Friday, August 31, 2012

We don't know really...

Charlie Whitehurst came in like that. But I'm reading even Gamecock fans say that your big problem is that age old problem we both always have, your OL. Most (gamecock fans) were saying it looked like Lat got most yardage on his own. Not good if Thompson comes in behind a bad OL if true. I heard some of them got replaced by the second half.

In terms of spurrier passing, he has no choice. He's got to find a way to pass the ball. No secret what Vandy was doing, they just stack 8 men in the box and you are going to see it all year. Did you attempt to throw to the TEs?

How did the physical fitness of your players look compared to last year? Urban Myers said your S&C coach is your most important hire and I agree. You had one of the best last year, how about this year?

Oh I don't know

We both said the same thing about Garcia last season. If Garcia went down we were in trouble. Then Connor Shaw comes out against East Carolina and plays terribly. We knew especially then that Garcia had to play. It was Shaw's first start, he had a bad game against East Carolina. He comes back a few weeks later and goes 7-1 to finish the year. If Garcia would have stayed and played we would have been dead in the water. Now, I'm not saying Thompson is better than Shaw at all. All I'm saying is you can't judge Thompson by those few series that he played last night. Thompson played well in the few snaps he got last season..

It'll be interesting to see where this team goes. I think Vandy played really well as expected. I think they will go bowling again and pull off a big upset at some point this season. There is tons of room for improvement for Carolina. Even the defense needs to improve. They got by on pure physical ability last night. Too many mental errors. I think we're gonna like Ward's defensive scheme however. Spurrier's play calling last night was not impressive. He tried to do too much in the passing game. Room for improvement all around, that's for sure.

But like you said, a win is a win. I would have took 13-10 last night. But you know, we won 75% of our games last season just like last night. Low scoring, close games. I think this team will be alright.

Kinda what I thought...

On two fronts. I knew vandy would be tough and it does not appear you would have won if Shaw had not returned. I did not get to see the game unfortunately, but I think it's obvious you need Shaw to have a good year. He is pretty banged up already and he is going to have to be a dual threat to be effective. But a win is a win and you could light it up from now on, you never know.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wasn't pretty

But like nearly all of our games last season we pulled off the win. Ready to see Tenn vs NCST tomorrow night!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

By the way

I think you'll like where Cowherd has LSU..

Good post bro

on the predictions. As a matter of fact that is the best post you've made in a very long time. Not just the weekly game prediction but the season prediction as well. Orange glasses off and you called it like you see it. I applaud you bro.

In terms of Cowherd....

I could not listen to it at work, I will later. But its real easy to make wild predicits on who is better between teams that don't play during the regular season. I am more interested on his prediction of LSU and Scar. Also, are we convinced Bama is better than LSU? I've just seen Les Miles get written off one too many times and he always seems to step up eventually.

I just don't know about Auburn...

I mean how could you really? New OC, new DC? You would think that they will come out confused and Clemson would certainly jump out with a large lead, I agree completely on that. Then of course they will of course finish out with a W... NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND!!!!! We start out strong but I don't know about the finish. Sorry, but I am not sure about this one. Clemson dominates the first half, but the second will tell the tale. I am gonna go with a 9-3 record for Clemson as well, Auburn is certainly a possible loss, we could lose to FSU but I'm not sure why anyone would project it as a loss, I think we split 2 of 4 to Ga Tech, Va Tech, FSU and NC State. I also think we split Aubs and Scar 1-1.

I think that between East Carolina and Vandy Spurrier had better not be too cute. East Carolina is a team that once they get your number you better circle them (Va Tech 2 years in a row). Vandy also is a team that has confidence for whatever reason in beating Scar, but that was a different coach. I think sometimes hype does not go in your favor early in the season. I think Scar wins both but closer than expected on at least one of the 2.

I think 10 wins are likely for Scar but 9 is certainly possible. If Petrino was at Arkansas you could circle it as a loss, but go ahead and cirle LSU for sure. But as it stands in addition to LSU you lose 1 between Gawga, Florida and Arkansas. If its 9 wins I will let you guess who the 3rd loss will be.

Cowherd high on the Gamecocks

Wow, Carolina better than Bama? He thinks so.

Cowherd breaks down the top 10:

Clowney would kill Bane lol

Prediction time is here. You left out an important part of your season predictions. Who are the losses?

I have the Gamecocks winning. Vandy has improved and Franklin has them headed in the right direction. I just think Carolina has too much talent particularly passrush wise. Vandy's OL is less than stellar. I don't think you will see anything spectacular out of our offense in this game. If Spurrier can get a good lead he won't tip his hand to future teams on our schedule. I think there will be the occasional deep play but mainly grinding out on the ground and short passes to the WRs and TEs. Shaw will improve his completion percentage. I think he completes 70% of his passes in this game.
Gamecocks 27 - Vandy 13

Clemson will also win. They will jump out to a quick lead, maybe 17 point lead at halftime before Aubz knows what hit em. Clemson will continue to grind it out and keep the lead. Auburn will settle down in the 2nd half and make it a close game down to the end. May be even down to a last second FG or goaline TD attempt. I agree that Chiz is overrated.
Clemson 23 - Auburn 17

Now for the season predictions. Both teams go 10-2. Carolina with losses to LSU and surprise surprise Mizzou. Clemson with losses to FSU and South Carolina. That is incredibly homeristic picks for both teams by the way.

Nice Dark Knight Photo Shop

I take offense to it, being such a big Batman fan. Clowney is no Bane. Hes a big gorilla lol. Well the season is a day away. I got Clemson winning 27-20. Carolina 30-10. Vandy is no match for that defensive line and Clemson will beat Auburn because, well....I think Gene Chizik is a fraud. I think both teams go 9-3 this season. Hopefully I'm wrong about Clemson.

Nice little picture


May be a scrub

But I still got this little nugget out of you lol before you realised he was a Carolina walk-on:

"I think the only reason we didn't recruit Whitehurst seriously is because we had so many WRs
already. Its a shame we didn't tho."

You wanted him to be a tigger lol.

I seriously did not know...

I was wondering why you were trying to pimp that scrub so hard tho. Just funny to see the sunshine pumping article from Arkansas and then the results the next year.

Speaking of Arkansas, I guess Bobby Petrino is very likely to Kentucky in the likely event Joker don't work out. Thats going to be interesting if so.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I agree

It's great to have us here to talk some football. I'm just ready for kickoff to get these questions answered. It's ashamed you're not as into football anymore. You seem to be, on here anyway.

I like the Calvin Johnson reference by the way. I guess you finally figured out Kane walked on at Carolina lol.

I don't care as...

Much about football (thank god) but I really do enjoy us talking here like the good old days. Brings back allot of good memories, I appreciate everybody coming back even if it's only at the beginning of the season.

He actually reminds me of....

Calvin Johnson, his name is just cooler.

I agree with Brent on everything...

I do think there is such a thing as a bad day. Most teams experience it, when you think Clemson's defense was that bad, you have to remember they won 10 games before that. More than one of the teams was better than West Virginia. I do believe Kevin Steele kinda lost it during that game as well. JMO, but we will find out in 2 weeks. Auburn should worry everybody, they have allot of talent and brand new coordinators on both sides of the ball. No real film or idea on how they will come out of the gate. But if you are Clemson or Scar, you should always be worried with them. Scar was allot better team than Auburn last year, but it didn't matter.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Lets Do This...

I will talk briefly on the pistol, which seems to be a hot topic. I do think Clemson went to Nevada to look at the pistol for those reasons....o line concerns and some extra ideas on the short yardage. This is what coaches do all the time and Morris is smart to get some ideas and a larger playbook. Like I have said before, I have a ton of confidence in Chad Morris and his offense and what he does. I don't question him at all. What I do have questions about... South Carolina's offense/recievers/quarterback. First of all, I am not saying Carolina's offense will be a liability at all. I just know that they are a bit unproven at reciever. I know they are talented, but in two days we will see. Connor Shaw...look I think he did pretty good last year honestly. I am just not one of the guys that sang his praises or flipped the script about his video game stats. I think he will improve, but how much remains to be seen? Ok....Clemson's offensive line scares me. Yes, they're more athletically gifted but its still a huge concern and one that we will find out about pretty damn fast with Auburn's front four. I am more concerned about Clemson's defense and their defensive line. This worries me. Everyone knows Clemson is going to score a ton this season. I just don't think they can go too far without some type of improvement on defense. That West Virginia game is just in my mind and it's gonna take a win Saturday to start the healing process. The season is here, everyone is undefeated and optimism abounds. South Carolina you have two more days to smile until the embarassment in Nashville. We all see it!!! jk

Kane Whitehurst

kinda reminds me of Tyler Grisham

I think so too...

This is what Morris said today about the OL:

"-- Morris says he's "extremely confident" in his offensive line, but there is some apprehension about the first game in such a big-stage setting because you just don't know how some guys are going to react."

I don't know if he is sunshine pumping it, not sure what would be the motivation if so. But regardless I really like the fact that so far he is not using the OL as a crutch or making excuses.

Good enough on the pistol

I think we both got good points across.

Yea but Whitehurst's video looks pretty good. He looks pretty explosive. Did you watch it? I can't believe I missed it when he was in HS. Did you even know about him then?

I think the only...

reason we didn't recruit Whitehurst seriously is because we had so many WRs already. Its a shame we didn't tho, or maybe he had no interest.

