Monday, December 31, 2007

Sorry for the lack of posts lately...

Lots seem to be going on though or at least getting resolved. Spence is staying I guess, he was honest and admitted he didn't get offered the job. I'm a little surprised, I thought he was gone. I mean why wait to announce if you have already decided to stay?

We have got some good commits this week. As a whole, this could turn out to be our best class yet. Impressive. Hell, at this rate we may be able to actually out talent everyone on our schedule, even if we can't outcoach them. They are doing good in my opinion at developing the talent. I never thought I would see that at Clemson.

Unfortunately, Auburn is going to be an uphill battle. Other than Va Tech, I think this is the best team we have played all year. They are going to have to come out like they play FSU and in past years SC to win. They can do it, I just don't know they will.

Somewhat of a surprise, looks like Vincent will play. Could be bittersweet however. If he gets convicted he may be out the door. I guess its justified if thats your policy. Why not give the kid one last game?

Everyone seems to be wanting to kick the Gamecocks since their down. I won't and I don't think for a minute they will stay down. Every year it comes down to a handful of plays making or breaking your season. Sometimes its just luck, it either goes your way or it don't. Debatable if it went the Tigers way or not. Didn't go yours for sure. I think things will certainly turn around and you guys definitely deserved a bowl more than many of the teams that got one.

Monday, December 24, 2007


I hope all is well. Hope you have the best Christmas possible!

It doesn't matter, whats done is done in both cases...

Paul Johnson actually shed a little more light on it. Tenuta told him up front he was not staying as he already had another job (LSU). This will of course be after the bowl game. He says Wommack runs the exact same defense as Tenuta. Also, they are keeping most of Tenuta's assistant coaches. Wommack agreed not to break them up. Most others wouldn't agree to this wanting to bring in their own staff. He also just likes the man's attitude. Nothing is a sure thing, only time will tell. He is signed for minimal money to a one year contract.

I don't think you will hear much on Spence. Suprisingly this may mean he is gone. Bowden hinted to it in that he said Spence would not announce his move from Toledo until after the bowl. On paper, he looks really good. His balanced attack in terms of yardage is really good on paper. However, stats don't add up to wins, obviously. Timing and adaptability of play calling is not very good. You would have to watch all our games to see this. As we have and Fulmer has not.

I did however gain allot of respect for the man when I found out he thought he was terminally ill with lung cancer for the entire season. Luckily, he just got test results back confirming it was only a lung infection, curable with antibiotics. He wouldn't even go back to the doctors until after the season. You have to respect the guy for doing what he did under those circumstances.

Who knows?

Maybe Wommack will do well. I doubt it though. Just for the record, our LB corps didn't get any better this past season without Wommack. They played about the same as they did in 2006 when Wommack was there. One huge difference though, Jasper Brinkley was injured after the second game of this past season. I can guarantee you that our defensive woes had nothing to do with Wommack leaving. Trust me on that one..

I haven't heard much else about Spence. What have you been hearing? I think he probably just wants a little raise. A lot of the Clemson fans on the message boards feel the same as you do about Spence. So do the Tennessee fans. I haven't saw one post from a Tennessee fan that is happy about the interest in Spence. They think they can do far better. You know how the fans of schools like that are though. I've said enough about Spence in the past, so you know my view of him. Wouldn't be a big loss in my opinion. Well, except for recruiting maybe.. I really think he will stay put though.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

More from me on Spence...

I'm not going to ensure that him leaving will be wonderful. But I'll say this, we still need a change. Not a complete overhaul in firing Bowden but a change. It would have been hard to outright fire Spence. In short, did we have a quality win this year? I just can't think of one. Even the teams that beat us were not that great. We should have beat every team on our schedule hands down.

Don't get me wrong, our offense improved dramatically, even though with two great running backs the running game was not very good. Most of this can be contributed to Harper. Certainly not play calling. It was very suspect at times. Sometimes our play calling just makes no sense. Spence has never been able to adapt to what a defense is doing at halftime. He has a hard time adapting after losses also. If it works, it works. If it doesn't it doesn't. Unfortunately, what he lacks is the most important qualities in a Coordinator. The ability to adapt when things are not going good to win games.

Maybe, just maybe, this could finally be the change we need. It could go either way, if it happens at all that is.

Official announcements on Spence and Wommack..

