Monday, December 31, 2012

Great season for Vandy

Just beat NC ST in their bowl game to finish with a nine win season. Vandy with nine wins, wow.

Watched a decent movie the other day you would like called killer joe. You may have already seen it.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A bad guy has never...

lived until the next season. Seems pretty likely they let Hanna live for a reason, would be pretty reasonable she kills him. I am just surprised how unhappy this will likely end, Debra an everyone going down. The producers really wanted to end it this season and were talked into another season. I would think Debra would have shot him had it ended now. Not feel good at all.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Yea that was crazy

So many ways for the crime scene to go bad. How are you thinking it ends?

Monday, December 17, 2012

Completely out of control...

Is what it is, you will see. Let me know when you watch, I bet I know how it all ends now.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I'm hearing tonight's Dexter episode is a huge one

I won't get to watch it until tomorrow but I can't wait.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Yea I need to work on that desktop

I have a HD for it but I think the motherboard is shot. When money isn't so tight I think I'm gonna fix that one for the kids and just build me a new one. That laptop was a good one though. I definitely got my money's worth out of it. It's 8 years old now and we still use it lol.

That's great about your certification. My boss wants us to get some certs. He told me just to pick one to study for and we'd go take them. I'm gonna either take the network+ or A+ first. Good thing is that my company will pay for it.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Speaking of installing video...

Cards,I just passed my final exam and A+ certification. It was pretty damn hard too, I had one hour and 45 minutes and I barely finished, I thought I was going to fail. Made it though, knocking it out. I think I probably have enough for an associates in computer networking and security already, can hurt to check.

When money is...

Not too tight you need to fix that desktop computer. I know the case is still good, you can buy a video card that supports dual monitors (not just the same thing on both screens either) hdmi ect... For about 60 bucks. What else could be wrong other than the hard drive which can't be that expensive? Laptops just don't last long playing movies.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

I've been wanting to watch it

Same with the wire. Unfortunately neither are on Netflix. I would try on the computer but its about shot. I may see about getting it on DVD or something. I've heard good things about both.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I can't stop...

Watching Boardwalk Empire, very addictive. It even has Omar in it, if you are looking for a new Supranos, this is as close as you can get.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

In other words...

Still available.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Petrino to WKU

Gotta start somewhere I guess..

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Must be more...

To the story with Tuberville, he has been in the news. Could be because he slapped that coach on tv. Morris could be gone now, much better job for him than Nc State and would be a smart hire for them.

Yeah, Iast I heard it was 3 million but I am sure he got a raise. TCU has put him in a great position by upgrading to a legit conference. It would be real hard to get him, that's why I say he will not be a second choice and you will pay allot. I'm going after petrino, people would not laugh for long.

Tuberville to Cincinatti

Talk about a lateral move. A step down even.

All true, I agree

Speaking of Gary Patterson, did you know he makes almost 4 million a year? That's almost as much as both our coaches combined. No wonder he hasn't went anywhere else.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Why do it publically?

I think it could back fire on you as it did with Tennessee. I think sometimes coaches jump on jobs quickly. When a school gets turned down they become third and fourth choice. In other words they want to know they were your first choice not a fall back. If strong had been the first choice for example and received the call I bet he goes, you're our guy we want you. Instead, it's you're our guy because we are desperate.

Gruden and Cowher might receive a call and be flattered, not rude to college teams and listen. It also can't hurt their resume. But neither of them are coaching college football. If they do it would be a dream job like Notre dame, Bama, USC or maybe their alma matter. Even those are doubtfull.

It's best to call Gary Patterson and say you are our guy, what will it take? Because if you say Gruden turned us down what will it take? He will tell you to go to hell and I bet Spurrier would have as well when he was available.

Ap State, is a joke...

Just like Tennessee they deserve to have a crappy team. They will regret firing that guy after an 8 win season. Normally I would say he is crazy not to take that job, but in this case I don't blame him one bit.

In case you missed it

South Carolina had a big scare concerning Shawn Elliot. The App St HC job opened up and I thought he was all but gone. I couldn't have blamed him. App St is his alma mater and a great school. It would be the perfect stepping stone for a bigger HC job. Luckily for Carolina fans he withdrew his name from consideration. Whew lol.

I can see offering

Gruden or Cowher and getting turned down publicly. You have nothing to lose and at least you tried. Getting turned down by Strong and Gundy is another story. You're Tennessee and you're getting turned down by Ok lite and Louisville's head coaches lol. Just shows how far Tennessee has fallen from the Fulmer days. You said it best, dumpster fire. They are in running with UNC for my 2nd most hated team.

They have however finally found their HC. Butch Jones from Cincinnati may be the best hire out of the three SEC schools that were filling vacancies. I would like that hire the most if I had to choose at Carolina. It'll just be tough for anyone to pull Tennessee out of the slump they're in. Pretty sure Gundy and Strong saw that.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

They deserve it...

because they fired him. All he needed was a good OC, can you imagine what he might have done with Malzhaun, Chad Morris etc.... I say those two because they could have been easily had. Another smart and doable option would be to get Cutcliff back from Dook as the HC. I am sure he would take the job and he knows how to win there. Once you get turned down publicly a few times it gets harder and harder to get someone to take the job. Even though the fans hate it, its best to do these things privately. I still don't know every person that interviewed for the Clemson job. I doubt it was Gruden or Bill Cowher, lol. But if they interviewed and turned the job down its best kept a secret. Now multiple coaches have said no and it seems to be the thing to do.

I'm not going to lie to you though, I would hire Petrino.

Totally agree

Fulmer would be their best option. They are in the position they're in now because they fired him.

Looks that way...

I don't think Gundy is that stupid. He will use them to get more money maybe, Tennessee is a true dumpster fire. They should call fulmer and beg him to come back.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Well auburn and arky found their coaches

I don't know if either is a great hire. I guess we'll find out. Also, there is some talk of Tommy Bowden to USF and TN thinks they're getting Gundy.

Monday, December 03, 2012

We will likely...

lose honestly. But beating LSU in a bowl and reaching 11 wins at the same time is just as big IMO.

I could be wrong, but I bet that put the last nail in the cofin for the ACC. My guess is FSU will do whatever it takes now. Its more than just rumor that GaTech is desperate to move as well. Again, I could be way off, but it seems pretty logical really.

I thought you would be happy with it

I think these are two of the better matchups out of any of the bowls. Poor FSU lol. You're probably glad you didn't win the ACC now.


Good games for both Scar and Clemson for a change.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Dumb pass...

Oh well.

Biggest thing...

Is not to open the grill except every hour, or hour and a half like you are doing. Can't really mess it up.

Not surprised about uga really, be a national championship I watch if they do. Uga vs ND, very interesting. I won't watch if it's Bama, dont care if they win and I refuse to pull for ND.

I have often wondered if Doakes would come back? It's not actually a mystery, I would assume it may be in the book. I bet he will be a ghost, would be good to see him have a part in the end along with Rita. Prolly just rumor. Gonna be a crazy finish and it has my attention for sure.

Best season yet of the walking dead.

I'm doing a beer can chicken on the grill now

First time I've done it but its smelling good at least. I did like you said and put already hot coals on it after about 1 1/2 hours. Hopefully it'll turn out ok.

UGA looking like they are gonna play for the national title in the third qtr of the SEC title game right now.

I agree...

Either Clemson has made progress or the ACC is just that bad, maybe a little of both. I think Scar has done well for sure. I was mostly talking about Clemson and not because Scar is beating them. But I'm seriously not sure the ACC is going to around much longer. Strange turn of events and it looks not to be over.

It takes 3 hours tops to grill it, once you do it one time you wont do it any other way, real easy. You can go out every hour and inject it with whatever, a huge advantage. You take the drippings. Off the pan in the bottom to make the best gravy you have ever had. Good stuff bro.

One reason why it's not done is the rain, I have to go out on the balcony. It's made mostly from cedar. I did it without plans and each one of the drawers fits real good. I modeled it after this picture:

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Being a Carolina fan

And dealing with some of the shit that Carolina has done through the years, well I would call them over-achievers these days. Beating TN three times in a row, UGA three times in a row, UF 2 out of 3, knocking off Bama which was ranked #1 at the time, Clemson 4 times in a row, possibly back to back 11 win seasons, SEC east title, all that is not underachieving, not for us. These are things that no Carolina or any fan for that matter thought would ever happen. It far exceeds Carolina standards and I'm extremely happy with where Carolina is at.

Wow that medicine cabinet is nice. I see why it's taking you so long now. The turkey looks good too. How long did they have to cook?

Also, I saw an interesting rumor about Dexter. Someone claimed that Doakes may still be alive lol. I don't think he is but wow what a twist that would be.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Now, here is my Chinese medicine cabinet...

Still unfinished:
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Off topic, but did I tell you...

I grilled the turkeys this year instead of smoking? Much better, done in 3hrs, I did 4 of them all good. I now can post pics from my iPad (more coming):

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Oh you didn't know?

Clemson has been a laughing stock for about 20 years or so. My version of a laughing stock is much different than yours. I actually know what it's like to have a team that over achieves instead of underperforms. Have not had that in so long I stopped caring though, I don't expect it to show up. I predict much sorrow in you future as well, lol. Hold on tightly to beating clemson, because it's not much and it's all you have.

How does it feel losing to a laughing stock 4 years in a row?

and what does that make Clemson? Wink wink lol

Paul Johnson?

Definitely, it's pretty dumb to say otherwise, he just can't recruit. If he could everyone would be in trouble. But jimbo? Explain why in terms of jimbo at FSU vs Dabo at Clemson? I bet you can't. I think obrien probably is a better coach, even though his record says otherwise. I thought he would actually do well there and I don't really know why he didn't. See bro, I don't kid myself like you.

You can make up all the championships you want, but at the end of the day you have none. The rivalry is good for a laugh, but that's about it. If it were worth anything that ship would have sailed years ago. But you will take being a laughing stock and beating Clemson, lol. I will take having more conference titles than you have bowl wins and an unsurmountable number of "state championships" wink wink.

It's still hard for me to say gamecocks without laughing.

