Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Glad we're preparing for it

I'm partly joking

but not entirely. I mean they have already turned Star Wars into a cartoon with Clone Wars. They may go in that direction and if not cartoon you can bet Disney will steer it more towards kids. It's a hardcore adult Star Wars fan's (Brent's) nightmare lol. Disney can ruin movies as good as they can make them. I think you even said yourself that John Carter was a letdown after you had anticipated it for like 3 years..

I didn't see that comment...

That was not the comment I saw he made, but certainly smart to steer clear of this.

I think you are joking about Disney? They are one of the biggest movie companies out there, heck I guess this deal probably makes them the biggest. The truth is George Lucas has had some real bombs lately and probably needs to let someone else have a shot if there are going to be more movies. These would start after episode 6.

I read Dexter is based off 6 books and debrah actually finds out in the first book, kind of surprising if true.

Spurrier's comment does seem to be big news

Just like with you, it's not a big deal to me either. It's not a big deal to Dabo, his comment on it can be seen here: Dabo's thoughts

I think the media is blowing it out of proportion but I guess they have to have something to write about. Sure the timing may have not been perfect but the ceremony was about Marcus and I bet he got a chuckle out of it. Like you said, we probably won't agree on everything about it and I don't see a reason to find what parts we don't agree about. Especially considering it's something that isn't a big deal to either of us anyway.

Brent texted me last night about the Lucas Ind. thing. I told him I was sorry lol. It's gonna be one big cartoon now. It would be funny to see Micky Mouse and Donald Duck in a Star Wars movie. I could see the look on Brent's face now lol.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Somewhat big Brent news...

I have not got concrete evidence, but it seems to be accurate that Disney purchased Lucas Films for 4 billion dollars and of course they plan to do more Star Wars movies. I'm not joking, I just read it and don't have time to confirm it. I bet its easy to verify.

Spurrier's Comments...

only because it is such big news. I won't give you my opinion on his timing, we are not going to agree and its not a big deal to me. I will say I am not in the least bit disgruntled, the time to take care of this is on the field in November and I hope he continues to take shots if they don't. Just my opinion.

I know that

but every fanbase has their idiots. In this case the idiots have been at a minimum.

I've never really...

heard Clemson fans say anything bad about Lattimore. He is more mature than most adults, it's just ashamed really.

I know bro

You don't want to see it by the way. I didn't want to see it live. It ruined my day, I didn't even care if we won or not after that. It's just bad.

It says alot about who Lattimore is for nearly all the Clemson fans and fans from all over the country to not make light of this situation. A lot of class shown from all the fanbases, clemson maybe most of all.

It's just awful...

I have not watched it and I never will. I could not agree more, he did not deserve this and I don't even know what else to say. It's terrible.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Probably fair to say Latt's played his last game as a Gamecock

It's sad but I don't think I would enjoy a season watching him play for us again. Every time he carried the ball I would cringe. Very unfortunate for such a good football player and more importantly good person.

I hope he can rehab and somehow get drafted in a couple of years...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Thats good to hear...

I didn't expect them to lose that way either, just turnovers really. But I didn't expect Clemson to get the holy hell beat out of them by West Virginia either. Its just the foozball, exciting when you win and good for a laugh when you don't.

This time I am taking CMIT 202, I will get the A+ certification out of this class. That will be my final exam, the A+ certification exams. Reading the first two chapters of the book last night it should not be that bad.

getting pretty good at the wood working, the frame actually went just like I had planned. The router that I have works real good, I still need to get the glass made for it, but its done other than that. I am working on plans for a new boat, this one will be my own design or version of a pram. Its kind of a cross between the elegant punt and a pram boat. You can google them both to see what I am talking about.

I'm not worried about the loss

I wasn't mad or anything afterwards. I found it more comical than anything. I knew what was going to happen, I told you. Banged up team going on the road, that's tough. I will admit that I didn't see a beating like that coming.

You should send some pictures of the frames to mama. She would love that. That's also cool about the A's. What classes are you taking again? I forgot. The Will Ferrel movie you're talking about I thought would be funny. I've been waiting to see it. Maybe it will be out on redbox soon.