There is no doubt...

we are running it (supposedly you never know) to improve the running game an particularly short yardage situaions. There is also no doubt Clemson has inexperince on the OL. What I don't buy into is that Chad Morris or anyone else went there because they expect the OL to be so weak or as a fix for it. I sure hope not, because unlike the option this is likely not to work very well for that. We all know what happens when you line the RB up deeper in the backfield with a poor offensive line. Its a loss of yardage every time, because unlike the option there has to be a hole there and if defenders are getting penetration like they do with a poor OL, the QB is not even likely to ge the ball to the RB being closer to the line of scrimmage. Again, this seems like an offense that will take advantage of faster impact players, which is smart. I simply think we would have gone no matter what because it seems like a good thing to add to your arsenal. Its put to rest as far as I am concerned, I think we are close to agreeing anyway.

But, I hope you are right and this does help a weak OL out. Otherwise we could be in for a long year.

Charlie Whitehurst's cousin is one to watch..

Kane Whitehurst looks like a pretty damn good WR. Very fast and athletic for a white boy. Video below:

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Here you go

Strait from the guy that created the pistol formation. 6th and 7th paragraph talks about how Clemson has struggled in short yardage situations, has a very inexperienced OL, and the pistol is a way to aid these things. Nevada HC even says these were reasons he created the offense. Sounds like what you were talking about with the smaller teams running the option to me. Let's put this thing to bed:

Just in case you...

About the garnet glasses. What I mean is, in your mind as a scar fan no way. In my mind (based on the ford years) it's a no brainer. We might still be talking about Joe morrison if hadn't died way too young for scar. There are allot of good coaches out there that were assistants for him.

Talent wise in recruiting...

I sure do, Clemson has had some good recruiting classes. In fact you did get to see a liitle of bear bryant at Clemson, you just have to take off garnet glasses which instantly raises IQ btw. His name was Danny ford. So yeah, they probably would have been. Pete carrol was a perfect coach for USC, not sure he would do that good anywhere else and the NCAA would not turn a blind eye like they did for so long with USC and the sec.

I agree it could help the offensive line, but it sounds more like an offense made for a team with allot of speed. After a little research, we are all wrong, most of college football does run it and several NFL teams in fact. I've not found an article that talks about how it's for a weak OL. Certainly to help improve a running game and I would suppose that helps the OL.

I think Connor shaw can manage the game, probably. I say probably because I have seen several QBs bomb in their second year. Just like you said, he's not going to wow anyone. But if he wins who cares? Will be interesting to see how he does without jeffreys this year.

I don't know bro..

If Clemson would have got Bear Bryant would they be Alabama? If they got Pete Carrol would they be SoCal? We don't know the answer to those questions. What we do know is that you have Dabo. Where he ranks on the list of those guys well.. I'll let you decide that. We do know he has greatness in him lol.

So you think Clemson is on the same level as Oklahoma huh? Same talent on defense? Oh my lol.

Welcome back Rich, thanks for your annual post lol.

Yep, I'm back...

I'm back and of course i will slowly fade away like i always do toward the end of the season.. I like to compare it to Clemson sports. Yep, i'm here with guns ablazing and let the shots commense. On to a couple of quick hitters...

First...The pistol is in fact designed to help the offensive line. Why more teams dont run it is an unknown but it designed to help teams that have trouble in the running game. Its sole purpose is to allow the backs to get a head of steam when approaching the line and also allow them angles for more vision to make cuts. Personally i dont know how this works but i do that is the purpose of it.

Secondly...I will agree our wide recievers are somewhat of a question mark for the offense this year, but at the same time i dont see where it is necessary for our wideouts to all be 6'4 or 6'5. Thats just something we have grown accustom too. West Virginia is a prime example of what smaller, quick recievers can be capable of (this is not a dig at Vance or Brent....well maybe a little). Plus we have 3-4 tight ends are that are more than capable of being our red zone jump ball guys as they are in that 6'4 range and extremely athletic. Expect to see a lot more 2 tight end sets for the Gamecocks this season, and also dont sleep on Shaq Roland yet. Kid has a chance to a superstar. He is only about 6'1, but he has close to a 40 inch vertical, so he is also a red zone threat once he learns the schematics of the offense. This offense has a chance to be very good, especially with Shaw calling the shots from behind center, which leads me to my third quick hitter.

Third...Shaw definitely isnt gonna WOW, but Shaw is a competitor and has shown he is more than capable of leading this offense. Everyone loves to point back to East Carolina game last year but they completely forget that he is 8-1 as a starter and really didnt perform bad in the East Carolina game. I think its pretty safe to say that he is proven.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

I think this is an interesting topic tho...

A few years ago there was actually some silly talk of bob stoops coming to Clemson. Not sure how or why and I don't want to discuss it. Not very likely it was legit. But I do want to ask this, you say Clemson does not have the talent of Oklahoma. But based on the talent we had in the past. If he had came several years ago, bob stoops or even instead of Oklahoma, would Clemson have been Oklahoma? Remember, Oklahoma was not good when he got there. I don't think recruiting is easy there either. What you think bro? I say yes btw.

Dabo never said...

Hotrod would be spiller, he hyped him like that. He never said those exact words so let it go bro. Let's move back a little further to Bryce Sherman, I guess spurrier never hyped him either? Point is simple, no one knows till they hit the field.

Got it about rivals and Venables, but I don't get the logic. Kevin Steele coached one and a half years under Saban I think. Venables was a dc for 13 years plus for stoops, but even as impressive was his time spent under Bill Snyder. Guys got a good resume, so I guess we judge Clemson's defense based on one game and that being west Virginia? Could be true, but unlikely. Also, if you believe in recruit rankings and I know you do, we are very close talent wise in recuiting to Oklahoma. Throw in that they play some of the best offenses in the country and we play some of the shittiest in the Acc and yes, I look for big improvements. We get the talent, but I agree we have not developed it as well.

We agree on spurrier bro, you said the same thing I did. He adjusted based on his QB situation. Having Lattimore would make sense too, even tho you have plenty of time when he was not there and I assume they were still running.

Yea I talked Rich in to posting

as I did with Brent. Hopefully both will stay with us for a while. Rich had some trouble with his post and he thought he erased it. It's still there and I told him how to get to it and finish it. It's always good to add various opinions.

The Main Board huh bro? If you believe anything that me or anyone else says on there you really don't need to go there. It is troll central lol. It's fun sometimes to throw my little jabs at the Clemson and TN fans. Nothing more than that really.

Back to Byrd, yes Carolina has fans that over hyped him. Clemson certainly has the same type of fans. Every fan base does. I will say this, I bet you can't find me one quote by Spurrier about Byrd that remotely comes close to Dabo hyping Hot Rod up to be the next Spiller. That just isn't Spurrier's style and you know that. Add that one to the overblown column lol.

Now on to Spurrier going more towards the run rather than pass. So you don't think that Spurrier went to the run by choice? Even after he realised he had a top 5 RB and a QB that was a drunk? Spurrier gets credit for bringing Elliot to install the zone read. Every run play we run is Elliot's. So it wasn't Spurrier's choice to bring in Elliot? If Spurrier had a QB that could make the throws I think he would pass more. Shaw showed flashes last season but he wasn't quite there yet. Also, why ditch the run if it's working? It gave us 11 wins last season so why would Spurrier pass more?

Man bro, you really want me to say something bad about Venebles huh? Is it so you can go back and rub it in my face if he turns out to be stellar this season? I'll play if you insist bro..

Possible negatives about the hype of Venebles this season:

1) Remember how happy you guys were when Kevin Steele was hired? This guy came from Alabama and coached under Saban! He's gonna be great right? Right??

2) Clemson is not Oklahoma. They do not have the talent Oklahoma has on defense.

3) Kinda goes back to what I said before with Steele and Saban. Venebles coached under Saban so that's good. Or is it? Could Venebles success be because Stoops was calling the shots on defense? How much of it was Venebles?

4) If you're hoping for an immediate major improvement out of that defense from last season you're probably in for major disapointment. Venebles will need at least a couple of years to fix what I saw last season.

Now, possible positives for Venebles and Clemson this season:

1) Clemson's defense can't get worse can it?

2) I could be wrong but I don't think Venebles runs the 3-4 like Steele did. We both have the same feelings about the 3-4.

3) Venebles will face much weaker offenses in the ACC than he did in the Big 12.

4) This is more about long term, Venebles is a good recruiter.

I didn't want to, but there it is. None of that is speculation or my opinion either. It's all questions that will have to be answered this season. Five days left!

I see Ryan is posting as I type...

This will be interesting.

So I guess we are finally getting...

To your point? Clemson's dl and OL are going to be terrible. I mean I see scar fans talking about that more than about scar. Not sure why you didn't just say it, I mean I do read your post on rivals. So I don't think you were talking about how good an idea the pistol was, it's actually how awful the OL is. Also, why don't you give us your true opinion on Venables? Just come out and say stuff bro, I really don't mind, that's my point. I think it's good discussion, some truth, some overblown.

Certainly some of your brethren were saying byrd would be as good as Watkins, cause he was so fast. There's just more to it than speed, let's be honest too, spurrier wasn't retarded enough to say he was Watkins, but he was pumping Byrd as hard as Dabo pumped hot rod. That was the point in fact. Yes, a Steve spurrier coached team is a run team now.

I don't think it's by choice either, we saw what happens when spurrier gets pass happy. I think if you want to see an offense modified by a weakness (has to be the QB, they did have jeffreys) look to your own. Spurrier definitely wants to run the ball with Lattimore, but I dont think he envisioned this.

