Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I forgot you went to the game....

I hate it that it was that one....

But taking lumps, I don't think so. OL takes a long time to build. Thats the first game you have lost that you should have won since Spurrier got there. In my opinion, you guys have been blessed. How many teams have you beaten you shouldn't have? Yes, its not like Vanderbilt is Duke either, lol. So, I like the direction you guys are going in. Except the fans, booing and acting stupid. Saying his offense doesn't work. OK, they could meld Bear Bryant, Danny Ford, Vince Dooley, Joe Morrison and every other great coach together. Then bring in Joe Montana in his best years at QB. Your offense still wouldn't work without an OL,period. It will get there.

I listened to the Central Michigan game. In the first quarter in fact it looked like my prediction was a reality. They came out and went right down the field. Clemson came out and threw an interception. After the 1st quarter CM played like shit. Yes we have a very good football team. However it can certainly score 70 points one week and then 3 the next. Which is what I expect to happen.

I guess you could look at it as 2 losses. I think in my mind after Va Tech its actually 4 and 6 in the past 10 games. Not really a very good quality win unless you consider FSU a quality win. I think they would beat us now. So yes, it would be great to win out. That would mean we had turned it around. We should be beating everyone left on our schedule including BC. That would be great. Too bad its not going to happen.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hey, I'll take my lumps..

The sad part was that we went to Columbia to watch the pathetic showing. I had a GREAT seat. Right smack in the middle of the 50 yard line, club seats (no bleachers, seats with backs.) I was still miserable the whole game. I told you guys that if we played another game like we did in the 2nd half of the UNC game, we would lose. We played worse than we did in the UNC game. It was horrific. The O-line was terrible. Defense played well enough for us to win. Giving credit where it is due, Vandy is a better team than advertised. The losses that they have came by, Bama, Auburn, and a very close game to UGA. Not to make excuses, we still should have won. It wasn't a complete surprise though after watching the UNC game.

I don't blame it on Spurrier. If LB's are running by the O-line untouched the majority of the game you don't have much to work with. I questioned some of his play calling in the UNC game but not the Vandy game. We just have to put it all behind us and try to win the rest of them. I think we can if the O-line just has an average game. They don't have to dominate the line, just be average. It sux but we gotta let it go.

Clemson really lit it up. I thought they would though. You're not going to hold a talented offense like that down long. I never got incredibly down on the Clemson squad like the other fans did after those 2 losses. They are still a good team. Will the coaching staff allow them to have a successful ending to the season? That's the real question. I've been saying that since well before the season started. You guys remember, don't you? It's going to be an interesting ride the rest of the way. Who the hell knows what is going to happen.. lol.

We're ready for you to come on home bro. I wasn't expecting you that early, that's great news. Let me know if you get anymore info..

Something very interesting mentioned.......

June Jones. I mean, I thought about Jerry Glanville but not him. I just like Jerry. He ran the run and shoot at the Houston Oilers. But he makes his money on defense. He just started as the head coach this year fresh from Hawaii at some little known school. He would have been or could be a good one. It just seems as though its his turn to be successful too.

But this post isn't about him. Its about his mentor, June Jones. I'd be willing to bet, one of the people Spurrier fashioned his offense after was June Jones. June is the creator of the run and shoot. My opinion is that the fun and gun is a modification of the run and shoot. It does something important in that it has running, the run and shoot does not. Short passes in the run and shoot take the place of the run. I think Hawaii can hang offensively with anyone in college football. So why not?

Some would say he has an exceptional QB in Colt Brennan. True, but that offense makes a QB look very good. I think Harper could look just as good. Korn? We all know I want Paul Johnson, I still think he is our best option and this would be the exact opposite. But it certainly is a very interesting thought.

Having said all that. I like what James Davis said this week. He consistently blocks, hits and plays like we want everyone on the team to play. At full speed. He said point blank. We will win this weekend, because we have to, guaranteed. Now, he could very well be wrong. But I can guarantee that if everyone on the team had his attitude we would be undefeated and win the rest of our games including Bowden. Bowden for example is busy talking about how well Maryland is coached and what a good team they are. In other words, as far as he is concerned expect more of the same thing we have come to expect from the Tigers this weekend. Lack of effort and an overabundance of excuses afterwards.