I know you need a laugh...

you must watch The Campaign, Will Ferrel has had a couple of duds but this one is hilarious.


you know what I did this weekend bro? Built 2 shelves and a frame for Mama Davis's crochet pieces Tibbie game us. Had allot of fun, even routed out the frame, it looks good. I tell you what I didn't do, stay up until one o'clock in the morning to watch Clemson play, otherwise I don't get much done. Got 2 A's so far and starting my next class, sad part is I should be working on my Master's degree. I guess my point is stop worrying about that ole fooseball, its just not worth it. /rant

Friday, October 19, 2012

I watched it...

He was a real screw up, lol. He plays allot of parts where he is a screw up, I would think it has something to do with his dad. If you have not read the story about his dad being a hit man for the mob you should read it.

There are better movies you have not seen, the flowers of war with Christian bale for one. I will try to remember to watch the league. Don't forget about Homeland as a show for you to try also, it's good.

Yea I've watched all the new shows and then some

I like the way all of the shows have started. Ryan turned me on to a really funny show called the league. You need to check it out, it's hilarious. I actually just started watching a movie called ramppart with woody harrelson in it. You probably already seen it.

I know all of the players outside of Quarles are playing but you must have missed what I said. Even if they do play they will not be 100% which could be worse than them not playing at all depending on how bad they're injured. That's no trick. I wish it was but that would be wishful thinking.

I am...

I just read everyone of them are playing except Quarles. Lat might not get the first snap, he gets most of the rest of them after that, he might even start. Neat trick, but nobody is fooled and it's cool because you want me to be right.

Did you watch Dexter or anything yet? I watched the first episode of American Horror, Jessica Lange is back with an even bigger role, she looks like she has aged backwards and got younger, not kidding. Very interesting set up this season, really crazy though.

I hope you're right

but they are saying that Lattimore won't start. Bad part about it is if any of these players start they won't be 100%. May be you're right and it's a Spurrier trick. I hope so..

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I don't mean any harm...

but I don't think anyone believes that, least of all Muschamp. I will believe it when Lattimore does not stroll out on the field after the first drive or maybe even first play. This has Spurrier Indian trick written all over it. Hopefully I am right, I think Quarles probably is out though and that will hurt you a little.

Goodbye SEC East

Flu bug has hit the team along with numerous injuries. We in all likelyhood will play without Clowney, Lattimore, Quarles, Ellington among others. Even if they do play they will not be 100%.

It sucks but that's they way it goes I guess..

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Just watched Dexter also...

Best season yet so far.

I already watched...

They don't need a villain right now, too much going on. Not to give it away but looks like plenty will be available. This was one of the better episodes.

Clemson can always lose, that's just a fact. Any team can lose unexpectedly with a bad defense. Unfortunately at least once the offense probably won't show up, that's why defense wins championships.

Hard to say, I think Floridas offense is a little better than LSU, but the defense not quite as good. I think you can outscore them and win a close one.

Thoughts on this weeks upcoming games?

I don't see much danger of Clemson losing. Huge game for South Carolina. Another tough road test. If we lose this one we can kiss the east goodbye.

Also, The Walking Dead started back up. Got it recorded but haven't watched it yet. Wonder who will take on the villian role now that Shane is dead?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I agree...

no shame in what happened. LSU just lined up those NFL sized players and slammed into Scar all night in a hurry up offense. Not much anyone could do considering the defense they have. I think LSU really just lacks a QB and they are unstoppable. Bama had best not get too cocky.

Thanks bro

Yea it sucks but 3 years ago we wouldn't even been able to make it a game. They played great defensively and had a offensive strategy that took the pass rush out of the game. It's tough to go on the road and beat LSU night. That's an under statement really.

We control our on destiny and if we win out we'll still play for it. UF is another tough road game.

Tough break...

Nothing really bad to say, LSU was simply able to minimize Lat. Not sure anyone other than Florida or Bama can do that on your schedule. Should still be a great season and if you beat Florida you can get back to the sec championship and have a legit chance to beat Bama.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I saw a win

I saw us beat the shit out of UGA and a huge reason we beat UGA was because of Shaw. Lattimore is great but you didn't bash him, you wrongfully bashed Shaw. Like I said, if you question Shaw's passing ability you haven't watched a game Carolina has played this season. No one in the world outside of Clemson Tom would agree with you about Shaw..