Yea bro that's exactly what I'll say lol

I like the approach you're taking. You already know you look like a retard arguing against a Carolina fan considering we whipped you four years in a row. Since you already look like a retard may as well go full retard right? lol

And yes, Chiz and Bobby Johnson are better than Spurrier. Wow what a moronic post your last one was. Tom O'brien, Paul Johnson, and Jimbo Fisher are also better than Dabo, oh wait that's not a joke, they really are lol.

One thing we do know for fact, Dabo is Spurrier's little bitch.

It's cool too...

Because when you can't really argue, because you know you are wrong and have no facts. Just say hey, we won. I never really did that because I didn't have to, I guess whatever works. But let's get back to it.

So since Gene Chizik beat spurrier every time they played, was he a better coach and was auburn a better team? How about Bobby Johnson and Vanderbuilt? If UGA beats Bama, will you be the SEC champs as far as you are concerned? Maybe have tshirts made to make it a real championship? What if they win the national title? Will you say, hey wait we are in the sec and a national championship for uga is a national championship for scar.

Doesn't really matter to me

I think we were better when we played them. They had a soft schedule this year and last year. Next year is when our schedule is soft, maybe we will take advantage? Who knows, we'll see. As far as being upset about UGA going to the SEC when we beat them? We didn't take care of business in our two toughest road games so we don't deserve to go. Doesn't bother me. I really don't care if we never win a conference.

It's just a game but I do enjoy beating clemson every year. It makes their fans look like retards when they argue and trash talk with us after four strait beatdowns lol.

You have plenty of experience...

with it as a fan. So tell me how to deal with it? I was just trying to tell you what its like to have a legit championship. No need to worry, does not look like you will ever have to deal with that. You beat UGA the past 2 years (at least, maybe more), but you also watched them play for the SEC or will anyways after this year. Whats that like bro? You think Scar is better or UGA?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

How many state championships in the past 4 years?

Call me crazy but I'm content with 10 win seasons in the SEC and whipping our rival every year. Have fun with your one conference title in the past 21 years in arguably the worst BCS conference. I'm sure you're proud lol.

I will admit it was kinda sad hearing the clemson seniors talk about never winning the state championship in their post game interviews. They will just have to Dylan with it lol.

So its championships...

you want to discuss. First off, the state championship is made up, it doesn't really exist except for highschool. Thank goodness for your sake. Secondly we have a conference championship. Did you go to the SEC Championship last year? I guess my point is, don't knock it unless you try it. We have more "state championships" wink wink, than we know what to do with. You don't have anything to compare it to, I understand.

Looks like the state championship is the only one we'll win this year

But hey, that's better than not winning one at all. Speaking of, how do you like your chances against 6-6 GT in the ACC champ game? What a joke lol.

That's ok bro...

You can't get past that, I got it. Could not possibly be true you are right. But let me ask, do you think you will beat Bama in the sec championship this year?

They have put up with it for 4 years now

And where have you read that some other program is interested in Dabo? Again, why is it that only you and Billy Bob know about this phantom team?

You right there are no more Spurrier's. Fortunately he's still at Carolina. He'll be there next year for 5 in a row lol.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Clemson will encourage...

him to leave because you don't lose to Scar at Clemson. Simple as that.

In terms of Morris...

quite possibly yes. What you posted was pretty gamecock willish. Two 10 win seasons and a conference championship. Again babble babble babble. I tell you one thing, I am glad Spurrier did not get an OC, you would have a National Championship probably if he did. I guess he is afraid some will say it was his OC at Scar instead of him. As if you have some sort of inside knowlege on who is being interviewed, lol. You was posting your normal crap of anything negative you can find on Clemson and I posted thats one of the many things I had read. Then it spins up into something very silly and stupid as usual. But ok, in your world there are no more Chad Morris's, lol.

I tell you one thing, there are no more Steve Spurriers.

I'm probably going to save this

Because this is what you think will happen to Clemson if Dabo is gone and Morris takes over lol:

There is a huge difference between being a head coach and running an offense. Most head coaches find they cannot do both and fail when they try. Most of the ones who continue to do it do not have very good offenses. Then all the sudden you have a guy running your program with mostly high school experience and he is not even your OC.

Great material bro, thanks lol.

With ole Dabo lol

It's getting easier to laugh out loud when I type "Dabo" these days lol.

You claim that the Clemson administration would encourage him to leave if someone else offered. I'm assuming that is to make Morris your HC? If not why? Why, if Dabo is so great would you want him to leave? Why would Clemson encourage Dabo to leave?

I think the better question is who wants Dabo? You claim he is under heavy consideration so why does no one hear about it but Billy Bob and Cris Ard on TI? No one want's Dabo bro, as bad as you and every other Clemson fan wants to get rid of him, nobody wants him. I hate to tell you you will have to fire him to get rid of him, much like Tommy Bowden..

Let me use your little spin technique now..

Does Dabo run a clean program:
AD: He's not doing anthing worse than Alabama or Auburn.
SCAR: Props to him for not getting caught.

Is he a good recruiter:
AD: He really gets some good ones going by the recruiting websites and hey, that's good for publicity.
SCAR: He either gets talent and doesnt develope it or doesn't know how to evaluate talent. Hence the reason they have out recruited us and we have beat them four times in a row.

Does he graduate players?
AD: Clemson has one of the highest grad rates out there as long as we have a guy like president Barker tricking the magazines. He also finds a way to offer guys like Watkins and Spiller and get them into school..
SCAR: Who gives a shit about academics when it comes to winning football games. LOL at the ACC and their academics.

Is he a good coach?
AD: He did a great job with Chad Morris. His offense is great as long as it isn't up against a stellar defense like South Carolina's. One question though, why did he hire a Oklahome reject in Venebles? Clemson's defense is terrible.
SCAR: (I like how you did this one because it's pretty much how we view Dabo but I'll add a little) Dabo is an idiot, its all Chad Morris, look at what their offense was before Morris!!! He is WR coach and a cheerleader!! And Venebles is terrible lol. Four in a row!!!

It's very easy to spin stuff bro lol.

Let's start with Louisville

Let's review their football program (post Petrino) record.

2012:  9-2
2011:  7-6
2010:  7-6
2009:  4-8
2008:  5-7
2007:  6-6

Spin it how you will (and I know you will futilely try lol) but that is a terrible resume. Just not very good.

I agree that they have a good coach, just like they did with Petrino, but like Petrino he will be gone as soon as he gets the chance. As you said, Strong is at the top of a few lists. Auburn is the one I here the most. After Strong it with be much of the norm for Louisville in football.

Basketball? WOW what a great program with a franchise coach like Petino.

Overall, great fit for the ACC..

As for Louisville...

again, you make absolutely no sense. They are a 9-2 football team and have coach that is on everyone's list(after petrino). They are in a great basketball conference already and have no reason to move other than football. Your logic is just not there.

In terms of Chad Morris...

there is a huge difference between being a head coach and running an offense. Most head coaches find they cannot do both and fail when they try. Most of the ones who continue to do it do not have very good offenses. Its likely he would end up getting an OC. Then all the sudden you have a guy running your program with mostly high school experience and he is not even your OC.


it is completely garnet glasses when you say all that. The AD of whatever program is not likely to be a gamecock fan. When you are running a bussiness you look at what you can see, emotions don't really come into play. Here is the difference between you as a Scar fan and what an AD would consider:

Does Dabo run a clean program:
AD: NCAA has not even sniffed Clemson.
SCAR: Obviously, its Clemson and we just know he is cheating.

Is he a good recruiter:
AD: He could be one of the best out there and he could do even more at my school.
SCAR: He pays players, we just know it.

Does he graduate players?
AD: Clemson has one of the highest grad rates out there.
SCAR: Huge disadvantage being at Clemson just with JUCO alone, LOL AT CLEMSON!!!

Is he a good coach?
AD: He has pulled Chad Morris basically out of his ass, noone even knew him and most even laughed at him. Now he is very highly thought of and we know there are more out there.
SCAR: Dabo is an idiot, its all Chad Morris!!! He is WR coach and a cheerleader!!

I could just keep going on and on, but you get the point. You just don't take Clemson from where they were for 20 years to now and not get credit. Everyone thinks so highly of Jimbo Fisher and Dabo has done a better job IMO considering the talent gap.

Honestly bro

I don't think that any of the major programs would take Dabo. I can't think of any of the jobs that are open that would take him. That isn't a jab, just what I think. I think Morris would come closer to getting one of those jobs than Dabo would. Hell most Clemson fans would rather have Morris than Dabo as a head coach. If your rumor is true the administration would rather have Morris as well. I don't think anybody wants Dabo. If the Carolina job were open and we took Dabo over Morris I would quit watching football lol.

As far as the ACC crumbling I don't think it will completely. I have said since the conference realignment stuff started up that the ACC is a basketball conference and they will go after basketball schools. So far I have been right with Pitt and Cuse. I think if they pick up Louisville it will further the basketball theory. Sure Louisville has been decent in the past in football but let's face it, they are a basketball school with Petino. I think the ACC will next go for a school like UCONN after Louisville.

I have also said since all this started that if the SEC took any ACC schools it would be NC ST and VT. Not because they are good but because of footprint and having the TV market in those states. I still think this will happen honestly. Looking more likely now with the state the ACC is in.

Clemson won't be left out to dry however. I think that they and FSU will end up in the Big 12. They probably should have already went.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

No he is not...

Again, if you want to point the finger at one person it is Clowney, which is no surprise. Your offense stayed on the field because your defense put them there very quickly. 27 points in fact should not have been enough, but it was because of your defense. But hey its your team and give Thompson credit for the win instead of Clowney. Lots of credit to your secondary as well, which seemed to have stepped it up.

There are so many jobs open right now its hard to say. I have actually heard that Morris is holding out to see if Dabo takes a job at one of the major programs open right now who supposedly has big interest. I have no way to know if its true, but it would not surprise me. Clemson will not fire him right now, but I do believe they would encourage him to leave if he were offered a job elsewhere at a major program. You have to remember we have a new AD now. Also, I think Morris should take another job rather than NC State. You have to go all the way back to Lou Holtz to find a successfull coach from there. All he has to do it wait to be offered, because he is going to be in line for better programs, maybe even this year. Obrien was not by any means a shabby coach and he failed. One thing for sure Morris will likely be a head coach soon.

