Wednesday, November 09, 2011

I see both sides of the story

Paterno legally did the right thing. He did what he was supposed to do. The question with him is if he did the right thing morally. Should he have not went to the police? And that not only goes for Joe but for everyone that knew about the situation.

It starts with the GA that caught the terrible act while it was happening. Why not kick Sandusky's ass right then and there. Even kill him?? I probably would have if I were the GA and saw what he did. Instead he ran away and told his dad about it. His dad called Paterno. Paterno reported it to the AD. And guess what.. nothing ever came from it. The GA that caught the act goes on to get a WR coaching job at Penn St..

The whole thing is fucked up. It is bad that JoePa is catching a bad wrap but imo he is just as guilty as anyone. He is catching the most hell because he is the most famous and that feeds the media.

It just goes to show how corrupt big money making orginizations can be. Even the sport we love in college football..

FWIW Brent..

I get your point and I hope you are right.

This is absolutely terrible..

It makes me wanna be less of a football fan. I can see that he turned it over to the AD and the coach was retired. But some of this happened in the athletic facilities for heavens sake. Hard to imagine he was not aware before either. I want to find a way to find JoePa not guilty. The more I read, the harder it gets. I can't think of a worse possible thing to happen to a school. This is just sad and I hope he is found to be clean, I just don't see it right now. I think this is something so terrible he probably just convinced himself it was not real. Make no mistake JoePa runs Penn State and is responsible for what happens in building tho. Just terrible and disgusting is all I can say.


Guys it is awful what is going on at Penn State right now, but is this story really being handled well? If you look at all the coverage there's a mention of actually committed the alleged crimes and the rest of the article is about Joe Paterno. They're going to bury him on this one, but should they? All these people are writing all this without knowing anything at all. I'm just not sure its right to ruin a man's life when he didn't commit the crime. Nobody knows what he knew but the media wants him to hang. It's not right. This country has a sickness. The media makes it stunningly clear. Joe Paterno will probably die this year because of all this. He's already guilty of the crime (Sandusky isn't famous enough) he didn't commit in the public eye because a vast majority of the people in this country are pretty damn stupid and are swayed by those dumbass reporters on television.

Did you watch the other 6 episodes?

They were good and will tie into season 2.

I am almost thru the first season of Friday Night Lights, pretty good. Brent you should probably check out Nikita too.

I think Scar will beat Florida in their house, as we all know both teams are quite capable of losing. I expect us both to win.

Brent, did you see where I posted they are remaking the original BSG movie? Not tied into the reimagined series. A new series with the first Cylon war as well.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Redneck with a crossbow is the guy from Boondock Saints. Hes pretty cool. I like the pizza delivery boy you should be on ninja turtles. What Blake, you don't care about the elderly in that nursing home? Immortals should be awesome, if thats the one I'm thinking about with Mickey Rourke. Oh, Vance, I did watch the first season of Spartacus BTW. I was hoping for the guy to return from his illness, but.....

Like how top 10 Clemson landed a noon game on ESPnU? No respect, lol. It doesn't matter to me really. I'm kinda glad its a noon this week honestly. This game should be over early in the third. Wake is making strides, but they're not there yet. Great qb though, so you never know. Any thoughts on SC and Florida?

Monday, November 07, 2011

Did you see the previews for next week? Wow

I think it's funny, we have been discussing characters that all the sudden both seem insignificant.

The new dark passenger..

Wonder where this will go lol..

I thought you did say Mexican Brent

You probably did say mexican and went back and edited your post lol. You look like a mexican albino by the way..

I like the redneck with the crossbow the best too. All of the characters are good actors, it really doesn't have anything to do with that. It's like the writer is saying the same thing I am about it, "it's a damn zombie show" who cares about the characters. None of them really draw you in. Or me in I guess I should say.

I told you about Immortals a while back, looks like a good one..

Wow you got me wanting to watch the next dexter episode bad now lol.

Dexter, holy Crap!

Let me know when you have watched it.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Dummy, Blake?

Blake, I said of Spanish descent. Spain is a European country. Don't pull a Jenelle.

I liked many characters on BSG. As for the Walking Dead, were gonna watch more episodes tonight. I do like it, and plan to keep watching it. Still don't know if I will like any characters just yet. I know that Michael Rooker got handcuffed to a pipe and sawed his "stink palm" hand off. Ever seen Mallrats?

Wake Forest doesn't scare me. They probably should, but they don't. I am genuinely concerned about our weak defense for all the rest of the games. I'm just gonna roll with it though and have fun.

Have you guys heard of this?

Coming out this week and from the producers of 300? Might be pretty good:

One more note and a warning..

This is so much more entertaining than football right now, lol. We know all these shows are likely to deliver at least.

The Eddard Stark thing, the author of the books which I really want to read is absolutely notorious for doing that. Killing off characters.


I don't think the show has really had enough time to get attached to anyone. My guess is they don't won't you to get attached yet, some of them are likely to get eaten this season.

Well I get attached to different characters..

I like Batiatus on Spartacus and the redneck with the crossbow is my favorite on The Walking Dead. I will be very upset if he gets killed. I think its because they are more like me, lol. I agree if the kid turns into a zombie it will be hard to tell the difference and I can't wait for the woman with the head shaved to get eaten.

Yes Brent, the wife is a complete bitch (very realistic) and Shane is even worse. He gets worse, but he is still doing a good job. Oh and I liked Gaius Baltar on BSG.

Everybody was starting to like Shane I bet, hated the Redneck. What now?

Also, I won't give it away to Brent, but I got a little upset about Otis. He had potential.

These are supposed to be country folks like us, they are not yuppies from Miami or Italians from Rome. Rick Grimes is an Australian guy for example and he is blowing the part away IMO. I am looking for these people to be like us and I am sorry but I can relate to them better. I guess the guys on Spartacus and Dexter are great, never met a Gladiator or a Serial Killer from Miami to compare them with. I just know these guys are doing pretty good, never met a zombie either, so you got me there.

You gotta agree bro, this season has been more about the characters and more personable than last, thats all I'm saying.


If Connor Shaw is still alive by the Clemson game he could run for 500 yards. Our offense showed that they can play bad for 4 quarters. Not checking it off as a win and I am ok with losing. Would love to get 10 wins and an ACC championship. We have been here before, did not get either. Not even a measly win over Scar in fact. But the good thing is "I DON'T GIVE A CRAP!!!

I will also say that

I am with Brent about the characters on the walking dead. Sure they are good actors but I'm not attached to any of the characters. There isn't one that if died I would be like "damn that sucks, the show will not be as good now." All of the characters could die and they could bring in a whole new cast for all I care. It's a zombie show, it's not for attaching to characters for me. I like the thrill of the show. It's more about the suspense. The show doesn't have a "Rita" from Dexter or a "Varro" from Spartacus or the best of all.. A "Eddard Stark"..

There is no character like the ones I mentioned above that would make me think less of the show if they rid them off. It's a zombie show, a good one, but a zombie show that the characters don't mean shit in to me..

By the way, is it just me or does the little boy Carl's ugliness not just urk you lol? I mean if they are trying to make you attach to the characters his part would be the one to do it with. Instead it is a ugly dying kid.. they pick howdie doodie to play the part lol..

I was joking about "Chief Crater Face"

It was a joke for Vance. The guy has to be a good actor. I've seen him in a lot of stuff. I was just making fun. Technically though he is an indian if he is mexican brent, dummy.. lol

I have just seen Mos Def in movies and he surprises as an actor. You see the name "Mos Def" and you think "Ice Cube" or "Tyrese" and he blows those guys out of the water as far as rapper actors go. It's just a shock that he is dumb enough to go by the name Mos Def and be smart enough to be a good actor. I have to admit though before Dexter the only roles I saw him play were in comedies. He plays a good serious role as well as Dexter proves. I will also admit that I was intrigued with the fact that he would be on Dexter this season, moreso than Pueblo Kruger.. Sue me..

As for football, the game tonight was pretty much what I expected. All we can hope for is UGA to lose to Aubz and we beat UF. Both could easily happen. We'll see. Doesn't matter anyway though, neither SEC east team will touch LSU or Bama for that matter if they would have won.

Clemson will beat Carolina this year. I'm good with that...

As for Scar?

Oh well, they have a good team but I agree, too many distractions. Arkansas is just a well coached team and LSU had better take notice. Alabama was not the only good team in their division.

No idea what will happen when we meet, we should just all agree to have fun this year. No silly banter or whatever, either team might win this one. Just joke about it and have fun.

Would not be a shocker..

if Wake beat us. All we really need to do is play like we did against GT. Yes, GT as they always do played well against us in Atlanta. But we did not play well either, something that went underrated as a disadvantage was Ellington being out. He is quietly a big part of the offense. So instead of having a threat at RB, a guy that has 100 plus yards a game and usually a TD or two, we had 2 fumbles each by the RBs. Can't win like that.

I knew Brent would finally take up for me on this!!!

I knew you would agree, but yes it has been because of BSG. Mos Def has been a good one for the show so I know where Blake is coming from. I think by the end tho, everyone will see what we mean. No one however is probably ever going to be as great a villain as John Lithgow on Dexter. That will be tough to top.

All I can say Brent is keep watching, I understand what you mean. They had allot to get in with only 6 episodes to work with. The first season I was entertained, gore, outstanding scenes, just the shock of a unique TV show. The first season was like a giant pilot. Great acting in the first season? Not really because with the scenes like when he went into Atlanta there was really no time or need. But this season, different set up. The zombies have been down played IMO somewhat and only now are the characters really coming out. I enjoyed last season, but I have been glued to it this season. I think I know what you like Brent and this season is more your style.

I would definitely recommend Breaking Bad and to a lesser extent (for you) Sons of Anarchy. I did not see you mention it, but tell me you have already watched Spartacus? If not that should be your next show and its not even close.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Acting in Zombie Flicks

I've watched the first few episodes of the Walking Dead, waiting on Jenelle to get back to finish first season. Good show. Disgusting plot thread with wife giving up on husband after a month. Ho. Sexy Ho.

