Tuesday, October 29, 2013

No I am not....

because we have not factored in your flame predictions yet (pre-season). Currently based on that you are 30 points behind me. I will give you that it appears Clemson will get a couple of more loses, but not 5. I'm only one off so far in terms of Scar's record. Didn't you predict them to go undefeated as well? Without your flame posts though, your ahead.

Monday, October 28, 2013


That you didn't get points for your first prediction, cause you nailed that one

Not everyone Vance

Because you're looking up at me. #feelsevenbetterman

56 points behind the leader

to be exact...


Your only like 30 points behind everyone now.

Even after

All my flame picks, I'm no longer looking up from the bottom. #feelsgoodman

Sunday, October 27, 2013



Week 8

Actual scores
Scar 27 - Mizzou 24
Clem 40 - Maryland 27

Scar 37 - Mizzou 34 -
Score: -20
Clem 34 - Maryland 20 +
Score: 37
Total: 17

Scar 30 - Mizzou 27 +
Score: 44
Clem 45 - Maryland 14 +
Score: 32
Total: 76

Scar 30 - Mizzou 27 -
Score: -6
Clem 41 - Maryland 21 +
Score: 43
Total: 37

Scar 35 - Mizzou 31 +
Score: 35
Clem 49 - Maryland 20 +
Score: 34
Total: 69

Season Total Points
Brent: 385
Rich: 352
Vance: 332
Blake: 408

Friday, October 25, 2013


Scar 35 - Mizzou 31
Clem 49 - Maryland 20


First one: I move to last place.

Fighting Dabos 41
Terrapins          21

Mizzou.           30
Scar                27 


Clemson 34 Maryland 20. 
Missouri 37 South Carolina 34

Agreed bro.


Scar 30 
Mizzou 27

Clem 45
Maryland 14

I don't know bro

You're right about the retarded coaches and players but I don't think it was too much to ask for Scar to beat UT. Also wasn't too much to ask for Clem to keep it respectable with FSU. 

Wait til next year!

I'll say a little more...

We have retarded teams with retarded coaches and retarded players. Which makes us retarded fans with retarded expectations. To sum it up in one word "retarded". 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Nothing to say.

There's not a ton I can say about the FSU game that hasn't been said already. I don't understand why a third year an and coordinator play and call plays like that. That team is awesome but should have only won by 10 or so. I'm tired of that offense sputtering this year. I don't know what's weong with Boyd either.

Missou is your toughest test IMO...

so far. Scar has the ability to win for sure, the big question is will Shaw be healthy? Starting and playing is not what I mean either, with the style of QB he is he has to be able to be very physical to be effective. I don't know who I am picking, I really don't. I think the loss will put Scar in desperation mode and make them play harder. Could be the opposite, no idea.

Clemson? I will go with Clemson, not because of confidence mind you. But because if they lose to a shitty Maryland team I can wear the shirt of shame with pride. Just don't make it something that will get me in trouble at work. Lol

Brent isn't saying much

Hope he's got some color back in his face since Saturday night lol. 

I think

I'm gonna write down all four teams, stick them to the wall and throw darts at them. Which ever teams I hit is who I'm gonna pick. At this point it's completely unpredictable. I really believed at one time that Maryland would beat Clem, but it's gonna be hard for me to pick them with the losses of Diggs and Hall, their top 2 receivers. But on the other hand how much does the loss to fla state take outta Clem. Not just the loss but the way they lost. Plus they are going on the road to a place they have generally not played very well. How motivated will they be?

As for Scar, I really feel like they have a chance to beat mizzou. I think the defense is playing better but will the offense have two bad performances in a row? Maybe spurrier will wait until after the game to get drunk this week instead of having beer for breakfast. We are a way better team than Tennessee but went fucking brain dead Saturday. Play calling sucked. One thing I do like this week, or at least hope for, is that we should see a lot more I formation sets with Dylsn behind center. Please don't misconstrue this as me saying Dylan is better than shaw, cause I don't believe that to be the case at all. I do however feel as though we are at our best on offense when we line up in the I. I think its suits our personnel better. We got two of the top tight ends in the country, IMO, a big bruising road paving o line, and one of the top backs in the country, and enough playmakers at wr to stretch the field so teams can't load the box. If we do this, we win Saturday. If we spread the field and try to chunk it 30 times, we lose. I feel its that simple. 

Yea I'm over it

I was pissed during the game and immediately after but I took a nap and I was over it. FSU sort of saved the day for us Scar fans. This week would have been unbearable had they not beat Clem like they did. Not necessarily talking about here, just in general. I honestly felt bad for Brent watching the game. I could tell that it bothered him much more than the UT loss did me. Scar fans had already lost to UGA so that reality had already hit us once this season. Clem fans had to deal with the reality that Clem isn't a national championship caliber team. To have it come at you in the way of a loss like that is like a punch in the face.

The picks will be interesting this week. I was all in as far as picking Maryland up until Wake this past week lol. Gonna be tough to pick them.

I think I gave a pretty good assessment....

We stunk out loud also. Bad enough to lose to anyone really. I think the offense is looking terrible, not going to lie. Starting with Boyd, hot rod and then play calling is horrendous. Like I say, rush just a few and drop everyone else into coverage. He never commits to the run and everyone knows it. I don't have any confidence we can't lose to anyone now including Maryland as bad as they are. I'm not even really convinced FSU is that good really, they might be. Have to play a team worth a shit to find out and they still have not. 

The sky is really the limit on how many losses are possible for Clemson. Noles Bitch!!!!

All joking aside

This Clem team kinda reminds me if some of the Holtz Carolina teams. Capable of beating and competing with anyone but not nearly as good as the fan base thought they were. That's not a dig, that's an honest assessment. The defense is better, no doubt, but the offense is suspect and I've been saying that all year. Clem has another loss or two coming. 

As far as scar goes, well we stink out loud. Gonna beat mizzou Saturday and win the east though. Vols Bitch!!!!


That's the only response I could get? Damn, that half a Hundy really took the wind outta the sails. I was expecting more. I knew that fall was gonna be an extremely hard one though. 

Vols Bitch!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Every time...

Datboy opens his mouth it's pure gold. "If we played Florida state 10 times, they would win 5 and we would win 5". That all fine and well in theory but let's be real dabo, you got half a Hundy hung on you in your own backyard in the "biggest game" in acc history. So no dabo, if you played fla state 10 times, you might, MIGHT win 1. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 7

Actual scores
Scar 21 - UT 23
Clem 14 - FSU 51

Scar 35 - UT 28 -
Score: -19
Clem 37 - FSU 30 -
Score: -44
Total: -63

Scar 38 - UT 20 -
Score: -20
Clem 23 - FSU 34 +
Score: 24
Total: 4

Scar 34 - UT 24 -
Score: -14
Clem 39 - FSU 32 -
Score: -44
Total: -58

Scar 35 - UT 17 -
Score: -20
Clem 27 - FSU 38 +
Score: 24
Total: 4
Season Total Points
Brent: 368
Rich: 276
Vance: 295
Blake: 339

That will be fun...

losing in the muffler bowl again. FSU might be good, but Clemson played bad enough to lose to anyone really. Lets just be honest here.