I got a bigger question for you, do you think the ACC is about to crumble? I could be wrong but its hard not to take the rumors seriously these days. What is your opinion, does it fold?

You said it best, it's just spinning

It doesn't matter anyway we won the game and Thompson's play was a big reason why. He kept your offense off the field.

What do you think about The Chad taking one of these open coaching positions? NC State is the one I hear brought up the most.

Its just spinning it really...

yeah, NC State a team whose coach just got canned scored 48 points on Clemson. So how are you spinning it exactly to mean Clemson's defense is so good and NC States offense is not better than yours? I saw no less than 3 shittily thrown passes that even a decent not great secondary would have easily picked off. A couple looked like they were thrown to the defender, still no interception. Why would you chalk up a loss when you have been living off defense? Essentially, Clemson nor FSU are as good as anyone thought.

The truth is FSU's defense is not on the same level with Scar as we both thought. Just really going by what happened to both teams this past weekend. Not sure why you want to keep talking about your offense? Your offense is not that good bro, otherwise you would have easily went undefeated this year.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Again, I never said Thompson was better than Shaw

My case has always been that we don't have to chalk up losses just because our starting QB is out. Believe me I was ready to do that before the Clemson game when I found out Shaw wasn't starting. Shame on me..

We're not talking Thompson against the SEC here bro, so you can cancel that out of your argument. We're talking one of the biggest games of the year for both teams regardless of conference affiliation.

 Clemson's defense played one of their better games against Carolina if you ask me. If they would have played like they did against NC ST Thompson would have scored 50 or more on them. Thompson made some beautiful plays that you really can't blame on your defense. If you say otherwise and don't give Thompson credit where it's due then you either didn't watch the game or need to go back and watch the replay like I just did. Thompson went on the road in a very hostile environment against a rival team that hates him with very limited experience and made the plays that was needed to win. He exceeded expectations and it wasn't your defenses fault.

He kept your offense off the field and deserves as much credit as our defense in that game. If you say otherwise you are just being sour about the loss lol.

Spiller has always...

been an honorable guy as you can see. He also still cares about Clemson and where he came from.

I tell you bro, we still disagree. If you are using Clemson's defense as a measuring stick for a QB or offense you are going to be left wanting, especially if you are in the SEC. In fact Clemson's defense performed as they should to win the game IMO. This loss is squarely on the feet of the offense, I would say you could contribute at least 7 of your points due to Clemson's defense staying on the field most of the game and that is being conservative. I knew that we had to score at least 30+ to win, play calling was pretty bad IMO. Its like after they threw the long TD pass they forgot about the middle of the field and running the ball. There seemed to be absolutely no adjustments at the half. Clemson is an offensive football team and they were bad. Could certainly be that the ACC has made Clemson's offense look much better than it is, I think that is pretty reasonable at this point.

I think Connor Shaw would have certainly layed 40 points on Clemson being a legit dual threat. But Clowney is the story of this game.

Spiller makes bet with Gilmore and loses


Charlie Weis on Notre Dame's season

“The most important thing for me is to make sure that I stay low profile and don’t try to take accolades for their success”


Clemson Sucks!

No I'm kidding lol, there is no need for that. Neither of us talked any trash before the game so trash after the game wouldn't be justified.

I will say I'm glad about Thompson's performance. His ability to formidable back up was a subject that we didn't agree on and he proved my point against none other than Clemson. Other than that that's all I really got. Not much else I can say..

Sunday, November 25, 2012

I also don't want to...

take away from your bragging rights to talk trash, would not be fair. Have at it bro and I will respond in kind if you do.

Not at all...

you should be happy and have fun with it because its just a game. Honestly, I think that was the only Clemson game I watched the whole thing, most of them I only got up in time for the 4th quarter this year. I think maybe there are too many important things in life now to get pissed off or excited about and I don't have room for that? Definitely not a bad thing.

Sorry if I seemed short last night

There was a lot of people over and I was overly excited. Hope I wasn't too big of an ass lol. It's just a game but I'm glad we pulled it off.

I'm glad the season is coming to an end. I do enjoy it but 12 Saturdays is plenty. Ready to start doing other stuff on my Saturdays until the season starts back up.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

No idea...

You would think it will be a high scoring game, but we will see.

I would not...

Suspect anything major going on at Scar or them getting in trouble. I don't think Spurrier does that.

Friday, November 23, 2012

I'm just glad it's not Carolina

and there is currently no controversy surrounding us lol.

Any score predictions for the games tomorrow?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

First one Finally getting ready to fall?

I doubt it:;_ylt=Asz7kSkGDkZgQEs02xm64.UcvrYF;_ylu=X3oDMTRvYjNwY3I2BG1pdANMSVNUUyBNaXhlZCBMaXN0IE5DQUFGIEV4cGVydHMgMgRwa2cDNGZlMDA1NjgtMTQ4NC0zNGFhLWFiODctZGQzZmR

Monday, November 19, 2012

I guess the bottom line...

to me is that they are not very good and getting worse as a football program. Would be nice to think the ACC would add a good football school. But then reality hits and it will probably be Temple or UCONN. At least Rutgers is off the market. It would seem Conference re-allignment happens when you least expect it, did not see it coming.

I could speculate, but its football season and thats best saved for an off season discussion if at all. I hope you are right about Clemson and Scar, I don't see why it won't be a very good game.

Maryland to the Big 10

announcement is supposed to come at 3:00 today. I think it is a good fit for them and the Big 10.

I liked Prometheus...

good story, but I wanted to see Aliens.

Option teams will scare you...

every time. I think Clemson should schedule Wofford to help with GaTech, but I don't get why Scar would.

I am almost hesitant to mention it, but its on the front page of Maryland Rivals. Maryland to the Big 10? Appears to be a legit possibiltity, it never ends.

Wait until you see my Chinese medicine cabinet, its a monster of a project but I think its turning out real good. Has 14 drawers and I finished that part already, I am almost done except sanding.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


didn't look good either. As a matter of fact it was scary at one point. I think both teams was looking ahead and both will come ready to play next week. Should be fun to watch.

Prometheus was good. I know you liked it being a big alien fan. I wish they would have showed more of the big bald headed people. Those things were creepy.

Yea I'm a big Star Wars fan. I haven't talked much about it in the past because I didn't understand the politics as much as I do now. I'm really happy about the new episodes. I can go ahead and watch Clone Wars now that there will be more movies. I was saving them because I thought there would be no more. I'm also about to read the Thrawn trilogy. I hear it's the best non-Lucas story books.

How is school going?

Clemson didn't look so...

Hot vs NC State, gonna get beat up if they play like that vs Scar. Looked real sloppy.

Friday, November 16, 2012

It's just people...

Getting mangled every episode and it seems at the end everyone will be a sadist, lol? Maybe that's the point, not hard to figure the doctor was not who he says.

What do you think about the walking dead? I can't comment on prometheous, but let me know your opinion when you watch it. I was surprised you got so interested in star wars, I thought it would be just me. They could really do so much with it now, really very little of even the past has been done, much less the future.

Watched the Anne Frank episodes of AHS

last night. I see what you mean now. Pretty nasty stuff lol. I still have the last episodes of Dexter and Walking Dead to watch. I also have to catch up on a bunch of movies. I still haven't seen Prometheus.

Another show coming out that looks like it's going to be entertaining is Catfish on MTV. It's about a couple of guys that help people meet the person they have been dating over the internet but have never met before. If the person isn't who they say they are, they are a Catfish lol. The first episode is about this pretty blonde that has been dating a model in California online for years. Turns out he's not a model, he isn't even a he. It's a big fat butch lol. Full episodes will be on MTV's site if you're interested.

I didn't mean it was bad...

Just so sick it makes you cringe and it's hard to watch.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I've got to catch up on shows

Star Wars kick has me behind. People seem to have been happy with this week's episode of AHS.

American Horror...

Is so sick it's hard to even watch. It gets sicker and crazier every week.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


a perfect storm for him really. FSU is not really that good when you look at the talent they have, but their record says otherwise. He is really just positoning himself for a huge raise. He cannot be stupid enough to leave the gold mine he has (top five talent with very little competition) to go to a dumpster fire like Tennessee. But don't get me wrong, when he learns not to run the offense himself and gets a good OC? I guess then he becomes a good coach so maybe I will stand corrected.

Like I said

PhotobucketI have no idea of knowing who is going where. So no I'm not so sure Fisher is going to TN. That's just the scenario I keep hearing. One of the reasons I've heard that he may leave is because he's not happy with FSU's decision to stay in the ACC. I think Plyler said that.

With Star Wars JJ Abrams has already withdrew his name from the list. I agree Cameron would be a good choice but I haven't even heard his name mentioned besides when I did. With Kevin Smith I wasn't the one who brought him up but I did agree that he would be a good choice. He doesn't get the title as director but he helps with a alot of movies people don't know about. Mostly comic stuff I think. He also had a hand in the newest Die Hard movie. Like I said on the mb, Disney would never go for him. He's too crude. Another downfall would be his obsession with Boba Fett. Giving more interest to that character would be a huge mistake imo..

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I definitely think your...

defense is at the same level or better than FSU. Probably close to the same, your DL is better but their secondary is better, probably. No arguments there, I think this is setting up to be an epic battle, but then again you might blow us out. Scar is quite capable for sure.

I read your post on Rivals...

I could feel you on most but Keven Smith? Come on bro, that had to be a joke. I certainly would make a part for him in the movie/s, but good lord no one will even trust him with a B rated movie based on what he has done as a director so far. You wanna see Mark Hamil show up dressed like Cock Knocker? The new Sith Nemesis or even worse Jay show up as a Jedi? Stop it! (I hope you are laughing)

I think this project is big enough to put one than one major director in charge, too big for one in fact. I am going with James Cameron with instructions to take this a more serious and slightly darker route, teamed with Joss Whedon or JJ Abrams. George Lucas would also be involved as a consultant/advisor.

Also the first movie is not Episode 7 (if I am doing it), its some sort of spin off to get people in the mood. How about how the Sith Lords/Jedi's came to be? About a million possibilities for that. You get to learn from your mistakes for the big boy. What do you think?

