Saturday, June 30, 2007

More info about Dwight Jones..

Another Clemson fans posted some info. This was his post:

Yea everything stated above is correct. And no IMO we now have NO chance for him after that fiasco. We have as people said, burned the bridge. It was a totall dick move to him. It was not done intentionally by the coaches but by the AARC. The main problem is the timing of it. I don't have THAT BIG (I still think it's stupid) of a problem with having a board the meets to discuss the eligibility of recruits but the timing of it is what was awful. They told him like 4-5 days before Signing Day, same thing with Cox. Supposedly they have changed it this year but we're all just holding our breaths.

If you have a specific question bro, let me know. These guys have pretty good info. They were my source on a lot of Clemson predictions that happened way before they actully came true. Let me know..

Cooper at DE???

If Tigerillustrated had him being seriously looked at to stay at DE, something is bad wrong. He has never been at DE, so he could not stay there. In my opinion is too small to play at LB in the ACC, much less DE. He is 5-foot-11 and 200lbs. his frame isn't gonna hold much more than that if you look at how he is built now. He's built like a stud and he couldn't put on much more weight unless he got fat or took steroids.. lol. May be you got him mixed up with someone else at DE? As I said though, he will be a really good safety for Clemson one day and I would take him before any of the others in Clemson's 2007 class. I was very high on him during the recruiting season and think he is a good kid.

I don't put much stock into the pre season rankings, but it's hard for me to argue with where they placed Carolina with our schedule. They had us having the 2nd toughest schedule in the nation this year, so it surprised me for them to have us ranked as high as they did in the pre season. They must think that we will do pretty well. With Clemson's schedule, it wouldn't surprise me for them to place them in the top 20.

Brent went to Georgia to stay with some of Erin's family. He's supposed to be back Sunday.

Good news on Cooper,

Headlines on Tigerillustrated had him being seriously looked at to stay at DE.

Rivals pre-season rankings are out and they have the Cocks at 29th. They don't have the Tigers yet because they have only got to 28th which is Arizona State. I expect them to be between 20 to 25th in the rankings. What do you guys think?

Where you at Brent?

Thats great, but I just hope it happens,

We have had them scheduled (UGA) before and dropped them. We should play UGA every year period. Dropping them was stupid. I just think it should be part of our schedule. I think UGA and Tiger fans alike would agree. We need to do something to (USC and Tigers) to slow down their recruiting roll.

As for D. Jones, I still don't understand. Those other recruits were signed early and his would have been late. Certainly after his academic status was established. I don't understand because the Administration didn't think he would qualify and he didn't. He is in a prep school right now.

Friday, June 29, 2007

If you were upset about the UGA-Clemson game being cancelled..

I'm about to make your day...

I heard on the radio today (Clemson station) that Clemson was setting up home and away series' with each of the following SEC schools: UGA, Ole Miss, and Vandy.

It is still a process in the works but from the way that they were talking, each of these games could be in the near future. Surely not each one in the same year, but soon.

About Dwight Jones:

I was not completely in the know about the situation that went on with Jones, so I asked some of the Clemson fans on the main board. This was the most clean cut, no bullshit response that I got:

UNC fans and others are going to say we are full of shit.
But we had a commitee, the AARC, that our coaches were forced to clear before issuing LOIs to potential signees. They were run by a bunch of egg heads, and were unwilling to clear DJ for an LOI. They did the same thing in the recruitments of JoJo Cox and Julius Wilkerson, which may end up being trouble long term in Jeffersonville, GA and Gaffney. Some other kids we were unable to clear were Rashaad Mason, Tydreke Powell, and Billy Chavis (ATH from TX). They did clear several other borderline kids(I am not going to get into who, but pretty much half of our defensive class), but attached "addendums" to these kids LOIs, stating that they may not qualify, even with the NCAA minimum standards met.The committe was reconfigured earlier this spring, and so we're hoping not to see these same problems next year.

Here is a question from a Gamecock fan on the same thread:

Not a flame but if it's true that Jones wanted to go to Clemson but it was the AARC that kept him out, won't he just be able to try and come in next year?

The response to his question from a Clemson fan:

After we pulled his scholarship offer two days before NSD? We burned that bridge.

Hope this was the info that you were looking for bro. Let me know if you need more. I'll do my best to get it.

Yep, gotta agree, the Tigers have a Cupcake OOC Schedule,

Good info,
However, so far, Georgia was cancelled (very pissed off over that one, we should play every year) Oklahoma cancelled and Pittsburg cancelled. I will be surprised if it actually happens.

Scotty Cooper is a good pick up but I can't really rate it above Korn and especially not D. Mcdaniel. Most players will opt to change position with the chance for early play time. The Tigers are stacked at Safety.

Korn is the make or break for the team, so I have to rate him above pretty much everyone at this point. But it could be an unknown for all we know that will be the star of the class (Gaines Adams).

I feel alot better about AJ Harmon, he said after his commit he was totally at ease. He also said he has dreamed for years about running down the hill. He has been a die hard Clemson fan since the 8th grade.

The Cocks cannot complain about not getting anyone last year. Bro, I been meaning to ask. The big controversy with Dwight Jones. I didn't get to hear or read much on it. Everybody was pissed because he qualified and the Tigers didn't accept him. But in reality he didn't qualify at all and ended up in a prep school. Got any info? Just wondering. It would have still been good to sign him because he would probably still come to Clemson (after prep school). Its unlikely now.

I like your coach ratings Brent. I would probably rate Butch a little higher. But I can agree with it. Now, you still need to make a choice for the Tigers, lol.

Just A Little Reminder...

62 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Giving the Tiggers some credit..

If I had to pick a player from the Clemson 2007 recruiting class that I would like to have more than any of the others, it would be a guy that you guys have not talked about too much, if at all.

It would not be Marcus Gilchrist or DeAndre McDaniel. No, it would not even be the almighty Willy Korn. The kid I would pick would be Scotty Cooper. I think this kid will end up being the MVP of the Tiger squad one day. This was the only kid that it hurt me for Clemson to get over the Gamecocks in the 2007 recruiting class. It was known that he came close to committing to the Gamecocks at one time. The irony of his recruitment to his present situation at Clemson baffles me?

You see, the main angle that Clemson seemed to have working for them was the fact that they wanted him as a LB. The Gamecocks on the other hand wanted him as a safety, which is the position that is the better fit for him at the college level. The kid is really to small at 5-foot-11 and 200 lbs. to play at LB in college. Not impossible at LB, but safety is definitely the better fit for him. He on the other hand, during his recruitment, thought differently and would only settle for playing LB at the collegiate level.

Here's where the irony steps in. Here are some of his recent quotes from a breaking interview with

On playing at the safety position at Clemson: "That's where I want to play and where I feel I'm best suited to help the team at," Cooper told Thursday morning. "They've been telling me free safety and that I'll be blitzing some and what not. I looked at the depth chart so I should be getting some playing time and splitting some time."

