Sunday, June 30, 2013

On a lighter note...

Dexter, only hours away, I know you and Hiro both are chomping at the bit right now.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

I don't either...

But if you did look and I know you don't know about Cam Newton, Cecil Newton admitted to allot of it including the negotiations, soliciting and receiving offers from multiple schools. He just did not admit to getting paid, lol. It would very hard for you to defend what happened at North Carolina as just, considering the Cam Newton deal. For comparison, a class that did not live up to academic standards vs a guy who got caught cheating multiple times and left school on his own accord when little Timmy did not go pro. No college I know of allows cheating more than one time, but they did here and then he immediately got in to auburn. Just real hard to defend bro, unless you are going to ask me do I have documentation from the school?

The article to the right

Was a guest on a radio show saying that. I have no idea if it was true or not.

I can't even find where they wrapped up the Auburn investigation. I really don't care to spend any time researching it really. I will say again that the NCAA isn't really punishing anyone. They are throwing pillows that every program can recover from. Not one program will be destroyed by the punishments the NCAA is handing down. I think you can tell that I don't really care bro lol. South Carolina is clean and that's all I care about..

I reset the countdown clock by the way >>>>>>

Look to your right...

You will see an article you posted on it way back when.

Here is an article...

So that you can brush up on the cam newton deal, it's kind of hard to find. You have to google cam newton cheating, it's all there and more, I'm sure it's not true:

So let me get this straight...

You said all teams cheat, but you want proof of SEC teams cheating. Now you are actually asking me for proof teams cheated? WHAT?? Are kidding me? Do you seriously think I am holding evidence here in Okinawa to present to you teams are cheating? 

You win bro, they are all innocent, none of that happened. Cam Newton and his dad are honest people.

Wait what, lol?

What did I disagree with in my post? I asked you to share the proof you had found. 

I never said I disagreed with you and in fact made a point to tell you that I didn't. I asked for proof, that's all.  

I brought up the fact that Hernandez was a murderer and I said that I wonder what else went on at UF under Urban Meyer. I'm sorry if you thought I would just concede on your allegations that every aspect of the SEC is the root of all evil. I agree that some stuff has went on but a line has to be drawn somewhere right?

Again, not saying you're wrong but I want more than here say, that's all. 

I guess that's...

Your opinion then, none of it is true and the SEC is just not getting caught or being honest with the NCAA. Not saying you're wrong, my point was simple, they have no sanctions and that's pretty concrete. Remember how this started with you, not me, saying how dirty florida must have been and me agreeing with you?

Friday, June 28, 2013

I'm not saying you're wrong

about any of this by the way bro. I just don't have the info like you have. I'll be honest and say that I haven't kept up with it like you have. 

I must have missed all this

Can you show me how UNC got destroyed? If they did I'm good with it because they had fake classes. That is worse than giving money away imo. I really don't really know what they punished them with but I'm sure it's justified. 

I also missed the auburn emails and where the IRS was involved and auburn gave $200k to Cam's dad's church? Is there any real proof? I know you said emails but I can't find them. 

Either way, all of the programs you named tried to cover stuff up instead of coming out and admitting to it. That seemed to be the key when it came to Carolina's investigation. They admitted to everything. GT, UNC, So Cal, OSU, ect all tried to hide stuff from the NCAA and they got popped. None of those programs cooperated. 

So the story...

On Cam Newton is that they were offered $180k by Mississippi State, and Mississippi State was told no thanks because the money at Auburn is is just too much to turn down. This was on emails. This whole thing blew up when $200k got donated to his daddy's church and the IRS got involved. If not for that the NCAA would have never had a lengthy fake investigation with no penalties in the end. When has that ever happened. Oregon did not do anything wrong for example and got probation. There is no rule on paying recruiting services and what is $25k for other schools is like $25 for Oregon with the money they pull in.

So first off, not one sec school has had any penalties. But USC got major sanctions, North Carolina got the football program pretty much destroyed, Ohio state got major sanctions, ga tech got a title removed for doing virtually nothing and the latest was going to be the complete destruction of Miami before the school president who is well connected wiped the floor with their asses. I don't even know what the deal was with UCLA but I am assuming that's basketball. So there is a few for you bro, I know you probably did not know about those and not one for the SEC. I agree completely with what you said, everyone is doing something wrong. So then why does the SEC have no sanctions? 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I am in no way saying that Auburn doesn't cheat

In fact I'm nearly positive that they do, but the $200k was always brought up concerning Miss St. May be the NCAA couldn't find enough proof that Auburn had anything to do with the $200k? I know that I would be pretty pissed if they tried to pin something that big on Carolina without sufficient proof. They are certainly not going to chastise them just because the fans think that they did it. If anyone should be punished it should have been Miss St imo. They had more on Miss St than they had on anyone. Like I said before though, every college team cheats in some way.