Why are you so sure...

Jimbo Fihsher is leaving FSU? You think Tennesse is a better job right now than FSU? I don't get why he would leave or why they would want him, but it could happen. Fisher can't beat NC State but he is going to go to the SEC? Just a bad move for everyone especially Clemson and Scar. I don't think he will be successfull in the SEC but it won't be for lack of recruiting, the man can recruit and there are not very many good football players in Tennesse. I think he would be a thorn in our side like Fulmer was for a while.

I'm not sure Patterson leaves TCU for Arkansas, he has a good deal there and job security.

Getting pretty excited about Star Wars

Trying to figure out who the cast will be, director, story, title, ect.

Brent let me borrow his Star Wars Blu-rays. First time I've watched them in HD. All I have to say is wow.

Here's who I think goes where

I have no way of knowing but my predictions are: Patterson to Arky, Petrino to Kentucky, Fisher to TN. Auburn I'm not so sure about. Probably somebody unproven because I don't know a proven coach in their right mind that would take over that dumpster fire.

Clemson does have the best offense we will play this season. I never said they didn't. South Carolina at worst has the 2nd best defense Clemson will face this season. Some might even say our defense is better than FSU's. That arguement doesn't matter because I think we can agree that they are comparable at least. It will be an interesting game. Probably high scoring but who knows? I thought this time last year that Clemson would slap us around. I'm kinda leaning towards Clemson beating us this year. I was dead wrong last year and here's to hoping I'm wrong this year lol.

I think Clemson should and will beat NC ST. They should have last year as well. If they beat NC ST they can get that "same old Clemson" monkey off of their back. That's all I was saying.

Monday, November 12, 2012

I guess the...

Biggest mystery is who does Tennessee go after? I would think they go the proven head coach route this time. I have no idea on this one.

I keep hearing things...

Like Jimbo to auburn, but I also hear Saban is going to Texas, they are both at the same level. I think it's a dumb move by auburn if true. I have heard they will go after petrino tho. Not sure why they would go after jumbo instead of Gary Patterson or someone else.

I think this is the best offense you have faced all year, if not who?

I think will play pass and make us attempt to run the ball. I think if we can score points we win, but I am not sure we can score. In terms of NC State, this is not the same team. Clemson played down right awful the last 5 games except VaTech, I don't think anyone should expect that team to show up.

I don't know

Clemson is a really good passing team. Our secondary is our biggest weakness on defense. The games we have played well against the pass have been the ones that we get major pressure on the QB. If the secondary can improve just a little bit I like our chances. If we play like we did against TN we're in trouble.

I think Carolina will score points but may find it tough to stop Clemson from doing so. If Clemson wins out I think they have a great shot at the Sugar. Problem is you have NC ST and South Carolina left on your schedule. Two teams that beat you convincingly last season. Is Clemson a different team this year? We'll find out over the next couple of weeks.

As far as the open SEC jobs go I think Petrino may go to Kentucky. Believe it or not I think Jimbo Fisher is one to watch for either the Auburn job or TN job.

Three SEC coaches gone...

Chizik, Dooley and joker, wonder which one gets petrino? Any ideas on who the others might get?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

I heard it was a GA...

If true I would simply tell him to give me to give me a job and make me his right hand man. Of course some would say I'm stupid, I say it's smart.

It's not time to argue...

About recruits or silly stuff I come up with. But it damn sure is time for smack talk!

I predict Clemson wins out and gets a bcs bowl, so let's hear your prediction.

Johnny Manziel is good

Tuberville may have a lawsuit on his hands after that lol. Probably wasn't too smart.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Texas AM wow...

Could definitely be the best in the SEC right now.

Tommy Tuberville shows why the big 12 is so tough, wow:

You win this one bro

I'm bowing out.

Guess what?

I meant it. You are showing your true colors, you don't give a shit about Lattimore or any of those players. You just want win games so you can flame Clemson. Lemme lol at the team doctor. So spurrier controls admission standards, been very vocal about lowering them and everything else. He has demanded in fact to control the state paper. But we are supposed to believe he does not control the team doctor? Lol at you if you believe that (I know you don't). Right now make your damn case for it's ok to play but not practice, how is that?

So you can come here after you said Clemson is getting in bidding war with RNs mom being cute and start acting like a little angel. Then throw out some over exaggerated charlton Heston type act "I would never stoop to to your level". Lemme lol at you again. But yeah come here with your bullshit and I'm going to start pointing out a few facts for you about your program and it's not pretty. It certainly won't be intelligently disputed and your damn straight you will concede.

Spin it how you want

But my little comment was nothing in compairison to the stuff you were saying. You sound like the idiots on the mb. The ones that are embarrassing.

Cool then...

Except you started it with a completely uncalled for statement. I meant the drama was probably not over, not he would sign with Clemson get it now?

What got to me was not his decommitment, it's how unnecessary that was, seemed pretty fun at the time for you. So yeah, I concede now as well and it's certainly not fun for me either.

Like I said you win bro

I will not lower myself to that level of stupidity. Not fun for me.

Did $kemdiche decommitting get to you that bad? I don't think Clowney committing to even Clemson would have me sour enough to take the road you're taking right now.

I concede..

Cool, I'll continue uninterrupted...

No way with an injury like Lat sustained last year should he have been playing this year. I am pretty sure I remember saying this was going to happen. I know he has been saying shaw is playing like a guy who got hit in the head too much. The reality is that Shaw is playing like a guy who has a shoulder injury. The verbal abuse ect... is the reason why every QB he has had ended up a nut job. It's also the reason why you could not pay a high profile QB enough to go to Scar and I am pretty sure you can add RBs to that list now. It's going to be really sad to see Clowney ruined as well.

That was really really stupid

You think Spurrier was the cause for Lattimore's injuries? It's bad either way. If you do think Spurrier was to blame then you're just plain stupid. If you don't think Spurrier is to blame and you speculate it just to be cute then you should be ashamed. Come on bro, you're better than that.

If Clowney is hurt enough not to play he doesn't have to play. I'll take the team doctor's opinion over any tiger fan's every day of the week, not only including but especially yours. Just like my opinion $kemdiche I'm sure.

You really surprised me with a shot about anything to do with Latt's injury. Wow bro, you win this one. Not fun anymore for me if you have to resort to stuff like that.

Friday, November 09, 2012

I watched a good movie...

Called savages last night. Not a horror movie, it was good. I'm building a Chinese medicine cabinet right now, pictures coming soon and it is looking like it's going to turn out good. I did not really think about it, but I have been building without plans by looking at pictures.

We already know...

Lattimores carreer has been ended, but is spurrier playing a Clowney who needs surgery to the point he can't even practice? Let me guess, he says no way it will make it worse or is that not really true?

If it is true and Clowneys career ends like Lattimores do you think Spurrier should share some blame or will you trust his judgement? I don't think Ron Morris has gone anywhere, will he go to the beach?

That was pretty stupid...

I'm not even going to comment on it.

May be she is getting paid

but you also say it's not over. How do you think Clemson will get back in it if it's not over and Ole Miss is paying her? Will there be a bidding war? lol

Thursday, November 08, 2012

I think we...

agree on most things other than football really. I even think we could both agree its not a good idea to trust the opinion of your rival's fans on your team, especially if its your brother, lol.

Unfortunately its probably not over...

I would love to know just how much she has been paid though (its very obvious).

I am definitely tired of hearing about it though, I wish the kid well no matter where he ends up.

I guess it was only a matter of time

If I were a Clemson fan I would say good riddance. His mom is a lune..

We may not agree on much

but we agree on this. I don't know much about politics but I feel the same way. I was on the fence but I was leaning more towards Obama. I just didn't like Romney and the thought of him being our president was scary to me for some reason.

As far as Hillary goes she is my pick as well. I wanted her to get the dem nomination over Obama four years ago. The US was successful under Bill and with Hilary in office it would be like having two presidents in office.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

I don't really know...

not good or bad probably. Not sure Romney would be good and Obama does not do much of anything. I would certainly like to see Hillary in office and I think most would think I am an idiot for that. I just think the economy could use a Bill Clinton boost and that is the closest you can come to getting him back. I don't really care what they do behind closed doors.

Obama won

Good or bad in your opinion?

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

I have been watching...

its just damn crazy and sick, almost pornographic as well. In other words entertaining, lol. Its kinda like a B rated movie with good special effects. Also I have been watching The League and Parks and Recreation. Both funny, but the league is hilarious.

I think you are watching, but the walking dead has been way better this season than last so far, I was glued the entire last episode. Homeland is a good show too.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Have you been watching American horror story?

This season is pretty good. A lot different from last season.

Friday, November 02, 2012

I don't think...

I had a problem with them either, but they were gear for children. I was speaking more in terms of the indiana jones and several other flops lately.

I agree after looking, Disney has plenty of flops as well. The concept of episode 7 is cool no matter what to me. Three more are planned, with a really old Luke in the 3rd one. Of course it is entertainment to me, not a religion like it is with Brent and many others.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

I didn't have a problem with Lucas

and the way he made the new movies. I thought they were great. Brent will be excited about The Arnold in Conan lol.

More Brent news...

Arnold is returning as Conan (not kidding):

I said it many times before...

The zombies are coming sooner rather than later. Some people are not going to believe it until one bites them on their ass.

3 years?

Try more like 25 years and yes it should have been better. I simply don't think it will be worse than Lucas has been doing. The most recent movies were certainly kids movies. But a new movie is already planned for 2015. I word like to see an adult rated r serious movie, lol.

John Carter was a true southern gentleman and devoted military officer in the book. Someone decided to make him a drunk rebel, just didn't work and typical. Funny you mention John Carter, George Lucas straight up copied it for star wars.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Glad we're preparing for it

I'm partly joking

but not entirely. I mean they have already turned Star Wars into a cartoon with Clone Wars. They may go in that direction and if not cartoon you can bet Disney will steer it more towards kids. It's a hardcore adult Star Wars fan's (Brent's) nightmare lol. Disney can ruin movies as good as they can make them. I think you even said yourself that John Carter was a letdown after you had anticipated it for like 3 years..