But until they hit the field, I wouldn't be counting my chickens before they hatch.

No one has ever said that Thompson

would be some great QB. What was said is that he would be able to manage the game. Passing isn't a huge part of our offense any way. Go back and look at how many times we ran it last season as opposed to passing, 317/553. Not saying we don't need to pass it but running is a bigger part of our offense. I'm sure Dylan could hand it off just fine. It doesn't matter anyway because Shaw came back to practice today with a regular full contact jersey on. He's playing like I said before.

Not sure what you read about Byrd? Byrd does have great speed and his pass catching ability surprised last Fall practice. I don't think anyone hyped him up like you made it out. As for the reason he didn't contribute more? There are more than one reasons. 1) He was a freshman and had good WRs ahead of him on the depth chart. 2) He dug himself a hole by being suspended the first 4 weeks of the season by the NCAA for his involvement in the SAM organization. Never got back in stride after that. 3) He was undersized last year and as I said many many times before last season, he needed at least a year in a college workout program to reach his full potential. Hyped up as the next xmen? No I'm not quite on the level of Dabo as far as unrealistically hyping players into what they are not (IE Hot Rod the next Spiller lol)

But if you're that harsh about the subject of playing inexperienced players at key positions, I wonder how you feel about having a OL full of them? DL too really? Those are easily two of the top three positions in football. If you take away the OL it doesn't matter who you have at QB, RB, or WR. So let's hear how many more losses an inexperienced OL and DL will get you?

Why am I not sold completely?

Because look at what happened at the end of last year. But, I think urban Myer knows more than all of us. But a big point of all that was who gets credit? He was pulled from nowhere and maybe Dabo can do it again if he leaves?

In terms of ward, we have seen Morris, we've not seen ward for a season yet. I will reserve judgement till the end. Same with shaw, let's see him play a full year, with a back injury. J/k

Dylan Thompson? Let's go back in time, I thought the byrd guy was going to be some sort of mutant receiver that would end up ultimately as a new member of the xmen he was so fast and great based on reports last year. I put him in the same category as hot rod right now. But I am still hearing hot rod is coming. Point being, till they hit the field you're in trouble. Especially if they have to manage the game as a QB in the sec? Good for 2-3 extra losses IMO.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Let me first just say

that this is what it's all about for me. The three of us on this blog talking football and various shit before the season. I enjoy this almost as much as the season itself. Now back to it..

Fair enough about the pistol bro. It sounds like a good idea regardless of the reason for running it. I think all parties here are interested in seeing it this season.

As far as your "troll" being successful? I guess it was if you consider my response to it has you doubting Chad Morris's offense as a "successful troll" lol. Come on bro, he's not a guarantee? What about everything you said in the paragraph before that? Or pretty much everything you've said about Morris since last season. Hell Brent even said he was a top 5 coordinator today. I tried to give him hell but it's hard to argue that he isn't. So how is a top 5 coordinator not a guarantee?

You ask if I think there are not more Chad Morris's out there? Hey, I used him to help my case with Ward. I never said they weren't out there. I was kinda gisting that they were out there, sorrry for the confusion.

It just always seems that you use coordinator experience against Ward even though he has almost 20 years of college (or greater/NFL) coaching experience. I simply brought up The Chad's success and his lack of coordinator experience to help my argument. Ward can be good even if he has little coordinator experience. Have a little faith in Whammy and the Gamecocks D bro, come on lol!

Brent, I don't know what to tell you. Go back and watch replays of the games dude. Particularly Kentucky, Clemson, and Nebraska. May change your mind about Shaw. Our offense/Shaw looked like anything but "shit" in those games. All of those was without Lattimore by the way. Another interesting note, half of the Nebraska game was played without Alshon. Many forget that he was ejected midway through. Shaw and the Gamecock offense blew the doors off after he was gone. Shaw may not be a world beater but he certainly exceeded expectations as a true sophomore last season taking over half way through. By all accounts in the off season he's gotten better as a passer. He's good Brent, sorry dude.

Oh man, all of our questions and concerns will be answered soon enough.

Sounds good about school bro. There will be classes like this one that you will float through. You can't blame yourself for not doing it before now. You are doing it now and that's what's important.

About the boat, we should come up with a code name for it like "car" or "plane" lol.

It's nearing time for predictions. I listened to Walt Deptula at the WCCP college kickoff show where he joined the rest of "The Drive" line up (Plyler, Quawk, Thurn, Philpot, ect). I'll be damned if every time he talked it sounded like I was listening to a Gamecock radio station. The rest of the Tiger faithful would raise doubt about the Gamecocks ( Lattimore injury, WRs, Ward, the absence of Ingram and Gilmore) and Walt would completely go against the grain and take up for us and explain why we would prevail. I'm pretty sure he pissed the whole crew off and alot of the fans along with them. It was surprising really. The man hates being wrong and for once I hope he's right..

Schools great...

This class is easy, IFSM 201. It's about microsoft office, I will learn some things, but I know office already. I find myself knowing things the teacher does not not know in the back of my mind when he is talking. Kicking myself for not doing this sooner, I should be working on a masters right now.

Was supposed to test my boat this morning, but the weather is bad. I will get you pictures when I do. You wanna talk about a rewarding hobby with a sense of accomplishment? I am not even gonna try to be humble, there are allot of talks of putting it on display in an on base club. Would be here forever probably, here in a month we can talk about it here. I have said enough for now.

Brent was posting same time as me...


The sequal to "Remember the Titans?" I havent seen it. Clash was okay but the original was better. I thought the new Conan was pretty entertaining, but "Immortals" was pretty shitty. Been watching "once upon a time". Thats interesting about little Davis. Carolina winning is a given Thursay, but I think a lot of eyes will be on Marcus Lattimore to see if hes as dominant. I havent given sc as much thought or even looked at their roster this year, like I have in years past. I have heard a bit here and there on the radio about o line questions. And of course there will be a little bit of a question about a new dc, but with that talent uup front they probably will be top 20. I still think Connor Shaw is a question mark and i for one have never been insane about him. I think he id ok last year but again, sc was so goo on efene. I thought their offense looked like shit lol. But i am typing on my phone and cant see everything i am typing so i will end it here. Typos abound.

Just mostly messing with...

You bro, but not about the pistol. I simply think even if we had the most dominant OL in football, Morris would be running it. If and this is a big IF, it is an offense designed to overcome a weak OL, I have already said it's even better. It may help, but I don't think he said wow, the OL is weak, let's go to Nevada and study the pistol. I think rather he said, wow, I could run more plays quicker with that. But, the whole concept of his offense is certainly to have the defense gassed at the end, with allot of plays. In my mind you would need smaller, different type OL for his offense. I just have a different take.

Since my troll was obviously successful, Morris is not a guarantee yet, he's not proven. Looks positive so far, but all you said is true. One person gets credit for that, pulling him from no where if he is a home run. Dabo is smarter than he gets credit for. You think there are not more Chad morris's out there? Ellis Johnson gets credit for yours.

I've heard Tommy was a good OC, when he was an OC. Apples and oranges when you compare being an OC to running the show as a HC. Tommy could have been great, he just really got too satisfied winning 8 games.

I watched wrath of the titans, if you take it for what it is, a sequel to clash of the titans, it's allot better. You should watch clash of the titans first, the original I mean. Not the new crap.

Brent what have you been watching lately?

Watching wrath of the titans

Im sure you've both seen it but haven't heard you talk about it much?

In other news

It looks like James Davis' little brother will play this season. Even as early as Thursday night. Injuries to Shon Carson and Brandon Wilds has elevated Mike Davis to 3rd on the RB depth chart. The coaches said they like to give the 3rd string RB a few carries a game. Interested to see how he will do.

Mike joins TE Jerell Adams and WR Shaq Roland as the players from our most recent recruiting class that are likely to see the field in the season opener.

Which true freshmen on Clemson's squad do you guys think will see early playing time against Auburn?

By the way bro, you never told me how school was going.

Shaw update

Seems to be pretty bad, out for the season..

I kid! I kid! lol nothing serious. Shaw's dad heard about the spasms online. Connor didn't even call him about it. Says it's nothing to be concerned about..

As far as practice time they are not sure when he'll return. They already know the player he is and there is no need to push an issue of no concern into a issue of concern. No game time will be missed however..

Spurrier also disagrees with you about Dylan Thompson

but you obviously know more about it than Spurrier. Seeing as how you've been to our practices and seen Thompson in action..

From Spurrier:

"We have a lot of confidence in Dylan Thompson," Spurrier said. "He is the next one to go in there. Dylan is a big, strong kid that can run around a little bit and can throw it. He's been here for three years, so he knows the system a little bit. At times, he looks very good. Sometimes, he eyeballs his guy a little too much. Dylan is a very capable player. We have tremendous confidence in him if something happened to Connor. Dylan can go in there and manage the game. We have confidence Dylan Thompson is ready to go."

What a pleasent surprise to have Brent join us lol

I'll respond to you in a second. Vance first lol. I'm not sure why you're so upset about what WCCP is saying about the pistol? If it is being run to aid poor OL play I think it's a brilliant move by Morris. A good offensive coordinator is going to work to a teams strengths and around it's weaknesses. Spurrier did the same with Carolina recently. He ditched the fun & gun due to poor QB play by Garcia, and went to a zone read run offense due to the addition of Lattimore. Great part is it worked, we played for our first SEC (albeit badly lol) and won 11 games the next season for the first time in history. I know that says a lot about our history but it is what it is. Gotta start somewhere.