You blame Shaw for having Lattimore on his team?? Then you come to me about not having intelligent conversation? Come on bro you're better than that.

We run a Bama offense these days. They don't pass if they don't have to and we don't either. Passing a lot is for teams with a bad defense. I'll take Shaw, Lattimore and our defense over any team with a terrible defense and a hotshot QB.

So looking at this intelligently...

What I saw with those 6 passes was mis-direction. Uga's entire defense would go to whatever side Lat was running, spurrier would then throw across the grain to a wide open receiver. What did you see and why did what you saw work in your opinion?

Wasn't any flame on...

Shaw or a troll. You still havn't mentioned lattiomore one time, which was the point. To start giving Lattiomre some credit instead all the glory to Connor Shaw. GaTech runs the option, they don't have Lattimore. Scar is not an option team and runs the ball because they have Marcus Lattimore. So shockingly Spurrier has become a running vs passing offense because of Lat.

I think it's a damn shame you can't discuss anything you don't agree with intelligently. Wasn't even a troll or anything bad about scar, it was a promotion of lattimore. I get it though bro you are right, you beat uga because of those 6 completions by Connor Shaw.

Obvious troll, but i'll bite....

Shaw has only had 1 200 yard passing game but he also played hurt in one, didnt play another one, and only a half in another so i think that is kinda unfair to expect him to have monster numbers when he hasnt even had to play a complete game this year. Also what does it matter because Carolina is a running team that throws enough to keep teams honest and are pretty damn successful when they do throw it.

You love Ga Tech and they throw it like 4 times a game, so whats the difference? I will take good defense, high completion passes, and a solid ground game everyday of the week. Throwing for 400 yards and losing is good for one thing, a loss, a la Tahj Boyd vs Fla St. Its really a moot point to try and compare stats. Stats are for fantasy football guys. Flame away on Shaw, but the kid is a winner and makes the passes when he has to make them.


Outside of the push-up joke

What exactly was stupid about it? I'll keep playing lol. Sounds like you got into a bottle of sake..

Detula just texted me and told me I was right and you are a mad retard by the way lol.

I will admit...

That was so stupid it made me mad, three steps below gamecock will stupid. What's even worse is you are still defending it and you can't possibly be drunk this time of day.

But I guess we will see who gets the last laugh.

Why are you so mad?

You made a dumb post, it's ok bro lol.

If you can't comprehend my last post then something is wrong with you (mental retardation). I think you're playing dumb though and know I'm right. That's why you're mad right now lol.

I'll tell you what to do, take a deep breath and go back and read my post slowly. It's not hard to understand.

By the way, Connor Shaw is better than Montana so it was dumb bringing him up lol.

That was the dumbest...

Bunch of crap I've ever seen you post. No joke bro, you sound like a complete retard. Clemson has buy week so they should do up downs? I don't even understand any of the logic behind anything you posted. Connor Shaw has had 1 game over 200 yds passing, get it? There is no fail, only fact which from reading your post is why you can't understand it. I guess never land, the place where Mizzou is a powerhouse Connor shaw is actually Joe Montana as well. Maybe if you do up downs RN will finally decommit?


That's Connor Shaw's record as a starter at QB. Can you find me five other active college QBs with that kind of record? May take you a while. You'll definitely have to search outside of the state of South Carolina : )

You can have your stats bro, I'll take the wins all day long. Connor Shaw doesn't have the passing yards because of the play calling. We get a good lead and we grind it out on the ground. You can't blame Shaw for that. You also failed to mention that Shaw was hurt half way through the Vandy game, missed East Carolina, and was still injured against UAB. Actually alot of fail with your post lol.

You say he hasn't done anything remarkable passing and I say you haven't seen a single game he has played. Shaw has went down field multiple times this season including last week with beautiful passes. UGA tried to sell out to stop the run and make Shaw throw last week. They made Shaw pass and it didn't work so well for them lol. After he burnt them for 3 TDs we went back to the ground game. Why throw it when you don't have to?