Wow, that is just crazy. It still irks me that Carolina could not land this kid. He had made friends with many of the players that ended up signing with Carolina and players that were already on the team. He also said on several occasions how much he loved our coaching staff. I think he really felt comfortable with the surroundings at Carolina. But in the end, I think his heart as a Clemson fan trumped everything else.

Scotty has qualified as he said in this quote referring to his SAT score and GPA:
"I made it by the hair of my chinny, chin, chin," the No. 5 outside linebacker in the nation by for the class of 2007 joked. Hey but making it by the hair on his "chinny, chin, chin" is good enough to get on the field.

While I regret that I can not pull for this kid during his college career because he will be wearing orange and purple, I find it hard to wish for him not to succeed. I think he is a good kid just like many of the other players that Carolina and Clemson signed in the 2007 class and I can assure you that Clemson got a damn good safety in Scooty Cooper.

Just giving credit where its due..

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Clemson takes a huge step in de-cupcaking their schedule and a pic from the Clemson summer workouts

Clemson will face Auburn in 2010 and 2011

I told you wrong in saying it was 2008 and 2011 today Brent. I think this is a good idea for Clemson, especially if they can pull off a win in the series. Even if they get blanked both games it will help people realize that they are trying to improve their schedule.

Also a little caption for the pic that was posted: "What you got up in there Tribble?"

ACC Coaches and a Cute Picture of Blake

In reply to your Phil Steele's magazine, Clemson is ranked #22 in Street & Simith's, but I'm only using my S&S this year to have a guide on every team. The only thing is, it doesn't have full rosters like I wanted. I may just have to get and ACC Lindy's or something just for ACC rosters at the ready. Oh here's my coaching rankings for the ACC. Keep in mind this is my opinion only and some of them I don't know a terrible amount about!

12. Virginia- Al Groh: Virginia used to be a power, now they're a laugh. I've heard this guy's an asshole as well. I don't see him in Charlottesville much longer.

11. Duke- Ted Roof: I haven't watched a lot of Duke lately but anyone stupid enough to take this job belongs at the bottom. (For Blake: exception being Steve Spurrier)

10. Georgia Tech- Chan Gailey: Letting Reggie Ball start for four years gives you a glimpse of this guy's foolishness. Their D is good, but this is about head coaches.

9. Miami- Randy Shannon: Just don't know a lot about him right now, but the D has always been good under him.

8. Boston College- Jeff Jagodzinski: The team there is good, but I heard a lot of rumblings in Boston this spring in the news.

7. Florida State- Bobby Bowden: Bobby, it took you way too long to get rid of your son's pitiful excuse for an offense. And we all thought it was Chris Rix a couple of years ago.

6. Clemson- Tommy Bowden: Keeps Clemson in football games, recruits well. Loses to mediocre teams, doesn't seem to care. Been there too long without a championship run and as had too many offensive coordinators.

5. North Carolina- Butch Davis: Mark my words, this guy will recruit well and have North Carolina winning football games soon.

4. Maryland- Ralph Friedgen: This guy has had and ACC championship and his teams generally play well every year.

3. Virgina Tech- Frank Beamer: Awesome defensive schemes, great special teams and turning 3 star guys into the best defense in America.

2. NC State- Tom O'Brien: Runs very disciplined teams and turned BC into a perennial winner.

1. Wake Forest- Jim Grobe: If you can win the ACC with the Demon Deacons, it shows you have a great coach. I wish this guy was at Clemson.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Great Story On Brian Maddox..

I didn't know that he was gonna be on that ESPN Summer House show. Ya'll remember, the one that Spiller was supposed to be on but decided not to for whatever reason. Anyway, sounds like Maddox is a great kid. Check out the article..

South Carolina Depth Chart Updated..

12 Blake Mitchell 6-3, 211, Sr., 3V
7 Chris Smelley 6-1, 221, Fr., RS
6 Tommy Beecher 6-1, 221, So., SQ

3 Cory Boyd 6-1, 214, Sr., 3V
25 Mike Davis 5-9, 212, Jr., 2V
22 Bobby Wallace 5-7, 196, Jr., 2V
20 Taylor Rank 6-0, 215, So., 1V

39 Lanard Stafford 5-9, 247, Sr., 2V
43 Ryan Brown 6-0, 256, Sr., 2V
46 Bryan Kingrey 6-0, 226, Jr., 1V
44 Clark Gaston 6-2, 231, Fr., RS

11 Kenny McKinley 6-0, 181, Jr., 2V
23 Mike West 6-0, 219, Sr., 2V
8 Larry Freeman 6-1, 209, Jr., JC

9 Moe Brown 6-0, 180, So., 1V
84 Jared Cook 6-5, 236, So., 1V
82 Freddie Brown 6-2, 211, So., 1V

80 Andy Boyd 6-4, 267, Sr., 3V
93 Robert Pavlovic 6-4, 255, Sr., 2V
19 Nick Prochak 6-3, 226, Fr., RS
87 Alex McGrath 6-1, 215, Jr., 1V

77 Jamon Meredith 6-5, 295, Jr., 2V
75 Gurminder Thind 6-4, 293, Jr., 1V

78 Justin Sorensen 6-7, 323, Jr., 1V
66 Hutch Eckerson 6-6, 286, So., 1V
74 Heath Batchelor 6-7, 304, Fr., RS

70 Garrett Anderson 6-4, 300, So., 1V
60 Matt Raysor 6-3, 315, Jr., 1V
63 Seaver Brown 6-4, 320, Fr., RS
62 Pierre Andrews 6-2, 287, Fr., RS

67 James Thompson 6-3, 320, Sr., 2V
57 Lemuel Jeanpierre 6-3, 295, So., 1V
64 Kevin Young 6-4, 320, Fr., RS

71 William Brown 6-4, 291, Sr., 3V
65 Ryan Broadhead 6-5, 271, Fr., HS
76 Jeremy Burgess 6-4, 297, Jr., SQ

40 Eric Norwood 6-0, 264, So., 1V
42 Travian Robertson 6-4, 250, Fr., HS

41 Jordin Lindsey 6-3, 254, Sr., 3V
99 Jonathan Williams 6-2, 273, Jr., JC
96 Clifton Geathers 6-7, 270, Fr., HS

91 Ladi Ajiboye 6-1, 294, Fr., HS
79 Marque Hall 6-3, 302, Jr., 2V
81 Terrence Campbell 6-2, 282, Fr., RS

95 Nathan Pepper 6-1, 290, Jr., 2V
97 Kenrick Ellis 6-5, 327, Fr., RS
98 Joel Reaves 6-1, 294, Sr., 1V

51 Casper Brinkley 6-2, 257, Sr., 1V
31 Gerrod Sinclair 6-0, 233, So., 1V
55 Dakota Walker 6-3, 237, Jr., 2V

45 Rodney Paulk 6-0, 217, So., 1V
53 Marvin Sapp 5-11, 222, Jr., 2V
24 Cody Wells 5-11, 217, Sr., 3V
49 Damien Wright 6-0, 221, So., SQ

52 Jasper Brinkley 6-2, 262, Sr., 1V
44 Dustin Lindsey 6-4, 239, Jr., 2V
48 V. Shackleford 6-0, 238, So., 1V
30 Yvan Banag 5-10, 223, Jr., 2V