Sorry bro, I just don't believe anything until I see the team announce it, not even from newspapers which you actually brought to my attention about the unreliability of them. But both teams officially announced them finally. Bowden even says its pretty serious with Spence. Heres my thoughts on both (I did a little research on Wommack).


2007-PresentOutside Linebacker CoachSouthern Miss.
2006Linebacker CoachSouth Carolina
2005Secondary CoachSouth Carolina
2002-2004Defensive CoordinatorArkansas
2001Secondary CoachArkansas
1998-2001Defensive CoordinatorSouthern Miss.
1994-1998Secondary CoachSouthern Miss.

Wommack had also been promoted to Southern Miss. DC this year. In 2002 Arkansas won the SEC West. So he pretty much had the same achievements as Herring. The guy seems to get moved to DC everywhere he has gone except South Carolina. So someone is seeing something in him. Nutt saw something he liked. Southern Miss. sees something they like. Johnson sees something he likes, I'll trust his judgement on that. Spurrier saw something he didn't like, I trust his judgement on that he was not for SC. Not being a smartass but did your defense improve without him this year? Also, at least on Rivals the fans are not upset on getting rid of Tenuta, if that is indeed the plan or Wommack being hired, no mention of it in fact.


Looks like he may leave. If he leaves it could be due to the new contract. Maybe its the money in that he didn't get a big raise. If he doesn't get more money now and leaves it only stands to reason they are letting him go. I'm not convinced TDP and Bowden are completely satisfied with him. I doubt Sweeney will run the exact same offense, noone does. I know that Clemson and other teams are high on Sweeney, they try to get him every year. Maybe it is time he stepped up and gave it a shot as OC. However, I certainly don't agree that there are no other ones out there. They don't have to be out of a job to be available. Clemson just has to be a better opportunity than where they currently are. Bobby Bentley maybe? Just a thought and supposedly Bowden has him on a shortlist when he has an assistant coach opening. If Sweeney does get the nod, we will still have an opening. Just a thought.

Friday, December 21, 2007

I don't know bro..

I hope Johnson doesn't hire Wommack. Big mistake in my opinion. The link I provided says it was a deal and all of the GT fans seem to think so as well. I gotta tell you, they are not very happy at all. I hope he knows what he is doing..

The Spence thing has been all over Rivals. I don't think they make an official announcement if a coach is just interviewing for a job though. He probably just wants more money anyway. It says in the article about about Spence in The State that Tommy is prepared to hand the duties over to Dabo Swinney if Spence does leave, but who knows? I wonder if Swinney would change up the offense or run the same thing Spence runs? Who would you like if Spence were to leave? I don't know of any good O-coordinators on the market to tell you the truth. Swinney may be the best option depending on what type of offense he would run.

Spence leaving???

Well of course I just don't buy into things until an official annoucement is made. I'll say this though. Most are not happy with him. His play calling improved this year but its still suspect at times. If it happens, it could turn out as a blessing or certainly bad in the long run. Most experts and fans alike think our offense should be more effective than it has been with the players we have. I mean, we didn't really run the ball that well in the second half of the season. JD getting minimal carries. You know we should have been able to run the ball all day on you guys. We were not very successful running it on you. We could only score 3 points on Ga Tech?

I'm just glad its Spence and not VK. Who will we get to replace him? Interesting.

I dunno...

I guess I don't have to tell you Ga Tech will be my second favorite team now. I'll tell you what is going to happen. Quite a while ago, college football went through a change. Spurrier in fact put the icing on the cake for the changes. He did what no other coach had been successful at, though a few had tried. He passed the football to win games. Before that, the pass was used on long yardage and keeping the defense honest kind of thing. But primarily to win, the offense was based on running the ball. He changed that by using the pass as a primary basis to win games, with much success. Very exciting to watch, every new coach wanted to do it. The option all but went away.

Now, Paul Johnson will bring the option back to college football. Fans now days don't even know what the option is. They all just think its a dirty word. Option? Oh my god thats outdated and won't work. Some coaches have started to ease back over to it, unknowingly I might add using the spread offense to run. Which I am not a fan of. I think its Gimmicky and requires other than ordinary athletes to work.

Paul Johnson's offense is an updated version of the traditional option. Its amazing to watch running plays executed that perfectly. Hes going to end up changing college football again.