You said it best, doesn't matter if we're winning. If we beat LSU tonight something special might be in store this season for South Carolina and I think it's scary to the Clemson nation. Not to mention a huge possibility of winning 4 strait against the tigers.

I can't believe you're so concerned with Connor Shaw when Clemson has a bye week this week. Shouldn't you be using this time to do some push-ups in preparation for VT? LOL

Friday, October 12, 2012

Shaws not drunk when he plays...

But he's had one game with over 200 yds passing and that was Mizzou passing to receivers 5 yds open. Scar has not had to rely on Shaw passing and if you do? I am just not sure that day will come but it could be vs Clemson. I guess we are the team you will expect to outscore. There again we are the easiest one to score on. Shaw does most of his damage on his feet, which is fine if he stays healthy. He still has not done anything remarkable passing the ball, numbers like I expected in fact. If you subtracted everything else and all you could see is his passing yards?

Point is it don't matter, you have this guy named Lattimore and he somewhat quietly carries the offense on his back. He gets better every week and the wide open receivers for the few passes shaw gets to attempt are due to defending Lattimore.

Some dumbasses talk about Watkins catches as if they defended him well. No what happened is there was a wide open receiver because you have plan for him every play, just like Lattimore.

I really think you should watch it again

It can be a little confusing about what is going on so if you weren't really paying attention I can see where you might not be crazy about it.

I can see Deptula saying something like that after Gamecock Will and his buddies call in lol. Truth is Walt is terribly bias towards Clemson. That's one of the reasons I believe him when he says something good about Carolina or criticizes Clemson. I think you do agree with his logic because he has always been pro Dabo. He said when Chad Morris was hired that it would save Dabo's job. He said that Clemson wouldn't have a great defense this year because Venebles would need a year or two to implement it. I think you would agree with most of this. So when I hear him before the season talk about how Lorenzo Ward's defense will be as good or better than Johnson's and him turning out to be right, yea it's hard to not listen when he talks. He also said before last season that Connor Shaw was far and away a better college QB than Garcia. This was when you and I were agreeing that if Garcia went down, Carolina's season was over. Man were we wrong lol..

The LSU game is a tough one to call. Looking at it you would think my pick would be obvious. LSU has no offense and Clowney will destroy who ever is in front of him. After thinking about it it's hard to jump on a Carolina win, several reason's why. This is the best defense we will face all season. LSU is coming off a painful loss and they aren't used to losing. Nobody travels to LSU and comes away with a win. This is a first real road test against a quality opponent for Connor Shaw. There are many factors that tell me to pick LSU.

I think it will be a ugly low scoring game. I think both teams will have a defensive or special teams score. Who ever gets past 17 points wins. I'm going against my better judgment and picking Carolina in a very close game. I will tell you this though, if we do come out and punch LSU in the mouth at their place like we did UGA... Shit's gonna get real this season for Carolina lol!

I'm not sure why you are not...

going to beat LSU? Unless losing a game was a big wake up call, but they have not played well pretty consistently and it appears you have the better team? They have as much talent as any team in the country so they may show up at any time and a teams confidence or lack of confidence also comes into play with a team that has beaten them regularly. Thats not a knock on Scar, I think you win, its just an explanation on how you could lose with a team that has been better up till this point.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I think Walt Deptula...

perfectly logical to you, not at all to me. I think Walt Deptula said it best though, this is the best Gamecock team ever and all Scar fans can talk about is Clemson? This was right before the first game with Auburn/Vanderbuilt when Scar fans were contiuously calling in to discuss Auburn beating Clemson. What he said was not quite as nice as the way I put it. I know how you follow Deptula.

Maybe I should watch it again then? It was one of those shows I always turned on to have something to watch and did not really pay attention enough. I did somewhat of the same thing with Homeland, this season I am paying attention and the show is great.

Finished up my class last night, easy class for me this time but I learned allot and the teacher was real good. Gonna sign up for the next one now.

Speaking of the big game this week

What's your thoughts on the Carolina vs LSU match up?