As far as Shaw, I don't know what you need to be sold on? He came in the middle of last season as a true sophomore and took over. He managed the game well, very accurate (65.4 comp %), and has good wheels (may be the fastest white boy in the SEC). He is 8-1 as a starter. So I'm not sure what you are looking for? Tahj Boyd is the same way, I'm not sure what he needs to sell either? He is great when he has time to throw it. He had an excellent season last season.

On to Venebles, you are just making stuff up now bro lol. I've never said one bad thing about Venebles or his defense. I don't know enough about him to even have an opinion about him. You said you didn't know what kind of D he ran either lol. Ward on the other hand I do know. And he does have coordinator experience by the way, very good returns from the bowl game last year. By the way, how much coordinator experience did Chad Morris have before coming to Clemson?

I pretty much know what to expect out of Ward's defense. I've explained his defense here and know enough about it to have an opinion. More than just who he has coached under over the years. That seems to be all anyone knows about Venebles. That and he had good defenses at Oklahoma. Oklahoma being a little different program than Clemson. So no I haven't said anything either way about him. I'll judge Venebles by what I see on the field this year at Clemson.

Being a good coordinator is more than just who you've coached under. Case in point, who has Chad Morris coached under? Coach Eric Taylor in Texas lol? Morris turned out to be pretty good. Another example, Tommy Bowden was raised by and coached under one of the greatest of all time. All Tommy has to show for it is his dominance over a poor South Carolina program.

By the way, me saying Ward is the next Bob Stoops never happened either lol. I guess that's Vance's expectations of him?

I've seen blakes take on Venables...

And it's not good Brent. But what is your take on hiring a dc with no dc experience. I know he has been a position coach for a very long time, but in your opinion is that a good thing? I know blakes opinion, but what's yours? You think ward is another bob stoops?

Brent, did not notice that was you...

I think Shaw is prolly a decent game manager and if Lattimore stays healthy they will be fine. But it would be the first year. I think most QBs would look good passing with jeffreys tho. I definitely don't think he is what I see scar fans posting (not talking about blake). If he is injured, as I posted earlier it's going to be real bad, I mean bad.

P.S. I am definitely not ready to anoint Boyd either, I am not sold on either one.

Not sure where...

You read I said he would run the pistol to run the option? I said nothing remotely like that, lol. Sorry bro, go back and read. I said the option is an offense that is designed for less talented teams on the OL. Nothing about Morris consistently running the option and he is not, lol. Maybe a couple times a game, but most teams do that.

Also, I am sure they are saying it, but what you posted didn't really sound like it was being ran to make up for the OL. Morris wants to run ALLOT of plays. Sounds like it's simply to run plays faster. But based on that theory, why not just a shotgun? There would be no steps. So far, I don't buy it. I think he is running it, but with different motivation. He definitely wants to get plays off and the ball out faster. Does Nevada run it to make up for their OL? I know they have statistically (a term for losers) one of the best offenses in the country. You and Philpots think it's with a bad OL? If it is an offense that makes up for a bad OL, imagine if a major program ran it? Would be unstoppable I guess. Because unlike the option, it's a well balance scheme. Something you can pass or run out of. You would not be married to the run. And Clemson's running it!!! But, I just don't buy in. I guess that's why TI is not talking about it.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Its kind of a hassle... post via my phone. I gotta figure out the best way to do it. It took me ten minutes to remember my password and get everything going and theres gotta be a phone friendly way to post a blog, as its in full web version at the moment. I am not real familiar with the pistol either, but 40 percent or more seems high. Im not sure what to expect from the o line. It is scary, but i believe in Morris and I also believe that every team has major questions somewhere. Its part of the game these days. Hell, I for one am not sol on Connor Shaw and his recievers....and that was before I hear he is having back spasms today. Sorry for typos.

Yes the 40 to 50% was guessing

But the decision to study the pistol to help the OL out was not. They had the college football kickoff show on WCCP today. All of them on the Clemson flagship station agreed that this was Chad's way to work around the inexperience on the OL. It gives the QB less steps to take to drop back therefore he can get the ball out quicker. In the run game it gives the RB a head start and running downhill. I wouldn't have used the term "bandaid" but you're more witty than me when coming up with terms lol. I never heard anything about the option being the reason the pistol was installed but you know more about it than me? All I have to go by is what those guys tell me on WCCP. That's really the reason I asked because you possibly know more through TI. You seem to put more stock into what TI says than the radio here. So are they saying the option may be ran out of the pistol on TI. I would be interested to see that this season if so. You think Morris may have something like that up his sleeve?

How is school going?

The entire Clemson coaching...

staff definitely visited Nevada in the off season. Only stands to reason it was to research the pistol. No doubt you will see it, I have not heard it will be 40 to 50% of the time. I doubt anyone other than Morris and Dabo would have that information. It very well could be the case tho, not denying that. I am guessing the guy on the radio is guessing as well. I did not know that the pistol was something you ran to overcome a weak OL. I just don't know enough about it to comment, if so I guess it makes sense. If it is happening, I doubt it is being done as a band aid for this year. I think most would agree its very effective and something Morris would like to have in his play book. I would guess it fits right in with a hurry up fast paced offense? If the pistol is something like the option designed to overcome an OL or even for a different type of OL, I am all over it tho. As you know I believe there are not enough OL to go around. I believe thats why Danny Ford was able to have a good team consistently because running the option countered that. If the pistol does that like you say, I think its great.

Nine catches are quite a few for a freshman and snaps are also important even when you don't catch the ball. More than one of those catches were significant plays as well. I'd definitely count him in the group of recievers with experience, it being his second year. But you are right, we will see if the ball comes his way in the opener and the next game too.

Da'Rick Rogers out at TN

Another one bites the dust lol


What do you think about the pistol formation?

I heard a while back that Morris visited another program to learn about it. I figured they would run it a few plays a game. I heard Philpot say on the radio today that this was a way around the OL woes and that Clemson would run it 40% to 50% of the time. First I had heard that, thoughts?

Oh no doubt Bryant has the potential

but he really isn't that experienced. He has some experience but he only caught 9 balls last season. There is no doubt he is a talent but he really hasn't done much yet. I think he will this season if Boyd gets the ball to him. Auburn game will be a good time for him to showcase his talents. I think you will see him early and often in that game.

Carolina also has some talent at WR but much the same as Bryant they have very little experience. Byrd is one of the fastest guys in the country and he only caught one pass last season. DL Moore has great hands and great leaping ability but he has played the same position as Alshon. He wasn't beating him out but out of all the WRs we have Moore is the most like Alshon. Nick Jones also did well last season with 12 catches. We have the talent I think but lack experience. We're definitely behind a Clemson team that has Watkins and Hopkins.

As I told you before though, you will see a lot of balls thrown to the TE this season by Carolina.

I am not real...

concerned about the ball getting caught if Boyd has time to get it off, I am also not worried about Ellington running if a hole is there to run thru. Lots of "ifs" there.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I don't think...

you can have discussion without Martavious Bryant. He has experience, played well last year and its rumored he out ran Watkins in a race in practice.

It will be interesting

to see the WR corps against Aubs without Watkins. They have Hopkins and he is a great player and Brown played well last season also. After that you have talent but you have guys that haven't played alot also. I'm ready to see if those guys will step up in Sammy's absence. It wasn't pretty when you played without him last season.

It will also be interesting to see how we do without Alshon. Outside of Ace Sanders and Bruce Ellington we don't have a lot of experience there either.

I think it's safe to say that we won't be seeing Petrino at Carolina with Dorrell's fiance being hired on lol. I hope we go after Mike Leach when Spurrier leaves. If Spurrier has any influence on the hire that's who it will be. He loves the guy and kind of gushed when he talked about him at TT.

Strange at best about Sammy Watkins....

at the same time irrelevant, it really just takes away from the validity of his rankings. Because if you don't think he is going to be top 5? You must be smoking pot, lol. Who knows how they will do, but I think Clemson's WR's corp would rival anyone in CFB.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I read the fits news article already...

I thought it was funny and I started to post it. If Bobby Petrino came to Clemson I would not say one word. If Scar hired him, I would be extremely worried and I would not laugh one time. But if in the very unlikely event they hire her? A complete bone headed move. I think part of the stink was that Petrino got her hired and she was underqualified, in addition to the bad press? I'd dare say there is quite possibly some hanky panky going on with your admin and her, lol. But not with Spurrier.

I would not doubt it about Michigan and his Michigan teams were know for having WTF games, makes you wonder how often that went on.

Started back to school last night, glad to be at it again.

The 12th annual Herbie awards

Lattimore, Clowney, and Watkins mentioned a lot. Surprisingly he doesn't have Watkins as a top 5 WR. I would have him at least 5th..

Also interesting is his pick of FSU over SoCal in the NC. Can the ACC get back to the NC this year?

And here's a link from South Carolina's version of the National Inquirer

This guy is a joke but I wonder if there is any truth to this? Keep Spurrier away if so lol.

South Carolina's very own

Darla Moore joins Condoleezza Rice as the first female members at Augusta National.

Wow bro lol..

