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I like it so far, still trying to learn to use it,

Good article today about Chad Morris if you are still interested:

No idea about 2012 recruits bro.

For this year a top target is Carlos Watkins, but Bama is coming on strong. Not saying you won't land him, but it is not a two way battle for you and bullard with Florida. I suspect Florida will land him, but if not I would not write dabo off, we will be using clowney against you all day on this one.

I think max effort needs to be given to OL recruiting. But I don't think you can go by stars at all. Its the hardest position to project and recruit. I will take a 3 star post Caldwell all day over a pre Caldwell 4 star. In other words I would have liked to had Vandys OL instead of ours.

Not to say we would not take the ones you have, but I am happy to have Caldwell.


That is really cool bro. I would like to have one. They just look so convenient. Let me know how you like it.


Good topic we haven't discussed a whole lot. It has been going really well for Carolina. We are currently ranked at 9th in the nation. We just picked up a 4 star LB from NJ that has Mangus as his recruiter. The big worry about the Mangus pee pee incident was that it would hurt recruiting. Picking up a player like Lewis is a good sign.

We have two players that are committed in Darius English and Kwinton Smith that are expected to move up to 4 stars, but you know how that goes. Of the two I think Smith probably will.

One very exciting thing about this class is that we have three 4 star OL committed. I know you believe in the importance of having highly ranked OL players bro. So you should be impressed with that.We also have an outside shot at 5 star DJ Humphries. UF is the team to beat here but Humphries has shown interest in Carolina.

Other than Humphries there is only one more 5 star that we have decent a shot at. DE Jonathon Bullard has been really high on Carolina and I think we could be a dark horse here to land him. It is another UF battle so not overly optimistic but we are in the thick of it.

One highly ranked player that I am pretty sure we will land is 4 star S Chaz Elder. He will likely be a lockdown corner for Carolina. Look for Elder to commit to the Gamecocks soon.

Our recruiting is pretty much done on offense. All needs have been met. Good thing because we can focus on players like 4* RB Keith Marshall (UGA lean) and 4* RB I'Tavius Mathers.

Besides the previous players mentioned that we are going after hard are 3* DE Jhaustin Thomas, 4* S Elijah Shumate, 5* DT Eddie Goldman, 4* DE Tyriq McCord, 5* WR Stefon Diggs, and there are more but these are ones that I am most familiar with.

Any news on who Chaddy was reffering to bro? Which highly ranked guys are y'all after? I would like to see a breakdown if you can..


I know who died on game of thrones, I was absolutely shocked when and how it happened. I bet it pisses you off worse when you actually see it, I was pissed off when another character died later also.


You say you don't have much confidence in TB, just curious as to why? I did not watch the south Florida game either. He has not started a single game. I agree with you that Clemson has not done a good job developing QBs and you can add Parker to the list. That is why Chad Morris is here, he is known to be good at it. There have just been too many with allot of potential not to blame coaching. I just don't see how we can judge TB or CM based on that or is it something else. Not saying you are wrong just curious as to why?

Got a new iPad..

Did not need it, lol. But it is pretty badass, I am posting from it now to test it out!

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So, we are not sure at all who the guy who said Clemson would get 6 wins and that Tajh Majal was a bad quarterback. Didn't sound like a Clemson guy and if so he's not too optimistic.

I shouldn't be saying it aloud, but I am just not high on Boyd. I know he is only a sophomore, but I think Stoudt will end up running Morris's offense. Maybe I am just being paranoid about that comment, but still.....I didn't get to watch the bowl game. Doesn't really matter with a confused offense. I think a system has a lot to do with college quarterback maximizing potential. One trend we have to look at is the lack of progressesion in that position at Clemson for the past several years. It started with Spence running the wrong offense for a strong armed Whitehurst and ended with Cullen Harper getting worse from one year to the next. The tigers just haven't had good coaching at the position. This is where we will see if Morris is the guy to turn it around and see if guys get better as the season goes along. One thing for sure is that some highly touted qb's are seeing potential there.

So yeah, at the moment TB doesn't have me giddy, but here's hoping to be proven wrong. Still don't see him starting the next three years. And Vance, remember Clemson is promoting sportsmanship and the new commitee won't like you trash talking rivals that way.

I don't have HBO, so no Game of Thrones for me unless you know where I can watch it on the web. I will stick with the books for now. Kinda pissed about someone dying in the book but may be a spoiler so I won't mention it.

On Spurrier.....I told Blake today that he knows something. He is definitely talking a lot these days. We all know SC has a good team. I will not say they will beat Clemson this year. Not making a prediction at all. Just not gonna concede that defeat. That will be late in the year and some of those underclassmen might be starting to show why they were so highly touted by then.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Chad Kelly just tweeted..

"Clemson's 2012 recruiting class just got 100 times better". Kids been recruiting his butt off for us, sounds like a big time commit will be coming soon. Wonder if it will be a 5 star player?

I watched a movie the other day called "The Goods"..

that someone told me about a long time ago. I do not really like comedies, I just don't think they are funny these days. But I have not laughed that hard in a long time, I had a really bad copy and I wish I had put more effort into getting a good one. This is definitely one worth renting.

Brent, we do need Boyd to do well..

But Stoudt has shown allot of potential and has had a really good upbringing for college football.

I would say he is the future, but Chad Kelly has really been impressing everyone not only with his athletic ability and vision of the field. But also with his leadership abilities among players, the kid is just a leader. I think he will be the future of Clemson one day at QB, it will be fun to see Jim Kelly at the games if he comes.

Here are the two Chads together:

In other news..

I almost thru the first season of the Supranos, its great of course. You need to stop combing the internet for videos of Spurrier and watch The Trailor Park Boys and Game of Thrones.

Sometimes I really wonder what your point is?

Are actually wanting to argue that Gamecock Fans should not be the first thing that comes to mind when something negative is said about Clemson. I had just read a post on the Rivals mainboard that went several pages started by a Gamecock fan entitled "predict Clemson's schedule" Thats right, this mouth breathing idiot is not even smart enough to know you predict a record and not a schedule. But the point is, what Brent said he heard, echoes what your fans think and sounded like things they are saying.

In fact it echoes what you think too bro. You have said no way Clemson can possibly beat Scar this year. Don't kid yourself bro, the biggest reason is because you think Boyd is going to be terrible which is based off Billy Bob's report of Clemson's Spring practice and more importantly Spring game. I say Billy Bob because I doubt very seriously you watched the Spring game.

If you are seriously trying to argue that Gamecock fans are nice and fair concerning all things Clemson? That just don't sound like a very interesting topic to me. I am not nice or fair about Scar at all (I know this will be a surprise to you). For one big reason, they are our Rivals. If you don't think the Gamecocks should be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of bad things spoken of Clemson or alcohol related crimes in Columbia, I don't know what to tell you bro.

I didn't read all those links to stories about how great it is to be a Gamecock. But I did read before that, Spurrier quoted as saying "Garcia is a model student athlete". Maybe you have been spoon fed so much bullshit it has affected your brain? Because I shook my head for many many of his comments. Such as certain NCAA issues should not have been an issue because the hotel was not very nice. I laughed at most of it because I sure he laughs about it afterwards as well, he has too. But you said it you "In Awe of Him" or something like that, lol.

I feel really silly talking about this, do you?

Brent I would like to hear your opinions on this, I don't care if you two watch Harry Potter together, he deserved that.

If either of you can read this and not laugh, I just don't know.

Who co-hosts on Merrit's show that is a Gamecock fan?

I listen every time he is on (every other day) and I've not heard him with a Gamecock fan co-host? Big George isn't on his show anymore, he is with GK now. There is a guy that played basketball for Clemson, another guy that is a big Clemson homer, and another guy that is a Bama and Clemson fan that co-hosts with Merrit.

Do you know who Vance is referring to Brent?

Why does it always have to be a Gamecock fan bro? Other fans that have no ties to our teams give our teams hell all the time. UNC fans are as bad on Clemson as we are. FSU fans give you guys much more hell than we do. You don't hear me hollering "toothless Clemson fan!" every time someone says something I don't agree with about Carolina. I guess Corey Miller is a Clemson fan for what he said about Alshon lol.