I think that the NCAA has gotten soft honestly. The only team they have really dropped the hammer on is Penn St and rightfully so. Who else have they really hurt? I know they have taken a couple of scholarships away here and there and taken away conference championships (which no one cares about because that team is still recognised as the champion for that year in everyones eyes). Really who has the NCAA hurt?

I think it was....

Obvious he was guilty.

First off Oregon is a PAC 12 team and I don't know squat about them other than their uniforms are a cool recruiting strategy and their offense is cool or it was under Kelly. But you think paying a recruiting service too much $25k, should have got major sanctions and we are comparing what they did get to cam newton getting paid $200k and Auburn getting no sanctions? Nor the other teams that placed bids. Not even sure a rule existed on what they paid and the coach is no longer at Oregon. That's your opinion tho bro, mine is just different and I don't know much about Oregon.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Two things

Hernandez charged with murder. Also The NCAA let Oregon off really easy. I guess it isn't only the SEC. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Never finished a earlier post...

It actually took me starting 24 like 4 times before I watch it through. No joke I had watched one episode 4 times and always quit paying attention. I finally made it through, it's a good show but not great for me either. I think the build up was just too much to live up to, it had been described as like crack you just couldn't stop watching. The good thing is the shear number of shows, great if you want to turn something on and do something else at the same time. Having said that, I will watch the new season.

Dexter? I'm bitter sweet on its return, I know it's going to end bad just like Spartacus which I just finished. It took me till now to bring myself to watch the last few episodes, just a great show. I did not know how much of that show was based on historic events. Did you know they really climbed down vines for a surprise attack just like the end of last season? Wow. His body was also not found, the main characters were all real people including Gannicus, but he actually died in an earlier battle unlike the show. The tounament they did in the last episode was based on historic events also, but he made the Romans fight each other. Did you see Andy Whitfield come out just before the credits ended and yell I am Spartacus? That was cool.

The show runner is making a new series for Starz called incursion, I will be watching. It's looking very likely the producer will do a spinoff about Ceasar, I will watch that too.

Google NCAA investigators fired.

You missed many key points...

On Miami. Actually they came back and have been found guilty of multiple issues in doing so. Many of the investigators have been fired and the NCAA is still under investigation, not Miami. If you check you will see they don't have much staff left right to do an investigation and I doubt very seriously they will ever screw with Miami's president again, lol. She ain't no joke.

Friday, June 21, 2013

I know exactly what you are saying

And I do not disagree. I don't have any answers though. Not sure there is a way to fix it. 

What Miami is doing now is interesting. The NCAA came in and penalized them. Miami thought that it was over and then the NCAA came back trying to dish out more sanctions. Miami says screw the NCAA, that they were already penalized and they will not except any more sanctions lol. It's a ongoing battle even as we speak. It will be funny to see how it turns out. 

One thing I will say about concerning Carolina and the other teams that the NCAA have investigated is that Carolina played it different than all of the other teams. Carolina went in with nothing to hide and sort of treated the investigation as the NCAA coming in to help them fix what was wrong, to help them get clean so to speak. That's the way they played it and it worked, the sanctions for us were minimal. The other teams you spoke of didn't play it this way. They lied and tried to cover up. 

I think we both can agree that all teams are not perfect and any of them can be looked at by the NCAA at any time. The key is how they will handle it when the NCAA comes knocking. No team is ever safe outside of Bama, Auburn, and UF obviously lol. 

Additional disclaimer...

None of that is directed at scar, I don't think you're cheating academics, paying players or anything else wrong. 

That is bad...

) I will admit I have anti-sec glasses on, which is very different than in the past. I always supported the sec teams before. I'm not talking about scar, the programs winning all the NCs. The question is always why? I mean really, the acc recruits in the same area and you would expect the acc would be competitive with the sec. But the reality is there not ever in the same ball park, which makes no sense. 

My opinion when you ask what gets covered up on all those teams? Lots, and that is the true secret to sec dominance. The first is academics for football players, save Vanderbilt there aren't any. You can academically retarded and play in the sec. First they ensure they pass in school, the college entrance exams etc... Most are dyslexic and have a guy reading the exam to them (probably an asian kid). Most other conferences are not able to do that, that alone is an  insurmountable advantage. Clemson lost that kid last year and his dad got a job he is grossly under qualified for as a result. Giving the family jobs there not qualified for is routine now in the sec. Paying players runs wild, see Cam Newton, he gets paid by the highest bidder (all bids sec teams) $200k in fact and the result is his dad is barred from going to games. Another team got free tattoos and got slammed in contrast. One fake class for another team concerning academics and they also got slammed. Sec is still trucking right along and will be for the foreseeable future.