Boyd quickly flung balls out into double coverage as if he had made a decision on who to pass to long before the ball was snapped, not even rushed usually. This was with recievers clearly open down the field on the majority of those plays. He should have absolutely been benched to give someone else another shot. Chad Morris is indeed looking more and more highschoolish in his play calling. I have been watching other teams run the same scheme and his play calling is not good in comaprison. He passes when he should run most of the time and RBs can never get into a rythm. But thats not the biggest problem with that, defenses know he will not commit to the run. They just drop back into coverage and try and put pressure on the QB with just a few DL. Hot Rod, runs looking at the ground and hits the ground as soon as anyone makes contact with him, many times the contact is from him blindly running into anything in front of him. No vision, no power, no elusiveness, nothing special at all about him. He could be replaced with most any 2 star speedy back, some would have to be better.

Again, Morris is replaceable. I don't have too many bad things to say about the defense, I don't blame them for not being able to dodge shot after shot with no hopes of gaining any ground from the offense. Of course I stopped watching very early, so maybe they stunk it up and I missed it.

I have no idea about Scar, whatever you think I agree, but if you are disgusted like me, why do we do this every year? Get the hopes up and then a little football troll appears dancing around all over the place and laughing at us he he he! he he he he!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Well it's like Rich said

At least we're bowl eligible lmao. 

Can I just put on a shirt now....

so I don't have to watch this crap anymore, lol.

What a wonderful weekend of football...

Oh well, back to reality.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Oh well bro...

Just entertainment, Clemson has many knocks on the way this year as usual I'm sure too. It's not easy to win all those games on the road, scheduling kinda blowed there. Spurrier will get them back right, he always does bro.

Worst game Spurrier has ever called

Even if we would have won we wouldn't have deserved it. 

He had a concussion

How long does a concussion linger on? I wouldn't worry too much about that. I hear the back up is just as good lmao. Like I said, may be they will be healthy by the time they play Clem. 

What about the banged up QB?

Got hurt vs FSU. 


If Scar loses to UT tomorrow I probably won't pick them to beat mizzou. 

I have no clue on the Maryland game right now. They may be healthy by the time they play clem. The best WR in the country plays for Maryland and he's been hurt. One game at a time bro lol. 

I think next year we should...

Reward the winner... It's really made the season a little more fun.

If Clemson beats FSU...

I bet me and Brent both pick mizzou... 

You'll still have Maryland to take a chance on?

No disagreement here

Actually UCF has a good team...

I said that from the beginning. BC has a physical football team that gave FSU and Clemson decent games, nothing special. 

I'm just saying the same thing about mizzou, the backup QB could be trouble. Kids a passer and we will know more after the florida game. I think that will be your toughest test of the year so far when you play them. Does not help it's the 3rd game on the road straight and a long trip either.

Let me guess

BC is 3rd best team?

I know...

You gotta take chances....

Yes, I think UCF is prolly the best team in the country and Kentucky is a close second.

Friday, October 18, 2013

UCF takes down #8 Louisville

At Louisville. Suddenly our win at UCF looks much more impressive than it already was. 

That's why I picked FSU to win by 11

I agree that if FSU wins it will be big. If It's close Clem will win. The truth is that Brent has a big lead right now and whenever it's possible that Clem might lose I have to pick against them. If I keep picking Clem along with him there will be no chance to catch up. If I was in the lead picking FSU would have been much harder to do I'm sure but as the way things stand right now I had no choice. Nothing personal against Clem I assure you. 

I thought it was hilarious...

When I learn how to do that you are in trouble. Angry dogs and monkeys make me laugh evey time I look at them here.


Nothing is impossible, that's for sure. Not very likely though, it just needed to be said.

I have theory and we will see if it's true, I think Clemson comes out like world beaters. I think with Clemson you don't have to worry about them playing at their best in big games. It's when it's not a big game you need to get worried. I guess this will be a good test on that. So being serious for a change, I think Clemson wins a 3 point game, if FSU wins it's not going to be a close game I don't think.

The crowd will possibly break records for noise, I bet it will be the loudest ever. 

Thanks bro lol

How did I do?

I just wanted you guys to have balls....

Not impossible

I'm never gonna chalk up a road game in the SEC as a sure win. Just ask UGA how they liked playing UT on the road. My score prediction is what should happen but that's not to say at all that it's what will happen.

Is Tennessee going to upset scar?

Tiny vs Clowney, they can go to his side this week. Then there is Renzo. Could they win?

So it started at 3

and it's still at 3? Gotcha bro.

That's the smartest move bro....

I'm sure you must know I'm not bluffing. Lines started as high as 3.5 and as low as 2.5. When I posted they appear to be holding at 2.5 and now seem to be back at 3. ESPN nor SI is a source for betting and by the time they post an article it would probably be wrong. Only a fool would think without checking it's been the same all week and you have absolutely not checked.

Give the proof that FSU

hasn't been favored by 3 points all week bro. Out with it lol.

You can forget about any bet

To be honest bro, even if I did take the bet and you miraculously turned out to be right I wouldn't put up any sig pic that you got to choose lol.

How about we do that then...

A rivals signature bet that you posted sources that did not have the lines the same all week? Deal?

I have no idea what that is...

The gold nugget will have been you validating only part of my sources with your own post. That will be the golden nugget. The other gold nugget would have been a signature pic that would get you and rich banned long before you reach 10 posts. Depending on the timeout each time maybe years before you get to 10, lol.

Only thing in the pics I posted

is -3's by FSU's name. You have lost it bro.

Oh and if you were thinking about

bringing up Golden Nugget's summer lines to support your argument over the lines that opened this week you should be thanking me for not excepting your bet. You would have failed miserably to bring that up against the 3 point spread that came out this week by all of the major betting sources and hasn't changed since they came out. You're welcome bro.

But you see where you...

Are not willing to make a wager on it though. Speaks volumes, hell you have not even looked at your own bullshit you posted. It's there in a picture that you posted, lol. What the heck else do you need to hear? Are you saying you looked and still don't get it? I think not, take the bet, you will get your new sig first, and a link with multiple sources that cannot be argued. Some of which you posted yourself.

Still don't see any proof from you bro lmao

Sports Illustrated's take?


Also the sources..

Would not have been able to be argued because you posted them already. I told you that. How would you argue something as a bullshit source that you yourself posted? Would not have been pretty had you and rich both decided not to wuss out.

Thought not...

Guess the gig is up huh bro? Lol.

Hell no lmao

I don't know what kind of bullshit source you're gonna try to come up with. You can forget anything like that. Just save face and come strait up with any proof you may have.


Ok then bro...

It's yours and Rich's world now. How about a bet then, if I can show the lines have not been the same all week you guys will change you signatures on rivals to one of my choice and make a minimal of 10 posts on the Mainboard with said signature. I will do the same if the lines have not changed all week. Deal?

I do agree that

lines change a lot. In the case of the FSU/Clem game it hasn't changed at all. That says a lot imo. Thanks for supporting my argument bro..

What's comical is the text Rich just sent me

He said "give a man enough rope and he'll hang himself." I simply replied "he knows he's wrong and is being silly now."

You think I'm dumb enough to dig for something that isn't there bro? lmao joke is on you..

No idea...

I'm more worried about this year, that's another good stat though bro, lol.

All over the internet...

