunk or anything, that's what college kids do. I went to college once. But we were in before 1:30 a.m. Back in our day, 12 (midnight) was a late night. I don't think he had many classes this morning so he was just out with some buddies."

Unless he's in jail, Spurrier said, Mitchell will be allowed to wear his jersey and stand on the sidelines with the team Saturday night. However, he will not practice for the next few days, at least.

"He's still part of the team," Spurrier said.

Where you at Brent? You gotta get in on this one, LOL!

I can't stop laughing!

Little Ketchup! Little Mustard! Little Thuggery!!!! Blake Mitchel punches a guy in the eye for not letting him bring underage drinkers into a bar.

I am pretty sure his football carreer is over, or at least it should be.


Check out the picture of the guy Blake decked in the left eye. He's huge! I'm not so sure Blake started this one.. I can just see a big turd like this guy picking on Blake about the UGA loss. Regardless, I wouldn't have started anything with that big fucker.. LOL. Go get em Blake!!!

USC quarterback Mitchell suspended following altercation

USC quarterback Blake Mitchell has been suspended from the team "indefinitely", an athletic department news release said.

The announcement provided no further details.

Booking information at the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center, where Mitchell, 21, turned himself in this afternoon, indicates he is charged with simple assault.

WISTV has reported that Mitchell was involved in an altercation in Five Points on Tuesday, which led to a warrant for his arrest.

The university news release said Coach Steve Spurrier would comment on the situation after today's practice.

OK, I know I'm a Gamecock fan but this story is funny as hell. Ole Blake finally grew some balls. I wish he would have grew them on the football field, instead of in a bar.. lol. Picture of Mitchell posted above.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I am disappointed that they didn't win too.

However, I am not a disappointed as I thought I would be. The Tigers just had some bad luck. I mean what a surprise. The defense lost two thirds of its linebacker corps, which just happened to be the number two and three top players on defense (if you consider Gaines Adams to be the best and I do) and it hurt us bad. We only had one questionable sack. All BC had to do was stop Gaines Adams and we could put no pressure on the QB. BC is known for having a strong and physical offensive line. A big part of Vic's defense is pressuring the QB. We should get better on defense and the offense is already there. This still is not the same old Clemson team, they played their hearts out I think, and didn't get any breaks. To BC's credit, after the bad snap they pretty much played mistake free on offense. Even our CB's were banged up. Its just plain bad luck. No reason to get down on the team or coaches. We just need to get behind the coaches and players and good things will happen. Ater all, we wanted to win every game, but even a 9 win season is an improvement and we all should be satisfied at this point with a 10 win season. Who knows, we could win out. I think we will simply out score FSU. The offense will be even better with every game and that is scary. Will Proctor is better than anybody thought and I still have alot of faith in my team.

Disappointed....But Hopeful.

This weekend's game was disappointing for me, because I really thought Clemson was the better team on the field. The way we lost was terrible. I would much rather lose by a big defensive or offensive play than by a missed extra point. I hope our special teams get better, or it could be long year. Our defense is young now, so it is going to take a few games for them to learn their assignments and limit their mistakes. Hopefully, we can get it together and whip FSU and get some tune up work done the next few weeks. After FSU it should be easy sailing until November, when we take on Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech. I am very confident in Proctor after watching the game, so we will see how it goes from here on out.

Monday, September 11, 2006

These toons make me feel a little better about Carolina's trouble..

These cartoons are hilarious! Watch all of them.. you will laugh like hell. Especially the coach K one (even if you don't like B-Ball... watch it anyway.) Hilarious. At least we don't have the problems that the NC St. and UNC coaches do..

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Oh and the Panthers loose too, I HATE FOOTBALL!

How can you pressure a QB if this is legal?

Check out some highlights from the Tigers and Boston College. Anybody wanna argue none of it happened?

Still not convinced? Check out Highlights from the opening second half BC kickoff return for a TD:

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Well Anyway.