OKAY!!! Time to spruce things up a bit!!!!!!!

Its getting close to the big game so smack talk time. Which means its getting close to time for me to come home. I am trying to make it in time for the BC game. I can't say for sure, I could make it or miss it by a matter of hours.

The Tigers looked pretty good Saturday. Central Michigan was terrible. Every time I see them play pretty good, deep down in a stupid part of my brain I think, wow what if they have finally turned it around. I see a little shit talking from the players. Ummm, I'm not convinced. Win 3 out of the WF, BC, SC and Maryland game and I will be satisfied. Duke should be a given.

I hear allot of criticism of Spurrier by Gamecock fans. Saying his offense sux. I think they need to take a step back and rethink things. Hes doing fine. I believe this is the first game that he lost that he should have won. It happens, believe me. It will happen again even when he gets the team to where they need to be. I still think you guys are having a good year.

Oh Smack talk building up to the big game and my return.....

Having said all that Blake, I'm sorry the Gamecocks

Friday, October 19, 2007


He is not going to come in and save the day. I have my fingers crossed he does one thing right this year and gives him the Medical Redshirt!!!!

You guys are doing great...

I hear they looked different in the second half. I didn't get to see the game. But Spurrier's concept is exactly what he did. He has always built a big lead and then ran the football. At one time he was running up the score. But after they changed the way they do the polls he also reverted back.

Sounds crazy, and obviously it didn't work out last Saturday. But you guys won. Its actually smart, he would like to be able to do it one day successfully. It is safe, one interception can change the momentum and get your QB down mentally. It also helps build a running game. Something you will need to win consistently. So while it needs work, it is probably what he needs to continue to work on and he will. Faster defensive teams such as LSU and in our case Va Tech will shut down all those slants and run and shoots he does. He knows he has to be more well balanced.

What about Kentucky, wow.

I don't mention him as much because I haven't got to see South Florida's team play. But the coach there has built the team from the ground up and they are no fluke. He is also someone that would be good for us to get no doubt. He is also probably very attainable right now. Probably not after this year. I bet he gets a new contract with a huge buyout at the end of the season. Another one that we will regret like Grobes if we don't jump on him.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

OK.. I'm Now A USF Fan...

My lord, she is hot!

Sorry for the lack of posts bro..

I had a couple of tests this week but I got them out of the way.

Time for a little sand-bagging on my part.. Carolina is ranked as 6th in the nation in the BCS polls. That's great and all, BUT, if we have another offensive performance like we had in the second half of that UNC game; we will lose the rest of the games on our schedule. I have not seen a game where a team was as night/day as South Carolina was in the 2 halfs of that game. We came out like world beaters in the first half. In the second half we came out like Southern Turd State. We have got to get more consistent on offense. O-line was the biggest concern in the 2nd half. Spurrier didn't call a very good game in the 2nd half as well. We lit up the UNC defense passing the ball in the first half. In the second half we come out running the ball behind the center. Right behind the center, every play. Why not run it to the outside, if you must run on every play. I know Spurrier will figure it out though. I just hope we don't have a huge crash and burn season like Clemson did last season. I'm preparing myself for it but I think Spurrier will figure it out.

Blake will play Saturday! Not start, but play. I know it doesn't sound like the great idea right now. Then again, think about the success Blake had when he returned last season. I think Blake may blow it up the rest of the season when he gets his shot. If he doesn't, it's wonderful to know that we have a dependable QB in Smelley. I think we may go to the game this Sat. against Vandy. Going to be nice to see the Gamecocks again in person, especially considering that it isn't on TV.

Also, prediction on the Clemson vs. Central game this weekend. I think Clemson is going to blow them out of the water by 3 TDs or more. Thing is, I'm not so sure that that's what the Clemson fans want to happen. College football is crazy!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Having said all that....

All of the sudden this weekend's game has become critical for Bowden. I think Central Michigan is a knock off type team. A team that plays with all out effort against bigger schools. This is the type of program that hopes to catch you looking the other way. Not up for a game with them. Its very very possible this weekend we get upset. That would wake up even the most die hard Bowden supporters.