As far as Tenuta, he finally made a statement on the matter. He was certainly an asshole. When asked about Paul Johnson being at practice he said "he was here"? He also said plainly he hasn't been in any talks about staying or more importantly leaving the team yet. The reason is very logical, noone wants to distract them for the bowl game. I have also read that he doesn't get involved with recruiting. Certainly a negative.

As far as a new DC being hired. Impossible, why? Paul Johnson cannot hire anyone until after the bowl game. NCAA rules state you must have all coaches for the bowl game. In other words there will be no openings until after the bowl game is played. Thats probably why there is no mention of this on Rivals. It just can't of happened, yet.

But I trust his judgement. He knows something we don't if he is hiring Womack. Ga Tech will consistently have the best running defense in the nation. Why? Because they will practice against the best rushing team in the nation. Hard to win games passing the football because you can't run. You take away a teams ability to run the ball and its a tall task to win after that.

Spurrier evidently chose wisely getting the best available DC out there. No surprises there.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

What in the hell is Paul Johnson thinking???

He gets rid of JohnTenuta and hires former Gamecock LB coach Dave Wommack as his DC? I thought it was a joke at first then someone posted a link. Wommack wasn't even good enough to coach our LBs.. lol. He was fired by Houston Nutt in 2004. Then he came to Carolina in 2005 and was fired by Spurrier in 2006. He has since been coaching LBs at Southern Miss. I have heard that Tenuta was very hard to work with but damn. It's gonna be weird watching GT with a good offense and a bad defense. I bet the GT fanbase has exploded.. lol. Link below.

Didn't see this one coming..

Apparently Rob Spence is interviewing for Cuttcliffe's old job at Tennessee. Spurrier started a chain reaction with the whole Duke thing didn't he.. lol. Nah, Spence probably just wants more money. He's thinking, "Hey, it worked for Tommy." It's just an interview probably no big deal. Who would you want as a O-coordinator if Spence did leave bro?
There are also rumblings about Dabo Swinney, Ron West, and Brad Scott. Unlike the Spence situation, these are just message board rumors right now. I'm hearing that Swinney and West may go with Rich Rod to Michigan and Brad may go back to FSU if Trickett leaves. Again these are just rumors right now but the Spence thing is true, he is supposed to travel to Knoxville tomorrow for the interview. Big fat Fulmer and Spence would look like the number 10 standing beside each other on the sidelines LOL.

Terps hate to see Ray Rychleski go..

This is what the Maryland fans had to say about Ray Rychleski on a message board:

"I'm sad to see him go. Since he's been here, our kicking game has been very solid. He's presided over: A punter who was named All-ACC all 4 years of his career (Adam Podlesh) -A kicker who got to Maryland unable to consistently hit PATs and left school as the ACC's all time leading scorer (Nick Novak) -A two time first team All ACC punt returner (Steve Suter) -A KR who finished in the top 10 nationally in kick return yardage last year (Josh Wilson). Our kick coverage is also typically very solid. As you said, he's done a nice job with our TEs too. He'll do well for you guys."

"I think it was a good hire for you guys. He has supposedly always wanted to be in the SEC and wants the chance to be a HC down the line. I think I read somewhere where he had an All ACC player on ST his first 6 years here. He also had Vernon Davis and Joey Haynos who was All ACC last year as TEs so he has done well with them as well. I think we also hold the longest current streak in NCAA without a kick/punt being blocked fwiw. He is also a very nice guy and we wish him all the luck in the world."

"You guys will love him. Not that I know a lot about the top special teams coaches nationally, but I'd have to think he's in that group of the 10-15 best."

Sounds like a keeper to me!

I really think VanGorder is what Carolina needed..

I'll start with a few posts about him on a message board from UGA fans. If anyone should know about him it would be the Dawgs:

"Presuming it is final, very good hire. You will be pleased with the defenses he fields, particularly the attitude. He is an excellent DC. Congrats."

"Good get. He'll light a fire under your D's ass."

"Definite upgrade for the Cocks."

"Van Gorder is a bad ass DC. Congratulations SC. I like our current guy, Martenzez, but our defense hasn't been the same since he left."

Now here's some of the hard facts about him while he was at UGA:

---VanGorder's tenure (2001-2004) as Georgia's defensive coordinator is considered one of the most successful since Erik Russell left in 1980.