Also, and I will save my opinion on Boyd but there is more to go off of than the spring game. He played some last season. Go back and watch the Carolina game. What many people are saying, including Carolina and Clemson fans, is that he should have been played more last year because he couldn't have been worse than KP. Could he?

I honestly don't think there is enough to go off of to make judgement on Boyd. But there is more than just the spring game. The importance of his play this season is unquestionable however.

I would not really worry about that little guy Brent..

His name is Billy Bob the Gamecock fan. Because I am not going to take anyone seriously who is writing off TB based on the Spring game. I think I will reserve judgement until he starts a game. Remember, Cam Newton did not look so good in the Spring game last year and we know how that turned out.

I have always liked Spurrier, I remember when you and Dondi hated him. Of course he was never on Clemson's schedule when he was at Florida.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Short as possible in depth breakdown of Spurrier's Media golf outing

I've already laughed at all your jokes before you post them but Spurrier's annual media golf outing is my favorite preseason presser of the year. It is just so pure, innocent, and untainted lol. The coach has no idea what he is going to have but we as fans love the hype and eat it up lol.

  • Spurrier brings up Bruce Ellington. Well conditioned guy that can run all day.

  • Summer conditioning was close to 100%. Six to seven years ago that was an unreal accomplishment. Spurrier gives credit to facility upgrades.

  • Garcia has changed his lifestyle completely. He made all conditioning workouts for summer. Not goofing around. These are things that Spurrier has never seen before from him.

  • Everybody is back on defense except Cliff Matthews. Cliff was great player and will be playing in league.

  • Thinks Clowney will rush passer right away for defense.

  • Spencer Lanning was an outstanding player for Gamecocks. Props to him for landing free agent deal with Chicago Bears.

  • Jay Wooten (highly touted transfer from UNC) will most likely handle kickoffs and FGs. Patrick Fish will be punter although Wooten can punt as well.

  • Spurrier makes bold prediction that special teams will score a TD this year. Something that hasn't been done while Spurrier has been there. He calls out new ST coach Jon Butler in crowd and says he believes they can do it with giggles from crowd. (Spurrier's preseason predictions are usually false lol)

  • Demiere Byrd will be one of the fastest players in the SEC as a freshman. He will be a return guy along with Bruce Ellington.

  • Spurrier said this is "talking season." Programs really don't know what they have. Everyone is undefeated right now. Everyone expects good years but you gotta go put it all together.

  • When asked about schedule toughness: "We have a pretty good schedule every year. Not too tough and not too easy. Of course we have Clemson every year so that's nine games. So we have three choice games. We usually play UNC, NC State. An ACC team. East Carolina fits in that category this year. Then we got Navy coming which is a tough team to play." Spurrier likes schedule toughness and sees no need to play a team like Ohio St.

  • Spurrier asked why Stephen has been the guy over the past few years: A)most mentally ready to play. B) Big tough guy that can take a hit.

  • Garcia needs to get focus really sharp to have outstanding season.

  • Pushed that Shaw will have a chance. Expecting good competition in Fall.

  • Asked why teammates like Garcia: Because he goes to all workouts. Just a really good guy around teammates. He's just had some really stupid moments like "why'd you do that??" But he is smart. Already graduated.

  • About GA Mangus: He is very remorseful. If he has another incident his coaching career could be over. All these coaches know that.

  • Question asked about how to deal with coaching QBs without GA there. Would Spurrier Take over?: "Yea, I tried to do that even when he was out there" *Crowd laughs* "If he was not there this off season we'd still be able to practice."

I know I have said this before and you guys probably think I am full of shit or just crazy but every once in a while it just hits me that Spurrier is actually our coach. It is a surreal feeling at times. I think its when he talks about his past teams at UF. I remember when I hardly kept up with football I hated him. He was so arrogant and an asshole. The same reasons I love him today. He's getting his swagger back. The evil genius at lowly Carolina. Kind of catches me off guard to watch his pressers and look down and see a Gamecock logo on his polo to this day. Crazy I know..

Good, bad, great, evil, or all of the above Steve Spurrier is the head coach of my Gamecocks and I will enjoy every moment. No matter how you can twist it, it is a great era for our somewhat formerly simple football program. I wouldn't be surprised if he's here for 5-8 more years. Couldn't imagine the Gamecock fan's life without him..

Radio Pessimist

I caught a quick segment of Will Merritt's show today and one of his cohosts (not sure which, not big George) was saying Clemson will win six games again this year. He also isn't too high on Tajh Boyd. He also agreed with us in Andre Ellington being Clemson's hope, but his take was more negative. Not sure if he was just downing on Clemson for the hell of it or not. He just put that old scare in my head about Boyd being garbage and if he wasn't they would have put him in when KP was "stinking it up" last year. I'm hoping he is wrong. I know upgrades are on the way at qb but this year will be looooong if Boyd lays an egg.

Look, I'm not looking for Clemson to win 10 games this year. I can't see that happening relying on so many freshmen. I do think that 8 wins should happen and less than 7 will be discouraging.

Blake, tha was an interesting read from Gamecock Central. I hope Clemson puts something out like that. I still can't believe Garcia is that heavy. Muscle or beer gut?

BTW, that is Michelle Williams if ya'll didn't recognize her. She finds a way to get naked in every arthouse she does lately and she is pretty sexy.

Beauty of the Week

Free Gamecock Central Insider Report

Pretty good report about summer workouts. Includes updates on Ellington, Clowney, and Garcia. If you don't read anything else read what it says about Garcia.

Gamecock Central doesn't want the report copied but encouraged linking instead. This isn't just an article by the way, its the premium message board stuff.

One more note..

Most Clemson coaches have to convince players that they are better than they really are. Dabo just has to convince these players they are as good as advertised. I don't think anyone will ever argue his salesmanship abilities.

I just mean I think allot of assumptions are being made..

and no football has been played yet. Most Clemson fans have come around to believing Dabo is starting to grow into the job. I think he was not given the full control to hire who he wanted to when he took over. He has made some good changes. The man sold a program with a losing record to some of the best coaches he could have got. He also sold the same program to 4 five star recruits. It seems as tho everyone is making allot of assumptions right now that none of this is going to matter, again with not one down of football being played.

I think allot of people have written TB off because he had a bad Spring Game, lol.

Just saying, as you know, one five star player or even one four star player can make all the difference in a team. We got two five stars on each side of the ball this year. Along with some top four star players in positions that can make an impact early. I know better than to assume its going to spell a great team. But no one should be assuming that its not either.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Funny screen capture from Mike Slive live chat today

This is real lol. Not really Kiffen of course but a real response to chat from Slive today.

Jim Kelly on the Hill?

Brief quote from the great Buffalo Bill:

"I'm still a Miami Hurricane, I just want everybody to know. I'm still a big Miami Hurricane fan. But Clemson now, with my nephew, once he starts playing there, I've gotta pull for Clemson the whole time. Even when they're playing Miami, I'm going to have to pull for Clemson. I mean, that's blood."

Full article on Tigernet.

Very dumb mistake...

....but not worth getting fired over. Suspend him for two weeks. Can they fine college coaches? It was very stupid with him being over 40. I just think firing him would be very harsh considering what he did. Criminal and bonehead are two different things. The media is way too self-righteous these days. I am getting sick of it really. They claim to want football season to start, that they're ready to get the season on so the scandals will be secondary news. Not really. I mean, a coach got a dumb got a nuisance ticket and its headlining nationally.

Guys, scandals and cheating have been around forever in college football. It is going to continue. But, now we have every media outlet digging and scratching to find every single piece of dirt they can. I can't even stomach ESPN anymore. It's just no fun to read. They love it though. Remember when we complained about Mark May and dumb broadcasters? Damn, I wish it were that simple now. My blog has no point tonight, I have just been thinking about all this today. Let's not talk about scandals anymore here lol. I'm tired of giving those retarded sportswriters more of my time.

Thanks for not giving me hell about Mangus

I don't know whether he will get fired or not. I won't even venture to say whether I think he should or not. Either way I would be wrong. Sure the crime he committed was minor. It is something that all of us have done at sometime. May be not the same crime but we have all done something equally as stupid while drinking. I peed in a pool at the beach that wasn't even where I was staying one time. And not while I was in the pool, I was standing over it. That was really stupid lol. Brent peed on a the hood of a brand new Ford Mustang one time lol.