We are banged up. Normally I would say it couldn't be helped and its not our fault. No so this time. We are banged up due to a lack of toughness. I mean the UFC champion could let me beat the crap out of him if he just stood there and let me do it. Thats what we did with Va Tech, it is our fault.

Making my case for Paul Johnson....

First off lets look at the current program:


  1. Good recruiting
  2. Decent offensive scheme in theory
  3. Number 12 in the country at total defense
  4. Off the field behavior both in and out of the classroom

  1. Lack of toughness on both sides of the ball
  2. Inability to adapt to adversity from both the first half during the game and after a loss
  3. Changing the game plan to something that just doesn't even make sense, poor poor coaching after these loses, again inability to adapt
  4. Trying to play football with finesse instead of toughness, finesse is for tennis!
  5. Lack of effort, inability to inspire players
  6. Special teams
  7. Special teams
  8. Special teams
What Paul Johnson could bring:

  1. Resurgence of a winning tradition built on toughness
  2. Recruiting different types of players, he would recruit Va Tech type players which believe it or not are much easier to come by (Tribble Resse would probably be better than any QB he has ever had at Navy). Run block recievers instead of uncommon athletes.
  3. Probably the best running game in history
  4. A toughness we have not had since Danny Ford
  5. A team with a refuse to lose attitude
  6. Ability to inspire players to play beyond their potential

Paul Johnson can win without big name recruits. Virtually everyone he recruited even 2 stars would be better athletes than the ones he has at Navy. He would win and that alone would attract even better athletes. I feel like he could bring Clemson football back to what it was built on.

Its such a shame for Bowden. He has all the capability to get the job done. Either he can't see it or its not worth the effort it would take to win. Why do I say that? Look at the way we played FSU and even South Carolina before last year. Those teams looked like champions. The ones that showed up on those weeks. Unfortunately its always a different team the week before and the week after. He has the ability to inspire. He does it every time his job is in question. Somehow this makes me even madder and is another strike against keeping him around.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Grobes is just not even a possibility buddy...

You forget he signed a 10 year contract. In his contract its a 4 million dollar buy out for whatever school wants him. Then 2 million for him a few more million for Bowden's buyout. At least a million for assistant coaches leaving and coming, probably 2. 10, 11, 12 or 13 million dollars right off the bat. Its not happening. I wish it could but its not. I hear WF is paying him very good too.

Face it, Paul Johnson is the best candidate. South Florida or even Central Florida's coach would be the next on the list.

Eight games? I can't see it happening this year. Did you see what WF did to a much improved Fla State team? Maryland is no push over at home either. Hell they beat us last year in the Valley. BC? Yeah right. SC? Nope. That's 4 right there. We might beat one of them. Still only a 7 win season. Half the team is not practicing right now because Va Tech beat the shit out of them. So Central Michigan is no Guarantee either.

How about Bud Carson from Va Tech?

Will the hammer drop?

Will the hammer drop this year? Will Tommy Bowden finally leave Clemson? Or will he pull the hat trick and win the 8 neccesary games to keep his job? Thats all he needs guys. It doesn't matter who he beats, all he needs is 8 and TDP will have no choice to keep him. The thing is, he is good for 8 wins. That is all. I feel like we are in a time recycle, because his teams do this every year and we fans do this every year.

I can't understand some of the few supporters. Its almost ridiculous to read what they have to say. They talk about alma mater singing, how pretty the field is, how our players stay in school (that isn't anything to brag about, because James Davis and CJ Spiller are like tweedledee and tweedledum though I hate to say that about them. I heard them announcing starting lineups for the GT game and it was awful), and that Tommy is a "nice" guy! These have got to be women and middle aged men who go just to have something to do on the weekends. Why does everyone think another coach who may bring success will bring the school trouble? Why are these people not mad about the Clemson Tigers gettting pushed around in DEATH VALLEY? Why do they like national analysts laughing at us and calling Clemson schizoprhenic and just doing what they always do?

Jim Grobe. Throw him an offer he can't refuse. I guarantee you Wake Forest isn't giving him a million a year and if they are its just barely, because the school isn't big enough. It is time for this program to get serious about football and throw 2 million a year for 5 to 7 years. This is the guy to go after!