If you think I'm getting into posting crap for you, your wrong. You could start with those sites on ESPN you posted. Present to us what you find from each site and what you learn about lines and how often they change on each site. I'm not doing it for you, or arguing about it, you do it. It's comical that you are pretending you can't find any of this.

What about this then

Gameday has been in Columbia twice as many times as it has been in Clem.... Even counting the two times it's been there this season.

Good lord...

You mean gameday will have been in Clemson this year one shy of half as many times as it's been in Columbia since 2004 and the sec is ESPNs darlings. That is truly nothing to brag about.

Where is your source

that it started at 3.5 and moved to 2.5? Let me guess... Tigernet. Bwaaa ha ha ha!!!

Gameday has been in Columbia 6 times since 2004

Try again lol.

What if gay porn would have came up first?

Would you have posted a screenshot of that too? Try digging a little deeper than the first page that comes up, lol. Real silly, but soon we are going to get back to talking about:

THE BIGGEST GAME of the year and Gameday in Death Valley again!!!!!

You can dodge but you can't hide bro. What do you think the odds would be on Scar getting gameday coverage this season 2.5 or 3? I mean like 2.5 or 3 million to 1. Don't be jelly bro, Vegas does not care about you. What do you think the odds are I get to do some pure flame predictions this year and still be ok?


Just did it

First site that come up was the end all be all and the 2nd one provided the first screenshot I posted (the one with the weather forecast you liked)

Link: College Football Lines

This is from ESPN

The end all be all of college sports. (Weather forecast not included).


Stay lost, I'm not even going to bother to explain it to you. Google college football lines, you'll figure it out, maybe.

Here are the sources that it got the 3 point spread from

Which source is it missing? You pulled the 3.5 and 2.5 out of your ass bro. Everyone knows the line started at 3 and hasn't changed.


Dylan has a make believe state championship and tajh has a real one. Tajh also has more wins over top 10 sec teams than Dylan will ever see and the verdict is still out on him making it a complete season as a starting QB. Tajh on the other hand will play on Sunday and Dylan will be watching him from home bragging on how he beat him one time.


Has more wins against Clem than tajh has against scar. 

That's hilarious that you...

Posted a screenshot of some crap site with no name that includes the weather report, lol. Just really proves you have no clue what you are talking about.

What if Scars defense continues to be shitty and shaw who is hanging by a thread physically, gets injured? The only thing shittier than the defensive play has been Dylan Thompsons performance. So then what if they lose to mizzou, florida and Clemson after that? Will Spurrier be on suicide watch and will he make an appearance on tv drunk again?

Let's just say

That Clem loses to FSU, and then lets that loss turn into two loses and they lose again at Maryland. Then Clem shats the bed against ga tech, then catches number 5 in Columbia. Will any team in the country have more fans on suicide watch these Clem? 

Good one bro lol

Started at 3 and has remained at 3. Even though everyone is betting on clem Vegas is still confident FSU will win by more than 3 points. Probably much more lol. 

Hey bro....

One day closer to THE BIGGEST GAME of the year since Clemson vs UGA!!!! It's number 3 Clemson vs #5 FSU!!!!! Full Gameday coverage in Death Valley for you. You know you gonna watch!!! 

Started at 3.5 and moved to 2.5 so far....

Now, do you really think if it's a 2 point game FSU wins?

Gameday has not...

been in Columbia any this year unless they have passed through on their way to Clemson. They won't be in Columbia either unless Clemson keeps winning and they come for our game, to see Clemson because Clemson is the only thing that would make the game important.

I think pulling a Climpson has become beating top 10 SEC teams. So lets hope they keep winning so our game will be significant.

Lets just say we beat FSU, Scar makes it to the top 10 we beat them, Miami keeps winning makes it to the top 10 we beat them. Would any team have beaten more top 10 teams than Clemson? It would close for sure.

Low blow Rich lol

Rumor is that Gameday is at Clem so that ESPN can exploit the "Pulling a Clemson" term to support Jesse Palmer's statements lol. 


Yep I'm super jealous. Gameday has  been in Columbia 5 or 6 times. Congrats on being the flavor of the day while everyone is waiting for you to pull a climpson. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

And the Biggest Balls of them all Award goes to......

I picked FSU because of what Vegas thinks

Speaking of, how much has the line moved? I'm sure FSU is major underdogs by now..

You Two...

You two picked against Clemson because of jealousy. Jealous that Corso doesn't visit Columbia and Herbsteit doesn't tweet about them.


I would be much more worried about picking Clem screwing you than picking Scar. 

Told ya

Brent don't have the balls to pick the vols. Brent told me I had no balls when I picked FSU. Interesting that I have no balls but yet he is sure that that clem will win lmao. I would say that me and rich have the biggest balls of them all picking against #3 clem at home. 


Clemson 37
FSU 30

FSU has a bit of an edge to most, but I think the home crowd will be a difference maker. Jameis Winston is awesome, but there's no such thing as a perfect player.

South Carolina 35
Tennessee 28
I want to pick Tennessee here and Blake REALLY wants me to, but I don't think Tennessee is quite ready for the challenge. Watch me get screwed on this one.

Sour Grapes

Vance I am excited as hell too dude. No matter what the hecklers say this is a very big deal. Gameday to Clemson twice in one season? That is a major deal in recruiting despite what the hecklers are saying. Hell, Clemson has been all over the national media all year long and Clemson is becoming a house hold name for the younger players as well.

Who cares if it's once a decade? Clemson is in the game and South Carolina isn't. They're relegated to the noon slot. When is the last time the lights were on at Willy B? Yeah, theres a top 5 matchup in the SEC every year but that doesn't really have a whole lot to do with the Gamecocks.

This is a special game. Clemson may lose, but it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. This is a program on a steady rise and theres no denying it anymore.

Top 5 acc clash....

Once a decade......

Top 5 sec showdowns
Once a season.  (Sometimes twice a season)

When Gameday was at North Dakota St

For their matchup with Delaware St was also a great week of college football earlier this season lol. I hate I had to leave it to ESPN to think that one out for me. 


to help prove my point of overhype. Gameday was at ND vs Michigan earlier this season. Think they would have covered that game then if they know what they know now? Clem vs fsu may be a great game but if it is a blow out one way or the other it will take overhype status. 

Big game is yet to be decided imo. 

It's funny how convenient ESPN is

for you. Most of the time they are the dumbest people in the world according to you. Then they have Gameday at clem and they end all be all of college sports. 

Truth is that there are some crappy matchups this week. They are at clem by default. 

Oh no bro....

Gameday decides before the game if its a big game and they do the polls before the big game as well. In this case they decided Gameday will go to Death Valley and it will be the #3 team in the country THE CLEMSON TIGERS vs the #5 team FSU. You don't need to over think or really even think at all about it, its been done already for you.

I usually wait until after the game

to decide if it was a big game or not. If one team beats the other by 3 TDs or something like that it turns out to be not such a big game after all. Over hyped in short..

Are you all ready for the BIGGEST GAME OF THE YEAR SO FAR!!!!!!!!!.....

Gameday in Death Valley again baby, two top 5 oppenents going at it. It just doesn't get much better than that. Clemson is becoming like a second home for the Gameday Crew.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Clowney is still disruptive...

he just ends up chasing allot. Offenses don't generally go to his side and you would assume he would cover if they did.