5 Carlos Thomas 5-11, 192, Jr., 2V
18 Chris Hail 5-10, 195, So., 1V

1 Captain Munnerlyn 5-9, 180, So., 1V
36 Stoney Woodson 5-11, 196, Jr., 2V

26 Brandon Isaac 6-2, 201, Sr., 1V
32 Darian Stewart 5-11, 218, So., 1V

21 Emanuel Cook 5-10, 216, So., 1V
33 Chris Hampton 5-11, 194, Sr., 3V
35 Greg Wright 5-10, 224, Sr., 1V

6 Tommy Beecher 6-1, 221, So., SQ
83 Scott Spurrier 5-4, 164, So., SQ

59 Charles Turner 6-4, 221, Fr., RS
95 Nathan Pepper 6-1, 290, Jr., 2V
6 Tommy Beecher 6-1, 221, So., SQ

14 Ryan Succop 6-2, 213, Jr., 2V
87 Spencer Lanning 5-10, 157, So., SQ
88 Thomas Hooper 5-6, 154, Jr., SQ

14 Ryan Succop 6-2, 213, Jr., 2V
87 Spencer Lanning 5-10, 157, So., SQ
97 Nate Spurrier 6-2, 233, So., SQ

1 Captain Munnerlyn 5-9, 180, So., 1V
23 Mike West 6-0, 219, Sr., 2V

11 Kenny McKinley 6-0, 181, Jr., 2V
22 Bobby Wallace 5-7, 196, Jr., 2V
1 Captain Munnerlyn 5-9, 180, So., 1V

Looks like a great group of players to me. With out a doubt Spurrier's most talented, deep, and experienced team since he took over at Carolina. Agree? Just think, this is our depth chart without including the incoming freshmen from the 6th ranked class. It's definitely looking up for the Gamecocks!

I am not gonna say it is for sure that Spence will get it done.

Nothing is for sure, I am High on VK but he is not a sure bet, nothing is. I was also frustrated at the end of last year. But thinking about it, not through the eyes of frustration, I think we are being a little too tough on Spence at this point. It takes a couple of years to establish a running game. He has done that beyond anyones expectations.

If you think about it, we all yelled long ball at the end of last year. We tried that against Maryland and Kentucky. Look what happened, then we all yelled run. It is quite simple, we couldn't pass the ball at the end of the year. Not because of Spence, the O-line or the Recievers. It was the QB, I'm sorry but the man can't do much about a QB that just didn't pan out. If he gets a good QB having now established the run (and you have to run mostly to do that) I think he will get it done. If on the otherhand he gets a good QB and does more of the same, well, its just not going to work. In my mind its about 50-50 that he will have a successfull QB this year. The QB must be well rounded, underneath passes, long passes and yep even the ability to scramble.

I don't however think the administration will accept another offensive coordinator change under Bowden. In short if it don't work out I think they know its Bowden. We still keep him 2 more years regardless. Unless he gets picked up by another team, or unless TD Phillips leaves, I believe Paul Johnson is our next coach.

As for the talent gap. WF definitely not, NC has been closing in, Maryland is very close and NC State I hate to tell you is our equal. But thats not the bad part, now, all of those teams are undoubtably better coached than us. Save WF the talent gap is nowhere near enough to even be a factor. WF will still probably not pull the top recruits in, but you can be rest assurred their recruiting is going to improve dramatically after winning the ACC. It is getting to the point where Duke is going to be the only push over in the ACC.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Depends On Clemson

I think the ACC is on the rise as well. I think FSU will be back to national contenders by next year and VT will always be good. Clemson is higher profile than any of the rest, except Miami. I think they need to become ACC contenders to bring credibility to the conference. If you can hold 80,000 people and have the rabid fan base we do, there is really no excuse not to be contenders. They should not be losing to Maryland, North Carolina, NC State, or Wake period. I know those teams will be good, but talentwise there is a gap between Clemson and those schools. To be contenders this year, they have to beat FSU as well. I don't think they will beat VT and theres GT to contend with as well.

Mickey Andrew is a good coordinator, but I'm not holding my breath for Danny Ford to come back to Clemson. Our academic people will not let him back, and you can bet on that.

I have faith in the team, but I don't think the QB situation is gonna be much better this year, early on. I think Clemson will struggle just enough to go 8-4 because of that. That is mediocre, but it won't get Bowden fired. I think it will take 6-6 or worse with a loss to the chickens to get him fired this year. I don't want to see that record though. Maybe year 3 with Spence will be the year his offense fully opens up and we can start calling him the "Mad Scientist" instead of the "Nutty Proffesor."

I don't know alot about Jimbo, but,,

I don't think they will be back to the old FSU in the first game. They were just too bad last year.

I was trying to set Brent up with Andrews, but he didn't respond. Mickey Andrews started his Defensive Coordinator carreer as Danny Ford's DC. He was also the assistant head coach for the Clemson National Championship team. Proving once again 60 year old Fords football is still not outdated, lol.

Thats terrible about Quinton Richardson. I don't even want to think about the Benoit thing, its not official yet but all things point to he killed his wife and child and then himself. Terrible.

One thing is unfortunately true, FSU will eventually return to top form. With the Talent and new coaches that North Carolina and NC State gets, well they will soon be teams to be reckoned with also. The ACC is going to move up again in the next 2 years or so. Miami will also not stay down. Soon, FSU, Miami, Va Tech, North Carolina and NC State will likely be powerhouses. It is also likely another team or two will step it up as a result. In my opinion the ACC will be hands down the Second best conference competing with the SEC for the number one spot. Not next year but soon, Thoughts???

Here's one preview of the Clemson FSU game..

Man, I can honestly say that I can't wait to see this game. It's gonna be a good one!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Another tragic story..

Chris Benoit was found dead along with his wife and 7 year old son.. No details have come out yet. That's just terrible..

On a serious note..

Not sure if you guys know but Carolina freshman offensive lineman Quinton Richardson was stabbed 7 times Sat. night. It has been said that he was involved in an altercation over a girl that he didn't know or barely knew. He went through a successful surgery Sun. morning, repairing a injury which involved a colapsed lung. It has been said that he has amazed the doctors at how quickly he is recovering. He is recovering so well that he should be out of the hospital tomorrow, and should be ready for football activities as soon as a couple of weeks. Here's what his mother had to say after the injury:

"As a parent, you never want to get that phone call late at night," she said. "It was a shock, but once I heard what happened, as a praying parent, I knew Quintin would be O.K. one way or the other," she said. "His best friend called me to give me the details, and we immediately made our way to the hospital."

"The doctors have said the fact that he was in such good shape beforehand has really helped him make a faster recovery than expected," she said. "The average male probably wouldn't recover this quickly, and we're very thankful for that. We're hoping he'll be released from the hospital (Tuesday) afternoon if all goes well."