Now don't think I'm spinning this, what he did was so dumbass. It truly is something Garcia would have done. Difference between Garcia, Brent, and I is GA is a grown ass man. We were not when we committed our silly drunk acts. GA is well respected, successful grown man that has a lot of people depending on him. I don't know what else to say. Leave it to the administration and hope they make the right decision, what ever that may be..

Yes you are right, he is a good coach. Damn good recruiter in the north east as well. However, if I had to do with out him or Garcia this year it would be him. It will probably be a long time before we get an opportunity like this again. We need Garcia this year. We may need Mangus in the long run but the time is now for Carolina.

Good points on the Clemson offense. Brent you are right, Clemson has a solid, experienced, talented OL this year. That is one thing both of our teams have for a change. That's another reason the time is now or never, so to speak, for Carolina.

I don't think anyone is writing off Bellamy this year bro. I have told you before that I think he will be a roll player this year. Bellamy's speed will prove to be a weapon this year. I truly believe that. Brent is right though about having Ellington there in front of him. It is to Bellamy's advantage. Bellamy will need a year in the weight room to max out his potential. Kind of like Spiller having James Davis in front of him. I have a feeling that Ellington/Bellamy may even be a bigger threat than Davis/Spiller was. We'll see..

Speaking of Ellington. His brother or cousin (not sure which) Bruce Ellington turned a lot of heads during summer workouts. There is a lot of hype surrounding him. Hard to believe we are so loaded on offense when you think back over the Spurrier era. To think we actually had Tommy Beecher and Mike Davis as starters at one time. We've came a long way.

Out of curiosity bro, what kind of assumptions are the Clemson on lookers making? I'm getting hyped up for the season pretty good now and I'm actually excited to see Clemson's new offense. Should be an great year for football!

Hot topics of the day..

  • Butch Davis out at UNC. (Tommy B a possibility?). Dabo held a presser to say he wasn't interested lol.

  • Sidney Rice to Seattle (44 million 5 year deal) where Charlie Whitehurst could possibly be his QB 1.

  • Gamecocks pick up their 3rd four star OL of this class.

Boyd says the best part about this offense is..

its simplicity in an interview today. That is the thing about what this will be about, simplicity and execution. That was the thing about a Leach offense, he said he ran the same play over and over again. Just out of different formations and that's what the players at Clemson are liking. They practiced the same 3 plays over and over again. Someone might get the idea that its because the plays are so complicated, its because they want the execution to be perfect.

Some on lookers are making allot of assumptions right now, will be fun to see how it plays out.


I'm on the fence about Chad Morris, as everyone should be. I'm very excited for the potential as well. Vance, you make a good point about upper classman contributions correlating to the success of this team. If Clemson has to rely on too many freshmen, the season will not go that well, in my opinion. Reciever is a position where freshmen can contribute heavily, so I expect to see those guys play a lot of football.

One thing we don't want to forget is how important Clemson's experienced offensive line is. I think this is a big plus for the Tigers and one not a lot of people are talking about. I'm really excited about that part of the offense. That is what will determine Clemson's success.

I think Mike Bellamy will play a role this year, particularly in slot/splitback matchups. They will find a way to use his speed. They don't need him to carry a ton as long as Ellington is healthy. Ellington is one of the top 3 or 4 backs in the ACC and should carry this team. Tajh Boyd is still a the moment.

Mangus....yeah, it is kind of funny. I just hate that he's the guy mentoring Garcia. Gonna be a lot of flak for that one I'm afraid. Think they will fire him?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Not so much taking a jab at Spurrier..

My point is exactly what you said. His offense looks good when he has talent. If we have talent at Clemson I feel as if Morris will be successful.

But its all up to the freshman? No.

Heres what my take is on what is important for us to have a good year on offense. First is TB at QB as you mentioned, goes without saying and he is not a freshman. Second and almost as important, Andre Ellington also not a freshman. Next, Allen at TE, he should catch allot of passes, also not a freshman. Next and probably should have been first the OL, with a new coach, the most vital part of the offense, also not freshman. Next we get to the receivers, we start with Deandre Hopkins. He has shown allot of potential to be a threat and did some good things, also not a freshman.

Now the one position that we need freshman to contribute is at WR. Mainly because we signed the number one WR class, one being a 5 star player who we definitely expect to make an impact early as could Bryant and Peake. Its not so much that we are desperately hoping they will step up, its that its expected when you sign players like that. Again, one position on offense we are hoping for and that is WR for freshmen to contribute. Its definitely not ALL about the freshmen this year.

We did not even mention Bellamy, a 5 star RB that everyone wants to find a reason to write off. They don't just hand out a 5th star, so it should not be a surprise if before the end of the season they find a way for him to contribute and he is fast.

You won't be getting anything from me on this..

Why? Because you put it up and did not try to put any spin on it. Bad things happen to every team and I won't really comment too much unless it seems to be a cover up.

Mangus may have been hired to babysit but he is allot more than that to Scar. He has super organized the offense and has been a good recruiter. The only thing I will say is the off the field distractions are starting to mount up a little, but you know that. Seriously, laying all jokes aside did they really have to arrest him for that?

Pretty damn ironic!

Mangus was hired to babysit Garcia and keep him away from the booze and Mangus goes and pulls a Garcia stunt lol. I mean isn't that something exactly like Stephen would do? I guess we know Where Stephen gets it from. Hell, they were probably drinking buddies all along lol. I bet Garcia told GA "Damn dude, I'm glad it was you for once" LOL!

I must say as strange as it may sound, I'm glad it was Mangus and not Garcia again. We need Garcia if we are gonna challenge for the SEC again. Mangus not so much. Sure we will catch hell for it and rightfully so. Hopefully it will be us laughing at the end of the year lol.

You can't make this shit up lol!

USC quarterbacks coach G.A. Mangus was arrested early Tuesday morning in Greenville on a nuisance conduct charge.

Greenville City Police charged George Alfred Mangus, 42, outside Carolina Ale House at 113 South Main Street around 1:30 a.m.

The police incident report states two officers saw Mangus urinating on the street curb and the road as they drove north on Main Street in an unmarked car.

The officer writes he “observed him to be unsteady on his feet and he had a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from his person.”

The officer adds his “speech was slurred and was uncooperative in providing straight answers” when questioned by GPD officers.

Mangus was arrested for nuisance conduct, placed in handcuffs, was issued a ticket and taken to the Greenville County Detention Center.

The director of the South Carolina Athletic Coaches Association confirmed Mangus was in Greenville to attend their annual coaches clinic at the TD Convention Center.

South Carolina athletic spokesman Steve Fink said the team was aware of Mangus' arrest. Team policy calls for any player arrested to be immediately suspended from the team.

Head coach Steve Spurrier announced Tuesday that Magnus is suspended indefinitely.

“G.A. has been suspended from all coaching activities until this matter is resolved,” Spurrier said. “We are disappointed in his actions and will handle it accordingly.”

A $470 personal recognizance bond was set for Mangus Tuesday morning. He was released shortly after noon, and had nothing to say before jumping in a pickup truck and taking off. G.A. Mangus is in his third year as quarterbacks coach of the Gamecocks.

Nice little jab at Spurrier

But I along with the rest of the world believe that Spurrier has proven himself as a great offensive mind, unlike Spence or Morris. Those guys will have a long way to go to catch Spurrier. Spurrier's offense is looking better and its no question because of the talent. It doesn't matter what type of offense you run, you are going to have to have good players to accomplish anything worth bragging about. Now, I'm not saying that you have to have a Lattimore or Jeffery type player to compete in the ACC. But you are definitely going to need more speed than a high school team. These incoming freshman are supposed to be Clemson's saving grace. They really are going to have to be..

And hey, I'm not doubting the Morris offense. Sounds like a good scheme to me. Also sounds like it would be fun to watch. Most teams that run it that it is compared to are successful and fun to watch. They also have very talented players. Will clemson have the players to run it? Again, a lot will depend on the freshmen and most importantly Tajh Boyd.

Thanks for shedding more light on the offensive scheme though. I was really just curious.

Brent what are your thoughts, opinions, concerns?