I haven't really seen too many "great" acting scenes in this show though vance. What you have to do to make people follow the characters in a show, as opposed to the situation going on, you have to give them a sense of depth. Im not there yet with the characters. I'm not emotionally invested with anyone yet like I was with the several BSG characters and the characters from LOST. I was emotional several times during both shows. Rare that TV gets me that way, if only because of the way TV has to alter its "bible" when people want to move on. I'm just a weirdo when it comes to people leaving unnaturally and how a show handles this is part of the staying power for me. I have discovered that I have emotional withdrawal when a show ends and that's why it takes me so long to find another one. Both Lost and BSG broke my heart and I need time to find other people to really care for. I like strong morals that are flawed and tested...Batman for example. Any shows you can recommend? Dexter kills, and that "kills" it for me on that one. Any suggestions? I'm reading the second book of Game of thrones now. And yes, I'm drunk.


Blake, don't talk about Edward James Almos. He ranks up there with Captain Picard and Han Solo dammit. Mos Def doesn't have shit on him and if you watched Battlestar Galactica you would know that. He has charisma, machismo, and vulnerability. I won't hear about some shit rapper even being on the same level as Admiral Adama, who got a best actor nomination for STAND AND DELIVER. I didn't even read most of the posts about it, and for the record he is of Spanish descent. Sure his face looks like a gravel driveway, but he would kick "your fat, lazy ass" to quote.

What a fucking game tonight by the two best teams in the country. I want the rematch and if the BCS doesn't give us that, fuck 'em. Nobody is close to these two teams.

Carolina played admirable, but Stephen Garcia took his toll on this team in the end. Spurrier looks older and I think this team's psyche has been hurt by all the bullshit that has happened to them. Fuck you Garcia.

I'm ready to see Clemson back in action against a WF team that had their chances against Notre Dame and their super 10 spray painted helmest tonight. I am very afraid of facing Georgia Tech in that conference game though, so I will be hoping for the Hokies. GT just matches up too well with Clemson's defense and I will not be able to live through another 2009 two losses to Paul "slap a player" Johnson and his wing T, wishbone, power I, Tom Osborne, win one for the gipper offense.

For good luck!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

That got me going


Just sent it to you bro..

Let me know, be sure to look to the right of the page and scroll down.

That is the site I'm using

Or maybe it isn't, the first one to come up on google is the site you gave me and that's the one I'm using. Can you email me the page that has all the episodes for the 2nd season? All I can find is the 6 episodes of the 1st season on that site.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Google Watch Series bro..

Its the first thing to come up on google and its where I get everything. If you cannot find the new season you are on the wrong site, every episode goes up there like 2 hours after it airs. Actually, the first episode of Dexter came out on there a week BEFORE it aired? No idea how, but it happened. Same thing with the Walking Dead last year.

Just joking about Sho Nuf, I mean Mos Def, lol. I think he has been good for the show as well.

Just messing with you bro

Yea it looks like brother Sam got shot. I don't think he dies though. It is a good season so far.

I like The Walking Dead and I know other people do. It just isn't as good as like Dexter, Spartacus, Sopranos, ect. To me it isn't but everyone has their preferences and The Walking Dead is more of the type of thing you prefer. I like it as well. I'm having a hard time finding a good place to watch the new season. Shoot me a email of the site you're using. The site you gave me before doesn't have the new season up yet.

Also, Dexter is Hiro's favorite show...

In terms of acting?

Seriousy bro, all those completely unknowns on The Walking Dead blow them both away. A serious drama with absolutely no comedy what so ever about zombies and they pull it off? Thats acting.

I know you say it is my type of show, but go to the Rivals board and ask everyone to post their top 5 shows and see how many list it. You might get 2 or 3 that don't and they probably have not watched it.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

I mos definitely disagree..

I don't think he is an Indian, lol. Also, his role has not really got going yet. Looks like mos def is mos definitely over. Nothing has really happened yet, but it's mos definitely coming. I was going by Battlestar Galactica, I mos definitely thought he was great there.

The walking dead has been great, both are very good this year.

So far I give MOS DEF the edge as the better actor..

over your old ass indian guy on Dexter lol.

"Wrinkled Face" plays a good creepo role but as an actor against MOS DEF?

Homeboy is killin it over the mohican lol.

No but for real, I told you he was a good actor and I bet you will know who he is from now own. I don't get the "MOS DEF" alias either. He could do much better as an actor without it. Great actor with a lot of potential. Rapper? Not so much. That is his claim to fame though. He is a much better actor than rapper imo

Yeah, oh well..

No big deal really.

I think you guys have a legit shot at beating Arkansas. Would be nice if your offense finally showed up, which is very possible.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Surprised me as well bro

In a way you can kind of look as a relief. Like, "Ok we got that one out of the way now let's go win the ACC."

GT just came ready to play. They had a gameplan to limit Clemson's amount of possessions and stuck with it. I was impressed with what little bit I saw of them. I got the game recorded but haven't got to see it yet.

Yes Carolina keeps edging by. I will find it hard to believe we will get past Arky with a win. If the offense can score 28 points we have a chance with anyone we play with our defense. I just don't think we will get them this week..

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Well there it is..

We knew if Clemson played a full game like we have seen them play a quarter in every game, sometimes even a half this would happen. Did not expect it in this one, but I guess we should have? All the experts did. Oh well, what can you say?

Clemson is coming off a losing season and has already won as many as most predicted going in. I know I am still ok with the season, as I said I expected it anyways.

Gamecocks still trucking along, quietly winning every week.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

What Today Brings

Wow, good post Blake. Especially the end, where you turned into some old colored woman with no teeth doing voodoo in the bayou. I did put that shirt on there, but I didn't do it because Auburn won. I did it to be funny though.

Tennessee is already playing for next year. I still think South Carolina needs a big margin of victory to gain some momentum for the final weeks of the season. The chicken curse is shaking all around Colombia at the moment.

Clemson a pretend team this year?

As the great Lee Corso would say "not so fast my friend!"

Point of that title is this Clemson team is different. They control have/can/will control every ball game they play this year. This is not the Clemson of old. This is a national powerhouse team. I had my jealous struggles with the fact but now I am past them. I have no problem with the fact that Clemson is just a great football team this year.

I was surprised at Deptula's take on this game against GT. Even he has jumped on this national bandwagon of GT upsetting Clemson. He all but said GT would win. He always leaves room for him to not be wrong, but he really thinks GT will win this game.

I don't get it. Why is the hype there for GT. Yeah, they they have the #8 pass defense in the country but they also have the #94 rush defense in the country. Why pass on GT if you can run all day on them?

Don't get me wrong, GT is a good football team. They have had a couple of bad losses but they are well coached and have a semi-dynamic offense. An offense that no team in the NCAA wants to face. It's tricky and very disciplined. The Clemson defense will have their work cut out for them.

What GT and all of the media don't realise is Clemson will match every point GT can score easily. It really wouldn't matter if Clemson had Abbeville's defense. Clemson can match every point GT can score. I'm not doubting that Clemson couldn't do the same against the likes of LSU and BAMA. And that is no bullshit. Clemson has one of the 2 most explosive offenses in the nation. The other is Okie St.

Clemson and Oklahoma lite are virtually the same team. Chad Morris brought a Big 12 offense to Clemson. A offense that is built to stand on it's on and not worry or depend on a defense. His offense says score at all costs. No other team in the nation has a better offense than Clemson and Ok St. Problem is the defense of both teams in the eye of the media. Thing is Clemson's defense isn't that bad. They have bad stats sure but not terrible if you watch them play. Same goes for OK St. They don't have a terrible D either. I would easily give Clemson's defense the edge between the two.

Man I am just rambling but I like reading you guy's rambling posts so I will continue and see how long I can go lol.

Bottom line with GT is that they can't beat VA or Miami and people actually think they can beat the Clemson team I just rambled on about? No way, won't happen. It may be a close game but I would be really shocked if Clemson didn't win by 20 or more.

On to Carolina, Tenn is as bed ridden as we are. They have their all-sec QB injured as well as their version of Alshon Jeffery at WR in Justin Hunter. They will start a redshirt QB from Rock Hill SC that neither of our teams offered in Justin Worley. What should that tell you about this game? It should tell you that Clowney will have a field day crushing the QB from his former cross town rival school. That's what it should tell you. What it tells me is that there is a possibility that this kid will go out there and light it on fire in the name of the chicken curse. That is what it tells me..

Moving on, still rambling. Do you guys think that Clemson's toughest game will be against Carolina? Even though I have lost nearly all confidence in my team I still feel like it will be Clemson's toughest matchup of the season. The only reason is because of our defense. And I guess that is more about what this question is about. I'm not talking about the Clemson vs Carolina game in general. Our offense is really bad and I think it will be much worse without Latt. What I really mean to ask is if South Carolina's defense is the kryptonite that can slow down Clemson's offense. I know VT defense is good but I think South Carolina's is better. I'm not wrong for thinking that am I? Deptula implanted this in my brain today but I'm not sure how much I can respect his opinion on things right now after hearing him not go all out saying Clemson would beat GT but instead weigh in on the upset.

I don't think Clemson will lose a game this season unless they pull a "Old timey Clemson". But this is a different Clemson team and if they do lose I will scream from the tallest hill in Calhoun Falls that "THE TIGER CURSE HAS BEEN BORN!"

You may think that is crazy, but I have planted one. A tiger curse. I made it a ritual and Brent helped me do it. It was an asshole move by him at the time and I can promise you that he doesn't even know what he did but maybe, just maybe it will come back to bite him and Ben Tillman will smite the Tiger nation all because of young Brent's actions towards a lowly Gamecock fan after the Auburn loss...