Read this article:

Monday, August 20, 2012

Being a conference champion...

as a requirement to play for the title has definitely been discussed. I don't know if it will happen, but as a result of last year it has been talked about. If that simple thing happens, it will solve everything. But it would mean you would never have a non-conference teams playing for the title no matter how many teams are in the playoffs. In this scenerio last year this is the 4 teams that would have gone:

1. LSU
2. Ok St
3. Oregon
4. Boise St

Thing about it is

We will be seeing more non-conference champion BCS teams play the NC. With the NCAA moving to a 4 team playoff it will happen. Then if they eventually go to a 8 team playoff, and they eventually will, there will be no way around it.

I believe if...

you have a loss against a team like that, one that there is no doubt you just had a bad day it should not be that big of a knock. I think last year really helped allot more than it hurt tho. That was some of the lowest ratings ever in a NC game. I didn't even consider watching it. I could be wrong, but I don't think it will ever happen again. Oklahoma St had something very important that Bama did not have, they won their conference. Now we finally have something we should never have, a National Champion, supposedly the best team in the nation, that did not win their conference. I also think allot of the conferences woke up finally last year to what is happening. But this is not expansion or anything complicated like that, its simple, you should win your conference to play for the NC. I think Oklahoma St could well have beat LSU also. Its a mental thing as much as anything and it certainly did seem as tho LSU took Bama for granted. Looking at it from an LSU sympathetic point of view, they should not have had to face Bama twice.

If you want certain teams to play twice, just get rid of divisions within the conference altogether and have the best two play at the end. Would solve allot of scheduling conflicts.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I can't ever see it happening either bro

Because I can't see Catolina ever going undefeated in the sec. About the best we can hope for is being one of those 2nd sec schools that makes it to a bcs game.

For the record, I wanted to see ok st play in the nc as well. Unfortunately they had one of the worst loses out of any of the top 10 teams last season in Iowa st. If they would have won that game they would have went undefeated and played for it.

Also, this time of the year...

I am very tired and always in a hurry. I am sure I over reacted. If you win the SEC, its almost a guarantee you would go to the NC. You were right.

I cannot see it ever happening...

all those undefeated major programs in the same year. You go undefeated and most years even as a one loss team you are probably going to the NC game.

My opinion is simple really, this is not about the best team going. Its about money and who brings in the most. Its not going to be Clemson in any of those situations even if we are in the SEC. No doubt in my mind Oklahoma St should have gone last year. But no one cares about Oklahoma St.

Like I said, we can play what ifs all day

I disagree with nearly all of what you said. Good enough for me lol.

Strange that you...

Bring up a team that I didn't mention and leave out all those teams I did mention that are ahead of you right. Sure bro, a team on probation would not pass you. But Notre dames schedule is better than yours and no team the country would be out an undefeated Notre dame team. The top 2 most influential and powerful teams in college football are Texas and Alabama. You're not beating out an undefeated Texas team either.

So Bama, lsu and fla would likely beat out most of those teams, but Notre dame, but you would not. Why? Because you are not those schools, you don't have the fan following, winning tradition etc... They have. What do you think most fans would want to see? Texas vs USC or scar vs USC?

Sorry bro, but every time you talk about how great it is for scar to be in the sec be prepared to back it up. Bringing up school on probation or what happened with lsu or Bama (comparing yourself to them) does not work with me. When you beat out one of those schools undefeated that's when I will believe it. I don't agree it's great and I am not envious of you in the sec at all. You are not going to the national championship with one or two loses as sec champs like Bama and lsu, it's just not happening.

We can discuss it, you can say I am just trying to argue whatever bro, but I'm not going to let that ride, the sec and scar deal. Look at what happened to auburn when they went up against those schools. You think if it had been Bama, lsu or Florida they would have got left out? There in the same division.

If South Carolina goes undefeated

after starting the season at #9 and wins the SEC championship? Yes we will play for the NC lol.

We would have a much better shot than all those teams considering Ohio State is on probation and can't play for it (no postseason games), we are 6 spots ahead of Texas, and Notre Dame isn't even ranked. No way any of these teams, or any team for that matter, would jump us if we went undefeated with the schedule we have to play this year in the SEC. Just wouldn't happen.

Like I said, we can play "what ifs" all you want but it doesn't matter because it will probably not happen this year and will probably never happen.

With the scenarios you gave me though or any scenario really I would like our chances if we went undefeated.

Let's do another one then bro...

Let's say Texas, Michigan and scar go undefeated, who goes? How about Notre dame, Texas and scar? How about USC, Oklahoma and scar, who goes? Just asking bro, who goes and if you believe it's scar which team in each scenario would you beat out?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I said recent history shows

that if you win the SEC you will play in the NC. We could do "what ifs" all day long but it all boils down to South Carolina wasn't good enough to win the SEC that year. Hence the reason they didn't play for the NC. Auburn was and they played for it and won it just like every SEC champion has done since 2005. Hell the SEC even had two teams in there last year lol. Right or wrong that's what happened. I think it's safe to say that if SC ever wins the SEC they have a great shot to play for the NC, damn near a shoe in. I don't think that is reaching at all. Now saying that SC will win the SEC this year would be reaching lol. It's a dumb convo because it's likely never to happen..

Sounds reasonable bro...

Except one part tho, you believe then if you had beat auburn in the championship game and been sec champs, you would have went to the national championship game? As a 3 loss team?

Check your mail...

For the latest pics bro.

Friday, August 17, 2012

I could see us playing for the SEC

But I could see that last season too and we didn't. All you can ask for is to get to the SEC title game. If you get to that game you have a chance to win because you're playing in it, although the odds are great or slim. But if you can win the SEC title game, as recent history can show, you are going to play for the national championship.

So, the first goal for South Carolina is to play for the SEC championship which is extremely hard. Second is to win the SEC championship which is damn near impossible. Third goal is to play for the NC and win it. The odds wouldn't be as bad as you think in the NC game if we are good enough to win the SEC. Winning the SEC like I said is damn near impossible if you're South Carolina.

I think we are good enough to get there (the SEC champ game) and if you get there, there is always a chance great or slim.

I'm in agreeance with you, pretty much a season like last season would be great and last season was great for us. Any other year it would have got us to the SEC championship game. May be this year we will and we'll make some history, who knows?

Before last season neither one of us thought Clemson would sniff the ACC champ game and they ended up running away with it. Now I know it's completely different in the SEC than the ACC but may be this year is the year for Carolina. Spurrier sure seems different, even the fans at UF that have followed him the longest seem to think so.

I definitely...

Would not count them or Spurrier out. I am just thinking a similar season to last year which is a great year. But honestly, do you see them winning the sec? National title? Just asking what are your expectations?

Just be tough to watch after all these years, Dexter is a character you definitely get attached to.

At least it's not just me, UF fans see it too..

Check out this thread bro:

I'm also sad about Dexter. I don't want him to die but I feel sure that is what is going to happen..

I agree bro...

You just don't compare players who have not seen the field to spiller, or Jeffery. His position is actually harder than jeffreys IMO. One reason TE are not really go to receivers is because all that blocking with your hands during a game really makes them not as sure handed. There are exceptions, like Dwayne Allen.

It's gonna be interesting to see what happens with Dexter. But I almost dread it a little, because it's probably going to be sad.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Oh no, I wasn't comparing him to those players

I was asking if he potentially could have a freshman impact like those guys did. I was saying that all those guys had great freshman season's as ball catchers and if Adams could be the next one to have a great freshman season like that. My bad if it wasn't worded right.

But you could compare the type of player Adams is to Alshon a little bit. Alshon wasn't fast but he could catch the ball and take it from anyone around him. Alshon was 6'3" 230lbs last year compared to Adams 6'6" 225lb. I could easily see a player like Adams stepping into that roll. Yes even as a TE. Yes, I also know that a TE's primary objective is to block but there have been plenty that have been known to be good possession receivers. Just watch the NFL. Hell Carolina has even had one in 3rd round pick Jared Cook a couple of years ago. By the way, I'm not saying that Rod Mcdowell is a bad player but whoever had you guys thinking he would be the next Spiller should be ashamed lol. You hit the nail on the head though about Adams, we just won't know til we see them on the field in a real game.

He may just have to kill Deb bro. May be that is where it will all start crashing down for him.

PS.. I hope he kills Debra, she gets on my nerves.

The writers really wanted this to be the last season of Dexter and you can see they set up for it. They were talked into making 2 more seasons. It's going to be interesting to see how they drag it out this season. One thing for sure I don't think it's going to end well, lol.

You still watching breaking bad?

Kinda weird...

To hear you compare a TE to all those great WRs. He could very well be great, but would you not compare him to Dwayne Allen if you were speaking of Clemson players? I mean TE do catch passes but his primary job will be to block.

JMO bro, that's not to say he could not have an even bigger impact because he does block. He should be a key player for sure. You just don't know until they hit the field tho. We kept hearing about how great hot rod McDowell would be, the answer to cj spiller. He wasn't.

Quick note

Carolina may have found their answer for the absence of Jeffery. Freshman TE Jerell Adams has really shown out in practice. He spent a year at prep school before coming to Carolina. He's a 6'6" 225lb guy so he is more like a big WR right now than a TE. He brings that possession, go up and catch everything, element that we had with Alshon. Spurrier has had something good to say about him after every practice. He even said that it caught him off gaurd when Adams came out here looking like a pro bowl TE lol. I think he was joking a little there. You won't know until you see them in live action but early returns on Adams have been very positive. Just remember Watkins, S Rice, and Alshon all showed out their freshman year. Could Adams be the next one of those guys?