---In his four seasons as defensive coordinator at Georgia, VanGorder helped the Bulldogs post a 42-10 record, capture one SEC title and two SEC East Division championships, win three consecutive bowl games and post three straight top 10 finishes in the national polls.

---VanGorder was honored as college football's top assistant coach in 2003 with the Frank Boyles "Assistant Coach of the Year" award.

---During his final season at Georgia in 2004, the 10-2 Bulldogs were ranked seventh in the final national poll as VanGorder's defense finished the season ranked eighth and ninth in scoring defense.

---In 2003, VanGorder's Bulldogs defense ranked third nationally in scoring defense, fourth in total defense and sixth in passing defense.

---The 2002 season saw VanGorder's defense not only lead the SEC in scoring defense, but finish fourth nationally. The Bulldogs allowed only 31 points during the final seven games of the season on their way to eventually winning the Sugar Bowl and finishing third in the final national poll.

---During VanGorder's first year as Defensive Coordinator at Georgia in 2001, the Bulldogs allowed just 18.9 points per game, ended up fifth in rushing defense and ranked 17th in scoring defense.

---Van Gorder was named the seventh recipient of the Valvoline Southern Sports Tonight "Assistant Coach of the Year" in 2001.

---During his Georgia tenure, six of VanGorder's players were selected in the first two rounds of the NFL Draft, including defensive tackle Jonathan Sullivan, safety Thomas Davis and defensive end David Pollack in the first round, and safety Sean Jones and linebackers Boss Bailey and Odell Thurman in the second round.

Sounds pretty convincing to me. They say that he is a very intense guy that is not afraid to get in a player's face and yell. We just weren't getting that with Nix. I think the emotion and intensity on the sidelines will motivate our defense. See the pic above.. lol. What do you think about him bro?

I hate it for those guys...

Its a testament to the fact that players really do not just get passed at Clemson to play football as some would say. Bowden said they did everything possible to try and help them. Tutors and what not. Looks as if Courtney Vincent is going to get crucified. I guess thats the price you pay to have a disciplined team.

Sounds like you guys got a good DC coordinator. I'm glad because it would have been awful for you had you got Herring. I remember when he was at Clemson and his defenses were not very good. Certainly not better than Nix. Huston Nutt agrees, why else would he have choose Nix? Why isn't Petrino keeping him? I mean Nix is getting paid well, not like they didn't have the money.

I still can't find anything on Paul Johnson firing Tenuta or his search for a new DC. I go to the Ga Tech website and message board everyday and nothing. I would have thought it would be all over the message boards. Also, hes one of the better DC's out there. If I were him I wouldn't listen to other people on him being difficult to work with. I would make my own judgement. Paul Johnson seems like an offensive kind of guy and I doubt he would be working with the defense that often. I guess if he is hires Herring we will know. If he does keep Tenuta, its my opinion you can look for Ga Tech to be in the National title spotlight sooner rather than later. Johnson is already doing pretty good in recruiting in what, two weeks? I have to admit, I am excited to see what he does there, I just like watching his teams, except when they play Clemson of course, lol.

Sounds like you guys got a good Special Teams coach. Its a luxury that allot of teams don't have having an extra coaching slot because you don't need an offensive coordinator. Should work out great for you guys.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

DC post coming tomorrow..

I'll write a little bit about VanGorder tomorrow. I will say that I think it is a great hire.

What do you think about Billie, Capote, and Watkins being ineligible for the bowl game? If Vincent is suspended, that would be all of Clemson's starting LBs. Bowden has talked about kicking Vincent off the team after the court hearing. Must have been worse than we thought..

I knew it was only a matter of time for Billie though. They say that the boy is dumb as a brick.. Dumbass.. lol. Nah, I really do hate that, especially for Billie and Watkins considering they were Sr's. But I guess they have no one to blame but themselves..

Brian Van Gorder named DC!

Former UGA DC and current Falcons LB coach named new USC DC. I'll try to post more on him tonight after I get off work..

No new news on the DC..

We have found a special teams coordinator. Ray Rychleski was hired yesterday. It looks like Fred Chatham is out. I like the hire. He was coaching at Maryland. During his seven-year span with the Terrapins, Maryland had zero punts blocked, the longest current streak in Division I-A football. Conversely, Maryland has blocked 22 kicks and returned eight kicks for touchdowns during that stretch. Sounds good to me..