I'll give you a little hint Brent: you missing a purple Clemson shirt that was way too short for you? I found it hanging on the back of my computer chair very neatly like a flag after we lost to Auburn. It has been sealed with a scroll that will only open when this lowly Gamecock fan needs a Garnet light to prevail. I will choose my time. All I can say bro is blame Brent for being a asshole when the seal is broken..

I was missing one antidote for my potion to seal the scroll. I needed a little bit of Spurrier's pee but I figured a drop of Bird Dog Whiskey would work just as well. Only thing I'm afraid of is that a mandrake will pop out and freeze me when I unravel the Clemson rag.

You think I'm crazy yet? Maybe I do too but it's my last hope and I am my mama's son lol..

Friday, October 28, 2011

Good points Brent..

I think Clemson has to play bad to lose this one.

I can understand it being an upset alert for most. This is another game the old Clemson loses. But so is VaTech and the NC game. I just think everyone expects the old Clemson to show up, even if briefly for a game. I think if it happens, it's going to be with a team like wake that we slack off on. I doubt GaTech in Atlanta will catch a Clemson team expecting to roll over them. They know it could be a battle and they have to be ready.

Upset Alert!

I think everyone in the country is picking Clemson to lose this game and for the life of me I can't understand what they're seeing that I'm not. I understand the whole back against the wall mentality, but the bottom line is that Georgia Tech doesn't have the talent to stop Clemson from scoring. Sure, people will jump all over Clemson's defense, but which one is worse? To me, the defense is a toss up. Too many national "experts" see a score and draw conclusions from that. One guy said that Clemson has to lose at "some point." My question is, why? Because they have to? What kind of sense does that make? Law of averages? Look, Clemson's offense is vastly superior to anything else in the ACC. The defense is mediocre at best, but there are times they play exceptional. In my opinion, Kevin Steele chooses one thing to completely stop, like the interior run game, and relies on inexperienced talent to make their plays. Sometimes its a pick, and sometimes its a 70 yard pass. Screw that. There's nothing to sway me in this game. Clemson will score their 45 and Georgia Tech will get to 30.

I am hesitant to say a whole lot about Carolina right now, because this is kind of a new team starting tomorrow. I will definitely be dialed into it and will respond accordingly. They'll win by 7-10 points. 20-10 or so. Carolina is 6-1 and nobody is talking about them. I wonder is Spurrier uses that motivation?

Little something for halloween..

One reason why the Big East has at times rivaled the Acc in basketball..

Also another reason Uconn may not be coming to the Acc as most think.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The walking dead has been great..

Already renewed for season 3.

Dexter has been better that last season so far as well.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Started watching Sons of Anarchy

I think I will roll with it next. Decent show after the first episode.

Monday, October 24, 2011

If I was going to re-watch something..

It would be Lost.

Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy...

Just to name a couple for you.

I ain't 'fraid no ghost

I think it was all in my head. Once I said something about it hasn't been behind me anyway lol.

Brent's new wife is making him watch Once upon a time. I watched all of the walking dead and the new season started yesterday. Not sure what I will watch next. I've been rewatching the wonder years a little bit. It'll be my 4th time lol. Love that show. Brent says you remind him of Wayne LOL..

Its ok bro..

Cause when I get home I'm slapping your little ghost.

I watched two new shows last night, Grimm and Once Upon a Time. Fairly interesting, nothing great, but its hard to tell from a pilot. There is a new show I have not watched yet that I want to see, Boss with (Frazier from Cheers). Its not a comedy and I think worth a shot.

Good post bro

That was pretty much what I was trying to say.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lets shy away from this..

I understand Blake's point and he understands mine.

This is what I think:

Right now:

1. Alabama
2. LSU
3. OSU
4. Boise
5. Clemson
6. Stanford

Clemson will certainly jump Boise State, whether they know it or not they are an alternate in case there are not 2 undefeated teams. But, the kicker to this IMO is that at least after they play Oregon, Stanford will pass Clemson. Considering OSU is playing OU, none of them are likely to pass them. There is a shot we play 2 more top 10 teams if they win out, Scar and VaTech. Might help, but I think Stanford and OSU have to drop a game. Which is very possible, its also very possible we do as well.

The point is not the writer of articles..

Its the content of the articles. Also, who hasn't made fun of Holly Rowe? Larry Williams frequently posts links to Heather Dinnich's articles on TI and he respects her opinion. Until now she has been very critical of Clemson, as she should have been.

Apples to organges comparing Holly Rowe commentating to someone writing articles and the content of their articles. Whether its Ron Morris or anyone else, trying to immediately discredit the author vs the content of an article is never going to work. Other people are going to read it even if you don't.

It wasn't so much Heather for me

It was the fact that Vance brought her up. Everyone knows Vance has always hated women involved with football. Holly Rowe and especially the commentator on ESPN 2 and pretty much any other woman that has talked about football has been a joke to Vance. Just struck me funny that he would bring a Dinich blog post to the site. He would have done the same if I would have done it..

Its Happening....

Well, it is definitely fun right now being a Clemson fan. I know it's still a long shot to get to the NC, but at least were one of the few teams left in the hunt in late October. What a great feeling. I'm going to be sunshine today and not focus on the defense.

As for the last few opponents....who is going to be able to stop Clemson from scoring? I'm not sure anyone else on the schedule can hang with Clemson, offensively. South Carolina's defense is pretty great, but they're not going to hold Clemson under 20 points. Everyone is just being overwhelmed by Clemson's scoring ability. When does the madness end?

BTW Blake, Heather Dinich isn't that bad of an analyst. She's pretty well informed and does actually talk to players and coaches just like Chris Low and that weird little B1G guy lol. Sexist ass.

Must be bitter sweet for Texas Tech..

James is a legit part of that offense now.

What we are going to need..

Is for you to go to the SEC championship game and knock that last SEC team off for us, lol.

OSU is good..

But I would have a hard time calling anyone better than OU until they play them. They just could not get going really until late. Old TT had that offense ready to play. If I were OSU, I would not overlook Texas Tech. Again, I am not predicting Clemson to the BCS championship. Just that there is a legit path there if they go undefeated. For one, GaTech in Atlanta and probably having to beat VaTech twice. Scar is definitely a tough one as well.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I think Ok St should be your bigger concern

Have you seen them play this season? They are better than Oklahoma..

Even closer..

TT putting it on Oklahoma at the half.

One step closer

With Whisky falling today.

I hope that zombie apocalypse that you were talking about starts soon lol..

We will..

With Wisconsin losing, we will sit at 6th. When one of the top 4 lose and 2 of them are guaranteed to because they play each other we will jump Boise. If we keep winning that is. Boise probably won't move down, but we will jump them. Keep your fingers crossed 3 of the top four don't lose, again 2 are guaranteed. Because that's all it would take.

Hey there all you Clemson Reddnecks lol..

Cool do that bro..

Because you and Gamecock Will are neck and neck right now. You can always do that, just pretend you are too cool to argue. Later, I'm gonna go read about Clemson beating of unc today.

We will find out if you go undefeated

The truth is the coaches aren't showing you much respect right now, even after beating 3 ranked teams. They have you tied for 8th place with Oregon, a team with a loss. May be the coaches are starting to see that your schedule wasn't so tough after all. With as bad as Auburn is and Wake beating the almighty Noles..

Mostly because the coaches expected..

Clemson to pull what they normally do. The human factor plays a role, also the bcs just came out last week. You can expect quite a few reporters and coaches to start voting Clemson ahead of Boise now. The computer system is based off several factors, a big one is where the human poles rank teams. At the start of the season did you think Boise was better? How about now? Strength of schedule is no comparison, not with Wisconsin either, we are miles ahead of them both.

I bow out bro

You and Heather are right about everything..

Not as much as Holly Rowe I bet lol

I know how much you love women in football. Like Death Rowe or the woman commentator on ESPN 2. I never thought I would see the day you used a woman's opinion to back you up in an argument about football LOL..

If any of what you said is true

Or your new expert Heather lol, what is your reasoning behind Boise being ranked ahead of you right now in the BCS rankings?

If it's not because of the season they had last year or because of their schedule strength, what?

Did you read it?

Or did Billy bob tell you she was bad one time? Pretty good FACTs to back up her articles. I guess when you don't have any actual facts, you respond with.

Heather Dinnich, bwaaa haaa haa

How much does she get paid to do this? Bwaaa haaa haaaa.

Heather Dinich??

ESPN blogger????


I'll just leave this here for you..

I know you have help as well..

Remember when it was predicted that no quality OC was going to work for Dabo? Just saying bro, that was another example of a prediction based on a completely biased opinion and quite frankly it was silly.

There really is no need to argue..

I read what you wrote there completely based on being biased with absolutely no facts and say why would I argue that? The first prediction for Clemson and the ACC you get right will be exactly that, the first one you get right. The computer does not give points for your record the previous year or for what your conference has done the past 5 years. Unless you are talking about how it will help SEC caliber teams, it's not going to help you being Scar. Do you think if Vanderbilt won the Sec they would let them jump Stanford? No they wouldn't and neither would you. Lsu and Alabama's schedule is about 3 times tougher than yours.

At some point you are going to stop being so biased with all your opinions, that or you are going to continue to be very disappointed.

When did I say WVU wasn't any good?

You're the one making stuff up lol. May be you should trade Maryland for Temple if you want to judge a program's value by one game. There is a reason conferences don't want WVU. But they would still be a much better choice than Syracuse or Pitt. Unless we're talking basketball I guess?

I realise that A&M and Mizzou would be SEC teams when they make the move? But they still bring the same value that the computers look for. The same value they have brought to Texas and Oklahoma when they beat them in the past. Pitt and Syracuse bring less value from a football standpoint than what the ACC already has, and that is pretty bad.

So if South Carolina went undefeated and beat #1 Bama or #1 LSU (whichever it would be) in the SEC title game we wouldn't beat out all of the teams I named to play for it all? Pretty sure we would be ranked #1 or #2 and It would be us playing Oklahoma. We would take the place of Bama or LSU and no one is beating out those guys to play for it. You're kidding yourself bro if you think otherwise lol.