I didn't see that comment...

That was not the comment I saw he made, but certainly smart to steer clear of this.

I think you are joking about Disney? They are one of the biggest movie companies out there, heck I guess this deal probably makes them the biggest. The truth is George Lucas has had some real bombs lately and probably needs to let someone else have a shot if there are going to be more movies. These would start after episode 6.

I read Dexter is based off 6 books and debrah actually finds out in the first book, kind of surprising if true.

Spurrier's comment does seem to be big news

Just like with you, it's not a big deal to me either. It's not a big deal to Dabo, his comment on it can be seen here: Dabo's thoughts

I think the media is blowing it out of proportion but I guess they have to have something to write about. Sure the timing may have not been perfect but the ceremony was about Marcus and I bet he got a chuckle out of it. Like you said, we probably won't agree on everything about it and I don't see a reason to find what parts we don't agree about. Especially considering it's something that isn't a big deal to either of us anyway.

Brent texted me last night about the Lucas Ind. thing. I told him I was sorry lol. It's gonna be one big cartoon now. It would be funny to see Micky Mouse and Donald Duck in a Star Wars movie. I could see the look on Brent's face now lol.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Somewhat big Brent news...

I have not got concrete evidence, but it seems to be accurate that Disney purchased Lucas Films for 4 billion dollars and of course they plan to do more Star Wars movies. I'm not joking, I just read it and don't have time to confirm it. I bet its easy to verify.

Spurrier's Comments...

only because it is such big news. I won't give you my opinion on his timing, we are not going to agree and its not a big deal to me. I will say I am not in the least bit disgruntled, the time to take care of this is on the field in November and I hope he continues to take shots if they don't. Just my opinion.

I know that

but every fanbase has their idiots. In this case the idiots have been at a minimum.

I've never really...

heard Clemson fans say anything bad about Lattimore. He is more mature than most adults, it's just ashamed really.

I know bro

You don't want to see it by the way. I didn't want to see it live. It ruined my day, I didn't even care if we won or not after that. It's just bad.

It says alot about who Lattimore is for nearly all the Clemson fans and fans from all over the country to not make light of this situation. A lot of class shown from all the fanbases, clemson maybe most of all.

It's just awful...

I have not watched it and I never will. I could not agree more, he did not deserve this and I don't even know what else to say. It's terrible.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Probably fair to say Latt's played his last game as a Gamecock

It's sad but I don't think I would enjoy a season watching him play for us again. Every time he carried the ball I would cringe. Very unfortunate for such a good football player and more importantly good person.

I hope he can rehab and somehow get drafted in a couple of years...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Thats good to hear...

I didn't expect them to lose that way either, just turnovers really. But I didn't expect Clemson to get the holy hell beat out of them by West Virginia either. Its just the foozball, exciting when you win and good for a laugh when you don't.

This time I am taking CMIT 202, I will get the A+ certification out of this class. That will be my final exam, the A+ certification exams. Reading the first two chapters of the book last night it should not be that bad.

getting pretty good at the wood working, the frame actually went just like I had planned. The router that I have works real good, I still need to get the glass made for it, but its done other than that. I am working on plans for a new boat, this one will be my own design or version of a pram. Its kind of a cross between the elegant punt and a pram boat. You can google them both to see what I am talking about.

I'm not worried about the loss

I wasn't mad or anything afterwards. I found it more comical than anything. I knew what was going to happen, I told you. Banged up team going on the road, that's tough. I will admit that I didn't see a beating like that coming.

You should send some pictures of the frames to mama. She would love that. That's also cool about the A's. What classes are you taking again? I forgot. The Will Ferrel movie you're talking about I thought would be funny. I've been waiting to see it. Maybe it will be out on redbox soon.

I know you need a laugh...

you must watch The Campaign, Will Ferrel has had a couple of duds but this one is hilarious.


you know what I did this weekend bro? Built 2 shelves and a frame for Mama Davis's crochet pieces Tibbie game us. Had allot of fun, even routed out the frame, it looks good. I tell you what I didn't do, stay up until one o'clock in the morning to watch Clemson play, otherwise I don't get much done. Got 2 A's so far and starting my next class, sad part is I should be working on my Master's degree. I guess my point is stop worrying about that ole fooseball, its just not worth it. /rant

Friday, October 19, 2012

I watched it...

He was a real screw up, lol. He plays allot of parts where he is a screw up, I would think it has something to do with his dad. If you have not read the story about his dad being a hit man for the mob you should read it.

There are better movies you have not seen, the flowers of war with Christian bale for one. I will try to remember to watch the league. Don't forget about Homeland as a show for you to try also, it's good.

Yea I've watched all the new shows and then some

I like the way all of the shows have started. Ryan turned me on to a really funny show called the league. You need to check it out, it's hilarious. I actually just started watching a movie called ramppart with woody harrelson in it. You probably already seen it.

I know all of the players outside of Quarles are playing but you must have missed what I said. Even if they do play they will not be 100% which could be worse than them not playing at all depending on how bad they're injured. That's no trick. I wish it was but that would be wishful thinking.

I am...

I just read everyone of them are playing except Quarles. Lat might not get the first snap, he gets most of the rest of them after that, he might even start. Neat trick, but nobody is fooled and it's cool because you want me to be right.

Did you watch Dexter or anything yet? I watched the first episode of American Horror, Jessica Lange is back with an even bigger role, she looks like she has aged backwards and got younger, not kidding. Very interesting set up this season, really crazy though.

I hope you're right

but they are saying that Lattimore won't start. Bad part about it is if any of these players start they won't be 100%. May be you're right and it's a Spurrier trick. I hope so..

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I don't mean any harm...

but I don't think anyone believes that, least of all Muschamp. I will believe it when Lattimore does not stroll out on the field after the first drive or maybe even first play. This has Spurrier Indian trick written all over it. Hopefully I am right, I think Quarles probably is out though and that will hurt you a little.

Goodbye SEC East

Flu bug has hit the team along with numerous injuries. We in all likelyhood will play without Clowney, Lattimore, Quarles, Ellington among others. Even if they do play they will not be 100%.

It sucks but that's they way it goes I guess..

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Just watched Dexter also...

Best season yet so far.

I already watched...

They don't need a villain right now, too much going on. Not to give it away but looks like plenty will be available. This was one of the better episodes.

Clemson can always lose, that's just a fact. Any team can lose unexpectedly with a bad defense. Unfortunately at least once the offense probably won't show up, that's why defense wins championships.

Hard to say, I think Floridas offense is a little better than LSU, but the defense not quite as good. I think you can outscore them and win a close one.

Thoughts on this weeks upcoming games?

I don't see much danger of Clemson losing. Huge game for South Carolina. Another tough road test. If we lose this one we can kiss the east goodbye.

Also, The Walking Dead started back up. Got it recorded but haven't watched it yet. Wonder who will take on the villian role now that Shane is dead?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I agree...

no shame in what happened. LSU just lined up those NFL sized players and slammed into Scar all night in a hurry up offense. Not much anyone could do considering the defense they have. I think LSU really just lacks a QB and they are unstoppable. Bama had best not get too cocky.

Thanks bro

Yea it sucks but 3 years ago we wouldn't even been able to make it a game. They played great defensively and had a offensive strategy that took the pass rush out of the game. It's tough to go on the road and beat LSU night. That's an under statement really.

We control our on destiny and if we win out we'll still play for it. UF is another tough road game.

Tough break...

Nothing really bad to say, LSU was simply able to minimize Lat. Not sure anyone other than Florida or Bama can do that on your schedule. Should still be a great season and if you beat Florida you can get back to the sec championship and have a legit chance to beat Bama.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I saw a win

I saw us beat the shit out of UGA and a huge reason we beat UGA was because of Shaw. Lattimore is great but you didn't bash him, you wrongfully bashed Shaw. Like I said, if you question Shaw's passing ability you haven't watched a game Carolina has played this season. No one in the world outside of Clemson Tom would agree with you about Shaw..

You blame Shaw for having Lattimore on his team?? Then you come to me about not having intelligent conversation? Come on bro you're better than that.

We run a Bama offense these days. They don't pass if they don't have to and we don't either. Passing a lot is for teams with a bad defense. I'll take Shaw, Lattimore and our defense over any team with a terrible defense and a hotshot QB.

So looking at this intelligently...

What I saw with those 6 passes was mis-direction. Uga's entire defense would go to whatever side Lat was running, spurrier would then throw across the grain to a wide open receiver. What did you see and why did what you saw work in your opinion?

Wasn't any flame on...

Shaw or a troll. You still havn't mentioned lattiomore one time, which was the point. To start giving Lattiomre some credit instead all the glory to Connor Shaw. GaTech runs the option, they don't have Lattimore. Scar is not an option team and runs the ball because they have Marcus Lattimore. So shockingly Spurrier has become a running vs passing offense because of Lat.

I think it's a damn shame you can't discuss anything you don't agree with intelligently. Wasn't even a troll or anything bad about scar, it was a promotion of lattimore. I get it though bro you are right, you beat uga because of those 6 completions by Connor Shaw.

Obvious troll, but i'll bite....

Shaw has only had 1 200 yard passing game but he also played hurt in one, didnt play another one, and only a half in another so i think that is kinda unfair to expect him to have monster numbers when he hasnt even had to play a complete game this year. Also what does it matter because Carolina is a running team that throws enough to keep teams honest and are pretty damn successful when they do throw it.

You love Ga Tech and they throw it like 4 times a game, so whats the difference? I will take good defense, high completion passes, and a solid ground game everyday of the week. Throwing for 400 yards and losing is good for one thing, a loss, a la Tahj Boyd vs Fla St. Its really a moot point to try and compare stats. Stats are for fantasy football guys. Flame away on Shaw, but the kid is a winner and makes the passes when he has to make them.


Outside of the push-up joke

What exactly was stupid about it? I'll keep playing lol. Sounds like you got into a bottle of sake..

Detula just texted me and told me I was right and you are a mad retard by the way lol.

I will admit...

That was so stupid it made me mad, three steps below gamecock will stupid. What's even worse is you are still defending it and you can't possibly be drunk this time of day.

But I guess we will see who gets the last laugh.

Why are you so mad?