I started American Horror Story

Wow, I can't believe you didn't love it. I'm addicted, I didn't want to go to bed last night because I wanted to keep watching it lol. That freaking thing in the basement is scary as shit..

Oh and as far as the jobs go

Sure you can go too far with anything and make it illegal. But who said anyone was giving admin jobs to highschool dropouts?

I never got the logic

about fans needing to be concerned with the big game this week instead of (blank). The players yea, the fans not so much. You want the Gamecock and FSU fans to go run laps and do up/downs to help out their team this week lol. Doesn't make sense that just because we play LSU this week we can't talk about the #1 recruit in the country and our rival potentially losing him to Ole Piss. FSU fans need to divert the attention away from them, maybe that's why they do it lol.

People will not turn their head at recruiting news just because of a big game this week. Top recruits are going to be talked about bro. Clowney was the same way, that's just the way it is..

Of course the Clemson fans don't seem that concerned lol.

I know you weren't...

But I don't see how giving a parent a job could be legal. I mean if you give them a janitorial job no problem, but let's say they were a highschool drop out and got an admin position? Anyone who applied would have a good case as well I am sure. I don't know all the rules but that can't be legal at a college.

I was speaking of turning a kid with one short meeting tho. Also, I don't think ole miss is necessarily paying. But I think uga, auburn etc.. Certainly is.

He could flip today but his dad likes Clemson and his mom is in Nigeria. It's hard to sign the number 1 recruit, we know that. I see scar and FSU more concerned than Clemson. Scar has maybe the biggest game ever this weekend and FSU got their ass whipped by NC state. Not sure why either fan base would be so interested in this situation. FSU needs to be concerned why they can sign him and 10 others like him and still lose games to much less talented teams. I think it's jimbo, lol.

I know you know this

but I want to say it anyway, I wasn't flaming with those questions. I really didn't know what was going on with either. I knew you a lot more about it than I did.

I agree about Ole Miss, not sure why anyone would want to go there. The only reason really is because of family. That's the reason Eli went there. May be Ole Miss is paying players but I've never heard of them doing it?

As far as our new DT commit UGA may be able to make him flip. He was all but committed to them at one time. May be they will pay him?

I don't think we can blame schools paying players every time we lose a commit. Sometimes I think family ties and closeness to home can play a big role. Now giving a player's parent a job isn't against the rules. It happens all the time. Both of our schools have done it I'm sure..

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Not much talk really...

He may end up decommitting but who wants to play at old piss? Not at all saying he signs but there is good evidence he is still committed to Clemson at this time. What I worry about is an SEC team possibly old piss paying him a whole bunch of money like with Cam Newton for example in the final hour.

Duke has a very good coach, I doubt very seriously they will be there in the end. I know I don't really care who wins that division. I only care if FSU loses one more and we don't in the ACC right now.

Speaking of paying players, UGA coaches can spend 15 minutes in a closed door meeting and sway a player from Georgia to UGA. Its not always just money but jobs for the family as well or possibly losing a job? All things are possibly with a recruit UGA wants, but we do get some these days so its possible you keep him.

OL? Sometimes defensive line are actually recruited for the OL, not sure if that is the case really. One thing for sure, Caldwell is going to be selective and I trust his judgement. You are finally seeing what his OL can do this year, big improvement with allot of inexperience right now this year. I would suspect we will sign 4 or 5 by the end but I dunno?

Ole Miss fans kicking up dust

about Nkemdiche. I know his brother is at Ole Miss but is that enough to turn him? Are the guys at TI talking about this at all? Just wondering if it is just a silly rumor..

You could look at Miami the same way

They have many potential beatings on the horizon as well. Like I said, it will be interesting if Duke beats VT this weekend. I don't think they will but I won't be able to control my laughter if they do lol.

Recruiting update: One of South Carolina's big needs this recruiting class is DT. Beating the snot out of UGA just landed us a good one. He was rumored to be silently committed to UGA before the game and publicly committed to us today. I remember when UGA was stealing players out of our state because they were beating the crap outta us every year. My how times have changed lol.

I have also been meaning to ask you about Clemson's OL recruiting. They only have one commit so far. What's up with that?

Not sure why it would...

