Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yeah, just a little busy...

school starts back Monday. I actually started watching Bates Hotel again now that its renewal is all but a done deal and you started talking about it. Its a show that gets better and better as the season goes along. There are still a couple of shows to watch first, thats The Americans and Vikings. Not too much else going on, just ready for the weekend now.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Haven't heard from ya

Hope everything is ok. I'm sure you're busy. 

On season 8 of survivor which is the Allstars season. Pretty entertaining. The episodes of season 7 and up are great quality on project free tv if you're interested. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I liked...

what I saw so far of Bates Hotel, it just looked like something that might not get renewed and I try not to get into those kind of shows. But, I think you are right allot of people like it. I am definitely going to finish it if it gets renewed and I think it will. Hannibal? I thought would be a smash hit without question, its actually the show in trouble if not already cancelled.

I am way behind on everything, I finished season 1 of The Americans, but behind on everything else you mentioned. Lots of good stuff out and I bet DaVinci's Demons is going to be a favorite when we finally get around to watching it, I think it got renewed after the first episode. I am also up to date on Game of Thrones, I don't miss that. Some ass on the message board has already said what will happen next and I read it, gotta love idiots.

I'm definitely in the minority on Survivor, people love it. I don't think its bad either, its probably just because back then we did not watch shows on DVR and the Internet. Had to catch it when it was on, I never watched anything much back then.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It is kind of reality

More like documentary.

Survivor hasn't gotten old for me yet. I'm about to finish season three so we'll see what happens after a few more seasons. I have been watching Game of Thrones every week and still have Vikings, Hannibal and Bates Motel on the DVR. I know you said you didn't like Bates Motel but it has a pretty big following so far. I may have to see for myself.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

I watched the first season....

13 years ago, lol. Was pretty good, but old for me after seaosn 1. Obviously I am the minority on that 13 years later. Its not exactly reality, but I prefer to watch shows like River Monsters. The last episode I watched he went to the lake at chernobyl and caught oversized catfish possibly due to the radiation, lol. Kinda reality? Also, monster finding shows usually equiped with plenty of rednecks lying, lol. Lately I have been tied up watching Flite Test on YouTube, I can't believe they did that. That was one of my bussiness ideas, not kidding. I could not have done what they are doing though, these guys are smart with a capitol "S". But a a side bussiness that blows up for me one day? Still possible, I think I could have been famous, I just decided to get married instead, lol. I'm happy though.

You need to watch The Americans too, starts off good and gets better and better.


I'm sure you've watched this before. You know how big of a fan I am when it comes to reality TV and yet surprisingly I have never watched this show. I watched season one last week and I was instantly addicted. About to finish season two now. The show has been on for 13 years and there have been two seasons per year. That's 26 seasons to watch. I have a lot of catching up to do lol.

Friday, May 17, 2013

No, it's the rainy season now.

It's rained every day since I made it, lol. I'm ready to though.

Had a chance to fly it yet?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

That looks real good

Maybe we should try to build one next time you're here. Wish you could post a video of it in action.

Got the motor on....

Getting there....

Friday, May 10, 2013

They are using...

A 1300 kv motor, I will probably use 1000kv on mine, I want mine slower wither a longer battery life. It cost me about $7. Then you will need a speed controller, I am gonna use a 10 amp one. Volts is how much power it takes and amp is basically the flow, how fast the electricity gets there, another 7$. Next 2 servos, these make the wings and tail move to control it in the air. Then it's just adding a receiver for the radio. But all these parts can be reused when you crash it. That foam box that holds the electronics is a power pod and its made to use on other planes without changing anything. Cool stuff for me, calms down my stress level and that's why I have several hobbies going.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Looks cool

What kind of motor does it use?

Wednesday, May 08, 2013


It's actually dollar tree foam board, $1. I know it might look a little weird flying, but its supposed to be the easiest one to fly. If you didn't notice these guys have allot of video on YouTube, they build all their planes out of dollar tree foam. Kinda restarted my interest when I came across the video. They got real cool stuff on there.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Yea there is a lot to see there

Unfortunately only so much can be done in a weekend.

The plane looks good. Looks fairly easy to build and pretty inexpensive. I will say that it kind of looks tedious to fly but for me that wouldn't matter. If I ever built one that looked worth a crap I would be too afraid to fly it lol.

Sounds like fun...

I wish I could have offered you more advice. Oddly enough I didn't spend much time in Charelston, if I had to do it over again I probably would now. Cool that our anniversaries are so close together, I had forgot.

Go to YouTube and search for Flite Nutball Scratch, I have a small pause in school this weekend and I think I am going to build it. You can see other videos of it in action as well. Let me know what you think.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

We had a good time

Went to the market on Friday when we got there which was pretty cool. Lots of over priced stuff but there was a few things that were reasonable. Bought some homemade wing sauce and some mixed spices for a pretty good price. I've also needed a wallet for a long time and got one of those.