You made a dumb post, it's ok bro lol.

If you can't comprehend my last post then something is wrong with you (mental retardation). I think you're playing dumb though and know I'm right. That's why you're mad right now lol.

I'll tell you what to do, take a deep breath and go back and read my post slowly. It's not hard to understand.

By the way, Connor Shaw is better than Montana so it was dumb bringing him up lol.

That was the dumbest...

Bunch of crap I've ever seen you post. No joke bro, you sound like a complete retard. Clemson has buy week so they should do up downs? I don't even understand any of the logic behind anything you posted. Connor Shaw has had 1 game over 200 yds passing, get it? There is no fail, only fact which from reading your post is why you can't understand it. I guess never land, the place where Mizzou is a powerhouse Connor shaw is actually Joe Montana as well. Maybe if you do up downs RN will finally decommit?


That's Connor Shaw's record as a starter at QB. Can you find me five other active college QBs with that kind of record? May take you a while. You'll definitely have to search outside of the state of South Carolina : )

You can have your stats bro, I'll take the wins all day long. Connor Shaw doesn't have the passing yards because of the play calling. We get a good lead and we grind it out on the ground. You can't blame Shaw for that. You also failed to mention that Shaw was hurt half way through the Vandy game, missed East Carolina, and was still injured against UAB. Actually alot of fail with your post lol.

You say he hasn't done anything remarkable passing and I say you haven't seen a single game he has played. Shaw has went down field multiple times this season including last week with beautiful passes. UGA tried to sell out to stop the run and make Shaw throw last week. They made Shaw pass and it didn't work so well for them lol. After he burnt them for 3 TDs we went back to the ground game. Why throw it when you don't have to?

You said it best, doesn't matter if we're winning. If we beat LSU tonight something special might be in store this season for South Carolina and I think it's scary to the Clemson nation. Not to mention a huge possibility of winning 4 strait against the tigers.

I can't believe you're so concerned with Connor Shaw when Clemson has a bye week this week. Shouldn't you be using this time to do some push-ups in preparation for VT? LOL

Friday, October 12, 2012

Shaws not drunk when he plays...

But he's had one game with over 200 yds passing and that was Mizzou passing to receivers 5 yds open. Scar has not had to rely on Shaw passing and if you do? I am just not sure that day will come but it could be vs Clemson. I guess we are the team you will expect to outscore. There again we are the easiest one to score on. Shaw does most of his damage on his feet, which is fine if he stays healthy. He still has not done anything remarkable passing the ball, numbers like I expected in fact. If you subtracted everything else and all you could see is his passing yards?

Point is it don't matter, you have this guy named Lattimore and he somewhat quietly carries the offense on his back. He gets better every week and the wide open receivers for the few passes shaw gets to attempt are due to defending Lattimore.

Some dumbasses talk about Watkins catches as if they defended him well. No what happened is there was a wide open receiver because you have plan for him every play, just like Lattimore.

I really think you should watch it again

It can be a little confusing about what is going on so if you weren't really paying attention I can see where you might not be crazy about it.

I can see Deptula saying something like that after Gamecock Will and his buddies call in lol. Truth is Walt is terribly bias towards Clemson. That's one of the reasons I believe him when he says something good about Carolina or criticizes Clemson. I think you do agree with his logic because he has always been pro Dabo. He said when Chad Morris was hired that it would save Dabo's job. He said that Clemson wouldn't have a great defense this year because Venebles would need a year or two to implement it. I think you would agree with most of this. So when I hear him before the season talk about how Lorenzo Ward's defense will be as good or better than Johnson's and him turning out to be right, yea it's hard to not listen when he talks. He also said before last season that Connor Shaw was far and away a better college QB than Garcia. This was when you and I were agreeing that if Garcia went down, Carolina's season was over. Man were we wrong lol..

The LSU game is a tough one to call. Looking at it you would think my pick would be obvious. LSU has no offense and Clowney will destroy who ever is in front of him. After thinking about it it's hard to jump on a Carolina win, several reason's why. This is the best defense we will face all season. LSU is coming off a painful loss and they aren't used to losing. Nobody travels to LSU and comes away with a win. This is a first real road test against a quality opponent for Connor Shaw. There are many factors that tell me to pick LSU.

I think it will be a ugly low scoring game. I think both teams will have a defensive or special teams score. Who ever gets past 17 points wins. I'm going against my better judgment and picking Carolina in a very close game. I will tell you this though, if we do come out and punch LSU in the mouth at their place like we did UGA... Shit's gonna get real this season for Carolina lol!

I'm not sure why you are not...

going to beat LSU? Unless losing a game was a big wake up call, but they have not played well pretty consistently and it appears you have the better team? They have as much talent as any team in the country so they may show up at any time and a teams confidence or lack of confidence also comes into play with a team that has beaten them regularly. Thats not a knock on Scar, I think you win, its just an explanation on how you could lose with a team that has been better up till this point.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I think Walt Deptula...

perfectly logical to you, not at all to me. I think Walt Deptula said it best though, this is the best Gamecock team ever and all Scar fans can talk about is Clemson? This was right before the first game with Auburn/Vanderbuilt when Scar fans were contiuously calling in to discuss Auburn beating Clemson. What he said was not quite as nice as the way I put it. I know how you follow Deptula.

Maybe I should watch it again then? It was one of those shows I always turned on to have something to watch and did not really pay attention enough. I did somewhat of the same thing with Homeland, this season I am paying attention and the show is great.

Finished up my class last night, easy class for me this time but I learned allot and the teacher was real good. Gonna sign up for the next one now.

Speaking of the big game this week

What's your thoughts on the Carolina vs LSU match up?

I started American Horror Story

Wow, I can't believe you didn't love it. I'm addicted, I didn't want to go to bed last night because I wanted to keep watching it lol. That freaking thing in the basement is scary as shit..

Oh and as far as the jobs go

Sure you can go too far with anything and make it illegal. But who said anyone was giving admin jobs to highschool dropouts?

I never got the logic

about fans needing to be concerned with the big game this week instead of (blank). The players yea, the fans not so much. You want the Gamecock and FSU fans to go run laps and do up/downs to help out their team this week lol. Doesn't make sense that just because we play LSU this week we can't talk about the #1 recruit in the country and our rival potentially losing him to Ole Piss. FSU fans need to divert the attention away from them, maybe that's why they do it lol.

People will not turn their head at recruiting news just because of a big game this week. Top recruits are going to be talked about bro. Clowney was the same way, that's just the way it is..

Of course the Clemson fans don't seem that concerned lol.

I know you weren't...

But I don't see how giving a parent a job could be legal. I mean if you give them a janitorial job no problem, but let's say they were a highschool drop out and got an admin position? Anyone who applied would have a good case as well I am sure. I don't know all the rules but that can't be legal at a college.

I was speaking of turning a kid with one short meeting tho. Also, I don't think ole miss is necessarily paying. But I think uga, auburn etc.. Certainly is.

He could flip today but his dad likes Clemson and his mom is in Nigeria. It's hard to sign the number 1 recruit, we know that. I see scar and FSU more concerned than Clemson. Scar has maybe the biggest game ever this weekend and FSU got their ass whipped by NC state. Not sure why either fan base would be so interested in this situation. FSU needs to be concerned why they can sign him and 10 others like him and still lose games to much less talented teams. I think it's jimbo, lol.

I know you know this

but I want to say it anyway, I wasn't flaming with those questions. I really didn't know what was going on with either. I knew you a lot more about it than I did.

I agree about Ole Miss, not sure why anyone would want to go there. The only reason really is because of family. That's the reason Eli went there. May be Ole Miss is paying players but I've never heard of them doing it?

As far as our new DT commit UGA may be able to make him flip. He was all but committed to them at one time. May be they will pay him?

I don't think we can blame schools paying players every time we lose a commit. Sometimes I think family ties and closeness to home can play a big role. Now giving a player's parent a job isn't against the rules. It happens all the time. Both of our schools have done it I'm sure..

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Not much talk really...

He may end up decommitting but who wants to play at old piss? Not at all saying he signs but there is good evidence he is still committed to Clemson at this time. What I worry about is an SEC team possibly old piss paying him a whole bunch of money like with Cam Newton for example in the final hour.

Duke has a very good coach, I doubt very seriously they will be there in the end. I know I don't really care who wins that division. I only care if FSU loses one more and we don't in the ACC right now.

Speaking of paying players, UGA coaches can spend 15 minutes in a closed door meeting and sway a player from Georgia to UGA. Its not always just money but jobs for the family as well or possibly losing a job? All things are possibly with a recruit UGA wants, but we do get some these days so its possible you keep him.

OL? Sometimes defensive line are actually recruited for the OL, not sure if that is the case really. One thing for sure, Caldwell is going to be selective and I trust his judgement. You are finally seeing what his OL can do this year, big improvement with allot of inexperience right now this year. I would suspect we will sign 4 or 5 by the end but I dunno?

Ole Miss fans kicking up dust

about Nkemdiche. I know his brother is at Ole Miss but is that enough to turn him? Are the guys at TI talking about this at all? Just wondering if it is just a silly rumor..

You could look at Miami the same way

They have many potential beatings on the horizon as well. Like I said, it will be interesting if Duke beats VT this weekend. I don't think they will but I won't be able to control my laughter if they do lol.

Recruiting update: One of South Carolina's big needs this recruiting class is DT. Beating the snot out of UGA just landed us a good one. He was rumored to be silently committed to UGA before the game and publicly committed to us today. I remember when UGA was stealing players out of our state because they were beating the crap outta us every year. My how times have changed lol.

I have also been meaning to ask you about Clemson's OL recruiting. They only have one commit so far. What's up with that?

Not sure why it would...

Not be Miami, they are undefeated in Acc play. Fun maybe about dook, but they have not really played anyone and have many beatings on the horizon looking at their schedule, lol.

It would be different

If it was a home game for Kentucky or Ole Miss or somebody. Not on the road against LSU. For me it's not really about the pictures and stuff taken if we win. It's about having all the attention on the game at hand. Players need to be focused on the upcoming game, not the upcoming jerseys. But hey, I guess it works for Oregon and like you said if we win not much else matters. If we do lose I will blame the camo pajama pants lol.