"During the recruiting process, I told him anywhere within eight hours would be close enough," she said. "With him being my oldest child, we're very close, so I'm so glad he's going to be close to me for the next four or five years. We're all looking forward to him getting on that field and making the whole Gamecock community proud."

"Throughout this process, the whole Gamecock fan base has just amazed me and proven to be a special group of people," she said. "I'm thankful for all of their concerns and visits to the hospital, and I want them to know that we're doing all we can to get my son well again. He's going to make them all proud soon enough."

The link below has a couple of news videos about the assault:

About Mickey Andrews..

Yes he is a damn good D-coordinator.. He may have been the team but FSU also has Jimbo Fisher now, who is one of the top 5 offensive coordinators in the country. Never forget that FSU's head coach is still Bobby Bowden. FSU will improve this year, but I predict that after this year they will be the FSU of old. They will be virtually unstoppable in the ACC, especially in the Atlantic Div. I will say more about it after your post bro..

Blake enjoys dancing..

Spurrier's workout plan for Blake involves dancing to work on his footwork.. lol. I know you guys will enjoy this..

Yeah, that had to posted.Even if it was a Clemson player I would have. Its just too funny not to.

I saw a couple of messages on the Message boards titled Blake has fun at a wedding this weekend. I didn't read them because they are usually stupid. I check out every once in a while (pretty good blog actually) and they were posted on there.

Hey, do you both think Mickey Andrews is a damn good Defensive Coordinator at Florida State?? Who thinks he is the team now??

Bigger post coming later, it is late here now.

Here is a pretty funny pic..

Those damn pirates!

Here is an example Brent.. You could caption this pic with something like " Will Lowe finally got Chris Rousey pregnant."

Damn, you guys got it out for me today..

Vance, the Mitchell pics were pretty funny, gotta give you that. Where did you get them? Also agree with you about Clemson, I think they will finish higher than 45th.

Brent your pics, well, they weren't really that funny. I would give you credit for them if they were.

I mean, I could put up a pic of a couple of thugs in jail and say that they are Clemson players. But, I don't do that because it's simply not funny anymore, we have ran the whole prison thing into the ground. Don't you agree?

All I'm saying is be a little more original.. Instead of "this is Carolina's facilities" (followed by one of those corny joke laughs) like that dude Chad laughed when he told you that retard joke "uh, huh, huh, huh."

Try something like this.. "Here is a pic of Willy Korn and his long lost brother Michael Prince." Now that is some funny shit, I don't care who you are!

New Photos of Gamecocks workout and Facility!

OK bro, I'm gonna go ahead and pre-apologize but this had to be posted, no choice.

Blake Mitchell a couple of weekends ago, the first one is my fav, you guy?????lol

I Won't Argue the Cocks Predictions,

Hope it works out for you like that. However, the biggest unprobable is the 45th ranking for the Tigers. Most people expect and it will be easy in fact to get 8 wins during the season. This would place the Tigers much higher than 45th.

I will concur on the SEC being at the top. Big 12 has Oklahoma and thats it, they have plenty of problems to contend with and didn't they lose to Boise State in their bowl? PAC 10 has USC and thats it, does one team constitute such a high conference ranking? The Big 10 I don't know much about, so I won't argue that one, but Michigan is a let down virtually every year (with some of the best talent in the nation). I think the Big East is certainly better than the Big 12 along with the ACC (I think you would agree Va Tech is better than OU).

FSU has traditionally played bad in their first game ever since I can remember. This year they have a new Offensive Coordinator and if anything their O-line was worse last year, QB situation is worse than Clemson's. Their QB's have proven to be terribble and the Tigers are just a question mark at this point. Anything could happen in that one. It is in the Valley but I give it 50-50 to either team, only because of the QB situation. We still have a good O-line with CJ and JD, so I wouldn't write it off as a loss. Va Tech finally has to travel to the Valley and that will help. We will hopefully be a little more established at QB which will of course be the key, likely a close game which we traditionally lose with Bowden.

ACC has plenty of new coaches and nobody knows how they will be this year. Predicting where they will finish is just a stab in the dark at best.

As for Bill Gates, everything he releases is shitty for the first 3 years or so. If you think that is bad you should check out Windows Vista.

As for the Tigers, in my mind Korn is the key to the future, that could be bad and it could be good. Who knows, maybe Harper is the man, I just don't think he has the arm strength but he knows he has Korn right on his heels.

Broke ass XBOX 360s!

Why would I want one of these broke ass machines? With a 30% chance you're gonna get a lemon.. you gotta be kiddin! Link below.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Phil Steele magazine has big expectations for the Gamecocks!

First, a little info about The Phil Steele magazine. The Phil Steele magazine has been the #1 rated (most informative and accurate) college preview magazine for 8 years in a row. If you ask anyone that buys these pre-season magazines (Athlon, Street an Smith, Lindy's, ect) which they like the best, they will tell you that Phil Steele's is the most for your money, and the most accurate. Right Brent? Brent was actually the one that turned me on to the mag last year, with his rave reviews.. lol. I must say, I give this edition kudos if it works out for the Cocks the way they think it will.

Phil Steele's Top 50.. Just the top 5 and the others in the SEC and ACC

1) USC

2) LSU

3) Oklahoma

4) West Virginia

5) Michigan

8) FSU

9) VT

11) UGA

13) South Carolina

14) Florida

17) Alabama

25) Tennessee

27) Miami

36) Virginia

37) Arkansas

41) Auburn

42) Georgia Tech

45) Clemson

49) NC State

What Phil said about Clemson's upcoming season

Phil Steele has Clemson ranked 2nd in the Atlantic division of the ACC and this is what he had to say about them:

Clemson has a shot at the Atlantic division title with their ACC schedule. However, they host FSU in the opener with a inexperienced O-line and QB getting their first starts. Later they host the league favorite VT, so most of their winnable games are on the road. Clemson did outgain ACC foes by 138.1 ypg last year. This year they have just 12 returning starters and their 28 lettermen lost is 9 more than the next highest in the conference. The season opener against FSU could be the key to Clemson's season, which as usual will have it's ups and downs.

What Phil said about Carolina's upcoming season

Phil Steele has Carolina tied with UGA for 1st place in the eastern division of the SEC and this is what he had to say about them:

When Steve Spurrier took over, I took a look at the talent and experience levels and noted that new coaches generally have their best success in their 3rd seasons. Spurrier's team had overacheieved in his first 2 years with a pair of bowl berths and a 15-10 overall record. This year he has his squad on par with the big boys of the SEC East and if not for a tough SEC road schedule in which they must face, UGA, LSU, Tennessee, and Arkansas away from home, I would have called for them to win the SEC East outright. This is Spurrier's best squad yet and they are now officailly one of the SEC East powers.

Phil's bowl pedictions

South Carolina in the Outback Bowl Vs. Iowa

Clemson in the Champs Sports Bowl Vs. Wisconsin

Phil's toughest conference rankings for 2007

1) SEC

2) Pac 10

3) Big 12

4) Big 10

5) ACC

6) Big East

In conclusion...