My take on Wadstat?

Well first off look at us for example. Bowden is gonna be good for Clemson in the long run. Lou Holtz was good for South Carolina. Wadstat is certainly going to be good for Pittsburg. Why? I mean all these coaches at the moment look to be miserable failures. Not so fast my friend, lol. Ten years ago most people had never even heard of Clemson or South Carolina. We think so, but they didn't. I knew that Dan Marino came from Pitt, most didn't even know that. Their only claim to fame.

Sure Danny Ford give us a little fame with the national title. But it was certainly too long ago to matter these days. In short all these coaches put us on the map. Everyone knows who SC, Clemson and Pittsburg is now. Now you have Steve Spurrier, obviously he is going to be successfull for you. When Bowden leaves, we will eventually maybe after another blunder or two going to get a good coach. Pittsburg is probably going to get one eventually too, but Wadstatt is far from being in condemmed status at the moment.

Eventually these coaches will be good for the school. Maybe not in results on the field, but making us household names. This looks mighty tasty to a good coach wanting to make a name for himself. Knowing that a big name coach failed and they could make it big time by turning their failures around.

Hes another however that is not even a possibility in my mind to come to Clemson. I'm not so big on NFL coaches coming to schools like ours. They need the USC's or Miami's type recruits to be successfull. We need a different type. South Florida's coach comes to mind as a legit candidate with a strong possibility of success. I don't think Petrino is out of the realm of possibility and he is a very good recruiter. He also falls into the category of being an asshole, I like the idea of that one, lol.

Oh, didn't Wadstat get his ass handed to him by none other than Paul Johnson just last weekend? I just had a wonderfull thought. Navy has never been able to beat Notre Dame, it seems like a strong possibility this year! GOOD TO GO!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Good posts Bro,

I didn't get to read the Plyler article. The link wouldn't work for some reason. I tend to agree with you about Rich Rod. I think he has found his comfort zone at WVU, simular to Grobe at Wake. I think Paul Johnson is a very high possiblity.

Another name has come up as of late. It's someone that I've heard you mention in the past. You was pretty high on him then, not sure if you still are. Dave Wandstat. I don't think Pitt is to happy with him right now. Thoughts on him?

My take on J. Johnson....

First off its amazing how many Friends TDP has. LOL

But lets just take it seriously for a second.....

Would it be good? Sure who wouldn't want to see him roll in. But, he had unbelievable talent at Miami (Hurricanes) and Dallas. He didn't with the Dolphins and he failed miserably. On top of that most say he broke more rules in recruiting than anyone in history. He just never got caught strangely enough. Not so sure on him. But, I wouldn't complain either.

The more thins look the same, the more they look different this year.....

First off read these articles if you have not already before reading on:

Things are very different this year from past years. First off talent is the big no go fact vs the get out of jail free card. In short we have it, no excuses there. Secondly, quite simple and not hard to even come up with. The Gamecocks, best team left on our schedule. Even if we pull out a miracle in the rest of our games, I still see us losing in Columbia. Not gonna be the old get out of jail card either, another no go. In other words instead of these being saving graces as in years past they are actually factors having an opposite effect. Ones that will be hard at best for Tommy to overcome.

Mickey has somewhat changed his point of view. He makes a good point in that most Tommy supporters have gone over to the other side. Even they are accepting the truth. I'd say his only supporters are guys that don't really care or understand college football now. His article was a little different at the end. Can we afford to get rid of him, and Can we afford not too?

As for the rumors, the Rich Rodriguez thing is silly. He is not leaving West Va. I believe its where he is from on top of the new contract. They love him, he could start losing and they would still love him for a very long time. Why in the shit would he wanna drag himself into the lion's den? Wouldn't even make sense. He gets favor in the polls and has the best oppurtunity with his schedule for a National Title.