In Clemson's case this season if any of these teams are undefeated: LSU, Bama, Oklahoma, Ok St, Whisky, Stanford, and possibly Boise St would beat out an undefeated Clemson team.

Really no need to argue over it. I think Clemson is going undefeated this season and the BCS computer's will prove my point.

What is the point in going undefeated if you get no shot a the national title though? No need to bring up Carolina either because we couldn't go undefeated in the Conference USA much less the SEC so you can drop that argument. This about Clemson and the ACC anyway, no need to drag lowly Carolina into it to try to make an argument.

oh ok, so West Virginia is not good now?

I gotcha bro, keep making it up and changing it as you go to suit.

They won't be in the Big 12 if they join the SEC..

Doesn't work like that. I did not say that LSU would get jumped, I said Scar would. Keep thinking you would jump undefeated USC or Oklahoma tho because of the SEC SEC SEC.

2004 was different

Auburn was coming off a 8-5 season and went undefeated. USC and oklahoma were coming off of 12 win seasons and went undefeated. Different time than now bro. Going undefeated in the SEC and being held out of the national championship will never happen again. They have proven that they deserve to be in it for 5 years in a row. Just like no one will bump an undefeated LSU or Bama team out of it this year. An undefeated ACC team will get bumped this year by the big 10 (wisconsin), pac 10 (stanford), big 12 (oklahoma and oklahoma st), the sec (bama or lsu), and possibly boise as bad as their schedule is. So that leaves one conference that you could beat out for the national championship spot. It's the big east and you are taking teams from them. The only conference weaker than you? I'm just saying I don't think adding either team to your schedule will help you in the future.

Adding Texas A&M and Mizzou to your schedule on the other hand means something to the BCS. The computers are very high on the big 12. Always have been. Adding them to your conference adds credibility, not takes it away. Adding crap like Pitt and Syracuse to your conference chips away at the little bit of credibility you have in the acc. Those teams were added solely for basketball. You are kidding yourself if you think otherwise. You are also kidding yourself if you think adding pitt and syracuse were better football moves than adding texas a&m and mizzou. Just doesn't fly bro.

I think the ACC's next move..

Will be to add 2 football schools. Thats just my opinion, of course Notre Dame is the top priority and they are not going to fill those 2 open spots if you believe there are 2 spots open until they know there is no chance of them getting ND. Not sure who the second biggest target would be, but you can bet that Notre Dame is the top target. Definitely not saying Notre Dame is joining a conference, but its getting tough for them not to. The recent move by the ACC is why.

Just to be clear..

I don't see any scenerio where Clemson jumps undefeated Oklahoma and Bama, I really don't.

I think both of them have as much potential..

As Missouri.

Also, if Oklahoma or LSU/Bama both are undefeated we won't go and it has nothing to do with Pitt/Syracuse. Thats just how it works, Auburn found that out when it happened between them and Oklahoma a few years ago as well and they are in the SEC. Clemson's schedule has been pretty strong, much stronger than Boise. There is no comparison from the ACC to a Boise type conference. Its just something else Scar fans like to talk about to make themselves feel good about being in the SEC.

Clemson might win every game, doubtful but its possible. If we are in the SEC with Alabama and LSU? No way. Its possible for you to go undefeated in the SEC and get left out in the cold as well being Scar, again see Auburn. All it takes is for Oklahoma/Texas and a USC to go undefeated. You won't go either. Alabama would go over them, but you won't. So sure there are scenerio's out there, no matter what.

But downplaying a Syracuse win over West Virginia that you personally have promoted to the SEC just really isn't going to work. But sure, Pitt and Syracuse both have potential to be good programs. Anyone who thinks they don't are just really fooling themselves.

Syracuse is a huge get for the ACC

No one in their right mind would buck up to you about that bro. The Cuse is an up and comer. To only think if Clemson had them on their schedule this year. That would really help them on their undefeated season as far as the BCS rankings go. As if Clemson doesn't have a tough enough schedule. Imagine if they had a win vs The Cuse or Pitt tagged on to it..

I'm not arguing but asking this to you: Does it no worry you that Clemson could go undefeated and win the ACC and still not play for the national championship game? I know we have had pissing matches before about the ACC vs the SEC but now reality is setting in. Clemson going undefeated is a reality this season in my opinion. How would it make you feel to know that Clemson doesn't play for the national championship only because they play in the ACC and the schedule they play? Boise St knows how you feel if it happens.

Going further, how will it help you in the future to add Syracuse and Pitt to your schedule? I'm just asking. Does that not worry you?

This could be wrapped up with a few simple questions. I know you think Clemson will lose at least one game. You have stated that. But, if they do go undefeated do you think they will play for the national championship? If they do go undefeated and don't play for it what do you think the reason will be? If Clemson had Syracuse or Pitt on their schedule this year do you think it would help them or hurt them in the BCS rankings? Do you think adding Pitt and Syracuse to your schedule will help you in the future, if so why?

I know you want to take one step at a time and you are focused on winning the ACC conf. that is great. But how far will that take you on the grand scheme of things? I think Clemson could do more than just the ACC this year after they go undefeated. I'm afraid the schedule will hold them back. Also Syracuse and Pitt will even make it worse in the future.

That is unless we are basketball fans..

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Cuse destroying West Virginia, lol.

Swofford is somewhere laughing his ass off right now.

Iptay Donors are making a statement..

They are currently getting 4 times the normal amount they have been receiving from donors. People who stopped giving are coming out of the woodwork and stating why. If you want the admin at Clemson to get a message, winning is important, this is how to do it.

I watched Harry Potter last night..

I posted a link to your type of thing already, lol.

Also, it doesn't take a genius to figure out the zombie apocalypse is coming sooner rather than later. I will kill more zombies in 5 minutes than Jack Bower killed terrorists in ten seasons of 24 and you are gonna be standing there trying to figure out what to do.

I like it

I'm only two episodes in and I'm already interested in it and whats coming next. Zombies are still more of your type of thing though lol.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Annnd a little something for Blake and Brent:

Brent, this is for you:

It gets better bro..

The first couple of episodes of Spartacus did not reveal how good the show was going to be. By the end you will be hooked I bet. This first episode only continued to get better in the second season. I definitely am not saying it is better than Spartacus, but it's up there. I am sure it's a challenge for a director to get so much in with only 6 episodes to work with. This season will be even better probably. I love the fact it is in Georgia and the scene where he went into Atlanta on horseback, completely abandoned has to be one of the best scenes in history. I was sold on the show at that point.

The whole first season of Game of Thrones only set up things. The storyline is so big that it had to be that way. Not sure if you watched it all yet. People that read the books say nothing has really happened yet. It was renewed after the first episode aired.

Bottom line, TV shows are so much better than movies right now. I love it.

The Walking Dead is good

It has definitely got my interest after the first two episodes. I will say that is more of your type of show. It isn't as good as Spartacus though. I don't think anything can rival that for me. I'm already thinking about watching Spartacus over for the 3rd time after I finish it lol.

That's exactly the concept..

of Morris/Malzhaun, probably other up tempo offenses. Only a few simple plays that are practiced so much everything is done on instinct. Also, at least with Morris all the blocking schemes for the OL are pretty much the same, thats something that goes untalked about, but it is as important as anything. It looks like Clemsons OL has improved dramatically in terms of pass blocking (average run blocking) and they have a little with Caldwell, but mostly its the same guys doing the same thing every game. When you talk about an overly complicated Rob Spence offense or not having an identity, one of the worst parts is the 500 different blocking schemes the OL have to remember. They are usually not very smart, lol.

Dexter has been good, The Walking Dead is going to likely rival Spartacus for you bro. Its set in Georgia, thats makes it allot more entertaining.

I don't get mad or pissed off at anyone here either

I don't really think anyone does? Arguments get heated and silly at times but I didn't think anyone was getting pissed? Now we have been pissed at our teams at times and I am right now a little at Carolina. That has nothing to do with anything anyone has said.

Anyway, yes on Dexter. I just watched the 3rd episode last night. I'm thinking of watching the walking dead too.

I really enjoy the conversations that we have on this board.....

And now more than ever, i try to be more objective in my views of both programs. About the Clemson offense, i wasnt knocking what they do, i was simply stating that a playbook doesnt have to be loaded to the gills with hundreds of plays. All a team really needs is 20-30 plays but out of 6-10 different formations. Why take the time to practice a buinch of plays that you may run 5 or 6 times a year. Just be great at the plays that you are gonna run on a consistent basis. Simplfying a playbook is not a bad thing, but you have to be able to disguise what you are doing, not only offensively but defensively as well. For example, Carolina simplified their defensive scheme and for the last 4 games, the defense has been lights out. Why???? Not because they are running some pro-style defense with a lot of different assignments, but because they have practiced over and over and over what they are gonna do consistently and have gotten great at it. When you do this, you take a lot the mental aspect out of the game and the players dont out think themsekves which leads to less blown assignments because it becomes instinct. They just naturally know what to do. It would be comparable to muscle memory or anything else than anyone does in their day to day lives.

I'll be the first to admit that i do take football serious, but thats because this is what i wanna do the rest of my life. I wanna coach this game and im working toward getting myself in a position to do so. I told Blake not to long ago, that late at night when i cant sleep or jus tdont have anything better to do, i lay around and study different schemes both offensive and denfensive. Im currently in the process of reading up on the 46 Bear defense. Now, with this defense, you cant run it against the spread offesnes of todays game but it is ideal for goalline and triple option teams. IO have yet to figure out why teams have not used some form of this against Ga Tech but oph well, thats why i dont make the big bucks.