Man I hope this magazine is right! If it is a sign of things that he has predicted before, he will be.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

5 Crazy Predictions!

1. Clemson will be on the verge of the ACC championship this year.

2. Clemson will lose to someone they shouldn't.

3. Tommy Bowden will talk about the parity of the league after this loss.

4. Willie Korn will make a big throw to CJ Spiller to beat the Gamecocks

5. Bowden will miss the play, because he is busy trying out the new grass at Williams Bryce.

I Thought You Might Agree,

About the article, I have no doubt what you are saying is true. It just about had to be taken out of context because otherwise it didn't make sense. Spurrier is smart enough to set a goal of an SEC championship first, his side of the SEC in fact but his ultimate goal after that is certainly a NC.

I agree he has had some talent to work with, but they do seem to be playing harder on his arrival. I also agree he has somewhat of some rebuilding (not DL and Billie is back) but he has far more talent now to work with. But they are young and do need to be coached and motivated. I think he will actually have a better Defense this year. He is a good motivator.

I'm glad to hear that you noticed that Brent. The D. overcame alot last year. They were in bad situations most of the year. A lesser D. would have given up and I really beilieve that is why we are more competitive now. Think about it. A college football team is built around the Defense. You can have an outstanding offense and still be mediocre with a bad defense. Look at Hawaii.

I will state my good points for VK again. First and foremost we could him dirt cheap. The administration could say you are getting a shot on a trial basis and if you are successfull a bigger contract but minimal money and committment up front. Whats one year? We could keep our assistant coaches. Very important, again minimal money not to have to replace them. The man is a good motivator. Again a college team is built around Defense. He could bring in a good Defensive coordinator and we would be solid always on defense with him as head coach and another defensive coordinator, basically we would have two Defensive coordinators, solid.

Now let me rile you both up again,, this is going to be very unpopular, but true if you really think about it. We have not had a QB with the ability to go long since Spence has been there. I saw what happened when he tried to go long last year, it was not pretty. Whitehearst was injured for much of Spence's first year. Proctor just didn't get it done, at first unable to go downfield and later he even lost the ability to go underneath. I think he has been limited on what he can call. My opinion, the verdict is still out. Unfortunately, I don't think Harper can throw the long ball and he will still be limited. Korn on the otherhand is a different story.

If he gets a good QB (not his fault so far) I think his play calling will change. If he continues to do nothing but run as he could only do last year we will never do well on offense. I think he learned that last year. Even when its working (run) you have to go downfield to keep defenses honest and to give your team confidence that it can do it. We have to do it more against lesser teams, to give the QB and recievers confidence. If Korn comes in and is able to throw, you guys may change your opinion of him real quick. You guys cannot deny the QB situation has not been good. Just my opinion, the verdict is still out. Not saying its for sure, but he gets my benefit of the doubt, for now.

More Focused Thoughts on Koenning

Sorry about the abrupt ending of my last post. I wanted to say more, but I was angry about work and couldn't think too much about football. I do say Korn is the qb of the future. If they play him enough, I think he will be "good" this year. He will make some mistakes, but he is a game winner who will make some big plays.

The one thing I liked about Koenning is the fact that he was hard on himself a lot. He would say when he did a bad job and always talk about getting better. I think he would maybe be a good head coach, but when it's all said and done our problem is the offense. When I think about his defense the 2 years he has been there, they have really done well. They have kept us in every game, even when the offense did nothing. They were the ones that kept us from getting blown out. That wasn't Bowden or Spence's doing. Agree?

Friday, June 22, 2007

WOW.. Chris Culliver pics..

Here are some pics of our lone 5 star WR in this past recruiting class at the Nike combine. Look at how in shape this kid is.. Unbelievable!

You got me on this one..

Because I can't back up my argument with proof, but I swear to you that there was a piece of an article on Gamecock Central in either the ask Tony Morrel blog or Scott Hood's daily blog that said that the quote was taken out of context. It said that Spurrier's comment was more like "we don't have to worry about winning national championships right now." I can't prove it because the article isn't in the archives now. He probably did say the part about it being neat for a school to win their bowl game. Which made it easier to take it out of context. I will tell you this much, Carolina fans hate The State newspaper. Test that out on a message board. Start a thread asking Carolina fans if they like The State sports section. The State writes more negative articles about Carolina than positive ones, so it didn't surprise me to see that come from them.

About VK, I think if their was a coach on your staff that would most likely be a successful head coach it would definitely be VK. One reason being, I don't think any of the other ones would be even decent head coaches. Another reason being, like Vance said, he does have the look of a head coach. The defense has been the bright spot for Clemson since VK has been there. Thing about it is, this is a rebuilding year for Clemson's defense. VK hasn't faced that yet at Clemson. With the exception of losing Billie and Waters last season, he's pretty much had it made as far as talent and expirence goes. Ask me after this season what I think about his defensive coaching ability, but he has proven that if he has the talent and experience there, he can get the job done in the ACC as a coordinator. Would that translate to being a successful head coach? I don't know. I couldn't say that it would be a dumb or smart choice. There are too many factors to consider. Like who would he get for his supporting cast of assistants. I can tell you this, if Rob Spence is one of them he would be awful right off the bat. That guy is a bust. He will not get the job done as offensive coordinator at Clemson, just like Tommy as a head coach.

In conclusion, if I were to put myself in a Clemson fan's shoes (God forbid) but if I were to, I think I might would be comfortable with knowing that VK was to be Clemson's next head coach. Then again, I would be comfortable knowing that anyone besides Tommy Bowden was Clemson's head coach.

Really if you think about it,

Our biggest problems last year was injuries and Proctor. I feel like if we can ever get a QB again we can win. I dunno, I just think their is something about VK. He looks pretty arrogant to me and I think that makes for a good coach.

I want to hear from my bro on VK.

Tommy is trying to be like his daddy, a manager. O and D coord. handle the football part. These days, even with FSU if you get a good one, they get a head coaching job. Bobby is lucky to have his D coordinator. He is the team right now. I don't think it will work out ever. If I were TB, I would say screw it and call my own plays. He is going reguardless if they are not successful.

Korn is definitely the only chance this year (other QBs coming in). I just don't have much faith in Harper. Anyway Korn is the future and Harper is not. He will never learn unless he starts this year. I have had so many disappointments, but in the back of my mind I think Korn is going to be spectacular. Even in his first year, not necessarily his first game.

Vic Koenning For Coach?

Vance, I don't really have any ideas for coach. Maybe everything will change this year and Clemson will surprise everyone. If it's gonna happen, Harper and Korn are gonna have to play good. They will have to make some plays downfield. Hopefully they will show some poise in the pocket and make some big throws over the stacked box and blitzes Clemson will face.

Our defense was less than spectacular a lot last year Vance. I know there were injuries, but well it's futile to discuss it anyway.

OK, I'm gonna go out on limb and really rile you guys up...