One thing is for sure, we are stacked at TE. Justice Cunningham is a veteran and a great blocker, Buster Anderson made some of the most clutch catches Carolina had all season last season, and of course I've mentioned Jerell Adams. You will see our offense run a lot of two TE sets this season IMO.

Picture Caption: Adams is #89, pictured on left is #4 Shaq Roland. Roland was the top player in the state last recruiting cycle. He and Adams are easily the most impressive true freshmen on the team going by practice reports.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

No that's what it is

First 2 mins of Dexter

I cannot see Youtube at work...

But is it the first 2 minutes of Dexter? If it is I was going to post it for you when I got a chance. Is it something else?

Not sure if you've seen this

Bit of a spoiler I guess:

I agree...

Boyd looked good early and his weight gain during the season last year really impacted his mobility by the end. He has lost over 20 lbs in the off season and hopefully he keeps the weight down. He has all the tools and the work ethic, if he can just stay on track mentally. Much easier said than done. I will admit I don't know much about Shaw, he looked much better than Garcia what little bit I saw. Certainly good enough if Lattimore stays healthy.

Both Stoops and Venables were products of Bill Snyder. I had no idea about Spurriers comments, but I looked it up and he really pissed Freeze off. I bet Richt is not real happy about it either. I hope he says some things about Clemson, with all the out of state players we really need something to get them fired up. Big difference between when they play Auburn, FSU, VaTech compared to when we played Scar. I think Auburn had allot to do with it as well.

I have heard the 4-2-5 mentioned also with Venables. I will be honest bro, I don't know either. I did not watch Oklahoma and its not talked about for whatever reason. Sometimes what you see the first year is not what you will eventually see, especially if he is changing defensive strategies. I guess it would be easy enough to find, but honestly I don't know bro.

Yeah, you don't want to bring the house every play. But I don't think Ward will do that.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I thought the same thing bro

when I saw that we would be facing Vandy at Vandy for the kickoff of the college football season on a Thursday night. I can promise you it wasn't devised by Spurrier or anyone at Carolina. The SEC has control of scheduling the conference games. I'm sure they do it with the help of ESPN now with the TV contract. ESPN won't get many viewers out of Vandy on a mid-week game but a SEC conference game to open the season against #9 South Carolina? They see $ signs there. May as well get the money out of Vandy wgere they can. Spurrier has even joked a little about Carolina's conference scheduling even as recently as a few weeks ago calling out UGA for an easy conference schedule. He's said something to the regard that if he made the schedule he would have UGA facing LSU and Carolina facing Ole Miss. That didn't go over well with the new Ole Miss coach lol.

I'm over it now myself. I've gotten passed it being a scary game and realised that the reality is that it is a game that we should win. If we don't win that one, first game or not, we are not a team that can win the SEC. Anything can happen however.

As far as Venebles I know your feeling. Stoops wouldn't have kept a guy that long just because of a friendship. He knew the caliber of coach he was just like Spurrier with Lorenzo Ward.

A lot of people don't know it but it took a little more than most know about to get Ward to Carolina. You see the athletic program has a rule or clause or whatever you may call it that says that newly hire "position coaches" can only be hired with a one year contract. Ward wouldn't take the job with less than a 3 year deal. So Spurrier created a new title for Ellis Johnson, "Head Defensive Coach". This way Spurrier could hire Ward as the "defensive coordinator" and not just a position coach. This gave Ward the 3 year deal he wanted. I think it speaks volumes that Spurrier went as far as to create a loophole to get Ward hired. Spurrier knew what he was doing by hiring Ward and I think it will pay off. Let's face it, the man isn't too shabby when it comes to hiring defensive coaches with the guy you named earlier in Bob Stoops and of course Ellis Johnson. I might also mention that Ward spent 6 years on Bud Foster's staff at VT. He left there because he was hired by Art Shell to coach with the Raiders. I mean Foster, Shell, and Johnson. I would say that's a pretty damn good coaching pedigree to have.

As far as my prediction on what we will see out of Ward's defense this season.... PAIN! Just kidding bro lol. I think you will see something very aggressive. It will resemble Johnson's defense in the 4-2-5 formation but much more aggressive. You will see more blitzing. You will see more sacks. The aggressiveness doesn't stop with the pass rush though. You will see more man press in coverage. You will see more attacking the ball, creating turnovers by going for picks and stripping the ball. Ward has made it know that he will take a page from his coaching days in the NFL and go after the ball.

Sounds great right? Not so fast..

You will also see allot of blown coverage, missed tackles and over pursuing the ball carrier in the backfield. It will be a very risky approach. The talent we have will help I just hope the good will outweigh the bad. I think you will see more turnovers going our way and and more big plays given up by our defense. We'll find out soon enough.

Now I want to hear what you predict to see from Venebles defense. What scheme will he run? Will it be aggressive? Conservative? What formation does he primarily run out of? I'll admit to not watching much of Oklahoma's defense and I'm intrigued.

As far as the QB's go for our teams, I wouldn't be concerned. As in I don't think those are the ones to be concerned with as far as the QBs performances go. For Clemson it's the OL and for Carolina it's the WRs.

When the OL gave Boyd time last season he threw some of the best passes I saw last season. I mean deep throws into coverage that were right on the money. It was remarkable what he did at times. On the other hand, late in the season when he played good against a good pass rush and got pressured you saw a completely different guy. He made some of the worst decisions I saw last season. If you give him time he will be one of the best not just in the ACC but in the Nation. I really believe that.

As far as Shaw, he did pretty damn good after being thrown to the wolves if you ask me. Half way through the season Garcia was your starter then all of a sudden he's dismissed and you give Shaw the ball and say "go play". He came out and won half of our games without Lattimore. He brings a different element to the game for Carolina. He is a runner and he is damn fast. He is a legit 4.5 guy. Teams don't usually look at a white QB as a 4.5 guy. He is smart and doesn't make dumb mistakes mainly because if he sees pressure he can take of and run and pick up necessary yardage. Thing is he always had Jeffery to depend on for the crucial clutch play. Jeffery is gone. No more 3rd and 5 outs to old faithful. We have to see what we will do without Jeffery to depend on. Until then our passing attack is just a question mark. I do think Shaw can make the throws and manage a game. He has a average arm but pretty accurate. He can not win a game with a game on his shoulders but he can distribute the ball to get the job done with help from the WR corps. Question is will the WR corps provide help?

I went off on a little tangent I know but I'm hyped up bro!

I would not want to...

open with Vandy. Thats like something we would do with scheduling, whoever decided you should open with an SEC upset type team like Vandy did not do a good job. Thats like Clemson opening with Wake Forest. But I do think you will win.

It is opening day and we will be without Sammy, does not look good IMO. You are not really going to know about DL or OL until they hit the field.

My opinion is that Venables is a good fit for the type of football team Clemson is trying to put together. Thats a fast paced hurry up spread team. Defensive numbers statistically are not going to be great, but stats are for losers. Venables does not strike me as a guy that is going to accept mediocrity and if you believe Bob Stoops kept him around all that time because they were such good friends? Stoops knows defense and he is not that nice a guy.

Will be interesting to see for sure, but the real key for both of us that does not get talked about nearly enough? Shaw and Boyd, how will they both be able to manage the game and respond to pressure? No way to know until they get on the field.

I don't think anybody really knows what Auburn will be this year

I guess the first game will tell the tale. They are kind of a mystery. They was pretty bad last year but you would think they would improve a lot with the way they recruit. I think they will struggle on offense and have a pretty good defense particularly the DL. I'm really looking forward to the match up. It's a really hard game to predict. It will tell a lot about what kind of team Clemson is too. Has the defense improved under Venebles short tenure or will he need more time? Will the OL struggle? Can Clemson win the big game without Sammy? All of these a legit questions that will get answered in a couple of weeks.

As far as our first game goes, who knows. I know we are a better team than Vandy and have more talent but you never know in the first game of the season. Vandy had our number a couple of years ago and they seem to be a up and comer. Not like a 9 win type team but a team that makes a bowl every year at least. I like their coach. He seems to have his players wanting to play for him. He is also recruiting well. Grabbing a couple of 4 stars here and there. South Carolina should win this game. We haven't lost a season opener since Spurrier's arrival and I don't think we will now. First time for everything I guess.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

You took the words out of my....

We both sound silly. Just trying to get up for the season.

Anytime Clemson plays Auburn your best bet is auburn. But the OL is the question as usual i might add, so old its obnoxious really. It's just a fact, anything else is orange glasses. The only thing is this is Dabo's rivalry game and he will pull out all stops as he has done the last 2 years. Bama over Michigan easily and NC State over tenn (hard to predict).

Maybe if I was there with you I might watch the panthers more, be tough to get into. Might sound silly but I am looking more forward to school than anything.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ok you lost me when you used "Dabo"

and "winning a national title at Clemson" in the same sentence. It's obviously getting way too silly lol.

Let's take a step back and look at how retarded we look. Pretty much both of us look like this:

For real enough of that crap lol. What a great gif though.

I'm watching the Carolina Panthers play a preseason game right now vs the Texans. I will tell you something right now, one of the best LBs in the NFL will be a rookie that plays for the Panthers. Luke Kuechly out of Boston College is a really good player. He is all over the ball. He had a forced fumble and a interception just in the little bit that I've been watching. I'm gonna try to watch more of the Panthers this season. I say that every year but maybe I will this year.

Since I hope we are going to get more serious now I have a serious question for you. How do you think Clemson will do in their first game vs Auburn? It's like a huge game the first week along with Bama vs Michigan and Tenn vs NCST. So what's your take on the game?