Funny you brought up Paul Johnson's DC. I'm hearing he is going after none other than Reggie Herring. I was looking at his track record after Clemson and it looks pretty good to me. He left Clemson for the NFL. After a couple of years in the NFL he went to NC ST. and spent the 2004 season there where they had a very good defense. After he left NC ST he went to Arky and that defense should speak for it's self. They won the SEC west in 2006. I would be happy with the hire and apparently Paul Johnson would to. Now does that mean he is better than Tenuta? No, I've heard a nice little bit of info about why we are not pursuing Tenuta and I'm sure it's the same reason Paul Johnson didn't want to keep him on staff. They say he is one of the worst coordinators to work with in the league. I'm sure Johnson nor Spurrier want any BS to put up with and I don't blame them. Back to Herring, click this link and read the first line of the bio.. lol.

Yea, ole Rich Rod did WVU dirty. I don't think Tommy Bowden would leave the ACC for a Big East job. If he was going to leave it would be for a SEC job, a bigger one than Arky and I don't see that happening any time soon. I am hearing a Bowden named for the WVU job. Tommy's brother Terry is coming up a lot. Don't be surprised if he is the next HC for WV.

As FSU, ESPN is reporting that those players will be suspended for the first three games of next season. Is it time for Papa Bowden to hang it up?

And as for Clemson moving to the SEC... Big smelly pile of dog dookie.. lol.

More to TO DO about DOO DOO......

I have been hearing Bowden's new contract only includes a $5oo,ooo buyout. Have you heard anything? I can't find a single thing where the terms have been released. If this is the case, thats not very much of a commitment, interesting...

A West Virginia fan will likely assassinate Rich Rodriguez, LOL. Now he is trying to get out of paying the 4 million dollars, thats just awful on his part.

Anymore news on a new DC?

Also, I read on ESPN where Navy's DC stayed at Navy. I thought Johnson brought him with him. Evidently he did not.

Wow, that means the contract has not been signed. Think its possible Bowden would consider a move to West Virginia who would have a buttload of money to pay out? Probably not, but an interesting thought.

My god, poor poor FSU. As many as 20 starting players suspended for the bowl game for cheating, wow. I hear also they could possibly miss the first 3 games of next season, wow.

Also, I keep forgetting to mention this. Spurrier really got the last laugh on Tenn. this year. It was no secret he streamlined Duke's coaching search. Another good smack in the face to big fat Fulmer, lol.

Talks really seem to be heating up on Clemson moving to the SEC. Personally I don't see it happening. But we know all things are possible.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

On a side note....

As you know I didn't buy into the Bowden to Arkansas deal.

However, if he hadn't got a contract extension, I could certainly see him going back to West Virginia. Interesting to think about how things might have turned out. Also, had Bowden gone to Arkansas, would Petrino have been our next coach? Much Much better situation for him than going to Arkansas. Hell, we even had the players he would need for his offense, certainly he does not at Arkansas.

I don't know much about Johnson...

I would guess that Spurrier is big on him so I would trust his judgement.

Herring I do know. We were not satisfied with him. It also looks like Nutt nor Petrino were satisfied with him. Nutt obvously thinks Nix is a better choice in the SEC. It only stands to reason Arkansas is willing to let him go. So I'm not big on that one. Honestly I don't think Spurrier is going to settle on him. Just my opinion.

Hopefully you guys get a shot at Tenuta. Why not? If Johnson really intends to let him go. Which won't happen until after the bowl game. If he lets him go in my opinion its a mistake. If he gets let go, fork out the money and get him!

On Foster, I think now I see what may have happened. Maybe Foster was considering a move to SC. You know what I think happened? He saw the writing on the wall with West Virginia. If West Virginia doesn't go after him hard now they are stupid. Seeing as how they will get 4 million from Michigan on RR buyout they have allot of money to offer.

Personally, I would have kept Nix. But I have no doubt you guys are going to get a good one.

Monday, December 17, 2007

News on the DC front..

Two big names swirling right now. The one that I hear the most is MSU DC Ellis Johnson and the other is Arky DC and former Clemson guy Reggie Herring. I would honestly be happy with either one. Both have had good defenses (especially Johnson) with lesser talent than Carolina and I think either would be a step up from Nix. I would rather have Tenuta but I'm hearing that these two were next on the list after Foster. What do you think about these guys?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Oh, I like having something to talk about...