Like them or not though, one team you don't screw with is Miami. Several NCAA investigators have been fired and even more under scrutiny, so maybe they will get a fair group in now and it will change? Nothing actually gets covered up these days, people are getting paid to look the other way in my opinion.

Crazy Aaron Hernandez stuff going on

The dude is a murderer. With all the stuff that has happened with the former UF NC teams you gotta wonder what all was swept under the rug..

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Thats terrible.

This is bad news

James Gandolfini dead at 51. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Can't wait for Dexter

You probably did tell me that it was starting early, my bad. Either way it was a pleasant surprise now that Game of Thrones is over. Just canceled HBO and subscribed to Shotime.

I watched about half of the first season of 24 and just couldn't get into it. I may try again one day.

I don't think...

You ever watched it but 24 is officially coming back for another season. 

I'm sure it...

Was taken out of context. Still funny.

I told you quite a while ago dexter was starting early this time. Ign reported it a long time ago. Yep, I'm afraid he is a goner, lol. I think his girlfriend will kill him, no one has really lived like she did before. Has to be a reason she lived and poisoning would be an easy way for him to die and easier for viewers to digest. Or debrah might kill him, much harder to get closure like that though. She is also well hated by viewers, that won't help. I told you also that she finds out about him in the first book and there are several books. 

Last year was supposed to be the last season and executives begged them to do another season. It was actually only recently the official announcement was made this would be the last season because the executives wanted the show to continue. But the cast and writers have had enough of the show.

Did you know that Dexter is about to start up on June 30?

A guy brought it up on the MB and I'm glad he did because I didn't know. It's going to be very interesting to see how they end it. Do you think Dexter will die?

As far as the recruit goes, I can see how that quote can easily be taken out of context and it does sound pretty funny lol. He was referring to all the tutoring and academic facilities at Carolina. The Dodie academic building is pretty new and they just built brand new athletic dorms right beside it. Both are a definite help when it comes to recruiting. So what he meant was that with all the help a student athlete will get at Carolina you would have to really try hard to fail.

It doesn't matter anyway though, you know my stance when it comes to academics. I only care if the players have bad enough grades to keep them off of the field or if there was something to come out like at UNC about them having fake classes. I watch football games not academic triathlons lol. That recruit that made the quote is projected to be a four star next year btw.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Yes it talks about

the show catching up to the books. I like the idea of having a sort of prequel like Spartacus did.

The article also states:

A lot of characters and subplots may get left behind as well, simply because it's not feasible for the TV series to incorporate that many stories and actors ("Feast" also ignores some major characters, like Peter Dinklage'd Tyrion and Emilia Clarke's Daenerys, which would not go over well).

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I didn't read...

the article you posted yet. But I am sure it is talking about the two year gap that will happen before the last book is completed. The books are 1500 pages long and he is on about 1/3 of the way into the 5th book of a 6 book plan and each book takes 3 years to write. You would think they will go back in time and tell the story of the mad king, maybe bring Ned Stark back or something for a season, kind of like Spartacus did? Otherwise I am not sure how this will play out. I have been meaning to metion it here.


that was really the story of the episode, nothing really happened. I know you said that they were not interesting characters, which I agree with. But they were supposed to avenge Ned Stark, thats why it pissed me off. Now they have drug Jeoffrey out beyond belief in terms of him getting his. He should have died at the end to give everyone something. Ramsay is being built into someone you will despise now as well. Jeoffrey needs to die in a very bad manner and soon.

I know that GOT is based on books and the author is a little troll. But this seems to be a trend on shows lately, the bad guys never losing. The show "The Following" took it to a new level, but unfortunately for them they don't have as many dedicated viewers or book readers to fall back on. It was tough to watch by the end and the last episode of the season is still hard to understand in terms of the direction the show will go in next season. I won't say more in case you watch it.

Watched it

It certainly wasn't as eventful as the last episode. Found this article interesting.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Let me know...

When you watch GOT. 

Sunday, June 09, 2013

The trade off...

Will be worth it. I agree also, I think it only helps our chances. It's also more football, which is always good. 

Saturday, June 08, 2013

If not for the playoff system

I would be all for 1 playing 2, 3 playing 4, ect. The playoff system gives Carolina and Clemson the best opportunity to sneak in there for the title possibly one day.

They will likely use a seeding system just like NCAA basketball and baseball does. 1 will play 4 and 2 will play 3. The winners will play each other for the title. They really need to go to an 8 team playoff. It would be perfect. I don't agree with the ones that say a 16 team playoff. That's just too big and too many games. 8 would be perfect imo.