First off Brent, I have to disagree with you. I really think Vic K. has done an outstanding job as Defensive coordinator. Even the article you posted gave the D rave reviews. Most people who are down on the Tigers say good things about the defense. The defense has made great leaps in the past two years. With the exception of the VT game they played good enough to win every game. That game was simply a disaster, but I think it has something to do with about a million 3 and outs. When they are vulnerable it is usually because they have been on the field the whole game. It must be very demotivating to give the O the ball on the opp. 40 yard line and get no points. They still play hard even with that. Another thing, you have to adapt to you weaknesses. Our LB's were not very strong last year and the D scheme was adapted to overcome and did quite well I think.

Out on a limb? Well the best choice for the Head coach job could be right under our noses. He is an outstanding motivator and we have good assistant coaches and outstanding recruiters. Its possible to keep some of them if he took the reigns. He would also be at a good price. If you have not heard, we cannot afford to buy out Tommy's contract and offer a wad of cash to a new coach. We are gonna have Tommy for 1 probably two more years.

Personally, I think it would be a good stab at something new. He is a fairly young guy so he meets your requirements. I am not saying its the answer but it certainly has some good points you gotta admit. This may sound kind of silly, but I have heard my bro say it about QB's so I will say it. He has the look of a good coach, he looks like he would not except defeat.

Well Actually,

You are wrong about this one. First off I post this stuff because you do usually have good info on what was actually said. I'm quite sure your info is accurate. But you are wrong still, I wasn't gonna even mention it but as long as we are still discussing it, I didn't actually read the article when I posted it and it got my curiosity up. As bad as I hate to take up for Cock fans and I do know the boards are not good info sources they didn't misquote him or take him out of context at all,,, The State newspaper did it. This is interesting to me because why would a Columbia based paper misquote him? I could understand The Anderson Independent or Greenville News, but The State? Here is the Quote:
Spurrier is fine with the way the college bowl system works. “I’m not really at a school that needs to worry about the national championship. As a school that won a bowl game, there’s something neat about winning your last game.”
Here is the link so there is no doubt at all that my info on what State Newpaper printed is accurate:
As for Tommy Boy, some kind of way you guys got the wrong impression. I pretty much have agreed already with what you guys are saying. I was simply stating the reasons why recruits come and are gonna contnue to come. Also why they don't consider themselves as a waste. Yes bro he does run a clean program and keeps them out of trouble. Another biggie, especially for parents is he has one of the top graduation rates in the country. So NFL and or a degree. Certainly not a waste. College football, certainly lacking.
Thanks bro for the comment on Danny, you know to me its unfinished bussiness (I wouldn't even care if he didn't win). Brent you can kiss my ass on this one. A young coach? You mean the flavor of the week like Tommy Bowden? Thats what we did this time. Again I say who? Come on Brent you gotta have a soluion, otherwise what good are the complaints. For me, its Paul Johnson, certainly not a young punk that was probably inspired by NCAA Football video games.
As for Spurrier, I think he will win. Saying after his first two years he is a shoe in, can't agree. I am not convinced you will see him continue to beat the Tigers. He has at this point he has lost the "I don't have good atheletes excuse". I am sure he will be more competitive. Not sure at all this will spell wins. The Cocks snuck up on the Tigers last year. We finally took for granted that we would win. I think however losing is the cure for that. I am pretty sure reguardless of what happens all year you will see the same level of motivation that you normally see on gameday, they usually look like a team that can will the National Champ when they play the Cocks (for me thats pretty frustrating).

Thursday, June 21, 2007

This is the article that I told ya'll I wrote at school yesterday..

Thank goodness I was able to recover it... This was written right after I read your last post bro.

About the Spurrier quote, regardless of which message board it came off of, it was not true. The quote I posted is what he actually said. Unfortunately, I don’t have the proof to back it up. I searched for almost an hour trying to find the article that I got the quote from but I can’t find it. I'm pretty sure it was in an article on Gamecock Central and I guess it’s been taken out of the archives. You can trust me on this though; Gamecock fans on message boards can misquote coaches and players too just like anyone else. At first glance, they think “Spurrier said he’s at a school where he doesn’t have to worry about winning national championships.” Then where do they go with their quote that’s taken out of context?? That’s right, strait to the Carolina message boards. I’ve been guilty of it myself and was put in my place by many of the Gamecock posters as I’m sure the guy that posted that was. You know how those boards work bro. After a while you know what to believe and what not to believe. As I said though, that quote was taken completely out of context.

As far as ole Tommy goes. I was not talking about getting players to the NFL. The NFL coaches are going to use those talented players to their full ability. Tommy on the other hand does not; he wastes them. With all of those NFL caliber players that Tommy has had at Clemson, he has done nothing with them but whip up on poor Lou Holtz and beat his dad every other year. He has yet to win an ACC championship in his eight years at Clemson. Even with his best team yet, this past season and playing in the worst ACC in many years, he, as our daddy would say, assed around and let Wake win the ACC. That’s what I mean by wasting talent. Yea, Clemson is going to get recruits that want to go to the NFL but Tommy will do nothing with them, just as he has done for so many seasons in a row. Good recruits at Clemson under Tommy Bowden will prove to be meaningless. Before, they weren’t meaningless because they beat their rival every year and took a gemme from FSU every other year. Well, as much as I love to say it, all that is about to change. Carolina now has a coach that will win, and FSU has an offensive coordinator that knows what he is doing.

As far as us winning the game last season by only a field goal, here is the best way to explain what I want to say. In 2004, Holtz’s last season at Carolina, Clemson beat Carolina handily by a score of 29-7. In 2005, Spurrier’s first year at Carolina, Clemson beat Carolina by a score of 13-9 and Clemson had the much better team that year. This past season, Carolina beat Clemson by a score of 31-28. You see a trend starting to develop?

The biggest thing, and it is a huge thing, that Tommy has done is keep players out of trouble. Tommy also does exactly what his bosses want him to do without argument. That’s why I think Tommy’s tenure at Clemson will be much longer than you guys would like. I think it’s going to take at least a 6 loss season with a loss to the Gamecocks for Tommy to lose his job.

Please understand bro, my comments are not knocking on Clemson. They are however knocking on Tommy and Clemson if they continue to let him destroy that program.

On the subject of Danny “The Good Lord” Ford... lol. I would like to see Danny come back just because I know that’s what you would want to happen more than anything. I would be curious to see if he still has it. It would be very interesting, imo.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Check out this preview of Clemson.

I like this assessment of Clemson:

I had this whole big article that I had written at school..

I wrote it using Microsoft works. It was saved on my flash drive and all ready to copy and paste here. Sadly, when I get home, I find out that my computer doesn't have Microsoft works and I can't open the file! I was so damn mad.. I'm gonna try to recover it tomorrow and post it.

I Want To Win the ACC!!

Vance, the waste of talent is in reference to the fans. Wasting their talent by not winning games. I just feel like 8 years is a long time in college football if you're at a winnable school and have not had at least one great season. Every team except Clemson has made a run or won the ACC (excluding Duke and newcomers, which have also done better than Clemson.) Maryland in 2001, North Carolina in 2000, I think that was the year, NC State had a great year with Philip Rivers. GT and Wake played for it last year. That is too many programs that have leapt above us and shouldn't have. I know we have more talent than them, so what is the problem?