And i also know that im wrong more than im right, but im right in my mind. LOL. I dont ever get mad at anyone on this board,. I know its all in good fun, but sometimes i do disagree with stuff thats said and thats when i stat my opinion or view on something. It doesnt really mean im right but its how i see things. I"ll try to get back on later and give some more of my views on both programs and the directions that i think we are headed. I really can see the Clemson/Carolina rivalry becoming what Fla State/Florida used to be. I think both of our programs are in better shape than either of those and we could be headed toward a game that not only the state wants to watch every year, but that becomes more important on the national scene. JMO.

Honestly bro..

It did not bother me when I thought we were losing to Maryland. I am numb to it and expect it. Trust me when I say it's the best way to approach it. I know full well the rug can get pulled out at any moment. I am excited when we win, but I won't be shocked or upset even when we lose. Sorry if that makes me a bad fan, but you seem to understand what I mean. If it's going to be different fine show me on the field. Honestly, if it is I am not sure I will make very much of an emotional investment.

Right or wrong, it's the truth.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The crazy thing is that it is his other knee. But when you over work you good knee to compensate, it's possible. Not saying that's what happened, no idea really. Probably just bad luck and a fluke.

No one is happy Lat got hurt, I mean every fan base has assholes. You post anything like you are happy Lat got hurt on TI and you will get ripped apart and probably banned. I have not seen the pictures nor do I want to.

Inevitably someone, maybe even a FSU fan will flame about Tony Steward. Best to ignore them. Your season is not over by a long shot.

I don't know that much of shit about football, I just enjoy discussion and being able to bullshit with you guys. I am wrong far more often than i am right. I feel bad when I piss you guys off and I do it too much. But I am right when I say this is nothing to get down about, it should be purely entertainment. I like to make jokes ect.. But it's just not really funny anymore and it's definitely not funny when I am the only one laughing.

Brent always thinks it's funny, I blame him for most of this. We need to have flame Brent Friday. I am going to contact Ross and see if he can't come on here and regulate big ole rich too.

Have you been watching Dexter?

This is a sports site

So I hit a brick wall with trying to get away from football. I love this site and having you guys here to keep this site alive. The hope for something that isn't going to happen is what has to go. I need to be more casual about it I guess. Agree with stuff more about what Vance says. Even if it's something that I don't think is true.

You see we both hype up our teams every year before the season. We always hype them into something they are not. If Carolina falters, I always have Clemson's woes to fall back on. I don't have that luxury anymore. If Carolina is bad they are in it alone this year. That is what will change my ways. I can't talk shit or doubt Clemson anymore. They are the real deal. South Carolina is not.

Before I had a leg to stand on with "Well, you suck too and will never win anything either". I don't have that anymore.

I am stubborn and spoiled. That is why I feel like this right now. It's not about Carolina, it's about Clemson. I feel like I could have more fun/satisfaction pulling against Clemson for the rest of my life than I could pulling for Carolina.

I guess I am just different than you guys. Let's be real, I wouldn't be making this post right now if Clemson had the record that we all thought they would before the season started. I am a sour fan. Pour sport...

Let me also mention that I hate the injury for Tony Steward. Even though he isn't a big impact for Clemson right now it's bad to see a good kid go down like that. I just hope Carolina fans don't put out silly x-ray pics like some Clemson fans did with Lattimore. That is the kind of shit that makes me want to detach myself from it all..


I would agree Clemson is running just a few plays. Also the plays Morris is running are indeed highschool type plays, routes ect... Most of the kids know them already when they get here.

Mike Leach said he ran THE same play over and over again at TT, just out of different formations.

Right now that quick slant to AJ is a play that you are very good at. I would add 2-3 more passing plays that are consistent and that you are good at and practice them over and over again. Probably only need about 3 running plays as well. Recievers run routes to perfection, blocking being just as important.

Here is my secret..

First I read Tigerillustrated, then I head over to the Rivals Mainboard and scan thru it to see if there is anything interesting, or more importantly something comical. If I see anything on the Gamecocks interesting, I go over to the Gamecock Rivals Site and read about it there. Lately, I usually check the Gamecock site because there is so much going on. All this I just mentioned takes about 20 minutes. I have been wrong about the Gamecocks allot, mainly because I scan thru the articles so quickly, the Ingram injury for example.

I agree with Rich, don't give up. But I also agree with you, there is allot more that you are missing out on.

I do more stuff than keep up with football

But in my free time away from Jenn and the kids I studied what Carolina was doing more than anything else. That part is going to change after this season. I'm missing a lot of other cool stuff by wasting time on that dumpster fire. I also wonder how you know so much about both our teams bro if you don't spend as much time as me keeping up with it? A lot of stuff you find out before I do?

Good post Rich, wish I could be that optimistic. I'm going to hang in there with them this season. After that I am emotionally detaching myself.

My Take on the rest of the season for Carolina......

Sure, the loss of Latt hurts tremendously. You would have to be deaf, dumb, blind, and just plain stupid not to realize this. With that said, this team still has ton s of talent. Spurrier just has to change his game plan. I really think we have to go to a more tradtional spread. We have to get Ellington involved in the backfield. This kid wouldve been the POY in the state of South Carolina had he not been in the same graduating class as ML. He is a dynamic athlete with game-breaking speed. I can still see this team winning out. Maybe i'm too overly optimistic, but one man doesnt make a team. You have 11 guys on the field for a reason, and its just time for those 11 guys to take their game to another level. Wilds is a more than serviceable back and when you add Ellington into the mix, i think we can have a pretty damn lethal 1-2 punch in the backfield. Connor Shaw has been exactly what i expected him to be, a very cerebral qb that is athletic enough to put pressure on defenses with his feet. The recievers have got to start making the plays when they are present themselves. The bye week couldnt have come at a better time. We have two weeks to rearrange our offensive scheme to work with the players that we have available going forward. Our defense has really turned the corner as far as im concerned. I realize we havent played the best of competition, but Miss St isnt a slouch, especially at home.....just ask LSU.

Back to Connor for a minute. He did something at Miss St that hasnt been done in a long time(i dont think its happened since Spurrier arrived), he led us down the field, on the road against a decent football team for a win. He did this without Latt on the field as well. He completed his last 8 pass attempts when the pressure was on. He made some mistakes, sure. But he didnt make any mistakes that could have cost us the ballgame. His 2 picks werent that bad of throws. This is the kid to play qb that SOS has been looking for since he arrived in Cola. He is smart, a coaches son and a student of the game. He studies, puts in the extra time mentally and physically and he thinks ahead in the game just like the OBC would do. I have all the faith in Shaw and this offense the rest of the way. All this offense is gonna have to do is not put the defense in bad positions and we have a chance to win every game left on our schedule, including beating LSU or BAMA in the dome for the SEC title. Offense sells tickets, defense wins titles.

Some moves that i would like to see and this is just from a personal standpoint cause obviously im not a coach, but i would really like to see us move Qua Gilchrist to fullback. This guy was a beast in high school and i know he knows what to do with the rock when he touches it. I watched him for 4 years at Abbeville and the guy is ultra talented. He has the size to be a devasting lead blocker and the ball skills to be another guy that a defense has to account for when he is on the field. JMO. I wanna see Ellington moved to tailback the rest of the season. Dont gimme that size crap cause he is the same size a Jaquizz Rogers and he is playing in the NFL. I wanna see more motion and end-around type plays with our speed receivers, if for nothing else to get defenses out of position. This is all that Clemson does. I heard the other day that CU only has about 12 to 20 plays that they run, but they run them out of different formations just to give defense a different look. It works. Motion a guy away from the middle of the field and throw it where he used to be. Make a safety look in the backfield and go over his head, make the d-line slant and pinch the wrong way, get cb's outta position by having them trail receivers that are in motion. It all works and is the basic concept of the spred offense and it is what we have to do. use what we have and go draw up some plays in the effing dirt if we have too, cause there is an abundance of talent on the field.

I would love to indulge more on this topic and there is some stuff that i left out, but im at work and really dont have time to get to deep with this right now but i wanted to pass along my logics. Blake, dont write our boys off yet. This still has all the potential in the world to be a great season. The lattimore injury could bring this team closer and provide new motivation. You can bet your sweet ass that he will be right in the middle cheering and providing the leadership down the stretch. If the man with the injury can still be positive and optimistic, then by God, i can too.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I've found other things to do..

Its not a bad thing at all. This shit just don't matter bro.

Chicken Curse is real

It really is. I thought it was a joke. It really is real.

Before this season South Carolina was the team that would prevail. Clemson was the team that would get left behind for once. The tables have turned. Clemson is the best team once again.

I thought we really had the upper hand. We were more talented, more experienced, and better coached. Now it seems we lose in all three categories. It's just sinking in now more than ever. Garcia was going to be great this season. He had one of the best, if not the best WR to throw to in Jeffery. Marcus Lattimore was the best RB in the nation. He had a legit shot at the Heisman. No joke, a Carolina player with a legit shot at the Heisman.

Those three guys and nothing to show for it. We thought we could go undefeated.

Yet here we are, 6-1. That used to be great. Carolina has a chance for a BCS bowl game in the past. This year I will be happy with 8 wins. We will be lucky to win 8, no shit. I have to admit that I knew it after the Auburn game. I knew it was over. I knew the almighty Chicken Curse is real.

South Carolina can't win. We never will consistently. I gotta weigh my options from here on out on what I will focus more attention on in my off time. Before it was football. What now? Baseball, Movies, fishing, hunting? I gotta do something.

I can't keep putting hope into something that falters lie this. I don't know how those old fans do it. They are nothing like me. I can't sit back and watch Clemson win and Carolina falter. This was our time and Clemson snuck up and stole it.

I'm done with it. We suck I know and I don't really care anymore. Anything you say otherwise is because you know Clemson is great this year.

I will still watch the Gamecocks and pull for them but my heart is no longer there.

The Chicken Curse is in full effect and it's not taking me in like all these old fogeys. I'm sorry..

I shouldn't have said anything

It's not a big deal. It's not even scary. It's not like a movie. Movies try to scare you, this isn't scary. There is a presence I think and when I feel threatened I will not be talking about it. You will see my house up for sale lol.