One of the first thing Morris mentions is he will take allot of shots down..

the field. He said he will take a minimum of 4 shots per quarter. This is not going to be an offense that you can stack the box like Spence. There will be allot of running the ball, the spread is designed to do just that spread the field and get fast players one on one with defenders. Have not really heard anything about short passes quickly, its more of reads, finding mismatches, misdirection etc... That sounds more like the run and shoot or something. When you think hurry up you should think Oregon and I don't think thats what they do, but I have not really studied them.

Guz Malzhan of course is what you want it to look like, but it can always look like Spence or a Spurrier offense without either Lattimore or Jeffreys.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Chad Morris Offense

This is more of me pulling info from you guys than my own opinion about the offense but what is it and will it work this season?

I've heard different views of it but from what I've gathered its a fast paced no huddle type. The offense spreads the field with short passes to set up for the run. The passes are designed to get the ball out of the QBs hands as quick as possible. Doesn't sound like there will be many shots down field.

I've heard different reports about how complicated to learn it is. Some say complicated and some say not so much. Has to be a little bit if Morris was only able to install 60% of it in the spring. Will Boyd and the young receivers have it down by kick off?

Just curious and looking for opinions. Morris is only one full season out of the high school ranks with Tulsa right? Could Clemson be genius with the hire? Or more like a hyped up Rob Spence type deal. I know the hype was huge for Spence.

Give me a report..

Best Lattimore Highlight Video I've Seen

Almost forgot how great he was against UGA, UF, and Kentucky till he got hurt.

Brent I just granted you admin privileges, get Blake to show you how..

To do all that stuff. I will check out the show you suggested, I watch a show called The Colony I think you might like. Its 2 seasons long so far and about an experiment of what happens after an apocalypse, has you written all over it. Both of you need to check out the trailer for The River, the link is to your left.

I have watched all the Harry Potters except the latest one bro and I agree its good. Game of Thrones and Harry Potter would be at the top of my books to read list. Have a hard time finding the time to read anything lately.

Good points on Petrino about the financial deal, I have confidence Clemson can keep coaches. But I agree he is not really a possibility with his contract. I don't think it is time to fire Dabo at all. If he actually did something on the field its going to be on, imagine what he could do in recruiting then. I think its simple really, he needs to get a good staff and I think he might have one now and let them do their job, period. But that is another topic for discussion.

I would love Leach as much for his entertainment value as his coaching ability. There is absolutely no way in hell Clemson would hire him. He would also not make it long if they did sadly. You cannot talk to the press and do interviews like he does and make it in the state of South Carolina and he is not going to stop doing them. But I would enjoy it for sure.

Skip Holtz is another very underrated coach who could easily be got. He has proven he can beat Va Tech and Clemson with allot less talent. Go back several years and it is hard to believe I am saying that now, but it is fact and even possible.

I think if there is a coaching change it will be Guz Malzhan. As crazy as it sounds I think he is already on stand by. Not sure of the whole story but there is allot of talk. This of course is based on Dabo failing and not much doubt Chad Morris would stay. I have heard he has expressed allot of interest in the job. Who knows what is true. But there is allot to that story that we don't know.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Avada Kedavra

I was just commenting of the growing irrelevency of my posts at times. You guys are more armed for the flame wars than I am during the offseason because I don't follow recruiting as much. I guess I'm the only one that doesn't subsribe to rivals, but tigernet does just fine. I guess I am computer illiterate for a few reasons. First, whenever I try to put up a link it either doesn't show or you cant click and go without copy/paste. I am thinking that maybe some of those links aren't able to be done that way? Also, the stories and the links on the are those done?

I'm not really sure Dabo should be fired right now. Recruiting is just so important. If Clemson is gets 8 wins this year and looks like they are improving, I will be happy. I think they need to win one of those big 3 (Auburn, FSU, VT) in the middle to look like they are going to be competitive nationally. Playing well and dropping them all won't be the same, in my opinion.

A few names come to mind....Skip Holtz, Mike Leach, and Mike Stoops. Just names off the top of my head. Gus Malzahn would be good too. I would rather Dabo do well, again, because of recruiting. I think if his OC hire does well things will be fine.

Also, a good show you guys should check out is "The Guild." It is a funny show about a group of people in an MMO clan. There only 3 seasons to this point and each season is only an hour, since its a web show with episodes lasting 3 minutes or so.

Coaching change

Maybe this a topic that won't turn into a flame fest lol. I do however think Petrino is a very unlikely candidate. There are many reasons why.

First of all I believe that Arkansas has many people fooled about how much money they give to athletics. They year in and year out finish in the top 15 as far as what schools spend the most on athletics. Petrino will be a hard one to sway with what he is already making at Arkansas. His annual contract is 3.56 million. He also has a huge buyout of 18 million starting in 2011-2012.

Secondly, why leave the Razorbacks, when you are having success there, for a team that you will have to build up? Arkansas is in the best conference and they just played in a BCS bowl game for the first time ever. What more can you ask for than $$$ and playing in BCS bowl games while in the best conference?

Lastly, I'm not sure that Petrino would be a smart choice. Don't get me wrong, I think he is a top coach. He's real good. But if he would leave Arky for Clemson you can bet he would leave Clemson for the next best thing.

Overall, I'm not saying its impossible but it is pretty damn close to impossible. He just isn't on the market. Now the last coach I heard you talk about is Gus Malzahn. I think he would be a lot better bet. He is just a coordinator right now and he is prime for the picking for a HC job. Auburn is a lot like Clemson they say so the adjustment from one place to the next would be seamless.

Hard to say what will happen. There is no doubt who the best coach on the market is. Mike Leach.. No school seems to be brave enough to take the jump. The school that does grow a sack and hires Leach is very smart and will be successful. I really really hope he will be an option for us after Spurrier retires. He will be gobbled up by then though I'm sure..

The boy who lived, lives on!

Lord Voldemort is a dead bastard officially. Watched the second part of Deathly Hallows yesterday with Brent and it was easily the best one of them all. Its also the sadest one because it hits you hard with being the last of the Potter adventures.

Vance you are a fool if you don't read the books or at least watch the movies. The last 3-4 movies really become your type of movie. The creepy sci-fi type. All of them are very good though and you will enjoy them all. I bet Hero would like them as well.

We always had this discussion every year and it was fun..

To this day we still talk about past discussions of this topic.

I think the jury is still out on Dabo, one more season like last year and he is a goner. For the record I still think he has a shot and can get it done. I give it 50/50.

So its never too early to talk about who you want to replace him if it goes south, my choice as of now? Bobby Petrino, he could be bought from Arkansas and thats a tough job there, hard to recruit and he is in the SEC. He rarely seems to come up in discussions, who do you like?

Scar has allot going for them..

Looking at their schedule they should win 10 games and head back to the SEC championship. The biggest key is everyone staying healthy, especially Alshon Jeffrey and Marcus Lattimore. The other big thing rests at the hands of Stephen Garcia will he perform as he has the capability to consistently all season. I think they can but as with any team there are a few questions. I think its just really luck sometimes, either you have it or you don't but it should be a fun season for the Gamecocks.

Lol, we made a pact by email to go at it..

and not get mad for a while. Me and Blake have not talked shit in a while and its built up I guess. We both realize how silly it would be to take it seriously. I don't really talk to anyone about football here so maybe it is even worse for me. Hopefully it will get the college football juices flowing for me a little more. Like I said, get all the shit talk out of the way and then have some decent conversation. Most importantly "Long live Chad Kelly and FREE BRYCE SHERMAN!!!"

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Slow Down!

Wow, I don't even know what to really type or comment on anymore! You guys go at it constantly. Yes, yes, I know....all in good fun. Valid points on both sides. This means the season is only a month away. Theres so much more news, daily, than there was even a week or two ago. Not much to report on my end. Keeping up with Mandel's mailbag and the espn blogs as well as the ridiculous coverage of the SEC Media Days. Didn't catch the sunbelt media days on tv, did you?

I spoke with tater, you have met John before..

I gave him your number by accident.