Where does this Danny Ford stuff come from? Ford is a farmer now, who is probably out of touch with the modern game. I don't think fishing a coach from the past is the problem. We need young, aggressive coaches that will take a shot downfield and run multiple blitzes. Right now, we are so vanilla offensively and defensively its pathetic. I don't wanna hear about Proctor not being able to run the offense, because I have watched it for 2 years and have seen this offense not only sputter, but completely breakdown at least for 2 whole games (vs. BC 2005 & at VT 2006). It seems like they don't have the play variety sometimes to change it either. Defensively, we play a tampa 2 type defense with soft zone coverage meant to stop the big play, but all teams do is throw 3-step drops and 10-12 yard intermediate passes and move the ball at will. Every, EVERY pocket passer we faced last year was able to do this. Wow, I know I don't sound optimistic, but maybe I'm not. I am excited and could be surprised this year, but don't expect me to be excited about playing Southwest Louisiana Tech in the Chiquita Banana bowl live from Pudderfunk, Tennessee. You don't recruit 4 and 5 star players for that shit!!!


If it had came from a Clemson message board, I would not have mentioned it. They were pissed off about the comment. I just thought it would be interesting to get your thought on it.

I can't agree with you on wasting the talent. More importantly, more and more recruits disagree with you. They want one thing, to play in the NFL. So you can't exactly say he is wasting talent, they are coming to better their shot at playing pro football. He is being quite successful at it. Gaines Adams went from a guy that couldn't get picked up in college football to a first round draft pick. Like it or not, as long as this continues, we will get recruits.

I am sure you have a good reason, but I am not sure how this affects the Cocks. I do however think Spurrier is going to help the Tigers. Simply by finally giving us some competition. At least I hope so. I won't really go by last year though, he still has allot to prove yet. For what its worth I think he will, but one year on a missed field goal is hardly a sure bet. In other words we hopefully, if he continues to give us competition will no longer be able to be a mediocre team and still win our rilvary every year handily. Beat the Cocks and you will keep your job, simple as that. Lose to the Cocks and you will get fired, guaranteed. I hope he keeps it up, we will either improve or make a change. The Cocks lack of success have kept Bowden around, in my opinion.

My thoughts, Bowden still has a little glimmer of hope, Korn. We lack one thing every year, well two, first off motivation. Secondly, and different every year we have a key weakness. First it was O-line. Then running backs. Now it is QB. If Korn comes in and pans out, it could save Bowden once again. Otherwise, save last year being a fluke for the Cocks, he is going.

Brent, I think saying Ford will never come back is silly. After all if Lou tried it anything is possible. I didn't say he is coming back, I said with TD Phillips it is still possible. To say its not possible, anything is a possibility. He is not too old.

Paul Johnson, thats my choice. Who do you want? Sorry buddy, Grobe is off the table. He has a ten year contract and we certainly cannot afford to buy it out.

The Donald!

Hopefully The Donald will kill her off before she kills off one of the better things that senior citizens have!

Rosie To Host Price Is Right?!?

Please tell me this is a joke! I can hear my grandaddy now.. "That fat gay bitch is going to ruin everything!"

I beg of you daytime TV, in the name of all the Grandads, Papas, Grannys, and anyone else retired.. don't do this to all these old people! Don't ruin their cup of coffee every morning with fat ass Rosie! You are killing a tradition.. That's all.

Misprint in article below..

It is, not ESPN that has our schedule ranked as the 2nd toughest schedule in the nation. Link provided below..

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

You took that Spurrier quote out of context..

The actual quote was: "We are a school that doesn't have to worry about winning national championships right now. We are just not on that level yet."

And his words couldn't ring more true. We're not on that level yet. Are we on the level to win a SEC yet? I don't know. May be if the schedule wasn't so brutal this year we would be. We have to travel to UGA, LSU, Tenn, and Arky this year. ESPN has our schedule ranked as the 2nd toughest in the nation. I think after this 6th ranked recruiting class settles in we will have a much better shot. That's what every one said right, "let Spurrier get his recruits in there, and they will have a shot." I think if our offense is as good as our defense will be this year we would have a more than average shot.

Bro, you knew I was gonna fight fire with fire on you posting that incorrect quote, so here it is: If there is a coach out there that hasn't had to worry about winning national championships It's Tommy Bowden. He hasn't even had to worry about winning Acc championships. He has proved that 8 years in a row. You can't tell me I'm wrong on that one. Even Brent said tonight, "Tommy hasn't proved shit." Another thing, and I think that you will agree with me here too, all of those great recruits Clemson is getting will mean nothing as long as they have Tommy as their head coach..

A 6th ranked recruiting class under Steve Spurrier will prove to be meaningful.. A great recruiting class under Tommy Bowden will be a waste of GREAT talent. He has proved that time and time again. He is known, not just by us but around the nation for wasting GREAT talent. Tommy Bowden's further tenture at Clemson will only help Carolina's cause.. and you know it.
Don't talk bad about Carolina's head coach, because you know that I have you beat by a long shot in that department..

I don't think that....

....Danny Ford will NOT be on the sidelines ever again, at least not as the head coach. I think he would consider himself a little too old to rebuild a program. Thats all I will say on that one. I really don't know who should be a good candidate for the job. I just know that Bowden isn't the answer imho. Conservative play wins Super Bowls, and aggressive play wins national championships. We are way to conservative right now for this type of explosive offensive talent an defensive speed.
On a general college football note, aren't we in the same situation as last year, as far as no dominant favorite for the championship. I would say USC and LSU are gonna be top schools.
I'm still undecided about a lot of programs. Oh, a good website to check out for some team previews is


Ok you got me bro, My computer didn't load the picture all the way last night. I still think we need to start the all purple tradition. We are 1 and 0 right now wearing the purple. Just like the orange pants used to be. Which Hatfield quickly destroyed.

I've said this before and I will say it again, if AJ Harmon or any other recruit would say he is committed with the intention of signing with another team, we don't want him. Right now though I would say its best to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he is committed to the Tigers. Anybody that says he has other intentions is just being silly.

Dillilo was an OK recruit, wouldn't normally matter. But we are indeed in need of TE. We just can't seem to sign them. Not sure why. I think Cumbie could very well convert, I have heard this a couple of times. Oh well, its best he decommits early.

I would normally have to disagree and give Bowden the benefit of the doubt, I just can't do it now. Anything is possible but I think his days are numbered. Oddly enough the reason I can't disagree is because of the success of West Virginia. I have to agree with my Bro on this one. Most fans have come to relize we got the name Bowden as our head coach, while what we thought we were getting went to West Virginia. I want Grobe too, I used to think it was a possibility, Wake pretty much has him locked up though with the new contract. I have to stick with my choice, although neck and neck with Grobe,,,,,,,,,,,,Paul Johnson. You are not gonna like this Brent, its still not out of the question if TD Phillips remains that DANNY might come back. Sorry, TD Phillips is a big Ford supporter. He tried to keep him in 1990, too bad he was not AD. If he had been AD in 1998, that would be our coach. It could still happen. Don't think so? Who would have believed Lou Holtz or Steve Spurrier would coach the Cocks.