Ryan went to Carolina's first scrimmage today. I would have went but I was coming home from Florida today. I'm trying to get him to post a practice report here and he says he will but he probably won't.

Brent also sent me a text the other day that said
"I know I haven't been exactly football frenzied, but I will give my analysis on the blog by the start of the season."

Take that for what it's worth lol.

Hey bro, on a serious note...

Check your email for more pics..

I'm gonna start responding like you...

Here goes, Dabo doesn't coach defense. Of course he has no experience as a dc.

Just keep clinging to West Virginia and Spurrier bro. You have absolutely nothing else to cling to. We have multiple coference championship and you don't have one in your conference and are not going to have one either. Hows that sec deal sounding now? It's 50 times more likely Dabo gets a national championship than Spurrier does at scar. Last year is as good as it gets.

Cling to the Clemson wins while you still can bro, the clock is ticking and it will be 20 years or longer before this happens again. You got allot to look forward to.

Tick Tock

Friday, August 10, 2012

Yep we are gonna beat LSU

Worse than we beat Clemson the three past years. Actually our goal is to beat them worse that wvu beat clemson but Ward's defense isn't quite there yet lol. Speaking of Ward, I'm pretty sure he has more coaching experience than Venables, just look it up. Ward has been a coach longer. Oh you meant as a coordinator? In that case look at dabo lol. He has never even been a coordinator. Imagine how big the gap is between him and Spurrier. It really shows too.

So now that Badger is gone...

What's your prediction vs lsu? You are going to beat them right?

They will bro...

As soon as we get past this little spurrier bump, you're going right back in the saddle. When I say past it, it could have already happened. I think he hit gold with Ellis Johnson, it sure was not his offenses that done. He's gone now, mysteriously I might add lol. Things are so great with money spurrier, the bestest ever. But Ellis Johnson the key to your success just walks out. Kinda makes you wonder doesn't it?

No idea about Venables bro, I only know he has 300 times more experience than yours.

Ingram was great, which is another good point. Your just going to go out and replace Ingram effortlessly with a dc with no experience and no transition, got it bro. Also, jeffreys should be no problem for you to replace either, there should be no transition. Lol

Keep spinning it bro, it's bound to come true, lol.

Couple of interesting SEC links:

Honey badger dismissed at LSU:

Coeds kicked out of Mizzou practice (read the article, pretty funny):

Would I compare Ingram to any of those you just named??

Hell yea I would lol. He was one of the top players in the SEC and one of the top defensive players in the nation. Yes he is right up there with all those players. Hence the reason he went 18th overall in the NFL draft. To even mention him and Steward in the same sentence is a joke lol. He hasn't done anything at all at Clemson. Just because they are rated 5 stars coming out of HS doesn't mean that sticks with them strait through their college career. Just ask Mike Bellamy. If all of Clemson's 5 stars turn out to be Bellamys and all of our 4 stars turn out to be Ingrams I'll be content. I told you before I don't have much confidence in the star ranking system anymore. Comparing a player like Ingram to a player like Steward is a big reason why.

Hey I hope Clemson's boosters will trump the SEC/ESPN TV deal.......... LOL.


On to our defense, I have seen Ward's defense in action at Carolina vs Nebraska and it looked pretty damn good. We also return a bunch guys from last year's defense. That could be bad for some teams that had a terrible defense last year but in our case it's good lol. Oh and how has Venables' defense looked in a game at Clemson so far? Oh wait..

We may have beat Auburn with Clemson's players but I'm glad we had the players we had when we played Clemson lol.

Send us a pic of the glasses bro. I'm supposed to wear them but never do.

In other news...

I start back college 20 august and now I wear glasses, lol.


But what Clemson will go with is an inovative business background guy. One guy they will go for is TCU's old athletic director that is with the Carolina Panthers.

Also, if Plyler said that he needs to just stop. 3 or 4 million is not going to make one shred of difference when you are talking about 60 70 80 million dollars. I think winning is the key really and I like our chances much better over the long haul.

So you are comparing recruiting a player like Ingram to recruiting players like clowney, Lattimore, then the out of state players at Clemson like Watkins, Spiller, Steward, the list goes on... I wasn't talking about that type of player, I was talking the number one player, top ten in the nation types. In other words clowney and Lattimore. But I think you know that already bro.

Also, you did win 5 of 6 games and had the best football team in scars history? (if you agree) in other words a damn good team. But you were still the 4th or even arguably the 5th best team in the SEC. If it's not depth what is it bro?

How would you know how your defense is? You have a new DC and I believe 90 percent of your success on the field was Ellis Johnson. All that swapping dl etc... Has to be coordinated.

Also, while you may not have won 11 games with Clemson players you would have beat Auburn. Lol

I think you should have a better team than Clemson tho.

Yes but everyone has weak spots on their OL

outside of a select few schools like LSU, Bama, SoCal, ect. And Carolina has one of those SEC defenses that you speak of that can exploit weaknesses. Somewhere in there it balances out. All I'm saying is that all teams will have trouble with injuries. That's why you have depth and I believe Carolina has it now. They didn't before last year.

As far as Lattimore and Clowney go sure they are great players. It may take the state of SC a while to churn out another player like them. But now I bring you back to losing Lattimore half way through the season. We won 5 of our last 6 games without him. Clowney was a freshman last year and yes he made some big plays but was he a game changer as freshman? I would be willing to bet that we would have won the same amount of games without him last year. The way we rotate our DL it wouldn't have been a big deal. We still had Ingram. Speaking of Ingram, he was probably our best player on the whole team last year. Guess where he was from? North Carolina. We recruit a lot of good players out of Ga, Fl, and NC. As a matter of fact 9 of the 22 starters on our team are from out of state. That's one more than Clemson. We have just got our better players from instate lately. I guess that's where the myth comes from that we don't recruit well out of state.

As far as the changes at Clemson, that sounds great. Sounds like they have some big things going on there. Sure if you can make up the difference of the TV contracts with booster money that's great. I think what Plyler was saying is that South Carolina, UGA, and most of the other SEC schools get the TV contract money and the booster money. They don't have to make up for what they don't get from TV money with booster money. The SEC schools just start out with a big head start, that's all.

I do think Clemson will be better off with a new AD. I'm not sure a lot of the boosters wanted to give money to a athletic dept that was under his control. Not sure I blame them.

South Carolina started a big capital campaign right after Spurrier started and it really has made a difference. One other reasons Tanner was chosen for the AD job is because he is familiar with the ongoing campaign and they know he can get the $$$ from the boosters with the clout he holds amongst the Gamecock faithful. The man is pretty much an idol and they will give anything he wants.

Less than 3 weeks away bro! Probably before Carolina is upset by Vandy and Clemson the same by AU LOL. J/k bro, I think both our teams will be fine this season.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Its a prime example...

but at the same time a coincidence. Yes, looks as if the starting RT is out or not at 100% Now what? Even if we had the best back up RT in college football, what happens when he gets injured or tired? It happens, and it only takes one weak spot on your OL, a good DC (the best are in the SEC) will exploit this all day long. But the truth is IMO, we don't have any great OL back ups. If they were great they would be starting because they are very hard to come by. We generally have holes in the OL before the injuries even start.

No one said anything about his job being in jepardy. Just saying he has no excuses right now for fielding a crappy team. It might be 20 more years before the state of SC produces another Clowney or Lattimore and then not at the same time. In terms of talent I don't think its going to get any better unless you start pulling them from out of state. So now is the time.

A team of successfull bussinessmen were hired to evaluate IPTAY, the way fundraising is done etc... some time ago. TDP's is pretty much falling on the sword to gut the whole thing. Clemson is in the dark ages in terms of management of funds, fundraising etc... You are going to see alot of money shelled out for the next AD aimed towards fundraising as one priority and IPTAY is also getting gutted. Katie Hill is also leaving, Clemson is expected to hire externally. But we will see. Thats yours and Plylers answer to the money gap. The conference really does not have allot to do with it. But money givers definitely are going to want to see results on the field.

Spurrier out of excuses?

I haven't heard Spurrier use depth or injuries as an excuse for losing since he's been at Carolina. I was referring to us as fans using injuries as a excuse. I don't think Carolina fans can do that anymore. As I said, I think we now have the depth that yes UGA, UF, Tenn, ect has. And yes I think that we would be just as well off as any of those teams if we lose our starting QB. It wouldn't be good for any of those teams but our situation wouldn't be worse than any of the rest. That goes for most positions at Carolina including OL, DL, and LB. We are solid on all fronts. We are thinner in some areas than others but every team is including the ones I named above. We wouldnt be in any worse shape than them if we lost a player. I'm not talking about Lsu and bama. Bottom line is that injuries happen. It's a part of football. It would be hard to enjoy the season if you worry about injuries all the time. Speaking of, I hear Clemson lost their starting RT with a knee. May be that's where this stuff is stemming from. You can't worry about it bro. If you do you will be in for a miserable season.

Going back to Spurrier, he doesn't have to have any excuses. He just led Carolina to their best season in the history of the program. I would say the guy's job is safe. It will never not be safe while he's at Carolina. He's said before that he won't have to be ran off. If he knows he's not doing the job he'll step down and hand it over to somebody else. I'm not worried about that though. I think he proved last year he's got some good coaching years yet ahead of him.

Anyway, this is good discussion. Nothing wrong with arguing both sides. I'll take the glass half full approach. I mean the only consequence is that I'll have to admit that I'm wrong lol. Won't be that bad.