Totally belligerent almost incoherent mumble dumble about worrying about Bryce Sherman walking on somewhere? Then more rambling about offering some player so he won't go to another team? Go back and read what I wrote. I said some teams will do that and that was your response? Wow

So neither team has set foot on the field and no way Clemson can win, lol. Were you alive this time two years ago? Clemson had handed you the same lopsided score and guess what? It did not mean we were going to win the next time we met. Also last time I checked you are coming off 2 ass beatings and your star player was lying face down in the dirt. LOL, but hes been working out. We'll see, might wanna see a little of your team play before you deem they have morph into something other that the 2 turds we saw Garcia lay in the last 2 games. Oh and has he even been allowed to practice since then? I am sure he don't need it, lol.

But the biggest reason why? You are still the Gamecocks, Na Na Na lol

Oh by the way Vance

Some dude named Tater just called me. Its like 4:00 in the morning and he was saying "Vance!" "Vance!" lol. I talked to him for a bit. He said you gave him my number. Pretty cool guy I must say..

What are you not getting here?

So they let Bryce Sherman walk on because they didn't want him to walk on to another school? They intentionally tricked Mauldin and Montgomery so that they would n't sign somewhere else? Because it would benefit Spurrier and Carolina right? Go back and look at the offers they had bro. No offers from any team that Carolina plays. I guess Spurrier did it because he is just evil lol. If he is feeding off that evilness right now I hope he doesn't stop. Its working!

"Maybe the day will come when I say, Scar is better, but today is not that day."

Are you serious right now LOL? You don't think Carolina is better today? What about last year? The year before? I'm sorry but you don't beat a team by the amount of points we beat Clemson by last year and year before if you are not far and away better than that team. If you had a better team either year Clemson is dumber than I thought for not firing Dabo.

Do you really believe that Clemson is the better team right now and will beat Carolina this year? If your answer is no: You have found that day when you say Carolina is better. If your answer is yes: You are delusional and will catch more hell than you would like to deal with after this season is over..

Bring up all the past games you want. Include the ones that happened before I was even alive, or before you were alive for good measure. Fact is, none of that matters lol. Carolina is the better team today, the day that you were searching for in your last post is this day or any day between right now and two years ago from this day.

Overall record may be your thing but I'm living right now. Not with the ghosts of Clemson past lol..

Its all in fun lol

Hopefully you noticed the lighter tone in my reply..

Don't take the fact that I don't think the rivalry has turned yet as me taking a shot at you. I only say it because it should make it even more fun for you. If I just lay down and admit defeat what kind of fun would that be for you? If I were you I would not want it any other way and I am not going to take that away from you either. Maybe the day will come when I say, Scar is better, but today is not that day.

I think you are right bro..

I don't blame you for being happy, I would not give two shits less if the ACC was down and Clemson won it. Makes absolutely no difference it would not cross my mind. If you win the SEC, you win the SEC period. There is no doubt good things are happening at Scar, that is a given.

I don't blame you about Spurrier and I don't blame him for pulling out all stops. Honestly he realized it was never going to get done any other way. I just don't think any team should be able to do it, thats all. Putting players out that don't perform and will never see the field, sure, it helps them as well to move to a school they can play at. But I think pulling Sherman's scholarship as a player who was contributing and making kids offers that are not valid and accepting their commitment is taking it too far. I think the NCAA needs to get that under control, its plain wrong for these kids and some schools will do it just to keep them from signing somewhere else. Its what the 85 limit rule exists for, but at least before they would get a scholarship and not be left in the cold.

The rivalry? I don't really think too much about that, I think allot more about winning big games in general than I do about the rivalry. Its going to be 10 years of dominating us with an inevitable coaching change for you before I believe its turned. Right now I think you caught Clemson looking to the ACC championship, not taking the game seriously and then caught a very bad Clemson team the next year. How bad was it? We have not had a losing record in 12 years or so? So I have not bought into the hype that things have changed just yet. But I don't blame you one bit for being very happy about it and seeing it as a possibility. Is it possible? Sure, but it has not really even crossed my mind that it has already happened based on what has happened so far. I promise you I am not even worried about it.

The admin at Clemson? We stay where we are "reasonably competitive" because we beat Scar consistently. Thats all it takes to get by really. If that has really changed you will see changes in Clemson, just like you already saw this year with coaches. You think they would have made changes had we beat Scar and finished with 7 wins? I don't.

It actually excites me a little, because changes could finally be brewing, after 20 years. All those interviews of failed coaches at Clemson had 2 things in common. Not enough support from the admin and they all had winning records over Scar.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Its easy to see that our arguments get nowhere..

Its always one big circle of crap. We both prove our point but neither of us will ever give up lol.

One great asset I have these days as opposed to in the past is my program seems to be on the rise. They did something last year that I would not have been surprised if I never saw in my lifetime and that is to beat out UF, UGA, and Tenn for the east. That was unimaginable five years ago. I don't care how down the conference is. The even greater part of my advantage is we have another great team coming back with the best RB/WR combo in the nation. Hell both of them could be the best by themselves at their position respectively. All that is at South Carolina right now. None of it would have happened if not for Spurrier.

So yea, you can go on about how Spurrier is doing wrong. Spurrier is making all these mistakes. May be your head coach and program should take some notes from our administration because Clemson is headed backwards and Carolina is headed forward. Thats just the way it is until what is done on the field proves otherwise.

Spurrier is evil? You are tired of Clemson being nice guys? Sounds to me like you are jealous. You are overly worried about the Gamecocks taking over the rivalry to lengths that is hard for you to imagine. Rightfully so bro, rightfully so..

On a better note, here is something you will enjoy:

See bro, I am tired of Clemson doing the right thing..

every year honoring scholarships and signing 18-20 kids while Scar signs 35 players every year by not doing the right thing. I believe that is the real secret to your success lately. Its like there is no 85 scholarship rule for you anymore. You just sign as many as you want and kick off everyone else.

Then we have the joke of a rule that was another smokescreen to take attention away for a while saying you can sign no more than 25 every year and I said cool, sounds like its taken care of. Wouldn't you know, you sign over 30 players again? Then it was explained, well you count backwards 10 then add 2, then subtract 12. Yeah, the rule was supposed to be you sign no more than 25 in a year period, which was just more bullshit.

I don't think anyone cares about what Slive thinks..

Why don't he just regulate his own conference? This is about Saban and Spurrier and what they have been doing to kids. No, it will not cut out scholarships to walk ons and they will seldom get a 4 year ride. Why? Because a walk on does not get a scholarship his freshman year or usually even his sophomore year. He earns his place on the team and when its found he can contribute on the field he gets a scholarship, that is still 1 or 2 years. What Slive is saying does not really even make much sense, I think he is just trying to take some attention away from the real issue at hand. We will see how making cute comments about the NCAA and the rules works out for Chiz and ALL the SEC gang.

All walk on scholarships are done like that..

But to pull a kids scholarship who is contributing to the team on the field is unprecedented no one does that. Also, no way those kids did not qualify on signing day, you don't qualify academically on signing day. I am sure you might fail out of school too if you had dreams of playing for major college programs, with offers and then all the sudden someone snatched all of them away from you. But yeah, Scar fans always have an answer for all that. Like anyone is suppose to believe you have seen both their report cards. Whatever makes you feel better bro. But personally I believe in karma and I think eventually, everything comes back.

So you have been studying Chad Kelly and how he acts on the sidelines of high school games and I know more about the team I hate that you? I could not tell you one thing about any recruit you have signed that we did not offer, but you can tell us what he ate for breakfast and what color it made his shit when it came out. Chad Morris would not wipe his ass with you bro.

Wow, you know more about the team you hate than I do

Regardless of what you think you know, Slive's proposal is very bad news for the Bryce Sherman's of the world. Sherman gained his scholarship because there were scholarships left over after signing day. He was not promised anything after each year was over. All of those one year scholarship giveaways will disappear for walk ons if Slive's proposal goes through. You think coaches will be giving out four year deals to long snappers like they do now? I'm sure saint Dabo would (part of goat boy's problem lol). If the proposal was already in place Sherm the worm would have never been handed the scholarship. It will be bad news for the long-snappers and holders lol.

Did you know that the other two players that you were referring to didn't qualify academically? That they were going to be offered again after they qualified? Both decided to pursue other options. But don't let me rain on your parade. You obviously know more about the Gamecock program than I do..

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Brent let me give you a little more insight on Sherman...