Latest Spurrierism (while playing golf in Gainesville no less) ""AT LEAST I'M AT A SCHOOL WHERE I DON'T HAVE TO WIN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS""

Monday, June 18, 2007

Just a humorous pic to end the night.. lol.

A Few Thoughts

Vance, it took me a while to get on too. I couldn't remember my info, and I had to create a google account. Blake, I am 50/50 on the unies. I love the orange on orange, white on white, purple one purple, and would like to see purple jerseys on white pants. I hate the orange on white and especially the purple on orange.

I saw Korn in the spring game, and he looks very, very promising. I think he will play in the first game and split the duties with Harper. I want Tommy gone, guys. Something I haven't changed my stance on, and won't unless he WINS the ACC. The frustrating thing to me lately is the lack of playing time Harper got last year, knowing that he would be the starter. I know there were circumstances, but foresight would've helped. I want Jim Grobe. That 2008 class is looking great, but I have learned to wait until January to hold on to anyone's word.

Briefly, I think the ACC will be stronger (Florida State and Virgina Tech especially). I think the SEC is gonna be a monster this year. I think Carolina is good, but for this year i think 8 or 9 wins will be the max. Oh, and this is the hottest athlete in the world Allsion Stokke for you guys!

Clemson loses TE commit..

3 star TE Nic DiLillo decided Clemson was to far away from home. DiLillo resides in Ohio and claims that his decommitment had nothing to do with Clemson. He loved Clemson and his trip there.. He loved it so much he forgot how far away from home he was..

The 6-foot-5, 220 lb. DiLillo is expected to commit to Pittsburg soon, as he is heavily favoring them at this time.

I didn't think this was a big deal at first (it's a 3 star TE, big whoop) but apparently I was wrong. After discussing Clemson's TE situation with some of the clemson people on the boards, I found out how big of a need the TE is for Clemson this year. Spence's two TE sets are very important in the running game. Clemson currently has 3 TE on their roster; 2 Fr and a So. Losing DiLillo hurts but there are more out there.

Call me crazy, but with Clemson having Phillip Merling for 1 or 2 more years and Ricky Sapp for 2 or 3, then Daquan Bowers coming in next year (if he qualifies.) I don't see the idea of moving Jamie Cumbie over to TE as out of the question. He has speed from what I have heard from you guys and he has the build of a TE now. If he stays at DE, he will have to add at least 20 lbs. of muscle from what I hear. Even at 255 lbs. he still looks skinny they say because he is so tall (6-foot-7.) I have always thought he looked more like a TE or even a offensive takle (If he added about 30 lbs.) than he did a DE. What do ya'll think?

That's what I'm talking about!

Those few post that I did write after the season was over were really attempts to get you guys to write something every once in a while. I'm sorry though bro, those uni's were from the 2006 season.. That #93 in that pic is Gaines Adams and the guy that he looks like he is trying to dry hump is #97 Dorell Scott. I've been telling you guys for years that those Nike uni's were ugly. Not just Clemson's but Miami's, Oregon's, ect. I just don't like the Nike uni's. Whether Brent admits it on here or not, he doesn't like them either.

One thing I can't deny though, Clemson looks to be building one hell of a great 2008 recruiting class. One note to remember, all of the UGA fans still seem to think AJ Harmon is going to sign with them on signing day. I don't know much about him either way. I'm pretty sure Clemson has Bowers, Ellington, and Jones locked up though.

I'm ready for Carolina to get the ball rolling. If you remember though, Carolina started off very slow in recruiting last year, and look where they finished. We finished with a class ranked above Auburn, Notre Dame, UGA, Bama, Michigan, Oklahoma, Ohio St, Miami, FSU, ect. Now don't get me wrong, I don't think we will finish with the 6th ranked class in the nation again this year, but I think we will make the top 25. I think we will finish this year with a class ranked about the same as Clemson's 2007 class was.. Which is pretty good. The way I look at it, whoever we miss out in this class, we made up for in the 2007 class.

We do however, have one star player commited to us already. Jarriel King (pictured above) should be a 5 star when the JUCO Rankings roll out. There has been talk that he may be the #1 ranked JUCO player in the nation. Guess time will tell.

Well I'm ready for the freaking season to start!!!!!!!


Well, lets see. The Tigers are tearing it up in recruiting again. Getting some of the best players in the state and nation. What do you guys think? Think Korn will start this year. What about old Andre Ellington committing? AJ Harmon? Mighty good class. Is this Bowden's last year? Many Many things to discuss. It took me forever to get back signed in. Whew, I'm glad thats done. Lets hear it boys, its been a long time. Oh yeah, thats Clemson's uniforms from what 1973? Everyone has ugly uniforms in their past.

Let the posts resume?

It has been 6 months since I have posted anything, but that doesn't mean I have been dormant. I have been searching for stories in college football all year long (slim pickings right now) and have ideas, opinions, and thoughts that I am ready to post. It may take a few days or even a week, but once I figure out my post outlines, they will become regular. I am not sure if I will do a top 25 this year, and I know I'm not gonna do stat predictions.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Alright fellas.. Its time to crank this classic site up again!

I just spent about an hour reading some of our old blog posts and it gave me some inspiration to get this bad boy rolling again! Brent told me the other day that he stayed up til about three o'clock reading our ups and downs in what used to be a big part of our life. This little peace of work used to be our favorite site; it used to be the first site went went to when we logged on to our machines. We have done a terrible thing though fellas.. We have let it die and I think its high time we resurrect it..

I know, I know, we have all been busy and there has not been to much to talk about in this off-season. But, the dark time is almost over and we have always been busy but we were never to busy to post what we had on our minds on this web site. I mean, we have about 75 days left until the season starts back up, or to make it sound a little better; less than 3 months, or even better; a little over 2 months. How about this, Fall practice begins in a little over a month!

I miss it guys. I didn't realize how much I missed it until I started reading some of the material we had posted here. Yea, we pissed each other off but that was one of the reasons it was so much fun. At times we went a little overboard but we can work on that right?

Well bros, I hope this post give you guys the inspiration to start back posting. If it doesn't, just go back through and read some of our old entry's and realize how much fun this site brings. I'm not going to post anymore if you guys don't. I'm only one piece of the puzzle that is The Sportaholic News..

I'm gonna start off with a subject for us to discuss and it will be up to you guys to respond.

New Season Resolutions
I think this would be a good time for us to come up with 3 "new season resolutions." Things that you want to improve on this season. Don't stray away from posting a same resolution as mine. Here's my 3..
1. Cutting back on drinking during the games - I'm tired of missing parts of the games due to having to piss like a race horse or having to go get another beer. I got better last season, at least I could remember the game.. lol. I can still improve though..
2. Stop wearing my underwear inside out on gameday - It just doesn't do any damn good.. lol. At least it didn't against Auburn, Tenn, UF, UGA, and Arky..
3. Control my temper during discussion - Now this is something each one of us can work on..
Ok, I did my part fellas. I'm leaving it your hands now..


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