Brent let me borrow Insidious and I am going to watch it this weekend. I have watched horror movies here before and was more spooked at daddy's than I am here. I just watched Scream 4. Decent movie but catch up on the past 3 before you watch it.

Here is the gist of it, every once in a while I get the notion to look behind me. It's like Jenn or one of the kids has came up stairs. Sound scary right? It's not. It feels normal, not wierd or scary. I look behind me and there is nothing there. I haven't seen shit or heard shit. I just feel something behind me. It feels normal. May be I'm crazy or better yet it is just my imagination. The wierd part is if I thought someone was behind me at daddy's while I was there I would have freaked out. Thats what makes this different..

Brent says it's the beer, may be it is. I'm not worried either way..

There are only 6 episodes..

in the first season. AMC, which IMO has great TV shows, does that allot. They only order 6 episodes the first year. This year it will be a full 13 episode season. The first episode this year broke almost every record for viewers and it did not disappoint. Talking about a rough time for humanity? The walking dead is much worse. I'd rather get shot by a laser than ate up by some zombies any day!

I agree about Insidious, it was just very creepy. But I could not watch it by myself in Blakes attic with a ghost, no way buddy. I mean I could one time and leave. But not knowing I was going to be in there every day. The ghost who is cool right now might watch that movie and say damn, I wanna be like that. Next thing you know we are running around in some kind of ghost world looking for Blake.

I think Sammy Watkins is making a case to be the best WR in college football this year. When you look at the total package, what happens after the catch ect... Who is better right now? I want to see DJ Howard get more carries, that kid could really be a big contributer, pretty much out of no where. Dabo signed some guys that people said WTF this year, Adam Humphries for example. Allot of people including me are eating words right now. Phillip Price is the best OL we have, Dabo pretty much made him into an OL as a walk on TE. Everyone needs to let him run the team and be himself. You won't catch the likes of Jimbo Fischer and others calling him a clown this year I bet on the recruiting end.

Scar has just had some tough luck, Clemson knows all about it. We know what its like to have a ton of play makers and find a way to put a shitty product on the field. Seems to happen frequently when expectations are so big. I won't be laughing at them for one, I know exactly how they feel.

Great Posts

In response to Blake on Dabo:

I like the guy man. I'm sorry, but his rants aren't really that big a deal to me and it is a media thing. I will take a guy like that over some zombie on the sidelines...Tom O'Brien or any of those other emotionless guys. Hes 41 not 70. Why is happiness in public shunned by our society?

Well, the Gamecocks have just had a rotten week and they couldn't have asked for a better time for their bye. Wanna talk about a weird stunt by a coach? I am not going to say it was a bad move, and that guy is an ass, but I think we all agree that Stephen Garcia took a toll on Spurrier and the program as a whole. Looking back, he should've been gone a long time ago. I hate it for him, because he's not a bad dude. He just made mistakes that were very, very immature.

Carolina played pretty rough on offense with Lattimore in the game, but I think this is gut check time. Some things need to get straightened out before the next game because that offense isn't scaring anybody. Yes, the defense is pretty damn good, but the SEC doesn't really have any scary offenses anyway. That was why I thought the SEC championship game would have been intriguing. South Carolina had the best offense on paper, and still theory. Spurrier's gonna have to unleash his fury and just attack. If Connor Shaw can't do it, well it's not gonna matter anyway. This team is still capable of everything they set up. Its put up or shut up time in Columbia. If Spurrier is a truly great coach, he will get this team going. It's been six years and he has talent. Time to step up HIS game, and sorry if I offend Carolina fans. He was a great one, and still has it.....Prove it.

What can I say about Clemson that hasn't been said by everyone in the regional and national media? They are for real. No amount of spin can be put on teams until they lose. They've beaten fairly decent teams. The offense is near unstoppable. They have the best freshman and best tight end in the country. Sure, their defense isn't elite, but neither was Auburn's. I have reservations about SC game, and GT game. Those are emotional rivalries, and are just unpredictable (well, right now their offenses are predictable).

Sure, Clemson won by shootout against Maryland, but really the Terps only scored 31. Some balk at that, but who will deny that Clemson would have scored indefinitely on them? They could've put 70 or 80 on them before they released the throttle. I don't think their defense is shabby. I think it is vulnerable....but talented enought to become dominant for short instances. Thankfully for us, it's been coming during the second half of games.

So yeah, I'm still out there in the blog world. I just miss so many topics that I feel like I have to write long posts to keep up, and I'm too damn lazy to do it. Insidious was creepy, but not really scary because the demon looked exactly like Darth Maul. Blake, thats not a's your leftover dinner coming out your ass. And sadly, thankfully, I'm almost done with Galactica. I'm glad theres only 4 seasons because there's only so much misery humans can take. What a wonderful show....I am going to watch the first season of the Walking Dead soon, but on Netflix it's only showing 6 episodes. Is that how many there were in season 1?

Monday, October 17, 2011

The first new episode of the walking dead..

Was great, one of the best.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wow bro..

Good long post. The post was supposed to be Dabo and it was supposed to be funny. As for what you think of Dabo.

"I don't give a crap WOOOOOO!!!"

Lol, just another Daboism for you, hopefully you laughed.

Undefeated? Very doubtful. I think we win ten, which is what I will be happy with. I also think we end up in the championship game and a good shot to win it. I look at our schedule and think every team can beat us. They all won't, but at least one probably will. Why? Look at the game today. But I agree, the old Clemson loses that one. I am in no way disappointed.

I look at your schedule and you can win every game too. You probably won't, but it could happen. You won bro, a win is a win. Injuries are gonna happen, I said it before, it's tough for a RB to make it all year. It's not over until big ass Rich sings.

I think the game between us is a toss up right now.

Ok Dabo

I'm sorry bro I couldn't resist that one lol. Your post did sound like him though. People can say what they want about Dabo and I know what I really think of him. It would really piss you off if I told you lol. Truth is the man is undefeated right now. He has his team believing that they are unbeatable and the product on the field has me believing the same thing. Looking at your schedule I don't know who can beat you. I won't concede defeat for my Gamecocks but I will say that we look like the only team that has a shot at beating Clemson. It would be a Cinderella ending however if Carolina beat Clemson this year..

Maryland played a good game today. It was not the same team on the field that lost to Temple 31-0. Watching them today I don't know how Temple did that to them. It looked like they had Clemson's number and in the past they would have. This Clemson team is scary. Scares the shit out of me. Clemson going undefeated is my worst nightmare. It would be like a bad ending to an already bad movie. A movie that could have been great but the writer really just fucked it up, bad.

I'm just being brutally honest. I didn't want it to happen for Clemson without Carolina doing it first. I never took the notion seriously that it would happen. The notion is not only possible right now but likely. Though I won't show it openly, I am hardcore pulling against Clemson on the inside. Believe it or not, this is the first time I ever really have..

As for the Gamecocks, I will take any conference road win with pleasure regardless of the score. A score like 3-0 would have been just as good to me.

Sadly however it looks like our high hope season has came to an end. Lattimore's injury is bad. They are saying it is just a sprained knee right now but I have seen the video of it and it is bad. I couldn't find a high quality video of it and I didn't really see it during the game. But man, if it looks like what I think it does in the crappy videos it is a stomach turner. I'm kind of glad I can't find a good video of it because I think it is really bad. I don't take hyper-extended injuries well and I know it would be 1000 x's worse to see a guy like Latti in that position.

If what I think is true about Latt, we are a team that is looking for a Cinderella type of season from here on out. Every non-Gamecock fan asked what would happen if Marcus got injured? We shrugged it off. We will find out now I am afraid and I don't like our chances.

My vision of the rest of the season for Gamecock fans is like the Harry Potter saga with an alternate ending:

1) Harry Potter tears his ACL
2) A huge "death eater" cloud looms above our state in the shape of a fucking tiger paw
3) The last scene of the movie shows a Lord Voldemort version of Dabo licking Hermione's face and holding up the Elder wand in the shape of a crystal football.

Bonus material: A Draco Malfoy version of Sammie Watkins actually does kill Albus Dumbledore aka Steve Spurrier. He aquires all of Dumbledore/Spurrier's powers and wins Dumbledore/Spurrier's vote for the Heisman trophy.

Once deleted scenes that instead made the movie: Crabbe/Vance and Goyle/Brent take over as the co-Head Masters at Hogwarts and make Slughorn/Blake and Hagrid/Rich their personal assistants/slaves..

If you can't catch on to the Harry Potter references I know you understand this:

Winter is coming for the Gamecocks

Once again..

Both our teams have greatness in us...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Can't wait to hear this story..

Seriously bro, do not watch the movie I told you about Insidious. Just don't do it, thats all I can say. Scares the shit out of me to hear you say that.

Just a heads up, my house is haunted

Don't tell my wife and kids. Most importantly, don't tell my mama.

It's here though, it's behind me watching me as I type. Strange thing is I am comfortable with it. It doesn't fuck with me, I don't fuck with it.

Sounds silly I know but you wouldn't understand unless you were here.

Some might think it's scary or freaky but it's not at all. It's easy to live with. Comfortable in a sense..

Last call for alcohol. This one is for you Big Ole Rich..

Yeah, my only point before..

was that is was not a 2 way battle between you and Florida. Partially because of Carlos Watkins, but that rarely affects a recruits decision in the long run, playing with your friend. I was afraid Bullard had affected his decision.

You just really never know until they hit the field. Ingram is certainly not living in Clowney's shadow this year. Thats the best player on your defense and I would sell him on Ingram. If not for Lattimore, he is the best on your team IMO. Maybe AJ will make an argument now that you have a new QB.

I think it's a USC/Clemson battle

I am also in the minority by thinking Clemson has the edge. Going by the fact that I am usually wrong, UF will probably end up landing him.