Brent I agree with you. This is the most important game of the year. You might not like the rest of what I am gonna say. To have a season like we are hoping for, they need to demolish Boston College. All of the weapons need to get used. Everybody is expecting a 3-7 point win, and I know a win is a win. But the Tigers are better than that. A 3-7 point win just means they are playing at whatever teams level that they play again and we don't need that. They need to win big today and I think they will.

Blake, I think Holyfield is a good person. He was a good boxer. He needs to retire, he is gonna end up like Mohamed Ali if he doesn't. He is not going to challenge for the title again, not legitamitely anyway and he probably already has brain damage. If he won it, nobody would cheer louder than me, even then, he would suffer later on in life and I hope he has a change of heart and moves on. It is sad to watch these guys go down hill.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Things are gonna get interesting with the website!!!

I just bought a DVD recorder. I will certainly have some orginal content now. It works so good I can't tell it from cable. I don't guess I have to tell you what the first two things I am going to record are. The Tigers and Cocks! We are gonna watch all the games year round. Its too bad I waited so long but I think it was a great investment. We will get to see the Tiger's National Championship season over and over again. We will also see the Gamecock's losing season over and over again!

I just recorded the picture I posted from the Pittsburg game, what do you think?

Holyfield to Fight Oquendo in November

Published September 8, 2006

Evander Holyfield, the first four-time heavyweight champion, wants to become the first to win five. The 43-year-old Holyfield resumes his long comeback Nov. 10 when he fights Fres Oquendo at the Alamodome in San Antonio.

In his most recent bout, Holyfield stopped Jeremy Bates in the second round on Aug. 18 in Dallas.

"I am asked all the time why I still fight," Holyfield said at a news conference Thursday. "My answer is always the same. I want to reach my goal. And that goal is to become a world champion one more time.

"When I do, I'll sit down. Until then, I'm going to be in the battlefield.

"Before defeating Bates, Holyfield (39-8-2 with 26 knockouts) had lost his previous three fights and hadn't fought anyone in nearly two years.

Oquendo, a Puerto Rican who fights out of Chicago, is 26-3 with 16 KOs. In February, he returned from a two-year layoff to stop Brazil's Daniel Bispo in the ninth round.

The 33-year-old Oquendo has yet to win a major title. He won his first 22 fights and lost a controversial decision to Chris Byrd in 2003.

Holyfield's four titles came as a cruiserweight and heavyweight. He won his first heavyweight championship in 1990 by defeating Buster Douglas.

The 10-round pay-per-view bout will be carried on Fox Sports Net.

The Most Important Game of the Year.

While some may disagree, citing FSU or VT, I have to say this game is the most important. For starters, it's the first time Will Proctor will start away and against a quality opponent. We'll know what type of quarterback we have after this one. The main thing about this game is going to be answering the new defensive questions. Anthony Waters' injury will hurt the defense, I'm just anxious to see how much. I am going to show some faith in the orange clad and predict 31-20. This may be off, but I am not giving up on the Tigers being the best in the ACC Atlantic!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Who cares? But just in case you do.

Caught in the Web. The school has ruled that the owner of a popular Clemson-themed Web site has not committed wrongdoing after investigating allegations of inappropriate conduct, spokesman Tim Bourret said.

Cris Ard, publisher of, is a former member of IPTAY, the school’s booster club. NCAA rules prohibit boosters — and by its definition, anyone who has once been a booster — from contacting recruits, which Ard regularly does for stories on his site.

Ard, an IPTAY member from 1995-99, has hired a new employee to handle recruiting calls for his site.

Bourret said Clemson plans to send a letter to the NCAA next week seeking its interpretation of the matter. He also said no violations are expected to result from the investigation.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Crissy Ard is going down.... and he tried to say he wasn't a Clemson fan.. LMAO!

CLEMSON - The owner of a popular Web site that covers Clemson sports is a former booster of the Tigers' athletic department, the school has discovered.

Clemson sports information director Tim Bourret confirmed late Tuesday afternoon that Cris Ard, who owns and operates, was a member of IPTAY from 1995-99. Clemson found documentation of Ard's involvement in the booster club during an investigation that lasted "six or seven weeks," Bourret said.