In terms of his attitude, I will go with what Spurrier is saying on that.

It absolutely makes sense...

so they took the strength of the team in the DL and made it a weakness by depending on LB's to fill gaps. You have to do what it takes to win and that means adjusting for weaknesses. Instead they have developed a scheme that exploits there own weaknesses to the point the defense is a liability. Scar's secondary gets less credit than it deserves. My opinion is that a DC should have recognized this and put more DBs on the field vice LBs and definitely not developed a defense totally dependent on LB play. Correct me if I'm wrong but in that gap filling scheme that they don't have the personnel to run once you make it past the gaps its open field or a one on one situation.

I am perfectly ok with agreeing that your explanation it sounds good. I just think it makes the DC look even worse.


I've heard this before but I can't remember where. Could have been the radio, GCC or most likely even you? Anyway where ever it came from I didn't understand it exactly until I read your post. Very well broken down and makes sense.

I'm gonna legitimately be realistic for a moment....

This is what I was told so take it with a grain of salt and I'm sure it will be contradicted and I'll be a moron but oh well, here it goes. 

With the hiring of deke Adams, the philosophy of the defensive line changed. Adams coaches a more aggressive style where he wants the line to attack vs lawning teaching more of a gap control technique with the line. When lawning was there, he wanted his tackles to basically hold up the offensive lineman and force the running backs to have to try to bounce outside which in turn was forcing them into the defensive ends that were trying to set the edge to force them even wider. The exception was clowney who was basically allowed to pin his ears back and try to disrupt everything in the backfield, hence the motion that the best way to neutralize clowney was to run right at him because he basically got up field so quick that he took himself outta the play by over pursuing. This in theory worked because it forced teams to run a lot farther for say a 3 yard gain. Well, in comes Adams who wants his defensive line to attack and try to get up field and cause disruptions in the backfield in every play. This puts the gap assignments on the linebackers because in years past, the d line was setting the gap control now it's the linebackers job to fill the gaps left open by the d line being the ones to attack. This is where the  inexperience at lb is really hurting Carolina because one wrong step into the wrong gap and there is a lane wide open. This is a known fact

This next part is complete speciation on my part but this is what I think was happening earlier in the year. Obviously Carolina got hashed for some big plays in just about every game this year. I think the secondary was trying to over compensate for the linebackers, basically feeling like they had to cover the linebackers ass because they were so inexperienced, which in turn put them outta position and lead to big plays in the passing game for opposing teams. Also something to consider is the defense really didn't get a whole lot of help from the special teams in the vandy as Kentucky game. We fumbled a kickoff deep in our territory in both of those games which led to short fields and quick scores and a shift in momentum. Turnovers are part if the game and in years past our defense was pretty salty and when things like this happened, the defense would bail them out so to speak. That just hasn't been the case so far this season. I do feel like the defense is progressing as the linebackers get more sound in their gap assignments. You will still see this defense give up some big plays here and there but overall I think they took a step in the right direction Saturday at Arky. Even though Arky is a fairly one dimensional team, if a nothing else it should provide some confidence to the young corp of lbs, an gaining confidence is half the battle. Lb is not a position where you have time to try to think your way thru it, you have to react off of instinct and these freshman have been playing not to blow an assignment and in turn have either thought themselves outta the play or didn't react quick enough to get in the play. I have no doubt that they will get better from here on out and be a much improved unit toward the end of the year. Only time will tell though. 

Oh and

I can't wait to see what happens when Clem empties the bench against FSUs offense. Should be some interesting matchups lol. 

I thought Clowney sucked iyo?

May be we will be better without him bringing the team down, right, right, right??

Make up your mind bro lol. 

The only reason...

that its close is because Clemson likes to empty the bench as early as possible. This is with you having the best defensive player in college football. But you are thinking its the linebackers and your defense will improve next year without Clowney and keeping whammy. Ok

Just to reiterate

Don't worry about Whammy's defense. Clem will find out the hard way at the end of the year.

It's a trap!!!

Brent don't have the balls

to pick the vols. 

Scared? NEVER!

Carolina 38
Tenn 20

FSU 34
Clem's son 23

Blake's predictions

Scar 35 - UT 17
Clem 27 - FSU 38

If you scared say you scared lol.

It's not at all impossible

for us to pass Clem in scoring defense this week. If we held UT to 10 points or under and FSU scores 40 or over on Clem that would put us ahead of Clem in scoring defense. Not at all saying that's what's going to happen but for you to act like it's out of the realm of possibility is cute. Clem's defense is better than ours so far this season but not light years ahead like you act like they are. The possibility that we could pass you in scoring defense and probably will pass you in total defense in one single game in the 7th week of the season says as much.

What's he going to pass him in?

Less yards maybe? Because it damn sure isn't going to be less points scored. If you enjoy stats in the form of yardage that's great, I like a defense that allows less points and is not a liability. The yardage thing will be a good selling point on his resume when he is back to being a position coach in the near future though.

Your whole defense...

Has been average and it should have been great, with average lb play only. It's also very undisciplined, both execution wise and bonehead wise. Such as spiking the ball after a tackle and getting an unsportsmanlike call. Spurrier is not very forgiving with defense and he is going to be very pissed off knowing the offense was good enough this year. He is a goner, West Virginia will finish with a losing record, the ok st game was a fluke. I sincerely hope they keep whammy though.

Here's a good question

After Scar jumps Clem in the defensive rankings this week do you think Dabo will let Venebles (aka Skeletor) go because he has a worse defense than Whammy? I heard Bob Stoops called Dabo and begged him to take Venebles off of his hands lol.

Whammy won't go anywhere this year

If the defense doesn't improve next year may be. The defense is in a rebuilding year. Anytime you are starting all freshmen at LB I would say you are rebuilding. I knew the LBs would be a weakness before the season and said as much. They are talented I think but experience is valuable. I said they would learn as the season goes on and the Arky game was bright spot. They are still gonna give up plays at times.

There is an excellent shot you will see the DL coach let go after the season. He has not been a very impressive coach so far..


Oooookay, thanks for pointing out that little tidbit and all that other nonsense. But tell me, is Dana getting fired this year?

 How about Renzo? I think both are goners and I remember telling you how it's very risky at best to hire a defensive coordinator without experience in the sec. It took a real gem of a coach to take some of the best defensive players in college football and have them underperform to the extreme we've seen so far. If I was spurrier I would have fired him before the Kentucky game is over. I think we all can see now why indeed he was a position coach so long, can't we bro? If Ellis Johnson recommended him to spurrier that was one heck of a troll.


Ole Dana isn't going anywhere anytime soon I don't think. He did knock off a top 15 Oklahoma state team and only lost by 9 or so to Oklahoma (which I personally don't find that impressive, but hey, what do I know).

BYU has a good offense

Their QB is very impressive. They ran for 550 yds vs Texas and they just beat the slop out of GT.

Fortunately for old Dana he doesn't have to face BYU this season. Baylor however did hang 73 points on them this past weekend. I'm sure Baylor did it in Dabo's honor. Like rescuing a damsel in distress. I wonder why Baylor hung 70 on ULM, Buffalo and Wofford in the three weeks prior to the WVU game? I'm sure they were pissed at Wofford for running up the score on people lol. No doubt they did it to WVU because of Dabs though. Let's don't give Art too much credit for running to Dabo's rescue though. I'm sure their are millions of other coaches that would have done the same..