Its a big difference between an argument and a discussion. Just because we disagree doesn't mean we are arguing. I can't help it if Spurrier doesn't like black people, lol. Just a joke.

I hear Nix got a job the next day and a 53% raise going to work with old nutt. I have no idea if that is true.

The Bud Foster thing is just as I suspected. Its a damn good ploy to get him a well deserved raise. He was getting paid about half what he should have been. For one thing, I think he is 60 years old. I think Spurrier will be around 5-10 more years, mainly because he will build a good team. I don't think he wants to wait until he is 70 to land a HC spot. I guess Spurrier offered him a job when he was at Florida also. Evidently Foster's response was less than positive back then.

I had read where Paul Johnson had not made a decision yet. I thought he was waiting until after the bowl game. Be careful in that, just because he said he is not keeping him as DC doesn't mean he is leaving. I can't see him being forced to leave either. He could become the next assistant Head Coach. Or you could have him by the end of the week, who knows. I just don't see Johnson giving him the boot, hes too smart for that. His only problem is he has two damn good DC's in front of him, wow. I see he got a QB already.

On Bowden, I was just going by what TDP and Bowden said. Arkansas asked TDP for permission to call Bowden, he agreed and one phone call. Next day or the same in fact a contract extension was in the works. Just more Indian Snake Oil to get more money. Look, Arkansas got a damn good coach. But that job looks about as shitty as it gets right now. An offense built around two of the best RB's in the nation. Both gone, terrible off the field antics by the players, lack of support by the school official's, very tough recruiting area and last and most challenging, you are all the sudden in the best conference in the SEC. Thats why Bowden who just had the best season, now has the best team of his carreer, no off the field problems, good relationship with the school. Three years left on his contract. He wasn't leaving.

As for the Vincent thing, I don't know. I just think its very reasonable that he wouldn't get punished until after he was convicted. What if Bowden suspended him and then he was found not guilty? So why then is it not OK that his punishment is after his conviction next season? I just don't see the logic in punishing him until he gets convicted of a crime. Pretty cut and dry in my mind.

No Bud for us..

I hope to God we get Tenuta!!!!

Whoa.. lol.

I was just telling you what I'm hearing on the Bud Foster stuff. I honestly think it is to good to be true. We'll just have to wait it out and see. I KNOW that there are ongoing negotiations with Foster as we speak. What will come of it, I don't know. I would be very, very happy with Tenuta, but not as happy as I would be with Foster. Paul Johnson has already informed Tenuta that he would not be the DC after the bowl game, so he is definitely a huge possibility. Tenuta would be a huge upgrade from Nix. We'll just have to wait til after the bowl games to see how it shakes out..

As for Tommy and Arky, all you have to do is google it. There are about a million articles on it from the week that it was going on. He met with the Arky AD numerous times and they were even reporting on the Clemson radio station here that it was a done deal at one time. The Bowden and Arky stuff wasn't just message board rumor, it really happened.

With Vincent, why did he refuse the breat test if he hadn't been drinking and driving? It doesn't matter though, he will play in the bowl game and I believe everyone deserves a 2nd chance. I think some kind of punishment should happen. Even if he's just suspended for a half or something.

No sense in us arguing though, I was just filling you in on what was going on. I didn't mean for my post to seem like anything other than that..

I know I was kind of negative...

Its certainly not that I don't want you to land Bud Foster. We have all learned anything is possible, I could be dead wrong. I will be the first to clap and admit it if you do. I hope you get him in fact. But I think anyone who knows anything about college football knows that Bud Foster is to defense what Spurrier is to offense. Hes the best thing going. His name will be mentioned just like Spurrier's for every job opening. I think coaches have learned to make allot money by talking to other schools. If you don't get him, you guys will get a good one, Spurrier will make sure of it. You will be OK. I just don't want this to turn into the wild wild west show as it does for so many teams. I think the promise of a Head Coaching job is very very overdone as a rumor.

Good stuff, alot of bullshit, but good to have something to talk about...

Start out with Bowden. Going to Arkansas? Very silly indeed. Oh sure him and TDP certainly set up a phone call, smart. Evidently TDP really wants to keep him afterall. He had 3 years left on his contract and to think he was going to pick up and meet up with his old fired DC (Herring) in the SEC none the less, wasn't going to happen. But he got his contract extended so he did the right thing for himself. The whole thing was laughable at best. Think Arkansas hasn't known since they let Nutt go who they were getting in Petrino?