To me though it's not a real concern. Don't get me wrong, Bullard seems to be a great HS DE but after you watch Clowney's HS highlights it's hard to get really excited about a 5 star DE that isn't Clowney. It would be great to have Bullard though. Hard to imagine him and Clowney as bookends on the DL. Really a "too good to be true" type of thing.

Like you said, Clowney will probably keep him away from Carolina anyway. No one will want to live in Clowney's shadow.

By the way, it must have been last second jitters to bring on your doubt about Watkins. Everyone knew he was going to Clemson. All of the Clemson fans were sure to let everyone know on a weekly, if not daily basis for about 4 months now..

Friday, October 14, 2011

I had doubts for sure..

Hes been seen sporting Florida attire.

Especially after there was not allot of fireworks during the FSU game with him and Bullard. I just thought there would be more feedback with the atmosphere. I guess he was already committed at the time.

So who gets Bullard now? I have it:

1. Florida
2. Scar (maybe even tied with Florida)
3. Clemson, but not a distant 3rd.

Makes me wonder now, what do you guys think?

No shock there

Good pick up

Carlos Watkins to Clemson..

Thats a big pick up.

Looks pretty bad assed bro..

Looks pretty gay Brent..

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hey Guise, check out my new jacket!

All valid points..

I don't think he has any plans to leave, I just think he will be gone. I agree it would be scary for opposing fans. Hes laid a good foundation, but I think it would be better for Scar if a young and innovative coach came in and took over.

I'll put it like this...

If you had a man coming to your house every week for 7 years beating up and bashing you verbally, would you not retaliate in the same form. Would you not fight back? I believe almost anyone would and it probably wouldnt take 7 years of the abuse to make you do so. Morris has absolutely bashed Spurrier the entire time he has been in Cola, and not only Spurrier but every coach with the exception of tanner. He was part of the reason the Eddie Fogler left. I loved what he done, it wasnt a rant or a hissy fit. He simply defended himsef and his players and if thats wrong then so be it. But i promise you that now players know SPurrier will go to bat for them. As far as Dabo's antics, i coulod care less. He is the biggest cheerleader in college fotball, but thats just who he is. Thats his demeanor and it is what it is. Im all for getting excited and being a rah rah guy but to me it takes the attention away from the team and puts on him after a big win. JMO.

As for Spurrier leaving, i can promise you that he has absolutely NO PLANS on leaving and i know this for a FACT! Clemsons fans should really hope like hell that he doesnt leave cause if he does, Carolina will fork out some big money for a new guy becasue they have to much invested in facility upgrades and with the increase in ticket prices. Spurrier leaving could be a BAD thing for the lake Hartwell clan.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Win what???

I think the way he handled the media was wrong.

You think it was right.

Its an opinion, there is nothing to win. There is no argument to win. You're not going to change my opinion, I don't expect yours to change. You want to argue about everything. Argue about the ESPN report, argue about the term "substance abuse", argue about Dabo's post game conference at Auburn that has been discussed in detail already again, argue about my opinion of shit that don't really matter at all.

I don't even understand how this turned into an argument or how anyone could possibly win. You want me to say he was right in the way he handled Morris? Change my opinion? Blame me for the ESPN report? Makes no sense to me at all.

The only thing that I know of that can be won is this, my opinion is that Spurrier is gone before NEXT season starts. Thats my opinion, who cares??

Let me go ahead and reply to your next post

You are exactly right bro. Not sure what I was thinking. I'm so stupid lol

Here I am again just now catching on

Wait just a minute. Personal attack? Because I said you were smarter than me?

Truth is I never win against you. So I found a new technique. I'll just wave my little flag in submission. I can't win.

It would not matter if we were rugby, tennis, or NASCAR fans. I would take Jimmy Johnson and you would take Tony Stewart and you would always win every argument. No matter what point I made or how long I decided to let the argument go on I would come back fruitless. I'm up against too much. Not sure why it has taken me till now to realise it, I can't win.

I give bro..

Steve Spurrier is goofy

And Dabo is the greatest coach since Bear Bryant. Scratch that:::

Dabo is the greatest coach to walk the earth, Ever..

More personal attacks..

I see what you did there

You provoke me with the "full retard" quote about Spurrier's actions today because you were still sour about people saying that's what Dabo did after the Auburn game. Nice bro, but I won't let this drag out this time.

You're right about everything bro as usual lol. No way I can defeat you and all of your genious. Sometimes I think all the smart genes were all taken by you before the time I came along. Not sure why I even try lol..


You saw it as a joke because an Auburn win is no big deal? Just saying bro, that whole thing got settled on the field. It was a huge win for Clemson, beating Auburn and it was an even bigger win for Dabo. The only difference is it would have been a huge win for the Gamecocks and no big deal really for Spurrier. To think its not a big deal for Scar to beat Auburn, is a joke IMO.

ESPN, the press, recruits ect... have absolutely loved Dabo's reactions and antics. No one really cares what rival fans think. So for comparison, we will see how ESPN, the press ect.. responds to Spurrier's antics.

Maybe Spurrier should attack ESPN over the false reports on Garcia?

Absolutely pure entertainment as far as I am concerned, I hope Spurrier never leaves Scar.

Spurrier is getting old

So yea you may very well be right. I will add however that he has made it 2 years longer than many clem fans said he would. I've heard clem fans say five years was the longest he would stay since the day he was hired. I don't see him being here longer than 3 more myself. I said 10 years from the start..

Doesn't change the fact that what Spurrier did today was great in every Gamecock fan's eyes. Just like when Dabo went full retard on national TV after winning a game in only the 4th week of the season. I guess you have to be a fan of either team to respect these coaches actions. I can see where clem fans would like what Dabo did after the auburn win but I saw, like many others, a joke. Just like I can see where clem fans look at what Spurrier did today as a joke. If Dabo were in the same situation and he did it you would love it and I would ridicule it. Just the way it goes I guess..

Isn't alcohol a substance? Hyman made it clear that Garcia broke a "reinstatement contract." Why would no drugs apply to that? Wouldn't that be common sense? I think no alcohol applies much better in this case. There have been no previous drug problems with Garcia. Do you think that Carolina of all teams could have covered up a Garcia drug problem lol? Alcohol has been the problem. And like I said 107.5 The Game said the marijuana reports by espn are false. Glad we both agree that it isn't worth arguing over..

Clemson fans definitely would..

love it if Dabo went full retard on Kornblunt. In fact we would love it if he went full retard on the President and Athletic Director. It would be very entertaining and feel great, then he would be fired or resign.

My final thought on this is simple and straight to the point. Its my opinion the Spurrier era at Scar is rapidly coming to an end. Just my opinion and I already know you disagree, no need to argue because we will see who is right soon enough bro.

Again, I guess I just keep getting fooled by Gamecock Central and ESPN, both said "Substance Abuse". ESPN even said Marijuana. Does it really matter? Not sure why anyone would even care that he smoked pot or not. Not even sure why anyone would doubt it either.

Like I heard on the Clemson radio today

"Spurrier just went Kenny Powers on Morris!"

It's like Spurrier is gaining back his moxy and I like it. I'm sorry bro..

No need for a drag out argument like we usually have when we disagree

And you know I disagree about this. I hear your point and now I will state mine and hopefully we can leave it at that.

I see that you brought up Dabo and his early antics with the media. I will pose this to you. If Dabo were in the same predicament with a reporter as Spurrier is with Morris. Where he constantly beats the Clemson football program down for 7 years, you would have been ecstatic with the actions Spurrier took today. I'm not talking about what you are with Kornblut either. If Kornblut negatively recruits against Clemson I don't see him writing about it. I also don't see him consistently writing articles to attack Clemson like Morris has done. I don't even think Kornblut attends Dabo's pressers really. I don't know where he would find the time to be at Spurrier's and Dabo's both. Kornblut is a Carolina homer, no denying that but he has never wrote an article about Clemson that compares to what Morris does to Carolina on a weekly basis..

Anyway that is going off track. The point is that if Morris were in the same position for a Clemson paper and was doing the same thing that he has done to Carolina for years you would change your opinion about this situation.

Another point I want to bring up is the Garcia drug thing. 107.5 The Game, flagship Gamecock station, has reported that the drug accusations were false. Garcia was tested for alcohol. No proof really for or against the drug accusations. Not that it matters now and it definitely isn't worth arguing over..

For an example, Dabo..

When he got the job as intern his media antics were refreshing. Cute little saying like "All In", kissing the rock etc.. we loved it.

When he was not doing his job, the media tricks were the worst thing ever. "Quackin Like Ducks", even the memories of the first year made me sick to my stomach. As you know, pretty much had me turned off football. Now that we are performing well, its great again.

Spurrier was recently asked about Dabo's media dealings and he said "there is a time and place for all that". I agree with him, I would just add it applys to everyone.

Yeah, I guess we have our answer on Garcia..

Did not really see it mentioned before and we should have guessed it, drugs. Oh well, the saga is over finally, we finally close the book on Stephen Garcia and Will Korn, lol.

On the Spurrier thing, thats great but he won't be able to continue that and I hope he did not have the backing of the school. Not likey because the school can easily pull his press pass. If it were that easy we would have done that to Kornblunt a long time ago. Kornblunt has been allot more damaging to Clemson that Ron Morris has to Scar. Morris just writes silly articles. Korblunt consistently sabotages recruiting. Such shananagans with the press is bad news. The press is very powerfull in the U.S., too powerfull in my opinion but its part of the foundation the country is built on and they (reporters) know it. They tend to stand together, the last thing you need is this right now.

Bro I know you are not going to agree but I am going to say it anyways. Temper tantrums on the sidelines and cute media antics are great, entertaining ect... when you winning. When you are not, its obnoxious. While Spurrier is winning, its been relying on Ellis Johnson's defense. He needs to concentrate on that. Just my opionion.

Stephen Garcia dismissed from football program

WOW, what an eventful day. It's all up to Shaw now!