According to an e-mail sent to Clemson's compliance department from the university's general counsel, the investigation was provoked by "allegations of inappropriate conduct by Cris Ard." In that same e-mail, a copy of which was provided to The Post and Courier, lawyer Clayton Steadman said there was "insufficient evidence to support a finding of any wrongdoing on (Ard's) part."

Although Clemson has ruled out inappropriate conduct by Ard, Bourret said Clemson is still asking the NCAA to evaluate the propriety of Ard's status as a former booster. NCAA rules prohibit boosters from contacting recruits, and Ard regularly contacts high school prospects for stories on his Web site.

The NCAA has said that boosters retain their status indefinitely regardless of whether they cease to contribute to booster clubs or athletic departments. Reached Tuesday evening, Ard confirmed that he was a member of IPTAY before he became credentialed to cover the Tigers.
Ard's Web site, which is not officially affiliated with Clemson, is a member of the Rivals network, a prominent company that employs a reported network of more than 300 reporters who cover college sports, high school sports and recruiting.

Ard calls his Web site "the No. 1 authority on Clemson football and recruiting, and the virtual Mecca for coverage."

An NCAA spokesperson could not be reached for comment Tuesday evening.

In some previous cases involving boosters who have contacted recruits, schools have "disassociated" themselves from the boosters. Bourret said no NCAA violations are expected to result from the revelation that Ard is a former booster.

The NCAA could recommend barring Ard from any further contact with recruits, or even current Clemson staff members, coaches or players.

The 33-year-old Ard said he has been under contract with since 2001. He said he published a newsletter covering Clemson football and recruiting from 1995-99 before offering his service online in 1999.

Independent Web sites that cover college athletics and recruiting have presented difficult issues for universities because of the possibility that the operators of these sites are nothing more than fans of the teams they are covering.

Ard said he is not a fan of Clemson. He would neither confirm nor deny that the investigation began with allegations that he encouraged recruits to sign with the Tigers.

The NCAA and its member schools have traditionally viewed fan Web sites differently from other media such as newspapers, radio and television, but the online outlets that are affiliated with national names have been increasingly granted status as credentialed media in recent years.

Bobby Burton, chief operating officer for, said Tuesday that everyone who reports for his organization must sign a code of ethics that states no member who contacts recruits can be a member of a booster organization.

"I think we definitely make a distinction between current and former," Burton said. "I think Cris was a booster before he decided to be a journalist."

TigerIllustrated is one of three main Web sites that independently cover Clemson athletics. The others are, a member of the FoxSports-owned Scout network, and

Spurrier’s cash backs his words

Tue, Sep. 05, 2006

THIS TIME IT truly is not about the money.

That is not to diminish the $250,000 Steve Spurrier has pledged to the South Carolina athletics department over the next five years. It is just that there is much more to Spurrier’s latest donation to help improve facilities throughout the department.

Spurrier’s generosity has much more to do with his commitment to being at USC. No other college is likely to woo Spurrier away, not Florida, not Notre Dame, not Southern California. The prospect of an NFL team ever calling him again is slim and slimmer.

“Hopefully, it shows I’m going to be here for quite awhile,” Spurrier says. “I’m committed to trying my best to make us a big-time football program. Everybody wants to be big time, but there is a certain way you have to go about making it happen.

“I’m just trying to set an example.”

The examples are many as Spurrier embarks on his second season at USC.

Believing that USC could better spend its money elsewhere, Spurrier might have been the first coach in college football history to negotiate a lower salary when he was hired.

USC offered an annual salary of $1.5 million, and Spurrier settled on $1.25 million. He earmarked the $250,000 difference to be split evenly among his nine full-time assistant coaches.

At many schools, the head football coach operates on an island, seldom seen on campus or at other athletic events. Not so with Spurrier, who along with his wife, Jerri, have long been advocates of women’s athletics.

Spurrier donated $20,000 to $25,000 annually to the women’s athletics department in his 12 years at Florida. He attends nearly every home USC women’s basketball game and even showed up while on vacation this past season to watch the team play at Florida.

Upon learning that the track and field program could use financial support, Spurrier wrote a check a year ago to Curtis Frye’s program for $25,000.