Link: Here's one of them

Lets talk briefly about old Dana...

since you posted him. I bet he thought it was real cute to run up the score on Clemson and get coaches fired as the pure bum that he is. Bad ju ju has surrounded that program since then. Wonder how cute it was to him when BYU hung 75 points on him this past weekend? Dabo again gets the last laugh and old Dana is all but fired for the very thing that he thought was so cool to do. I would bet anything BYU did that to teach him a lesson. Get your hung over skullet ass out of here, your fired. Lol


but in the bigger picture, Clemson will be 3-0 vs top 10 teams since the last loss. In fact this will be a top 5 team, so I doubt it will hurt us nationally. What do you think bro? Put your hopes on Maryland in that case?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I'm just wondering

after all these negative things are said about FSU if they will still be true if Clem beats them. So far we know that they are frauds and they have a bad defense according to you guys. Doesn't sound like a whole lot to brag about for Clem if they beat FSU at home the way you guys are talking. I'm sure the fraud status and bad defense status will be erased if Clem beats them though right?


in terms of FSU being frauds, no one is high on FSU due to Jimbo's coaching ability. People are high on them due to the QB's play so far.


you all seem to want us to predict the future. As of right now FSU has nothing to go on, they have not played anyone. But if they go into the number 3 team in the countries house and beat them? Then sure, they have beat someone and you can raise an eyebrow. So yeah, beating Clemson would certainly give you evidence they are finally for real this year. Beating the crap out of scrub teams, probably with their first string in the majority of the game does not. Do you understand the difference now?

Scrub teams score a little more points on Clemson, because we believe in getting our second teams experience and good sportsmanship. We don't need to run up the score on down teams and scrub teams to feel good about ourselves. We think beating top 10 teams the majority of the time does the trick.


I don't blame you for picking UGA, that was somewhat of a smart pick, I am surprised Blake picked Clemson. In a nutshell, latest point was that UGA was a smarter pick in Death Valley at that point in the year than FSU is now. We talked about injuries (UGA was healthy then), veteran QB vs a freshman etc... But the thing that stands out the most is Clemson's track record vs UGA, not good. On the other hand, Clemson's record vs FSU, then in Death Valley? My point was that UGA was a smarter pick than FSU. If its expected to be a 3 point game, I will go with the home team every time. Tigers win if its a 3 point game. Now, thats not to say they will not show up and get blown out. Would be harder to predict at night in Death Valley vs FSU. Being the dogs in game actually improve our chances IMO.

So if they beat Clem

Will they still be a fraud?


You and Ryan will find a way for them to be a fraud. Bad officiating, Bad playcalling, overrated Jameis Winston, etc.


Nice pic of Greg lol.

So if Clem beats FSU will they still be a fraud or will they be spun around into being great again?

What happens in Vegas....

Vegas is trying to make money, yes. I think that that ranking is low though. Again, nobody wants to talk about Clemson's defense. I saw Ryan's stat where its only two spots above South Carolina's. I didn't say the Gamecocks have a trash defense. The thing I have saw while watching is Clemson's ability to dominate the line of scrimmage and make every yard a struggle. Sure they have given up a few big plays per game, but the main thing is that teams haven't been able to drive as consistently as the season has progressed. This defense will prove it's worth Saturday night, I can tell you that. I don't buy the hype of FSU. Sorry.

I don't understand

Why you (Vance) keep calling me out about picking uga to beat Clemson. I could see if it was sc state but it was Georgia. It's not like Clemson is some kind of machine with no chinks in their armor. Every team in America is beatable and yes I will be picking FSU to beat Clemson. And if Clem turns the ball over 3 or 4 times like they did against BC, it will be ugly. I don't think they will cause they'll be more focused but I'm still picking FSU, just haven't decided my score yet. 


It is what it is

Their defense is ranked 7th in the nation..

You think maybe BC's....

Offense is better than Clemson's? Lol.

BC scored 34 points...

You meant teams like Bethune cookman right? Just sayin.

FSU's defense is ranked 7th in the nation

Just saying

Smart bet for the people...

Especially if it's FSU, unless he was abused as a child this will be the most hostile environment the fr QB has ever been in. No way anyone can know how he will react, Clemson's defense has improved and fsu's is not very good.

My point is simple

Giving Clem 3 points at home is to entice people into betting on Clem. People are going to look at that and say "no way undefeated Clem loses at home!" FSU wins and Vegas profits.


Just trying to be serious....

The starting lines are not based on who they think will win or what they think the score will be. It's who they need people to drop money on. Remember, they make money either way by having people drop money on both teams based on the spread.

Dexters ending...

Made me angry then depressed, yuck.

You said 6, lines move all week, most weeks...

What don't you get? Is it 6 or 3? I don't even know if you are saying you should go with FSU or Clemson. Could you speak clearly on your point? You do know Vegas makes money either way and the more betters the more money right? I sincerely don't know your point or even if I disagree with it? Your not really suggesting all these people are betting against Vegas and they lose if FSU doesn't cover or loses are you? Good lord if so. You think they lost money on UGA and Stanford, lol.

So Vegas is in it to make money

but they are intentionally trying to lose money by having FSU as 3 point favorites? Gotcha bro.  

I guess I have no idea...

What kind of mumbo jumbo you are spouting. But no, Vegas is not trolling you. Vegas is in the bussiness of making money, lots of it, mostly off retards. So if that's trolling, I guess that's what their doing? Trolling for retards. Retards that would use a power rating for Clemson at 14th and UGA at 10th. I guess some could argue Clemson's #3 ranking. But if it were based on playing prime time in Death Valley, it's absolutely correct. 

So pick FSU, Rich will, you have my picks.

Thanks for supporting my argument

btw lol.

So the article I posted was a troll?

Damn they got me. I guess I wasn't onto anything after all lol.


Then the lines will get closer all week and sometimes it shifts to a w by the other team. 


In this case pick Clem heavily until people catch on and start realizing that Vegas "got them" and FSU is going to win the game.

You did know...

That's just the starting line to encourage betting and it won't stay there right? Lol

Then you know line...

Start out frequently like that to draw people out then get closer all week until the game starts. 

I did

and posted an article about it lol

You should do...

A little research on how Vegas works with starting lines. Then you should pick FSU.

Monday, October 14, 2013


Clemson 39
FSU 32

Scar 34
Tennessee 24

Vegas sees FSU as 6 point favorites

3 points goes to the home team automatically. Clemson is a very scary pick..

Jimbo is a great coach too...

I definitely...

Think you should pick FSU in Death Valley over Clemson based on a freshman QB stats vs scrubs. Do it bro! Ryan did it week one minus the freshman QB, you should too.

I had this crazy thought today

Not sure why it even struck me. Brent texted me and asked me if I was picking FSU. This was my first thought and response:

Vegas giving undefeated Clem 3 points at home??? Then I read this from Vegas minutes ago:



But then what if Miami goes undefeated and Clemson? Would Gameday actually cover the ACC championship instead of Bama vs some scrub team. You know, I bet they would want to get another look at the tigers. Would Dabo be the guy that made all that happen if so? What do you think bro? Undefeated Miami vs Undeafeated Clemson or Bama beating the crap out of some poor scrub team? Who you got?