You also have me interested in these big time changes at Clemson. So there are a LOT of them huh? Do you know what they are or?

LOTS of big time changes...

coming at Clemson, TDP you already knew. But allot of other ones too.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

I do trust you....

but you already hit the nail right on the head. He is out of excuses, its no longer time time say we are just not looking good, we should be better but we are not. He has got his staff, his players and as much talent as you could hope for at Scar. There is no more room for those kinds of excuses right now. So if you come out and say we are not very good right now? Should not be very acceptable.

Also, its not out of the question, its simply out of the ordinary. For Scar in fact when is the last time you put together back to back 10 plus win seasons? I think you have a damn good shot to do that this year. But, it is not easy to do or something that happens allot. So if it does, its a big deal.

Same with Clemson, back to back 10 win seasons, been quite a while and I am not expecting it.

Sorry bro, but I still believe our QB situation is more dire than most other major teams we compete with. For you its LSU, Florida, UGA, Arkansas etc... If Lattimore actually stayed healthy this year I would agree it would not be as big of an issue for you.

So you are telling me if you had a couple of OL or DL go down you could just replace them with no problem? How about LBs? Its not impact postions, its the trenches and what right behind the trenches thats important. Injuries does not always mean out of the game completely, many are playing injured by the end and not at 100%. But if you have got all that and I am not saying you don't because I certainly don't know as much as you, then you are there.

You play glass full and I will play less than half full, lol. But I am not really disagreeing with you. Just presenting the other side.

Yes it will be interesting to see if the other SEC teams improve

It will also be interesting to see if Carolina improves. If we do, and that's not out of the question, we should be better than everyone in the east again.

I know what you're saying about the QB getting injured. That can go for any team though. I bet you can't name 10 teams in the country that wouldn't be in trouble if they lost there starting QB. I think Carolina would be able to handle it as well as any one. Spurrier has had some really good things to say about Dylan Thompson. Judging by the play by play in the mini scrimmages we've had so far I can see why. He's been able to drive it down field and score. Kinda surprising to me honestly but they say he's one of the hardest workers on team so I guess it shouldn't be. He's a guy that plays it very safe and doesn't make stupid mistakes. May be too conservative at times. We just had a pretty talented QB transfer in tanner mcevoy because Thompson was so far ahead of him.

I also think Carolina has got to the point where we can't blame it on depth any more at any position really. We have quality talent back ups at every position. We've finally gotten to the point where we have SEC depth. I'm not talking about LSU and Bama type depth but UF, Tenn, UGA, Arky... certainly. I can kinda point it back to last season with Lattimore getting injured. Carolina had already lost their 2nd string RB in Shon Carson the 2nd week of the season. They then lose the backbone of their offense in Lattimore. Everybody including me thought our season was done. We then came out and won 5 of our last 6 games. Another sign of good depth at Carolina: our starting CB Akeem Auguste has been out with a groin injury since the beginning of Fall practice. When Lorenzo Ward was asked about it he said it wasn't a Carolina problem it was a Auguste problem. While he felt bad for Auguste we had plenty of players that could play.

I just think Carolina is finally to the level that we can't blame depth and injuries any more. I guess we'll find out though. I could be wrong.

We do have question marks, like all teams. The big one is punting. We don't have a sure fire guy right now. We did get a little help from a transfer that just got on campus yesterday. They say he can boom it but when he got into live practice drills he shanked it. We've had good reports about our WRs but I wanna see how we'll do without Jeffery. That will be a "?" for me until I see it in a game.

I'll let you be the judge. Go watch some of Spurriers post practice interviews and tell me if he seems different or not. I think he believes he has something this year. You tell me if it's just me.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

It was different last year...

and if either or both teams actually improve as they should logically it should be great years. But.......

I think Scar will do well, just curious to see what other teams in the SEC improve? It really depends on that IMO, you could be 5th best in the SEC with a damn good football team, especially if you are just a little bit unlucky. But what is the most important and also most uncontrollable factor for both of us is injuries. We simply do not have the depth when it comes to that. But if both teams actually stayed healthy all year? Would be all the difference in the world on the season.

But if the starting QB from either teams goes down? Its going to be ugly.

No, I know you don't mean anything by it

and I know what you're saying. The difference is that it is Spurrier saying this stuff, not GCC. Yea GCC gives reports like that all the time, maybe not quite as homerish but they do give sunshine reports. Spurrier on the other hand doesn't. It's kind of uncharacteristic for him. I'm sure it's coming but he hasn't went off on his "QBs are playing lousey" vent yet. He has nothing but good things to say about Shaw. The stuff in my last post came from Spurrier, the only thing that didn't was the stuff about Sutton being the best backup DE in the SEC. That part was a little sunshine nugget from GCC lol.

Can't help but to have high hopes a little this year. May be it will be different this year. Last year was for both teams. We'll see how it goes, can't wait.


I don't mean any thing by it bro... But every year at least for Clemson we get these type reports. Right now Boydd is the next Dan Marino, our offensive line would rival Mike Ditka's Chicago Bears superbowl team. The defense is really buying in to Venables and they are going to tackle much better. Chad Morris did not implement his blocking scheme or most of his plays last year and now he has and the OL etc... have really caught on (Dalton Freeman). Martavius Bryant is like Jerry Rice only taller and Nuke Hopkins is ahead of him. I'm going to say it now bro, Clemson is going to win the National Championship!!!!!!!!

Then the season starts and WOMP WOMP WA WAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Most of that is not true as you already know, just like every year, at least at Clemson.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Practice is in full swing now

Spurrier seems happy. The QBs are throwing the ball well and WRs are catching it. Lattimore is full speed, not holding back any. Clowney is beating everyone off the edge like last year. Spurrier even mentioned moving him to middle LB in some formations like they did with Ingram last year. As you know Ingram was very successful moving around like that. It's a lot harder to double team a MLB than it is a DL. I think this is also to let Chaz Sutton see the field more. People are saying he is the best backup DE in the SEC.

I'm just doing a little sunshine pumping bro lol. Excited for the season.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

I definitely...

Would say that there are more and more over rated 4 stars every year. It's definitely important to do your own evaluations. I think some coaches go for the stars, lol. I think Richt does that at uga. You can look at Bama for the opposite, well evaluated legit highly rated talent.

Did you get the pictures from what I did yesterday?

Friday, August 03, 2012

Good post

I can see it both ways.

Fall practice starts tonight for the Gamecocks! It's finally here. I'm pretty pumped about the season this year bro. Remember when we used to say that we wanted both of our teams to be undefeated when we play each other? Well this is the season that gives us the best shot. I'm not at all saying either team will. In fact I don't believe either team will but I think this is the best both teams have been at the same time. Carolina in the top 10 and Clemson in the top 15. Pretty amazing really. Our little old state has to teams ranked that high. I'm ready for it bro.

I'm hearing it's official that Sammy will be out for the first two games. It's rumor right now but that's what I'm hearing. How bad do you think it will hurt vs Auburn?

I tried to get Brent to post. Don't know if he will or not.

I think stars...

matter a little in terms of impact players. I consider your secondary and DE's to be impact players or at least a talented DE is an impact player. Same thing on offense, I think it matters at RB, QB and to a lesser extent WR. Not often you are going to see a 2 or 3 star RB do that great in the SEC. For a QB it just really depends what type of offense. Power running sure, spread offense? Not so much IMO, especially in the SEC. I say SEC because of defense of course, if we are speaking offense and the spread I would look to the Big 12.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Look forward to the pics

I hate that you're not excited for the season though. I can't help it, this time of year is very exciting for me. I can't wait for kick off!

I think to say that clemson's class is taking shape a little bit is an understatement. Clemson is killing it right now. I don't think they have to do allot more in this class to make it solid. Same with Carolina really. We just got a 4 star DB tonight by the way. A player that from Georgia that UGA really wanted (Check the MB )(also had offers from every other SEC school). The UGA rivals insider came over to GGC to talk about him and said he is one of the best pure athletes in the state of Georgia this year.

I don't care a whole lot about the stars anymore however. The 5 stars are the only ones that are 95% automatic great players. The others 2-4 stars can go either way. That's the truth of it. I've seen as many 2-3 stars succeed as I have 4 stars fail at Carolina. It all comes down to player evaluation and player development. As long as our teams can do that we will be fine. Not saying pure talent doesn't matter but I put more stock into evaluation, strength and conditioning, and player development.

Kind of went off on a tangent but solid post on how I feel..

Sorry bro...

Busy time of the year, but I am starting Saturday for sure. I we cannot talk about it here, but I will email you for sure today. I tried to post here last night (my time) and my Ipad would not let me type in the box for some strange reason.

Yes OL are certainly not know for being smart but good lord. How stupid can you be? If I'm MR, social media sites would be getting the axe for a while for the team. He had better do something on the field this year, he is actually starting to lose allot of top prospects from the state and that has always been his bread and butter.

Clemson's class is starting to take shape a little now, we have a good chance to be in the top 10 this year I think. Just depends if we hold them and sign a couple of more. I will try to get excited about the season, but I think it will take a good run for that to happen for me. I am more excited about starting back to school, wood working ect... to be quite honest tho. Like I said, maybe that will change when it starts?

Watched a decent movie yesterday

"Meeting Evil" with Luke Wilson and Samuel L Jackson. It was ok, kinda weird.

Boat pics

Where are they?


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