I like the fact Paul Johnson was mentioned. Mentioned as the likely attainable and affordable candidate. Yes, he would draw in the crowds. Winning draws in crowds. He would do it. The big money comes from older fans. Older fans who still remember Danny Ford. Danny Ford ran the option. It would be like going back in time. They would flock to the games and open up their pockets to see it again. I guarantee it. I am quite sure TDP knows this too. I think he had had enough last year, but it just wasn't logical to make a change. For one, financially and secondly it would cause major controversy. Most would be saying whoever came won with Bowden's talent and he would have done the same. Its not gonna be the case now. Most of his supporters are simply tired of the same thing year in and year out. It seems even worse this year.

Having said all that, I can't see us not losing 2 out of the next 4. We couldn't get up for GT or even a home game with VT. I can't see us getting up for Central Michigan. Either we squeak by or lose that one. BC will beat us, Maryland or WF will too. Maybe both, were losing in columbia big this year. Save a miracle, hes gone boys...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

If you really want to bring someone in to help with hitting...

They should put Levon Kirland on the coaching staff. If I am not mistaken, I read somewhere that he actually works on campus now anyway. He is one of the biggest hitters to ever come through right under their noses.

Also, if its not broke don't fix it. Special teams are beyond broke, the offense is broke, the defense has played very well. The defense has played well enough to win every game. In fact they have kept points off the board in some pretty bad situations where the other team should have scored.

I think if you brought in Paul Johnson and his offense and I mean his offense players and all. Players that showed up at Navy, some of the smartest around that just looked big enough to play. Non-recruited players no James Davis, CJ Spiller, Jacoby ford, Korn, Harper, Recruited Offensive lineman, took them all away. Brought in his players on offense. Kept our defense and VK, all our defensive players. We would be undefeated right now. You can't convince me he wouldn't have won all our games. Think about it.

But thats just my opinion, think hes not able to get them to hit harder year in and year out than they should really be able to? He does, every year in fact. I say bring in Paul Johnson as Head Coach. Offer Danny Ford a position on the staff. He ran the same type team as Paul Johnson. He may or may not want the job but I would ask. One things for sure, it would be interesting and we would be one of the most physical teams in college football.

Having said all that, we do certainly have the best oppurtunity yet to end up with a losing record. With one of the most talented football teams we have ever had. All we have to do is keep playing the same way. Its very possible and I think Bowden is gone if it does.

Oh and one other thing. Bowden is right about Special Teams. He can't fix them, he has done everything he can do. Its not getting fixed. He spent the past 15 months working on them and if anything they are at their worst, which is damn bad. Hes not fixing them this week or next. In fact hes not gonna fix them all year.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Unorganized Rants from the Battle Kat.

Vance, I have been thinking about it, and I want Clemson to find a completely new staff. I know we got good coaches and some are worth saving, but as with you we need something new. They let Jacoby Ford get destroyed and Clemson didn't pop anyone back in retaliation. Koenning should have told one of his players to destroy somebody, take a personal foul if need be.

I know you like VK and the defense is playing good, but I don't think anyone fears our defense like they should. They are all fast, but who is regarded as nasty? Watching LSU play Carolina, I want a defense like that or like VT. Sure they did some dirty shit, but it gets into the players heads. And now Davis and Spiller don't even scare anybody. Its not their fault, but it is the truth. Clemson doesn't scare anyone and you can bet on losses to BC and SC because they will push Clemson around. Maryland's offensive line is scary and Wake Forest just makes the coaching staff look like a bunch of fools. Tommy Bowden said that he couldn't spend anymore time on special teams Sunday. That is the most foolish thing I have ever heard. He has lost 2 games and most of it was special teams. I think they need to spend twice the amount of time. Bowden is just too irritating to listen to sometimes after losses. Also, I do agree that he is a good guy and that he really is giving it his best, but it's time for somebody on this staff to get nasty, drop some F-bombs at the players and make them come out busting people in the mouth. Quit paying attention to percentages on offense and go out there and be more physical. Sadly, I don't think we have the type of coaching mentality for this. Also, Burton Burns leaving this program really hurt the running game IMO. He got all he could get out of mediocre talent for years and I think the RB's just played better for him. Beside's Andre Powell had a background in special teams and I think they may be even worse.