Bryce Sherman was a kid who got kicked off the track team and Spurrier said wow, this looks like someone we need on the football team. He immediately earned the name "jitterbug" got continuous praise from Spurrier. Gamecock fans went wild, they showed up after practice for autographs, instant stardom. He did fairly well as a return man, averaged about 20yds per return, caught a few passes.

Then, the Gamecocks offered a scholarship to everyone they could last year, when I say offer, they allowed them to sign with them. Then when there was too many players promised scholarships they pulled them ON SIGNING DAY! So players that had full rides to other schools and choose the Gamecocks now had no offer. Getting back to Sherman, he did work his but off, stayed out of trouble but more importantly contributed on the field, during the season as a return man and WR, but because of the way offers are made at Scar he has no scholarship now. Because he did not work hard enough, and its his fault.

LOL, boy Chad Kelly has really gotten under your skin..

Both me and Jim Kelly laugh at the notion this is anything other than the fact he has made it known he is going to take the rivalry very seriously. I tell you bro, you have made my expectations of him go way up now. He has really riled up the Gamecock nation, which is exactly what we want from a QB at Clemson. Lol at the notion Gamecock fans are concerned he may not be sportsman like and it is offensive to see him dancing on the sidelines. We know why you don't like him and it has nothing to do with any of that and thats why we do like him.

The bottom line is Spurrier believes Garcia will be responsible and he has no confidence in Shaw. Same with Kelly, Chad Morris wants him and believes he will be responsible. What I think about Garcia means less than nothing, your fortune telling abilities for a recruit that has not even set foot on campus are a little questionable at best. You are not Mrs. Cleo, lol.

First off, the NCAA is going to do something about offering scholarships and pulling them on signing day. They are also going to do something about pulling scholarships from players that are not as good as you had expected. All of which is very dirty, Spurrier is making jokes because he knows he is very much one of the reasons this will eventually happen and is even being talked about.

Three questions, three responses

As far as Chad Kelly bad news goes, use google. Or hell just read this site. I just posted an article about him being kicked off the team. I saw the national TV broadcast where he snapped at the coach. Some showcase event, don't remember which.

As far as Lattimore pulling an ACL or getting injured, what would happen to Carolina? Your guess is as good as mine. What would have happened to Auburn if they would have lost Cam Newton last year. Or what would have happen to UF if Tebow went down for the season? No national champs I bet. All you can do is hope your star players stay healthy. Why look on the darkside?

On the Sherman situation, it may be wrong or it may be right but from a program standpoint its smart. It lets players, especially walkons, know that they will work for that scholarship.

Sherman was a student at USC that was recruited there by the track team and later kicked off, as Vance well knows because I caught hell for it lol. He tried out for the football team and was a hard worker. He had no expectations of gaining a scholarship when he tried out. Turns out there were enough scholarships to go around to some of the walkons after the recruiting cycle. Sherman was awarded one just like all schools award walkons extra, left over scholarships. He was made no promises that he would retain that scholarship after that season. The numbers didn't work out this year and Sherman possibly would not have been able to get the free scholarship that he was awarded before. Sherman said screw it, I don't want to have to work for my scholarship like I did when I initialy tried out for the team. He quit by his on decision.

Was it right? Maybe not. Was it wrong? Probably not. Was it smart? Well that is for the coach to decide and I like my coach so I will side with him..

The bad part is it may hurt with recruiting walkons in the future LOL..

Beauty of the Week

More entertaining quotes from Spurrier..

Q: Is there one special freshman incoming from the high school end that’s really clout. Maybe he can play right off?

Spurrier: You ever heard of Jadeveon Clowney? *giddy laugh from Spurrier as crowd follows with laughter*

Question was asked about the confrontation between Gene Chizik and Ncaa vice president at coaches meeting in Destin Fl.

Spurrier: “Ah, that wasn’t no big deal. Chiz was asking why the investigation was taking so long and she just explained that they take a long time! I think we’re in the investigation too aren’t we? For that Whitney hotel thing? Huh? I don’t know who’s not under investigation anymore. *heavy laughter from crowd*

Yea we had some players stay at a old hotel because they had plenty of rooms there. I guess the NCAA thought that was an excessive benefit. Didn’t look like one.” *laughter from Spurrier and crowd*

Q: What really makes you want to give Stephen Garcia another chance?

Spurrier: "I guess we don't want to kick him out for stupidity," Spurrier said. "He hasn't done a lot of terrible things. He hasn't been arrested or done some of the things he once did. And there are some reasons that he's probably done some things. He has some issues he's trying to straighten out. He's done that the last three or four months. We do believe he's a good kid and a good person. He's really made some lifestyle changes to stay there, I'll leave it at that. Hopefully, it will keep up. We just felt like he was worth giving another opportunity to sort of change his lifestyle and thus far he's done it."

“Again, he’s gonna have to prove the position. Connor Shaw is an excellent quarterback. He was all-state in GA two years ago. They will compete for the starting job in preseason.”

“Anyway, he’s changed. If he goes about being ‘Stephen’ he won’t be there anymore, simple as that.”

Garcia Fun, Slive Remarks

First off, let me say that I don't know anything about Chad Kelly other than him being related to Jim Kelly. I haven't really researched anything about him. Where do you guys find all of the bad news, anyway? I guess you have to be a member of the rivals sites to access the forums maybe? At the moment I'm more worried about Tajh Boyd and Cole Stoudt. Boyd was highly recruited and talented. I hate that he didn't get an opportunity last year, but that was a young coach's mistake. Clemson's offense right now is scary to me, but Vance brought up a good point about comparisons to Auburns offensive style. Still, I'm like everyone else being anxious about a new, largely unproven OC and a new quarterback. Having Ellington makes me feel a bit better.

We have made a ton of jokes about Garcia over the years, but therein lies the whole punchline. It has been years and he is still acting like a damn fool. He does give them a bette chance to win, however, and hes not an unlikeable guy. And I will admit he has a certain "character" that is fun to watch. Lets just see how his senior season plays out. And with Lattimore, what if he pulls an ACL? Does SC play and lose like every time he was out last year? That has just been on my mind.

You agree with Spurrier or Slive? I don't think they should make the academics more stringent. That doesn't accomplish anything. I also agree with Spurrier sticking with one year scholarships. I don't think it is right to yank someone's scholarship without a damn good reason though. What happened with Bryce Sherman? Was he a casualty of oversigning? Really, no jokes...just curious.

Clarification on Slive's full cost of education proposal

Brent you brought up SEC commish Mike Slive's proposal for "full cost of education." What Slive wants to do is guarantee a full scholarship for 4 years to every player that signs with an SEC school, rather than a one year renewal. Here is Spurrier's thoughts on the subject:

"Well he said something about multi year scholarships? Nah, nah, I think one year renewables are the way to go just because if a young man signs a scholarship and he decides he doesn't wanna give much effort. Don't wanna go to weight lifting. How do you get rid of him? He's got a 3 year deal. So anyway, we sorta like the one year renewables, us coaches."

"And what was his other one about academics, making it tougher? I think its tough enough. So, I pretty much disagreed with everything he said!"

*Roar of laughter from the crowd*

I agree with all of what he said. Any coach that agrees that academics should be raised to a higher standard should be fired IMO. Who gives a shit about academics?

Chad Kelly is more like a gold tooth than a pot of gold

Are you kidding me?? You damn right I brought up ole Chaddy again. I will milk that little punk until Clemson boots his ass off campus. You guys have always gave Garcia hell and all I could do is stand back and watch. I don't have to anymore because Chad is good ammo. Don't dish out on Garcia if you can't take a little Chad humor in return. Chad is just a real easy one to pick on, kinda like Blake Mitchell was for different reasons. He such a black wanna be. He makes Ryan Mallet look soooo white lol. He was dancing a gangsta dance to a rap song playing over the loud speaker while his coach was trying to call the play on national TV. The coach got on his ass and Chad snapped back at him. What a thug. He almost got in a fight at the recent Oregon showcase. You know its bad when they won't give you a fourth star for being such a punk.

Say all you want about Garcia but I would be cautious because you have a dumbass on the way now. If he's as good as you say he is he will be starting at QB. That means you will have a dumbass starting QB for Clemson. Which is fine if his good play on the field can cancel out all the bad behaviour.