Not be Miami, they are undefeated in Acc play. Fun maybe about dook, but they have not really played anyone and have many beatings on the horizon looking at their schedule, lol.

It would be different

If it was a home game for Kentucky or Ole Miss or somebody. Not on the road against LSU. For me it's not really about the pictures and stuff taken if we win. It's about having all the attention on the game at hand. Players need to be focused on the upcoming game, not the upcoming jerseys. But hey, I guess it works for Oregon and like you said if we win not much else matters. If we do lose I will blame the camo pajama pants lol.

One interesting thing going on in college football right now is the ACC Coastal division. I think we touched on this briefly but I gotta bring up Duke. If they can mess around and beat VT this week we will have something huge to talk about lol. I don't think they will but it is entirely possible.

I agree about the choice...

you have a good chance to beat LSU and I would think most would want to have videos, pictures ect... in the traditional Scar Garnet uniforms. JMO and it really does not mean squat. If you win not much else matters.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

South Carolina wearing gray unis for LSU

I'm not sure whether I like it or not. I like the jerseys don't get me wrong but I don't really like the pants. Looks like some of Bub's pajama pants or something lol. I also question this being the game to wear them. Who knows, may be it will give the players a boost. Look good, play good I guess. We all know the players have different taste than us lol..

Another keep you glued...

To the tv episode from Dexter. This has been the best one yet. Walking dead is coming, I forgot how good homeland was until the second season started. Have not watched the second episode yet but last resort will have to work real hard to be bad after the first episode. I watched American horror, it was ok but with all those great actors it should have been better. Will be all different this season and maybe I was just not in the mood before?

I was in the mood for a good horror, watched movie after movie, awful, awful, awful, then this one I did not have much hope for? Best one in a while.

Will be cool if it happens, Clemson is also right back in the Acc as well. I tell you, if Morris stays and they get a defense? Gonna be a good team. Funny how we have the best offense hands down ever at Clemson and the worst defense ever at the same time.

Monday, October 08, 2012

South Carolina and Clemson

Carolina undefeated and Clemson with one loss when they play each other this year? If we ever have a chance at this happening it's this year. Just wanted to say it before we go lose to LSU lol.

I'll have to check it out

I have been in a horror movie mood lately. Chained isn't out on netflix or redbox yet so I'll have to wait a bit to check it out.

Lot of great shows going on now. Of course Dexter but then you have The Walking Dead starting back up next week. I didn't get to watch the First season of American Horror Story so I ordered the bluray. I've heard it is a very good show. The 2nd season of it is about to come out but it has nothing to do with the first. Whole new cast, interesting.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Wanna watch a horror movie?

Watch Chained, was so disturbing I almost had to turn it off 10 mins or so into the movie. It has Vincent D'Onofrio, who was private Pyle in Full Metal Jacket and he was perfect for the part he played.

Friday, October 05, 2012

It didn't make much sense...

Then he nabs him in the middle of the busiest and most secure places possible an airport. I'm sure that didn't get caught on camera, lol.

But on a serious note, if she does die it solves allot really. He has been getting darker and darker really though, becoming someone that has to go away in the end?

Oh my lol..

Thursday, October 04, 2012

I haven't read the books

and I don't know for sure if he will die but it just feels that it's building up to that for me. He is getting too reckless. Going for another kill with all this going on? Not smart..

Deb knows the whole truth now and you can bet she will be whining until she dies. I just don't think it will be by Dexter's hand. Could be wrong..

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

I really do want him to kill her...

unless you have read the books and I have not, we really don't know if he will die. They got me this time because I did not expect the ending at all. Maybe at the end he will be reformed? I really do not look forward to her whining all season and it will be at an all time record I am sure. If it were up to me he would kill her on a table like he does everyone else right now and tell her its because she is too annoying. Then they would bring Rita back from the dead. But we know thats not going to happen, lol.

Ok what's Dexter gonna do?

Just watched it. I know you want him to kill Deb but I don't think he will. I think these last two seasons will build up for what is ultimately inevitable.. Dexter's death..

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Its hard for anyone to win out...

but at least you have a legitimate chance.