I would love to have Jim Grobe as a coach. Paul Johnson would be fine too. Hell bring Danny Ford in as an interim this year and maybe Clemson will f$#*ing hit somebody. I am still pissed about the Jacoby Ford play. They should not have let them get away with that period. We need David Dunham back. That was our last true head buster and I guarantee somebody in Blacksburg would be seeing stars right now if he would have been playing.

This week a very ignorant fan made a post that I actually had to agree with surprisingly.....

I mean this guy must have couldn't even spell. But I'll have to admit, I had thought the same thing. I would just as soon have Tommy West still. I mean West never had the players Bowden has.

We are missing something critical, something that everyone can see. Toughness, we don't have it. A bunch of pansies. I'm sorry, we just are a sissy football team under Bowden and we have been since the last of West's influence left. Or maybe it was Rodriguez, I don't know for sure. I just know Bowden's first couple of years we played tough. But not since.

I would also like to see players who say "Winning is OK, but all I really want is to see little snot bubbles everytime I hit them". Thats what we lack, toughness.

I hate to say it, if we are gonna go 8 and 4 again and go to the Dookie Bowl. I'd just as soon lose every game and get a change. I'm fed up and I don't have one bit of faith left that we are going to ever be any different than we are now. Even if its a failure and in the grand scheme of things its likely it would be, I still want a change. I'm tired of the same crap year in and year out. Just give me something else to look at for a change. Even if its a new form of sorriness, I don't care.

Oh and I still like VK....

We are leading the ACC in total defense. He only allowed Va Tech about 200 total yards. Pretty damn good to motivate a defense like that when things are so shitty. He may or may not be a good head coach, I wouldn't complain or argue with a decision to give him a shot.

I read Chris Ard's article. He was saying a buyout would mean $600,000 a year for the next 4 years. Not something the administrators would want to do. BULLSHIT! TDP's has made it plain the money is already set aside for that. That comes out to 2.4 million. We gave Danny Ford 3 million almost 20 years ago! 3 million was alot more and much harder to come by back then.

I think they would like to give him one more year. They buyout wouldn't be much at all then. However it won't factor into the decision to keep or fire him. I think most fans want a change. If they really want a change they need to do one thing, stop going to the games. I can't see where they have had much of a good time in 6 out of the last ten games anyway.

Brent, get your nose out of the pizza sauce and Erin's butt......

Glad to hear you posts, but where have you been. Come on, lets talk coaching changes, we do it every year.

Good discussion, lets go throught the list then....

Let me start out by saying my pick is still Paul Johnson, over everyone you mentioned even the outlandish ones.

I don't see how we have a shot at Grobe at all. Of course we would want him, it just doesn't seem possible so not much on that one.

I think Tuberville is an asshole. But I am like you were about Spurrier, you didn't like him but would gladly take him as a head coach. I'd certainly be happy with that however.... I am sure I told you , I stayed in Alabama for a weekend and he is on every other commercial. I don't see him getting fired or quitting any time soon.

The Cohwer thing is a bit overdone don't you think? He is coaching at Pittsburg still right? If he retires, initially I don't think he is gonna give two shits about coaching college football. Maybe in a few years he would get bored, but not right now. I believe last time I saw where this was started by Cock fans. Or maybe a very ignorant Clemson fan, but having said all that stranger things have happened.

I don't know anything about Bellicheck. So I'm not even gonna touch that one.

Speaking of stranger things. I have had J. Johnson on my mind lately. I don't know exactly why. I can't say in all certainty hes not bored and looking to come back into coaching. Why not? But again just silly fan talk.

No comment on Bobby Johnson, I think that was started solely by Chriss Pless.

One things for sure, I don't want a nice guy. I want an asshole. I want people to say yeah they won but the coach is such a dickhead! Thats what I want, a complete prick who will stop at nothing (except recruiting violations) to win. I am being totally serious, nice guys finish last hence Steve Spurrier a proven asshole. He seems to do quite well. lol

Monday, October 08, 2007


I'm not going to crow on the Gamecocks to much just yet. It almost seems to good to be true with how well they are doing right now. I don't want to mess it up.. lol. All signs point to great season as of now. 7th in the nation, every team left on our schedule looks beatable, but.. We could also lose the final four games..