One interesting thing going on in college football right now is the ACC Coastal division. I think we touched on this briefly but I gotta bring up Duke. If they can mess around and beat VT this week we will have something huge to talk about lol. I don't think they will but it is entirely possible.

I agree about the choice...

you have a good chance to beat LSU and I would think most would want to have videos, pictures ect... in the traditional Scar Garnet uniforms. JMO and it really does not mean squat. If you win not much else matters.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

South Carolina wearing gray unis for LSU

I'm not sure whether I like it or not. I like the jerseys don't get me wrong but I don't really like the pants. Looks like some of Bub's pajama pants or something lol. I also question this being the game to wear them. Who knows, may be it will give the players a boost. Look good, play good I guess. We all know the players have different taste than us lol..

Another keep you glued...

To the tv episode from Dexter. This has been the best one yet. Walking dead is coming, I forgot how good homeland was until the second season started. Have not watched the second episode yet but last resort will have to work real hard to be bad after the first episode. I watched American horror, it was ok but with all those great actors it should have been better. Will be all different this season and maybe I was just not in the mood before?

I was in the mood for a good horror, watched movie after movie, awful, awful, awful, then this one I did not have much hope for? Best one in a while.

Will be cool if it happens, Clemson is also right back in the Acc as well. I tell you, if Morris stays and they get a defense? Gonna be a good team. Funny how we have the best offense hands down ever at Clemson and the worst defense ever at the same time.

Monday, October 08, 2012

South Carolina and Clemson

Carolina undefeated and Clemson with one loss when they play each other this year? If we ever have a chance at this happening it's this year. Just wanted to say it before we go lose to LSU lol.

I'll have to check it out

I have been in a horror movie mood lately. Chained isn't out on netflix or redbox yet so I'll have to wait a bit to check it out.

Lot of great shows going on now. Of course Dexter but then you have The Walking Dead starting back up next week. I didn't get to watch the First season of American Horror Story so I ordered the bluray. I've heard it is a very good show. The 2nd season of it is about to come out but it has nothing to do with the first. Whole new cast, interesting.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Wanna watch a horror movie?

Watch Chained, was so disturbing I almost had to turn it off 10 mins or so into the movie. It has Vincent D'Onofrio, who was private Pyle in Full Metal Jacket and he was perfect for the part he played.

Friday, October 05, 2012

It didn't make much sense...

Then he nabs him in the middle of the busiest and most secure places possible an airport. I'm sure that didn't get caught on camera, lol.

But on a serious note, if she does die it solves allot really. He has been getting darker and darker really though, becoming someone that has to go away in the end?

Oh my lol..

Thursday, October 04, 2012

I haven't read the books

and I don't know for sure if he will die but it just feels that it's building up to that for me. He is getting too reckless. Going for another kill with all this going on? Not smart..

Deb knows the whole truth now and you can bet she will be whining until she dies. I just don't think it will be by Dexter's hand. Could be wrong..

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

I really do want him to kill her...

unless you have read the books and I have not, we really don't know if he will die. They got me this time because I did not expect the ending at all. Maybe at the end he will be reformed? I really do not look forward to her whining all season and it will be at an all time record I am sure. If it were up to me he would kill her on a table like he does everyone else right now and tell her its because she is too annoying. Then they would bring Rita back from the dead. But we know thats not going to happen, lol.

Ok what's Dexter gonna do?

Just watched it. I know you want him to kill Deb but I don't think he will. I think these last two seasons will build up for what is ultimately inevitable.. Dexter's death..

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Its hard for anyone to win out...

but at least you have a legitimate chance.

That really sux about your computer bro, I like HP. I think you said you use them at work, but I have never had one break. I think it is good to have a desktop computer at home, I don't think laptops hold up very well especially if you view allot of media or play games.


I can't watch shows on the computer anymore. My computer is about 7 years old and coming to the end of it's days. Anytime I try to watch a show the video card overheats and it shuts itself off.

I'm going to have to break down and get Shotime for this season.. Sucks..

But hey, I've heard the first episode was great!

I don't know

It's not very likely that we win out. Oct is just too tough of a month. UGA, at LSU, at UF, then TN is a rough go. Not to metion the last game against Clemson in Nov. Too much can go wrong.

I do think what happens against UGA will say a lot about our team and how we'll handle the rest of the games. Unfortunately I have a bad feeling about this UGA game lol.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Let me be clear so you have no doubt...

what I mean by my posts..

I think the question is will Scar win every game right now? LSU is still not looking so hot.

I don't at all think the first half...

was a reflection of Scar really. The way that I view Scar and UGA so far is untested. I think UGA got a slight test in Tennessee this weekend and really did not fair that well. Thinking logically and it being at home its probably right to favor Scar by 2. I don't see any reason why you don't win this game, but its probably pretty evenly matched and a game that will be deicided by who has the momentum at the end. I still say it will likely be you at the end.

Hard to say, one thing is that Gatech is desperate to win. In the past Clemson usually runs into a buzz saw with desperate teams. But I think you saw a different team this past weekend? I remember reading somewhere that Venables has a good track record vs the option, but I forget the details. But Gatech is certainly going to score points, mark that down lol. I just don't think it will be anywhere near enough. Looking at Gatech's last two games you would think Clemson will score about 200 points. But I have seen stranger things happen especially when you face the option.


Let me know when you watch it.

Thoughts on this weeks upcoming games

First the Carolina vs UGA game. I think UGA has a slightly better offense than us. I think we have a better defense than UGA. I think if the total combined points scored is below 50 we have the advantage. Over 50 and UGA does. This game scares me terribly as a Gamecock fan..

Clemson vs GT. I know that GT had a very embarrasing loss to Mid Tenn St (49-28). Here is something to think about though, this is the first time Venebles has faced a Paul Johnson option offense. I wonder how he will fare? This game is in Clemson and I said before that Clemson will beat everyone in the ACC due to offensive fire power alone but the Veneble vs Johnson match up is very interesting..

I meant to say that in my last post

If we play like we did in the first half of the Kentucky game it could be a long year. At least it showed that we can make the proper halftime adjustments.

I've heard Petrino to Auburn as well as back to Arkansas. Be interesting to see where he ends up.

As far as Vegas picking Carolina, I think they see a pretty even match up with our home field advantage giving us the edge.

I watched the whole game...

play like you did in the first half and you lose several more games. But if you play like the second half I think you should be favored in most. Looks like UGA played pretty poorly too, could have certainly lost to Tennessee. But I guess my question for Vegas is how are they deciding which half team will show up? Be real hard to get a feel from UGA or Scar from the first half? I think everyone needs to be carefull that a team like Florida does not show up and steal the show. One thing everyone should consider is that there are allot of SEC coaches either on the hot seat or that will be soon and that makes them dangerous.

Most of these teams have not got to the meat of the schedule, I would say UGA, Florida, Kentucky, Auburn, Arkansas and Tennessee all fall in to the category of hot seat to possibly the hot seat after this year. They need to fire Joker and Arkansas's coach without question. Be fun to see if Petrini goes to Kentucky like has been rumored. Muschamp has showed improvement, but how many years does he get to lose 4 games with all that talent? Not saying he will lose 4, but he might. Its reasonable to say Richt should have more leeway after last year but UGA fans will be not happy if he loses to Scar again and a few other games. Tennessee will probably give Dooley another year because he is a good guy but they have to know that its only a matter of time, his recruiting has not even been that great.

ACC looks bad, no denying that. It is kind of a surprise what teams are so bad, I though VaTech would be improved. Not sure what is up there. Funny thing is that we have a chance to be in the dance at the end with FSU for the first time in a while. I would not bank on it, but at least you could see it at a possibility unlike most years.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Recapping this week and notables for next week

First of all another great offensive showing by Clemson. The defense still had some trouble but like I said, Clemson will be able to outscore every team they play with the exception of maybe Carolina.

The South Carolina game wasn't as pretty as the score. The offense and defense struggled in the first half. Kentucky got up to a 17-7 lead at one time. We ended up making good halftime adjustments and winning the game. Anytime you go on the road in the SEC and come away with a win it's a blessing.

Can you believe GT lost as bad as they did to Mid Tenn St?? What about VT and the season they're having so far? Duke is looking like the best team in that division lol. Seriously though who is gonna win the coastal?

Now for next week. To my dismay South Carolina has opened as 2 point pavorites over UGA. I know it will be a shocker for you too lol. Also, Gameday is in Columbia this week!! I'm pretty excited about that. I tell ya though bro I think it is going to be very tough to beat the Dawgs. I really don't think we will win. I hope I'm wrong..

We don't really care...

I think you nailed it.

Good game from Scar, last time you are likely to see joker again at Kentucky.

Clemson's offense continue to perform and the defense performs as well... I mean sux. They did look a little better at times and Venables seems to make halftime adjustments well, I think. All in all the offense is the best I've seen and the defense has to be close to the bottom.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


No one is really even talking about it. I haven't heard TN, UGA, or even Clemson fans really comment on it much at all. Pretty much a non-issue to everyone but Carolina fans.

But like I said, I honestly couldn't care less what the Clemson, UGA, TN, ect fans think lol.


I don't like how Dabo addresses the media frequently and I absolutely despised how Bowden handled them. So if you come back with Dabo sux with the media, I am going to sincerely agree.

Right bro...

And I can completely understand you defending him as a gamecock fan. You are right and justified to defend him.

But you were ACC champs last year, you will enjoy watching Clemson play Notre Dame in womens softball etc... That's me as a Clemson fan being on the most recent end of comments that normally you only here from fans to the media. I am certain, Tennessee, ole miss, uga and the list goes on, would likely take Ron Morris's side as well. I like Spurrier and even his media stunts. But now that I see he can't take what he is known for dishing out to everyone else? I lose a little respect for him.

We won't agree because you have not been on the receiving end from him bro. If this was Danny Ford I would be the same as you no matter what.

Friday, September 28, 2012

In other news

Did you know that Dabo got the cop fired that clocked him going 60 something in a 35? See how easy I made Dabo the bad guy?

I bet both stories receive equal attention nationally. I can pull you out a espn blog on the speeding ticket if you want? If that makes it bigger nationally than it really is, I can link you one?