You gotta understand...

It's still about Bama. In this case it's about who Bama's opponent will be. Bama vs Clemson would be one of the most highly rated games in quite some time and they will be looking to promote that into its potential.

Yea me too

Maybe if you have 3 losses...

But I seriously doubt that. Bama's coverage will come the following week for the sec championship game. Their not going to cover them 2 weeks straight playing an insignificant team. 

I hope we get a chance to see who's right.

Like I said

I wish I was wrong.

Undefeated Bama team vs 2-3 loss AU team >>> Undefeated Clem team vs 2-3 loss Scar team..


Will be a much bigger factor than auburn. 

Auburn is likely to be a 3 loss team...

By the time they play, if so, that is not going to get gameday over an undefeated Clemson team. It will absolutely be the most intriguing game due to it being on the road and your record vs Clemson. No one will be expecting a 3 loss auburn team to give Alabama much trouble. Sec vs sec match ups are not as intriguing as sec vs ACC matches. 

Not if both teams don't win out

Bama and Auburn are two of the main reasons that ESPN is paying the SEC sooo much money. Wish I was wrong bro. In all seriousness, Scar may have more than one loss by the time they play Clem if our defense doesn't keep improving. Clem isn't a sure bet just yet either. ESPN won't turn down Bama and Bama is more likely to win out than either of our teams.

They absolutely will...

Nobody gives a damn about Alabama and auburn, just like Notre Dame and USC this weekend. Their gonna want to get another look at the tigers and ACC play another sec opponent. Even if you lose another game, we still are likely to get gameday back to cover these tigers if we win out. Clowney vs Boyd? ACC vs sec? Oh yeah, they gonna want to get that up close.

Clem will need to remain undefeated for that to happen

and Scar will need to win out as well. If neither of these things happen ESPN won't pick Gameday for our matchup over Bama/Auburn. Big time SEC matchup is too hard to turn down..

I think ESPN...

Being in Clemson for gameday for the second time will help FSU to focus. I believe that Clemson has hosted the two biggest games of the season so far. Maybe if Clemson keeps winning they will draw gameday to Columbia in November? They just can't get enough of the tigers and Legit Heisman candidate boyd. 


that NC ST game is in the back of my mind..

I think ...

What should worry you is that it's the number 3 team playing at home in one of the most difficult stadiums in the country to win in on Saturday night. Death Valley will be very hard for an untested freshman to win at for a game like this. Clemson will absolutely be playing at their best for FSU and will bring out things you've not seen all year. Clemson has the best defense FSU has seen all year and fsu's defense is not the best Clemson has faced. If we lose it will be due to having a bad night, which I doubt. Maryland nor nc state will be a factor, lol.

Brent, sometimes boyd is off and it was a bad day for him and Watkins both. Hopper will be back giving him an extra option and more confidence.

What worries me about picking FSU

is that they will probably be looking over this game for NC ST due to getting revenge for last season. That may be the one thing that saves Clem..


Vance, they gave me hell out of my own house this weekend. I am used to it though, so I take it all in stride. I was talking to them during the game and the one thing that concerns me against FSU is Tajh Boyd's decision making lately. Too many times he left the intermediate guy wide open with arms flailing. I believe the great quarterbacks are the ones that find these routes when the deep ball isn't there. Those tight ends have pretty good hands. Also, it looks like Boyd trusts Humphries more. He is the second receiver in this offense IMO. Tay Bryant is too inconsistent.

Mike leach always....

Said he runs the same play over and over again out of different formations. Washington looks like a mirror image of Clemson strategy wise, with a sounder run strategy, and Oregon needs to be studied as they put the hunh on the map. That program has marketed themselves into significance first with uniforms then with a revolutionary offensive strategy. My opinion wis that teams that run that offense are in better condition on both sides of the ball. 


I don't watch wrestling but I will take his word for it. Maybe that's my next job? I just need to keep eating and be a fat ass. I run more than ever, maybe 5 times a week and I'm still getting bigger, lol.

I care...

I think it's interesting and you would make a good coach. I hope you do.

Hey bro, off topic

I was watching wrestling with Landon tonight and The Miz was fighting. During the middle of the match Landon says out of nowhere "That dude looks like Vance" lol. I swear this is true.

I give a shit Rich

Ole miss

Runs a high school offense as well. He was the head coach portrayed in the movie the blind side. I personally like up tempo offenses and if I ever become a coach one day which is my goal I will run a misdirection, faster paced offense. Only difference is I'm gonna run it out more power set vs spreading it out. Oh trust me, I've been working on my playbook for a while now. Not that any of you give a shit and not that I care than none of you give a shit. Just throwing that out there. 

It is a highschool offense

Malzahn and Morris both were highschool headcoaches and moved directly into college OC positions. That's not saying it's a bad offense it's just the truth. 

Picks are always...

Difficult for me, lol.

Make no mistake, I'm going with Clemson every time though.


I don't bring you up because I can't imagine the crap you get. But you are right, BC is a very physical team that gave FSU hell just like Clemson. More points was scored, but it was closer than expected. These are games that Clemson would lose in the past. If we can get past FSU and that's a big if, we stand a shot. Again, everyone keeps counting Dabo out, it ends up the same....fail. Morris runs Malzhaun's offense, it was on successful with cam and anyone could win with him, it's a highschool offense...fail, fail, fail, and then fail.


Is your "v" key broke or missing or something? 

Quick Statement

ance I hae left alone here while the woles hae circled. I hae had a lot going on. The fact is, Clemson is undefeated and SC isn't, so stats or other propaganda are hollow. According to coot Logic Clemson should forfeit their wins right now because directional Florida is better than anybody anyone has played besides the Dener Broncos. Clemson played like shit and still won by ten.

It's gonna be interesting to see who everyone

picks this week. Very difficult one to pick.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gotcha bro

Our debunk machine has been on a roll tonight. No need for us to get excited. Take a couple of deep breaths before you get back to work lol. 


Both of you absolutely said no legit coordinators would work for Dabo. Fail.

Gotta go bro...

I will look up your post later. You just both keep it hot for me big boys.

I got to go somewhere right now, "don't get excited".

It's a well known fact...

That running an offense like Clemson runs you are not going to have great stats on defense. That's fine if you are a stats guy, I'm more into wins and losses. We beat nc state and BC with defense, I never said our defense was better. It's just taken a step back for you. I don't think that can be argued.

One more fail bro lol

I was laughing about dabo hiring Morris? I knew I didn't and found proof..


Not to mention Rich

that we faced a UCF offense that is much better than anything Clem has faced outside of UGA.


Everyone has forgotten the Auburn loss outside of Scar fans. The Orange bowl debacle goes down as  one of the worst beatings in BCS history. May be the worst by a long shot..

Now let's talk about these defenses.

Clemson is ranked 21stvin the nation in total defense. They have allowed 2069 yards, an average of 5.06 yard per play, 14 opponent touchdowns, and 344.8 yards per game. 