As long as we beat UNC, Vandy, Clemson, and 1 out of the other 3 teams (Tenn, Arky, and UF) I will be happy. We should be able to pull at least that off and finish with a strong 9-3 or 10-2 season with a shot at LSU again in Atlanta. Here's to hoping for the best!

Who's Clemson's next HC?

You guys have summed up the VT game. No need for me comment on it. Tommy could save his job once again by beating the Gamecocks but I feel about like you guys do on the chances of that happening this season. Time for the Tigers to look towards the future. It's time for TDP to show some sack and send baby Bowden packing..

You guys won't believe some of the rumors stirring among the Clemson faithful. Chris Pless said a while back that Jimmy Johnson was in the picture. Since the VT game I have also heard on the message boards Bill Cowher and Bill Belichick were in the picture.. lol. Unbelievible what those guys are saying. Let's be realistic though. Vance, I know the 2 guys you would want: Paul Johnson and Jim Grobe. Paul Johnson is a good shot but not as sure about Grobe. I think Grobe is in his comfort zone at Wake. Who knows though, after Spurrier came to Carolina.. You never know. Another good mention I've heard is Tommy Tuberville. He is kind of on the hot seat right now and I could see him at Clemson. Also, I've heard some Clemson fans mention Bobby Johnson; coach of Vanderbilt. I could also see him at Clemson. I think he is a good coach and he would do well with Clemson's talent. Look what he did with only 2 play makers in 2005. One more candidate that can't go without mention, Victor Koenning. He is already established at Clemson. He knows all of the current players and he is already recruiting future prospects for Clemson.

There are a lot more coaches out there than many think. Which one will Clemson land if (when) Tommy is fired? Also, how bad do you think it hurts recruiting if Tommy is fired? That would be the only downfall of Tommy leaving the Clemson program..

They sure had me fooled....

Maybe it was just false hope. Or maybe its the fact I have only got to listen to them. I really thought they were doing something this year. I really thought they were doing what they had to do to get to where we should be.

In two weeks time, they have gone right back to the same old shit. Spence does not have the ability to adjust. He can't adjust at half time and even worse he can't adjust correctly after a loss. Special teams are just unbelievably bad all the sudden.

Bowden should thank his lucky stars we played FSU already, they would mop the floor with us right now. Myself, I can easily see us losing 4 more games, putting us at 6-6. All they have to do is continue to play like they are right now. BC and SC are going to give us a good beating. WF and Maryland we can expect one loss between the two, quite possibly both. I'm telling you, Central Michigan is going to play us hard and I dunno. I have had a bad feeling about them anyway. So it can certainly be real real bad by the end of the year.

I think Bowden is a good guy, I even think he does his best. But with the talent he has now, we can certainly expect no better from here on as long as he stays. Things are different now, SC will mop the floor with us this year in Columbia, beating them has been the only thing saving his job year in and year out. He loses this year, 2 years in a row, thats the one thing they won't put up with.


Vance, you would not have wanted to see it. Clemson lost the game as soon as Cullen Harper threw a pick 6 on the first drive. Clemson was very unprepared on offense and the special teams are just awful. On the kickoff return for a 100 yards, it was kicked 6 yards into the endzone, the guy took a step backwards, and he still seemingly jogged down the field for the touchdown. I have seen Clemson get embarassed before, but this was dismal. Tommy Bowden should really be ashamed of his performance. Then he had the gall to compare himself to Mark Richt and Mack Brown in his teleconference today because they have lost twice. Does he really think he is on th level with those guys? Definitely not, because when they go to their office they stare at multiple conference championships and Tommy Bowden stares at Humanitarian bowl trophies. Oh yeah Vance, I can't see this team doing better than 8-4 and quite frankly I don't see them getting there. I really can't understand how you don't have your team playing its best every game 9 years into your program. Its one thing to lose, but completely different to lose by poor coaching and adjustment. Oh and another thing: Rob Spence is terrible!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Well theres the answer...

I certainly did have a good feeling about this years team.....

I guess now it was just hope instead of reality.

I didn't get to watch or hear the game this week, is was on at 3 in the morning. But looking at the play calling it was not good, only running the ball 12 times, good god (Kentucky gameplan?). Special teams all the sudden are as bad or worse than last year. Certainly you will never beat Beamer with poor special teams.