One thing about going to a playoff system is that it is very likely that a team that doesn't win the conference will be playing for the title and winning every so often. Just like it happens in the other sports that have playoffs. Carolina for example, I don't think they won the SEC title in baseball during either of the national championship seasons. It will happen like this in football from time to time. Just like in 2012 when Ok St should have played Bama, Alabama and LSU could have still played each other for the title if Bama would have beat Oregon and LSU would have beat Ok St. At least with a playoff they would have earned it a little more.

Friday, June 07, 2013

I agree...

I don't see how it's not going to be better for everyone. I wanted to see Oklahoma State play Alabama, not LSU for example. Would really give those teams a chance. I don't like the BCS at all, it truly makes no sense. I'd rather see 1 and 2 play, 3 play 4, 5 play 6 ect.... But playoffs seem to be ideal. 

Early betting lines

A link to the early lines of 248 games.

Any playoff is better than the BCS setup

If they do it right it will work great. One of the problems with the BCS is that conference winners, no matter how bad they are, get to play in a BCS bowl. You also end up with teams like Northern Illinois getting the brakes beat off of them by FSU. It just isn't fair. Nobody wants to see that. You also have great teams that are losing games that they should never lose because they feel like they were shafted with the BCS bowl opponent they matched up with. Great teams don't wanna end the season playing a shitty team, plain and simple. They have nothing whatsoever to gain from it.

If they do it right they will have the four best teams playing each other. That would be the teams ranked 1-4. It's not really going to be right until they go to an 8 team playoff and I think they will see that in the near future.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Off Topic...

But what do you think about the new playoff system?

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

It was one...

of the most disturbing things I've ever seen on TV really. I knew he was going to die, thats what the retard said. But it didn't prepare me for it. I agree with you, they were not that interesting charaters and Cat had started to get on my nerves. But when are the bad guys going to lose??? Oh well. I'm not a book reader of course, but I guess you do have to realize the main point of the show is not about who ends up on the iron throne really and the Starks are not supposed to be the main point of the show.

Tyrion is the most popular character on the show, you probably din't know it but that was the only episode since the series began that he was not on the show which is pretty amazing. I don't even know what the heck they will do for the last episode now?

I will check the bag when I get home bro and see the name on the bag, its California rice. I can tell you that it all is going to stick to the pot a little. I know it seems aggravating but if its a coated pot on the inside all you have to do is fill is with water and let it soak and it will come right out. I've never done any research but there is probably solutions on the Internet if you google it. If you don't have a pressure cooker you need go to Walmart and spend the $20, not just for rice. You can cook something in the pressure cooker that takes hours normally in about 30 minutes. Also, and this is very important, we freeze the rice we don't use. She wraps it in saran wrap in individula portions and puts it in the freezer. Just heat it up in the microwave and it tastes just like the day you cooked it. If you are eating rice 5 times a week you can probably cook it one time and freeze the rest and it will be much easier for you. I would not try that with uncle bens though.

Watched GOT

I agree that the episode was bad but it wasn't as bad as I was expecting. The people that died were in the least interesting part of the story to me. Let's face it, the show would be boring without the Lannisters (Tyrion esp) or the Targaryen crew with the dragons. I'm just saying that it could've been worse, even as bad as it was. I'll admit that some interest was lost in the Starks when Eddard died. I was far more disappointed then.

I'm cooking rice about 4-5 times a week now. What brand name of rice are you using?

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Uncle Bens...

tastes like tiny balls of white rubber now. I thought it was good too before.

Monday, June 03, 2013

I asked Hiro...

she says a coated pot helps, we cook ours in the pressure cooker. I would recommend you get a rice cooker, I bet you could get one for $10 at walmart and its easy. Really rice like that depends on how you like it with some trial and error. We use California rice now which you should be able to get fairly easy there. Once you get used to eating rice, you will eat it allot.

As for GOT... the episode itself is almost enough to make you stop watching the show. Thats all I will say, but let me know when you watch it. There is still one episode left.

I hate that

That's like watching survivor now when I'm years behind. You can't look up anything about any of the players because it will tell you if they won and when they were voted off. Messed up a couple of season's like that already. I know how you feel bro.

Been cooking rice a lot lately. I know you said you cook it a lot over there and you said the Japanese rice was a lot better than the regular. I have no trouble cooking the regular Uncle Ben's, not the instant. However I did buy some rice out of the Asian food section in Bilo. I couldn't get it to cook right. I followed the instructions on the bag but it kept sticking to the pot. Any idea why and what do you do about it?

Any way, sometimes I'll boil it first then throw it on the griddle with a little oil and some soy sauce and fry an egg with it and it tastes just like it does in the Japanese restaurants.


Game of Thrones happened just as that ass said it would. Would have been a shock, my point to you is stay away from any thread that you see on it until you watch the season. Book readers seem to be on a mission to ruin the show for everyone. 


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