You gotta think Spurrier has backing from the AD and University

before making such a big decision about Ron Morris

Steve Spurrier walked in the presser today and said he will no longer speak when Ron Morris is in the room!

Then he walked out of the room. He went to a seperate room where the TV guys get their interviews. After he was done there he walked back into the room where the writers were and spotted Morris and walked back out lol. A short time later he returned and told the group of reporters that he would have to meet them at another time and place without Morris lol.

I knew this was coming. The main thing Spurrier is mad about is Morris saying that Spurrier recruited and stole Ellington from the basketball team. He has much more to be mad about as we all know.

It will be interesting to see what comes of this. I'm sure Spurrier will have to allow him back to pressers but at least he let him know how he and the rest of the Gamecock nation feels. Then again we might also see how much pull Spurrier has in Cola..

Sounds like if you play like you just did..

It will be 10 tho..

I say push bro..

I said 9 all along and I will stick with it. But 6 more wins is definitely possible, its tough to win 10. Takes luck really, injury wise etc... 20 years or so and counting for Clemson.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Connor Shaw gets SEC player of the week

He did good for his first real start. But I'm staying quiet for now. I won't build up anymore hype until something really warrants it. The hope for something great is still there, I think.

So I pose to you the over/under for Carolina this season. We all said that we would win 10 games. Is that still the prediction? Can Carolina win 10 games with Shaw leading at QB?

So we have 6 games left. The over/under is 5 wins for the Gamecocks for the remainder of the schedule. Do you guys think we win more than 5, or under, or push?

I didn't really realize..

you beat them by that much until you posted, dominate win for sure.

Boyd has been upgraded from questionable to probable, seems its just a bruise. Thats a big relief to say the least.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Let me also say that

I didn't expect this offense to do what they did today. I thought they would win. But a 54-3 win was not what I thought. It broke a record for the biggest conference game scoring margin for Carolina since joining the SEC. We broke the 600 yd mark for the first time since I can remember. I didn't see that coming..

I was thinking more like a 24-14 type win where Shaw got his feet wet. I saw something different today but it was still Kentucky.

On the movie front, I watched a bad one tonight. Really disturbing. I like or am interested in disturbing movies/shows most of the time, for example "Dexter". I even watched "The Human Centipede" all the way through and that shit was terrible!

This one was different. The name is "Megan is missing" and all I can say is don't watch it..

No problem bro..

I don't want you guys to feel bad. I give you a little hell sometimes but its all supposed to be in good humor.

Did you guys watch the videos of The Trailer Park Boys that I posted?

Also, movies don't really scare me very often. But I got pretty creeped out watching the movie Insidious, it was crazy, especially the ending. Give it a shot for a decent horror movie.

By the way

Thanks for keeping me level headed. I hope you're right and it won't be so bad after all. Rich is also a great motivator lol..

I just hope it's not the same old shit against Miss St. Still on the fence here..

Live it up bro

That is all I can say. Live for the moment or game in this case. You guys look great. No need to think you won't do otherwise unless you do.

If I were you I wouldn't be focused on recruiting right now though. That will take care of itself in the offseason. Recruiting is what we have to result to when actually don;t have football to watch. Right now we do have football to watch and you have a good football team to focus on. Other teams do bad with great recruiting, IE FSU. Claemson isn't in that position right now and you don't have to fall back on recruiting like we/you normally do. A great season is here. Don't worry about recruiting right now..

So how do I sum up Clemson right now??


It actually scares me a little to feel like this about them, lol.

That was about as good as you could hope for..

As a Scar fan with Shaw. He looked pretty good, better than Garcia is an understatement. I don't see why he won't get it done. But you should stay on the fence, you should always stay on the fence with both our teams. You should be hopeful again with good reason at least.

Wake Forest never gets enough credit, they have quietly snuck up on the ACC again. I am happy about them beating FSU. Even though Wake has not lost a game in the ACC, I think they will lose at least one maybe two more minimum and it greatly increased our chances at going to the ACC championship game.

All the X-rays and even the MRI was negative on Boyd, he will be back. I thought it was impressive that Clemson was still able to move the ball effectively when he went out. Looked like he put more blockers on the line and Andre Ellington was able to move the ball allot more effectively. Famous last words but I think we can beat Maryland without Boyd this week. I want him to come back healthy and have time to recover. Stoudt looked ok, he actually kept the up tempo pace going pretty good. He is definitely not Boyd but I think we will be ok in the short term.

If you like stats you are not going to like Clemson's defense. But if you like winning you will love them. They keep teams out of the in zone, especially in the second half. They just give up chunk plays and usually a big play or 2 every week. That has to do with being very young and thats a good thing, they are very effective right now and they will be scary good next year.

I think we can beat NC and GaTech, I really do. We will give up points against GaTech for sure, but not as many as people think. This will not be the first time we have seen the option this year and I like that. We should schedule an extra option team every year. I think its safe to say NC will not be the best defense we have face all year either.

Clemson continues to show this is not the same team every week. I can't remember the last time we did not have a team that play down to lesser teams. These dominating performances against teams like BC are very impressive to me for that reason. You have to come to play every week to win 10 plus games and right now I don't see anyone sneaking up on us. Very impressed with the talent and coaching that Dabo has put together. He has the team very motivated and excited to play right now.

This years class recruiting class will be ok, they are working on the OL and DL, which is great. Next years class I think you can expect allot of sparks again, no one is going to be able to say he is a retard or he won't be there by the time you graduate. We all know that coaches have been using that to their advantage. Scary to think what he will be able to do now that they won't have that to use against him.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

I'm still on the fence

But I gotta admit that Carolina couldn't have done more to try and win back my confidence today. But like I said before the game, it was Kentucky.

It was still pretty impressive even though. The stats are good. Shaw is better than Garcia. How good he is is hard to tell right now though. Not much negative you can take out of that game I'll admit. The defense is great. They will keep us in every game this year regardless of the offense I think. Hearing about FSU today does make me feel better. At least our fans don't have to deal with an embarrassment like that right now.

That is a tough blow about Boyd. How bad is the injury? I haven't heard anything yet. It is exactly the type of thing that happens to our teams though. You have something great going, then bang, your star player is out. Heres to hoping it isn't very serious..

I'm just lazy

And yeah, I game and watch Battlestar Galactica. I need to get my ass on the computer more, but hey. I even missed my predictions this week.

Thoughts through week:

Georgia Tech is the scariest team left.

Ron Cherry is awful, and finally somebody mentioned it on Plyler's mailbag.

Starting Connor Shaw is the right move.

Now that both teams have played today we have some interesting things to discuss. Clemson is in a very anxious wait and see mode with Tajh Boyd's hip strain. That will be tough on Cole Stoudt to win on the road as a true freshman. at least theres an off week afterwards. I didn't like some of the first half gimmick plays, but I tuess they figured they could pretty much move the ball at will against them. What a drop by Charone Peake.

Carolina got right back on track and also probably gave Connor Shaw some confidence against Miss. State. Garcia is not mentally there this year and Spurrier did what he had to do. Carolina's defense is really good. Another game holding a team under 100 yards?

Well, Florida State has just tanked, haven't they? Jimbo, time to coach that talent up and get them motivated. Looks like Clemson is in a competition with Wake for the division now. Jim Grobe proves time and time again that he can put a quality team together.

Virginia tech put 38 up on Miami. Different scenarios, but what's that say about Clemson's D?

Carolina and Clemson are both legitimate and it's about damn time. What a game this could be in November....

Thursday, October 06, 2011

That definitely was Brent..

He is probably playing video games and watching Battlestar Galactica at the same time right now.

To understand my humor, you have to watch the Trailer Park Boys..

Brent as a kid?

I agree with Ryan now..

I think Garcia should have started if he was playing this year and I will stand by that. I don't think Spurrier wanted to have to change his offense to what it would have to be to start Shaw as a QB with no experience and he was right to do so. I am not sure he will change his offense even now, but he needs to, for Shaw to be successful.

Having said that, he could very well be a productive QB if given a legit shot and played like a QB that needs high percentage pass plays, shorter passes etc.. to build his confidence. He also has absolutely not been given a shot to prove himself yet. There is no way to judge him and if given a chance I think he will do ok. He will definitely do better than Garcia has done up to this point. Especially the last two games. He needs to be played as a QB that is expected to manage the game, not win it for you. Thats what you do with young QB's, the season is not over bro.

Also, both of you are going to disagree, but Auburn is not as bad as you think they are. They did this same crap ALL LAST YEAR. They are not going to win out but they are going to surprise some teams. Clemson has proven they are not the same team, Auburn is not a bad football team. They are well coached with allot of young players that are learning to play and getting better every week. The thing about these players is they were well sought after, highly rated athletes that will be very good eventually and will continue to get better this year every week.

You are right..

I misread it.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Great post by the way Rich

I love the enthusiasm. I just can't do it after that showing in the Auburn game. It was the straw that broke the camel's back to me. I hope Shaw can come in and be as good as you say he can but I'm tired of getting burned by hype.

We had a reason to be excited about Garcia. He showed flashes of greatness at times last season. Shaw on the other hand has shown us nothing. I won't be fooled again. I won't have confidence in any player for a while until they show me something. Something more than Garcia did last season.

It embarrasses me that I talked up this team so much. It's pitiful really what this team has displayed so far with the talent we have. PITIFUL!

I won't ever put this much stock into a team again in the preseason. Even though I won't be held accountable for it and it's all in fun. It's not fun to me to have this much hope and think you really have a team to be proud of and then all of a sudden Dondrial Pinken's ghost comes and shits on the middle of the field and Garcia slips on it.

That's the best way I can have fun with this team right now. Make silly jokes. It's in my family's blood I guess. This is how we deal with our team sucking..

Fool me once. Never again Gamecocks...

I didn't know he had surgery

From what I've heard he's doubtful for the Kentucky game but could return for Miss St. I hope he comes back, he's our best shot at scoring points right now..


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