Went to the tanger outlets yesterday. Got a few ok deals there. Ate at the Charleston crab house. It was good but we had eaten there before. Good trip overall.

I didn't realize it had already been a year since y'all got married. Our anniversary is May 1 so ours are pretty close together.

Friday, May 03, 2013

My anniversary is this Sunday....

When is yours? Eat plenty of seafood is the main thing, there is real good food there. I didn't really go to charleston much. I wish that I had, plenty of things to do downtown. I bet Ricky knows 10 times more than I do about the area. Ask people there is the best advice. Ask them where is the best place to eat, what's good to do etc... That really usually turns out to be the best way to visit and see stuff. Shotgun willys is a bar that serves icy like drinks that are great with a very high content of alcohol but you prolly don't need that, lol.

Cool bro

Just messing around. You know that.

Headed to Charleston with Jenn for our anniversary. Gonna be gonna til Sunday. I will be reading if you post but may not have much time to post myself. Any recommendations for what to do in Charleston?

So you still denying it?

Lol, you for anyone, not just Clemson ANYONE to beat scar it would be a good win. So since you are standing by your stats, everyone including you would agree boiling green, Rutgers and Connecticut all have better defenses than scar right? I mean that's what your "total defense" stats tell us and you agree with them or not?

Also, I never disagreed with your statement on the good win either. I just thought you might like to talk about your team and whats looking good. But since you haven't seen or heard anything I guess we won't know, lol.

I do expect the defense to be better, sure do. The secondary in my mind will make or break us this year. Not terribly concerned on offense, although losing a player like Hopkins is always going to sting a little. Of course if we lose our starting QB we are in trouble, lol.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Settle down bro lol

You were trying to make out like I had higher than usual expectations for Carolina this season because I said for someone to beat us they have to be "a very good team". I simply didn't say that lol. I said it would be a good win for clemson if they beat us. It will also be good win for Carolina if we beat clemson. My comment had nothing to do with expectations like you tried to make out with a false comment. That's slander bro lol.

If you think clemson will be the 85 bears on defense this year I'll be your shoulder to cry on when it doesn't happen lol. Dream big bro, dream big. By the way, you go by the stats that will make clemson look good and I'll go by the ones that everyone else does lol.

By the way, you know Clemson's gonna be in trouble if Boyd gets injured right?

Clemson does not...

need a great defense to win and "total defense is very misleading". Thats the sort of thing I am talking about. If thats your measuring stick, rutgers and connecticut both have better defenses Scar. Look out for them Falcons!!! Not the Atlanta Falcons the Bowling Green Falcons rolling out with the the number 6 defense in the nation. San Diego St., Fresno St. and Tulsa do not really have better defenses than Clemson. That ranking goes by yards allowed per game even though it says total defense. Scar is not a top 10 defense there, but in reality they most assuredly are. The separation between Scar and Clemson is 396 YPG for Clemson VS 315 YPG for Scar. If you consider Scar to have a great defense and that "total defense" is your measuring stick. Yeah, they could certainly go from below average to great by allowing one less WTF drive per game. That could easily be the one where you are leading by 30 points and give other players playing time at the end, even with one drive.

We are going to have Oregon type stats on defense, I guess they would be a good example of what we are trying to do? I know Chip is gone now, but with him there everyone is going to take them seriously even with crappy stats statistically on defense.

I don't know how many times I have to say if Boydd goes down we are in trouble. Even if Kelly was a twin and both played at the same level, with no injuries as backups for Clemson we would be in trouble if Boydd goes down. Is that hard to understand?

What now??

"I think a victory over the Gamecocks would be huge for Clemson this year. I expect Carolina to have a good team and for anyone to beat them it will be a good win. It is especially important for Clemson due to the state of the rivalry as of late."

I wasn't even in disagreement with it.

One important topic we haven't discussed

is Clemson's QB depth or lack there of. With the loss of Chad Kelley to the acl injury I count only three QBs on Clemson's roster for the upcoming season. One of those is a walkon. So Clemson has two available scholarship QBs on the roster for this upcoming season. That has to be a scary thought. Am I right bro?

I mean look at what happened to Maryland this past season in a similar situation. They ended up with a LB at QB.

You are becoming a master at putting words in my mouth lol

I said that a team would have to be "very good" to beat South Carolina? Without going back and looking I don't think I said that at all. I did say that I thought Carolina would have a good team this season and if Clemson were to beat them it would be a good win. Not sure what you're referring to lol.

I have the same or similar expectations to last year. 10 to 11 wins and beating Clemson and winning your bowl is a really good season. Anything under nine wins is a bad season. If you warrant that as high expectations then yea I guess I have high expectations. I think the schedule will play a huge part in our success this season. I think it is very favorable for us.

As far as what is said on the MB I think I've already answered that. South Carolina fans are not hyping up our team any more than any other fan base is with theirs. Look at what some of your Clemson buddies are posting for reference. One of them predicted a national title win this year lol. Talk about expectations..

