Monday, July 30, 2012

You are really going to want...

to see what I am starting on this weekend, the boat... I can't really talk allot about it here for everyone to see, but I will email you some details when I get off work.

I guess too much lifting isn't the worst problem he could have

He could be getting drunk like Garcia everyday lol.

I want to see pics of the table when you're done.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


I would guess even a little bit of size difference would change accuracy or whatever. I agree, does not sound like a bad thing for him.

No, I doubt I would ever own the business. Little bit over my head and probably at the stress level I would want anyways. But I would definitely enjoy working for the comapany. I do think of businesses all the time, I would like to have one as a hobby that would carry over into retirement. I mean my true retirement at age 60+.

Overhead would need to be real low and breaking even would be fine. Furniture is a good idea and possibly the motorbikes (the funner and less likely to make money one).  I see enough furiniture at the Bowman mart that needs refinishing to get started. But I have to finish school and get a real job too, lol. I just finised staining my work bench yesterday. It looks pretty cool, red stain makes anything look good.

I am working on a Chinese themed end table right now, I started before I went on leave. It should be prettty cool when I finish it.   

Saturday, July 28, 2012

I knew you was joking

But after you said it I thought about the same thing. Like at halloween playing horror movies. Would be cool..

Hey if you wanna go in the video board business I'll work for ya lol.

I finally got to watch Spurrier's media golf outing today. One of the things he said was he told Connor Shaw that he needed to lay off of the lifting a little bit. His arms are getting so big he is starting to look like a little LB. Thought that was pretty interesting. Of course you don't want your QB to get too big but it may be pretty good with the type of QB Shaw is. It will make him a more powerful, durable runner.

Getting excited about the season bro..

I was joking about...

The movie, but then I got to thinking. Could you imagine if they had two of those in a stadium and played movies on it? Would be kind of cool actually. I bet other things could be done too.

At any rate, there is a job for us bro, maintaining giant scoreboards. Somebody is raking in some money for sure, kinda like what you said tho. Got to add the electronics in with the computers for something like that. I wish I had let the Navy send me to Med Repair school, wish I could get that one back.

I hope they don't...

But they could hire from within. I am sure the bot and president has a list. That he will be leaving is pretty well known. I have not seen anything on who is being considered other than Billy D of course. Some people mention Bobby Johnson etc... It's a shame didn't end up the head coach, he obviously loves Clemson.

I'd like to see them not hire from within simply because I think it's good to have change, especially from an administrative standpoint. Tdp has not done that bad a job. But just like anywhere they are going to want a puppet.

Yea that would be cool lol

If I had a press pass I would ask if I could eat some hot wings at your new training table lol.

It will be interesting to see who replaces TDP. Do you think they will hire from within? They should have a list of candidates if it has been known for a while. Who might they be?

And if I had...

A press pass I would ask your athletic director can I watch a movie on it.

Looks tdp is leaving, been pretty well known for a while. Just depends who replaces him.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Looks pretty good

I guess I got confused about the training table because all of that along with rehab equipment was brought in at the same time at Carolina. Honest mistake.

The video board definitely needed to be upgraded at Carolina. It was about 15 years behind, maybe more. I think you should be able to see replays on the video board from every part of the stadium. With the old one you might be lucky to see it half way across the stadium. It's impressive imo but I agree you could go overboard. I must admit that I like Clemson's idea of having two but that's just me.

The "training table" sounds like a huge issue at Clemson if the OL are living off of fast food? Sounds like a bigger upgrade than most would think. Maybe it will take some heat off of Batson?

Not sure bro...

They could be smaller for all I know. I only know it was posted we are getting new ones, did not pay attention.

A training table is not equipment, its a dining facility for athletes where their food intake is monitored, special meals for athletes, nutritionists, the whole 9 yards. I can't post pictures on my IPad. But here is the link to the thing, I think it's almost complete:

Like I said, I'd rather spend money on this, no doubt it will help recruiting, but more importantly it will help on the field. What athletes eat is more important than exercise and I think Clemson OL live on a diet of chick filet and mcdonalds. Which one you think is better? The indoor practice field is close to being done also.

I did not think it was green bro, lol. Should push Alabama, lsu, fla etc... To all build bigger one now. Maybe one day there will be one bigger than the stadium somewhere? Lol. Just messin with you bro, it's nice.

Well it was either going to be green or orange

I'm glad they went with green lol. No bro, I'm sure that is just construction stuff but I have a hunch that you know that.

The video boards do make a big difference. It excites the fans and helps make more pile into games. I know I'm going to game this year just to see it. It also helps with recruiting at least a little bit. I guess I should say that it doesn't hurt recruiting. That high school scoreboard we had before would have hurt recruiting, it was pitiful. Remember when they had it held up with a crane that year lol? The new one is a top of the line HD scoreboard where the other one was SD. Not to mention it's huge. Should be as attractive as any in the SEC. It wouldn't have been as big of a deal if we weren't so far behind everyone else.

What Clemson is doing with their video board is pretty neat as well. What I've heard is it will be the same size as the one they had before, but HD. The neat part comes in where they will add an additional one in one of the corners of the endzones. Correct me if I'm wrong, that's just what I've heard. I think that will be cool.

Yes the training tables will make a big difference. I know the training upgrades Carolina made worked wonders. A lot of impressive equipment they have.

Hearing chatter on the Plyler show this morning about TDP not renewing is contract and he may be gone after this school year. I'm sure you've heard it and I'm also sure it doesn't hurt your feelings at all lol.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pretty cool...

but is it going to be green like that? Clemson also has plans to upgrade theirs of course, but honestly I could not care less about that sort of thing.

I guess if I went to the games I would? I know they did ok last year, but I won't be going to the games unless whats on the scoreboard improves.

I am way more interested in the new training table and indoor facility underway for Clemson. We needed both badly. Many people say the training table is a huge part of the problem especially with the OL which sounds logical to me but who knows?

Check this out


Picture of new video board in construction


Yea I could see me and you lol

You asking Spurrier stupid questions and me doing the same at Dabo. That would be really funny LOL.


if they do start handing them out to bloggers, I will certainly request one. Lol

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


and hopefully they don't start handing out press passes to every retard that starts a blog on the internet. Considering both schools have reporters that they would like to revoke and its obviously a huge hassle to pull them. It should be easier than it is.

Penn State gets hammered pretty good, just not a feel good situation at all.

Clemson gets a relatively unexpected commit from Pagano, since I have been following recruiting I don't think there was a bigger out of no where recruit. I guess Spiller was more unexpected but I did not really follow recruiting until about the time he committed. Always good when its one of the guys up front. But why can it never be an OL? LOL

Thought you might find this funny bro


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