I thought we had a shot to beat everyone on our schedule. Now, I think Maryland and Wake are every bit as good as VT and GT, maybe better. BC and SC are no doubt better. Central Michigan is even a worry playing like we are. I can easily forsee us losing four more games playing like we have the past two weeks. If we do lose 4 more, we will most likely be getting a new coach. Especially if one of them is SC which is likely. Good person and effort aside, we have too much talent to do this every year, even his brother pretty much said that on the radio this week.

This is our best shot at a good season, everybody knows it. I don't see TDP bringing him back if he does what its looking likely he will do this year. Funny how things change for the the Tigers in a 2 week period. I'm very disappointed.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Thanx bro!

Yea it was a huge win; a must win. We gotta keep it up though. Go in there the next couple of weeks and whip UNC and Vandy and we could find ourselves in the top 5 when we face Tennessee. We should move to around 7th Sunday. Never would have thought that we would be ranked this high mid-way through the season!

It was a good win but we could have played better.. Smelley had a few bad passes where he had a guy open and overthrew him. He had a good game over-all and you gotta remember, he's just a Freshman. Our running game didn't come-on to much in this game. We were calling power runs the whole game and Kentucky answered them well. Our run D wasn't the best either but we were defending against the pass on almost every play. We were going to let them get their yards on the ground but we weren't going to let them score off of it. Bend don't break approach, and it worked. We held the Kentucky offense to less than 400 yards total offense, which hasn't been done in 9 games. We also held them to less than 40 points, which hasn't been done this season.

I'm telling you guys right now, we have two of the best defensive players in the nation in Eric Norwood and Emanuel Cook and they are only sophmores! Eric Norwood tied a NCAA record when he scored 2 TD on defense. What is so bad is that he could have had 2 more turnovers, as he dropped 2 picks. Emanuel Cook was in on every play and when he hits, he hits hard! He reminds me of Ko Simpson but I think Cook is better. Mark my words, both of these players will be on a All-American list one day. I'm telling you..

Overall, great needed win. What do you guys think about your game this weekend? I really don't have a clue. Both teams you never know about. What do ya'll think?

Good win for the Gamecocks!

Like I said before. As of right now anyway I think they are the second best team on your schedule. Everyone else looks beatable...

You guys had a good feeling during the LSU game. It just had an air around it like things could have turned in your favor at any minute. I think you guys have a very legitimate shot this year.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Yes, time to move on....

But not forget about how bad this really was....

I agree about the time of possession. But not that the defense didn't do its job. 189 yards rushing sounds kind of bad however, not when you figure that out of 62 plays they ran the ball 46 times. They also only scored one TD very early on the game. Then only 6 points, 3 of which were on a blocked punt putting them in FG range.

I can't blame VK for sticking with his plan and letting them have moderated success rushing, when they were not able to get it in the end zone. 250 total yards and 13 points is not that bad.

But offensively, I don't blame Harper and I don't think he folded even under alot of poor blocking and pressure all night. He had two dropped TD passes very well thrown. He also had a TD pass called back for an incredibly stupid and obvious personnel foul by a lineman. Then you figure out of 4 or 5 missed field goals one was 30 yds. Long story short, all that was certainly not all the missed opportunities, 24 points in fact, but it was certainly enough to say Harper did his job.

I listened to the game and of course did not get to see it. But Clemson fans who did that are always quick to throw Spence and Bowden under the bus said the game was called good. In other words the gameplan was a good one. Not what you expect to hear from the fans.

I don't buy into the blitzing deal. This was just another case of players not executing. Not executing as usual in losses I might add. Hasn't been this was all year. I don't have an answer, I think they are being coached well. I just don't have an answer. Very frustrating as usual knowing they have the ability to win and just choose not to.

The Va Tech game is certainly critical now. We will certainly get beat alot worse if we play like we did last weekend because Va Tech is better than Ga Tech in that they have a more well rounded offense and certainly a better defense. Special teams from Beamer goes without saying.

But who knows, this could be the year they finally wake up and play like they can and have. I give it 50 50 at best that they will.


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