I believe that you thinking that Clemson's defense will be much improved this year is having high expectations for your defense. I mean if you look at the past couple of years Clemson was ranked 71st in total defense in 2011 and 63rd in total defense in 2012. To say they "improved dramatically" is an exaggeration. Not saying that they won't be much improved this coming season but to think that they will go from below average to great in a season is having high expectations for your defense imo. Lucky for Clemson they have proven the past couple of seasons that they don't have to have a top 50 defense to win 10 or 11 games with the scedule they play.

For the record, I think Clemson beats UGA. It will be a very high scoring game due to the high powered offenses but UGA's defense will actually suck worse than Clemson's this season.

Now if you want to talk about South Carolina's defense this season that's where it will be interesting. I think we will take a drop due to the players we lost this year. It's tough to recover from losing Taylor, entire LB corps and two DBs (one including Swearinger) even if you do have Clowney returning. I'm cautiously hoping the offense will be very good this season and will hopefully be able to pick up some slack. Like I said before though I think the schedule strength will be our biggest ally.

The Spring game was pretty uninformative as usual. It's impossible to get a good feel for your team because of the way they are split up into teams. Then the starters don't even play much and some not at all. You can take a few little nuggets here and there but nothing on your team as a whole. Mike Davis had a really impressive run for about 25 yds where he showed some cut ability. Connor Mitch and Brendan Nosovitch both looked really good passing the ball and Jerrell Adams had a couple impressive catches. That's about all I have until I am able to go back and watch the replay of it..

I hate to see...

These kids not get to play from either team. Just seems incomplete.

Part of it was you, I just thought when you said you would have to be very good to beat scar it was due to expectations. No idea if they were trolls or not, didn't look like it and no real flames. But you are wanting examples of posts from the spring game? Sorry bro, I didn't save any. But I mean come on, you read the Mainboard and post all the time. If its not true then fine, that's the answer, that's why I asked.

I think the coaches are excited about Clemson's DL finally, having depth is the big thing they say. I expect them to surprise this year, I keep seeing how bad Clemson is on defense on the Mainboard. They improved dramatically last year, not sure why no one thinks there will be improvement this year? I guess some must think it will be like that forever. I just want to beat the hell out of uga and I will be happy. Tall task I know, but it would be good for the program.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

I know it was a joke

Go back and read what I wrote. I thought it was funny too. I responded with a joke lol.

Jenn, bub and I actually went to the spring game but we were sitting at ground level so it was hard to see what was going on. I have yet to go back and watch the replay of it. I will gather what I remember seeing and post about it tomorrow. Thompson as Montana is funny but I would view him as more of a John Elway. But for real I haven't seen the gamecock fans on the MB talk up the spring game at all. Can you give me examples? Troll posts don't count. I've seen them defend our team much like the Clemson and every other fan base does but nothing no one else is doing.

I heard the Clemson spring game was a bummer due to injuries. I know I have given Kelley a lot of hell in the past but I hated to hear about his injury. I wish him a speedy recovery.

It was a joke...

I thought it was funny.

500k is certainly allot of money to me or you. But these kids can easily dump half of that into a couple of vehicles without batting an eye. So yes, if you think 500k is risky for an NFL team I guess its risky. Looks like a smart move to me, thats all I'm saying. The possibility of getting a first round type guy with a 4th round pick and minimal investment in terms of what you would normally risk. Topic is old, lets move on or make your last point.

Tell me about your offense and the spring game? Seems like expectations have been pretty high on the mainboard from Scar fans. Whats your take? Is Thompson the second coming of Joe Montana?

The booster thing might be one of your dumber posts

Of course the boosters are gonna keep paying him lol.

I never insinuated that SF was going to pay him for multiple years if he's not playing. This season? Yes I think that's exactly what they will do. He will sit out this year and make $500,000 or so to rehab (plus whatever the boosters pay him of course). With that said the 49ers will have invested a lot into Latt. I don't think it will be up to him to decide if he's ready to play. It will come down to the team doctors and the people that have invested all this money on him. It's certainly won't be Latt's decision.

With all that said, yes I do think it was a risky decision by the 49ers to draft him especially with the other talented RBs that were still on the board. High risk, high reward.

I know he...

got paid allot of money to go to Scar, its just very unlikely those boosters and what not are going to keep paying him after his college career.

I think the PUP is the answer...

I think they will pay him and yes its very likely he will get a signing bonus. But once its deemed he can't play or can't play at the level that makes it worth his contract, he gets cut. Lattimore however has guaranteed everyone he will be ready by the first game to play. I hope someone talks him out of it this time, there is just no way that could be true. But if he see $ signs and attempts to get first day type money instead of rehab money it could end badly. I hope he comes back and gets a degree if not. He seems like a smart kid and maybe he could be a coach? No idea, hopefully somebody finds a place for him or he tears it up in the NFL.


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