That really sux about your computer bro, I like HP. I think you said you use them at work, but I have never had one break. I think it is good to have a desktop computer at home, I don't think laptops hold up very well especially if you view allot of media or play games.


I can't watch shows on the computer anymore. My computer is about 7 years old and coming to the end of it's days. Anytime I try to watch a show the video card overheats and it shuts itself off.

I'm going to have to break down and get Shotime for this season.. Sucks..

But hey, I've heard the first episode was great!

I don't know

It's not very likely that we win out. Oct is just too tough of a month. UGA, at LSU, at UF, then TN is a rough go. Not to metion the last game against Clemson in Nov. Too much can go wrong.

I do think what happens against UGA will say a lot about our team and how we'll handle the rest of the games. Unfortunately I have a bad feeling about this UGA game lol.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Let me be clear so you have no doubt...

what I mean by my posts..

I think the question is will Scar win every game right now? LSU is still not looking so hot.

I don't at all think the first half...

was a reflection of Scar really. The way that I view Scar and UGA so far is untested. I think UGA got a slight test in Tennessee this weekend and really did not fair that well. Thinking logically and it being at home its probably right to favor Scar by 2. I don't see any reason why you don't win this game, but its probably pretty evenly matched and a game that will be deicided by who has the momentum at the end. I still say it will likely be you at the end.

Hard to say, one thing is that Gatech is desperate to win. In the past Clemson usually runs into a buzz saw with desperate teams. But I think you saw a different team this past weekend? I remember reading somewhere that Venables has a good track record vs the option, but I forget the details. But Gatech is certainly going to score points, mark that down lol. I just don't think it will be anywhere near enough. Looking at Gatech's last two games you would think Clemson will score about 200 points. But I have seen stranger things happen especially when you face the option.


Let me know when you watch it.

Thoughts on this weeks upcoming games

First the Carolina vs UGA game. I think UGA has a slightly better offense than us. I think we have a better defense than UGA. I think if the total combined points scored is below 50 we have the advantage. Over 50 and UGA does. This game scares me terribly as a Gamecock fan..

Clemson vs GT. I know that GT had a very embarrasing loss to Mid Tenn St (49-28). Here is something to think about though, this is the first time Venebles has faced a Paul Johnson option offense. I wonder how he will fare? This game is in Clemson and I said before that Clemson will beat everyone in the ACC due to offensive fire power alone but the Veneble vs Johnson match up is very interesting..

I meant to say that in my last post

If we play like we did in the first half of the Kentucky game it could be a long year. At least it showed that we can make the proper halftime adjustments.

I've heard Petrino to Auburn as well as back to Arkansas. Be interesting to see where he ends up.

As far as Vegas picking Carolina, I think they see a pretty even match up with our home field advantage giving us the edge.

I watched the whole game...

play like you did in the first half and you lose several more games. But if you play like the second half I think you should be favored in most. Looks like UGA played pretty poorly too, could have certainly lost to Tennessee. But I guess my question for Vegas is how are they deciding which half team will show up? Be real hard to get a feel from UGA or Scar from the first half? I think everyone needs to be carefull that a team like Florida does not show up and steal the show. One thing everyone should consider is that there are allot of SEC coaches either on the hot seat or that will be soon and that makes them dangerous.

Most of these teams have not got to the meat of the schedule, I would say UGA, Florida, Kentucky, Auburn, Arkansas and Tennessee all fall in to the category of hot seat to possibly the hot seat after this year. They need to fire Joker and Arkansas's coach without question. Be fun to see if Petrini goes to Kentucky like has been rumored. Muschamp has showed improvement, but how many years does he get to lose 4 games with all that talent? Not saying he will lose 4, but he might. Its reasonable to say Richt should have more leeway after last year but UGA fans will be not happy if he loses to Scar again and a few other games. Tennessee will probably give Dooley another year because he is a good guy but they have to know that its only a matter of time, his recruiting has not even been that great.

ACC looks bad, no denying that. It is kind of a surprise what teams are so bad, I though VaTech would be improved. Not sure what is up there. Funny thing is that we have a chance to be in the dance at the end with FSU for the first time in a while. I would not bank on it, but at least you could see it at a possibility unlike most years.


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