I have caught a lot of hell about Blake Mitchell and still everyday about Garcia. Most of the time I laugh it off or go with it in good fun. I guess you will just have to learn to do the same until Chaddy is kicked off the team, transfers, or is buried so far down the depth chart that no one give a flying shit anymore. Its all in fun. I give him 18 months after he signs, just for the record lol.

Another fact about Garcia is that you guys would love to have him under center at Clemson. Vance I know you won't admit it and Brent already has whether he acts like he has or not. Without Garcia on our team we wouldn't have made it to the SEC championship game. If you would have had Garcia at Clemson you wouldn't have had a losing season last season. Simple as that.

Garcia is a dumbass yes but he is a good QB like it or not. Boyd will be lucky after his career is over if he can look back and see that he was as successful as Garcia on the field. But I'm sure you would rather Boyd be mediocre on the field and a saint off. Before you twist that comment I'm not saying you can't do both but you said you want thugs on your team. I'll get to that in a sec.

Does Garcia's bad behavior trump the success on the field? Sure he may have got drunk before the FSU game but it looked like the whole team did. Jeffery even played terrible. Lattimore being layed out lost us that game. Anyway, if that loss was only on Garcia's shoulders does that cancel out the Clemson back to back wins? What about the UF win to play for the east? Or better than all of them the Bama win, which he was MVP of? I would venture to say that that win alone trumps all of his off the field troubles. You would too if he was your QB and you saw your team dominate a team like Bama.

Finally, you claim to want a team full of thug assholes? You also want them to behave off the field? Stay out of trouble? That is an interesting and humorous concept. Good luck with that lol..

Keys to success for Clemson this year..

First off let me say its ok to smack talk, its been a long time coming and I don't have a problem making some jokes to get in the spirit. Thats all this is to me, jokes. Its funny to see pictures of arrested players and what not. We have not done it in a while and its kinda fun. But how about we discuss some football as well? LOL

I will start with discussing one of the biggest keys for Clemson this year. Everyone seems to have written off Boyd. I think Auburn would be one of the better schools to compare what Chad Morris's offense might look like. At least what we hope it looks like next year, you really don't know. Everyone seems to think you look at Spring practice or the Spring game to get a good idea and you really cannot, we have no clue based on that. Remember, it was not certain last year that Cam Newton would be the starter for Auburn after Spring practice and he was not very impressive during the Spring game.

Boyd was highly recruited and he is an athlete, he has an arm. He has to learn to slow down, it seems like he rushes his passes allot to me. Throws the ball without being set etc.. Clemson has been shitty at developing QBs and Morris could make a huge impact there as he is a good QB coach and developer of talent at that position. I think he will make an impact there but only time will tell and I also believe Boyd has the tools. I would love to hear some opinions on the subject from both of you...

The sportmanship comments Brent made were from Mickey Plylers article...

Did you read it? Both articles were worth the read.

But you found a way to bring up Chad Kelly again? You are like a little leprechaun that has found a pot of gold talking about Chad Kelly. Lots of good things to talk about with Scar, but you are never going to win an argument that has anything to do with QBs and character. Even as you are posting this, Chad Kelly is showing out at the elite 11 and everyone is saying no way he is a 3 star QB.

No, you don't get in someones face like a rapper after gaining 5yds. You also don't go out not one but two years in a row before your bowl game and get so drunk you cannot play the next day. I am pretty sure it does not take a genius to figure out he did it before the SEC Championship game as well. I would post a video of Jerri's Kid crying after he did it the first time, but what would be the point? Everyone knows it and everyone has seen it.

Lots of good things going on with Scar, no doubt but your QB situation is not one of them.

Again I will say, I don't care, I am a football fan and I want to see Garcia, Kelly and Craig all play period.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Don't miss Chad Kelly in his younger years!

Let him teach you how to Dougie!!!

Who said anything about sportsmanship?

Is that what Chad Kelly was kicked off of his team for? If so I had no clue. I thought it was for crying like a bitch during his press conference announcing to play for clemson lol. Fast forward to 30 sec mark. He looks like a tough guy alright. I remember Clemson fans talking about how embarrassing it was lol.

I agree and disagree with you though Brent. Your players have to have attitude. You want them mean. No doubt about that. What you don't want to happen is stupid penalties for being a thug. Imagine a 30 yd gain by Ellington down to the FSU 5 yd line in a close game in the 4th qtr. The last thing you want is for him to jump up and act like a punk. Cost the team a win for poor sportsmanship.

Even more importantly, you don't want what happened to our teams in 2004.

In closing, I'm a firm believer in actions speak louder than words. If a guy comes up and pops you in the mouth with his shoulder pad (Greg Reid on Lattimore) it will hurt a lot worse than jawing like a rapper in someones face after a short gain or shoestring tackle. If anything it gives the other team more drive. "Homeboy talking shit shawty, let shut his goat mouth"

Name the beatdown in the video..

Nice find..

I almost gave up trying to figure out who it was. Nice find I must say..

As far as the slow Clemson offense, I can see being slower than Tulsa but damn a high school team? Really, LOL? That is bad right there. I agree with Brent that that type of offense feeds off of speed. If its like the Oregon offense it does anyway, and thats one team I've heard it compared to. One thing is for sure, the Clemson freshman WRs better pan out or it will be another long year.

Good thing you are retaining speedster Joe Craig, I guess?

Morris Comments, Response to Sportsmanship

In reference to Chad Morris, I wasn't surprised by the lack of speed the Clemson wideouts showed. It was a bit sad that Tulsa and high school teams have more speed though. I think it may be more about acceleration than top end speed. It just seems that last season those guys were covered from the moment the ball was snapped. Obviously these guys won't be playing too much if the freshmen can work hard. Speed is what makes a spread no-huddle work, and without it you might as well throw two tight ends and a fullback and run primarily from the I. That wouldn't work either at Clemson at this point. Does anyone else feel that up to the present, Clemson recruits (offense) are an extension of a lack of identity marked by the Napier/Swinney offensive coordinator era? Hopefully that is all over. long as you're not fighting, overly offensive, or swearing around the kiddies, who gives a damn about being sweet to the opposing team? Christ, that is a load of bull. A major division 1 (FBS) team is out there to win, not make sure everyone gets to play. There's millions invested by hundreds of alumni to put a competitive team out there. Blake, remember this year we gotta hand out cupcakes every saturday and make sure theres no bad remarks when the other team does well. As a matter of fact we should start a grief session for the rivalry losers this year. Give me a break! Boy, if TDP and Barker don't wear pink cotton panties I'm the man of Steel.

You think the Kobra Kai would put up with this?

Dabo also says..

Joe Craig will probably stay on the team! So we will get to see how fast/good he is after all.

Name the guy in the photo..

In other news, Larry Williams did an interview with Billy D. and he was a complete asshole.

Mickey Plyler blasted him for it today, if you have not read both articles you need to. Billy D. on Tigerillustrated and Plyler's blog on Tigernet.

Chad Morris says he was shocked at the lack of speed on offense at Clemson before now, says there was more speed at Tulsa and his high school team, wow?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Finally, the SEC is wanting to actually get credit they deserve for already paying their players the "full" cost of education. Hookers, rims, etc. And in Columbia, the full cost includes payment of disorderly conduct fines and Bojangles 2 for 1 deals.

Media Days Blog Link

Lol, Brent thinks Okinawa is in China..

Kind of surprised I did not get any comments on The Green Bastard. Something I think we all can appreciate, T. Boyd Seems to be the most impressed with M. Bryant out of the incoming receivers. Clemson fans were sweating because it did not look like he was going to get in, it went down to the wire.

Monday, July 18, 2011

USC breaking bread yo!

Recent video of SoCal's starting RB Marc Tyler..

Just a warning Vance..

Tom Green is making prank calls to Japan..

Uniform changes, thugs etc...

First off let me say I hope Chad Kelly turns out to be a pure thug. I hope he is the biggest asshole that anyone can fathom, I am tired of all the nice guys at Clemson. I just don't want him to get caught breaking the law or team rules and play football. Same for Bellamy, pure attitude, I don't care if he goes to church and loves Jesus. I want him to burn people on the field and talk shit as he does it. I welcome it, I am tired of all these nice guys.

Brent I agree with you about the uniforms, I mean it worked for Oregon, but its their identity and other teams trying to do it just takes away from them in my opinion. I think Clemson needs to get back to the more traditional orange and white uniforms. Not blue or faggedy assed purple.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The site looks really good!