South Carolina is ranked 23rd in the nation in total defense. They have allowed 2073 yards, an average of 5.62 yards per play, 17 opponent touchdowns, and 345.5 yards per game. 

Kinda amazing how that dominant Clemson defense has been light years better than thy laughable South Carolina defense 


And it no more defined your team than the wv loss did for Clemson.

We will agree to disagree on Dabos quotes, they carry plenty of weight right now as does his latest selection of OC and DC. He's doing pretty good as of right now.


Except Morris came from Dabos short list, pretty much out of nowhere. You all were laughing about him and his highschool experience remember? But, you have no idea who is on his list and say they are not good replacements, got it. 

That auburn team

That was 8-5 and finished 4th in the sec and beat Virginia like a rented mule in the chic fil a bowl? I agree though, that was an absolutely embarrassing loss and Stephen gracias final nail in the cofin as far as his career at South Carolina. 

Just pointing out that dabo quotes don't carry much weight

is all. 

I know what he said after...

"Our slaffense yucks" 

Something like that.


because Morris is loaded with head coaching experience. High school counts right?

If a team is going to hire a guy that is a few years removed from HS as a major HC I would say he is pretty impressive and pretty hard to replace as well. 

My point is that no team would hire whoever is on dabo's short list because they won't be anywhere near as good as Morris is. Offensive coaches like Morris aren't a dime a dozen bro. 


And you all predicted WV was the best team available with the most potential for expansion. Guess those inbreds made retards out of every one. No idea if he really said that, I will just assume he said the DL would be the strength of the game, before the game. What did spurrier say the week before losing to one of the worst auburn teams ever? I really don't know, it's just old news and insignificant.

So again...

I say that he is replaceable, you added easily to it, and then suggested someone should hire an unproven guy as a head coach with no head coaching experience? Assuming that's who Dabo has on his short list for OC. Gee bro, I don't know why they won't do that? Maybe because being a good OC has nothing to do with managing a team? 

I think though, if you are a young OC and know you have potential to get paid what Clemson is paying as a successful OC, Clemson looks mighty marketable and if Morris gets a HC job it only makes it look better. We have quite a bit to offer.

Dabo said that before they played WVU bro

Good one Dabo "knee slap" lol

What I'm saying is

If there is a guy out there that would be easy for clem to replace Morris with why wouldn't a team just hire that guy instead of stealing Morris from clem?

Clem fans claim that Morris is so great but yet he's easy to replace. I don't get it lol. 

In terms of Clemson...

I posted Dabos quote here "the defense, particularly the DL would be the strength of the team by the end". That was met with laughter, so keep laughing and we will see how the year unfolds. 

I'm using your performance as a whole this year...

Your using a 3-4 Arkansas team that is 0-3 in the sec.

As for your Morris post what?

You know Brent and Ryan may agree with you, but good lord. That's the sort of crap I am talking about. It truly makes no sense. So first "clown horn". Then you think I meant a team should wait to hire Clemson's next OC or that Morris would be a bad HC? You mean like, put an interim HC in and wait until Morris moves on then hire Clemson's next OC? Is that what you meant bro? "Clown horn".

Our DL is getting better

I think the Arky game shows that. EL OH EL on the cross training thing. Like is said, bigger moron than me when it comes to rival talk lol. 

I think my...

Predictions have been pretty accurate bro. Your OL is better than I thought, but your DL is a true delight for me to watch.

In terms of the cross training. I'm going to stand behind once an OL finds their position, sticking with it and that interchanging means you are in trouble. Tryouts for what position best suits them is not cross training. It your OT goes down and you replace them with an interior lineman due to cross training you will see.

I wouldn't worry about Morris going anywhere then

If he's so replaceable why would a team go after him when they could just hire whoever Clem would replace him with?

Clemson already lost Peak..

And was without hopper last weekend. Basically we were down to Watkins and Tay. Let's face it, Tay is not that dependable, I hate to say that, I really do. We are banged up, it's just not an excuse to lose to a lesser talented team at home.

I agree, 3 on the road is a big reason mizzou will be hard. I think you will decisively in Tennessee, but it will be a bruiser of a game which will be a factor. Mizzou will be a longer trip than normal as well. Again, I think FSU will be a tough one. I do think this is probably the best defense they played all year. The lack of a running game is hurting Clemson pretty bad. Hot Rod looks like he runs right into blockers every time and sits down, even on big runs it looks like he picks up 9 yards and right into someone. He is just not elusive and being so short he should be. It also appears we run the same run play every time and defenses know what to expect. I think BC knew the snap count in the first half, could have easily messed up those perfectly timed blitzes by changing it up.

Honestly sometimes Morris is frustrating to watch at times, especially when you see what other hunh teams such as Washington and Oregon do. He is good and I'm glad to have him, but he is no magician and replaceable.

Week 7

Actual scores
Scar 52 - Arkansas 7
Clem 24 - BC 14

Scar 34 - Arkansas 30 +
Score: 9
Clem 40 - BC 17 +
Score: 31
Total: 40

Scar 35 - Arkansas 24 +
Score: 16
Clem 45 - BC 20 +
Score: 23
Total: 39

Scar 29 - Arkansas 21 +
Score: 13
Clem 39 - BC 21 +
Score: 28
Total: 41

Scar 28 - Arkansas 24 +
Score: 9
Clem 45 - BC 17
Score: 26
Total: 35 

Season Total Points
Brent: 431
Rich: 272
Vance: 353
Blake: 335


I don't think anyone is more of a moron when it comes to rivals as you are lol. I think Brent would even agree with me here.

Update on Elliot's lineman cross-training: It works and that's why every team in the country does it lol.

I don't understand

What I've said about Clemson that was moronic. I've basically predicted them to blow out everyone they've played this year with the exception of Georgia. There defense hasn't given up as many points as I've predicted but my high scores for opposing teams has been based off other teams playing against back ups and getting garbage time scores against Clemson. If I wanted to downplay Clem's win against Georgia I would talk about uga starting 4 true freshman that night and the suspensions of two their better players in the secondary, but I haven't because I don't think it would've made a difference. And if I'm wrong for thinking that Carolina would've won had shaw not fumbled when we were driving to take the lead then so be it. Football is a game of momentum and we were on our way to getting some in Athens until the fumble. Would we have won, we will never know but I do think it was more likely. I don't see where I've tried to downplay anything for anyone. Do I think a healthy Georgia takes care of mizzou, yes I do. I know injuries are a part of the game but to say that Georgia has the depth to not miss a beat is just wrong in my opinion. No way the two back up running backs could replace Gurley and marshall. No way the back up receivers could replace the top 3 receivers on the team. That's not to say the back ups aren't talented but it would be hard for anyone, including Alabama and Oregon to replace something like that. That's my opinion and probably %75 of the world would agree with me. Carolina couldn't survive that. That would be the equivalent of Clem losing Watkins, Tay, and humphries( I guess, just name a third one), hot rod, and whoever the other back is. Now tell me that there wouldn't be a drop off in production. 

As for mizzou, hell yeah it's an impressive win. Any time anyone wins on the road it's impressive, especially somewhere like Athens. But mizzou is gonna have a drop off at quarterback with franklin out, how significant, no one knows. But the back up didn't win the game for them yesterday. Mizzou's last two scores were a td pass from a wide receiver on a truck play and a little short drive after Georgia turned it over deep in their own territory. To be perfectly honest, I really didn't see us beating mizzou until Franklin went down but I feel a little better about it now. It's a pretty daunting task to ask a team to go on the road 3 consecutive weeks and win all 3, doesn't really matter who you are playing. 