I think the ticket story is silly as do I the morris story. That's the same thing the nation will think as well if it goes that far. These are local issues and that's pretty much it. They are equally as controversial in the grand scheme of things nationally. Not a very big deal.

Who cares either way bro. South Carolina gets a win out of this one no matter how you slice it. You would understand if you were a Gamecock fan.

Cool post bro

I guess we'll see what happens..

I accidentally did not publish my post...

You can read it below. My opinion does not really matter, certainly not Clemson fans. But what Morris said is going to be listened to. He said that schools need to very careful about letting a coach run the university, you can look to Penn State for an example as to why.

You can say whatever you want, but that is going to sound very righteous to most of the rest of the nation.

His wife asked him to stop, his players asked him to stop, he said I don't care. I will quit unless Morris is fired.

One of two things is likely to happen now, Morris is gone or spurrier is gone or I guess both?

One more thing

If it was Larry Williams or anybody else in the Clemson media that compared Dabo and the Clemson program to the penn st scandal you would back dabo 200% in anyway that he decided to retaliate. But let's face it, Larry and the boys would never stoop to that level.

I have envied for years the tight knit relationship that the Clemson program has with their media. They are on the same side. Sure they are critical at times but not to this level. Not on a personal level. Carolina and people like Ron Morris are like enemies and it honestly shouldn't be like that. Spurrier didn't have that at Florida and he shouldn't have it here.


South Carolina is at the peak of their history to date. I know that doesn't say a lot but it is what it is. It the best time in history to be a gamecock fan. We should be happy and positive right? Our media should be praising us right?

What we get in return is our flagship newspaper spitting on our coach. Comparing our program to what happened at penn st. I don't care who you are you can't use that penn st card without consequences. Not now not ever. It was a disgusting thing for Morris to do, plain and simple.

Oh we don't have to agree

It's like spurrier said, it used to be cool for the Columbia media guys to pick on the gamecocks. It's not funny or cool anymore and it is a problem that has went on for far to long.

It wouldn't be a big deal but what Morris has done since spurrier has been at Carolina is border line slander and he needed to be stopped. Spurrier has ray tanner and president pastides backing him so forgive me if I don't take your's and the clemson nation's side on this over theirs lol.

I honestly could care less what the national guys have to say as well. The public constantly bashes espn and other outlets and disagrees with them on nearly everything so in this case I could care less on their take about this just like anything else they have an opinion about. If the national media agrees with spurrier, great. If not, oh well.

So I guess the rest of...

The story is Spurrier cancelled all press conferences after the game because Morris said he should not have started Shaw with a broken shoulder?

I guess they will fire him, spurrier says he is going to quit unless they do:

Here is what yahoo sports has to say:

We are not going to agree...

First off Joe Pa demanded academic success from his players and he also demanded discipline and selflessness. This was even apparent right down to the uniform. Spurrier would pay players legally, would start a bank robber if he could and would cancell college classes during football season if possible. If clowney had said, I want you to change the uniforms and I will sign, spurrier would have done it. Another big thing is if Ron Morris had been doing this to Joe Pa? He would have ended up at the bottom of a lake. Thats why he would not have attempted it. I like Spurrier, but I have no sympathy for him on this. He has always used the media to embarrass other schools and his peers and is known for running up the score on them. Real funny unless you are Ole Miss.

Ron Morris is a middle man that will be replaced possibly with someone worse. Keep your fingers crossed this stays local and does not gain national attention if he is fired.

Spurrier vs Morris

It's looking like Spurrier won the battle against Ron Morris. Ron's most recent remark looks to have tipped it over the edge. Morris compared Spurrier's influence and power over the football program to what happened at Penn St. That's a big no no.

Anyway, rumor is Morris will be fired from The State paper.

WOLO TV 25 in Columbia has already cut ties with Morris by canceling their weekly segment with him on Mondays.

Bubbles was the best character...

that show has been over. Omar was certainly the best one in his time, but that show has been over. Be a good topic for discussion on who the best one is now.

I think Ross Richie is a good candidate...

he is a Scar fan but certainly one that can be trusted to be neutral.

I have actually watched the first 4...

episodes, I would have watched more if I had time. Still trying to get into it, but I am sure I will.

I don't know about the ref thing, I guess that will have to come later, lol. I think it will be fun.

I don't think the injury bug just hit Clemson, I think it stays with us. Thats one thing about FSU as well, there were a steady flow of FSU player injured it seemed. This is a game Clemson needs to be carefull with, coming off a losss, banged up ect... I don't know anything about BC, I can't think of any more boring team than Boston College, lol. Its certainly strange that they are leading the ACC in passing. Has to be passing yards, not points.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

By the way

Have you started Parks and Recreation yet? I'm telling you bro the more I watch Ron Swanson the more he gets my vote for best character on TV lol

Tell me more about the flame Friday

Good idea lol. Who will ref it tho? Honestly tho I don't know what to say about the speeding ticket. It was pretty funny but it's petty. Nothing near a coach pissing on a main street in downtown Greenville lol.

One thing that is interesting is the injury bug that has all of a sudden struck Clemson. It's not funny or a flame at all but it does make this BC road game very scary for Clemson especially coming off a painful loss to FSU.

It was rumored that Watkins and Bryant were not going to travel to BC due to a stomach bug. I texted Brent about it and he said Tay's cousin said he had to have emergency surgery on his groin. He wasn't sure about Watkins so sure enough I googled it and the rumor was true. Sammy will not make the trip to BC. Doesn't end there, same article said one of Clemson's starting OLs would'nt make the trip either due to a pulled hamstring.

If I were a Clemson fan I would be mortified about this game. Of course I was mortified about the mizzou game so that shows how much I know lol. What do you think? BC leads the ACC in passing surprisingly.

I'll let you kick off the flame Friday tomorrow. I can't compete with your wit but at least I'll get a good laugh lol

I definitely think you should be optimistic...

Scar is good enough to be competitive with LSU or Georgia.

I would not really take anything from Auburn or Mizzou. Mizzou is a 2.5 point underdog to UCF this week. Auburn was a trap game for LSU, they have performed poorly and no doubt was taken for granted by LSU. Auburn is a team that is known for doing this, performing above their level against highly ranked teams and even beating them. Unfortunately they are also know for losing to sorry teams they should beat. Furthermore, while Auburn is not a very good football team, they have plenty of talent which makes them dangerous.

Just because we won't likely agree on Auburn or Mizzou it does not mean I am knocking Scar. I think they have a great team and will finish with a 10 + win record beating other teams along the way much better than Mizzou or Auburn either one.

I think we should have a new thing called Flame Friday, with allot of rules. We each get one Flame post each and are allowed one retort each for the flame. Has to be funny and entertaining and we need a neutral person to judge. I know you have to be dying to talk about Dabo's speeding ticket.

Cautiously optimistic

Carolina's OL seemed to improve a lot in the Mizzou game. Shaw had plenty of time on nearly every pass. Run blocking still needs to improve but I believe Shawn Elliott will get them where they need to be before UGA.

One thing that is very encouraging is LSU's play against Aub. LSU could have easily lost that game. Before now I looked at the LSU game as a certain loss. Now I think it's definitely winnable. As a matter of fact I am now more worried about UGA and UF. Who knows what will happen. Just staying positive.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Real busy bro...

Between work and school, not much time to post.

I agree completely, FSU just did the smart thing and wore Clemson down. Depth of course is the main issue, but unfortunately I still think conditioning is lacking as well. Good points on Venables. I'm finally sold for sure on Morris, I know you guys were already. Going to be hard to stop that.

Does not matter good, bad or indifferent on mizzou, great performance by shaw and the offense. They are looking good, hopefully he stays healthy, I think he will now.

Monday, September 24, 2012


I really thought Clemson had it when they got up by 14. I knew Venebles wouldn't be able to step right in and make Clemson's defense stellar. It takes time to build something up. I think if he's there in a couple of years Clemson's defense will be where it needs to be. I think some of the fans are being a little too hard on them actually. Hell FSU's defense didn't play any better. On the bright side, outside of maybe Carolina, Clemson doesn't play another offense that can do what FSU did. Clemson will win the rest of them on offensive talent alone if they have to.

As far as Carolina, Mizzou may not be great but you can't take away the performance Shaw had saturday. Kid through 20 strait completions to finish the day at 20-21. That's a 96% completion percentage.. unheard of. I would say he's healthy lol.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I thought it was a joke

I couldn't post during work today. Our antivirus shit itself and we spent all day on it. We use Sophos as do a lot of people around the world and they have a huge bug right now Still not fixed so another day of hell tomorrow I'm sure.

The Mizzou sucks was a joke..

if you didn't laugh you are taking this way too serious, I thought it was funny.

They can win, but I don't think they will. I think you cover with ease because you have a good team.

I am ready to build another boat.

I think Clemson

covers too. I don't think they win however. Not saying they can't just don't think they will at FSU. My prediction is 31-24. With Carolina I'm not confident enough to even make a prediction. I just hope we win.

I think you cover...

Mizzou sux.

Hard to say really, with an offense like we have you either score allot of points quickly or you put your defense back out quickly. I think fsu's defense is much better than their offense. I think it will be a good game and we cover.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Let's move on

Like you said, you don't find out until they play the games.

What do you think about this weekend's games? Do you think Clemson will cover the 14 point spread? Will Carolina cover the 10 point spread?

Now you're getting silly

Come on bro, a Mizzou fan? lol good one I guess. Let me ask you what made you such a big SEC and Vandy fan all of a sudden?

Yes I have seen mizzou play, twice in fact. I saw the ASU game last week and most of the UGA game. They lost their starting QB in the ASU game and still pulled out the win. They ended up with more yards and firstdowns than UGA in that game as a matter of fact. Have you watched them?

I'm not trying to make Mizzou out to be a great team. I'm simply saying that you can't call them a garbage team just because they lost to a top 5 ranked team. Not sure why you're having trouble with this lol.

As far as predictions, I'm not sure why you would have them losing to Vandy and especially Kentucky lol. Tell me what exactly has Texas A&M done to chalk up a win for them against Mizzou? I guess just for the sake of arguing?


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