Now for the Bud Foster show. This is just like the Spurrier Alabama thing. What do I think about it? Its a big old bag of Smelly crap. Bud foster is not leaving Beamer to go be a DC at another college team, period. If he does hes stupid (and hes not stupid). When this guy leaves it will be to be a head coach or for the NFL. Not at the promise of being head coach one day (see Skip Holtz) but as the head coach as he most certainly deserves. If he did call Spurrier, what a smart move! How big do you think his new contract at Va Tech will be now? If anyone said we promise you a head coaching job one day, he is certainly smart enough to say great, call me when you have the opening. After all, Spurrier is saying he is going to be around for a while and I certainly think he would like to see his own son take over, just my opinion.

John Tenuta is a possibility though. Johnson is bringing in his own staff and his DC was from NC State and kept a top ten defense while there. So he may not keep him. I think he probably will keep Tenuta, but it could go either way.

Yes in a Paul Johnson offense and most good offenses these days recievers have to be able to block. If he can't block he will end up running the ball in the option if he stayed.

Now last and least of all. Courtney Vincent. I don't see how he could be suspended for the Bowl game. Its most coaches policy not to take disciplinary action while a case is still pending. A very weak case in fact. Most believe he is certainly not going to get convicted. He passed the field sobriety test and it should have been over at that point. Then they decided to take him in and give him a breathalizer. Evidently he refused. Sorry, this is probably not going to hold up in court because they had no right to take him in after he passed the field sobriety test. Just like anything else we don't know the whole story. However Bowden is perfectly justified in not suspending him until he actually gets convicted. If he does no problem, he will certainly be punished for it next season.

No controversy there in my opinion, just people looking for one. One things for certain not too many head coaches or other fan bases should be criticizing Bowden on how he disciplines his team. I am quite certain he near the top for BCS head coaches as far as not having disciplinary problems. I believe last years bowl game was the last time he had a problem and it wasn't much to write home about. Just my opinion though.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Oh.. I almost forgot..

The word is, USC president Andrew Sorensen is resigning. Interesting..

College football has been crazy..

Glad to finally hear from you. I figured it would take a while for you to get settled in. So everything is good huh?

Everything is good here. I'm done with this semester, so I got about a month off. It's gonna be nice to get a little break.

You're right, a lot has been going on in college football since you left. Tommy Bowden almost left for Arky, Nix left for the Ole Miss job, Paul Johnson to GT, Petrino to Arky.. But none of them bigger than the talk of Bud Foster to Carolina. Here's what I know about the situation. Bud Foster contacted Spurrier about the job before Nix left. Spurrier isn't going to hire anyone until after the bowl games are over. Apparently, Foster has been offered the HC coach job after Spurrier retires. Negotiations are still ongoing with Foster but Spurrier isn't going to give him to much time so that he won't miss out on the next big coach. It all seemed to be to good to be true at first, but when Tony Morrel started giving out this info it seems to hold water. All Gamecock fans can do is cross their fingers and wait til after the bowl games. It would be unbelievable if it were to happen, and as we all know, anything can happen..

The two big names after Foster are John Tenuta (GT DC) and Brian Van Gorder (Falcons DC). Either way, it looks as though Spurrier is going after a homerun. If we can't get Foster I want Tenuta. I'm anxious to see whats going to happen..

Also, a 4 star WR that Carolina recruited hard last year is going to transfer from GT to Carolina. His name is DJ Donely and he doesn't think his future as a WR is to bright in Johnson's offense. We'll take him!

Have you heard this whole ordeal with Courtney Vincent? He was charged with a DUI and isn't going to be suspended for the bowl game. I guess Bowden knows more about the situation than we do. It would be hard not to suspend a guy that was drinking and driving though. What do you think? Brent said that they better suspend him. I'll leave this one alone though. I got better things to worry about like Carolina's bowl game.. LOL.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I just got back!! Everything is good, counting down the days now....

Lots going on in college football since I left. How about Petrino going to Arkansas? Just as I suspected Ga Tech got my coach!!! ACC Championship or better coming right up for them. Who's gonna be your Defensive coordinator?

Bowden gets extended, which If I can't have my coach, I'm OK with it. May as well stick it out with him now. How's everything?

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hey bro

Give me a heads up when you can and let us know how you are. I'm sure you're fine, just making sure!


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