When Spurrier’s “Cock ’N Fire” wine was marketed for the first time a year ago, he partnered with men’s golf coach Puggy Blackmon. The proceeds, which amounted to $85,000, went to Blackmon’s program. Spurrier said he considering pushing all future proceeds from wine sales toward the general athletics’ facilities fund.

Unfortunately for the athletics department, even Spurrier’s name could not sell his combination hat and visor called “Spur’s Lid.”

As part of his contract, Spurrier gets the use of a luxury suite at Williams-Brice Stadium. Again this season, Spurrier returned the suite to the athletics department, which in turn sold it. Estimated value of the suite is $52,000 annually.

Spurrier also is allotted eight tickets each season between the 40-yard lines. He returns six of those tickets to the athletics department for sale. If you include what a Gamecock Club donation would cost to purchase those tickets, their value could exceed $10,000.

Spurrier is allowed year-round use of two complimentary cars, according to his contract. He uses only one, believing it is not proper for his wife to use the other.

Previous coaches have been offered the use of a university-owned house. Spurrier built a million-dollar home in an exclusive Elgin development. It was one more way of showing the school, athletics department and its fans that he has established residency in Columbia, and he plans to stay awhile.

When Spurrier left Florida and eventually took the head coaching job with Washington in the NFL, he no doubt was looking for another challenge. He wanted to test his skills at the highest level of football.

Spurrier also admits that money played a part in that decision. Who could blame him for jumping at a $5 million a year contract? But when he returned to college coaching, Spurrier said it had nothing to do with money.

At USC, he keeps proving that with each donation to the athletics department. With each donation Spurrier also shows he aims to stay awhile.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Grading The Tigers.

Offense: A There were some fumbles, but this team never punted...never even got close to it. The offense had a very good tune up and the Merriweather/Davis combo looks more formidable than ever.

Defense A They scored a TD, had a few picks, and never let the Owls get close to the endzone. I think playing all of the defensive players was a very good thing with the loss of two starting LBs.

Special Teams B Spiller lost a fumble, Jad Dean missed an extra point and a field goal, but we got to the the jets of Jacoby Ford.

Note: Antonio Clay will play in place of Anthony Waters, with Maurice Nelson and Nick Watkins on the outside spots. Good job Whitehurst!


Former Clemson quarterback Charlie Whitehurst was named the back up signal caller for the San Diego Chargers late last week.

Whitehurst learned of the decision shortly after the team released veteran QB A.J. Feeley.

"We think we know exactly what we have in Philip Rivers and are very comfortable with that," Chargers head coach Marty Schottenheimer said. "And it made no sense to keep a quarterback that didn't figure into the plans."

Should Rivers get hurt, Schottenheimer said, "Charlie will be there."

Two plates full of Dookie Dip 99 cents

Three Bud Lights $2.oo
1 Pair of Hanes underwear $2.99

Ryan taking a poop in the woods and earning the name "Dookie Boy" PRICELESS!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Friday, September 01, 2006

Clay Returns

Antonio Clay returned to Clemson last night, according to This is for insensitive Ryan Richey.

Grading the Gamecocks

This is something I am going try for every clemson and carolina game this year, so tell me if you think its a good idea.

Offense: C+ State's defense wreaked havoc on South Carolina's offensive line. Mitchell looked very average a lot of times. The team never sustained a drive all night. This is where Carolina has to improve if they are to win games against SEC teams. Cory Boyd is a good running back and proved it last night.

Defense: A- I thought the defense was fast and aggressive and seemed to swarm the ball. The secondary played okay, but the front 7 were dominant for much of the night. Jasper Brinkley had a great game. The only negatives were the multitude of missed tackles and Mississippi State's offense being horrible, but to agree with Ryan (oh no) anytime you go on the road in the SEC and pitch a shutout you're doing pretty good.

Special Teams A+ Ryan Succop kicked 3 field goals, punted very well, and had a huge first down conversion on a blocked punt. Is it a good thing for the Cocks that a kicker was their best player?

Finally: Those damned cowbells should be outlawed!


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