I do think...

We should all plan to eat together at Saludas.

I don't think either one of us or morons....

Usually, but both of us are when it comes to rivals. That goes x2 for Blake.

Well then...

That was my misinterpretation. It certainly looked like to me the first home field advantage (Clemson win) then injury (mizzou win in Athens) was tailored towards taking credit from a teams win. Just happened to be a coincidence that you played UGA healthy, early and in Athens. So if your saying it wasn't, I will say I believe you.

My moronic comments were basically in response to yours. I think you have allot of football knowledge, you just don't use much of it when it comes to Clemson. I can believe most of what you say until Clemson comes up. I'm quite sure the same can be said for me and scar though.

I will say this, FSU like mizzou are going to be two tall tasks for us both. I don't need to get pissy with anyone who says FSU is likely to win.

First off

Don't put words in my mouth. I've never, NEVER, said that our loss was more impressive than Mizzou's win. Second off, show me where I've made a moronic score prediction. I beg you. I was the only one that predicted Georgia to beat Clemson so if that moronic, you got me. That's the reason I'm behind in this little t shirt bet. 

As for the injuries bro...

If you beat mizzou in their house, it's not going to be due to injuries. Their backup QB is very good, he pushed the starter all the way through the off season and came close to beating him out. A part of football is injuries, just like home field advantage etc... Your never going to hear me take a win from someone due to excuses.... I guess golf or tennis would be a better option if you can't understand those things are going to happen every year. 

Depth is always a concern for us, if we had it we could compete better. A team like UGA using injuries as an excuse? Give me a break, they lock their whole state up usually and it's loaded with talent. They usually finish top 5 most years. Right now Pinkel is looking like an underrated coach, I already knew Kyle Whittingham was. Whittingham was the first coach I thought of when we talked about underrated coaches, he just does not have the stats lately with the transition to the PAC 12 to prove that. Look at the level of players Pinkel gets in comparison to everyone else in the SEC. I would take either one of those two in a heartbeat if I were you and those are able to be got. Ward will likely be in the nfl. 

You know the first one...

Was a remake, right bro? I barely watched the first one, but I watched most of it. If you are in the mood for the type of movie it is and watch "the sons of anarchy" Pacific Rim is ok. Not too much else lately in the way of movies. 

TV is just better honestly, especially this time of year. Did you watch The second episode of eastbound? It was funny.

It was a lot better than the first one

I thought it was good. 

That's a porno bro....

But yeah, of course I watched it, lol. Yeah, if you are squeamish about those kinds of movies (the conjuring) and I can understand if you are, this is not the movie for you. 

I'll tell you what's...

Moronic, thinking that your 2 score loss in Athens is more impressive than mizzou's 2 score win in Athens or Clemson's win. I wanted you to comment because you always have some sort excuse as to why a win doesn't count or why your loss was more impressive. That's real brilliant, but you knew that already. It's always intelligent when you have to resort to name calling.

Also, the prediction thing was started in an effort to show moronic your thoughts are, is it working?

I watched I spit on your grave 2 last night

Really good revenge horror movie. Not sure if I can watch the conjuring. Might be a little too much for me. 


I'm not taking anything away from mizzou's win. They went to UGA and took care of business against the team they were faced with. Can't blame them for uga's injuries. 

But..... To ignore uga's injuries is being silly. They are missing the best RB tandem in the nation. Also their top 3 WRs. How do think Clem would have faired against BC yesterday if they were missing Sammy and Tay? What about if they didn't have hotrod and what ever scrub that backs him up on top of that? Wouldn't have been pretty bro. I'm sure if that would have been the case and clem lost to BC you wouldn't have brought up the injuries as the reason you lost lol. 


Is a battered football team. Be hard for anyone to overcome the I juries that they have right, but you being the super genius you are knew that already didn't you? It's one thing to be opinionated, it's totally different to be moronic. 

The Conjuring...

If you have not seen it and looking for a scary movie for Halloween season, look no further. It was pretty good and the creepiest part is it's based on a true story. Good lord, if it was anywhere near what happened. I do want the house they lived in, well minus the......you'll see...

I know Ryan won't say much...

All that trash he was talking about how great UGA is in Athens?

Maybe not...

But it's not fair at all to take wins away from anyone. That sort of crap is unnecessary. What mizzou did was very impressive and when you face them it will be the best team you have faced all year. 

Right now being honest, FSU looks like a tall task and so does mizzou. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mizzou may very well beat us

but you're stretching it with the backup QB thing. 

Also, I wish we could have played UGA without Gurshall. UGA is depleted with injuries right now. Not taking anything from mizzou's win. They won fair and square against the team that they were faced with. I don't think UGA has faced their last loss this season. Might be wrong. 


He came in with a 2 point lead and took care of bussiness. Passing is obviously not the most important part of their offense. Don't undermine what their defense was able to do in Athens either. 

No you were right

The back up QB is why they won lol. 

So Franklin...

Really dazzled you going 18 of 27 with 170yds and 1 td? Got it.

3 of 3 for 23 yds and no TDs?

May be so bro lol

Oh I wouldn't worry about that too much...

The back up appears as good as the starter, he took care of business in Athens. He could very well be why they won.

Don't count Florida out

against mizzou tho. They have a great defense and it will be mizzou's first game without their starting QB. 

Oh I am worried about Mizzou

but near as bad as I was before they lost their starting QB for 6 weeks. He'll be out against us. 

Mizzou is very likely to be undefeated when you roll into town.

They did for sure...

Lots to be happy about for Scar.

But I would be more worried about Mizzou.

They had to...

Makes perfect sense really, they don't have a signature win and are trying to move up in the polls. They needed to win convincingly. Both teams have done exactly what they need to up until this point. This game is the biggest of the year up until this point in college football and it will be in Death Valley.

Very happy

with the way the Gamecocks played today. One of the best road wins I've seen them have against a SEC school. Hopefully it will give them confidence against the next two road teams we have to play in a row. Unfortunately the opponents get tougher than Arky. I would almost rather beat Tennessee than any other team on our schedule. Almost lol.  

And about FSU

I was just pointing out that they took a different strategy than Clem. They chose to beat the hell out of the last team they played. Clem chose to purposely hold it close with BC. I just found that interesting is all. 

Kyle Whittingham

is a good coach. No arguments there. Took him to coaching school though? They won in 4th OT lol. 

Honestly bro I couldn't care less about Stanford but I can tell you that you're the only one here that thinks Shaw is a bad coach. Rich, Brent and I talked about him tonight they wondered where you were going with this argument and I told them it was only because I brought him up. I could have said I liked Bill Parcels and you would argue me down that he is terrible lol. 

Kyle Whittingham...

Just took you know who to coaching school. Which is likely to make Clemson vs FSU a top 5 matchup.

FSU had a week off...

The BC game for them was more interesting than usual as well. Maryland is just a team that is way more important to you all than to me. You guys have really made them pivotal this year, lol. You would think that shitty assed team is Oregon right now.


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