I don't know how you found time to upgrade the site with your nasty animal pic searches and all. It does look really good though. I like the newspaper look a lot. I especially like the breaking news to the left.

Brent, I think the jerseys look pretty good as well. I really can't find a lot of difference in the look though. If anything they toned it down a bit I think. The best part about the jerseys is they fit tighter and are supposed to be 20% lighter.

I broke down and bought NCAA 12 today. I'm gonna be playing a dynasty for a while though before I attempt online.

Great Look

I like the new look of the site. At first I thought I had went to the wrong place. Nothing new to report this weekend. The NCAA 12 game is pretty polished, but the defense needs to be toned down. I want to watch "Game of Thrones" but don't have HBO. I read the first book and have heard the show was pretty good.

I got a small topic dealing with a minor football element. Uniforms, changes, and how tradition plays a part in them. I saw, playing the game, that SC has changed their uniform designs slightly. They look pretty good, but at the same time I am old fashioned and was glad when Dabo changed Clemson back to their traditional striped uniforms. The purple is cool, but besides purple tops on white bottoms, I would not mind seeing that color being only a minor part of the uni's. I just think the purple is overpowering. And I know I have defended them before.

But to my point, have you noticed that it's mainly teams that don't have a ton of tradtion that go with new and flashy uniform styles lately? Could you imagine Alabama with curves and a black jersey? What about Notre Dame with Odd designs etched on their jerseys? I'm not trying to flame or anything. It was just an observation I've made with the current trend of upstart teams changing their uniforms every two years.

Segment 2 Trailor Park Boys the TV show, I present to you, The Green Bastard

The first of a series of segments of shows Blake should be watching but he is not,, Game of Thrones

Hot ass Jessica Chobot talks about The Evil Dead remake...

Let me know what you guys think...

of the new website? I think it looks good, hot articles we discuss to the right and links of breaking news articles to the left. Commits, gamecock arrests ect...

If Brent can stop littering the site with gay assed pictures maybe? If blake can lay off the pipe before he posts as well? Gamecock tradition in the SEC vs Clemson's tradition? Comparing Gamecock players in the off season to Clemson's even THIS year? COME ON SON! You are bringing a knife to a bazooka fight.

Give me more suggestions for the site if you have them and what do you guys think?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Yes its good to be in the SEC!

I don't blame you for being so jealous and wanting Clemson to join the SEC so bad lol. Especially with the way you guys pay players (reference your pic below).

Oh, how has Joe Craig been? You were really high on that guy right? He beat any stupid trick ass hoes with shower curtain rods lately?


Well, if you're into conspiracy theories, then maybe ESPN has something to do with the SEC schools staying out of trouble. You have to think with that huge contract that investment will be protected. They already oversign players without penalty. Cam Newton's dad has the best church in Georgia. you really think these southern towns are gonna rat on players? These teams are bigger than the pros for southeastern fans.

It is rather odd that no SEC is under too much fire right now. Sure, LSU is being linked to Lyles, but nothing will come of it. By the way, who's on the Stephen Garcia suspension watch with me?

What SEC school has been busted?

Not one thing has happened to Auburn and why Auburn and not Miss St? I think most would agree SEC schools are doing it more than the average conference and not one has been busted. I mean FSU, GaTech, North Carolina, Oregon but no SEC school. The point is if every school is doing it now, how will they compete with the SEC if they are held to different standards? GaTech is in the same state as UGA and GaTech needed to get busted for that but not UGA?

Wow bro, hard to imagine that this is not blatantly obvious. As for the other schools being investigated supposedly? I don't know, but did you know GaTech was being investigated before they got hammered? Thats actually been a big part of the story, no one including UGA knew it was happening, so everything is not always public. I don't have a problem with schools doing it really, I just have a problem with everyone but the SEC getting busted for it.

You so scandalous

I'm not sure what I think is right or wrong with any of these scandals anymore. I'm not sure it should be a crime for a player to sell HIS name. I mean, that player earned it. This is speaking of Ohio State of course.

Either way, its all one big mess. I don't think this is the end of the witch hunt. ESPN will keep searching for headlines, so I can imagine a lot of fearful coaches right now. This is a very widespread epidemic, and I'm not so sure there is any innocent team out there.....well, except Clemson.

I don't like to see any of these scandals. Messes up the view of the game. Also, why in the hell does any team vacate wins? I think that is pointless. Moreover, it puts a stain on the innocent players who worked hard in those games. There's two sides to all this. You have the media calling these schools in question criminal, while the players are calling themselves poor victims of a bunch of millionaires. Personally, a full-paid scholarship is what every parent in america would call a huge yearly payment. Sorry you're too poor to own a car and rims that the middle income family gets after years of saving and hard work.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Welcome back nasty animal pics!

I agree with you bro. There is something fishy about that whole GT thing. I also think however that Ohio State and Oregon get what they deserve, as does Auburn.

Where I find conflict is where you defend Ohio State and Oregon by saying "these SEC schools." Which outside of Auburn are you referring to?

Are you suggesting that there are schools in the SEC outside of Auburn that are doing more than any other school in the nation as far as paying players and such? I thought you and I had both established that nearly all schools do it.

The problem is not the SEC, it is the NCAA. All schools do it and Auburn is definitely on the hotseat right now. It took 4 years before the hammer was dropped on USC for the Reggie Bush fiasco.

Don't take this post wrong. GT is surely getting screwed right now. I can only imagine what the GT fanbase feels like right now, or dream about what they feel like since Carolina has never had a title to take away lol. But this does seem like something that would happen to Carolina. Have a title taken away over $300. As a matter of fact, if we do win a title of any sort this will probably happen to us.

In closing, you are right about the NCAA needing to get investigated. Everyone in the country would agree with you there. Hard to blame the SEC though (outside of Auburn) since they are doing pretty much what every other program in the nation is doing. Should they just quit doing it because they feel sorry for other programs that are getting hammered? Let those other conferences get ahead? That won't happen until one big program gets popped. That program may just be Auburn..

I pretty much think GaTech is getting screwed...

A kid gets $300 worth of clothes that turn out to be from his family and they get all that because some guy in the compliance office made them angry? While all of these SEC schools are doing what everyone knows the are doing? But GaTech, Oregon and Ohio State gets hammered? I think its time the NCAA themselves get investigated, which should be done by a federal agency and I don't thinks its too far from happening either.

Gamecocks Win the 2011 Football National Championship!

In simulation at least lol. Hey, if it happened in a video game it should happen in real life right?

Clemson 2009 ACC Champs?

Only we can wish. The reason I would liked to have seen the trophy handed over to Clemson is in hopes that the same would happen for us when the hammer is dropped on Auburn.

I'm kind of surprised by the lack of comments on this GT subject by the way. Small excerpt below:


Brent are you a member? Not sure if you can read the articles either Blake but Cris Ard is doing interviews with former coaches that have been epic. Its brought back allot of memories but still no emotions on what things were and how they ended up. I had forgotten what Bobby Robinson looked like, I want you to just look at him in this video, be sure you watch old Stan attack him in the parking lot(at the 3min mark). HE represents what happened to Clemson football:

Thursday, July 14, 2011

By the way, I think you missed part of the article....

Here is the part I think you missed?

I know a lot of people ask me if the SEC offer to A&M is still valid. So I contacted my source who has direct contacts inside the SEC offices and has given me great information over the past year.

He told me that in the spring, the SEC was really focused on working with CBS and ESPN to restructure their TV deal given how the dollars have skyrocketed with the ACC , new Big 12, and Pac-12. He also told me that the SEC felt they could get a new deal by expansion of two teams to get the networks to the table and that a priority was Texas A&M. In fact, my source claims that the SEC has/had Clemson ready to go and they were simply waiting to see if Texas A&M could get their ducks in a row and leave the Big 12. When I asked whether the SEC would still take A&M, he said paraphrasing “are you kidding me, the SEC is drooling over the Aggies. They bring the state of Texas to the table.” But he was clear to say that was the focus in the spring. He says that while the SEC would take A&M and expand in a minute, he questioned whether Texas A&M would want to come to the SEC right now given what he called “the mess that is building here”.


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